Straight Shots is a short drama series. Each episode focuses on one specific conduct of TPM believers. You will be able to identify how TPM believers instinctively act in specific settings. Each behaviour will be met by a candid response from Molly.

Major Characters: See episode 1 for knowing character backgrounds.

Background: Ten twelve days back, there was an International convention of The Pentecostal Mission at IBR, from 11th to 15th March 2020. As the convention concluded, few numbers began to come out, like the number of people who attended the convention, the number of people who got baptized, the number of workers promoted as pastors, and so on.


Manju is at Molly’s house to share the ride to the office. Molly comes out and takes the driver’s seat. It’s her turn to drive today. As their car hits the road to their office, Manju gets busy in mobile. 

Molly: Again WhatsApp!  

Manju: I didn’t get time to check messages in the morning. My husband had a flight early morning and the maid didn’t come today.  

Molly: Any special message?

Manju: Yes! Listen, “Great Miracle of God before our eyes! 3 lakh people attended the convention. 273 people received water baptism.  34 brothers and 135 sisters obeyed God and joined the ministry.

Molly: How many people did you say were baptized in IBR convention?

Manju:  (proudly) 273! …………..Great na Molly?

Molly: (laughs.. then says) Even though I know the 3 Lakhs is a fudged number Only 273 out of 3,00,000 attendees? That is not even 0.09%!

Manju:  3 lakh were not heathens! They were our believers from different places!

Molly: And those 273 were already Christians Manju! They were probably stolen from other churches. Most of them must have already taken water baptism in some other churches. They might have been forced to take baptism second time, deeming their earlier baptism invalid, as it was not done by TPM ministers. Further, many of these 273 must be children of TPM believers, who would be nearing 15 years of age. So the actual number of people who actually accepted their sins and believed that by trusting in Jesus name they will escape the condemnation is actually Zero. 

This entire drama behind 273 baptism count of the convention is deception and false assurance to TPM believers, that TPM is also engaged in the business of preaching Gospel. They themselves have confessed numerous times that TPM does not preach the normal gospel, but they have another ministry. Their main intention is to steal sheep from other churches, and make them pay tithes, and make them fall back from grace to Old Covenant of salvation by rules and laws. They have named this as the gospel of perfection, which they say other people are unaware of.

The idea of TPM convention is quite a novice. The word convention is actually a wrong terminology to assume it to mean a gospel spreading event. It is not so. Convention in the English language means gathering of people or assembly. This term came into usage from 19th century American Christianity, where the miraculously gifted ministers, like Smith Wigglesworth, used to visit cities of America, to impart benefits of his/her miraculous gifts to the people requiring healing. Folks who had heard about these famous miraculous faith healers used to be invited to a place, where the famous faith healers like Smith Wigglesworth would be present, and then he would pray and they would get healed. They used to call this convention of Christians or assembling of Christians. TPM convention is a term borrowed from this practice, from times of Pentecostalism of 19th century! The people who therefore gather in TPM conventions are TPM members from all over the states of India. The practice of inviting famous faith healers like Wigglesworth is replaced by inviting TPM chief pastors, who can’t even heal a fly!

Original apostles used to visit city to city and village to village, to spread the kingdom of God (not their own institutional brand name), to the people who had never heard the name of Jesus.

TPM convention is a mixture of these two, viz., “evangelization practice of original apostles” and “convention practice of 19thcentury American Pentecostal Christianity.” But TPM convention has benefits of neither of them. Neither is their healing nor the preaching of the gospel. It is just a namesake event to get TPM agenda fulfilled. TPM’s gospel is different (the gospel of perfection by making people fall back from grace into law system of the old covenant), their baptism is rebaptism of already saved folks, and their statistics is false. Instead of calling unsaved folks for healing, and thereby preaching them the name of Jesus, which must be the true method, TPM workers call the already saved fellows, re-baptize them, preach them another gospel, and release false manipulated statistics. Perfect counterfeit!

Therefore the count of 273 you are talking about is a dexterous trick from sleeves of TPM magicians, in order to fool people like you!

Scene:  Manju realizes that it is all true. As the office arrives she gets out of the car silently. 

What shall we say about the baptism given by Joshua? He was living in willful sin and have not been dead to sin. How can we say the baptism given by him as valid? For that matter, all re-baptism given by these perverts are truly invalid. A re-baptism in tpm is a baptism into the CULT.

singapore TPM Baptism 1 Straight Shots - 5: Counterfeit Baptism Counts

What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.

Rom 6:1-4


  1. Hello everybody.
    I am faithful believer of tpm. I was baptized by pastor Joshua two years ago. Sister Sharon informed my family that my earlier baptism was not acceptable in sight of God, as the independent pastor could not speak in tongues. She told me that a full immersion baptism by anointed servant of God, is necessary for new birth. But having learnt that Pastor Joshua had immoral relationship with that woman from last few years, worries me. His life was not right before God. He had been fallen since many years and we all were unaware. He was the one who baptized me, and therefore my eternal life is in jeopardy. Therefore my question is ” Is my Baptism by Joshua invalid? Was my earlier Baptism also invalid ? Should I need be baptised third time? What guarantee that the person baptizing me is not fallen and not hiding secrets like Joshua did? Everyone being human can make mistakes and hide it. How long should I keep getting baptised if one were to term earlier baptisms invalid on account of unqualified baptizer? Also was my first Baptism valid? Was sis Sharon wrong about my former baptism? Did they made me crucify Jesus twice? I am worried.

    • Dear Sister,
      Your Baptism is ONLY invalid if you don’t believe that
      • you were baptized into his death or buried with him by baptism into death
      • Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.
      • You have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him
      Since you trusted Joshua to give you baptism in your ignorance not knowing that he Let sin reign in his mortal body and continued to obey it in the lusts thereof you don’t have to be burdened. It is written ..and the times of this ignorance God winked at ;
      As long as you were baptized with you being fully convicted, repented of all sins and believe the above points, that baptism is valid.
      God will deal with the wolves who baptized & re-baptized poor believers in his own way.
      So like Bro. Hannibal suggested you must first get out and continue to press on in your belief on why you were baptized and not be burdened on the validity of you Baptism.
      One humble suggestion will be to starting being a faithful believer of Christ and not TPM and dont fall for getting baptized again.

  2. @Sophia

    The first baptism is valid., the 2 nd baptism never needed .. and its not valid ,so not to worry abt the eternity .

    and now you read abt the sayang joshua scandal , if you continue there still ..definitely you ll jeopardize the eternity .

    Just get back to the old pastor ,lik a prodigal daughter .. Or you wanna live among The Pigs Mission .. ?? You make the decision ..

  3. “273 people received water baptism. 34 brothers and 135 sisters obeyed God and joined the ministry.”

    273 more slaves added to the cult ensuring another generation is trapped in the system. Just like her mother RC church, TPM grows through its members’ progeny and not through evangelistic efforts. It is a generational curse which only the power of God can break. These 273 will continue to pump in their hard-earned money to keep this beast from extinction.

    34 heretics or 34 potential Joshuas or 34 potential Sunnys or 34 potential victims have been added to the cult.

    135 female servants or 135 potential victims or 135 potential sex slaves or 135 potential bullies join the system.
    Most importantly, the sad news is that 169 young people were sacrificed to Molech to keep Satan appeased. Shame on the parents especially the ones whose daughters have been allowed to join this cult.

    The possibilities are plenty. One thing is for sure, the enemy will continue to use this satanic system to expand his kingdom.

    • 135 female servants or 135 potential victims or 135 potential sex slaves.

      Please be cautious in your words. Strongly condemn these type of comments. How can u use these type of words. Because of one or two dont blame the entire community.

      using such type of nasty comments is it biblical?

      • Hello Mr. Anand

        Now your voice can be heard.. where was your voice when this website presented evidence against CP Joshua. Where was your voice when Joshua took advantage of a woman ? Where was your voice when the CP promised a little boy that he will be his daddy? What will be the impact of this small boy as he grows up?

        Did you, Mr.Anand confront your fake home pastor or brother or your CP about this and ask him that you need to know what action the IRBR is taking against this Joshua.

        Now you feel bad and you are showing the Bible. Did you ask your TPM folks about the unbiblical acts done by the so called SOG.


  4. @ 150 saints enter Zion (135+34) in IBR convention.
    What a good news! Thank you admin for this news about our international convention.

    As new worker enter ministry, last year batch of workers will be send to all over india. Our centre also get new 2-3 akka. Ammachi will make new sister do all faith home work. My freind Aka get promoted to supervisor job, on new sisters. My burden also reduce. Otherwise I wash all clothes, and iron them.

    But our pastor become angry over chief pastor. He tell him you send one brother and three sister only to our centre ? Many old servants already run from faith home. Few remain. Still you send only 2-3 sister and 1 single brother? Who gonna wash clothes, and help me? Who prepare my food? Already shortage of people to help me. Do you want that centre pastor do his own work? What use of my becoming centre pastor? See other big big centre. Their pastor living like king. So many workers to help them. I have few helpers only. How I manage all work alone?

    He continue angry on Chief pastor. He not listening him. He shoutingol over him, ” Aiyya, Many local faith home not having brother. Local sister only handling. Local sisters asking for one full time male worker in many local. They not habbit to preach. If Male worker come, he do all grocery buying ,paying electrical bill, government taxes, much load reduce of sister. All local sisters like this demanding me. Where i give them male worker if you send only one new minister from chennai. Like this centre pastor angry talking to Chief pastor.

    Chief pastor saying to centre pastor to adjust with this much labour force this time. Next time you send more worker to ministry and I send you more labour force to help you.

    I tell all readers of fromtpm so many faith home secrets , do you understand how difficult is tpm ministry.

    • Elina has commented:
      //@ 150 saints enter Zion (135+34) in IBR convention.//
      I thought she had issues with her English only, but now it appears even her math skills are questionable! I pity her employer who throws money down the drain on an inept employee.

      //I tell all readers of fromtpm so many faith home secrets , do you understand how difficult is tpm ministry.//
      We know too much about the dark secrets of tpm and that’s why we are out of it.

  5. @ Sophia

    Sister, baptism is between you and God. Suppose the person who baptised you for the first time also falls in to a sin (just a thought), will you take it third time ? So don’t worry as long as you walk according to the guidance of the Holyspirit. You need not worry on the character of person who baptised you for the first or second time. Just keep your eyes on Jesus alone. But flee from a sexual immoral person like Joshua.

  6. Im sure,that after 9 months most SOGs will leave ministry/backslide.You know what they might be doing with the ladies inside the fake home after covid lockdown.

    • Most of them are backsliden even now. They will not leave the ministry after 9 months as you think. These evil ones will use protective measures for their indulgences. See how Joshua managed it for 3 years!

  7. @Sophia.

    I think the problem is not abt the baptism now ,but your blasphemy against God .

    [I m a faithful believer of tpm ].? ?? ohh so you believe the pigs mission not the Lord , Typical tpm product you are ,Heard and read this a thousand times by now .. Just run away from this cult before you loose rest of the 10% discernment .

  8. Since all meetings are closed due to lockdown –

    I think TPM should volunteer their empty sheds to be used as makeshift hospitals during this emergency? What do you think – AM Empty JAM

    We can start with the Majestic halls of Irumbiliyur. The inmates there are anyway immune to any disease, so should not be an issue. Maybe they can volunteer and for the first time in its history do some genuine christian charity.

    Isn’t it registered as a Charity?

  9. Someone should write to Modi. In any case TPM’s jesus is coming soon to rapture them away from this pandemic, so the sheds will be a waste to them anyway.

  10. On the other hand these Drumbeaters for this BEAST took out an unsigned letter,undated letter on behalf of their CULT manager and made it spread into social media. Seeking the help of social media was up against their norms. How come they flout their norms that a dual role was being played by the strong lobby of this BEAST is anybody’s guess.This strong lobby obviously played by the ruling junta of this BEAST by maintaining their traditional 7 principled stand. They might have even over ruled AM Empty JAM before they sent their circular. Have a look the very wording they used in that 7 point circular.
    Praise the Lord
    The Pentecostal Mission
    While staying home, please pray with/for the following prayer points.
    1.God must sanctify all of us,for the land to be healed(2 Chronicles 7:14)
    2.In these present circumstances wherein a solution/remedy could not be found for the pandemic, that has been spreading through the world,God must command a deeper repentance amidst all the nations of the world(2 Chronicles 6:28-36)
    3.God must destroy the spirit of Corona Virusthat has been working in the land(Hebrews 2:14,16) and the Lord must command peace,in all places( Romans 14:20).
    4.God must heal all our people who are suffering from several other sicknesses.(Exodus 15:26,1Peter 2:24)
    5.God must protect all our people from several diseses.(Psalms 91:1,5,6,9,10)
    6. All affected nations must return back to normalcy( ———NIL scriptural ref)
    7.All hindrances found lest we gather together and worship God, must be destroyed ( Isaiah 54:17)
    Chief Pastor Abraham Matthew
    Looking at the content of the letter, it was not the usual style of AM, because he usually mentions Pastor but not Chief Pastor, and there was no greetings portion from him.
    That gives a clue as to how strongly this ruling junta was having a firm hold over the top brass.
    Secondly these points could have been copy pasted from the old points by simply adding Corona Virus in between).
    Most of the scriptural references are unconnected to the very context it were meant for example point number 3 finds no link to its scriptural reference.
    For 6 point, they could not search any matching verse ,and hence the ruling junta left it as ti is.

  11. God Must…
    God Must…
    God Must…
    God Must…
    God Must…

    Even the Son ,when He prayed, he did like this…Luke 22:42

    “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”

    These retards are an abomination in the sight of The Lord.

    • God is the pomeranian of Abraham Mathew and M T Thomas. Therefore, He MUST do all those things which they orders.


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