Our team mixed up with TPM believers anonymously trying to gauge their response to the Joshua adventures. What bewildered us is that they think they are safe whereas the victim was an unfortunate casualty of the incident. I have to acknowledge the depth TPM grip over their laity. It’s even stronger than that of the octopus’s grip. Look at the below picture. Do you notice the shells lying all around the octopus? They are testimonies to the Octopus’s wicked deeds. Two of those shells belong to the victim woman and her son.

The Octopus Garden of TPM
The TPM Monster enjoying the destruction of many other lives.

The Attitude of Potential Victims

The Potential Victims that they are, they are oblivious to the reality that they are playing into the tentacles of the Octopus. They feel that the white suckers along the cephalopod limbs of the octopus are smooth and harmless. They think that they are smart and will not be a problem for them.

Covid-19 has taught us an important lesson. If we do not stay away from the ones that are infected, we are potential victims. Similarly, Stay away from this cult to be safe spiritually

Their trust in this monster is unimaginable. Some of them think that Joshua is an exception. Few also thought that the victim tempted the man of God. We have strong reasons to believe that Joshua is the Norm. Others in the pack are worse. The only advantage with the others is that they were not so careless like Joshua to have left all these trails for us to show. When there is a lack of trails, we can only mention that as a testimony. As expected, the TPM Spirit takes over and they malign the witness/victim and attribute malicious intent to that person.

Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?

Prov 6:27

The Good thing that has come out of this expose is the numerous incidents of exploitation and violation done by these white clads are being reported. All of them upon the female inmates and the wives of believers, who are abroad. Thankfully at least some of them that have faced exploitation in the hands of these clergymen are coming forward to tell us the story.

Being Simple is not an Excuse/Reason

As the saying goes “Once a CHEATER, Always a CHEATER“. How can you believe in someone who has promised his congregation that he is received an anointing to be a EUNUCH and is Leading a Celibate life? Shouldn’t his/her life be transparent enough to be a testimony?

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Prov 27:12

In this case, Joshua has promised the victim that this was from the Lord. So the victim also believed that the Man of God has to be right. In this case, we cannot blame Joshua in full. There is an issue where the Victim totally surrenders to this Pervert. How come you never questioned this? I am certain, the many other women in TPM are no better than this case. They will also surrender to the clergy if an opportunity arises.

The Octopus Garden of TPM

The octopus always loves to keep sucking the victim till the last drop of blood and hence will ensure that the honey dripped words keep flowing on. He will not allow you to escape out of the clutches.

The Perpetrator keeps coming to ensure the grip is held tight

Every day that passed after you read about Joshua and have ignored it, you are guilty and partner to his crime.


We have been officially hunting the Octopuses in TPM For 3 years. We have been relentlessly chasing them and warning all of you about the danger you are in.

Again, if a righteous person turns from his righteousness and commits injustice, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die. Because you have not warned him, he shall die for his sin, and his righteous deeds that he has done shall not be remembered, but his blood I will require at your hand. But if you warn the righteous person not to sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live, because he took warning, and you will have delivered your soul.”

Eze 3:21-22

You can waste your time gossiping and discussing TPM in your house. Later, when the lockdown is lifted, you can go back to the old ways and continue in communion with the wolves. Keep slapping the Lord expecting that he will keep forgiving. You must be in real delusion to think your dream will continue.

In this time of Pandemic, you will see these clergymen with millions and millions in their bank account enjoying their lives in closed quarters. Have you ever heard them transferring money to the poor and needy? I haven’t heard anything apart from that bufoon giving water bottles for a photo-op. Whereas the Doctors, Nurses, health workers and other people working to ensure that you are well taken care of. Think over. Octopuses only look for their PREY Nothing Else.

As we have mentioned in our Rapture Series, there is a very dark period coming. Your clergy will have no answer to that situation, They will betray the Lord and you will follow them.

Therefore, “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.

2 Cor 6:17


  1. Dear Victim Sister,
    Don’t worry since you fell in a trap. Feel good you have escaped. Your testimony will help many ladies who are still clinging to these white clads and being cheated. I salute you for boldly sharing it. Thank you sister.

    Sis. Surya

  2. // I have to acknowledge the depth TPM grip over their laity. It’s even strong than that of the octopus’s grip.//. That’s so true.
    As I was thinking why they end up in such mess, one thought came across.
    During incident investigations we often use the 5 why approach to get to the root of the problems.
    Here when I tried to apply the same tool, I found this.
    Problem: Laity blindly surrendered to the grip of the TPM octopus & trust the words of the clergy
    1st Why? They don’t have relationship with the Lord
    2nd Why? They don’t know His Word or Truth
    3rd Why? They don’t know Lord
    4th Why? They are not born again and don’t have the seed
    5th Why? They opt to remain in root sins (Unbelief, discontentment and pride) in that order. Jude 5,6 & 7
    So unless the 5th Why is sorted out this battle is not won?
    If we look at the above why’s and stack them in reverse order, we can figure out what it takes for the problem to occur or in other words the game plan of Satan to ensure the problem is sustained for as long as he can; till the individual comes to his/her senses and works up his/her way from the 5 Why’s..
    During this lock down period, hope these series reach as much such trapped people so that they realize their folly and come out of it.

  3. Excellent writing once again Brother. The timing of these topics are pinpoint and hope it will have the desired effect.

    Wake up folks, please search the scriptures and see if the TPM’s deeper truths align with the Bible.

    Where are all the faith healers? These men are frauds bringing reproach to the holy Name of God among the heathen.

    If you are not a Berean, you are not a christian.

  4. Indonesia is one example that this OCTOPUS has added to its list.
    Nepal,has been the another happy hunting ground for this OCTOPUS for many more years. pas Manoharan had been used as its CHIEF -DE-MISSION with other c.pastors in all those yester years There may so many other cases un-reported.But heaven has already recorded them.Here in this case of NEPAL had been its victim because it is poverty stricken land locked country.The poor believer never question the authority its clergy over them.

    As Redeemed brother has nicely used his ‘5 why’ tool concept,which is true in tracking down the culprit, again here the axe shall fall on the unfortunate — poor—ill informed— uneducated believers only.
    What is the one single reason?
    They are led to believe that the middle men are their real gods.
    These Clergy would bring them to annual IBR MARCH con every year as a shepherd rears the sheep, bearing to and fro expenses act as their god agent usurping the real SAVIOUR.
    But does not matter. Even though the poor may be enticed. God can not be enticed.
    The laity would be paying their hard earned marginal money to the clergy in the beginning in the hope of seeing the foreign country -India for them. In IBR HQ trs, one finds the huge separate NEPAL laity accommodation hall( upstairs) adjacent to the ground floor shopping mall.
    May be the OCTOPUS may get away by be thinking that it never be caught.
    But the truth is on poor laity’s side and the truth shall prevail at the end.
    Our Lord is not unfaithful not to REWARD them at the end.

  5. @ Victim

    You never gonna win the Pigs mission .. and sayang joahua never gonna marry you ..

    So what you can do is get a legal team to have a look at your matter . if thr is a chance to punish the culprit .. Just do it .

    and warn others ,thats the ministry you can do in this life.

    • @ Hannibal
      I don’t think sister should spoil her life again by allowing the demon Joshua into her life again. You can’t be fooled twice thrice and keep repeating the blunder. She should actually file a police report.

  6. Joshua have to leave the ministry. What are the leaders doing? Waiting for Joshua new victim? Or allowing the other workers in the church to do what Joshua did?

    • @NN
      @ what are leaders doing ?

      As usual heretic MT Thomas is busy defending wolf Joshua, rather protecting sheep of tpm. They will safeguard devil 😈. They want demon of Joshua to rise from ashes few years later and make another woman prey of this sex maniac. Till then Joshua must be sent to underground location. But Corona has house arrested Joshua in lockdown mode.


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