Straight Shots is a short drama series. Each episode focuses on one specific conduct of TPM believers. You will be able to identify how TPM believers instinctively act in specific settings. Each behaviour will be met by a candid response from Molly.

Major Characters: Read Episode 1 to know the major players.

Background:  Its lockdown all over India. Manju and Molly are asked to work from home. Molly is software-coder. So she has some work to do. Manju, on the other hand, sits at the reception in office. She, therefore, has no work to do from home, but rather sit at her home and keep laughing watching Tiktok videos. After 6 pm, in the evening, the two girls meet at molly’s home and spend some time together. Their houses are in just one row separate from each other.

Scene 1

Its 6:30 pm and Manju is at Molly’s residence. The girls are on the jogging track of Molly’s house having some good exercise. Suddenly TPM WhatsApp group shows notification of a new message. Manju looks at her mobile and in a few seconds, she is all praise for the new photo that has arrived. It shows a tpm worker wearing a mask, A TPM Cap and giving water bottle to a woman on the street. Few more photos arrive, showing TPM worker Samuel donating water bottle to police persons.

Manju is busy stacking praises for the saint who has photographed himself while doing alms.

Molly: What are you busy on?

Manju:  See how kind our servants of God are!

Molly: Really? Let me see.

Scene:  Manju shows the photographs to Molly.

Straight Shots - 4: Sounding Trumpets while giving alms

Molly: Why is he asking the photographer to follow him everywhere he is going? 

Manju:  Why can’t you find any good in anything Molly? Always negative!

Molly: What’s good in it Manju? Are you so blind to notice that he has planned this event? Can’t you see that he has asked himself to be photographed while donating water bottles? Didn’t Jesus command us to do our donation and alms secretly?

 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matt 6:3,4

Molly Continues: Why is he sounding drums and trumpets for people to see?

Scene:  Manju is speechless. Molly continues.

Molly: Don’t you remember how the same saints change colours during convention days? This fellow will not even offer you tea, if you happen to go to workers area, during the convention. And if you happen to take tea by mistake from the workers’ area, he will rebuke and grab the tea back from your hand and kick you out saying, “This tea is for workers. Get the tea for believers from believers shade.”  If you happen to ask him packaged mineral water, during convention days, then he will tell you that mineral water is for centre pastors and chief pastors. Go and get yourself water from general public taps.

See this sermon by Charles Spurgeon. He says “The hypocrite sounds trumpet as he gives money to the poor, and chooses the corner of the street for his prayers. The True Christian, like the nightingale, sings in the night; but the hypocrite sings all his songs in the day when he can be seen and heard of all men. Let us deal honestly with ourselves. Applause is what hypocrites are seeking after. They avoid all secret religion, and only live where men may see them.

Manju: (Angrily!) I am going home.

Molly smiles as she sees Manju walk off!


  1. It seems in my understanding the world is creating an AI that is like a huge grid in which every person is going to contribute or be a part of it by altering the state of the subconscious mind to stop thinking or making decisions based on truth or based on emotions but based on algorithms. But these people seems to have attained it even before the advanced beast system gets complete. Removing the consciousness of the innocent believers whom they controlled them by fear and community rules by using salvation as a weapon that if you deny our words your denying God’s word…. and people believed it so..

  2. Is he trying to join politics or what, getting himself photographed while doing social work? Or may be he has opened NGO, so that he can raise funds by showcasing his social work? I may be wrong , but my estimate is that he might have not even distributed 25 bottles (costing no more than 500 Rs. From the cap he is wearing, he must be from vijayawada the big money minting center, having monthly tithe collection in lakhs).

    There is no picture of youth employed in this task who might have carried the weight of 25 bottles (if) behind this clown. He is not distributing sanitizers, mask, food packets, or monthly groceries, which he could have done if he was really concerned, and which is what the poor people need at this juncture of time, specially those who work on daily wages. The entire show appears to me Nautanki (drama).

  3. This moron has no clue what he is doing for the sake of some cheap publicity. His foolishness will not only risk his life but all the people in his fake home and everyone who comes in contact with him. He is also putting the poor man and the Policeman at risk with his silly show of charity. he has broken the social distancing rule by posing for this stupid picture. Clueless idiots.

    BTW why is he wearing a mask, aren’t these Zion bound most holy animals immune to Covid-19?

  4. The two pictures tell a story – If we apply the TPM laws of interpreting scripture, the divine revelations from these two pictures are very profound:

    Pic 1. The TPM crook is unmasked with the Policeman…The is a shadow of (Policeman) unmasking the false teachings and the wickedness of the servants of gods of TPM.

    Pic 2. The TPM crook is masked with the poor beggar – The beggar represents the simple believers who gleefully receive the false teachings from the TPM wolf who is masked in sheep’s clothing.

    • The two pictures tell a story – If we apply the TPM laws of interpreting scripture, the divine revelations from these two pictures are very profound:

      @ Bro No more a slave to fear, this is brilliant.

  5. This Samuel has proved it that he and the group he belongs to are Pharisees. Because in Mathew 23:5 Jesus Christ said about the Pharisees that, “they do everything to be seen by people.” In fact these people have accumulated so much money that they can easily feed thousands.

  6. A very well written article about the nature of whiteclad people. They are very good at deceiving people with these type of gimmicks and showoffs.

    Apart from that I got a doubt why these Manju and Molly are wandering out when lockdown to contain covid19 viral spread is underway. 😁

    • @ Abraham Issac

      Because they work for a banking project where security is a great concern. So they are not given laptops to connect from home. So they have obtained special permission from their office. They will show that to police if they are stopped. 😉

  7. My friend, Manju and Molly are simply characters through which the lessons are learnt for our meditation and retrospection how the TPM BEAST has been duping the new believers as well old believers. These the spiritual characters that are meant for our study and nothing else.
    Hope I clarified your genuine doubt.


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