When you exploit a person, it does not stay with that individual. It affects all those that love him/her. In this case, it affected the only son of the victim. You would have realised by now that the clergy whom you believe to be your guide to God, is actually just a person who is enjoying his own life at your expense. Often he uses God’s word to do his own will.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

2 Pet 2:3

The last time, I understood the TPM Doctrine, a woman remains the wife of a person till the husband is dead. This is supported by scriptures( 1 Corinthians 7:39 ). Therefore the woman concerned is seen as the wife of that man before God. So when you appropriate that woman, you are COVETING ANOTHER MAN’s WIFE.

You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. ……..or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Deut 5:21

What he is done in this situation, is also made merchandise of her. Of course, false promises and hopes(Feigned Words) to someone in this situation and that too by the Pastor is a gross abuse of authority and respect. How come people like these can preach one thing and do the opposite in their lives? Listen to the clip below where he is confessing himself to be the daddy of that little child. He wanted to extend the deception deep into the mind of that child. We have removed the child’s name from the clip.

The loving talks from a dad?
Sexploitation of Joshua - 4
Enjoying “Blessed Father’s Day”

Now it’s one thing to deceive and exploit a woman. However, to ensure that the woman continues to believe in his lies, he need to be smart to dig deep into the only hope of that woman. HER SON. As per my interview with the woman, she said that Joshua even went to the school of that boy and the boy was telling to his friends that “THIS IS MY DADDY“. The child genuinely believed the words of this man.

Next time you give your newborn child to be “Dedicated”, keep this incident in mind. They DO NOT CARE FOR THE CHILD. All that they care is the envelope that comes after that show.

I can predict the thought of the Typical TPM fanatic believer. Of course, they will act and say that such things should not happen. I challenge every Singapore believer, will you think like the lines below?

Thank God!! its not my child. Lets forget it. These are distractions and negative news about a saint. God will look into it. Its not for us to Judge.


What these clergymen in white is doing with the child, is the exact opposite of the words of Jesus.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, AND DO NOT HINDER THEM, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matt 19:14

But then what more can you expect from someone who wants a HIDDEN WIFE?

Sexploitation of Joshua - 4


15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Matt 7:15-16

To The Chiefs of TPM,

Last Time there was an Issue in Dubai, the then Chief N Stephen asks those bewildered believers that as long as there is no evidence, he cannot take action. The Believers were of TPM and of course, their minds will be blocked to the scriptures as they are brainwashed by white-clad experts. The Bible says the evidence is obtained by the testimony of two or three people. God knows VIDEOS, VOICE CLIPS and PHOTOS may not be available for crimes. And then you escaped the situation even though it met the biblical standards of evidence. We are not short of any evidence in this case. Even witnesses are not short. Will you still remain dumb and deaf to the incident? As long as I know, this is the third attempt to appeal to your conscience. It’s a CHOICE that you are making. The Lord will require it from you, SOON.

This will be my third visit to you. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.

2 Cor 13:1

The wicked accept bribes in secret to pervert the course of justice.

Prov 17:23



  1. This man is evil and the leaders who are protecting this criminal is not chief pastors but chief Goondas of TPM. They think they are invincible and can get away with anything. As mentioned in this report, they will never consider the victims in this case but will be more worried about how to protect this animal and the cult.

    Empty Thomas, why don’t you make some noise at least for once, he is not from Malabar, so get him and make an example of him so that the other deviants will be careful. Please show the TPM faithful that you mean business. Unfortunately the flights are cancelled so you cannot fly into Singapore and save your gold digger’s back just like what your Chief Pastor Abby did to save Sunny from the UAE authorities.

    Own up and banish this maniac before he does something more dangerous and bring more shame to your beloved cult. Leaders are supposed to act and not sit on their brains and wish that things will go away. The people of Singapore have options unlike the blind mice of our sub continent. Or is it because you are all in this together and every one of you is as tainted as Play Boy Joshua and Lover Boy Sunny.

    There is not much time left, you can see the signs around you, so for once, please do something to bring justice to these poor souls.

  2. Is he trying to lick the cake off his hands. Such a sick man…
    Meanwhile MT is busy chasing our corona virus with his 100 praises. Surprisingly my wife got a audio clip of him exhorting all to give 100 praises every day to get of Corona from an another lady from orthodox church.
    He also adds that this 100 praises will also remove all problems, witchcraft and difficulties.
    They would have believed this and followed.
    I’ll try to extract this from whatsapp and fwd to Admin.
    So now appears that he started influencing people outside TPM. This is like stage 3 of corona and its dangerous where now its in the community.
    Chief wolf is busy preparing prayer points for all TPM followers to get rid of Corona Virus. Some one just forwarded me his letter with prayer points.
    TPM followers of UAE have received we transfer audio files of the friday meeting preaching and songs

  3. @ text message
    // if loving you is wrong then I don’t want to be right//

    What a charlatan ! Can tpm believers even believe that tpm saints speak shit like this? How easily is for to saints to speak butter sweet words to allure naive girls.

    I am surprised how did he even rise to position of centre pastors? Who was the chief who laid hands on him for promotion of such fraudster?

    Tpm pastors will punish believers for remarriage. They say marrying divorced person is sin. And Sharon the centre incharge sister was rebuking poor victim threatening her saying “Touch not the anointed.”

    Shameless Joshua, Shameless Sharon and Shameless Chiefs of the Pentecostal Mission..

    • PlayBoy Joshua has some music taste for a chaste virgin heading to zion…this line is from a Pop song which goes like this.

      If loving you is wrong
      I don’t wanna be right
      If being right means being without
      Id rather be wrong
      My old man says it’s a shame
      It’s a downright disgrace
      As long as I got you by my side
      I don’t care what our people say
      My friend tell me there’s no future in loving a married man
      If I can’t have you when I want you
      I’m a see you when I can
      Am I wrong to fall so deeply in love with you
      Knowing you have a wife and two little children depending on you too
      Am I wrong to hunger for the gentleness of your touch
      Oh when I got someone else at home who needs me just as much
      Am I wrong for giving my love to a married man
      Tell me am I wrong for trying to hold on to the best thing I ever had?

      This maniac is completely lost and is beyond repair. God knows what other secrets he is hiding.

      • 😮
        So the play boy Joshua used to listen to pop songs ? Who imagined saints can be secret rangeela Aashiq (colourful Romeo) ? Thanks brother NMSTF for exposing this out.

  4. Peter an Apostle of Jesus Christ adds to the pilgrims of Dispersion in Pontius,Galatia,Cappadocia ,Asia,and Bithynia in 1Pet 4:15.
    We can very well treat this as a letter to the pilgrims of South East Asian laity (Singapore,HongKong,Indonesia,Philippines,Malaysia),
    A THIEF,
    In 17 th verse, the Holy Spirit exhorts to the church further,…” For the time has come for judgement to begin at the house of God: and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?.
    There is a deeper meaning is imbedded in this verse for those who are responsible;
    Further to the Clergy and Laity , Prophet Isaiah is talking now for their own better understanding… in 10:12….”Therefore it shall come to pass ,when the Lord has performed all His work on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem,that He will say” I will punish the fruit of the arrogant heart of the King of Assyria, and the glory of his hauty looks”

    Therefore the CULT managers have to wake up quickly and take a wise counsel of the Lord, before a great tsunami like virus comes from the Lord.( remember Achan’s example)

    Thirdly (TO THE IBR H.Qtrs), in 1 THESS 4:3–6, the Holy Spirit talks very very clearly
    ….that you should abstain from sexual immorality,that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel…….that no one should take advantage of and defraud his brother in this matter( obviously sexual immorality),because the Lord is the avenger of all such as we also forewarned you and testified.
    Finally God is sending His firm warning through Jeremiah 32:17 also.
    So the ball is in the court of the CULT managers before the wrath of the Lord ignites.
    Let the wise counsel prevails on them.
    —a watchman

  5. Even the catholic bishops has some degree of conscience ,and they ve left vatican. but these people are full of venom ..

    No wonder it thrives .. Because the chief snakes and viper believers get along with each other very well . so not to bother much , they re extremely happy to be a slave to the snakes than a servant for the Lord.

  6. Shameless Joshua, so much had already been shown and said about you. But the pride in you is holding you back to come forward as a gentleman and clear the matter before the Lord’s coming.

  7. Reading PE Patrick’s threatening, I understand that this Joshua is a Singapore Citizen ( I don’t know, I am inferring this because this Patrick calls him a Singaporean). Joshua can stay in Singapore. That was not the case with Sunny, if Sunny was caught by the UAE authorities for homosexuality he would not have seen Sunlight In his life (just saying I know anyway he has limitations with his vision) and his name would have to changed from Sunny to Darky.

    This Patrick seems to be a racist who looks down on Indian laws as it was evident from his language, at the same time he is proud to be ‘Singaporeans’.

  8. Dear all, this is not the end of the story. There is more more, more to come. More “Saints” will be in the news. The wall has come off.

  9. TPM says that their white clads are the 144000 standing on Mount Zion with the Father’s Name written on their forehead. Their Zion doctrine book says that they themselves cannot see this name but others can see this name.
    Well..well…. now we know Joshua was practising FATHER CHARACTER which is now there for the whole world to see !

    Whatever unscriptural they, the TPM, are following is now coming back to haunt them !

  10. This Bible portion suits so well for people like TPM Joshua
    2 Peter: 13-14
    Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls:an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

  11. There was a Sunny in Dubai, there is a Joshua in Singapore and many more Gunaseelans in Various faith homes of TPM around the world. So there is a problem at many places.

    Admin has done a great job by bringing all these scandals on a common platform for the bhakts to see and realise.

    Now they cannot say that this is a stray case and it was an unfortunate incident.

    I am aware of many of my relatives who acknowledge and are witness to the Dubai episode. Now folks in Singapore are witness to this. Still they have praises for TPM. Partly the reason is these people have lived their entire life proclaiming and believing the lie that there is no other perfect church like TPM and now what face will they show the world. They have ridiculed and made fun of their brothers and sisters from other churches. Looked down on them.

    I don’t know what to say.

  12. The advent of Smart phones and easy access to porn has converted these sex depraved holy men into brutes who are now just waiting for an opportunity to abuse. Their own exclusive doctrine of celibacy has always been a burden too heavy to carry for even the holiest of TPM saints. The only mistake Playboy Josh did was to get caught just like his friend Sodomite Sunny.

    Sexual sins were going on since this cult’s inception but were always brushed under the carpet and the culprit used to be quietly shipped to Andaman or some remote place till rumors died down. Their most esteemed, Alwin, is the best example and their current chief pastor Empty is now unashamedly hailing him as some hero of the TPM faith.

    If you ask any old believer, they will always say that sexual sins were always existent among the clergy, but it was an exception. But, today, thanks to fromtpm.com, these vile heroes of TPM are being paraded in the open so that the stupid believers would realise that they are being duped by some very wicked men.

    The believers cannot continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that they are OK in following these animals. They are equally guilty because it is their money which is being used by these criminals to not only live but also to commit these abominable crimes against their own brothers and sisters and children.

    These are definitely difficult times, and the TPM faithful might be living under the illusion of a secret rapture, they are in for a big surprise. If you die in this pandemic, no one is going to get a church funeral, so stop living under the fear that TPM will not give you a funeral if you exit TPM. It is your soul that matters, and time is very short, run to the cross and the Jesus of the Bible for salvation before it is too late.

    Now since most of the TPM churches are closed, get on your knees and pray to God to reveal the truth about TPM/NTC/NCPC/Singapore PC/What not PC? He will hear your cry and will save you and your family. Please read the Bible and these articles on this site and know The Truth and as scriptures has promised, The Truth will set you free. Stop giving your hard earned money to fund this satanic organisation.

    Covid-19 is like a lottery no one wants to win but everyone has a ticket. The worst thing is that there are multiple winners and the prize is something no one wants, but inevitable. May God open your eyes and help you to make the most important decision in your life before it is too late.

    Have you wondered why the TPM pastor heading for Zion needs a mask and gloves to protect himself from the virus. They are simple human beings just like you and me and they are as scared as you are. He is a career criminal who fools people like you to live while you are a hard working honest man who is scared to stop giving him money, thinking that God will stop blessing you if you do so.

    • Dear Brother NMSTF

      The rich pay to these depraved people and get work around for their convenience be it be taking medicines or some other people. These so called SOG will show their might of exclusive theology to poor people. They show all their rules and clauses of the rule book of TPM to poor people. No wonder people like Patrick come forward and try to save their clergy by showing citizenship of a developed nation.

  13. Yes, Brother Richie, it is absolutely true. I remember when the worker sisters come visiting, they will ask why we didn’t take communion. When we say that we had taken medicine, they will say, “oh! that is not for believers like you folks, you can take medicine and still take communion.” It was the same advise, if we said that we did not attend sanctification meetings and hence avoided taking communion.

    They are the bureaucrats in the TPM Kingdom and the right amount of money will bend or break any rule. Makes you feel disgusted thinking that we had allowed these people to control even the breath we took.

    Now I thank God for protecting me and my family members from contracting any infectious disease by following the unhygienic practice of drinking from the same cup. Will these demons continue with this practice in the Post corona world is anybody’s guess? I always wondered why the Pastor and the workers drank first before passing on their toxic spit to the rest of the congregation.

  14. @ NMSTF…”Now since most of the TPM churches are closed, get on your knees and pray to God to reveal the truth about TPM/NTC/NCPC/Singapore PC/What not PC? He will hear your cry and will save you and your family. Please read the Bible and these articles on this site and know The Truth and as scriptures has promised, The Truth will set you free. Stop giving your hard earned money to fund this satanic organisation.”
    Thank you brother for your fervent appeal.
    This appeal is a true reflection and vindicable of the oft repeated prophetic alerts that this blessed site had been hankering —-IBR H.Qtrs —a la JERICHO WALLS to the ears of its beloved readers.
    We do not know how many were mindful of this idiomatic phrase being used in this site.
    But finally it came with bang ..in the first EPISODE of these series….WALLS OF JERICHO…THE CRUMBLED WALLS OF JERICHO.
    Therefore, it is only apt for every one of us to spend more EXCESSIVE hours in the silent prayer mode and also make ourselves available to hear the VOICE OF GOD while studying and meditating the WORD.
    Beginning with the word BLESSED…Psalms 1;2 instructs us the very next thing to do in day and night.The rest of the 4 verses present us a clear picture what we often take it easy.
    Had the humanity paid heed to this fervent appeal of OMNIPOTENT,OMNISCIENT,OMNIPRESENT GOD,it (the humanity)would not have tasted the present virus and the past viruses that struck in the past. God is in total control of the present situation we are facing now.
    I am sure HE will surely bring the needed reformation in all the souls we are targeting.

    • Closure of fake homes are also a big concern. I was reading a news where a certain alcoholic committed suicide because he did not get alcohol.

      Some people in TPM are also addicted to the high decibels in their tarrying meetings and Sunday worship. Most people get filled only when there is the dB factor. They don’t even know how to be still and hear what the Lord has to say. For them waiting on the Lord was the tarry meetings they cannot sit quietly on their own in their closed rooms and wait on Him.

      As brother EE said this is God given chance to introspect and peep into our lives. Time to Have a personal relation with the Lord rather than asking the SOG to do it for you. This applies Not only for TPM folks but also for me and the entire world.


  15. @Richie….”Most people get filled only when there is the dB factor. They don’t even know how to be still and hear what the Lord has to say. For them waiting on the Lord was the tarry meetings they cannot sit quietly on their own in their closed rooms and wait on Him”
    How true it is brother!
    These poor, unlearned(some times learned) laity are n’t even aware of the fact that human ear audibility level does not cope up with anything than 40-5O dB range .This higher sound pressure(decibel-dB) levels abuse/pollute the ear drum of the people.I deliberately used the word ‘abuse’ to stress its impact on the peaceful environment.In the long run these clergy and laity would be prone to deafness. That was why many old believers became deaf by now thanks to the clergy of this BEAST. I think this phenomenon was of recent origin when new workers were inducted in the late 20’s .I know the tarry meeting sound pressure levels in the typical f.homes would easily cross to 100—120 dB levels and the poor sheep are led to believe that Holy Spirit descends down only when that sound pressure levels are created on the high note ( note the singing sister’s voice leve at the last stanza.This is the wrong practices and blatant lie that this BEAST has been misleading this sheep all through these precious years. God only protected us from this environment.Now it is high time that these mistakes are rectified and the people are to be educated.
    The bizarre attitude of this central clergy and branch clergy is to be stressed here.
    When the drum beating reaches certain high note of a typical music festival crescendo ,then only this clergy stops its vocal note. Did you observe that? This is the horrible state of spiritual status of this clergy n laity.
    God only will usher and teach them how to worship Him in the Spirit of truth and in the beauty of His holiness, and in the stillness of the environ that God loves to come and speak to His people. This BEAST hate God and His people, but we are here to fight anyway.
    That is the reason why God in His appointed hour and time raised this blessed site.
    Kudos to the owner of this site.

  16. With the forced shutdown, looks like TPM’s Sinsex is also down.

    No collections,
    No offerings
    No house visits
    No marriages,
    No dedications,
    No conventions,
    No house warmings
    No new vehicle purchase
    Plenty of deaths but no funerals.
    No revenue

    Will they go online and start conducting their sorcery over the net?
    Will they start collecting money by EFT?

    This serpent will improvise to survive and there are enough believers who will support this cult from dying. Instead of showing their divine healing power by volunteering to help the isolated and quarantined by providing them food or care, they will be in isolation in prayer and fasting to bring this virus down. These holy men bound for zion should be immune to this virus and should be on the frontline instead of hiding themselves. Will they ask the poor believers to supply them food when they are in fasting and prayer?

    Where are all the TPM faith healers? Where are all the TPM prophets, no one predicted this one?

    Folks, wake up, open your eyes and close your purse.
    TPM is a lie and you are being taken for a ride
    Stop feeding the Beast and run for your lives.
    It is not too late to save your souls!

  17. Some one commented the other day that the day would be coming soon that the BEAST’s new gadget for implementation of collection of TITHES/GIFT amount from the its trusted laity.

    Tomorrow there will be no surprise if we find the f.homes could be installed with CREDIT /DEBIT CARD machines for the cashless transactions to be carried out in the premises.
    Though it could be a remote possibility because of submission of INCOMTAX RETURNS, do not take place there,but no one can rule out how the BEAST could manage the show as it has been successfully managing the show. Its henchmen in the laity will be ever ready to collude with politcians/lawers/police force will try rise the occasion to cover up as they had been doing so far with many murders/suicides/and untold malpractices.

    • You people should be ashamed of yourselves – hiding behind your keyboards and judging others.
      You think that by judging others, you are way more righteous than them.
      I suggest you start thinking about your eternity in damnation before you “collect” evidence from these so-called “victims” who share their one-sided accounts to frame a pastor.


      You insiders (both workers and believers) posting such rumours and gossip & fallen workers who are upset with pastor MT for your own reasons – you better BEWARE because God’s judgment is about to come on you.
      You say that TPM church teaches false doctrines. What then do you call these posts which falsely TWIST the word of God to suit your own condemning of the workers? Very edifying? My foot.
      You say the TPM church is not the true church. Well, collecting evidence so maliciously to frame a worker, FABRICATING whatsapp messages (which show the time but no AM or PM) that never exists to put a person down – that’s worse.

      Go read your Bible about what happened to those who spoke against God’s leaders. Good luck to you. Better call your doctor soon because in this coronavirus period, you may not get medication for your soon-to-come leprosy.

      And the “insider” workers from India and Singapore (especially BRO JOASH, KALEB and the few sisters who have been conspiring against your own church leaders because of your own politics games and struggle for power), pls repent before you find yourselves deep in the pit of hell fire.

      MOST IMPORTANTLY, to chief pastor ABRAHAM – let lying dogs lie. They have no backbone to even say their names. The ones who have posted these information are your very own workers who conspire against the church leaders in a struggle of power. If you listen to every lying dog that lies to air their resentment against other church leaders, TPM is doomed to fall. There’s no need to be scared of these fallen workers who have left TPM long ago, or of current workers who have so much hatred and gather other believers to bring their leaders down.

      Pls recognise that firstly, this entire website was set up by your own ex-workers who have left the church because of their anger against the leaders. What they say is backed up by their resentment against the entire church. Listening to them means supporting them. Pls be wise. Thank you.

      • Finally, Joshua and TPM have found out that the Whatsapp messages have no AM or PM, so it has to be Fabricated. Great Discovery. (Clap! Clap!! Clap!!!)
        Are you done with your rant, little pinky?

        Attachment  cool-laugh.mp3

      • Looks like Abraham the chief parasite is Pinky’s relative. Poor Pinkie just cannot bear to see her beloved body of the devil being exposed. I feel sorry for you, Pinkie, hope God will have mercy on not only you but also on your dear Abraham so that you both can repent and get back to the God of the Bible.

        As far as your threats are concerned, the god of TPM/NTC/NCPC/TPS is already defeated by our God and we live without fear unlike you who despite knowing all these atrocities continue to bow your knees to Satan, the god of TPM/NTC/NCPC/TPS. So wake up from your coma and seek help for your soul as it needs salvation and the gods of TPM cannot save you.

        BTW the last time I checked none fromtpm.com ever served the gods of TPM, so you are already mistaken.

        Since you are here, Pinkie, Please read the other articles exposing the false teachings of your beloved cult.

        ///(which show the time but no AM or PM)/// Now you are picking on AM/PM, next you will asking if Joshua has a mole somewhere. Don’t be surprised, if there is a picture showing that as well. Pinkie you are just showing the whole world, what a sore loser you are.

        Repent and serve the God of the Bible before it is too late!

        • How hilarious that you think I’m related to Abraham.
          Clearly shows you haven’t been reading my reply accurately. Tsk Tsk.
          Pls check your eyesight. Perhaps you need a new pair of granny glasses?

          First of all, I made it very clear I’m not taking sides.
          I also said I personally know the lady in the picture, as well as the ones who have given the information and allegations.

          I am based in Indonesia (if you need to know) and I’m just making it crystal clear to you that it is sick that the creators of this website desperately need to drag the names of ministers through the mud just to tarnish the name and reputation of the TPM church. Clearly, they have so much resentment that they feel a need to air it this way.

          People like you who choose to take part in such slandering first of all are weak & desperate to put the TPM church down. I pray God has mercy on you. You’re gonna need lots of that when you meet your maker.
          Good luck to you.

        • @Pinkie,

          The joke is on you, my dear Pinkie. You might not be related to TPM’s Abraham by blood but you certainly belong to the same TPM brotherhood.

          This cult which is an abomination to God because you are all liars starting from all your chief pastors. If they fear God, they would have repented a long long time ago and stopped fooling simple folks and stealing their money and their children with their deeper doctrines.

          Great to know that you are based in Indonesia, which means that the Acts of Apostle Joshua has reached there. Hope some poor believer’s eyes also will be opened and they will run for their life from this satanic cult.

          TPM has a reputation of being a false church but very few knew it, now fromtpm.com is doing you a favour by making it famous. Your hidden ministry is now all over the web and these articles are shared over social media and many people know how devious TPM is.

          If you are a minister, why don’t you read the other articles and check how deceptive the teachings of TPM are. Maybe it will open your eyes and set you free from this cult.

          And when you are liberated from TPM’s bondage, please remember to share your testimony here at fromtpm.com so that more sincere believers or workers are also set free.

          Happy Reading Pinkie! I love that name, you surely have some taste.

      • @”Shameless worker of tpm” (pinkie)

        Have some shame servent of demon. Your drama won’t work anymore. People have seen all the lies and hypocrisy of saints in white clothes. God has made a hole in your fake home, for people to see your dirty works behind the whitewashed tombs. It’s stinking with foul smell. And we can hear Joshua speaking gibberish from the bottomless pit into which he has fallen.

        When this website exposed Sunny George’s case , they didn’t show any evidence because evidences were deleted from mobile of victim. Only a letter was put for people to read. But now there is mountain of abomination of Joshua dumped in hard disk of fromtpm.

        So chill dear! More evidences will keep coming untill Joshua is thrown out.

        Happy surfing fromtpm!

      • Clearly this Pinkie a.k.a Joshua is an uneducated TPM Zombie. You need to think better than finding AM / PM in whatsapp. Go and learn some basics in phone configuration and you will know that phones can be configured to show 24 hour clocks.

  18. Johnson a.k.a anti-TPM zombie,

    FYI I am an expert at phone configuration, unlike yourself …so before you judge me, pls take a GOOD look at that horrible speck in your eye.
    Oh yes, obviously you can’t see that speck because you choose to believe all these lies and fabrications ….
    how sorry I feel for you.
    Nah, I take that back. Who cares how anyone feels about you?

  19. Thank you for calling me so endearingly. And the same back to you..
    Clearly another one who needs glasses. Can’t read name properly?
    How sad….

    • Getting old buddy..But not close to 57 as you. Not yet in the pills stage as you. In case you remember your son, this could help you.

      Attachment  daddy-and-son.mp4

    • @ Joshua (pinkie)
      Answer me. How long are you going to hide? Be gentle man. Apologize your dirty works. Ask pardon. Remember God is looking. Your time is up. You have deceived believers workers and our leaders. Shame on you. Joash was right when he exposed you. But we thought he is mudsliding you for his selfish gains. The matters are now clear as daylight. You have been a womanizer all your life. You have defiled kesia and kala. Nothing is hidden anymore. We are not interested in knowing anything about *h***n. You were center pastor. You were supposed to be responsible if she was seducing you. And if she suceeded why didn’t you leave ministry? We wont have seen these days had you left ministry silently. What do you expect now, you Moron? Apologize and get pardon from God. Get lost from tpm quickly or we will kick you when lockdown is over.

  20. first of all, holding a bag of “evidence” as you so call, does not make what you do legit.
    you can fool people with your “evidence”
    you can accuse every minister in TPM all you want
    you can point all the fingers you want and claim that what you post is the “truth”

    But when you go to sleep, be reminded that you cannot fool God.
    He knows the truth.
    Let God be the judge.

    If you do wake up the next day, u better be grateful he had mercy to give you that breath, cos if it were me, I’d be shaking right now.

    I’m gonna end my replies here because let me make it clear to not just you, but all the readers here – my intention is not to stoop so low like you to engage in a cyber attack to prove who is right and what is the truth and who has more evidence, but to inform everyone that believing in a website created by fallen workers who hate the church and its people so much is a waste of time.

    focus on your own life.

    • Its already 3.5 years and your so-called god of TPM is still stuck in the bathroom. Please allow him to get his belly relieved.
      Why are you dropping out little Pinkie? Don’t you want to take more challenges as you had promised your Sayaang?


    • @Pinkie,

      I like this name, it sound really nice. Pinkie, it looks like you are worried because St. Joshua’s antics has become public. I have personally sent these articles and shared the links with believers in NTC and in the branch where Sodomite Sunny is currently giving communion. Now Playboy Joshua is as famous as Sodomite Sunny. I can feel you getting pink in your face.

      You are worried that it will affect the collection and in turn affect your career. If you have any sense left, learn from St.Joshua, find a Sayang for yourself, pilfer some cash and make a getaway before it is too late.

      The future is grim for cults like TPM where cash is king. You cannot swindle money anymore and go on secret honey moons like Joshua did. You have to account for the money if the collection goes into a Bank account.

      So my dear Pinkie, start your retirement plan today as it looks like with the Corona lock down, very few people are going to give you any tithes this month. When the collection reduces, you know the tithe to the TPM HQ reduces which will make the chief parasites unhappy and they will start tightening the screws and you who have been living like kings will have to struggle for a change.

      And since you animals have never worked and earned a single honest dollar in your life, you will become vagabonds and beggars. I understand your zeal in supporting St.Joshua and the Chief Parasites of TPM, you are just covering your base and showing your loyalty to this satanic cult. You are not a Servant of God but a serpent of TPM god – satan. Keep lying just like your father.

      It is not yet late, if you are sincere, repent and seek the true God of the Bible, maybe you can still be saved.

    • @ Admin, wow…. what a interesting stories written!!!!
      //But when you go to sleep, be reminded that you cannot fool God.
      He knows the truth.
      Let God be the judge.//

      Guys pinkie from Indonesia huuu… her mother from Indonesia and father Singaporean. She is victim aunts daughter. She is waiting to enter ministry.
      Very well said dear pinkie… Joshua series 1 to till today, you can recognize voice and video whose voice? God knows every thing what happened and He is only one true witness. Joshua calling his son to come Singapore for Chinese New Year celebrations, why can’t he go out to marry her take a responsibility of as a daddy?..
      you gonna ending because admin posting more evidence you don’t have guts to face it.. This is the judgement of God. Joshua thought he can hide this under the carpet how he hide past years.. but God’s plan and purpose different you should know about it.
      Pinkie you drag everyone into this shit now you see what you have to reap it..

      • @Esther,
        It’s true that the name of the Victim’s cousin is Pinkie. However, the person who commented as Pinkie is Not the Victim’s cousin. Remember how you commented as DalwinMichael and then you later changed to JS? And now you are batting for the opposition as Esther?
        Do you want me to tell you more?

        • So, Esther was actually DalwinMichael and JS earlier, and now bats for the opposition? Wow, very interesting. The plot now thickens and gets murkier! What is the real intent of this Esther (or whoever it is)? I am so confused. It is so much like Elina, can’t ascertain if she is batting for TPM or the opposition.

      • Hi Esther,
        First of all, if your REAL name is Esther, you wouldn’t be using your actual here right?
        Similarly, my online name is Pinkie. And that’s not my real name.
        Would be really silly if anyone uses his or her actual name right?
        Secondly, in case you didn’t understand it right, I am BASED in indonesia – meaning that I work there and live there. Not in Singapore, like you.
        My father and mother are both indonesians and we are all born and bred here in Indo – if u need to know.
        I am not waiting to enter any ministry as u say. I am happily married here- thank u very much. But yes, I am a proud believer of Christ…
        Don’t go around assuming and drawing your own conclusions for you’ll end up making a fool of yourself.

        • Wow, Pinkie!!
          Please roll back and see what you said earlier. Quoting for quick reference.
          You people should be ashamed of yourselves – hiding behind your keyboards and judging others.
          So now Who is this hiding behind a keyboard with a dummy name and accusing others of doing it?

          Don’t worry Sayaaang. I have chosen you and you alone.


        • Dear All,
          I Elina the spy of tpm , famous for being the most dreaded dangerous spy in world . In night dreams I have been revealed the mysteries of fromtpm secret meeting.

          There is secret meeting happening against one of our believer, in fromtpm lightroom. I heard with mine ears. They planning against this brave courageous brother to preach him true gospel. They found his name. Now they find him and preach him Jesus gospel. He is none other than Titus Samuel who we famously know as Patrick brother , who threatened Admin in the mail and showed great courage of defending holy pastor Joshua.

          My request to Titus Samuel a.k.a Patrick brother, please please start doing RPD. Cause many believers angry at you for defending pastor Joshua under name of Patrick. Many fromtpm supporters trying to contact you and preach gospel to you. Run from them. Listen only to tpm Gospel. All other gospel wrong. Only tpm right. Pastor MT gospel right. No Jesus no holy Spirit can save believers. Only 15 doctrine books of tpm can save us.

    • There are somethings which we can use to identify a person. Yes, Pinkie is Joshua or someone very close to him who is acting as his right-hand man.

      One simple formula for you to remember. If somebody is threatening in the name of his God to do retribution on you, rest assured that he is a Clergy who is a Crook.
      All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Matt 5:37

      So who is behind this kind of barrage as Pinkie is saying? Answer me?

      • Fully agree with this. This is the usual trick they use to control the blind believers.
        Little does he know that a son need not be afraid of his Father. But a bastard has to be afraid as he does not know his Father.
        So Dear Pinkie, Joshua who ever you are, can you try some other trick to hoodwink and sidetrack your handlers.

    • Dear [email protected]
      Look at the way pinkie (a.k.a) is addressing Abraham Matthew and MT. He wants to tell them to not to take action on him. Joshua still wants to hold on to office of center pastor and keep earning millions.

    • Hi @ Elina…👌👌👌👌…
      You catch the right person. Titus Samuel Cousin Sister is the one wrote Threatening messages and E mails to Indonesia victim… Joshua is the one ask her to threaten victim sister. .Now all truth coming out.
      Latest News…. Ting ting …
      Joshua and these believers are coming out from PCS and Opening a new church in Singapore 😁😁😩😩. Some of the SOG supporting Joshua they too joining this new church. Joshua instigating one group of believers to against other group who is not supporting his sins.
      Joshua celebrated Father’s Day without a Son and Hidden wife😩😩😩.
      Elina please dig more truth will comes out..
      Good luck,

  21. Pinkie becomes the original Patrick and changes colours like the Chameleon to suit to the changing of the winds! It all depends how the IBR WALLS are strong enough to remove him.Both are in HAND in GLOVE. (because I helped you,you will help me now)
    But alas the days are coming to an end. The game is over ! Check mate is done! You are caught!

  22. @Pinkie Joshua
    @ I am based in Indonesia..

    Why is your ip showing Vietnam then? If you are using some software to camouflage your ip along with identity then why are you confessing that you are Indonesian. This doesn’t make sense JS. On one hand you try to show your ip of Vietnam and then say that you belong to Indonesia! Hmmm… Spirit of deception is still inside you.

    You said, // Similarly, my online name is Pinkie. //
    Then how come you condemn people here of having no backbone to say their real name? Isn’t that hypocrisy? You still can’t stop lying Joshua Tiagrajan! Lol!

    • Very entertaining and hits the nail on the head…in the end Chief Pimp Abraham closed the meeting with this TPM hymn…

      I shall not, I shall not be moved
      I shall not, Abraham shall not be moved
      Just like a Monkey that’s caught in a trap
      I shall not be moved

      I’m on my way to zion, I shall not be moved
      I’m on my way to zion, Empty shall not be moved
      Just like a Donkey trained by Alwyn
      I shall not be moved

      Oh believers, we shall not be moved
      Oh fromtpm.com, TPM shall not be moved
      Just like a Pig that’s stuck in its sty
      We shall not be moved

      I’m celibate and a Bully, I shall not be moved
      Consecrated and lazy, we shall not be moved
      Just like a cult that’s planted by the Devil
      TPM shall not be moved

  23. Joshua after all the facts of your sexual exploits have been revealed, dont you feel that you are unworthy to continue as SOG all over the world. Anyone reading the reviews in this site will know how worst and dirty is your life.

    It will do you good if you can step down and move on with your life rather than staying in the ministry and letting the people put you to shame.

    Go and marry the girl you have promised and slept with and be a gentle man then atleast people will respect you.

    Don’t make the church dirty and let the sexual spirit and cheating spirit spread to other people.

    Please bring your other 2 lovers in singapore church along with you. Don’t forget to bring your pimp ammachi sharon…….. “Touch not the annointed”.

  24. is Greg Wilson right after Don Spiers? Met Don Spiers in Singapore many years back. He seemed to be a decent man but I think westerners as opposed to eastern side, they’re more decent in that probably they need not be bought into some aspect of the cultic practices..celibacy, consecrated etc.. but i do that some westerners are celibate like Don himself but we’ll never know as this cult has multiple personalities

    • // Met Don Spiers in Singapore many years back. //

      @ Christmysaviour,

      I have met Pas Don once.

      I have no real clue as to the role of the USA cult leadership in misleading the adherents. Certain sources vouch that Pas Don was the equivalent of Pas. Wison who was the late Chief. A humble man yet toothless.

      Could it be true that they are playing good cop bad cop with all of us?

      Please can you or eagleseye or any other in this forum shed light on the deception in the western world.

  25. TPM just follows her Mother Harlot’s strategy when it comes to handling abuses by their pastors. They just transfer them just like they did with St.Sunny. They will do the same with St. Joshua. They will never disown one of their own. It is the brotherhood of Satan, they stay united protecting each other even when they are caught red handed.

    Please watch this documentary about how the Roman Catholic Church protects its pedophile priests.


  26. @ADMN bro
    In the EPISODE 418,you will find my just now sent poem, but the whole context belongs to this episode only and hence request you to please re-directed to this EPISODE only.Thank you

  27. Joshua why the hell are you in the church????

    Your long time lover is back rdy so you can have good time with her. She also no shame and you also same and both are in the same shameful ministry.

    Ammachi you as usual can enjoy life with you food and luxuries taking care of your own family. You dont need to bother anything that is happening in church. No conscience. Do you think you are still fit to be in the ministry????? Still going to prophecy “Thus Saith the Lord”……..Who else are you going to fool now.
    Your right hand senior sister who only sings and crocks like a frog and knowing everything that you and her brother in law have done…… still no shame?????? Are you all not a bad influence to the other SOGs???????????I think you all better get out rather than they transferring. Please do a favour to the believers and church……

    3 months of full enjoying, relaxing and having fun inside the so called Church while other churches are calling to enquire their believers on their well being and conducting on line meetings. But you all say you all dont believe in internet and online messages because it leads to hell fire but you all can use whatsapp, internet, pornography, youtube to watch latest movies and having lesbian and sexual activities which will lead you all to heaven and a place just next to the holy throne (Among the 144,000).

    I some times wounder if this is a church or a brothel.

    I still wounder if Joshua’s 2 favorite assistants are still servicing him!!! Oh but now got competition since there are 3 for 1. Now I think you need more of Kuda……What a lucky man on earth are you?

    Any way better no need to waste my time talking about these cults.

    Thank God for enlightening me and leaving this cult church few years back.

    • Hi @ JD …. Joshua will enjoy more now Indonesia victim silent , he feel more happy. He might be thinking at last she left me😳.
      Now is the enjoy time, chiefs not doing anything and encouraging to do the hidden ministry put show in font pastor victor.
      All kinds of drama can see now…
      Anyway who is the long time lover? Too much …

    • Hi @ jack Daniel…
      You r right joshu longtime lover taking care of him very well… sending frequently what he needed… Joshua intecomes to tell his favourite food and she order kitchen sister to prepare. He is enjoying good and staying in luxury room.
      My surprise after so much Joshua did still chief not ask him to step down allowing him to stay sane room and doing ministry hiddenly.
      Chief Pas Abraham said to believers regarding the issue, he said to them I won’t believe internet news and I trust Joshua and ammachi.
      Joshua very happy Long time love came to take care of him after when she return to Hongkong she is bring Joshua with him… so she can server ministry with him joyfully..
      Now Joshua more happy victim is silent and mentally not stable. Even heard commenting to believer she won’t fit for the marriage and never be married again. 2 failure in her life to her to blame, her mental state is not good…
      Poor victim father day coming 21st June, how poor boy celebrate father day with his Father.
      Till now this😩.

  28. This church and TPM SOG have No shame at all. They will all tell lies to cover their sins and say they are whiter than snow. Jesus is watching and waiting for all filthy and corrupted SOG to leave on their own before he spits them out of this world. The whole world knows their filthiness and they are trying to hide that from man’s eyes. You cannot hide from God and you know that. Starting from loverboy Thiaga Masilamani, money face Chandra, her snr right hand Sis. Penguin(no neck) also related to loverboy and his 02 special service providers wearing white. Now I heard his former sidekick is back in S’pore supporting him. Is this still a holy church? These SOG have No shame. How to face other innocent SOG, believers, and God? Tell more lies, delete evidence from their handphones and deny everything and say “Thus say the Lord”, “Touch not the Anointed”. Now TPM CP might come to cover up and transfer. What a joke! High standards of this great high calling. TPM has become a disgrace to other Pentecostal Churches all over the world. TPM leadership must resign and take ownership. It looks like one big crook is covering the smaller crooks to keep it going. You decide for yourselves. Do not be the partakers of their iniquity. SOS.
    Psalms 14, 3 & 4 ” They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord”.

  29. @ All dear tpm / fromtpm believers,

    I tell you news after unlock 1.
    Today all believers very angry in Singapore Malaysia churches. Chief pastor first trying to rebuke believers – Who are you cheap level Jerusalem citizen to tell Zion citizen what should they do? Then chief pastor also becoming humble and saying we should forgive saints 70 multiply 7 as Jesus forgive our sins.

    Then one senior believer stand from seat and saying ” Appachen, most holy appachen, I ask one question… Tommorow my children marry other church Children, will you forgive? Then one Aaka also stand up. She asking to Chief Father on earth, ” dear chief pastor, tommorow i wear blue chiffon saree in worker meeting will you forgive? Suddenly all akka then saying yes yes… We all want to wear coloured clothes and highg heel sandal in workers meeting, will you forgive? Then all brother also saying we want to run online church internet Sunday meeting, will you forgive?

    One other church pastor hearing all this, come running to us and asking, ” o thou chosen of God to be master & King over these citizens of holy tabernacle & most holy tabernacle, -Will you allow other church independent married Pastors and their wives to exchange one of your 144000 seats ? Is your heart so forgiving?

    Chief Pastor saying no…no..never. No forgive to believer. No forgive to other church pastor and their wife. They only go to New earth. That only their place. We not give you even one seat from 144000 seats we reserved in most holy place. The size of most holy place very small, only 144000 saints can seat between cherubim in Shekinah glory. Others not allowed. Do not even think to come into our boggie of Zion. It very holy place not to be defiled by cheap children producing Christian like you..

    Like that healthy debate happening in our church. I am feeling very healthy.

  30. Elina,why do you try to bring a DEAD subject which was already match fixed,and change the topic?Try to go to the online class room sessions being going on in this site since ONE week.You are missing the most important subject.Most of us have become active students of this topic :

    Though you claim to be a saint(cuz you ‘ve already written about yourself so and your TESTIMONY was also seen in this forum) you need to better educate yourself about this most important subject on HOLY SPIRIT and SPEAKING IN TONGUES.We need to equip with the knowledge of heaven rather than the DEAD subjects of this earth.
    Listen to the Lord telling each one of us from the Scripture,Hosea 4:6 talking to us thus:”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,because you have rejected knowledge,I reject you from being a priest to me.And since you have forgotten the law of your God I also will forget your children”Though this book was addressed to Jewish people,the TPM saints like you say,….we are the spiritual Israelites —-Hence it is applicable to you also.

    • @ Eagle eye
      [[ © Most of us have become active students of this topic : © ]]

      What your age? You still ACTIVE STUDENT only? When will you grow up? When will you become teacher professor lecturers like me (Hebrew 5:12). I am PhD professor, not student like you. I give lectures like most of our saints. Giving lecture our job. We teach others, we never learn ourselves. Each of our tpm saint in super lecturer in one subject atleast by their birth. Here is qualification of our tpm teachers.

      1. Pastor Joshua got PhD in holiness studies.
      2. Pastor MT double PhD in DDT studies.
      3. Pastor Abraham Matthew MTech architect in tabernacle engineering, and also MBA in sexual crisis management.
      4. Sharon Ammachi gold medalist in a master of cover-up arts.

      But you still active student only? Shame on you. At least become like our believers who are passive students of our saints teaching. They not active but passively accept everything our saints teach. No debate, no discussion, no doubt clearing session. Only chamchagiri of saints.

      Next time if you want to talk to me, take permission of principal sir Admin. Otherwise, I make you stand outside my class.

      Elina the greatest teacher on earth

  31. Wonderful exposition from saint Elina.
    Hats off to her today’s SUNDAY MORNING sermon that I could unlearn many new things in my faith life.Finally what do I learn from her exposition is a grand zero.
    I do not have time to react to her hollow teachings as listed above regarding TPM/CPM as I am preparing to upload the other clipping that I promised to all my enlightened brethren of this blessed site that includes Elina too. But now after reading her beautiful exposition,I think I need to revise my earlier decision of uploading that clipping.

    I shall with hold it for a season as I simply thought that as so many of the 1% contributing authors of this blessed site were seen FREELY uploading so many informative social media clippings without the permission of the owner of this site ,(though the social media contains much trash,).I thought I too would share mine to them.

    Many are prone to believe THE LIES and were all along under the influence of DELUSION,but thanks to this site,many truths are getting revealed day in and day out.

    So I shall revise my earlier decision of posting that clipping for some more time
    Meanwhile lets’ be glad and rejoice in the Lord as He presented each one of us with the FREE WILL that is finally held responsible for all the making what we were in the past,and what we are going to be in the FUTURE.

    ——a student.

    • Brother ee
      A humble suggestion to you.

      Admin has given comment section to freely express ourselves. If it is trash, Admin will delete it. I don’t think Admin has ever deleted your post. You are one of the prized member of this community. Kindly feel free to excercise your privileges.

  32. Thank you dear Dominic brother for your love about my mail postings. What ever I am reacting to Elina’s emails are to be taken in the lighter vein only.Sure I am going to mail that clipping soon in that appropriate ARTICLE only..Not in this ARTCLE
    Right now Brs Bk & Nath are interacting and I am intently watching their conversation.There had been a lot of misconceptions still floating around in the TPM circles since decades and decades.There was no check on them.God put a hold on them now by bringing this website in to fore.Enough is enough God says as it is written in Hebrews 1:,1,2 it is getting fulfilled in these days.ADMN brother armed with his well read team members has been doing the will of God nowadays by bringing this relevant subjects like the Holy Spirit and tongues speaking-is it a sign of new birth-Wonderful subject indeed..I think this is the second installment that ADMN bro has taken up this issue.on Holy Spirit subject previously it was opened once and closed.and again it was opened for the benefit of TPM believer community.TPM Clergy & laity should open up their hearts and watch for the wise debates being held in these forums.
    One man of God told that in order to drive home your point on Truth,it should be told repeatedly over and over again.That is what ADMN and his wonderful team is striving about 24×7days.KUDOs to him.

  33. @ Watchman of Truth
    Do you mean to send me the audio clip of ……”//One man of God told that in order to drive home your point on Truth,it should be told repeatedly over and over again.That is what ADMN and his wonderful team is striving about 24×7 days. KUDOs to him.”//
    (I will definitely share that matching clip if you did mean for it)
    do you mean for the clip ….//Sure I am going to mail that clipping soon in that appropriate ARTICLE only..Not in this ARTICLE//

    Specify clearly.

    • It is mentioned in site that the admin obtained information through interview with the victims. We can post the audio or video interview as another proof


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