After the series about the book of Genesis, we are starting a new sub-series in the Venom Removal Series.

Composition of Book of Exodus

The book of Exodus has 40 chapters in it. For understanding the composition of the book we can divide the book into two major halves. The first half (chapter 1 to 15), deals with the life of Israelites inside the land of Egypt and their redemption. The second half of the book (chapter 16 to 40) deals with the life of Israelites outside Egypt – i.e. their crossing the Red sea and moving from there to the foot of Mount Sinai. Second half deals with laws given to them at Mount Sinai and the building of tent of the tabernacle.  Below is the composition of the book of exodus chapter wise.

  • Chapter 1 – Birth of the nation of Israel from the 12 sons of Jacob
  • Chapter 2 – Birth of the deliverer and his early life
  • Chapter 3 – the Deliverer escapes from Egypt into the wilderness
  • Chapter 4 to 12,  – Miracles of Moses and the ten plagues
  • Chapter 13 to 15 – The Redemption (Passover and Red sea experience)
  • Chapter 16 to 18 – Murmuring of the Israelites for water & food
  • Chapter 19 to 24 – The Ten Commandments and other laws
  • Chapter 25 to 31 – The Design of the tabernacle
  • Chapter 32 to 33 – The Golden calf incident
  • Chapter 34 to 40 – Building of the tabernacle

The similarity of Exodus with Synoptic Gospels and Acts

If you carefully observe the composition of the book, and the series of events described in it, you will observe a close similarity with the events described in the Gospel books of the New Testament.

  • Firstly, in the book of Exodus, we are told that Israelites are in the slavery of another nation (Egypt – Exo 1:14). Similarly, in the Gospel book, we read that Israelites are in the slavery of the Roman Empire.
  • Then in Exodus, we read about Israelites praying to God for redemption (Exodus 2:23). Similarly, in the Gospel of Luke, we read Simeon and Anna keeps praying to God for the redemption of Israel (Luke 2:25.36).
  • After this initial introduction, we are told about the Birth of Moses the deliverer of Israel. So likewise in the New Testament, we are told about the birth of Jesus.
  • Then we read in exodus about miracles which Moses performs. So also in Gospel, we are briefed about miracles of Jesus.
  • Then we read about ten plagues on Egypt. So we read about apocalyptical predictions of last days prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.
  • Then in Exodus, we read Israelites sacrificed the Passover lamb. So likewise Jesus was crucified in the gospel books.
  • Then in Exodus, we read about first worship of Israelites after crossing Red sea in (Exodus 15). Likewise in the New Testament, we see the first worship of the church in Acts 2.
  • Then we read Israelites erected tabernacle and God’s glory came into the tent of the tabernacle. So likewise we see the apostles teaching in the New Testament that God dwells in human temples through his Holy Spirit. 

Moses as a Prophecy of the Redeemer

If we look in backwards i.e. from Gospel towards Exodus, we will see that writer of the Gospel of Matthew, presents Jesus as the new Moses (Refer theologian Craig Bloomberg’s book on Matthew). However since we are studying the book of Exodus and not the gospel of Matthew, we will see how Moses foreshadows Jesus Christ. See the table below for similarities between the two.

Sl No.MosesJesus
1Pharaoh orders to kill all male child of IsraelHerod orders to kill all male child under the age of 2 years
2People rejected Moses (Acts 7:35)His own people rejected him (John 1:11)
3Married gentile lady (Ex 41:45)Has a Bride that includes Gentiles.
4His face shone (Ex 34:30)His face shone like sun (Matt 17:2)
5Interceded with God for the sins of his people (Ex 32:31)Intercedes with Father on our behalf
6Mediator of the Old Covenant Mediator of the New Covenant
7Most humble man on earth (Num 12:2)Jesus said “I am meek and humble in heart”
8Rescues Israel from Pharaoh and EgyptRescues people of God from Sin and Satan
9Put his own soul at risk for the people (Ex 32:32)”Gave his own life for the sins of Mankind


As Moses was a type of Jesus the redeemer of the church of God, so were Israelites as the church in the wilderness. The similarities between the two needs no stressing.

The doctrine of Depravity (Exodus 2)

The doctrine of depravity which unfortunately is hardly preached in churches of contemporary times, says that human heart is corrupt. It has an evil disease (Jeremiah 17:9). The good it wants to do it cannot do it, but the evil which it would not, that it keeps doing (Rom 7:19). This doctrine teaches humanity to the futility of trusting in our own strength and goodness. It essentially says that God wants humanity to humbly accept their inability to save themselves from his wrath, by their good works. Therefore we see God asking people in the Old Testament to humble. To humble themselves means to accept their state of wretchedness. The whole idea of God in giving laws to his people was to teach them their futility in trying to get to righteousness by their own attempts.

Apostle Paul says “Law was our schoolmaster bringing us to Jesus Christ (Gal 3:24). The Law cannot make us righteous (Rom 3:20). Israelites who tried to get justified by following rules and regulation of good and evil, were not able to achieve the righteousness, which they were seeking, even though they zealously stalked behind it, but gentiles achieved that righteousness by mere faith in Jesus (Rom 9:30-32 paraphrased).” 

Exodus chapter 2 gives us a glimpse of this depravity of humanity’s belief in its power to do good. First, we note that Mother of Moses tried hard, (by her wisdom and strength) to save Moses by hiding him in a basket. But soon she realized that she won’t be able to hide the child by her strength. When she broke down, God took the matter in his hand. Then we see Moses was nurtured and educated in the teachings of Egypt. He was an excellent orator which is a must requisite for a leader (Acts 7:22).  He had confidence in his ability and knew his high calling as the redeemer of Israelites (Acts 7:25). But when he tried on his own, he failed miserably. He had to run for his life (Acts 7:29). The first martyr Stephen, being full of the Holy Ghost, explains this incident and mentions that at it took forty years for Moses to unlearn all the belief that he had in his own strength and wisdom (Acts 7:30). It took him forty years to break down. God broke the positive man in him, the self-confident man in him, to such an extent, that he became a timid man who could not speak without stammering (Ex 4:10). Imagine what happened to the self-confidence in Moses, that he says “I am not eloquent. I am of slow tongue and slow speech (Acts 7:22, Exodus 4:10).” Once who was mighty in words and deeds became a man of slow speech and tongue (Acts 7:22, Exodus 4:10). It was then that God started using him. 

When God wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man, And skill a man
When God wants to mold a man
To play the noblest part;

When He yearns with all His heart
To create so great and bold a man

That all the world shall be amazed,

How He ruthlessly perfects
Whom He royally elects!
How He hammers him and hurts him,
And with mighty blows converts him

Into trial shapes of clay which
Only God understands;

While his tortured heart is crying
And he lifts beseeching hands!

How He bends but never breaks
When his good He undertakes;

How He uses whom He chooses,
And which every purpose fuses him;
By every act induces him To try His splendor out-
God knows what He’s about.


This is the way to the gospel. A step before the man finally submits to God. God breaking him down to nothing! He lays tortured, alone, crying in wilderness, broken, wounded, abused, and nothing left in him to rise. This is how the story of Moses begins. A man who was once a prince was brought to nothing. A man who soared high in clouds, merry in God’s call for him, lay rejected by people whom he thought he would redeem. He failed miserably. Running for his life, hiding in the wilderness for years and years! Nothing left in him.

“Nothing in my hands I bring. Simply to thy cross I cling.

Naked I come to thee for dress, Helpless I look to thee for grace,

Foul I to the fountain fly, Wash me savior or I die.”

Rock of Ages (Augustus Toplady)

The Burning Bush (Exodus 3)

One day as Moses kept the sheep, he saw a burning bush.  The bush burned with fire but it was not consumed (Exo 3:2). And Moses wondered and decided to check why the bush is not consumed. And God spoke to Moses. He told him not to approach near the bush and take off his sandals, as he stood on holy ground (Mount Horeb). Then God revealed to him that he has heard the prayers of Israelites and told him how they will come out of Egypt with blessings. The symbolism is quite simple. In Deuteronomy God clears the air out by saying “I brought you out of Iron furnace (Deut 4:20).” We also know that tree or bush is a symbol used in scriptures by God to refer to his people. We read Israel compared to the olive tree, vine tree, garden, fig tree etc quite often in scriptures. Now, bush not getting consumed, spoke about Israelites surviving the persecution. They survived their persecution and the plagues which God brought upon the land of Egypt. It is no brainer to conclude that it was foreshadowing of the New Testament Church passing through the end days, through persecution, through God’s wrath on this world, and yet not getting consumed, because of the presence of Jesus in their midst. Yeah, it was because of an angel in the bush, and the appearance of someone like the Son of God in the burning furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, that the fire did not harm God’s people.

Venom Removal Series- Gospel in Exodus-1

Then we read God saying, “Every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, gold, silver and raiment and spoil Egyptians (Exo 3:22).” Likewise, when Jesus defeated the enemy, he gave gifts unto men (Eph 4:8). To some, he gave the gift of apostleship, to some to be a prophet, to some to be teachers. All of these gifts were necessary for perfecting of the global universal body of Christ (Eph 4:11-13). Not one gift was sufficient. Not just gold was required to build the tabernacle. Gold, silver and raiment each of them had a place and role to play to get tabernacle built. Likewise, not just one kind of ministry of apostleship can make the church as the body of Christ. We need all kinds of gifted ministers from all over the earth, not just confined under one brand name limited to one human-made organization.  


  1. Excellent writing Brother. It is important for all true Christians to understand the doctrine of depravity failing which they will never understand the Amazing grace of God. This is one of the main reasons why cults like TPM are not able to accept the finished work of our Lord and they keep trying to save themselves pulling on their boot straps. This site is an excellent starting point for all TPM believers who are in the quest for The Truth.

  2. Super …I am so grateful to God for this wonderful article! I never knew that each and every thing in the old testament had a significance in the new testament.
    Off late I was having a discussion with a TPM Believer and when I told him about the real nature of the white clads of TPM that Brother told me that he knew about the filthy acts of the white clads but he was afraid to speak against them. He said “Didn’t God turn Miriam into a leper because she spoke against Moses”.

    • Very true. They do believe in that nonsense. Check out this Whatsapp Profile of Sister Sharon in which she is proclaiming her great anointment. It would be good if she knows that we are preparing some writings for her too.


      • Oh I see… Is this SISTER SHARON…the Incharge Sister in Singapore TPM…The one protecting The sex pervert Joshua ??

      • Since when did Whatsapp become common place in TPM? Am I living under a rock?

        I have known that looking mirrors are not allowed in the sisters quarters.

        So, guess Facebook will be finally relieved that it’s man child whatsapp is adopted by the most holy saints.

        Come to think of it- computers were considered satanic in the 90’s

        I know it’s trivial but very soon immorality will be legalised within TPM as long as Zion is propagated.

        I am ashamed of calling myself as an Ex TPM

        A lot many Christians ridicule this church and the time will come when judgment will certainly fall upon the blind fans of this mafia

        • Whatsapp was the medium of communication for Joshua in Singapore for a few years. Check out this latest from the great Joshua cancelling all meetings till April 30th.


        • How can this man continue to send these circulars after all that has been exposed about him?

          How can the blind mice of the “Pentecostal Church of Singapore” continue to lap it up?

          How can the chief princes of TPM continue to allow this criminal to continue in his office?

          How can this retard continue to call himself as a “Servant of God?

          Ho can Sister Sharon continue to defend her boss even after knowing that he is guilty?

          How can the general TPM flock around the world continue to fund this evil system even after knowing that it is headed by criminals?

          How can idiots like Patrick and Cylus continue to defend this mission even after seeing all the evidence on

          How can fence sitters like Elina continue to think that they are fine staying in TPM even after knowing that its evil roots?

          The only answer I can think is they are all deluded and this blindness is allowed by God on them as His judgement on a group of people who will not repent from their evil ways.

          I praise God for saving me from this evil cult.

      • Oh it’s a common thing to play the David and Saul episode when something is against the SOG.

        So if Sister Sharon has posted this message in the context of the Joshua episode ( seeing the background picture) then she is acknowledging that he might have fallen.

        Shameless people. These acts are not even permitted in the secular world.

      • makes one wonder what other roles this sick woman is playing other than defending a cheap rapist… and what other benefits she must be getting for displaying this kind of loyalty to her beloved master.

        One thing is for sure, no one including Patrick PE is denying that Joshua was keeping himself busy in extra evangelical activities.

  3. PTL. Im a born TPM. Im so ashamed to call myself as a TPM believer as i know the truth is not there. My parents was so faithful believers in this church for past 20+ years and they still are even after knowing what is going on in this church. They are being blindfolded by the brainwashing profesionals in TPM who like to twist the bible verses as their weapon to brainwash them. My confused parents are still believing their words and are thinking that TPM is the real truth. My father use to say ”Just because some of them commit sin and didnt walk according to the truth (unbiblical alwins truth) we cant say that this doctrines isnt real”. This really kindles my anger when i see their folly and innocency in following that truth. I humbly request you all to pray for my family members to be delievered from this disception. Only God can talk to them.

    The servant of God in this church and my parents will always force me to walk according to their (TPM) truth till the extend where i once tried to commit suicide. But thank God my attempt failed. I was even mentally depressed for two years because of their over control. Thank God by the help of saints from different denomination I recovered gradually after that. Due to my depresion i couldnt even concentrate on my school studies and had to drop out of my class, sacrificing my favorite subjects, I had to take some other subjects in a different class to complete my school exams. I just CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE and i desperately need your prayers for them to be delievered from this nonsence.

    I once unknowingly thought that this is the truth and believed the hypocrite servants of Gods in TPM who caused alot of chaos in my family by teaching their satanic doctrines without failing in every meetings. I was forced by my parents to attend all this meetings without fail. I had no other chance but to obey them eventhough i didnt like attending this stupid TPM church. But as i read the bible, the word of God seems so different from what they use to teach in church about their doctrines. I can clearly see where they are twisting the word of God. As I continued to read the word of God, God opened my eyes to see the real truth in bible. TPM doctrines are contrary to bible. They will twist the bible verses and use to call it their revelation that their TPM God has given them.

    As it is mentioned in this website by admin about how tpm ministers exalt themselves as more holy than other denomination christians it is so true that i have seen it with my own eyes. They use to call themselves as the precious people of God and look down on other denomination christians. They claim to have Jerusalem in eternity and other christians who is washed the blood of Jesus by the babtized by the name of the Father Son and Holyspirit will have a place in new heaven. What a spirit of pride!!
    This is TRULY NOT THE REAL CHURCH OF GOD!!! . I who born and brought up in this TPM will testify please dont come to this church. Whatever that is mentioned by admin about this chuch is so true. U can take my words as i am a born and brought up TPM youth

  4. @Jeba,
    A word of encouragement for you considering that you are under immense pressure.
    Since you seek the kingdom of God and its Righteousness know that, no power on earth can ever stop you from this quest apart from your own self.
    Yes you will face all kinds of unimaginable oppositions, but be deeply rooted in His word and truth and everything will be alright. The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.
    Sooner or later it will be a decision making time but do not yield. Remember Luke 14:26.
    When Jesus came to the main teaching many deserted him. Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away ?
    Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go ? thou hast the words of eternal life.

    Use the online resources and this website to grow in the knowledge and intimate relationship with our Saviour.
    Things will pan out real good and in most unexpected ways.

    I’ll leave an interesting teaching by Zac where he shares true views on forced traditions in the context of repentance and faith.

    • Thanks for your consoling words. I watched the video. Its is so true that all TPM ministers use to force me to give tithes(if we dont they will keep repeating it on their sermons and create a blackmark on that person. That particular believer will have a bad reputation among the servants of God. there are even servants of God who use to call other servant of God from different branch to gossip about a believer If he fails to give tithes), to accept their doctrines and abide in their Laws( which is to remove ornaments and wear white every sundays. There are even certain branches who even force their believers to wear only white scarf. Once a sister even forced us to stop wearing punjabi suits. Stupid isnt it? She use to say that punjabi suits have pants in it so we are forbidden from wearing it. Girls are not allowed to wear pants at all. Not even with decent blouses. It is totally sin for sisters to wear pants according to tpm doctrine. But their doctrine would bend for their believers to wear pants if their schools or their jobs require them to wear a pant. It seems that their tpm Jesus will close one eye and compromise with their schools and Jobs organisation to wear pants but he is very strict if we wear pants anywhere else. If wearing pants with decent tops is totally a sin unto God then will heaven compromise with defilement in schools and workplace when they ask us to wear? They use to forget that Apostle Paul ask us to be a Roman when we are in Rome. While she was in that branch all believers had to wear skirt and blouse. We are not against to wearing skirts but its totally the believers choice but this sister forced them not to wear punjabi suits but only skirt and blouse or a long maxi. Brothers are forbidden from growing their beards and mustach which is their common rule. Sometimes pastors even use to preach not to wear perfumes. Brides cant hold a bouque in marriages, we are not allowed to decorate our house with plastic plants or some other deco items ( there a evil spirits in such deco items -they use to say), some servants of God will even say dont keep a full glass mirror in house because evil spirits will come and abide in such glasses. I dont know where on bible such a thing is written not to keep mirrors in our homes. Girls are strictly not allowed to wear make-ups. Not even simple make-ups. Not even nail polish. There are so much more. The list is never ending. I can firmly say TPM believers are just been delivered from the law of moses and given the law of tpm. A sign of a good TPM believer is he or she wont have television in their home. Not even to watch news or sports. Watching sports or being involved in sports are even prohibitted by some servants of God in TPM. A tpm beliver cant study in medical field or become a lawyer and fight cases for their clients. But in Pas Joshua’s case i dont know how their TPM God compromised and bent their rules to file a case against brother Joash and sued him 70000. This is how their rules can bend whenever they want to. Now where is their God to fight their case as they will always encourage their innocent believers to wait upon God to fight their battels? Where is their fair speech and their sermons have gone. A tpm believer wont even allowed to have pet dogs in their houses. They say that the angels will stop guarding their houses . Then let me ask why does most of the faith homes now have CCTV cameras? Aren’t angels guarding their faith home all this while? Some rich belivers are excluded from such rules and regulations above and it must be strictly followed by innocent and naive believers because their tpm God is a God aof partiality

      We are not allowed to have to cars or propeties more than one. Im not saying we must have alot but is it wrong for us to be blessed by God? God blessed saints of old testament to the fullness such as Abraham and Job. Then why is a TPM believer are not allowed to buy a beautiful property with a beautiful view. If we do then they will keep on repeating their stupid doctrine in their sermons and tarry meetings( they wont tell this to everyone. Some rich people are excluded )

      If we dont abide in their rules they will punish us (punishments varies depending on the believers. If the believer is so rich they will be treated so politely. Some wont even be punished). Their most common punishments is to stop that believer from doing ministries or stop them from partaking the holy communion. I dont know when God is going to arise and punish this cults. If i want to say about this tpm i can say so much. My blood boils when i think how good they are in their fair speech and hypocritical life.

      All this are forced by the tpm servants of God depending on the believers and is considered to as sin

      I still dont understand why this TPM ministers will stop giving holy communion if a believer marries someone from different spirit babtized denominations? It seems to be like they are the only people of God in this world and God rejects believers from other spirit babtized denomination from entering into new jerusalem. They even did sow that in my mind that saints from other denomination will only have part in New Heaven and cant inherit new earth. Just like lucifer claimed Zion now the same spirit is working in them for they claim New Jerusalem amd zion for themselves

  5. @Jeba,
    Please don’t think you are the only one suffered due to preposterous and heretical doctrines of TPM. Even many of the so called saints are being suffered in this devilish organisation. One poor guy due to pressure from his mother joined as TPM servant. He is MTec holder. Now he is a mental patient and put up in one of the faith homes in Ernakulam centre, Kerala. His name is A….

    • Sad it is to know that. Thats the fate of tpm devotees. Either to die in sickness without medical treatments or to suffer with mental depresion. In my case the tpm ministers in my branch refused to offer help and some other saints from different denomination gave me a hand to overcome my depresion i went through in such a young age. I Thank God for such ones. Without them i wouldn’t have recovered.


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