This article is supposed to be a response to some points raised by Joshua’s buddy(Patrick P E). We have dealt with lots of Mafia blackmails ourselves and that does not deter us to keep moving ahead. I was wondering how do I put all these huge repositories of evidence. Now that he has helped me with his mail, let the readers decide for atleast some of them. Yes, threatening works with your own believers. But WE ARE NOT THAT KIND. You actually end up getting our better side with those threats.

– Do know that whatever posted on your blogging site has a Singaporean in it, as read on ur posts. The rude, edited & filthy uploads made by you and whoever your team members are can get you all into alot of trouble with the law. Including the person who has shared those crap with you so you could upload and try frame an individual up.

Agree that if the evidence is not substantiated, it can be a framing one. The evidence we have put up till now are Voice clips, Whatsapp Chats and a Photos of Joshua.

  • Do you deny that the Phone Number of Pastor Joshua is +65-977X-4X93 ? If its not the phone number, The victim is fabricating. The Whatsapp messages and voice is linked to this number (I have replaced 2 numbers with X so that it’s only for people of Singapore church to know)
  • Do you deny that the person in the Photo is Pastor Joshua?
  • In case you think the LAW is made to defend the evil acts of Singaporeans against Indonesians, then you need to do better than hanging around a cult. Brainwashing is not good.

– I suggest you be wise because by doing such things you’re just playing with fire and going to get into trouble when a Police report is filed against you and your website/blog.

Remember that the police who defends the culprit is no police at all. Better, clean up your own yard because you guys will be in a terrible soup when we bring evidence. Moreover, do you think your Indian HQ guys would be willing to defend you? And hey the TV folks in India are more than willing to oblige you with fantastic reportings.

– The man mentioned, Joshua may or may not have committed a mistake. But every human has a personal mistake made in life. As smart adults, nobody does such a thing as you! Broadcasting…. People usually try settle things between each other

Very nice. 3 Years of continuous sexual exploitation and you consider this as “A Mistake”? let us see some Whatsapp clips before we do an explanation.Rose mother 1 The Sexploits of Joshua - 3

This is part of my conversation with the victim’s mother.

This is one sample how they deal with their believers when an issue is brought up

The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
This is a typical case in TPM where the Culprit is the Judge. Who would want such a situation to happen to you? Of course, as you would have read in the first article, The great WALL OF KUMARI blocked any access to the Chief Pastors and the Victim was again disappointed.
The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
When Sharon (the Sr Sister) did not cooperate, the victim put one of her personal pics with the Pastor as the Profile pic. Sharon was outraged and Blocked her, assuming that her blocking will stop the picture to be seen by others.

– If you think doing such acts will make you a better person then you are just proving how stupid you are on the net. Because if you do not stop, you will be revealed openly by the Law just like how you have tarnished names of many people in your blog that I came across.

Oh Really? There was a case similar to you where a TPM devotee Lawyer came and accused us of putting names without evidence. And we did oblige her. I hope she is watching this too. You guys abuse people and expect to be safe? Thinking Law is your weapon? Man, you should be too smart to think that way.

– Every story has 2 sides to it. If you dont know the other side of the story and chose to believe only 1 side that was shared with you, then I must say you are indeed a very naive and judgemental person and you are going to be in deep trouble.

What makes you think that we did not ask for his part of the story? If there is something called email audits, you need to fear that before sending your threats. Ignoring mail communication is not an escape route.

– And, looks like the lady involved in this has a son too. It’s very shameful that such a rumor has been created by the both of you. It just brings shame to her family without realisation.

In case you did not know, rumour remains a rumour until evidence is produced. Now, this is No More a Rumour. Do you want more of that to be produced? Do you think we have no way to know how things are edited? Keep those stories with yourself. The evidence we have is SOLID.

– Now, this lady claims she has been sexually exploited by the man Joshua. If she feels that way, why did she still keep running back to him for help and money for her family? She made use of him and now just because she is unable to accept his disagreement of being with her, she has done such a dirty thing.

Now that’s quite easy for you to accuse her of taking money. Maybe you can look at the below pictures and understand that this money was taken for purchasing things fancied by the Saints who proclaim to have left all things for Christ. There is too many evidence and we are putting just a sample for you.

The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
Sample Bill for Joshua Purchases
The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
Sample Items..They are used to using premium kinds of stuff
The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
Another sample. How many of you guys use things like this for normal consumption?
The Sexploits of Joshua - 3
 The List goes ON and ON…It is endless. What makes you think that a self-employed woman should be giving it free? Isn’t your statement, character assassinating and defaming that woman who is already deceived by this saint?

Now even if Joshua or Sharon has given money to the victim without any transactions, does not it doubly prove that it is done because she was his “HIDDEN WIFE“? God knows who all these people give money. As long as the monetary aspect of this organization is not open to their believers, such things keep happening.

There was a general opinion by some users that the audio could have been appropriated from a sermon to look it that way. Well, in that case, we are not really short of those. Leaving you with one more of such audio file.

Sayang means “Darling” in English. This was said when the victim informed him that she is fed up and is leaving him.



    • @Hannibal…these animals are pack of wolves and they will protect the pack at any cost.

      Knowing how Sunny was treated, He would have said to Joshua….well done faithful TPM servant, come in and have a cup of horlicks and we will talk about your promotion to Australia, your new frontier, conquer the land for me. Robbin hood has become lazy and not building the convention shed quickly.

  1. The audio, It’s Joshua alright. Heard him speak a thousand times before. That voice is his. The women was taken for a ride. Poor soul.

  2. I can guarandamntee that’s his voice & if any komban from this condemned cult out there, who calls this fake or fabricated, you would recognize yourself that’s this is that wolf’s voice, no doubt. Try voice recognition software, he’ll be found out for sure.
    Although they can claim defamation but they would not dare to take this to court, cos if admin brother claims trial, only these wolves names & stories will be made into public shame. They would try to hide these as much as they can from his believers all of them will come to know his escapades. Good one admin brother.

    • Dear RichinChrist,
      This Patrick or Joshua might be living in some make-believe land. He needs to realise that we are ready to be triggered by the whole thing. We will file police cases under different clauses both in Indonesia and Singapore. WE WILL ENSURE THAT APART FROM JOSHUA AND SHARON, ABRAHAM is ALSO BROUGHT INTO THE WHOLE MESS. These guys should not be hiding behind the white cloak of celibacy and Hypocrisy. With the kind of evidence we have, they will never be able to even come out of that.

  3. Dear Pastor Joshua
    Why dont you come out from ministry and marry woman of you heart? Then rather hidding and put yourself to shame?
    Dont your conscious feel guilty in What you are doing?
    God is watching on you and he is a forgiving God.
    Be brave and come forward and settle the matter.
    God will bless you if you be responsible in your mistake and will have a happy life.

  4. My Dear Sayang Joshua,

    Please own up, get out of this mess, marry the woman and live like a man. Everyone will respect you. I’m sure that you don’t believe in this Zion nonsense just like many other super saints of TPM. Otherwise you wouldn’t be playing around like a teenager, would you?

    I can feel the pain in your voice. Please don’t die. You sound like a man in love. Rajinikanth would be proud of you.

    You are going to the laughing stock of TPM. You will be shunted to Trichur centre or Nilambur or Andaman. The other worker sisters will now open their mouth and tell it all to the chief idiots who are waiting for a lamb to slaughter. You are going to be a Bhakra.

    You are a smart man, and would have set aside some money, take it marry this brave woman. She will not leave you unlike TPM which will now drop you like a hot potato.

    Other option to get some money, threaten to sue TPM in Singapore for lost earnings and they will settle with you just like they probably did with Jacob Williams and also will give you a nice send off.

    You are in your fifties and all life is ahead of you, so please don’t give it all away by continuing in this cult. You will be abused, maligned and ridiculed till you die if you stay in TPM. Sunny the boy lover is pretending to be blind to escape the shame. What will you pretend to be? Joshua the PlayBoy.

  5. Oh! yes they do have Conscience but the only difference is that its seared for good and in-sensitive to sins.
    Paul saw this much before in spirit and wrote to Timothy saying that “in the later times some
    shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils ; speaking lies in hypocrisy ; having their conscience seared with a hot iron ;”.
    They will forbid marriage but will indulge in one. Looking at the items above, have to admit that the folks in chennai have an expensive taste.
    Well even if this man will repent sincerely and come out of it (very unlikely), the core of the issue remains. TPM leadership will not acknowledge and will continue in their hypocritical ways of shielding such criminals whilst continuing in their weekly traditions supposedly to prepare people for New Jerusalem and sudden rapture.
    A normal layman will think twice before depositing his 1000 rs to a particular bank. But cannot believe people are not careful when entrusting their lives to such wolves.
    Admin, what you are doing is real hard work of exposing these thieves systematically using suitable evidences. Keep going..God Bless the efforts.

  6. @ all tpm believers
    Bure din for Joshua Asaram Bapu come today. Please pray for our The Pentecostal Mission. Some erotic Corona virus bit our pastor Joshua in Singapore. After that he started behaving romantic with all ladies.

    After this article published, suddenly the romantic fever gone from all tpm pastors. Aaka also little terrified. She worried thinking “is my recording also on phone of that cute brother?” All our handsome saints brother suddenly asking their girls to delete their photos and recording from their mobile. Panic moment in tpm. Big trouble.

    We need special fasting prayers. Pray to god that all believer having love affair with our saints must delete all love recordings from mobile. All intimate photos to be deleted immediately. TPM to implement section 144.

    @ Patrick
    Brother I salute your courage to threaten Admin. He dangerous man, I know personally. You done good job. But take my advice to you. Never leave your wife alone with Joshua pastor for few hours . He doing — 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 with ladies.

  7. Even the president of the most powerful country in the world can be impeached but these unholy sons of Satan are untouchable. The system they have built is unbelievable, they are literally playing god as they are not accountable to anyone.

    The blind mice of TPM are so brain washed that they don’t dare challenge these charlatans no matter what they do. Instead, morons like Patrick PE come out defending these animals. what a sick joke this system is.

    How can any educated person continue to give his hard earned money to these lazy dogs is beyond my understanding.

    • These guys somehow believe that the trick of Intimidation and Cyberbullying works on people like us.
      See how he sent a message to one of our people who wrote her testimony.

      Note the language “YOU SHOULD REPLY ME
      Sounds very similar to Wesley’s and Abraham’s “GOD MUST DO…..


      • Yes, Brother, it is the voice of TPM’s gods thundering from the sewage pit of Irumbiliyur. They are used to seeing their faithful morons bending their knees and saying Amen to whatever nonsense they spew out from their pulpits. These leaders are worse than the worst criminals on this earth as they portray themselves to be holier than anyone in heaven or Earth.

  8. “Heaven has been recording all our comments appearing in this site, including the owner of this site brother ADMN who has been running this site with utmost care amidst the blatant abuses and threatening mails that have been posted to his mail ID.I am sure without the Lord’s protective cover,it would not have been possible for him to run site. Theres’ absolutely no spirit of fear in him…( 2 Tim 1:7).”
    This was the comment I appended yesterday while replying to my dear brother, NMSTF yesterday.
    The very next moment we saw a message from ADMN brother that he received a message from a person by name Patrick. Who ever it is ….let him/them understand that this site fears only God. All the 1% contributing authors of this site are firmly behind ADMN brother and we all together bound by the word of GOD as told in 2 Tim 1:7. Goliath was felled down by the single smooth stone used by David. All these 1% contributing authors of this blessed site are smooth stones depicting purity of heart with a pure conscience of mind.There can no iota of doubt in that. We all have been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus.

  9. “The thief does not come except to steal and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life,and that they may have it more abundantly” John 10:10.
    Regarding the rest of the fence sitters……”And other sheep I have which are not of this fold: them also I must bring ,and they will My voice: and there will be one flock and one shepherd” John 10:16.
    Notice the word ‘must’ used by our CHIEF SHEPHERD —JESUS.
    Therefore all the sheep that do not belong to this fold of Jesus will be destined to meet their end. So before that happens it is better to run fast away from this BEAST. Do not walk–run.
    Please do not be under impression of —that this CHURCH is of 93 years old,where can we go?Let the spoil brat be there.We do not mind”. If we think that way …that is the man’s thinking without HolySpiri’s guidance.Let me tell you a secret. If the experience of each 1% contributing authors added together, it will simply surpass of that 93 years!.Is it not the gospel news to us ?Certainly,
    For example if one of the contributing authors has 25yrs experience of salvation and close walking with the Lord, imagine like this go on adding the experiences of every one ,,,,,,,,,,,it will be amounted to 150/200 yrs..or more than that…
    Only ADMN brother can compute the final figure if all members wish to share their own experience of salvation.

  10. To All those who are threatening the Admin with 100% hot air threats…..Please read the following verses:

    //EPHESIANS 5: 3-7,11-13
    But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. 5 For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a person is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.[a] 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. 7 Therefore do not be partners with them.

    11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.

    The Admin has all the right scripturally to expose people like Joshua who are wolves in sheeps clothes that keep poaching the gullible sheeps.
    This site has published many articles and shamed many TPM fraudsters but none could go to the law. Because if they go they will be in Catch 22 situation. So is the case with this Joshua now. Try all that you can… Maximum that you guys can do is…Shout additional 100 more “Praise the Lords” to shut the mouth of the Admin, but the Scriptures and truth is with the Admin in this case.

  11. Dear Mr Joshua,
    If you think God will help you because you preached many things from your cult ,then your bonded indeed. First of all your not special as tpm says and second of all fromtpm is not going to judge you, they are just a medium and God’s chosen vessel to uncover hipocracy In tpm .at the end of the day it’s your fault if you would have been wise and true in ur life these matter wouldn’t been globally exposed now it’s not up-to fromtpm to judge you but you really did spit on the face of our Savior again and again making forgiveness impossible that affects your own soul not others.. You repent or don’t repent it’s your soul anyway you are going to stand before judgement not fromtpm not that sister covering your hypocrisy could help you may you understand reality.. God bless

  12. How can Senior sister Sharon blocked the victim after knowing the truth? Oh my..How can ANNOINTED SAINT OF GOD who can PROPHECY keeping sin? The wolf leader must kick Joshua out from the church before bringing more sin and victims. If now the church can pretend and keep quiet and hide Joshua after doing to 1 woman, I am pretty sure they will hide him more if he do to other woman.
    To all woman please be alert😫😫😫 from these cult community.

    • The way he threatened Admin under disguise of Patrick is clear evidence that Joshua is no gentleman. One who is Gentlemen will make mistake and publically apologize. I have seen few saints commit immorality and quietly leave tpm in guilt realizing they are unworthy to continue as minister. But this fellow has no remorse. This brat has no heart. Only acting. A pure tpm typical demon. Arrogant brat.

  13. Sayang Joshua never gonna get punished for this ..
    so Post more fotos .. More chat history … (Withold the victims identity obviously ) .shame him all over Sg ..👍🏻😁

    • If Joshua is transferred to place of no female, he might become sunny George. Better to get him kicked out. Bible advices that bishop / deacon should be man of good reputation. Hence these people should not be allowed to continue as minister.


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