Now friends, stop staring at that bedroom pic of Joshua in the Hotel and start reading the article. This was a photo taken when Joshua was in a playful mood with the SON of “S-R”. The boy was promised by Joshua himself that he is his new DAD. 

We had read the first chapter of the book of Joshua Thiagarajan. Now as we continue, we will notice that the plot thickens. However, there is a new dimension to the whole story. From this section, we will introduce a new character apart from Joshua and “S-R”. That character is none other than YOU.

Do you recollect a section where we had mentioned that you need to consider the victim as your own daughter? One of the purposes was to warm you up to the prospects that you are also involved in it. Change the angle of the vision. Joshua Represents the Clergy of TPM and S-R represents YOU, the believer. Let us continue with the story. But do not forget the perspective that S-R is a type for YOU. Let us start by meditating on a verse where Jesus portrays the intention of the devil.

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

How the Victim was Nailed?

The devil does not have any good intention for you. Knowing this the devil needs to first gain your confidence and make an entry into your life. The best way he gets an entry into your life is by using his so-called religious authority that YOU GIVE HIM. He does not have any authority over your life unless you give it to him. Sadly many of the “Believers” have used ZERO discernment when giving entry to these Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. As long as they wear the white jibba its a pass for them.

In our Joshua story, the Wolf smelled blood immediately as soon as he knew that the woman is divorced and has an authority position vacant in her life. Do you think the wolf will continue to act anymore? No, He stopped with all the acting and showed his true colours.

The Sexploits of Joshua - 2

initially, it started with those little bits of romantic talks and the acting of falling in love. The victim thought that this saint has all the good intentions for her and want to even leave his ministry to be her husband. Wow…What better “ZION” can an unsuspecting woman get into? Listen to the words of this holy saint confessing his unfailing love for the victim.

Such statements to a vulnerable woman make her open up more. She had already reached Cloud-9 in her thoughts. The excitement of romance started to bloom. Whatsapp messages and calls flowed like the Danube in flood. Wow!! I can’t believe the excitement of the 50+year-old Joshua who is now just 33 in his heart and its beating louder each day. Phrases from the Songs of Solomon started flowing from his nectary lips. Any hesitation by the victim is met by more confessions of love and using of the word FAMILY which gives inclusiveness to her son, who is now without the presence of his Biological Father.

The Sexploits of Joshua - 2

Now let us change the gear of the Vision and get YOU into the act. If you have joined this cult as a new believer, do you remember the LOVE BOMBS they threw at you? The TPM Clergy is there for you in all aspects of your life. You feel so indebted to the love that is being showered at you the UNWORTHY person. Remember that they reminded you that they always pray for you unceasingly. Did you not wonder how they knew your needs better than you?

Don’t you remember them saying that they have left all their family and possessions just to serve you? Wasn’t it a pure unfiltered joy to know that this New Church is much better than the old church that you had left? Those days are still fresh in my mind when the married pastor of my old church looked like a rookie when I got myself upgraded to be led by the professional team of UNMARRIED APOSTLES like PAUL.

You cannot explain the excitement that you have found the BEST CHURCH with the BEST APOSTOLIC DOCTRINES. Sunday after Sunday, you attend the meeting expecting to hear what exactly are these APOSTOLIC DOCTRINES that they had PROMISED YOU. When you could not get much on Sundays, you think some special stuff is said on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Therefore, you make all excuses at your workplace to ensure that you attend the weekday meetings to find the TRUE APOSTOLIC DOCTRINES they PROMISED. Are you reminded of the fact that you are part of the FAMILY having secured a seat to New Jerusalem, by the prayers of the saints? Wow!! That is called the Cloud-9 of the TPM Believer.


I, the Admin am using some part of my own life experiences to explain the YOU part. I am putting it here because after talking to many people, I came to know that I am not alone in this kind of experience. Though the pastor who got me and my family into this cult is no more alive, I know it was the Lord’s plan. If he was still in TPM, he would have been posted to Andamans as a punishment transfer for having brought me in.

To ensure that you spend the rest of your day in good cheer, I would like to leave you with the confession of Unfailing Love from our dear Joshua

The Sexploits of Joshua - 2


To be continued…


  1. @ All tpm believers
    My question to you is “How many more middlemen, babas, gurujis, and radhema(s) you want to see before you open your eyes to truth? How many Alwyns, Sunny, Bijoy, Sweetlins, Ramesh, Joshua, Caleb, Gunaseelan, Yunis you want more to come out of your sleep of blind devotion? When will you grow sick of hypocrisy and acting of these fraud middlemen and divine agents?

    How long will you act selfish in neglecting the fact that your negligence breeds these conmen inside the factory of fraudmen. They will keep coming if you think this was one case only. All of them are flesh and all of them do such immoral activities behind the veil. Sins of few get caught and published. Sins of others will be revealed on the last day.

    @ victim sister
    I salute you sister for your courage to publish the evidences of the draconian acts of this charlatan. We need more selfless believers like you who show guts to expose these freaks for benefit of others (at the expense of possiblity of self humiliation and persecution you might be exposed to at hands of your relatives) . The strength you have shown in bringing this out deserves applause.

    Way back in1986 when I was attending my church, I was somehow found out and was hooked by this TPM clergy serving in that particular branch where I was working. It was like a real snare that I often used to write in these columns (Psalm124) as ADMN brother described exactly in the EPISODE.That worker bro.used such sweet words like that he was belonging to the similar type of church that I was attending. So I was tricked at that such a young age and was easily duped by him.Though he was no more alive, I do not wish to bring out his name, there was so much of mud-slinging activity went on against him that he was in love game with a worker sister, I never used to bother– thinking that we should not talk or discuss anything against them what ever scandalous things told on them. That was the kind of fear complex the clergy used to create in the minds of the laity. Though you were well read and highly qualified, the great tragedy was that whatever these clergy used to tell me in the Sunday service and Bible Study days, I used to take them as VEDA, without checking up Scriptural references that whether Bible says so.There was no BERIAN concept used by me in those days.
    Because these was hardly any time left as we were busily engaged with our mundane jobs and were busy with our family and children. You would hardly find any time for a personal Bible meditation at home. The trick that the BEAST used was, it kept the new believers busy all through out the week with its weekly F.H meetings.Added to that if you are a multi linguist, the clergy would cleverly use your skills for their better advantage for the interpretation saying that you were one step above the BELIEVER group and one step below the WORKER group. Gosh!, you are made flat with that statement. Then one more trick they use is if you are well read, you would be immediately handed over the Sunday School Ministry into your hands and make you upp-the ante that make you feel top of the world. Wait,the game was not over! You will be sponsored to the CHENNAI con, and rest of the international conventions like OHIO,KOTTARAKARA,KOKKAWILA venues. So this is yet another tricklish game they play with your EGO.I must confess that I was the one who fell through their games of attending all the 4 INTERNNATIONAL CONs. Unless one undergoes this experiences of international travel of attending conventions —whatever I explained above, all others( ordinary believers) can never understand the trauma like experiences that I underwent. The Sunday School ministry that the clergy entrusted to laity. So these are the mind games they play with the laity. Sadly I was succumbed to all tricks for well over TWO and HALF decades, by which time damage would be already done to your spiritual life There will not be time anytime to recover.If you are recovered means, it is only through the pure mercy of God,that you are emancipated from this clutches of this BEAST. I thanked God for finally delivering me from this clutches of this BEAST a couple of years ago and I am indeed indebted to this to blessed site and on numerous times I thanked ADMN and his team, and again I repeat it now.

  3. While reading the story of this wonderful romantic man Joshua, it reminded me what Jesus had said about Scribes & Pharisees. While lashing at Scribes & Pharisees Lord Jesus said in Mathew 23:14 ” you devour widows’ houses and make long prayers to cover it up.”
    This Joshua is exposed but there are many more unexposed Joshua’s in it. I am truly thankful to God who made me quit this stinking CULT.

    • @AP
      @ Mathew 23:14 ” you devour widows’ houses and make long prayers to cover it up.”

      So true! He has not only devoured widows house but also her family. I wonder what wil be impact on the little child of victim sister. As the child matures into grown up lad, the reminisce of this incident will impact him mentally. I pray he remains in faith and does not trun out to be atheist. It would be really nice if victim sister can explain the entire story and her trauma in her words in audio format. Admin might perhaps tweak her voice if she fears that her voice get identified. Perrhaps her own words might melt hearts of few good workers who are trapped in this evil system .

  4. @Anthony Parker”This Joshua is exposed but there are many more unexposed Joshua’s in it.”

    You are right brother. I too was involved with this CULT man and was helped in arranging TWIN convention (Malay& S’pore -2017)trip for a group of Indian Christian group and bid good bye to this BEAST.That was time that late Malaysia centre Pastor (who was subsequently transfered to Sri Lanka),he earned an upper hand with his bosses. That might have woked favours for him in continuing those adventures as this site finally exposed them.
    At that time his true colours were not known till he is exposed through these columns like this But look at way how he was shielded by top the brass inspite of his adventures went on..

  5. Now the TPM Engine has kickstarted. The wicked Jezebels they are, the threat mails have started coming.


    To whoever this concerns

    – I came across your blog,

    – You have posted much hatred against a religious mission namely TPM.

    – Came across a few posts including a recent post regarding a 1 sided story about somebody namely Joshua.

    – You should know, maybe in India or other parts of the world, harassment under the multi-media act is allowed freely but not in Singapore for sure and so is posting pictures and comments against a specific religion or person

    – Do know that whatever posted on your blogging site has a Singaporean in it, as read on ur posts. The rude, edited & filthy uploads made by you and whoever your team members are can get you all into alot of trouble with the law. Including the person who has shared those crap with you so you could upload and try frame an individual up.

    – I suggest you be wise because by doing such things you’re just playing with fire and going to get into trouble when a Police report is filed against you and your website/blog.

    – The man mentioned, Joshua may or may not have committed a mistake. But every human has a personal mistake made in life. As smart adults, nobody does such a thing as you! Broadcasting…. People usually try settle things between each other

    – If you think doing such acts will make you a better person then you are just proving how stupid you are on the net. Because if you do not stop, you will be revealed openly by the Law just like how you have tarnished names of many people in your blog that I came across.

    – Every story has 2 sides to it. If you dont know the other side of the story and chose to believe only 1 side that was shared with you, then I must say you are indeed a very naive and judgemental person and you are going to be in deep trouble.

    – And, looks like the lady involved in this has a son too. It’s very shameful that such a rumor has been created by the both of you. It just brings shame to her family without realisation.

    – You claim to be a Christian. I never knew Christians were like that. Born to harass and plot personal attacks against someone else and believe 1 sided stories that were probably all made up just because the other party isnt happy.

    – You have specifically put up rules for the blog you created but you as an admin have not followed it. I strongly warn you that what you are doing is against the Singapore Laws.

    – In your blog you claim the site is not to demean any individual etc… But you broke your own rules. Not only that, but the laws of the land too.

    – This is not how adults deal with any personal issue. Smart adults settle it amongst themselves not publish for the whole world to see nor tarnish someone like that.

    – You should be aware that in modern era everything can be edited. And its disgusting how you as an admin accept such rumours and blog about it on your page not knowing that the info you received could be fake and made into something so real till fools like you would believe it. Everything can be adjusted and altered to shame a person.

    – Now, this lady claims she has been sexually exploited by the man Joshua. If she feels that way, why did she still keep running back to him for help and money for her family? She made use of him and now just because she is unable to accept his disagreement of being with her, she has done such a dirty thing.

    – Someone who feels exploited wont keep going back and asking for help in times or need NOR allow her son to relax with the man Joshua on his bed. This lady is now pretending to be a victim of the whole situation because she feels scared that people will know the truth which is, she isnt an angel and she was part of the whole issue all this while.

    – So admin, maybe learn how to get your damn facts right before publishing it online. Just because things turned out sour for this lady, she is now taking revenge by doing such a thing against him (Joshua).

    – Why behave like you people have done no mistake nor sinned in life? Maybe go check your character first before throwing the stone at others just to save the asses of liars and gossipers.

    – If you think the victim in this whole situation is that lady from Indonesia, let me warn you, you have been blinded by her drama and one sided story. She isn’t daring enough to tell the truth because she jolly well knows she started this whole shitty situation!

    – And remember, what goes around comes around. You have committed an offence under the Laws of Singapore and there will be a report filed against you, let me warn you.

    Patrick P.E

    • Its interesting that some TPM Goons are trying to teach law to Admin.

      They are illegally living in the church and the police do not know it.
      If they police finds out that there are people living there, there will be an investigation into it. Secondly none of them purportedly have access to medical care. That’s also against the law.
      The money being changed hands when they go pray at believers homes are also not accounted for as it’s cash flow. Also illegal.

      So if they want to bring in the law, they are going to go down first

    • I wonder who Patrick P E is…
      1. Joshua’s car Driver
      2. Sunday School Principal
      3. Interpreter
      4. Blind Believer
      5. Has a relative in TPM’s ministry
      6. Josh’s partner in crime
      7. Marriage Broker
      8. Local Thug
      9. Publishes the The Youth Herald
      10. Publishes the Pentecostal Messenger
      11. A TPM zealot looking for glory

        • What are you going to say about tpm pastor Durai?
          He has misused me I gave all evidence.including his voice recording. If I wil give police complaint then people will trust


        • The exposure of the centre Pastor by this sister is unbelievable…. that such episodes can happen within the four walls of the TPM church…TPM beleivers are taught by wearing white clothes and blindly following the saints… they can reach heaven…TPM beleivers are so foolish and blind in every sense….They don’t search the scriptures…but blindly beleive what their so called SAINTS tell them….

    • Mr. Patrick PE
      If you haven’t read properly , let me remind you that s time was given by admin to accused to defend his side. A copy was marked to IBR. Why didn’t you respond?

      Secondly write a mail and respond back on admins mail id with your version of truth.

      Thirdly, i If some wrong thing happens once by accident it is a mistake, but I suppose it continued for more than three years. It is act done with complete knowledge and awarenesses. I am not aware of Singapore laws but biblically it is immorality to keep relationship with someone and not marry. It is punishable offence by God. Such a person should immediately resign from post of church leader. Why is he still occupying the post.

    • “– Came across a few posts including a recent post regarding a 1 sided story about somebody namely Joshua.”

      What does Patrick PE mean by this. Is he denying the very existence of a Joshua within TPM Singapore? Then why is he, in the same breath defending this non existent person.

      And then he says….

      “– Someone who feels exploited wont keep going back and asking for help in times or need NOR allow her son to relax with the man Joshua on his bed. This lady is now pretending to be a victim of the whole situation because she feels scared that people will know the truth which is, she isnt an angel and she was part of the whole issue all this while.”

      Good, he is not saying that the picture is fake. He also knows that the lady is not an angel but he thinks Joshua is going to Zion. We should also thank God the “somebody” on the bed is not Sunny.

      This Patrick is as disgusting as his god – Joshua. He is defending a predator and a fraud and calls himself a christian.

      Hey Patrick – What would you have done if Joshua had done this to your wife or daughter?

  6. The recording of the romantic voice of Apostle Joshua shuts every skeptic. The doubting Thomases of TPM would have dismissed this as another “Fake News” if it had only the screen shots and pictures. They would have argued that they were doctored but now they are shocked.

    It is no surprise that we are not seeing any comments from the Elinas and Bhuvaneswaris and other TPM Bhakths.

    I would love to see the expression on Empty’s face…obviously must be blank.

    Mighty Anointing AM must be constipating in tongues which cannot be printed here.

    Poor Jayem would be humbly saying…”You shouldn’t have made that fat guy the Bishop of Singapore as He is not humble.”

    What a bunch of blood suckers these wolves are.

  7. I can Visualize Joshua smiling after this threat by his chela in the vain hope that we are going to back off.
    Now as per Patrick, it is the victim that is the source of Problem and not Joshua.
    Common Patrick! you got to try harder.

  8. I challenge Patrick to file a case Instead of using such flimsy threats. We would appreciate if you could do this favour that there could be a thorough investigation in the entire TPM. Let the authorities of every country know the unbiblical living and practices of this CULT. Same time I have an advise that before going to court you must take responsibility to provide jobs to all whiteclads when the authorities will close & seal the entire fraudulent group.

  9. TPM Charity details in Australia ! For the naive tpm followers in India, NCPC New Convenant Pentecostal Church is the TPM name in Australia. See the link below
    Do the math for income & expenses. Of course the expense they give would not be the actual. That expense includes the scores of apple gadgets and luxurious items the “forsaken all, consecrated servants” buy. Even if it is actual, after using all their luxurious expenses, they are still pocketing nearly 450000 Australian dollars which is equivalent to 2.3 crores in 2020 to send it to other consecrated stooges.

  10. Hi,

    I would like to thank you for this expose. Quite brilliant actually.

    Research was detailed and thorough and as a former believer of the Church in Sg (still a Christian) though, I can quite verily say that Thiaga is a bona fide sleazeball.

    Add in those equally vile sleazeballs like Wee Wong and Charles, you have a veritable harem developing.

    The only to take them down and stop them from hurting more people is to expose and demand justification.

    Dont worry about “Patrick”, sounds like a errand boy, throwing veiled threats.

    It would be good if the girl in question could contact me.

    I’d love to get justice for her.

    It would not be difficult for you to figure out who I am (pseudonym notwithstanding).

    Keep the details coming in.

    • He is still the king in singapore though he has been demoted. The Chief is trying his best to reinstate him back..

    • Ok. He caused a lot of mess in Malaysia ministry. When I heard about his passing, I was sad but later on things that he did began to reveal. He always had that partiality where to those who are well to do they will be given special treatment

  11. @ “Ok. He caused a lot of mess in Malaysia ministry”

    Could please throw some light on the news that he very frequently used to visit his own sister who was also serving in another denomination leaving the centre faith home into the hands of worker sisters.Many believers of Malaysian church bemoaned on this aspect.

  12. I only meant here about the word “CONSECRATION” being boasted by them with much fanfare.Now tell me in this case what happened to such CONSECRATION when they choose to visit their relatives.

    • Yes, when it comes to their own relative they can leave their church. There was one believer, whose brother was serving the LORD in another church. He had to go for the wedding because he is the brother for the groom, when Pastor Andrew came to know he banned him from taking Communion just because he attended his brother’s wedding of another church

  13. If this accusation is true, please remember there is always one disciple who betrayed Jesus, and one who denied Jesus, and the other 10 who were afraid to stand with Jesus. Indifferences are everywhere, even in Eden Garden mankind was cursed.

    The more you want to protect us from that captivity (as per your perception), the more you will get incidents like this either True or Fake. The question is Bible says to be aware of false preachings, don’t prove false preachings. You are trying to prove something, when you try to prove something you lack Godly wisdom because Jesus on that ground of accusations He didn’t prove anything, He endured the indifferences of His creation and wanted forgiveness from God to His people.

    Please think about it.

    • @Sobhan P
      @ //there is always one disciple who betrayed Jesus, and one who denied Jesus, and the other 10 who were afraid to stand with Jesus//

      You are quoting from lifetime of disciples when they had not recieved Holy Spirit and true knowledge of gospel. Tell me which of the 12 disciple after Pentecost experience, denied, betrayed or preached heresy ? Absolutely none. Infact if you go on reading their epistles, you will realise they exposed false teachings and tried to warn people from having fellowship of false Shepherds, just like this website is doing. But morons like you won’t get it.

      @ // Jesus didn’t prove anything … He endured indifferences //
      Better start reading life of Jesus again. You will notice that half of his ministry was battle with false teachers ,(Pharisees, Saducees, Scribes and chief priests). He clearly taught his followers to stay away from doctrines (leaven) of Pharisees.

    • //The question is Bible says to be aware of false preachings, don’t prove false preachings.//
      Bro, even Jesus and his disciples have taught “HOW NOT TO DO A CERTAIN THING BEFORE TEACHING HOW TO DO A THING RIGHT”!!
      Knowing how to differentiate a counterfeit note is important before knowing that which is authentic.
      So proving a preaching is false is very important as without it a false preaching/teaching will be perceived as truth.

  14. @Sobhan P

    //there is always one disciple who betrayed Jesus, and one who denied Jesus//

    Do you know the prophesies in the Old Testament regarding the birth, ministry and crucification regarding Jesus Christ? If those prophesies are to be fulfilled, there should be one Judas. Hence the selection of Judas among the 12 disciplines of Jesus is definitely is the part and parcel GOD regarding the ultimate salvation of Human beings.

    How long you will hide behind Judas for your preposterous arguments and justifying your white clad womanisers? At least now, please remove some portion of clay from your brain and fill it with some heavenly wisdom and scriptural knowledge. To achieve that, first you have to remove your TPM lens while reading and listening the scripture and biblical messages.

    Don’t argue that since you have not mentioned the name Judas in your comment, it is not him.

    May the HEAVENLY GOD open your spiritual eyes. Amen.


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