Straight Shots is a short drama series. Each episode focuses on one specific conduct of TPM believers. You will be able to identify how TPM believers instinctively act in specific settings. Each behaviour will be met by a candid response from Molly.

Major Characters: Read episode 1 for knowing character backgrounds.

Scene 1

We see Manju and Molly coming out of an office building. They get into Manju’s new Car which she thinks is the GIFT OF GOD. Manju is driving and Molly is seated next to her. As they halt on the square they notice the car in front of them. It has the face of Angry Hanuman pasted on the rear window glass.

Straight Shots-3: Decals of Communal divide

Manju:  See that sticker, Molly!

Molly: What’s wrong?

Manju:  What is right Molly? Everything is wrong in this country. That decal of Hanumana he put on his car reveals the mentality of people on India. The sticker shows support of Indians for arrogance and intolerance! Can’t you see it?

Molly: hmm…

Manju: These people think that just because the saffron party is in power they can beat anyone and do whatever they like. Don’t you know how high religious fanaticism has reached in our country? They rape Muslim girls, they mob lynch people from minority communities and they troll/ abuse to them who criticize their party! They have created absolute anarchy! There is no place for dissent left in this country. Where is democracy? Where is secularism? Where is freedom of speech and expression? When we were kids we used to make friends with everyone. We never thought about which religion he or she belongs before joining their company. We used to eat together. We studied together. We played together. But now, these people are dividing our nation! We should raise our voices against this fanaticism!

Molly:  Are you against communal divide that these people are causing?

Manju: Off course Molly!! Are you not?

Molly: What about “Praise the Lord” sticker on your family car?

Manju: So what Molly? Isn’t their difference between our sticker and theirs? 

Straight Shots-3: Decals of Communal divide

Molly: No! There is no difference between your fanaticism and theirs. You are no different than them when it comes to sowing seeds of division among communities. Your decal of “Praise the Lord” is your instinct’s action to identify yourself as Pentecostal! Don’t you wear a white dress on Sundays to get yourselves identified as TPM believer, someone different than Christians from other churches?

Molly Continues…Doesn’t TPM pastor tell people to wear a white dress so that people may look at them and say “Look she is going to TPM church?” Does not TPM minister wear a special uniform to identify themselves as separate from other ministers of the word of God? Doesn’t you TPM church sow seeds of communal division when they say don’t get married to other church believers, don’t eat communion in other churches, don’t read other church literature and so on? Don’t your pastors divide Christian community by saying “We are special and better than other churches?

Molly Continues after a pause… You may not be violent towards people of other faiths in contemporary times. And this is because we are a small community. Let our community get power and then I will see how tolerant Christians are with dissenting ideologies? History is the witness of it. Does TPM allow voices of dissent in their churches? Haven’t you seen the arrogant nature of your workers when they are in the midst of believers? Haven’t you noticed the arrogance and haughtiness and the communal divide they practice in conventions, where many workers are gathered together in a bunch? Don’t you know that Roman Catholics ruled the world from the 3rd century to the 18th century? Have you no idea what havoc they created when they were in power? Are you unaware of the inquisition of dark ages? Haven’t you heard how the Catholic Church persecuted them whom they labelled as heretics? And isn’t it for the same reason that Hindus don’t want Muslims population to explode in India, that they fear fanaticism of Muslims when they grow in number? Isn’t it why Pharaoh tortured Israelites in Egypt, as he feared they may grow exponentially in power along with their population.

Molly’s sermon continues .….It’s just a matter of time Manju! Now you people can give lectures on democracy, tolerance and demand for dissent in the country! But I can guarantee that when Christians rise to power, they will not behave differently than how Hindus are behaving now. Just see inside TPM faith home. You have no place for dissent in your faith home! You don’t allow any other pastor to stand or preach! You don’t allow questions to be asked! You label questionings as disobedience to your fraud saints! Your believers who run WhatsApp groups as admin don’t allow messages with lighter moments in groups. When you forward a little joke or something else they will tell you “Don’t forward such a message in this group! Only Spiritual messages.” And now you want to discuss democracy and dissent! If the time comes that 80% of Indians will be Christians instead of Hindus, and suppose TPM believers become prime ministers and chief ministers, then your real visage will come out. I can guarantee that you people will behave worse than the saffron party. You may not paste sticker of angry Jesus on your cars, but you will certainly paste sticker of something like “excommunicate heretics from your midst and be holyorDon’t be in the company of sinners (Life of Separation)” “Remove them from your midst” and so on. That vinyl of angry hanuman is a mirror of your own inner face of religious fanaticism. Don’t criticize others. Look at and correct your own behaviour. Your saints are no less rowdy in faith homes than the saffron party zealots.

Manju is speechless!


  1. Straight shots:3 ,the 377 article of this blessed site presents yet another beautiful picture of the true story of India in which communal divides are being sown by the erratic behaviour of TPM Clergy & Laity as they go both hand in gloves.
    Just now, a little while ago, in response to PM Modi’s appeal in observing ‘JANATHA CURFEW’ on 22 nd SUNDAY,the BEAST has issued the following dictat to be followed by its laity.
    As usual the note begins with the typical address: PTL
    Then, the matter runs like this:” This is to inform all the Church believers of ——–(BRANCH NAME)—–in accordance to the Govt Order of the Curfew,the Sunday service stands cancelled on 22-03-20.And the service would be conducted on Saturday morning 21-03-20 at 10-00am along with the fasting prayer.
    All the Believers are requested to pass on this message.
    All those who can attend can do so.
    Sick and Aged ones are requested to stay away back.
    Thank you,
    Incharge clergy’s name.
    ———————————————————————————————————Well, what a wonderful double standard game this BEAST plays!
    As some comments appeared already in these columns, they do not need Sick and Aged ones in their journey with them, as the witnessed in the just concluded CON.
    Looks like this is the latest mantra being played by EMPTY or the other CULT manager while complying the law of the land. Rest I will leave to the reader community to meditate.

    What all they require is VITAMIN-M should not be missed at any cost. They can pre-pone and post-pone the Sunday Services at their whims and fancies.

    Does n’t the above DICTAT contravene to the Teachings of Jesus as told to His disciples ?
    1.Matthew 22:37,38,39,40( the two greatest commandments taught by Jesus)
    2.John 13:34.35 (John reiterates these new commandments again here)

    When the virus like pestilence comes and attacks the Egyptians does not God assure His people as was said in Psalm 91:7? and should they not pay heed to His Word?
    This is the greatest tragedy of these end times and the double path that these CULT managers lead it flock that these laity should be aware of.
    Let God only judge .

  2. //Your believers who run WhatsApp groups as admin don’t allow messages with lighter moments in groups. When you forward a little joke or something else they will tell you “Don’t forward such a message in this group! Only Spiritual messages.”//
    I had a similar experience too. I entered a particular TPM group with the intention to expose the wolves and alert the group. So I was seeing all earthly blessings discussions and prayer requests, heresies on blood of Jesus etc.going on every day..But when I tried to post some biblical doctrine..I was instantly challenged by Admin of that group and asked to delete. I was very aghast at how they sweetly accepted soulish stuff and got deeply irritated when presented with spiritual stuff. I was forced to exit eventually.


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