With the study of Joseph, (who was the last prominent character mentioned in Genesis), we are done with the “Genesis Portion of The Venom Removal Series”. This is the concluding article on the book of Genesis. To unlearn the venomous teachings of TPM (ingrained in our minds), we will recollect and revise what the book of Genesis was and what it was not.

What wasn’t the book of Genesis?

We learnt that the book of Genesis wasn’t merely a historical story of the origins of the world. It wasn’t designed for people to debate “how the origin of human life began“ or “whether it took six days or billions of years for life forms.” It was not the intention of the writer of the Genesis, to provide scientific, historic evidence. We also saw that Genesis wasn’t even designed to tell humans about godly devout Old Testament saints. The primary intention of the writer of Genesis was not to make readers draw moral conclusions from its stories.

What Was the book of Genesis? – Announcement of the Messiah

We learnt that the saviour of the world was at the core of the book of Genesis. Our exploring of the book of Genesis made us realize as if we were travelling along a highway which had milestones erected on its sides. Something was written on each milestone. When we stopped and read the letters on each milestone, we found that it was stories of bible character which was engraved upon the milestones.

The first milestone we encountered had the name Adam written on it. Adam told us, “The last Adam, is some 4000 years, down this line. He will be beginning of a new race in image and likeness of God.(Heb 1:3)” Then as we moved ahead, we found Abel written on next milestone. It spoke to us saying, “My brother killed me for my faith in sacrificed lamb. My blood demands justice. But down this line, you will meet the Messiah. His blood will speak better things than mine.” The next milestone had Noah imprinted on it. It said to us, “I was able to save 7 other lives from perishing in the flood. But someone greater than me will come and save the world from flood of the wrath of God. You will meet him 3000 years away from here.” And thus spoke milestones of which had Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph engraved upon them. Thus Genesis was a prophecy about Messiah – a herald of the plan of God to rescue humanity through Jesus.  

Venom Removal Series- Gospel in Genesis-12
The Milestones to the Messiah

What Was the book of Genesis? – New Testament Packaged into a Small book

Another thing we learnt was that the book of Genesis was revealing of the entire contents of the New Testament in a brief concise manner. In the first story itself, we saw that God’s desire is to clothe humanity by the skin of the righteousness of the sacrificed lamb (to hide our nakedness). We saw the tendency of sinful flesh (sons of Adam) was to cover their sins (of disobeying God), by their good works (sewing fig leaves). Not only the central tenant of Gospel but we also saw the two covenants of Old and New Testament, allegorically told to us through the story of Hagar and Sarah. Then we saw persecution and martyrdom of Christians through the life of Abel. We also saw last days prophesied through Noah’s flood. We saw antichrist through Nimord and Esau. We saw antichrist revealed through Pharaoh and Abimelech (who set their eyes on brides of Abraham and Isaac). We saw the tower of Babel as the prophecy of false churches (who try to convince people to reach the top of heaven by works of their hands). We saw the apostate church through Lot’s daughters. We saw the heavenly gathering of the church through the story of the translation of Enoch. Genesis was thus complete New Testament packaged into the very first book of the bible.  

  • Gospel: Hiding nakedness of Adam by the skin of lamb, the barrenness of matriarchs, the election of the younger over the elder
  • False Gospel: Adam hiding his nakedness by fig leaves.
  • Story of Jesus: Through the prototype of Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
  • Baptism and Resurrection: Noah’s flood (1 Pet 3:20-21)
  • Persecution and Martyrdom of Church: Abel’s murder by Cain, Isaac’s persecution by Ishmael  
  • Two Covenants: Hagar and Sarah (Gal 4:24)
  • Anti Christ: Nimrod, Pharaoh, Abimelech, Esau
  • False Church: Tower of Babel, Daughters of Lot
  • Last Days: Noah’s flood  (Matt 24:37)
  • Heavenly Gathering of the church in mid-air: Enoch’s translation

The book of Genesis thus reminded us of of the words by prophet Isaiah.

“Remember the former things of old: for I am God, ….there is none like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done

Isaiah 46:9-10

Indeed the end of the world and the things that were to happen in the New Testament was foretold to us from the beginning days.


May God give us the grace to learn more about our saviour ensuing books of the Old Testament! May this “Christ—centred—lens” strengthen our faith in Jesus further, as we progress through the testimonies of Old Testament saints, which surround us like a great cloud of witness (Heb 12:1), witnessing the good reports they obtained from God, not by their works, but by faith (Heb 11:2).   


  1. Excellent series, Brother, bringing Glory to God and hopefully answering a lot of questions the people within TPM who are seeking The Truth.

    The chief idiots of TPM and their chamchas will be a bit disappointed as you have failed to mention Melchizedek in the way they would have liked. The eunuchs of TPM unashamedly teach that they are of his order and use it to justify their perverted celibacy doctrine.

  2. @ADMN”“Remember the former things of old: for I am God, ….there is none like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done ”Isaiah 46:9-10.
    Beautiful summation of ‘GENESIS PORTION OF VENOM REMOVAL SERIES’ ,and in the process we ‘ve unlearnt many of the venomous teachings of TPM.Its’ quite note worthy as these venom series started the whole world was under the severe grip of the COVID-19.and now it continues to be under the strong grip of the Lord now.More than anything else the JERICHO WALLS of IBR -HQs are now shaking . What the vision of their FOUNDERS and their SUCCESSORS was now seemed to be hallow without the strong foundation of the Lord. Just look at the latest tally of the results:

    The world’s gods have been silenced.
    All major sports are cancelled.
    Bars are closed.
    Live entertainment is postponed.
    Markets have fallen.
    Mecca is empty.
    Mosques are empty.
    All Mormon gatherings are cancelled.
    Cult-of-personality megachurch gatherings are cancelled.(This is nothing but IBR’S HUGE BUILDING STRUCTURES.)
    The little religious activity that remains is Christian fellowship,
    church live-streams, and house church gatherings.
    and lastly …………..fromtpm.com fellowship

    Travel is restricted.
    Hundreds of millions are quarantined in their houses and Coronavirus is now in 155 countries, so that number is bound to grow.
    Whether the virus is actually as dangerous as some claim or not is irrelevant to the fact that the whole world is coming to a standstill at this unique time in history.
    This is a moment of worldwide significance and the world will never be the same again.
    Dear ADMN brother, keep continue the war on these forces of darkness that kept US together many decades. All the VICTORY and GLORY belongs to our Lord who shed His precious blood to the whole humanity as it was written in JOHN 3:16 and the whole humanity is still heckling at the LORD for HIS supreme sacrifice on the CROSS OF CALVARY.They are now reaping the benefits in the form of COVID-19. It is not the end of it. Its the beginning now. IT IS MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO THE CLERGY AND LAITY OF THIS CULT called CPM/TPM and its associates in all over the world. Repent and come back to the Lord and eschew all your unbiblical teachings.
    Let God’s NAME alone be exalted in this day.

  3. What a bad article series. You not mention 7 type of glories Adam lost in Garden of Eden. You not mention how WE can get back all those 7 type of glories with help of our tpm saints teachings. If WE obtain back all the 7 lost glories then we become glorious. Our dress shine light rays like stars. This revelation you do not have. Therefore your article bad.

    You only talk about Jesus Jesus in entire bible study on Genesis. What is this? We all know about Jesus! Ok! Tell us something new about OUR BENEFIT. Tell us revelation on how WE can become better than others. That is why our TPM pastor preach better bible study than you. Because they always passionate in making believers reach glorious tower. Their eyes set on highest glory in heaven. On the other hand you keep looking at Basic Jesus which all common people among Christina keep focusing.

    • @Elina

      //On the other hand you keep looking at Basic Jesus which all common people among Christina keep focusing

      What is this ? Basic Jesus . I wonder how can you think like this
      John 14:6
      6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      Elina, Jesus is only way to eternal life. Not your TPM saints.

  4. Quite a disturbing news received a little while ago.
    As an aftermath of this IBR March convention ,the annual death toll continues –thanks to the famed March –Chennai intrnl convention. One Telugu believer from Telangana state met with train accident in Chennai and lost his life while returning home. it looks he was to catch a plane from Chennai to Hyderabad.Obviously he has got his plane tickets with him.Initial reports say that the believer might have taken the local train from Tambaram to Trisulam stop in order to reach the airport. So as usual this year too,this BEAST has consumed one more soul this year too. So this annual death toll saga continues with out any break.
    Poor believers ,they are becoming victims of this CULT annual meetings.
    It is a high time that this CULT manager should think of paying a death compensation to the next kin of the family members of these unfortunate believers who lose their lives as a result of attending these March convention meetings. Will the BEAST ever think in those lines?

  5. @EE

    The last thing TPM will ever think about is paying compensation to the poor believer, but they will definitely be checking how much Life Insurance he had, how much property he has, and how many young eligible children he has who can be sacrificed to Molech. They are only interested in how much they can get from their believers dead or alive.

    The Beast has only one agenda – Fleece the believer spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally till they drop down and die.

  6. @NMSTF.
    Yeah,you ‘ve spoken in correct terms.
    Now the believer’s (Mr.Subbarao, a Sr. Citizen, retd from BHEL) body was received late night yesterday and today morning the local clergy conducted the last rites. What a great trauma the bereaved family might have undergone in arranging the body back home. Now the CULT manager should think, he can not go to BRIXTON,nor any one from U.K can think of coming to IBR as India shut down all its flights from UK& EUROPE.He has to be doubly careful in arranging his visits to abroad. At present the CULT manager has to confine himself to IBR walls only.
    Incidentally this believer Mr. Subbarao,was given a timely advise by me to keep away from this CULT fellowship and totally refrain himself from this CULT group well over 4 moths ago.
    But he hardly cared about it and put it into deaf ear. No issue. But atleast on his death count Elina ,the so called staunch supporter of this BEAST could help convey this message to the CULT Manager, that payment of death compensation to its laity who attend and lost their lives during & after their famed IBR wall convention irrespective of their economic status of the laity.Elina could use her good offices to convey this matter to them.
    Instead of resorting to horrible burning of the CURRENCY notes at IBR walls,, they could atleast self-develop charity skills that could help the bereaved families and in the process they can retain their impact & strong hold on the future generations of its laity. Elina, please help in this cause of Charity and help the laity.

  7. I think Elina with her/his poor standard of English will not be able to understand the type of COMMENTS appearing here in these columns.I doubt it strongly. Moreover she/he is not in a position to understand the simple words —what is the death compensation or what is Life Insurance Policy. Curiously she/he would be silent whenever the burning of CURRENCY notes issue was apprearing in these columns.Actually by now her/his comments do not deserve to be read at all.But for the mercy and long rope given by ADMN brother, we are destined to read her/his lifeless words. Let us see whether she would raise to the occasion of helping for the charity cause.

    • @Eagle eye
      @//Let us see whether she would raise to the occasion of helping for the charity cause.//

      Finally our chief pastor come out of his room and declare to the world the new cure for Corona virus. All these days he not come out of room. He issued notice saying he cannot meet believers. All men thinking where is our divine healing doctrine? Why saint hiding in faith home when world is dying with fear of corona? All thinking “don’t they have faith that Corona can be healed?” All men thinking our Chief pastor defeated and hiding behind mothers saree. Mother also hiding behind pastors lungi. But today Deputy chief Pastor MT Thomas came out and boldly declare that he is overcomer! He said, do 500 RPD daily and corona virus will run away from saints in all direction. Therefore no more fear of Corona. We wil resume all Sunday meeting in Kerela from next Sunday onwards.

  8. @EE …she is following her leaders command to maintain social distance. She has taken this one step further by maintaining social media distance as well.

  9. @No more a slave to fear …….Yes indeed she lived upto our correct expectation.

    Elina does never understand the simple English we wrote nor he/she understood the context we are talking.I simply proposed the issue of death compensation to the unfortunate diseased ones who passed away attending the usual March convention.(from now our proposal will be to extend the death compensation to all 63/64 CONVENTIONS they hold in the year —not limiting to only the March CON.) Elina brings the name of the CULT manager and the CORONA virus issue which is totally irrelevant.No comparison at all.
    Looks like we have to bear with her.Theres’ no way.


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