The 4 tier system that has been the core of TPM’s doctrines has a particular source. But before we look into this interesting facet of the four-tier system let us listen to the Pied Piper of TPM so that we are absolutely clear what they are saying.

Summary of TPM’s Heaven Doctrine

The TPM Heaven has 4 tiers of which the topmost and the second topmost tier has been reserved for the Clergy and Believers of The Pentecostal Mission, respectively. The last 2 tiers have been reserved for the Old Testament Saints. If my memory serves correct, TPM had earlier taught that the NEW EARTH will be inherited by members of other churches. Nevertheless, the lower two locations may be re-allotted to different categories of people whom they feel appropriate.

The Inspiration behind the 4 tier system

Much interesting is the reference quoted by M T Thomas to establish his doctrine, about the already prepared place. He mentions the Reference as Matt 25:41. Teju changes it to Matt 25:46. But neither of the verse mentions these two lower tiers as per TPM Doctrine. I see that the place prepared in verse 41 speaks about the eternal fire PREPARED FOR DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS. M.T Thomas needs to clarify if the Old Testament Saints will be in the same pool as is the Devil and his angels.

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Matt 25:41

This is not the first time that M T Thomas is throwing some random verse assuming that there will be no checks. Anyway, that is not an important thing now. I assume he was wanting to quote verse 34

34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.

Matt 25:34

I have scanned throughout the BIBLE and am yet to find any references to these 4 places where it is categorized as one above the other, as is taught by The Pentecostal Mission and their sister churches. You will not find anywhere in the bible where you can decipher 4-tier heaven. This is pure imagination by Ramankutty and team.

Expectations of Old and New Testament Saints

Of course, I know that TPM feels that Jesus started his work of Zion after he woke up from his sleep at 1923. He asked Ramankutty to expedite this work. But before we get to the brain of Ramankutty, let us see what was the Hope of Peter and that of Abraham.

But in keeping with his promise we (Peter and co.) are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

2 Pet 3:13

10 For he(ABRAHAM) was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

Heb 11:10

Shouldn’t M T Thomas and Co answer this? Peter was looking forward to a Lower Place as per TPM’s Heaven whereas Abraham was looking forward to a Higher Place as per the same TPM’s Heaven concept. Just these two verses can topple the entire edifice of TPM’s Heaven.

The Inspiration of Ramankutty and Co

This 4 tiered heaven is not available in any of the churches that I know of. Even the Jehovah’s witnesses do not subscribe to this type of heaven. That is where we need to look at the historical mind-set of an Indian/South Asian. Ramankutty belonged to the Ezhava community of Kerala. They are basically of the Shudra section of the Hindu society. It is quite logical that his thinking of the Christian concept got mingled with the Hindu 4-tier system. His sub-conscious mind would have always wanted to climb up the ladder to be a Brahmin. Look at this diagram.

The Inspiration behind the 4 tier system
The Hindu Caste system

The Brahmin is the one who has a direct connection with GOD. The rest of the group are therefore subservient to them. What TPM has eventually built is a caste system where the Clergy are the Brahmins (Closest to God) and their Believers are the ones serving them. However, to have their undivided loyalty, they have categorised the other so-called groups as a lower category to TPM believers. Many of TPM believers have a background of being lower caste in Hinduism and hence value the Second Top group offered in TPM as something that needs to be held on to. This gives them a mental satisfaction of getting to be in the higher strata of another religion. These people have not been BORN AGAIN.

If you are a few years in TPM, you would have heard often where they say that the TPM Believers are at a higher grade than the Pastors of other Churches. Do you realise that it is the same Caste psychology at play within this cult? What they are saying is that the Kshatriya is much better than the Vaishya.

Why TPM Landed in this Problem?

It is true that Ramankutty heard the gospel and did believe it. He also tried to follow what he was taught for some time. The poor man did not realize that he was falling prey to the adventurist spirit within him when he started off by himself assuming that starting an institutional church is his calling. Obviously, the devil gave him a special gospel called the GOSPEL OF PERFECTION. Sounds cool?

What really happened is that New Wine was poured in Old wineskin. He tried to pour the NEW Christian Gospel into OLD wineskin of Hindu Caste system.

And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.”

Mark 2:22
The Inspiration behind the 4 tier system

This Doctrine and its practices got marketed in the Indian sub-continent which was ripe for the product. Thus this movement got momentum and captivated the thoughts of people who valued certain tenants of Indian culture. Though this cult has spread across many countries, they are primarily concentrated among people of South Asian Ancestry.


Christian brotherhood does not have wedges between them. We all are of the SAME BODY. We eat of the same bread and drink of the same wine. It’s none other than Satan himself who is creating divisions among us.

When Paul was describing the qualifications of a bishop, to Timothy, he mentioned one thing which many people overlook these days.

He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil.

1 Tim 3:6

In Paul’s time, they would not even ordain a person like Ramankutty be a Bishop. But here we have an entire institutional church that has been set up by a recent convert who pushed in his New Hindu/Buddhist ideas into Christianity. No wonder that we are still battling the so-called Christian version of Caste System, Celibate Monks (Consecration), External Form of Godliness and many more features imported from Hinduism/Buddhism.


  1. Yes they follow timings also..once a TPM sister told me every month end meeting @ 12 o clk if you pray, you will be pleasing God as you give the starting time of month. This is also purely from hinduism where they do their pooja on particular time. But biblically we must offer our bodies as living sacrifice which is true worship. And also the holy spirit is working on us every second. After reading this article, this incident striked my mind. So just commented.

  2. Wow, a wonderful comparison with the 4 TIER Indian caste system!
    After reading this article two prominent things came in to my mind.
    First ,the RAMANKUTTY factor that has been haunting me all these years was clearly exposed.Tooth and Nail all along I was under the impression that RAMANKUTTY was belonging to BRAHMIN PUROHIT Commuity as per his auto biography written by the authors whose names were never known.But this episode clearly negated that version by declaring that he belonged to the Sudra community.,the 4 TIER in the Indian social fabric.
    This revelation should send SHOCK WAVES across the top echelons of this CULT.
    Do they ever take note of this fact?
    These top echelons of this CULT system would never have dreampt that God would finnallly reveal this shocking truth!
    Secondly, the Indian caste system which had been ruling the roost of the social fabric of South India mainly with KERALA and TAMILNADU and TELUGU states, clearly aligned with the 4 TIER TPM nerve centre of TPM through and through was really startling revelation.
    In so doing i.e the inspiration behind the 4 tier system, the RAMANKUTTY factor really worked hard to set aside any Scriptural reference while propagating its false Zion and new Jerusalem doctrine
    It was really a mind boggling issue of how this Indian public were totally decimated thus far in not knowing this fact.
    Kudos to ADMN BROTHER in exposing these wolves with the sheep clothing

  3. A very interesting article which shows how a glory seeking new convert used the caste based structure of his old false religion to create a new false religion which would elevate him to the ruling elite class. What a master stroke. I just cant help but admire Raman Kutty’s vision and intelligence here and it is obvious about who is behind all this – Satan, the father of all lies.

    Now this initial set up by the chief liar of TPM was the perfect setting for Alwyn the nudist to complete CPM’s Zion centred framework. He with his Catholic background brought mandatory celibacy into the mix to create the super class of CPM/TPM and this paved the way for the proliferation of this cult.

    The greatest culprits in this movement for me are the Dons, the Wilsons, the Ricks, the Marks, the Shanes and everyone of the educated elite including the current Chief parasite, who despite knowing the true gospel, shamelessly hide it from the masses just to protect their organisation and their careers.

    You can’t blame the Emptys and the ACs and the Srilankans chief parasites as they are just salesmen who have a good thing going and will do anything to protect their livelihood.

    If any of the above were genuinely saved, the Holy Spirit would never allow them to preach another gospel.

    I hope the sheep within TPM/NTC/NCPC will read this article and have their eyes opened and seek the True Shepherd instead of being a slave to these wolves in disguise.

    And it is still not too late for the living chief false shepherds to repent and become true shepherds of the God of the Bible.

    • @ NMSTF Brother all the persons mentioned above in your comment had an agenda or vested interest.

      What excuse the believers have. In this age where they are being shown the fallacies of TPM they still choose to remain in this pit.

      Earlier days when there were scams and stories of immoral behaviour near their faith home or in their faith homes they used to think and tell other people that that this is a stray(rarest of rare) case where this particular SOG got corrupted, now in this Information Age and through aren’t they able to figure out a pattern? WHAT IS THEIR EXCUSE?

      There are some reasons why they still want to cling to.
      1. Material blessings.
      2.Fear of the curse from SOG.
      3. Living in a constant state of denial and failure to accept that there is something very wrong. One question they ask is where else to go.


      • Yes, Brother, you are correct. TPM is a marriage between two soul centred entities – the elite Zion bound clergy and the little less elite Jerusalem bound believers. Unfortunately both are deluded and only the Holy Spirit can deliver them from this darkness.

        It was not a short while ago that we were also caught up in this madness, but fortunately for us, our Great God showed mercy and opened our eyes and saved us and brought us out of TPM’s darkness into His marvellous Light.

        It is just His Amazing Grace that saved us, and He did it because He wanted to and not because we wanted to. If we were left to our own ways, we would have continued to wallow in TPM’s pig sty as that is what we loved and what we deserved.

        All we can do (as the admin is doing through this blessed platform) is shine the Light of the True Gospel of Christ into TPM and pray that His sheep will hear His voice and be delivered just like us.

    • @ No more a Slave to fear
      G.Wilson made a statement in convention couple of years ago about how NTC is not the only church that will be in the rapture. He also said that NTC won’t exist too long as there are no workers coming in. I heard that he was rebuked by the chiefs for what he said.

      • @Blessed Asurance,

        Yes , there are a few like him who openly acknowledge that the exclusive doctrines of NTC/TPM/NCPC/UPC is wrong, however they do nothing about it, as they lack the courage to challenge the Chief popes and thereby bring about a much needed reformation.

        I remember, Rick, the Brother of Michael, once openly making fun of 144,000 exclusivity of TPM workers in a meeting, but they don’t correct the Sunday School Syllabus in which they continue to teach the little children this heresy.

        These con men are more worried about their bellies rather than the Kingdom of Christ. Their end will be worse because they did not act when they knew the truth. They are not Christians because a true disciple of Christ will not lie, especially from the Pulpit and deceive poor gullible folks off their souls, their money and their time. In fact, these men are enemies of the cross as they promote a false gospel and help in keeping the kingdom of satan thriving.

  4. //Much interesting is the reference quoted by M T Thomas to establish his doctrine, about the already PREPARED place. //

    Then what does Empty Thomas have to say about the LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD ?

    Psalm 90:4
    For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.
    2 Peter: 3:8
    But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    Empty Thomas and TPM should understand that God is beyond the dimension of TIME. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. As long as they try to describe God in their own human ways and thoughts…I am sure they will be entrapped in trivial traps of “GO TO PREPARE AND PREPARED”

    They read the Scriptures to cherry pick verses that virtually places them at a higher echelon as so clearly described in this article by Admin.

  5. A believer named Enos got murdered inside tpm Chennai Pattabiram Faith home by another believer Moses @ March 11, 2020.
    Moses was caught up inside tpm ibr chennai convention campus yesterday.

    • Thank you. Yes, we are aware of that incident and we express our deepest condolences to the family of the one who was murdered.


        • News from unconfirmed source says that the accused even tried to attack chief pastor of tpm. Anyone heard about it?

        • That was not how it was said earlier. Now, this could be a ploy for the Chief not to meet believers so that he does not increase the chance of corona infection.

    • @ Neutral girl
      Stop blaming our tpm church believers. Our church believers not like that. If you had said our saint killed other saints, I would have believed it. It is normal for our saints to kill each other in faith home in top secret manner. But our believer not like that. I agree that our believers fight for Sunday school prize when not given to their children. But they never kill each other.

      Another thing our saints will do is, that today only they will disown family of both these fighting believers. We will do all possible tactics to save our assess. Should we not? Is killer highly consecrated servant of god, that we should try to cover up his sins, by giving bribe to police? Our Chief pastor will give direct telephonic call to our local saints to not to indulge in this matter and stay away from it, as it is dangerous for our reputation. So kindly do not associate tpm with these two fighting believers.

    • No surprises here. as the saying goes…”Yetha Guru thatha Shishya!”

      If the Zion bound apostles are into murder, the Jerusalem bound believers will not be far behind. Interesting fact is that this idiot thought that he was in the safest place on Earth – TPM HQ and that too during their annual mela. Can’t blame him though as he was in the sunny company of sodomites, murderers, child molesters, paedophiles, tax evaders and not to mention empty false teachers.

      The devil is surely having a ball with these morons.

  6. Thats a very unfortunate incident between two so called believers.
    This incident would be a good example of the consequences of when a wolf takes over in a Shepherd’s clothing to pit one believer against the other.
    See how easily they bluff the crowd ….Mat 25:41 becomes 25:46 and then explained in a completely 180 degrees apart.
    A true shepherd or elder will be very mindful of his flocks and ensure they love & esteem each other more than oneself.
    Time to reap what was sown all this while. If they were believers of Jesus instead of TPM, one would not have been in casket and the other behind bars now.

  7. Oh this amounts to horrendous crime on this earth that belonged to the CREATOR.
    Yes ,please could someone come forward to translate, perhaps Sis Surya could take the lead .
    The days of this BEAST could be numbered now by witnessing this very ghastly incident that took place in Pattabiram fake home.Shame on the state of TN,and shame on this very country.
    My deepest condolences to the bereaved family . I do empathise the family that lost the dear one-Enos.
    Lord, please stop this BEAST from this committing these heinous crimes on this earth that belonged to Thee.( Psalms 24)

    • Translation of the clipping in Tamil: Dated March 12, 2020
      Enos was a 62-year retired govt official who was attending TPM in Pattabiram. He used to do all kinds of cleaning, praying in TPM. Yesterday evening he along with Wilson and Chacko were inside TPM premises. A guy named Moses aged 27 who resides in Pattabiram Ambedkar Nagar, Bharathidasan Street took a hidden knife and stabbed on Enos’ chest, thrice. He died on the spot. He killed Enos after some arguments. When Wilson and Chacko tried to prevent this, Moses threatened them also. So they both were afraid and fled. Police sent the body for post-mortem and in search of Moses.

      This was continued in Maalai malar (Tamil Daily)
      Later Moses ran to IBR campus and informed a brother that he had murdered. That brother of TPM called the police. He was arrested inside IBR premises in the convention.

      Kanagaraj murder was done by TPM worker. So they will hide. But this murder by the laity. So they will expose! Beware of the double standards. Are they just? Have a thought !!

      • A 27 year old killing a 62 year old retired man in a religious place must be premeditated, a most probable charge of murder in the first degree. It would be interesting to know what the motive was – money/woman??

        Looks like the 2020 convention is a grand success. Moses and Enos, looks like two old testament saints with one of them running to the TPM’s city of refuge, their main den of perverts, thieves and false teachers.

        This cult and its believers are plunging to new depths with each passing day. The sad outcome of all this is the reproach it brings to the Name of Christ.

  8. “@Moses was caught up inside tpm ibr chennai convention campus yesterday.”

    Dangerous trend sets in precincts.

    This site has been terming IBR H.Q trs as JERICHO WALLS since many months with its huge structures around and now that prediction came true and was clearly vindicated as it has become a den for thugs and murderers and set as a worst example having been called as CONVENTION ground.

    Where as the ground realities are different now as of Yesterday it was THOOTHUKUDI, today is PATTABIRAM,
    Tomorrow will be ……………… ?
    This ground realities have really tarnished the very image of TN state itself.
    If saint Thomas was murdered here, it was for a cause of ‘GOSPEL’ ,but now look at the present scenario.It was for a different cause. Unless we get to know the newspaper reports in a proper angle we will not be able to reach out for the real cause.

    The whole credit should go to this modern day ‘JERICHO WALLS’.
    God is going to crush these walls soon.
    Beloved believers, please run away and don’t even walk from the precincts of this H.Q trs called ……….

  9. @Elina
    The depressed queen and saprophyte Elina
    Come on, get educated. Try to Learn the difference between professional & uncultured behavior.stop poking your nose. If you stop focusing on other people’s comment/ life, you’ll have more time to fix your own life. Since you’re well versed at Bible, let’s talk on common things. Observe and talk with your colleagues about success. Mingle with IAS/ highly skilled professionals.

    Come out of depression. Eat good chocolates from Ajfan shop, buy iPad pro/ iPad air/ iPad mini from Apple or new tablet.. Increase your property values in L to C to10Crores. Travel @ xuv/SUV. Buy a resort land @ecr. After achieving this, you can come and argue with me @ any time. Be like girly with attitude and don’t behave like demon.

    • @ Neutral Girl
      Sister are you so rich? Do you really enjoy chocolates from Ajfan shop? Super!! i am interested in you. Do you have crores of rupees and SUV also? I am drooling… I imagine you are a big fish. We saints of TPM love fishes that give golden coins from their mouth, like the one that gave to Peter (Matt 17:27)!

      If i beforehand know about your money, then like my saints, i would never poke my nose in rich people business. We only push our power on poor believers. Our TPM is very strict church.

      You don’t worry about my earlier comment. I ask sorry to you and want to do friendship with you. My saints also interested in making you our believer.

      We will not mind if rich believer like you stay neutral. If you don’t even come regularly to our church, still we will keep visiting your home and licking your boots. You can notice that in our eyes and behavior. But remember we do not tolerate lukewarm spiritual neutrality of poor believers, because we are very strict.

      My request to you is to keep donating lot of money @our international convention and enjoy neutral stay in TPM. Our love to you will not grow cold as long as your money keeps keeping us warm.

      Saint Elina (follower of true apostles of 21st century)


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