Straight Shots is a short drama series. Each episode focuses on one specific conduct of TPM believers. You will be able to identify how TPM believers instinctively act in specific settings. Each behaviour will be met by a candid response from Molly.

Major Characters: Read episode 1 for knowing character backgrounds.

Scene 1

We see a cafeteria of “e-Motors Pvt. Ltd” which is located on the top floor of the company building in Bangalore. A very long banquet table is laid up with dish heaters and catering vessels, having all sorts of foods served. Salads, rice, flatbreads, seafood, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, kinds of pasta, noodles, sausages, pancakes, kinds of bacon – you name a dish and it is available in this cafeteria.  Manju and Molly are sitting in one corner on a small round table, enjoying their meal and giggling over something. Suddenly Manju’s mobile rings with a message notification. Manju taps twice on the screen to read the message.

Manju:  Oh my God!

Molly: What happened?

Manju:  They have demolished faith home. 

Molly: Show?

(Manju shows her picture of faith home demolished by City Municipal Corporation).

Straight Shots- 2: Faith home demolished

Molly: This is Pune faith home. I have been here last month with my aunt. 

Manju: O… Can you please call your aunt and enquire what happened.  

Molly dials her aunt’s number and does a little enquiry into the matter.

Molly: They did illegal construction. So the government demolished it.

Manju: Shh… This KJP government is the government of children of darkness!  They are always against Christians.

Molly: Yeah, but its TPM’s mistake this time!

Manju: Shut up Molly! You are taking side with the antichrist.

Molly: Why should I shut up! There is a difference in getting punished for doing the wrong things and being punished for being right. When you do no harm to anyone and still they come and harm you, then it is persecution. But if you go against the laws unnecessarily, then it is your fault. And this time this is TPM mistake. Haven’t you read what the apostle wrote?

15 If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler. 16 However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.

1 Pet 4:15-16

Do you even know that this faith home was an illegal construction? This time it is TPM’s fault. Why blame the government? Who told The Pentecostal Mission to do illegal construction? And by the way, this is not the first time any illegal building is erected in TPM. Most of the TPM construction work all over the country is without legal sanctions. They have done illegal encroachments in many places. (Check this for example). There are one or two believers in every faith home, who are assigned all the land/tax-related work of faith home, who keep bribing government officers to get work done illegally. Apart from these few believers in every faith home, ninety per cent of believers are unaware of all illegal, immoral and unofficial bribing which TPM keeps doing in every faith home. Do you even know that most clergies in TPM don’t pay taxes and bills until they are transferred? When the new transferee arrives, he will have to bear the burden of unpaid bills and taxes. He would then make a complaint to the centre pastor that his former colleague didn’t pay government bills.

And let me tell you, it is not that only Christian church which has been demolished. Innumerable temples were also demolished in past. Do you know how many godmen were put in prison in the past few years – from Ram Rahim, Asaram Bapu, Nirmal Baba, Radhe ma and on and on and on?  Aren’t Radhema and Ram Rahim’s hiding inside TPM? Will you blame the government for it? Wake up Manju from you religious zealotry. Use your brains and discern when to defend the church and when to rebuke its wrong activities.

Manju stays silent.


  1. Nice one, Admin especially the title, the shock value is tremendous and draws the attention of the reader.

    The foundations of this organisation is built on lies and it is not surprising that these liars bring so much reproach to the Holy Name of God by their illegal activities. You shall know them by their fruits and unfortunately since this organisation’s roots are in Satan, their fruits are unholy and bear testimony to their origin.

    Ethics and TPM never go hand in hand. They justify their unethical practices with the teaching, “be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves””, but their actions are more leaning towards the old serpent, their father, the originator of all lies. These are wolves thriving in the midst of some foolish sheep and a whole herd of goats.

    Feel sorry for the lost sheep in their midst but very much hopeful that our faithful Lord, who delivered us from TPM’s stranglehold will also deliver each one of his sheep in due time.

    The part about some of the key believers being the public liaison officers for TPM in each branch is very much true as one of my uncles who was a Govt Employee was used to handle these tricky situations. These believers are put on a pedestal by TPM and they enjoy being tools in the hands of the servants of Satan. And when they enter eternity, they will be shocked to hear the Master say, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’

    It is not too late to repent and serve the only True God of the Bible instead of a false christ created by the false teachers of TPM.

  2. Classic example of TPM hypocrisy. These white clads don’t even follow the ethics and principles followed even by unbelievers.

    I feel that this organisation will be raided shortly by government agencies and they will bring shame to the entire Christian world.


  3. TPM church build in my area is also illegal. I pray that the government should come and check it soon!

    this TPM SOGs can preach for so long time on the stage about the holiness in outward appearences but in they themselves wont obey the authorities as the bible ask us to do. But they dare to force their believers to follow their stupid laws. Hypocrites!!



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