This post is not for the diehards of TPM who will obey their cult charlatans even when they are in mortal danger of their spiritual/eternal lives. This is only for our readers who have understood the perils of being trapped in the cult of The Pentecostal Mission.

Many theologians have commonly linked Revelation 6:8’s “pale horse” of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with pestilences and plagues (with paleness being a common symptom of severe illnesses).  The coronavirus, spreading very rapidly in China and to many other nations as well due to human travel, is looking more like it may become just such a pestilence as prophesied in the Bible.

The most recent spurt in coronavirus(Korea and Iran) has been attributed to religious gatherings.

This article is a warning to TPM, based on another quasi-Christian sister cult which practices certain tricks as TPM to trap innocents. This cult has become quite popular in just ONE WEEK. Its called by name Shincheonji. Though we are not normally bothered about other cults, we are under a burden to warn TPMites about the lurking danger for them in the light of certain things with the Shincheonji members. I would not be surprised if they too would have quoted certain portions of Psalm 91 to tempt the Lord.

What exactly is the Corona Virus?

This video will help you understand some basics about this Virus and how it affects the people involved.

Recent Developments

The following is an excerpt from an online magazine named FOREIGNPOLICY.COM.

By Feb. 17, South Korea’s tally of COVID-19 patients stood at 30, with zero deaths. Ten patients were fully cured and discharged, with some of the discharged patients declaring the disease was “not something as serious as one might think.” The government seemed ready to declare victory.

That all came to a crashing halt last week thanks to the 31st case. Patient No. 31, discovered on Feb. 18, was a member of a quasi-Christian cult called Shincheonji, one of the many new religious movements in the country. Founded in 1984, Shincheonji (whose official name is Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony) means “new heaven and earth,” a reference to the Book of Revelation. Its founder Lee Man-hee claims to be the second coming of Jesus who is to establish the “new spiritual Israel” at the end of days. The cult is estimated to have approximately 240,000 followers and claims to have outposts in 29 countries in addition to South Korea.

Shincheonji’s bad theology makes for worse public health. Shincheonji teaches ILLNESS IS A SIN, encouraging its followers to suffer through diseases(NO MEDICINES?) to attend services in which they sit closely together, breathing in spittle as they repeatedly amen in unison. If they were off on their own, that might be one thing—but according to Shin Hyeon-uk, a pastor who formerly belonged to the cult, Shincheonji believes in “deceptive proselytizing,” approaching potential converts without disclosing their denomination. Shincheonji convinces its members to cover their tracks, providing a prearranged set of answers to give when anyone asks if they belong to the cult. Often, even family members are in the dark about whether someone is a Shincheonji follower. The net effect is that Shincheonji followers infect each other easily, then go onto infect the community at large.

It is not yet clear exactly how Shincheonji cultists were infected with COVID-19 in the first instance. (KCDC said Patient No. 31 is likely not the first Shincheonji follower to be infected, given the timeline of her symptoms.) Although investigations are still pending, South Korean authorities have been focusing on the funeral of the brother of Shincheonji’s founder held in early February. Shincheonji has 19 churches in China, including in Wuhan, and it may be possible that followers from around the world attended the funeral.

The Spread of the Virus

The members of this cult came to a funeral meeting in South Korea(Feb 1st week) and got themselves infected by this virus. Now after the meeting, they went back to different places and continued to spread it, unknown that they are the carriers. Look at this map and see how they spread the virus to different places all over the world.

The Cult and the COVID-19

Notice the red circles. These are places where the spread of the virus was accelerated because of the careless behaviour of the Shincheonji cult members. The South Korean Government has ordered the testing of each of its Korean members. Fortunately, India was excluded in the list. However, we are publishing this article to warn the TPM Cult. Please be warned that unlike other communicable diseases which affect mostly the poor and the underprivileged of the society, this disease is NOT the disease that can be contained by quarantining the poor. The Iranian Deputy Health Minister himself is a victim. As of today, South Korea has 3526 confirmed cases just in ONE WEEK. Click here to know the latest statistics.


The Sitting Duck in Chennai

As we have mentioned it time and again, TPM is a cult which does not value life. They are obstinate and are suicidal when it comes to their perverted doctrines. Their ministers have been dying left, right centre holding on to their unscriptural stand and testing the Lord. Some of their believers are also brainwashed to follow this perversion. However, a majority of their believers are basically in it for their own benefits. This majority does not believe in their version of Divine Healing doctrine to sacrifice their lives.

Unlike the earlier conventions, this time it is quite different. Coronavirus is communicable through the air we breathe. It does not show any symptoms for the first 12 days while the carriers will have no clue that they are carrying and distributing it. This incubation period could even be as long as 27 days. TPM IBR Convention can be a melting pot for this deadly exchange.

India is underprepared and has a very poor record of handling such a crisis. We hope and pray that this event does not explode a bomb for the nation. We also know that the Show-Business Charlatans of TPM are so stiffnecked and obstinate that they will not postpone or cancel this event. For them, it’s time to show their Chivalry. When responsible people are going for self-quarantine, such a convention to gather people together can be classified as CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.


Being careful does not cost you much. However, carelessness is the highway to Wreckage. I hope that none of our readers is in the TPM Highway to destruction. TPM could be on the way to become the Second CULT to spread the deadly virus. If Saudi Arabia can ban all foreign pilgrims for religious gatherings, TPM should not play around with projecting their non-functional divine healing. It’s up to them and their fanatics. May the Lord have mercy on them.

The Cult and the COVID-19

Remember quarantined patients who have been tested negative have again later tested to be positive. There is NO KNOWN REMEDY for this disease YET. If you notice the above map, you will realize that the poorer nations are relatively safer.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Matt 24:7-8



  1. Another timely article. I was also wondering whether the international pilgrimage organisers will be sensible enough. In all probability they will not be. They also understand the gravity of the situation but the image of the cult will be tarnished. TPM bowing to illness? Impossible .

    Yesterday, there were 2093 new cases of which 1165 were in S Korea. All because of the irresponsible attitude of a cult.

    Since TPM does not believe that harm can be done. I think the Chennai administration should not give permission for this gathering. The government should be sensible.

    Worldwide; meetings are being cancelled by responsible people.

    We should not expect anything good from Emptee and group.

    • @ Admin @TPM IBR Convention can be a melting pot for this deadly exchange.

      @ Richie @ I think the Chennai administration should not give permission for this gathering. The government should be sensible.

      No brother. All Chennai politician (friends of Manasseh, teju) know about international convention notice. They know it is international divine healing meeting. They come with bodyguards. All international believer who infected ( but unaware), and still coming to our international convention from Singapore, Hongkong, gulf, Canada, UK, UAE, America, will get healing, in soul mind and in the body. Complete healing. On Sunday pestilence healing services begin, sharp at 6 pm. I request all politicians to print IBR convention notice in Indian newspaper and world newspaper, to inform about great healing service, to be held in Chennai convention on Sunday.

      China people can come. They will get healed and we have a great opportunity to open the tithe collecting centre in China also. The pastor will also get many electronic items free if China joins our tpm. Very nice opportunity. Not to be missed.

      Sorry, my boss does not give holiday. I’m not coming. But all believers go please and get healing in our international gathering day.

      • @ Elina I thought your boss is in IRBR.

        I have a very promising proposition that you can propose to your original bosses in IRBR. Why not move the entire IRBR headquarter to Wuhan. When the foolish scientists are struggling to get a cure you can show them the right way. Just imagine billions of dollars in offering.

        By following this scheme there will be two advantages.
        1. The world gets a cure.
        2. The people of Chennai will get some free space in IRBR that can be used for some infrastructure that will be helpful to
        the masses which otherwise is lying idle for the use of some gluttons.

        • Brother
          All foreign believer come for international convention. After five days they return back. Then they attend their faith home meeting. So our divine healing virus will spread to all world.

          Poor mask selling company will suffer great loss. O

          Therefore I not attend any Sunday meeting for next two month, and block believer coming to my home, because I am busy onshore project, my company send me to outside India to Antarctica

          After six month i personally take your proposal to Chief pastor if I not see him wearing white mask.

  2. @ Elina

    Although it is a serious matter, I wonder what will happen if corona outbreaks in India via TPM (just like it happened in Korea via cult of Shincheonji). What if government puts ban on your church gatherings on sundays and tarrying meetings? Will tpm conduct worship meetings via internet or telephonic services? How about tarrying meeting. Will your church believers record their tongues and send it on WhatsApp groups, probably prophecies from your Akka ? What do you think?

    • @Brother Nath

      The church in China were conducting online worship services which unfortunately the white clads can’t do. They have only one white coloured feature phone ( other smart phones in their Juba and cloth bag are illegal)and they cannot use that.

      I would like to use this opportunity to advise the people in NTC ( all western churches) to take this matter seriously. Since, you are the money spinners you may have a say (not guaranteed).

      If something like this happens you will be putting our country India into crisis which already is facing a slowdown. We do not have the ways or means to fight this. This will become a Full blown pandemic and this sin will be on you. Think about the lives that will be lost. Think about the butterfly effect. You will be adding fuel to the fire.


      • @Richie
        Absolutely. Western branches of tpm, at least believers should apply pressure on fake homes to start adapting to changes, for sake of humanity at least. Preparation must be made for online gatherings in the wake on public danger. Someone in government wing of a civil administrative position (any of our reader ) must take matters in their hand and do something about people.. Blood will be on their hands of they could have done something and still they didn’t do anything. May God give wisdom to our readers.

  3. So in the shape of COVID-19, this virus is going to threaten and play a vital role in totally disturbing this year’s March Convention.That is for sure. Dear TPMites, do you wannt get infected with this COVID -19 virus by joining this mass event?
    It is upto you to take the final call whether to ban the meeting or get infected with this virus.
    Secondly did you remember that repeatedly that this had been warning you that a time would come that the JERICHO WALLS of IBR H.Q would be brought down and exactly that time is nearing .The huge 4 FLOOR meeting structure of this IBR HQtrs would become pale and not much attendance would be witnessed this year!
    The gates of the IBR H.Qtrs would crumble anyway. Keep watching now as this INTRNL world event is 5 days away and it would become a null and void show anyway..It may finally be seen as a ordinary street show.

  4. This cult runs on Human sacrifice. They kill families in the name of divine healing and they kill innocent children in the name of their celibate consecrated ministry. They stop the God ordained natural cycle of procreation by their false teaching of celibacy. This Corona Virus is another opportunity for their god to kill a few more so that the Name of God will be blasphemed among the heathen. These servants of Molech will encourage their followers not only to attend this annual mela but also will tell them that the blood of their christ will protect them from any virus.

    I feel sorry for the believers of this cult, can’t they see what happened in South Korea and what is happening around the world.

    Hope watching this video will open their eyes to the risk they are taking and how they are exposing their children to this disease.

  5. The Prime Minister and Home Minister of India have appealed to avoid public gatherings.

    What’s the status at IRBR.

    Can anybody please update?

  6. A few weeks back one of the TPM believers had assured the readers that the admin would be caught during the chennai convention. Its the third day of this mela and I’m still waiting for my Selfie moment with the admin. Any updates please???

  7. Oopsie…have to wait for another week then, I’m looking forward to this Con vention with bated breath…hope it will live up to its promises…maybe a divine cure for Corona.

  8. What is the latest information about TPM Haj scheduled for the next week? Are TPM frauds still planning to go ahead with it in spite of government instructions to avoid public gatherings?

  9. Yes there is no change in their schedule till now. They will drive corona evil spirit by their filling in the spirit session. Let some Chinese people come from Wuhan to get healed. 😉

  10. Just wondering, with the COVID-19 becoming so contagious, will the chief morons of TPM stop their holy unhygienic practice of forcing their believers to take communion from the same cup?

    • They will not change their practice. Even if they die due to COVID-19, TPM will consider themselves as martyrs. They will have the same mentality as muslims who consider dying in hajj will take them to heaven. I heard a testimony from a sister that a person did not sit after “filling in the spirit” session was over. When others told him to sit there was no response. Then they found him dead. So again all started praising God that God’s spirit came to collect his spirit personally. And that brother was blessed. Again all started to praise their god by filling in spirit. So many in TPM pray they should die in fake home itself, especially filling in spirit session. And that sister was telling me she should also have a death like that brother. So TPM is not only comprised of hinduism but muslim believes as well.

    • That is because God did not allow his name to be maligned. Its not because of any Chivalry on part of TPM. If you think they have some genuine power to heal, why do not these charlatans go and heal the Corona Affected people? Why are they hiding within the doors of the Faith home and not even allowing their believers to enter in?

    • Poor brother Arputhraj was scared that if there will be cases after IRBR convention then what face he will show to the other Christian believers.

      Anna, TPM saints have another disease worse than Covid-19. The Bible speaks about the power of that disease in Matthew 10:28 and people like you are guilty for covering that up( same like it’s a crime to hide covid-19).

      Be happy and when all this is over make sure to go to your fake home wearing white shirt and white pant and get ‘FILLED’ with the dB effect meanwhile some of yours saints will enjoy somebody’s wife, mother or sister and in some cases sons also.

    • @arputhraj
      Did they undergo PCR test and come negative?
      What about tpm believers?

      I think if they stop covering up like china, truth will eventually come out.

  11. @Arputhraj dont make such blind statements that no one was infected. The fact is no one was tested. In fact we were worse than the Tablighi Jamat guys who despite seeing lock downs went ahead and conducted their gathering just because govt specifically did not stop them. You see their consequences.
    Of the thousands who transited the airports and railways after the convention, you claim no one has caught the infection. Hope it turns to be true.
    A traditional blind TPM follower will be busy with home remedies till it gets out of hand.
    I suggest someone please alert the nearest PHC members to visit the sick rooms and subject all to COVID tests.
    //i didnt mean its by tpms holiness that corona didnt spread …god only saved us//. Thats true…TPM’s holiness can get rid of peoples sickness, problems, dangers, poverty, trials etc.
    I dont think there is any difference between you and the guys from Tablighi Jamat.
    When govt. is straining hard with social distancing, the clergy is now calling few people to their villas, replicating the same devotional meetings with loud tongues and recording the same on whats app and sending to all.

    • I presume that unlike Tablighi Jamat, tpm top brass might have paid money to police and used political influence in Chennai, to keep IBR convention away from news. Let government set enquiry in all states to find out how many religious gathering took place between the said period , and tpm’s name would surface. And tpm probably had much more crowd that Tablighi markaz.

      If search is made to find how many of those who are house quaritined in chennai belong to tpm and have attended IBR convention then matters would become worse for tpm chennai.

  12. I just hope that God will have mercy on the poor believers of TPM who assembled at their holy annual collection.

    Also It will be a greater tragedy because such a big gathering if infected would spread the virus all over the country. It will be undetected as well as these folks will hold on to their divine healing.

    It is the Christians’ duty to spread the Gospel but unfortunately this cult is following some of the dark elements of Islam in spreading death and suffering through the corona virus.

  13. Don’t compare it to the pale horse in revelations. Their have been. Much,much worse diseases. The Black Death killed 50 million people which was 60 percent of Europe. The Spanish flu also killed 50 million across the world. The coronavirus is nothing compared to them. Don’t say the coronavirus was prophesied in the Bible because it was not. Humans have been through much,much worse diseases before.

    • @Isaac
      What makes you think that a 4th seal is a One-shot event? I personally believe it is a sequence of events which can span centuries. When interpreting revelation, we should not be dogmatic. That is how TPM is stuck with an obsolete interpretation without any remedy. Stop continuing with that same attitude. We should be open to considering points by others and if it sounds reasonable, accept it. THESE ARE NOT DOCTRINAL ISSUES. Therefore, its quite possible that all those recent plagues can be clubbed into the pale horse analogy. This can include the Spanish Flu, Bubonic Plague, the COVID-19, Bengal Famine, Malaria, TB, many more etc apart from many wars and sudden attacks. The net effect of the Pale Horse is that 25% of people will die prematurely by such events(which is applicable to COVID as well). COVID is a PANDEMIC and you cannot ignore that fact. Whatever Donald Trump does, the little Virus has shown him his place. COVID adds to the list of plagues.

      When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Rev 6:7-8

      Even in Matt 24, Jesus speaks of multiple similar events which indicate a warmup towards the culmination.

      6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matt 24:6-8


      When you Trash a theory, you need to provide adequate reasons and suggest a better alternative. Also, be open to questioning your theory by others.
      Do you know that TPM Doctrine king Alwin believed and propagated that Mussolini was the End time Anti Christ?

      • 1. First of all, its logically impossible for this to happen. It’s because the Bible says the event will wipe out 25% of the human population. That would mean that the population would have to be stable and humans won’t have time to reproduce and recover. If the diseases happened over centuries. Humans would have time to reproduce and it would be impossible to kill 25% of the population. In fact, the only way it would be able to kill 25% would be through a one shot even

        2. Second of all, it would be mathematically impossible for this to happen. 112 years ago a whole other set of humans existed. Lets say that 10% percent of them died from diseases. That would mean that 35% percent of our currently set of humans would have to die for 25% of the human population to die from diseases. This is absolutely absurd statement. We would have definitely realized it if their was was a disease going around that killed 35% of the population.

        • Dear Isaac,
          I am approving your comment on the hope that you will desist from using words that are abusive in nature, as you have been using earlier.

          Now coming to your points.
          1. You seem to be limiting the Lord of all the earth with your logic. God knows how each individual dies. He transcends time and for him calculating 25% is not a problem as it might seem to you or me. You need to recheck on Rev 6:7 and know that the reason for such untimely deaths is not just by plagues, but also other factors like Swords, famines and wild beasts. Wild beasts do not mean some lion or tiger etc..It could have different interpretation including abortions of children done by beastly parents or terror attacks or even Malaria/Dengue caused by even mosquitoes. Stop putting God in your small BOX. He does not fit there..

          2. See friend, you seem to be thinking in your very limited understanding about God. God Transcends time. You and I are finite time-bound people. I get that the God of TPM/NTC you serve is like the white-clad(or the black-clad chamaeleon in the US) who stands at your pulpit. However, for me, it is not so. I believe that at some point in time the 4th Seal is opened and after that, every 4th person dies because of the above mentioned 4 reasons. For sure all these deaths can be identified as premature deaths and stop calculating in such low-level fashion. God does not have a problem with the calculation of an increasing or decreasing population over a period of time. He is Much Much bigger than your little box.

          Above all start reading scriptures with the thinking that YOU CAN BE WRONG. That will help you to get out of the present closed understanding.
          It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. Prov 25:2

        • @Isaac
          //That would mean that the population would have to be stable and humans won’t have time to reproduce and recover.

          This statement is quite illogical as that is never going to happen.
          Births: The 2016 average of 18.6 births per 1,000 total population equates to approximately 4.3 births per second or about 256 births per minute for the world.

          Deaths:Some estimate that around 59 million people die each year — an average of 2 people every second.
          Every 102 seconds, someone dies in the war.
          ▪ Every 61 seconds, someone dies at the hands of murderers.
          ▪ Every 39 seconds someone commits suicide.
          ▪ Every 26 seconds someone dies in a car accident.
          ▪ Every 3 seconds someone dies due to hunger.
          ▪ Every 3 seconds a child under 5 years of age dies.

          All the above statistics can be put in the 4th horse and needless to say, this will happen during a period and not an instant as you say.

        • @admin
          1. God does ascend time but HUMANS DON’T. Remember that even Jesus was bound by time and had to rise up in 3 days when he came to earth in human form. It is simply mathematically impossible for this to happen
          2 Again, these Plagues are effecting Humans and are not effecting God. We humans are bound by time but god is not. Also, 25% will die from diseases, it won’t be the added result of all 4 horsemen.

          1. Your whole argument is flawed because more babies are born each year than the number of people dying. In fact, the human population is increasing by 80 million every year. Also, 59 million is not even 1% of the world population.

        • //1. God does ascend time but HUMANS DON’T. Remember that even Jesus was bound by time and had to rise up in 3 days when he came to earth in human form. It is simply mathematically impossible for this to happen

          Dear Isaac, When reading scriptures, we need to connect with appropriate and matching portions of other scripture and not inappropriate unlinked portions as you did. That is how Hermeneutics is done. How are the 3 days for resurrection connected with the end times events? Therefore, please go to Matt 24 which is the lynchpin to all interpretations of future events. Let’s check the linked portion in that.
          And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars(SWORDS): see that ye be not troubled: for ALL THESE THINGS MUST COME TO PASS, BUT THE END IS NOT YET 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:(SWORDS) and there shall be famines(FAMINES), and pestilences(PLAGUES), and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matt 24:6-8
          These above are the events which correctly correspond with the 4th seal. Do you notice the escalating progression in the statement of Jesus? Therefore, it is NOT a One-Shot event and it will be happening over a Period of Time before the great tribulation begins. Note that the famines, pestilences and Wars are in PLURAL…It does not take much effort to know that IT WILL BE A TIME-CONSUMING PROPHECY FULFILLMENT. Check out various theological commentaries, you will understand that this verse is not about a one-shot event that happens with a constant population.

          Each Human is bound by a definite time. However, Humanity for which this Book of Revelation is given will not end in that sense. This prophecy is for HUMANITY and 25% of HUMANITY LIVING AFTER THE PALE HORSE, dying requires time. It’s absurd and preposterous to think of a one-shot event. That is not a sensible thought.

        • @Johnson
          My statement is very logical. It just means that 25% of the population of that time would have to die. The 4th horseman will kill so many people that the worlds population will decrease by 25%. The only way this can be done would be in a short period of time where humans won’t have time to reproduce Also, the world populations annually adds 1.1% percent to its count every year. It is possible for the population to decrease as it is able to increase.

        • @Isaac
          That is quite an imagination. I am not talking about a mathematical possibility. I am talking about the illogical thinking that these 4-5 events mentioned is going to happen with a static population figure. That is quite a fertile imagination.

        • True. Assume this present Covid as one of the plagues mentioned in the verse. Experts are saying that even if India does 1,00,000 testing per day, it will take 37 years to complete the test on all Indians ASSUMING INDIA POPULATION TO BE STATIC FOR THESE 37 YEARS. 37 years is a pretty long time to even asses who dies of this plague and who died normally. Now combine that with all the other events mentioned in the context and expand it all over the world with Plurality of similar events?
          Nobody is talking about eradicating the Covid even within 5 years. But this gentleman is expecting AN EVENT to accomplish the 4th Seal opening. LOL

        • @Johnson


          You completely misunderstood what I meant as stable. When I said the human population would have to be stable. I meant that the the human population would have to fall 25% percent without the population having time to recover. For this to happen, it would have to fall very quickly. The only mathematically way for the human population to decrease by 25% percent would be for it to happen quickly over a short period of time and not over centuries like the admin thinks.

        • @isaac
          Stop embarrassing yourselves. The God you serve seems to have some real problems. He has to stop the train to count the bogies. What a waste.

    • @Admin
      I meant mathematically absurd for the the dark horse Plague to last for centuries . I didn’t mean god rising from the dead

        • @Admin
          First of all, when Jesus was talking about the future events in Matt 24, He was talking about all of them in a broad sense. HE WASNT SPECIFICALLY TALKING ABOUT THE 4th HORSEMEN. We do know though that the 4th horsemen will kill 25% of humans with diseases. This is as I already stated mathematically has to happen in a short amount of time. My second point is that humans are bound by time and these plagues are happening to humans. Also, Jesus himself was Limited by time when he came to earth in human form. Also admin, they have almost found a vaccine for Coronavirus and are set to have it made in September. Coronavirus is not even going to last a year.
          Also, for the disease to be able to even decrease the worlds population , IT WOULD HAVE TO KILL ABOUT 80 MILLION IN ONE YEAR just to decrease the human population by less than 0.1% precent.


          You completely misunderstood what I meant as stable. When I said the human population would have to be stable. I meant that the the human population would have to fall 25% percent without the population having time to recover. For this to happen, it would have to fall very quickly. The only mathematically way for the human population to decrease by 25% percent would be for it to happen quickly over a short period of time and not over centuries like the admin thinks.

        • //First of all, when Jesus was talking about the future events in Matt 24, He was talking about all of them in a broad sense. HE WASNT SPECIFICALLY TALKING ABOUT THE 4th HORSEMEN

          4th Horsemen is symbolic to the death and Hades during that time. It’s not a real horse. So you will not find any Horseman in Jesus’s explanation. Jesus speaks about those precise events. And that is it.
          What do you mean by BROAD SENSE? The question by his disciples is specific and Jesus’s answer was regarding that. He is not giving an abstract answer to a specific question.
          As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? Matt 24:3
          Jesus is specifically addressing the sequence of events. Read the whole chapter and you will know how sequentially he is addressing them. He has a definite storyline. You cannot ignore that. You cannot ignore the events mentioned by Jesus as something like drawing randomly from a pack of cards. He is the one running the show. He knows it better than all of us combined. A student of Eschatology has to align unclear/symbolic scriptural portions with clear/explicit passages. All Christian Eschatology students will come to Matt 24 for that purpose. It cannot be OUT of that Structure. To Push your interpretation to supersede clearer passage of scriptures are a sure way of running into errors. That is how TPM/NTC Landed into this mess from which they cannot get out.I do not agree with your “BROAD SENSE” Philosophy.

          Now coming to the statistics.
          Do you know 9 million people die of hunger each year?
          An estimated 300-600 million people suffer from malaria each year
          A total of 1.5 million people died from TB in 2018 (10 million fell ill from TB)
          There are so many of those diseases like Dengue, Chicken Gunya, Viral Fever, HIV/AIDS, Measles, Nile Virus, Enterovirus D68, Hanta Virus and many more.
          Now add to these figures all kinds of wars, Terror attacks, Murders, Pandemics, communicable diseases, earthquakes, abortions etc. Even the common Flu kills half a million annually. Aren’t we already there or at least are we not reaching there?. Unless you refuse to see that, I am not going to force you on that. Its a choice.

          And hey, God has no problem with hitting a moving target. We need not teach him mathematics. He knows it best.

        • In case you failed to understand my earlier explanation, you can look at the attached graph and see how 25% of people will die over time. As the years progress the casualties for the items mentioned in the 4th seal(swords/famine/plagues/wild beasts) will be increased causing deaths. That is what Jesus tells us as BIRTH PANGS(Matt 24:8). Birthpangs/travail are pains of the same nature with increased frequency and intensity till the birth of the child (Second coming of the Lord/Our Transformation) – Romans 8:22.
          Most probably you may not understand and that is not my problem. I am done.

          Note:Do not be picky about the shaded area. I could not get one which could fit the scale to exactly 25%. This graph is only to show the concept.


        • @Admin
          Jesus is answering the question in a broad sense by making the events plural and saying it like they could or could not happen at the same time. He never states how many earthquakes, diseases or wars their will be. Neither does he state how many people they will kill or in what order they will come.

          All your death statistics are wrong BECAUSE THE EARTHS POPULATION IS INCREASING BY 80 MILLION PER YEAR. As in number of births – number of deaths=80 million.
          Also your graph doesn’t include increases in human population or babies being born.
          Also, how many years are on the graph because it in fact might be supporting my argument.
          Remember your the one who thought that the black horse will take centuries and I am trying to disprove your point. I think it could be in a short period like in 75 years or less.

        • Did I not tell you that these are things beyond your understanding? You cannot understand it in your current frame of mind.

          Let me put in your earlier statement
          First of all, its logically impossible for this to happen. It’s because the Bible says the event will wipe out 25% of the human population. That would mean that the population would have to be stable and humans WON’T HAVE TIME to reproduce and recover.

          However, I am happy to see your last sentence in this comment.
          //I think it could be in a short period like in 75 years or less.

          Do you know that the World Population in 1950 (70 yrs back) was 2.5 Billion..Today we are 7+ Billion. Do you think that is a Stable population figure where Humans are NOT REPRODUCING and RECOVERING?

          Do you think the population will remain stable for 75 years? are you Ok?
          I am glad that you have realised your folly and is trying to adjust from your ONE-SHOT destruction to a 75-year term now. That is a positive note. Keep thinking and you will realise that it’s not as simple as you think. I am a bit out of time to spend my time on things of these nature. May the Lord bless you.

          Now coming to your statement that I said the Pale horse WILL Span centuries, I beg to differ. Let me repost the part that I said.
          I personally believe it is a sequence of events which CAN span centuries. When interpreting revelation, we should not be dogmatic.

          Do you know the difference between CAN SPAN and WILL SPAN?
          CAN” stands for a Possibility. whereas WILL stands for being definite. I hope you understood what I mean. Did I not additionally mention above that “You should NOT be dogmatic?”. What does that mean?
          I hope you get some basic English lessons and do not make false assumptions while discussing with others.

        • @Admin
          You just contradicted yourself. You told me that humans reproduce quickly and your also saying that you personally believe that the dark horseman events will last for centuries. Since humans, reproduce quickly. It will be absurd for diseases to kill 25% of the population super slowly through centuries when humans also have centuries to reproduce.

          I also said that it could last 75 years so you could contradict yourself. I never meant it. I knew you would try to argue with it and by you arguing you fell into my trap. To see how you contradicted yourself, just look below.

          So do you think the population will remain stable for centuries? are you Ok? Do you think that humans won’t have time to reproduce with something killing off the population so slowly throughout centuries.

          I honestly hope you can get some basic English lessons and learn that when you say that you PERSONALLY BELIEVE. You truly mean it. Also, when I said stable I meant that the human population would have to fall 25% without the population having time to recover.

        • ?? Gone bonkers??
          The contradiction is when someone says these 2 statements.

          //That would mean that the population would have to be stable and humans WON’T HAVE TIME to reproduce and recover.

          //I think it could be in a short period like in 75 years or less.

          Not when Admin says that a period COULD last for centuries and 25% people who live during those time will die because of the events mentioned in the 4th seal. This is irrespective of any rate of reproduction.

          Dear Son. If you do not understand my point, I guess you need to cool down and take a walk. This is not your cup of tea. PERIOD.

          //I never meant it.
          Now also be reminded that you need to stop this meaningless trolling.OK?

          Good luck child…

  14. TPM is in news again. This time again charity in front of News channel.
    Looks Like even these bunch havent come across Mat 6: 3 & 4
    Bro. EE can explain the discussion as its in Telugu.

    • I remember following passage.

      Mark 12:41-44
      41. And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. 42. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. 43. And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: 44. For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

      Unlike these paid new channels, a real journalist will make colage to two videos. One hand he will show how poor have contributed to this cause from little they have. On the other hand he will show all the net worth of tpm, and then show how little tpm donates (to showoff) from abundance of abundance of property and money they posses.

      A little charity of poor is much respectable in sight of God, than these actors in saints cloak.

  15. Yeah Bro. Redeemed, greetings to you
    THE DISCUSSION–interview given by worker Bro. Yohan of local TPM church and the believers
    The place : Warangal City area
    The location: Yenumaamala Market place
    The food camp being organised for whom: For migrant labour who came from near-by villiages in search of their livelihood and got stuck up because of CORONA virus.
    What the bro.Yohan says in the interview: “God gave them an opportunity to serve the food and water for 500 people who suffer from hunger and thirst in this hour of virus.Even we are ready serve for some more in the coming days.”
    What the other believer is adding after Yohan talked to the press:”We are ready to serve food and water packets to the police and municipal staff and physically challenged people at the bus stand and railway stations also.
    Wow, TPM is now in the CHARITY business. Now the captain of the ship is here is : CP /SEC’BAD-CENTRE–Shyam Sundar without whom instructions the proceedings might not have taken place.
    I think because of the consistent stand taken by this blessed site against this CULT, the top JUNTA and the CULT manager must have goaded Shyam Sundar to do charitable acts ,these actions were resulted Theres’ hardly any doubt in this.

    • I will not be surprised if the funds or the food itself would have been provided by the believers. The cult leaders will never open their wallet and give anyone even a penny.

      This is a shameless brood of vipers who will do anything to survive.

      • Especially in these times when their god of divine healing is scared of the corona virus and is himself in hiding. His servants are wearing masks which clearly shows the world how much these sons of Satan love their own lives. They con their believers saying that they hate their lives, do they?

        Can you imagine these crooks appearing on TV, they even now preach that anyone watching TV will be left behind? Talk about the forked tongues of these devious snakes.

        They have lost all credibility and with these acts of charity they are trying to remain relevant to their blind believers.

    • @ Uncle Eagleseye
      @ Sis Surya

      I hear that you have been spending precious time trying to get these articles translated.

      My sincere appreciation to both of you as well as to many others in the background who have taken the trouble of sending the SOS call far and wide.

      Especially, the poor believers, without English background will have a good chance at running for their lives.

      I also praise God for Admin and his team for the efforts in running this site.

  16. Greetings Denzel Joy Brother,
    Thank you for sending the bouquets to us….the TRANSLATORS..
    We ‘ve got the bounden duty to do and strengthen the hands of our dear brother ADMN who does almost 24×7 days sacrificial duty for those souls around the globe.when He raised His people like you and other 1% contributing authors, we are just nothing to be counted.
    These spiritual gifts enunciated in 14 th chapter 1 COR are being used for the glory of God and for our edification too. To Ephesians Paul writes ” Blessed be the God ad Father of Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ”…….3rd verse
    “That we should be to the praise of His glory ……………………………….12th verse.
    As we are fast approaching to the 400 th EPISODE of this blessed site , I only pray and wish God strengthen the hands of the owner of this site that EPISODE that it should bring out many many souls from darkness to light.



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