This post is not for the diehards of TPM who will obey their cult charlatans even when they are in mortal danger of their spiritual/eternal lives. This is only for our readers who have understood the perils of being trapped in the cult of The Pentecostal Mission.

Many theologians have commonly linked Revelation 6:8’s “pale horse” of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with pestilences and plagues (with paleness being a common symptom of severe illnesses).  The coronavirus, spreading very rapidly in China and to many other nations as well due to human travel, is looking more like it may become just such a pestilence as prophesied in the Bible.

The most recent spurt in coronavirus(Korea and Iran) has been attributed to religious gatherings.

This article is a warning to TPM, based on another quasi-Christian sister cult which practices certain tricks as TPM to trap innocents. This cult has become quite popular in just ONE WEEK. Its called by name Shincheonji. Though we are not normally bothered about other cults, we are under a burden to warn TPMites about the lurking danger for them in the light of certain things with the Shincheonji members. I would not be surprised if they too would have quoted certain portions of Psalm 91 to tempt the Lord.

What exactly is the Corona Virus?

This video will help you understand some basics about this Virus and how it affects the people involved.

Recent Developments

The following is an excerpt from an online magazine named FOREIGNPOLICY.COM.

By Feb. 17, South Korea’s tally of COVID-19 patients stood at 30, with zero deaths. Ten patients were fully cured and discharged, with some of the discharged patients declaring the disease was “not something as serious as one might think.” The government seemed ready to declare victory.

That all came to a crashing halt last week thanks to the 31st case. Patient No. 31, discovered on Feb. 18, was a member of a quasi-Christian cult called Shincheonji, one of the many new religious movements in the country. Founded in 1984, Shincheonji (whose official name is Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony) means “new heaven and earth,” a reference to the Book of Revelation. Its founder Lee Man-hee claims to be the second coming of Jesus who is to establish the “new spiritual Israel” at the end of days. The cult is estimated to have approximately 240,000 followers and claims to have outposts in 29 countries in addition to South Korea.

Shincheonji’s bad theology makes for worse public health. Shincheonji teaches ILLNESS IS A SIN, encouraging its followers to suffer through diseases(NO MEDICINES?) to attend services in which they sit closely together, breathing in spittle as they repeatedly amen in unison. If they were off on their own, that might be one thing—but according to Shin Hyeon-uk, a pastor who formerly belonged to the cult, Shincheonji believes in “deceptive proselytizing,” approaching potential converts without disclosing their denomination. Shincheonji convinces its members to cover their tracks, providing a prearranged set of answers to give when anyone asks if they belong to the cult. Often, even family members are in the dark about whether someone is a Shincheonji follower. The net effect is that Shincheonji followers infect each other easily, then go onto infect the community at large.

It is not yet clear exactly how Shincheonji cultists were infected with COVID-19 in the first instance. (KCDC said Patient No. 31 is likely not the first Shincheonji follower to be infected, given the timeline of her symptoms.) Although investigations are still pending, South Korean authorities have been focusing on the funeral of the brother of Shincheonji’s founder held in early February. Shincheonji has 19 churches in China, including in Wuhan, and it may be possible that followers from around the world attended the funeral.

The Spread of the Virus

The members of this cult came to a funeral meeting in South Korea(Feb 1st week) and got themselves infected by this virus. Now after the meeting, they went back to different places and continued to spread it, unknown that they are the carriers. Look at this map and see how they spread the virus to different places all over the world.

The Cult and the COVID-19

Notice the red circles. These are places where the spread of the virus was accelerated because of the careless behaviour of the Shincheonji cult members. The South Korean Government has ordered the testing of each of its Korean members. Fortunately, India was excluded in the list. However, we are publishing this article to warn the TPM Cult. Please be warned that unlike other communicable diseases which affect mostly the poor and the underprivileged of the society, this disease is NOT the disease that can be contained by quarantining the poor. The Iranian Deputy Health Minister himself is a victim. As of today, South Korea has 3526 confirmed cases just in ONE WEEK. Click here to know the latest statistics.

Real-time Count of COVID-19 virus cases all over the world


The Sitting Duck in Chennai

As we have mentioned it time and again, TPM is a cult which does not value life. They are obstinate and are suicidal when it comes to their perverted doctrines. Their ministers have been dying left, right centre holding on to their unscriptural stand and testing the Lord. Some of their believers are also brainwashed to follow this perversion. However, a majority of their believers are basically in it for their own benefits. This majority does not believe in their version of Divine Healing doctrine to sacrifice their lives.

Unlike the earlier conventions, this time it is quite different. Coronavirus is communicable through the air we breathe. It does not show any symptoms for the first 12 days while the carriers will have no clue that they are carrying and distributing it. This incubation period could even be as long as 27 days. TPM IBR Convention can be a melting pot for this deadly exchange.

India is underprepared and has a very poor record of handling such a crisis. We hope and pray that this event does not explode a bomb for the nation. We also know that the Show-Business Charlatans of TPM are so stiffnecked and obstinate that they will not postpone or cancel this event. For them, it’s time to show their Chivalry. When responsible people are going for self-quarantine, such a convention to gather people together can be classified as CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.


Being careful does not cost you much. However, carelessness is the highway to Wreckage. I hope that none of our readers is in the TPM Highway to destruction. TPM could be on the way to become the Second CULT to spread the deadly virus. If Saudi Arabia can ban all foreign pilgrims for religious gatherings, TPM should not play around with projecting their non-functional divine healing. It’s up to them and their fanatics. May the Lord have mercy on them.

The Cult and the COVID-19

Remember quarantined patients who have been tested negative have again later tested to be positive. There is NO KNOWN REMEDY for this disease YET. If you notice the above map, you will realize that the poorer nations are relatively safer.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Matt 24:7-8



  1. Another timely article. I was also wondering whether the international pilgrimage organisers will be sensible enough. In all probability they will not be. They also understand the gravity of the situation but the image of the cult will be tarnished. TPM bowing to illness? Impossible .

    Yesterday, there were 2093 new cases of which 1165 were in S Korea. All because of the irresponsible attitude of a cult.

    Since TPM does not believe that harm can be done. I think the Chennai administration should not give permission for this gathering. The government should be sensible.

    Worldwide; meetings are being cancelled by responsible people.

    We should not expect anything good from Emptee and group.

    • @ Admin @TPM IBR Convention can be a melting pot for this deadly exchange.

      @ Richie @ I think the Chennai administration should not give permission for this gathering. The government should be sensible.

      No brother. All Chennai politician (friends of Manasseh, teju) know about international convention notice. They know it is international divine healing meeting. They come with bodyguards. All international believer who infected ( but unaware), and still coming to our international convention from Singapore, Hongkong, gulf, Canada, UK, UAE, America, will get healing, in soul mind and in the body. Complete healing. On Sunday pestilence healing services begin, sharp at 6 pm. I request all politicians to print IBR convention notice in Indian newspaper and world newspaper, to inform about great healing service, to be held in Chennai convention on Sunday.

      China people can come. They will get healed and we have a great opportunity to open the tithe collecting centre in China also. The pastor will also get many electronic items free if China joins our tpm. Very nice opportunity. Not to be missed.

      Sorry, my boss does not give holiday. I’m not coming. But all believers go please and get healing in our international gathering day.

      • @ Elina I thought your boss is in IRBR.

        I have a very promising proposition that you can propose to your original bosses in IRBR. Why not move the entire IRBR headquarter to Wuhan. When the foolish scientists are struggling to get a cure you can show them the right way. Just imagine billions of dollars in offering.

        By following this scheme there will be two advantages.
        1. The world gets a cure.
        2. The people of Chennai will get some free space in IRBR that can be used for some infrastructure that will be helpful to
        the masses which otherwise is lying idle for the use of some gluttons.

        • Brother
          All foreign believer come for international convention. After five days they return back. Then they attend their faith home meeting. So our divine healing virus will spread to all world.

          Poor mask selling company will suffer great loss. O

          Therefore I not attend any Sunday meeting for next two month, and block believer coming to my home, because I am busy onshore project, my company send me to outside India to Antarctica

          After six month i personally take your proposal to Chief pastor if I not see him wearing white mask.

  2. @ Elina

    Although it is a serious matter, I wonder what will happen if corona outbreaks in India via TPM (just like it happened in Korea via cult of Shincheonji). What if government puts ban on your church gatherings on sundays and tarrying meetings? Will tpm conduct worship meetings via internet or telephonic services? How about tarrying meeting. Will your church believers record their tongues and send it on WhatsApp groups, probably prophecies from your Akka ? What do you think?

    • @Brother Nath

      The church in China were conducting online worship services which unfortunately the white clads can’t do. They have only one white coloured feature phone ( other smart phones in their Juba and cloth bag are illegal)and they cannot use that.

      I would like to use this opportunity to advise the people in NTC ( all western churches) to take this matter seriously. Since, you are the money spinners you may have a say (not guaranteed).

      If something like this happens you will be putting our country India into crisis which already is facing a slowdown. We do not have the ways or means to fight this. This will become a Full blown pandemic and this sin will be on you. Think about the lives that will be lost. Think about the butterfly effect. You will be adding fuel to the fire.


      • @Richie
        Absolutely. Western branches of tpm, at least believers should apply pressure on fake homes to start adapting to changes, for sake of humanity at least. Preparation must be made for online gatherings in the wake on public danger. Someone in government wing of a civil administrative position (any of our reader ) must take matters in their hand and do something about people.. Blood will be on their hands of they could have done something and still they didn’t do anything. May God give wisdom to our readers.

  3. So in the shape of COVID-19, this virus is going to threaten and play a vital role in totally disturbing this year’s March Convention.That is for sure. Dear TPMites, do you wannt get infected with this COVID -19 virus by joining this mass event?
    It is upto you to take the final call whether to ban the meeting or get infected with this virus.
    Secondly did you remember that repeatedly that this had been warning you that a time would come that the JERICHO WALLS of IBR H.Q would be brought down and exactly that time is nearing .The huge 4 FLOOR meeting structure of this IBR HQtrs would become pale and not much attendance would be witnessed this year!
    The gates of the IBR H.Qtrs would crumble anyway. Keep watching now as this INTRNL world event is 5 days away and it would become a null and void show anyway..It may finally be seen as a ordinary street show.

  4. This cult runs on Human sacrifice. They kill families in the name of divine healing and they kill innocent children in the name of their celibate consecrated ministry. They stop the God ordained natural cycle of procreation by their false teaching of celibacy. This Corona Virus is another opportunity for their god to kill a few more so that the Name of God will be blasphemed among the heathen. These servants of Molech will encourage their followers not only to attend this annual mela but also will tell them that the blood of their christ will protect them from any virus.

    I feel sorry for the believers of this cult, can’t they see what happened in South Korea and what is happening around the world.

    Hope watching this video will open their eyes to the risk they are taking and how they are exposing their children to this disease.

  5. The Prime Minister and Home Minister of India have appealed to avoid public gatherings.

    What’s the status at IRBR.

    Can anybody please update?

  6. A few weeks back one of the TPM believers had assured the readers that the admin would be caught during the chennai convention. Its the third day of this mela and I’m still waiting for my Selfie moment with the admin. Any updates please???

  7. Oopsie…have to wait for another week then, I’m looking forward to this Con vention with bated breath…hope it will live up to its promises…maybe a divine cure for Corona.

  8. What is the latest information about TPM Haj scheduled for the next week? Are TPM frauds still planning to go ahead with it in spite of government instructions to avoid public gatherings?

  9. Yes there is no change in their schedule till now. They will drive corona evil spirit by their filling in the spirit session. Let some Chinese people come from Wuhan to get healed. 😉

  10. Just wondering, with the COVID-19 becoming so contagious, will the chief morons of TPM stop their holy unhygienic practice of forcing their believers to take communion from the same cup?

    • They will not change their practice. Even if they die due to COVID-19, TPM will consider themselves as martyrs. They will have the same mentality as muslims who consider dying in hajj will take them to heaven. I heard a testimony from a sister that a person did not sit after “filling in the spirit” session was over. When others told him to sit there was no response. Then they found him dead. So again all started praising God that God’s spirit came to collect his spirit personally. And that brother was blessed. Again all started to praise their god by filling in spirit. So many in TPM pray they should die in fake home itself, especially filling in spirit session. And that sister was telling me she should also have a death like that brother. So TPM is not only comprised of hinduism but muslim believes as well.



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