If you would have tried answering the test in the previous episode, you would have realised that even the so-called good things you would like to do are emanating from SELF-CENTREDNESS. As long as your life is NOT Jesus Centric, you cannot be made perfect in Christ Jesus. Most of our TPM friends have been put into an orbit where they are circling TPM and their white-clad. To become Jesus Centric, you need to undergo a massive change.

Look at the featured image where we display the Solar System. All the planets are revolving around the Sun. These planets are pulled to the orbit by the Sun’s gravitational pull. That is the reason why these planets have an orbital direction. In a perfect setting, all of us should be orbiting around Jesus and not after TPM or any other organization/individual.

Changing of the Orbit

Look at how Paul puts this Orbital change in his epistle to the Romans

20 When you were slaves to sin, you were free from the control of righteousness. 21 What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death! 22 But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.

Rom 6:20-22

Coming back to the Solar system example, if a planet has to stop circling the Sun, there is only one way. An external Star which is much bigger than the Sun comes close to the solar system and pulls away these planets by its gravitational force. Once we were orbiting Sin and reaping the benefit of Sin (Death). Now we are orbiting Jesus(God) and we are reaping the benefit of God (Eternal Life). For the theological purpose, any star other than Jesus is Sin.

When the Orbital Change happens, you can see a particular pattern. This pattern can easily be identified in Acts 2:38-42. Note the Bold portions in the below scripture.

38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit39 The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.” 40 With many other words, he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” 41 Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. 42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

The Pseudo Orbit change

What happens in TPM is a pseudo orbit change. It comes with all the above checklist but without any real change. Check out various testimonies in the VOP and soon you will realise that the conversion is to a Mission’s doctrine rather than to CHRIST. As there is no real INNER CHANGE, they become prototypes of the TPM Minister or the TPM Believer. They somehow seem to follow a god who seems to be eager to reward their religiosity.

image Made Perfect in Christ Jesus - 3
A portion of the Testimony of Bro Michael Koliadi(TPM Minister), Papua New Guinea (Oct 2019 page 11, VOICE OF PENTECOST)

The above testimony is not an exception. I just put it because that was the first one on top of my stack of the VOP English shelf. You can scan through various testimonies and instances like these are dime a dozen. If the ministers of TPM are like these, what can you expect from a typical TPM Believer? Do you trust people like these to MAKE YOU PERFECT IN CHRIST JESUS?

The god of TPM has no problems in leaking the question paper to his devotee as a reward for attending the cult indoctrination. To me, the god of TPM is none other than Allah of Islam who is eager to get the wishes of his devotees met. Check out the below portion of Hadith Sahih Bukhari where Muhammad’s wife(Ayesha) is replying to his weird desire of sleeping with many women.

 I said (to the Prophet), “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.

Sahih Bukhari 33:51

As long as you remain SELF-CENTRED, you may do many things which could be appreciated by men, however, you are in the same OLD ORBIT with a New Label. Your focus continues to be “YOU“.

Incurvatus in se

Incurvatus in se is a Latin term which means “curved inward on oneself “. This is a dangerous phenomenon we can see in Apostate Christianity. According to this logic, your god behaves just like your expectations. He is busy getting you

  • A better job,
  • Getting a promotion in the job,
  • Helping you buy/build a better house,
  • Arranging for a cheaper home loan,
  • Getting your children more marks than their peers
  • Healing your sickness
  • Helping you get Visas
  • Resolving Family Problems
  • Fighting against your enemies
  • Filling your coffers with more money than your neighbour’s
  • etc.

If you do not believe in what I say, go to a TPM service and listen to the testimonies. Or better still, listen to one of your prayers. For all these benefits, the Believers payback god money by handing over one-tenth of their income to the clergy. According to this logic, MAN becomes the centre of the universe and God is busy making man happy.

There will be no escape from Incurvatus in se as long as “I” continues to be the ruler. As long as you practice Incurvatus in se, rest assured that you have not yet changed your ORBIT. It is IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU. You have to give away any notion that you can have a “SAY”, if the Centre of your revolution is Jesus.

25 When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” 26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matt 19:25-26

To Escape out of SELF-CENTREDNESS, you need someone much more powerful than you to pull you out of that Incurvatus in se. That SOMEONE is GOD/JESUS.

Every time your clergy says that he has left his house, property, family etc to serve God, just take note that he still is “I” Centric. Why should anybody keep harping on the dung unless he thinks his dung is special?


  1. I have a experience in my school days. I was in 9th standard and it was a History exam on monday. I was new beliver. It was just some months ago we started to attend this cult. So my neighbour was a TPM beliver and that family compelled to attend TPM sunday service. So me , my mom and sister were attending this cult. The sunday message was conducted by pas. Johnson. He took a lot of time and sunday service got delayed than the usual. It was almost 2:00pm when we reached home and I was about to cry. I have not studied anything. I have to complete the entire book. But somehow I managed to study. And there were lot of maps to be gone through. I got a sudden instinct to revise “World civilization” map. So i just gave a walkthrough of that and went to exam hall. To my surprise I scored 96 out of hundred in that exam. My paper was taken to all other sections and I was given a huge applause. Then I would like to narrate another incident during my college semester exam. I was having “computer networks” (4th semester I think)exam. But still I don’t want to go to TPM. So I went to a 6oclk service in a CSI church. I learned everything thoroughly but my score was 78. So i was actually testifying that TPM is the best. So born in a hindu family Jesus became the true God only because my wishes were met. I never realised or took time to understand Him or read the bible. This incident forced me to attend TPM meetings. But practically my character had no transformation. When some of my wishes failed I started to question myself “Is Jesus true and only God?”. I somehow came out of this cult a long time after, when Jesus revealed Himself to me.
    Another incident was, I got a job immediately after i attended “Dawn Praising” conducted by late. joel dass of TPM. Then one worker prayed next day, my interview results for a job in a college was successful. TPM has some evil spirits which gives worldly benefits very easily. I regret now for having testified these in their meetings also. Iam thankful to Jesus for delivering me out of this cult. Also i am very much thankful to Admin brother for hosting this site.

    • It doesn’t matter u belong to TPM or Full Gospel or CSI or any other denomination, Its about how u learn about God and how u r attached to God by reading his word. To be frank majority Christians always learn by hearing the messages of Pastors and never spend time to read and meditate. When u Start reading and meditate continuously God will lead u to his path which no man can lead u. சங்கீதம் 118:8 மனுஷனை நம்புவதைப்பார்க்கிலும், கர்த்தர் பேரில் பற்றுதலாயிருப்பதே நலம். Trust this word (God), no one can be trust able as they are all human after all

  2. Thats dart on the point Admin and fully agree with sis. Surya. I remember being a TPM marketing guy once and feel embarrassed about it now.
    TPM’s god is a sub contractor or Alladin’s gin waiting to fulfill what one expects.
    If one wants to go to America, it is twisted that it is God’s plan to go to America and all praises are then in that direction.
    One good example is the testimony I heared recently. A believer sister testified that, while cleaning fish a thorn lodged in her finger. It went deep and caused her immense pain.
    She immediately called the fakehome where the elder brother prayed over her and then Ammachi called her and prayed over the phone. I wonder what the prayer was like….
    For three nights she experienced that Jesus came and nudged the thorn slowly out. On the third day she could pull out the thorn and WHOA…SHE WAS HEALED OF THE THORN WITHOUT MEDICINE.
    If she went to a clinic they would have done the same thing instantly.
    Instead of rebuking her for her foolish beliefs she was motivated by the clergy for her faith.
    Recently after the demise of Pas. Samuel of Munar centre, I heared few disturbing testimonies where believers stated that they wished to emulate the life of this departed man.
    But sadly this “Incurvatus in se” is the USP of TPM and such evil testimonies will only further reinforce the false belief of the ignorant..

  3. Another good and the live example is when you plan to attend conventions outside India ( obviously with great planning)—–Malaysia,Singapore,Melbourne,
    Kokkawila, at the end of journey,you will be given a TASK by this CULT.The task of carrying the goods of the respective countries —-back to India. Quite frustrating you know. Through my personal experience I put this comment. Not by hearsy. Some kind of energy drinks,or wheel chairs or some gift items would be kept in your luggage bag by these CULT Managers!.Only the LAITY who underwent this ordeal would understand well while reading this .All others can ever empathise this ORDEAL. They are asked to carry those goods along with your baggage at your own risk ( payment of excess baggage charges—–you only have to bear the charges at the air port ). You will be asked to carry them in your baggage,and deport them back in India that Kumarakka would be sending some one to the airport to receive them,or else the concerned relatives of the clergy who are handing over them to you, would be coming to airport to receive them.
    See how illegal activity is this if caught at the airport by chance. But always there are some loyal people like GABRIEL (in CHENNNAI) would be put into use for carrying these clandestine activity.About this man –GABRIEL how he was being used , this site has already told in some of the previous years episodes.

  4. One must see how the Dubai fakehome villa comes alive like a Amazon fulfillment centre weeks before the International convention.
    You can see rows of boxes packed with all kinds of goods all headed for the elite ones at centre.
    Every body under the leadership of ammachi will be busy running around packing/wrapping boxes and labeling.
    Like you mentioned it will be believers actually vying to get one at least and hand carry as a goodwil.
    Then there are also believers sending huge sums from their own accounts to Centre on behalf of their clergy.

    • If unconfirmed reports from an insider are to be believed, the White Clads in Dubai has a surplus of 6 Million Dirhams with them. That is the reason behind their drive to buy a Villa for their own fake home.

  5. It is not surprising if they will. Its blood money and all gotten by abusing the Name of God. These charlatans are spiritual pimps who are prostituting the harlot of Babylon to gather wealth which they cannot enjoy. Their god, Satan has got them in such a vicious circle that their self confessed asceticism prevents them from enjoying the loot. Feel sorry for these stupid believers folks who fund this false church.

  6. I know evangelists who go into the slums of India and preach the Gospel, house by house. They are sometimes beaten up. Their children are not allowed to sit for their final examinations (even humiliated) because they are unable to pay the complete fees for the academic year. These children come home crying and the dad says “God will provide” and I have seen God providing.

    At the same time these wicked so called Servants of God eat cashews and imported almonds and enter into glory because of high blood pressure and stroke. The believers, they choose to close their eyes and most of them are not even aware that there is an activity called sharing the Gospel.

    If you tell them about these evangelists they will tell they should not have married and they are like second grade people. They say “Why the evangelist has to send his kids to English medium schools if he cannot afford”.

    These people are not even ashamed that the evangelist preaches Gospel to as many people in a week that they cannot do in 10 lives (that includes me) and the children of the poor evangelists don’t deserve to study in English medium schools.

    Will Almighty not ask account for the money these people gave to feed the gluttony of these wicked so called SOGs and to build villas, convention centers.

    Who will answer?


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