Escaping from the Trap of TPM-2In the previous part of this testimony, we have seen that TPM has used lies and deception to trap the bird, Teju Robin. Now in this part, we are enumerating how TPM has perfected the art of deception. For a perfectly oiled system to work, the machinery needs to be thoroughly trained by people who have deceived themselves.

while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

2 Tim 3:13

Some birds in the cage are kept just for their beauty. However, the others are there for their talking skills and the tricks they can perform. But whatever be the target, all of these birds need to be trained by the experts within the system. So let us hear from Teju Robin about his training journey.

Transported in the Cage

I was forced to move out from my home in haste without properly bidding adieu to my tearful family. I belonged to the Coimbatore Center but the Incharge Brother Job made me go to TPM ministry as a candidate from Trichy Center. I guess that he had some issues with his Coimbatore Center Pastor Johnson or he wanted to do some favour to Pas Gunaseelan, the Center Pastor of Trichy. Anyways I was soon handed over to Pas. Gunaseelan in Trichy. A bird in the cage is easy to be transported.

Escaping from the Trap of TPM-2

No sooner did I reach Trichy that Pas. Gunaseelan made me do all kinds of work including electrical work and plumbing work along with other worker brothers. I enjoyed doing that work in the so-called “House of God”. The TPM workers in the Center FH encouraged me. They said that I had done the best thing in discontinuing my studies and surrendering for the full-time ministry. They further told me that I will be blessed henceforth. It’s a different matter that the brothers who were tapping me for quitting my studies were mostly school dropouts. But to my surprise one worker Brother Stephen chided me for coming to the ministry. He told that since I was from a medical background they will only assign me duties of nursing sick Center Pastors and not allow me to do any gospel ministry.

Life of a Masseur and Initial training

Escaping from the Trap of TPM-2

I was retained at Trichy Center Faith Home for about a week. Though all my work was sandwiched between two Praisings (One at 4 am and another at 10 pm), there was a topping to this “sandwich”. It was in the form of massaging (full body) the Center Pastor Gunaseelan every night after 11 pm with olive oil while he lay in his undies. I would like to say that after night 11 pm most of the TPM faith homes simply transforms into SPA Centers. One will find juniors massaging seniors invariably. I was doing all the assigned work with due diligence but after about 5 days of my stay at Trichy, Pastor Gunaseelan caught hold of me while I was massaging him, just as Potiphar’s wife caught hold of Joseph. He made me hold his erected penis. I was too shocked to react but soon rushed out of the room and told a Worker Brother outside his room. This incident was the crescendo of me listening and doing everything for Pas. Gunaseelan. He used to make me shave the hairs of his legs too…Yuck…disgusting.

The next day Pas Gunaseelan saw me but he had no remorse on his face, he was conducting meetings in his usual self. This nasty fleshly minded Pas Gunaseelan used to misbehave even with sisters. He told the singer worker sister Sweetlin Brinda the following

“Submit yourself to me and I will make you the Queen.

Gunaseelan to Sweetlin Brinda

During one meeting the carnal minded Gunaseelan was heard telling to the workers,

“If you have come to serve Jesus you cannot be here, if you are in this house you have to serve the saints of God”.


Seeing the mask coming out of these wolves I was perturbed. I came to serve Jesus but here it was all different. However, I was delivered from the clutches of Gunaseelan as I was informed that I along with three other newly recruited worker sisters were to be moved to Irumbilyur, Chennai for training. The cage is being moved again.

Pas Gunaseelan and the Center Mother accompanied us to Irumbilyur and took us to the Chief Pastor N. Stephen. Pas Gunaseelan gave me an envelope with money (the amount I don’t know) to give to the Chief Pastor. Let me inform you that while I was in Trichy Center Faith Home my Grandfather visited Pas Gunaseelan and gave him some money on my behalf. In TPM, brothers and sisters, invariably, when they join TPM ministry, are supposed to give money to all the who’s who of Irumbiliyur. Though nobody acknowledges this in public, it sure is a requirement. After meeting the Chief Pastor, I was handed over to the Training Incharge.

The Training Schedule

Irumbiliyur Convention ground is an eerie place when there is no convention or meetings. Suddenly I was feeling lonely and homesick at Irumbiliyur- the “mecca” of TPM. I spoke with some senior workers, whom I already knew, about my condition. They told me “You have now put on white juba and mundu so don’t even think of leaving”. Soon I adjusted with my circumstances and fell in line with the TPM Training Schedule for the new entrants as mentioned below:

3:45 AM  Wake up
3:55 AM Report for Morning Praising at Meeting Hall
4:00-5:00 AM Morning Praising
5:00-5:15 AM Bible reading at the Meeting hall
5:15-5:45 AM Nature’s call/Freshening up / Coffee
5:55 AM Report for the Morning Prayer session
6:00-9:00 AM Morning Prayer
9:00-9:20 AM Breakfast
9:30-11:00 AM Get Together Praying Session at our Staying quarters
11:00 AM-01:00 PM     Assigned duty such as Sweeping, Watchman, Construction work, Motor room duty, Kitchen duty, Serving duty, etc
1:00 -1:30 PM Lunch break
1:30 – 5:55 PM Continue your Assigned duty
3:00 – 4:00 PM             Accounts and Hindi Classes 
5:55 PM Report for an Evening Prayer session
6:00 – 8:00 PM Evening Prayer
8:00 – 8:30 PM Dinner
8:30 – 9:55 PM Revelation Note, Pending works if any from your Assigned duty, Washing Clothes, Self-hygiene time
10:00 -11:00 PM Night Praising
11:00pm – 04:00 AM Shift wise Chain prayer. Shift changes every one hour

The training worker staying quarters was the balcony area in the Main Convention Hall. We were given only mats to sleep and the gap between two mats should not be less than 1 feet.

Life in the TPM Concentration Camp


A quick look of the aforesaid packed training schedule will reveal that a training worker hardly gets a cumulative 3 hours and 45 minutes to sleep. Only when our night chain prayer timings are from 11:00 PM to 12:00 PM or 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM do we get the luxury of sleeping continuously for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Senior brothers on watchers duty are assigned to wake up the training brothers at 3:45 AM and also for their respective chain prayer shifts. Being woken up forcefully is the worst part of the training. It’s not that we love sleeping, but the tired, sleep-deprived body hardly responds. Even God was gracious when he commanded a day of rest in

Deut: 5: 14 (…..that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou).

But now I can correlate and confirm that through SLEEP DEPRIVATION they intend to brainwash the new entrants into submission. Sleep deprivation method is used by most of the cults to push in their doctrines and TPM as a cult is no exception. All the recruits are bound to arrive for all the meetings 5 minutes in advance. Any delay will be noted as “absent” by secret observers.

Arriving late for any meetings and disobedience to seniors is dealt in a strong way. You will be called by the In-charge and most of the time scolded in public very rudely and loudly. I have witnessed many such dressing down in the dining hall in front of all other recruits. Maybe it’s a psychological move to instil fear in others too. The In-charge workers behaved like the taskmasters who made the life of Israelites miserable in Egypt.  There is also one more punishment which is like the BOX IN THE PRISON. In this type of punishment, you will be sent to 24X7 fasting prayer room and forced to take fasting. I can never call it “fasting” as this fasting is not voluntary, but forced. Hence this 24X7 Fasting prayer room punishment is simply punishment by starvation but covered under the garb of prayer. Based on the mood of the in-charge and the severity of one’s “crime” one may be cast into the 24X7 fasting prayer room ranging from 1 day to 7 days without food and sleep. I REPEAT WITHOUT FOOD AND SLEEP 24 X 7.

An Overdose of Standing on Knees

The Bible tells us how the saints worshipped and praised God on their knees but nowhere does the Bible say that it was forced upon God’s people. God loves a cheerful giver. But a trainee worker is forced to stand on the knees for approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes daily. (Morning Praising: 1 hour + Bible reading: 15 mins + Morning Prayer: 1 ½ hour + Get Together Prayer session: 1 ½ hour + Evening Prayer: 1 ½ hour + Night Praising: 1 hour). My knees used to bleed but soon my body adapted to the stressed condition. But I can tell you that all were enduring the pain because of the fear of punishment and not out of devotion. The In-Charge workers used to say that we should die in the ministry and dying while kneeling is glorious. I am still trying to find a supporting verse for the same from the Bible.

Falling down like a pack of cards during praising

Imagine the ordeal of getting up after hardly 3 ½ hours of sleep and standing on your knees at 4 o’clock in the morning and similarly at 11 o’clock in the night after a daylong work. The spirit indeed would be willing, but the flesh totally weak. During praising we were just tuned to say continuous “Praise the Lord” for the points told by the In-charge. The repetitive “Praise the Lord”s were mechanical and from semi-conscious minds. The funniest part while kneeling down used to be the falling of one trainee because of unbearable sleep on the adjacent worker and just like a pack of cards all the workers in that row used to fall down one after the other like a pack of cards. Well, this used to happen in the same hall where the entire “Zion bound” were jumping and rolling during their Ordination in March convention in front of the public.

Bible studies all pointing to their saints

There was nothing theological about the Bible studies for the trainees. The studies given to workers are totally different from what they preach to believers during Bible studies and Sunday service. To the trainees the preaching was all about TPM doctrines, TPM Saints, obeying TPM saints, how to preach TPM doctrine to people. All the preachers including Pas Kesavan used to praise TPM workers during their preaching sessions. No one used to highlight Jesus in their preaching.

I still wonder how one In-Charge Brother named K. Samuel told

“Inside TPM you have to be led by the saints and not by the Holy Spirit”.


K Samuel (TPM in-Charge Brother)

 “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God”

Rom 8:14

Maybe they are inadvertently speaking the truth that they are NOT the sons of God.

Account Classes for the Educated

Account classes used to be held for trainees who are 10th pass and above. School dropouts are not eligible for this class. The classes used to be conducted by Sis Selvi or Sis Kavitha. The main aim of these theoretical classes was to prepare the trainees to handle money when they become In-Charges in various faith homes. The basic things that they taught were as follows:

  • Accounts to be maintained under two heads- Local Church account and Centre account. Tithes and offerings to be maintained in Local Church account. Donations and rich offerings under Center account.
  • Maintaining bills and vouchers
  • Money flow should be unidirectional i.e., all money after basic expenses should be given to Center Pastor. No one ever spoke about giving any money to the poor in charity.

Sickroom for the privileged

I grew up hearing all about divine healing and anything related to medical as evil from the pulpits of TPM. I thought that since I joined TPM ministry I would never be associated with anything related to the medical stream. However, my medical background found its own value at Irumbiliyur. Once I was called to the Sickroom (a special room where the sick is nursed) to clean the wounds of a worker brother from Nepal. To my surprise, the sick room was stocked with cotton, medical gauze, spirit, surgical forceps, surgical blades, scissors, knives and many other things required for surgical procedures. However, I didn’t find any medicine, syringes or tablets. But one believer who was a Doctor by profession, from Medavakam (Locality in Chennai) used to visit the sick room with his stethoscope and box containing medicines, etc. He used to apply for medicine and treat some cases. Though this exercise was done clandestinely, it will be wrong to say that these things were unknown to the Chief Pastors, Sis Kumari and Training In-Charges.

Being from a medical background I never thought that it was wrong to treat the sick in the best possible way but the double standards infuriated me.  All trainees from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh could observe the partiality in providing sick room access to them. While trainees from North India, Kerala, Nepal and Abroad got easy access to the Sickroom but the same ease was not visible for TN and AP trainees. Since the restrictions on taking medicines are strict in TN and AP, we spilling the beans to our family and friends might be the reason for their partial behaviour.


Remember the rule that the gap between mats should not be less than 1 feet? Well, it’s a leash! I will not explain in details but let me tell you there are umpteen cases of the sin mentioned in Romans 1: 27 (“…Men committed shameful acts with other men,…”) among the senior and junior brothers at the training centre. The reason is also mentioned in the same verse In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another”. If these “man-made eunuchs” are allowed to go out and marry and not threatened with curses then I am sure no one would indulge in such acts.  When you stop NATURAL RELATIONS as mentioned in the Bible, UNNATURAL RELATIONS are bound to arise.

Zero Effect of Ironfisted training on my seniors

I could visualize the effect of the year-long training on my seniors who were there in Irumbilyur. Since they were allowed to go out and conduct meetings in nearby local faith homes, many possessed mobile phones and money secretly. I observed that whatever we were taught NOT to do in the training was just thrown out of the window in their case. Again it’s not about keeping money or using mobiles but doing it as a thief perturbed me. Many used to hide their pint-sized mobile phones inside their underwear.

The real behaviour of Bro Teju Kurien Exposed

Escaping from the Trap of TPM-2

As mentioned in the first part of my testimony, Bro Teju Kurien was my Idol. He played a big role in me opting for this TPM ministry. But I was in for a shock after I became a TPM minister and started wearing the same uniform (juba) like him. When I saw him and made efforts to meet him in the Recording studio he refused to meet me and passed instructions not to allow me into the Studio to meet him. I was appalled at his behaviour which was very different and honey-laced when I was a believer. Somehow once I gathered the courage to meet him and told him that I am not liking to do this ministry anymore. He simply replied “You have come inside, don’t ever think of going out. Period”. Though he didn’t speak to me he spoke very nicely with North Indian and Foreign Trainees (Mostly believers from Kerala who came to ministry from the Middle East). I was happy that the Lord showed me the arrogant nature of my former idol.

Feeling Cheated

All my perception of the TPM full-time ministry collapsed like a pack of cards. There was nothing spiritual. It was all RULES AND REGULATIONS. I failed to see the LOVING JESUS mentioned in Matthew 11: 28-29

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Matt 11:28-29

The workers who were so friendly when I was a believer were very grumpy during training. I was trying hard to convince myself to stay in the ministry. I feared that if I left the ministry, I will be cursed and cast into hell, as repeatedly hammered into my subconscious mind through different preachers in the training.

Failed attempt to flee the cage

I was nearing almost three months of my training at Irumbiliyur. I was totally disillusioned with TPM ministry. They were practising the opposite of what they preached. The torture was unbearable. I thought that I was a misfit for this ministry and it will be better if I remain as a believer in TPM. One day I was doing watchman duty at the Kitchen Gate of Irumbiliyur. I just walked out of the gate. But as soon as I travelled from the Kitchen Gate to the Main Gate of Irumbilyur, I was again bogged by the thought of being forever cursed and ostracized. My heart started beating heavily. I changed my mind and rushed back to the Kitchen Gate. By this time I was missing for almost one hour from the suspicious eyes of the seniors. I was taken to Pas Kesavan, who gave me a long lecture and frightened me with curses for me and my family. As punishment, he told me to go and be in the 24X7 fasting prayer room (Remember the BOX in the prison?) for 1 day. This meant NO SLEEP AND NO FOOD for the next 24 hours. I went to the 24X7 Prayer room. However, I could not control my hunger. I slipped into the dining hall and had some food. Soon this news reached Pas Kesavan. Again I found myself in the court of Pas Kesavan. Like an evil taskmaster, he pronounced the punishment for having food, without trying to understand my pain and agony. This time the punishment was 7 times more severe – 7 days in the 24X7 fasting prayer room. And a brother, one year senior to me, was deputed to keep a watch on me so that I don’t go and have food. This brother used to follow me even when I was going to the washroom.  This brother used to designate some other brother to watch over me when he went to eat or sleep.

But I would like to inform everyone that God helped me in these starving times. Some of the Serving duty brothers took pity on me and gave me food secretly. However, I was deprived of sleep.

Final Jailbreak

During my days in the fasting prayer room, I read the four gospels carefully. I thought even if I complete the training here in one year, they will transfer me to a Center faith home and I was not sure how I will be able to handle Pastors like Gunaseelan.  I thank God that He gave me the courage and finally, breaking the shackles of slavery at Irumbilyur, I walked out through the Main Gate on the 7th day of my punishment during the Morning Praising time. Three months of training at Irumbiliyur had mentally dragged me to the Stone Age.

Escaping from the Trap of TPM-2

I knocked on the door of one of my MBBS friend in Chennai. I called my parents and informed them of my decision. Soon pressure was exerted from Irumbiliyur to my local Faith Home in Coimbatore, where Bro Job and Sister Sheeba were still doing their so-called ministry. Sis Sheeba who bombarded me with invitations for joining the ministry was literally shouting and cursing my family for my action. My grandfather came rushing to the hostel and conveyed to me that the higher-ups at Irumbiliyur had given me 24 hours grace period to return to Irumbiliyur. When I turned down the offer he left. Soon my Father and younger Brother (who stopped going to TPM when he saw the extracurricular activities of the TPM workers in our local FH) came to Chennai and took me to my home in Coimbatore district.

The Turnaround

The next Sunday Bro. Job, who had pushed me into TPM ministry with love laced words, was literally shouting at my family. He debarred my family from attending meetings at the faith home. My mother was in tears. We had never attended meetings of any other denominations because we were told that TPM with its deeper doctrines was the only way to heaven.  For around six months we were at home without going to any fellowship. In January 2018, both Bro Job and Sis Sheeba were transferred and another set of workers came. They knew us well. They called us and told that you can attend meetings at the local FH. We were happy and started going to the FH regularly. But no believers spoke well with me. As there was no one to play the Keyboard in my FH, I was given that assignment. Soon I found myself assisting the worker brother of our FH in visiting and translation.

Though things seemed normal, I was sad, depressed and helpless. I had quit studies and my future was uncertain. But God had a plan for me. I started to read the Bible and soon I got a sober mind. I started hearing messages of non-TPM Pastors such as Pas John Piper through Youtube. I also stumbled upon the articles from the site I understood that the celibacy ministry of TPM is the biggest deception on the youths. Please go through the numerous articles on this site. Now it is more than 3 months I stopped attending TPM meetings. IT’S A CULT. BEWARE!

Merciful God helped me to join back my studies and by the grace of God, my studies are on track now.  

I know my testimony is too lengthy but if I don’t mention the torture that I faced inside this cult it will be unknown to the outside world. My aim is that no youths should get trapped in this monstrous organization. The TPM workers are trained to play and act in front of the believers. Their talk of holiness is very shallow. The chief Pastors get full information about the abuse done by the Center Pastors but they will act blind. The most they will do is just give them a transfer. Will, they ever thrust out the perverts as St. Paul mentions in 1 Cor 5:13?

13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you

1 Cor 5:13

The few who are good and maintain their chastity are silenced or are mute spectators to the manipulations and abominations happening inside this cult. Many know the evil deeds of TPM but having lost their heydays within this cult they are worried about their future outside the comforts of TPM.

Please pray for me fervently. I am expecting a firm reciprocation/retribution from the workers who know me. TPM can go to any extent to save their golden calf.  

All glory to God for saving me!

Click here to read the Tamil translation of this testimony section 2


  1. There we go again. This is such a compelling read I must say. The sleaze and the deception – someone please make a movie out of this system. The world must know that TPM gave lessons to the likes of Nityananda and his tribe. In face, TPM has mastered the art of covering up the worst stuff and cloak it with holiness.
    Like I said earlier it may sound silly and stupid but we need to see the humor behind all this. I tell this because most of the people who go there are absolutely idiotic. What else can you expect from idiots?

    • Yeah, it will be all fun to shame. The same lens, people are recording every deed of fromtpm believers who are doing all filth in darkness amd showing as they are holier than others. Maranatha.

      • Yeah and TPM Believers can keep changing names giving their comments thinking they can fool people.
        You thought we will not know that James = Gloria?

        • Dear Gloria/James/Anonymous
          I host the site and I CARE. Adding new proxy names to try to show that they are different people does not click here. So how is the new name “Anonymous” working for you?
          Choose one proxy and Stick to one name so that we can identify a person by the ideology.

  2. That is a wonderful end to 2019. To God be the glory. Thank God for bringing you out of this cult. And Thank God that you have held on to sound biblical teachers once you were out.
    Look for a local assembly to be part of. May God bless you, brother.

  3. Thank you for boldly sharing your testimony. We will pray for you. Our loving God will not make a hair of your head perish ( Luke 21:18). If you are looking for a fellowship in Chennai, I have some of my friends who regularly come to Rajiv gandhi govt hospital near central and do ministry. They share gospel and give some eatables to patients. I hope you study in Madras medical college after rejoining. If you need some contacts to fellowship with, please mail me at

  4. Dear Admin and Readers. Please try to spread this NEWS. To all the innocent men and women who were about to fall into this hell. So many good families were broken. So many people died because of this cult group.

  5. This is a marvelous story….. brother it’s good to see that you choose the truth,and whoever believes the truth he will set them free your works are in light as Jesus himself lead you out of that darkness and be a testimony to all those truth seekers will flee away from there ..but as usual truth suppressors(those who lie,deceive)will rotten inside Tpm(could not come out if they chose lies ,if they chose Jesus over there saints they will be free indeed ) and Jesus could not bring them to light they had to die of there sins…just as Jesus mentioned..

  6. Bro., brilliant testimony of redemption from cult. That was wonderful way to end 2019.
    Hope people will sit up and note that they have been led by wolves in sheeps garb.
    Suggest all to fwd it on all social media to get maximum attention.
    The need of the hour is to penetrate the young generation and steer them off this cult.
    Hope the new year heralds in more similar testimonies of deliverance from this cult.
    Thank God for this wonderful on-line fellow ship and for his kindness on how he uses tools like this to confound the spiritual wickedness at high places.
    Looking back just 10 years, it was granted that the forces working against the Kingdom of God was Nominal Christians, Hindus, Satan etc….No one imagined TPM would turn out to be the fiercest enemy of the Gospel.
    Now that being a reality now, lets fight tooth and nail not to save TPM but to bring out as much deceived souls.

  7. The greatest number of believers, brainwashed by TPM are Tamils and Telugus. Even if not for doctrinal issues, atleast the atrocities MUST BE PUBLISHED in these languages.
    Most people who read your articles are well educated. But the most affected are those who cannot understand English well.
    So, it would be a great eye opener for all the innocent Tamil and Telugu masses who still think ill of and fall into TPMs full time ministry because they are being brainwashed in Tamil and Telugu, and not in English or Malayalam.
    If proper translating persons are not available to translate immediately, it is okay.
    But atleast use “google translate” for the time being and get the warning out soon.
    Also note that Social Media, YouTube and WhatsApp are the strongest mediums to reach the innocent Tamil and Telugu families and youth. Websites are not that effective for these people groups.
    You could also start a YouTube channel and get willing members to give video testimonies.
    P. S. Remember, March 2020 is approaching soon.

    • As requested the Tamil translation of the testimony of Bro Teju Robin can be downloaded from the bottom section of the respective articles.

      • Please translate in telugu as well. Please. Because so many telugu sisters and brothers are affected very much. Every human being should not suffer in cpm.

        • Brother
          If you know Telugu, Please send me the translation. We do not have any Telugu translators.
          Tamil was translated by one of the viewers like you. Let the Telugu friends take up the task and send it in a word file.

          We will do a google translator check to verify if the contents mentioned matches the original.

      • hello i just read your testimony and i feel the abuse done by the so called servants of god to you…can u contact me as i would like to get more details on this.

  8. @Teju Robin

    I pity you! See where top top position your batch workers have reach in TPM and where at bottom position you are standing? If only you had hide yourself in secret places of holy saints, by now, you would have become a king of god’s house in south India! Who knows looking at your education level, saints would have given you chance to be head in-charge of Canada or France faith home? Did not saints tell you educated people get chance to serve in foreign countries? Why did you leave such a chance brother? I am sure pastor Gunaseelan would have forgiven you and exalted you if you repented of your mistake before him.

    Lot of money would have come to your feet like rivers of running water. Not even MBBS doctor can earn, that much money our believers would have given to you, – without you even doing single operation. So many sister would be now under your control, doing jobs like servant for you. Your own batch mate sister would become your servant in few years. You would become so powerful that you could have excommunicated many poor non malyali believers, who listen to Jesus sermon in other churches. But where are you now?

    Pity on you dear Robin Teju! What you learnt from hardship life of our Teju brother your idol? Anything not go in your head?

    Who has bewitched you, that you are still committing same mistake of educating yourself with doctor’s MBBS degree, after all the truths saints teach you [Gal 3:1-3]? You put water on all their hard work they did to destroy your career? Did somebody hit bat on your head that you let go such chance? It was good you had not learnt deeper truth, than to know them and refuse them [2 Peter 2:21]?

    • @Elina, I’m really not sure if you are anti-tpm and just trolling or if you really believe the things you say. With TPMites can’t be sure these days. Parody and reality are thin lines.

    • I really want to know from you that even after so much of dirty things from cpm pastors and sisters. Is it good to enjoy the so called facilities you mentioned in the message. I need a reply from you.

    • Dear Ranjith, John ebnezer ka, and Unimaimattumae

      I want to ask you all. Today begin watch night service in few hours. Will you all give testimony at fromtpm church watch night service? Have you left this spiritual experience learnt at tpm? It is not too late. You can start today..

      Our believers not like worldly people – dancing and making party. Our believers will give testimony at today watch night service with thankful heart. What about you all ? Consider how many people this year, were persecuted in name of Jesus all over earth and die as Martyr. They have still only entered new earth after dying as Martyr. But we tpm people better than them all. We get chance to safely spend our life in fellowship of saints from starting of this year to end. God has been gracious to tpm believers by making our life in safety , compared to those nominal Christian dying for his name. Should not we give testimony about it today? I am going to testify about it. Our believer will also testify about this. What about you people ? How spiritual you all are ?

      How many people in world this year donated money to poor people, help children in education , give blanket to beggar sleeping in cold terrible winter. This charity they did all year for New earth people only. But we tpm people people very lucky. We get chance to invest our money on tithes for people who go to zion. Should not we give testimony in presence of saints that God gave us grace to donate our money to tithes and not for charity ? Is not this spiritual experience? Our faithful believers will testify about it today at watch night service. What about you all at fromtpm church?

      Only few hour left to end this year. Make resolution for New year 2020 also. We will not be like worldy people dancing and eating in bar, drinking wine, wearing short mini skirt. We will spend this year also in fellowship of saints. This year also we will invest money in new Zion Bank.

      My prayer for you all. Fill in tongues. Start new year’s with tongue filling ceremony. This will give us grace to stay in fellowship of saints , and stand unmoved in their doctrines all year.

      Happy new year to all.

      • @elina your believers doesn’t give a crap if your fake saints are struggling every day with there sins in the path to hell… because they are earth minded people who doesn’t love others as Jesus told love your neighbours as you love yourself…..even Muslims are thankful to God… what are you trying to say

      • I think you are assuming that I am a sinner. I am not a sinner. I am a descent gentlemen. I celebrate my new year with my family. I am a good person. I will not drink alcohol. First don’t assume that others are sinners. I asked you a question. Is it fair to enjoy all the facilities you mentioned in your first message. After seeing all the dirty works of Tpm pastors and sisters. Answer the question asked. Don’t deviate.

      • I am not expecting any advice from you. I want to know why you torture a human being like not giving good food, good sleep. Why you torture human being. Can’t you answer the question. Instead of answering my questions. You are messaging about holiness, testimony bull shit. Are you not ashamed. Can’t you prove yourself.

        • If you are not tortured, I pity you. And its shame on you. Go and learn from Sania, Virat, Deepika, Madonna, and any Hollywood or Bollywood or Kollywood or sports person or even your own deities you name, all goes through the torture to shine and come first. They cannot be like ordinary people and they cannot eat what you and I eat, they separate from commoners and goes through rigorous lifestyle and training to keep themselves on top.

          Think about it.

          Should not a Christian who is aiming for heaven undergo similar lifestyle change? Yes, it’s must.

        • Wow !!! What a statement by Gloria a.k.a James
          //Should not a Christian who is aiming for heaven undergo similar lifestyle change? Yes, it’s must.//

          Check out this video where a hypocrite is travelling FIRST CLASS in Flight. This is the Lifestyle change TPM Teaches. (Listen to the audio)

          Luke in first class

          Attachment  Luke-in-first-class.mp4

        • Who is this saint? what glory and what pomp? I feel sorry for these stupid TPM believers for lifting these clay footed celibate idiots so high.

          Idiots worshiping greater idiots.

          BTW is Gloria a new avatar of Elina? Sounds similar?

        • I think our friend Vik has a valid question, is the white “old monk” travelling first class? if so, Vik might need to see his boarding pass as well.

        • Yeah. He has absolutely no issues with the incidents that are described in the article. He knows these are normal. He is happy that Elina and Gloria are blurting out the stupidity of highest standards. He knows this is how they are indoctrinated. His issue is with the marching of Lazy Luke who is so accustomed to being served by a woman that he thinks that his cabin baggage needs to be dragged by one. Of course, he can give excuses like he has some ailment etc(Lies are always welcome in TPM).
          However, he would not give his ear to the audio in the video which says that he is travelling in First class. Of course, I know people like him would say that has embedded the audio to show him in a bad light.

        • He is an elite performer like Kohli and he has to stay fresh for the next show. So much for their ascetic living.

          Feel sorry for the Viks who sponsor these nincompoops. If it were not for these foolish believers, these con men would have been on the foot path picking pockets.

          Can’t blame them, Jonah travelled in a submarine, Elijah in a spaceship, so our lucky Luke has to fly business.

          Our poor Lord had to sleep on a wooden bunk.

        • A person walking through an airport assisted by a greeter is not first-class.

          It’s quite common to see elderly people and unaccompanied children being escorted through an airport.
          Nothing first-class about that.
          It’s a service that is available to anybody who pays for it.

          I recently arranged it for my grandfather (in his 90s).
          He is quite capable of walking but since the airport terminal is quite large, I arranged for someone to assist him with his carry-on luggage.

          This video does not prove whether the pastor in question paid for it or it was provided for him.

          The audio you refer to seems to be the voice of the person standing at a balcony level, recording the video and commenting on it being first class.
          It’s not very clear to me, except the words “first-class”.

          If the video showed the pastor in a first-class lounge, eating first-class food or a first-class airline seat, then that would be grounds to comment on.

          In some airports, you can travel economy class or budget airlines and still pay to use a lounge meant for business or first-class passengers.
          There are yet cases where passengers get complimentarily upgraded at the time of check-in.

          This is just rubbish commentary by uninformed people based on seeing a man being assisted across an airport terminal by airport staff.
          The only thing special about this is that the lady is assisting him with a trolley bag.

          But then reason and logic are not necessary when one wants to malign someone.

      • Hey Elina,

        How did the watch night party go?
        Did you dance all night drunk in TPM’s spirit?
        Did you testify glorifying TPM’s saints?
        Did you receive TPM’s Tarot card from your beloved saints?
        Did you pray for the end of
        Did you prophesy saying that TPM’s jesus is coming soon?
        Did you receive a revelation about joining TPM’s ministry?
        Did any of your beloved saints ask you – Marriage or Ministry?
        Did you gossip with your fellow TPM warriors about who might be the spies in your congregation?


        Did all the words you read on come to your remembrance when you were sitting there and watching the madness around you?

        Did you wonder how corrupt were the hands of the saint who was administering communion to you? Was he a paedophile? was he like Sunny? was he is a pervert? was he a bully? Did these thoughts go through your mind?

        I hope it was the latter as it is not befitting for a zealous, educated person like you to be still enslaved in the satanic cult.

        Wish you a liberating 20.20 and hope that it will be a year when you encounter the Truth and be set free and in turn will begin to take a stand for Jesus instead for TPM.

        • @NMSTF
          @How did the watch night party go?

          Party? Is that how you define worship meeting?
          Do you know how much trouble we believers take to attend meetings ?
          We have to travel the long distance from home to faith home with family in wintery night. Some of us travel from local faith homes in nearby town to gather at centre faith home because we have sisters only and she cannot conduct communion. She isn’t powerful to give bread and wine. And many believer miss chance to give money to pastor on new year if sister conduct meeting. So we feel bad that we cannot impress pastor by our money to him, if sister conduct meeting. Many poor people like me have no mode of transportation. It is hard for ladies to hide from husband and attend prayer meeting. So much trouble we take to attend watch night service. We awake all night. No sleep. Morning we have to go to office as first day cannot remain absent. Sometime pastor is boring and give lecture for 1.5 hours. Many people doing dance party DJ sound in nearby meeting place. We have to hear that unholy songs in worship meeting – disturbing our holiness concentration by dirty words songs. They selfish not think we holy people praying but they play music in loud DJ box, distrubing us. Many people jumping over my specs and broke it. 2000 rs spec all broken. Who pay money for it? Many people return home empty handed in new year, when they not receive prophesy as per their demand. So sad about it I used to feel when pastor don’t allow more prophesy because of less time, but he himself take 1.5 hours to preach his message. He care not that people want prophesy not his message. Then there is cold winter shivering. We sit in pandal all night shivering in cold month of december 31. Then many people sit in jam pack meeting hall, all leg cramp for night to morning, and it pain in small space. Is this all party to you ? Little children forcefully beaten by parents to awake all night and attend watch night service. Is this party to you? All people wait for hours thinking when pastor end his headache preaching ? Infact even all saint sister also wait when meeting over and when we run to sleep!! Is this party to you ?? Do you think about others or only think about your spirituality showing to others ?? What of Jesus come on 31 night? He will take us all who awake in all night meeting in spiritual state as I mention above.

          We suffer so much and you call it party ? Do you see disco light in faith home? Have you taken drug or is drink hang over still in your mind showing you there is party going in meeting hall? We drink grape juice not alcoholic wine that you think we are partying. Special grape juice made by sister on all holiness.

          Next time use proper words …ok??

        • @Elina,

          My apologies, I thought TPM always call their parties as meetings not worship?

          I see no difference between a party and TPM meetings. The pagans drink alcohol and rejoice on 31st mid night by screaming and shouting like maniacs and call it a party. Pagan TPM believers also do the same thing being drunk in TPM spirit, they make so much noise it sounds as if all hell has broken loose and all the evil spirits are rejoicing that they have one more year on Earth.

          why do you people scream and shout like pagans?
          why does your chief shepherd Abraham sound as if he is suffering from constipation?
          why do you give so much importance to a day? 31st or 1st what difference does it make?

          In one watch night service during the 80’s I saw one TPM believer literally punch everyone around him. His neighbours were all ducking for cove.What kind of spirit breaks glasses?

          Also it would be great to hear your other views on the other aspects of TPM’s watch night service?

          Some readers think you are a Troll, can you please confirm if that is the case.

          I think your 2020 is going to be full of financial loss as you lost your glasses and suffered loss on day one.

        • Elina . You should meet a psychiatrist immediately. Because Tpm spirit is a fake. You are cursing. I remind you that you run your show in fake and money from others. No difference between a road side beggar and you. Buy some medicines the pyschiatrist and swallow immediately.

        • @NmStF
          @Some readers think you are a Troll, can you please confirm if that is the case.

          Some people think I am troll. No I am not.
          Some people think I am fool. No I am not.
          Some people think I am funny. No I am not.

          In life many people put blame on you. You should not listen to such blame. Our church tpm teaches us this. In tpm they’ll blame you , talk dirty about you, malign your holy name. This happen only in tpm church not any other independent church.

          In tpm we call this persecution. For other church and also for bjp framing NRC/CAA rule, persecution mean hurting someone based on religion, but in our church persecution mean people blame you for small mistake you commit.

          I tell you with example. Suppose I am Teju brother. I give my number to one beautiful girl. She call me. I talk to her about bible. But in talking spiritual things, I flirt with her little. Then she think brother not like this. She think she mistakenly heard what her mind lusting. Then i (teju) continue back on spiritual track. God looking from above suddenly becomes happy that i did not give to temptation but overcome it soon. But people hear this flirty talk and spoil name. But god know i did flirt only for one two minutes. God concludes that Teju talk 30 minute spiritual talk but only 2 minute flirting. So what is great , 30 minute or 2 minute? He forgive two minute talking.

          Jesus said this they do with green tree then what about dry tree? If they could blame Chief pastor Alwyn name, then what about small saints like me. If they talk about all saints that they are womanizer (Teju , Gunaseelan) then what dust I am compared to them. Not one saint in tpm who is clean in this matter. Yet in the end we somehow become chaste virgin. Every tpm sister brother go through this name spoil game at one time or other. Many overcome this trial by getting transfer and not coming back to place where name is spoilt. Somehow we will sit on glorious throne. That desire we have.

        • @Elina,

          I’m intrigued by this statement of yours about TPM workers’ weakness of the flesh –

          “Not one saint in tpm who is clean in this matter. Yet in the end we somehow become chaste virgin.”

          Can you please explain how this is works?

          Maybe you can take Gloria’s help as well.

    • @Elina
      It seems that your God is mammon the money! as you said money will flow from his feet if he remained in this cult be careful!

  9. Dear Teju Robin,
    I am thankful to God for having delivered you out of this sinful cult. Your testimony affirms the fact that TPM is a cult that is running on fabrication, manipulation, lies, deceit, betrayal, arrogance, torture, cruelty, false humility and vain glory.

    The statement of Bro. K Samuel (TPM in-Charge Brother) “Inside TPM you have to be led by the saints and not by the Holy Spirit”
    and the statement of Pr Gunaseelan “If you have come to serve Jesus you cannot be here, if you are in this house you have to serve the saints of God” is blasphemous.
    What spirit are they having ? Spirit of the fallen angel?
    Suffering for the gospel is suffering for Christ. But in TPM suffering at the hands of their saints is equated with suffering for Christ !
    If one continues to read the Bible without the leading of the Holy Spirit then TPM will exploit them and promise them tickets in their Zion and New Jerusalem.
    Only a few could escape from TPM and I am glad that God gave you the courage to make it !!!
    I can understand the emotional trauma that you and your family would have undergone. Make sure that not even a single person from your family is in the rolls of TPM.
    All the best for your studies and enjoy the liberty in Christ !!!
    God bless you for your bold testimony.

    • Thank you all..i feel peaceful after i shared my words.. many youngsters who are affected by this circumstances also must come forward to share their experience

  10. Hey Gunaseelan the pervert… Hope you are reading this testimony in your iPhone and iPad that you possess. You came to Bangalore centre from Trichy centre and in Bangalore you needed water boiled with turmeric for full body hot water massage. Lol… your secret deeds are now in the open. While at Bangalore you bought nuts worth Rs. 25000 just for one month. Are you still following that diet for giving you stamina ? Do u still force the junior brother’s to shave your legs ? Shame on you. And pity on the poor believers of Nagercoil centre who will be hearing his power packed message today and receive communion from him.

  11. @ELINA…”Lot of money would have come to your feet like rivers of running water. Not even MBBS doctor can earn, that much money our believers would have given to you, – without you even doing single operation. So many sister would be now under your control, doing jobs like servant for you. Your own batch mate sister would become your servant in few years. You would become so powerful that you could have excommunicated many poor non malayali believers, who listen to Jesus sermon in other churches. But where are you now?”
    Stop this foolish script writing.
    There are o more takers for your witty script writing.
    By now your real colours have out.
    You can no more fool around the well educated like us who have served this ‘BEAST’ for well over 2 to 3 decades and got redeemed miraculously.
    BTW,you are not a sister as you purported to be all along this site.
    You could be either Kesavan, or Teju Kurien who is directing the whole show of “ELINA.” the real wolf wearing the garb of the sheep.
    How long you want to continue the show of ‘ELINA’ ?
    As I guessed correct that you would come with your counter script to defame this Brother Teju Robin,you have lived upto the word.Look at the bold boy — Teju Robin who has peeled off the onion like TPM layer by layer and thus unfolded all the secrets of this CULT which has been playing with the valuable lives of this youth of this world especially with the uneducated youth of TN& AP states.
    Just observe the quotes of K.SAMUEL & GUNASEELAN that brother Teju Robin chose to bring in these columns of this site. I am sure these quotes are going to have a telling effect on this ‘BEAST’to close its doors in IBR H.Qs. soon.
    “Inside TPM you have to be led by the saints and not by the Holy Spirit”.
    K Samuel (TPM in-Charge Brother)
    “If you have come to serve Jesus you cannot be here, if you are in this house you have to serve the saints of God”.
    I do commend bro. Tehu Robin’s highly clinical way of dissecting every detail of the training aspect and as well as the regular way of this CULT activities that are being pursued. Every act of your cult activity that has been going on for ages in the name of ‘FULL TIME MINISTRY’ was totally EXPOSED by this well educated medical youth!
    Now wait many more TESTIMONIES are on the wings and are going to come to light soon.
    If I ask Brother Teju Robin who is this ghost ELINA supposed to be,he would easily throw some light on your garb of sheep. Then we would correctly guess who you are and what your role is in this CULT.
    Wait and watch ,it is only a matter of time that your real SELF is going to be exposed.

  12. Thanks Brother Teju for your testimony, it is extremely informative and well written. Hope you have a great 2020 and may God continue to bless you with wisdom and strength.

    • Teju Kurien is a big politician and hypocrite.

      Many times I saw him at the Chennai Central railway station boarding the sleeper coach along with his entourage. But no sooner did the train cross Basin Bridge junction he used to make his way to the AC II Tier coach. I am not questioning him travelling in AC coach but then why the hypocrisy ?

      It’s an open secret that Teju makes sure that anyone who is a good musician does not sustain too long in Irumbiliyur. He takes care that his position is never threatened. He plays open politics. The revelation by Teju Robin in this article exposes him further.

      But this Teju Kurien and the Late Pas Mannaseh have (had) captured the mind of the gullible with many stories that claim that the duo are powerful. For example…. In 2003-04 both Teju and Mannaseh were very sick. They told that some Sadhu baba had done some withcraft against the duo. But one fine day both got an anointing and went to the ashram of that baba and as soon as they entered the premises of the ashram the disciples of the baba who came to stop them started falling on the ground. Finally the baba was afraid and surrendered to the duo of Teju and Manasseh. Both Teju and Mannaseh command a cult status in the cultic TPM due to such cock and bull stories. I even happened to see a video of a Kelambakkam believer going in trance and blurting that he is seeing Mannaseh in heaven.

      • @Exposing the Wolves,
        //I even happened to see a video of a Kelambakkam believer going in trance and blurting that he is seeing Mannaseh in heaven.//

        What is the relevance of Colossians 3:3 for these so called prophets. “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

  13. Lol people, elina is a troll, and they are getting the exact reaction they want out of you. If you read their comments you can see the parody between the lines. Elina I found it funny, thanks for the read.

  14. As I keep reading this article I feel all the more irritated at the white clads bigots. Their work proves that they are of the flesh. Dear Teju Robin your plain description of what you have seen and endured has big ramifications.

    Sample this
    //In TPM, brothers and sisters, invariably, when they join TPM ministry, are supposed to give money to all the who’s who of Irumbiliyur. Though nobody acknowledges this in public, it sure is a requirement.//

    In the first part of your testimony we came to know that Chief Pastor asked you the consecration verse and as tutored you replied with Luke 14:26
    //If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple//

    But how come they expect you not to forsake your property, money and share in family? Rather they expect you to surrender it to those white clads. Will these Wolves in white also take care of the parents of the workers if they were to surrender them to the Chief Pastor ??

  15. @elina God wouldn’t have stopped blessing you or stopped providing things based on what you do… this is not work based religion, while we are yet sinners “Christ died for us” it matters whether you travelled far or stayed overnight..God does not care….it’s Because they brain washed us..for that long we failed to understand the truth…that if God wants to provide based on what we do.. think about every error.we done…a mispoken dirty word ,angry towards a person for wrong cause(murder according to Jesus standard)we are only to celebrate victory of Jesus (that we could never win) and believe in him….

  16. Dr Teju Robin,
    I heard from reliable sources that this white clad audacious TPM fraud Teju Kurian is a womaniser. Do you have any information?

    • What I know of first hand is that he passes on the phone numbers of his drivers to his female fans.

      This was told to me by two youth girls separately.

      I am not aware of any other inside story other than the fact that there’s a lot of love bombing and small talk.

      I must warn you that I don’t know how much of it is true. I am stating heresay. Of course I know that he’s got a ear for chatter, but I cannot be sure if there’s any thing more to it.

      I guess the girls idolise him like crazy and it’s hard to tell facts from fiction.

      My personal opinion is that he is selective and tends to impress overtly.

      Once again a perception battle can add to Chinese whispers.

      Blame it on the brand management of the Eunuchs only ministry, such that it spawns a generation of narrow minds and creepy thoughts.

      Those who truly love the Lord will flee from all appearances of evil and will not linger for its offerings of passion

      When the collective mindset of an assembly becomes more sane, pastor worship will have ceased.

      Let’s stop treating our Church ministers as celebrities. It’s not fair on them either to be on the spotlight incessantly

      • I am sharing an incident and it’s for the readers to decide if Teju Kurien is a flirt or not.
        I have attended almost all the youth camps (International) in Irumbiliyur from 1999-2014. The youths from the southern states used to leave the premises by Sunday afternoon but youths from northern states used to travel back only on Monday. On Sunday evening in the nearly empty Irumbiliyur campus one could see Teju surrounded by girls and talking for hours. But when we boys used to go to meet him he used to ask our names and ask how was the YC and make face to imply “Pls leave me… I need to continue improving the spiritual standards of the youth girls.”
        But those days being a die hard TPMite I thought that the girls were flirting with the spiritual minded Teju Kurien. But now I realise that he enjoyed that too 😉

  17. Hi Elina ,
    //Not one saint in tpm who is clean in this matter.

    Why are following them when you accept that they are unclean and flirt with girls ?.
    Mathew 5:28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

    When Jesus has set us standards to live, how can you refuse it and claim that you and your saints will reach heaven ? Your saints are going to stand in the same place as you ! Why are elevating them so much ?
    1 John 3:9 Anyone born of God refuses to practice sin, because God’s seed abides in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.

    You claim that flirting 2 minutes is not sin and Jesus will forgive. 1 Corinthians 5:6
    Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough?
    If true Jesus is in a person he will not flirt. Even if a little yeast like flirting is present all your spiritual conversation is useless. You are following satan with white clothes (TPM teju). It is up to you to decide and act.


    • Dear Surya
      This is my last comment. Many people like eagle eye not able to resist my tpm wisdom. He getting stump bowled again again and asking admin to stop me from bowling. Cheater fellow.

      @ not one saint clean
      Sorry. My English mistake. people understand wrong meaning from my statement. Very poor English I have because I am not good at worldly English language. But I am very good at heavenly tongues language. Very fast I can speak and my hands very fast at clapping. Only Chief pastor can test tpm tongues language. They bring their ears close to tongue speaking new worker and decided if tongue is right or wrong.

      • Dear Elina,

        Still you have not replied to any of my question. It is your free will to decide , to follow TPM or Jesus. But don’t tell it is the last comment. You don’t stop commenting because of me. It is my request. I love your comments.

      • @Elina
        //This is my last comment.//
        Your schlimmbesserung comments for TPM are a big hit among readers. So please don’t quit commenting.

        You have put in words the most important sign of a TPM spiritual person …
        //But I am very good at heavenly tongues language. Very fast I can speak and my hands very fast at clapping//
        I cannot stop laughing after reading ur above statement.
        I am planning to request Admin to compile all your comments and make an article. I am sure that article will have a cobra effect on TPM.

  18. @Elina…”God concludes that Teju talk 30 minute spiritual talk but only 2 minute flirting. So what is great , 30 minute or 2 minute? He forgive two minute talking. ”

    Dear ADMN brother, please look at the above senseless writing of the person who has been trolling under the garb of ‘Elina’. We have correctly identified this person ,as it is being trolling under the name of ‘Elina’. Sister Surya has now commented an exemplary way of sending a befitting repIy.But this ghost person called Elina hardly cares Sis. Surya’s sound scriptural base.
    In a way this ‘Elina show’ correctly depicts the very nerve centre of this ‘BEAST’s knowledge base.More than this their doctrinal base is a big zero. This Elina is adopting totally un-biblical way of writing making a mockery of the precious Word of God.I think this particular Elina needs filtering/screening as such this person should not be left scot free that whatever useless stuff comes out from him, should not find place in these precious columns of this site. Please send a warning signal to this ‘Elina’

    • I agree. In God’s eye the 1 mistake is a mistake out of 99 good.
      //30 minute spiritual talk but only 2 minute flirting//

      Here, what I perceive is, if a man of God flirts for 2 mins with our without knowledge, as the devil is subtle, the Holy Ghost will immediately speak and convince not to do that. He/she would have repented and cried and kept moving ahead in spiritual exercise.

      I believe even Eagle or Admin or the host of FTPM believers does the same. When you tend to fumble on unwanted things by accident or by purpose (like Eve in Garden of Eden), we humble and acknowledge our mistakes and get his forgiveness and keeps moving ahead. This is what David did unlike Saul and he was testified by God himself as man of my heart.

  19. Dr. Teju Robin, very happy for you brother. Hope all those who take decision to join tpm would discern like you did. God’s spirit guide them out This has motivated me to talk more on this topic to the tpm folks.

    • Amen. May God help Teju to shine for God once again in whatever place God is taking him too.
      For a lesson for all, if Teju can be active here for next 3-6-12-18-21 months, it would be of great joy to hear how God leads. Can be an eye opener for TPM ministers too. Please continue participating and share your experience and encounters of God’s wonderful hand. I love you.

  20. @Gloria….a.k.a. James..”.Should not a Christian who is aiming for heaven undergo similar lifestyle change? Yes, it’s must.”
    Read this news item that terrifies you….Gloria, –a.k.a. James…
    Whom do you want to glorify?
    Search your heart now after going through the clipping I incert now.

    Boko Haram terrorists released a video of their beheading 11 Christians to coincide with Christmas celebrations. The war of extermination against Christians in Nigeria has seen at least 16,000 Christians murdered and 900 churches destroyed since 2015.

    Christians Beheaded for Christmas, The West Goes Back to Sleep
    How much bigger and more extended must this war on Christians become before the West considers it a “genocide” and acts to prevent it? The day after Christians were beheaded in Nigeria, Pope Francis…
    Now it is time for you to change your heart Gloria ….a.k.a….James after watching the clipping.Come to the feet of Jesus…and your supplications with a truthful heart.Jesus will forgive you.

  21. Regarding the person in the video. He does preaches about Body, Soul , Spirit. I really wonder if he is a doctor from any reputed universities. Divine Healing is a day light Cheat. Without medicine a person of any ailment will die shortly. A doctor from any reputed university spends about 1,50,00,000/- to complete the course. I think henceforth from this second CPM name changed to TPM due to situations will not survive. Dont worry admin. I understand your pain and grief regarding the CPM rotten philosopies. I have pages to say about CPM. I will explore the original magic.

  22. I was the testimony and called to be troll comments and all fierce believers of FROMTPM the new denominational forum, the ministers who undergo such atrocities in their life, should be patient to expose in right forums and time, preserving their calling and reforming the TPM.

    If. I was in Teju Robin place, I would have acted subtly and continue my ministry with zeal. Yes threat and poisoning and murder are chances, but God is good and he preserves. Just be away like Joseph and bring to limelight and ask church to pray. That’s openness and transparent and reformation like Hezekiah.

      • You going filthy as I stated earlier that fromtpm believers as becoming more filthier than tpm. The words prove it as Admin enjoys it too. I spoke about reformation. If a believer or minister encounters filth, STOP it then and there instead of living in garbage. Clean it and keep moving. This is reformation for your kind information.

        • When was the last time you “REFORMED” a rotten stinking fruit to become a FRESH ONE?
          That never happens. You just throw it away.

          What Admin and his friends are doing is letting people like you know that the fruit which you adore and praise is rotten and stinking fruit.

        • No sister..i don’t have the age to explain it spiritually for you,.. even I’m not holy than you people… But
          I’m not willing to remain in that place, after i experienced all these…,

    • Dear Gloria,

      I appreciate your zeal in defending TPM and I would like to know what you meant by these words of yours –

      //“If. I was in Teju Robin place, I would have acted subtly and continue my ministry with zeal.”

      Please explain how you would have responded to Centre Parasite Gunaseelan’s two unmentionable requests?

      Would you have subtly carried out his demands counting them as sufferings for TPM’s christ.

      BTW I wonder why Gunaseelan wants his legs shaved. Is he a cross dresser? Does he wear short skirts to show his legs? The degree of depravity in TPM’s elite Parasites is staggering.

  23. @Gloria …”You going filthy as I stated earlier that fromtpm believers as becoming more filthier than tpm. The words prove it as Admin enjoys it too. I spoke about reformation. If a believer or minister encounters filth, STOP it then and there instead of living in garbage. Clean it and keep moving. This is reformation for your kind information.”
    Dear Sister & Brothers,just look at the comment kept by Gloria, a.k.a James. As NMSTF says Gloria is trolling now under the new garb of Elina. You know these are the Clergy appointed by IBR,H.Qs to take on ADMN brother’s site.There is no doubt about it.
    What kind of REFORMATION do these Clergy want?What they want is, do not expose the filthy characters of TPM.God will look to it.
    But in the process,what this TPM Clergy do not know that it not God’s way to an eternal work.He has never indicated that proclamation of the gospel is TO BECOME DEPENDENT UPON HUMAN PERFORMANCES of certain individuals.I think you know who are these individuals.Instead it is important to note here how the Bible has to say about the common people,the plain people —like you and me.
    Jesus was always surrounded by the common people.He had a few “stars”,but largely His helpers were from the common people ,the good people____and surely,not always the most brilliant.
    Jesus looked first for our consecration and in our own day it is surely true that His Spirit uses those ( ADMN brother) who are no longer interested in their own promotion,but are consecrated to one thought____getting glory for Jesus Christ,who is the Saviour and the Lord. This CULT,instead of glorifying Jesus, glorying themselves . This is to be differed at all cost.

    • Take the good. If you see corruption, stay away. That’s a common sense. Do not join hands with corruption. Pray for your fellow beings and upheld them. God is a God of wonder and He will do it. You ringing the same bell – FIRE FIRE FIRE will not help. Fire is everywhere, including your pants. So please, work amicably to put off the FIRE.

      If TPM is fully nasty, get out if God says. You cannot get into personal choice or God’s mind and control, then you become a CULT. If you feel TPM is nasty, how about your fathers or even you? Holier than they attitude?

      Let’s reform and keep growing in CHRIST fullness.

      • @Gloria
        //Take the good.

        Tell me ONE(1) thing that is Good in TPM. You need to back up the claim with appropriate scripture verses.

        • I go to church and pray, and I feel the presence of God. I do not see any evil in praying in TPM church. I hear the word of God from the minister there and there is no confusion either. If there is any confusion and evil in preaching, I do not take it. You do the same too in your fromtpm church. ADMIN wanted all of his believers not to go to church, and I believe you are all the more free without church as your house and your believers joining in your home and praying feels you good.

        • @Gloria
          So you finally agreed that TPM has nothing good or else you would have given at least ONE REASON.
          You are going to TPM to get a good feeling. Of course, it’s just like a person visiting a Bar for a peg, a young dude visiting a strip club, or a Hindu going to the temple. All are after some FEELING…

      • To gloria.
        Gloria I don’t know whether you are born to a good father and mother. We are discussing here about a person Mr.Teju Robin an educated man discontinued the doctrate because of cpm. How teju suffered in the hands of bad people in this world. Your messages clearly says to ignore the shame and mental illness given by gunaseelan. Do you think making someone to hold on their private parts for fun and making them to do on the holy name of god is right. If you say right then you are a whore of cpm.

        • Heights of stupidity and your innocence in not understanding the crux. He is major. He should take decision. If your parents or friends force you to do something you do not like, you will curse them, but if you take your decision, you live by it. Here Teju either took his own decision in stepping in ministry or was forced to step in ministry. He lost his adulthood of taking decision by God’s grace. If TPM calls you to come in, its in your authority to subject and likemanner if FROMTPM calls you to renounce TPM, its in one’s control to subject.

          He left and now repenting. Judas did the same, he followed and later repented and died. Did he curse Jesus? No, and yet he lost his job, his family status, and he killed himself.

          But I pray, Teju prays and we will uphold him in prayer for God to lead him and He is loving God to take care of everyone.

        • To gloria.
          Gloria you are not understanding the pain of a person. Understand the pain of a human being who thinks CPM is a holy place and at last ” PASTOR GUNASEEELAN MAKING HIM TO HOLD PRIVATE PARTS OF THE BODY” making him to shave his legs as they do in Saloon. I think you are not eating rice and chappathi. You are eating shit from the septic tank and drinking urine. Can’t you understand the pain in this subject.

        • So now you went to doubt my father and mother. Do you know who were your father and mother and what state they were in. Read Bible and it will show your parents state.

          We are discussing on a topic here and you are shooting unwantedly everywhere, bringing your parents and my parents.

          Let’s stick to the topic please.

  24. Johnson seems filled in fromtpm spirit. God calls such as brood of vipers. I never admitted any, but said I feel so blessed like you worship in ftpm church. Poor guy. God will help you with wisdom.

  25. @Gloria..//I hear the word of God from the minister there and there is no confusion either. If there is any confusion and evil in preaching, I do not take it// is just like saying that you have the supernatural ability to take milk laced with a drop of DDT and still retain milk and excrete the DDT. Why not insist on the pure milk instead.
    I can assure you that till you drop your TPM lens, you WILL NEVER SEE ANY CONFUSION OR EVIL IN THEIR PREACHING.
    //I believe you are all the more free without church as your house and your believers joining in your home//
    You think that’s easy??Huh Try to have a proper meeting in your house and get some people. You will see the difference between the wheat and chaff. Unless you know the Word you cannot utter a line of exhortation my friend much less lead the meeting. How many traditional TPM believers can have the confidence of conducting meetings the right way. They are lost and have no clue on the Word. I have seen it first hand and am confidently stating it.
    I see that you mixed up the Church with fellowship and Admin has has only clarified the concept of church and fellowship.
    So @ Gloria, do not loose this opportunity that the Lord presents to be cut from a wild olive tree and be grafted to the good olive tree.

    • So you are claiming FTPM as good olive tree? Brethren, I hear Christ in church and I hope you are hearing the same. Hope your Christ is not another but the same who died for you and me. Let’s stop vain arguments. What did you hear this Sunday if at all FTPM had a worship? I heard that we need to be preserved in Christ.

      If you are demeaning TPM with some ftpm lens, I do not want to do the same. May be your Christ says to do so.

    • I conduct meetings too and and please come out of your haughty attitude. This is the subtilty of the ftpm. I feel blessed when I conduct within believers, sharing and praying and so do when you share to achools and orphanages and people in jail. And I also feel blessed when I go to church and worship my Lord.

      You broods need to come out of ftpm lens and see the Lord of love – Jesus in true spirit. I see evil in Admin, Eagle, You, FTPM, TPM, John, etc., but that doesn’t stop my worshipping my Jesus. Don’t jingle and mingle with erroneous life and doctrines. Keep your life with Christ. Ministers are just a platforms.

      • .@All
        @when dearest sister Gloria said “I conduct meetings too …”

        It is said in our tpm church, that ONE tpm believer is better than 100 independent church pastors. Look how she is hitting four six four on every ball all over ground of fromtpm cricket ground. When she bats, I stand on non-striker end watching her lovely batting.

        Well done sister Gloria. Please if you have gift of prophesy then give one prophesy for Admin. Tell him I have chosen you but you erring from true way. Make him emotional with voice of God telling him God watching your tears. I know in my heart when he hear comforting prophesy that will make him feel good, then tears of repentance will flow out of his eyes. He don’t know how tpm prophesy make us go on cloud number nine. Fromtpm people don’t know how our tpm prophesy is smooth like butter to us. So much flattering our prophesy are and so much joy unspeakable it give us , these fromtpm believer cannot understand. Then only they will understand how good we feel in presence of god.

        Congratulations sister Gloria. Kudos Bravo’s!

        • Welcome back Elina but it looks like you have lost it.

          Defending TPM on from will get you in the end. Poor woman does not know for which side she is batting.

          It will be Gloria’s turn next.

        • @Elina,
          //Fromtpm people don’t know how our tpm prophesy is smooth like butter to us. So much flattering our prophesy are and so much joy unspeakable it give us//

          Your comment provides such an ecstasy, I feel like speaking in tongues fast and clapping my hands even faster (what you mentioned that you are good at sometime back).

          Why would anyone want Elina to stop commenting on this site when she is such a comic relief to the rest of us?

      • @Gloria, can you further elaborate //Don’t jingle and mingle with erroneous life and doctrines…
        Ministers are just a platforms.//

      • @Gloria,
        How do you conduct meetings?

        By holding on the private parts of your most devilish saints for few minutes or few hours depending on the humongous power of them.


        By shaving the thighs of your he/she saints like a seasoned face shaving barber.

        Please elaborate so that the readers of this site will have a better idea.

  26. I think we should really christen TPM as “The Parasites Mission” considering the fact that it sucks the life off it’s believers. The pastors are parasites and their Trinity would be the Chief Parasites.

    What do you think? Gloria/ Elina

    • Yeah, I agree, you can christen it. It’s after all the name. How about your name NMSTF as something nymph murdering spiritual force? After all it’s name and shouldn’t grieve us. This is what Christ teaches us when Jesus was called devil, he too didn’t bother. This is what I learn in my worship. Hope ftpm teaches you the same and not just naming and gnashing others.

      • Just wondering why you call Abraham Mathew as “Chief Pastor”. For true Christians, Lord Jesus is Chief Pastor.

        I think “Chief Parasite” is more suitable as they lie and teach false doctrines which you so much love. They take your money, your children, your property and your souls.

        When will you realise that you are being deceived?

        • See how surface level you are in. Why you are calling some masked fellow as ADMIN? Use little brain as any institute that grows has these. Why God calls Abraham and sets hierarchy? These are earthly requirement which are inevitable. Why don’t you become chief pastor then or at least why don’t you become ADMIN. This is as simple translation. Please stop spamming this and come to the point to discuss.

        • @NMSTF
          Please remember Proverbs 26:5 when we respond to people like Gloria.
          ANSWER a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes

          He/She has no clue of what we are speaking about. TPM has brought her to such a pitiful state that prayer is a better response.

      • @Gloria,

        I think you are not getting any points here as all your arguments are emotional and empty. You are just rambling on and on without making any sense. The more you say, the more I realise that you have sold your soul to TPM.

        Please go and change your name or get Elina, TPM’s best batsman to help you out. Or you can ask Vik to come out off retirement. He was the best of the TPM defenders but unfortunately the number of scandals and scams in TPM exposed here might have tired him out.

        • I think you need to visit rehabilitation centre . Please come to the point and don’t juggle around please. It is showing your low standards FTPM is moulding you to.

  27. @Elina @Gloria, You are not answering the question but evading the contempt thing about Gunaseelan which he made Teju Robin to do! Who is the brood of vipers here? !!.. You just pick that one sentence from the bible out of context & run your mouth like a saint, aren’t you? knowing fully well about your seniors illicit behaviors but covering their sins is nothing more than being an hypocrite yourself & choosing to cover up for your beloved saints? even if some of your white clads serving all over thre world are really innocent & true there is no distinguishing between the real & the fake cos all of you’ll are wearing that same uniform. Can’t trust none of your clergy from your organization as pple like gunaseelan are spoiling even the honestly serving workers! Do you know what is the meaning of consecration even? Even my pastor from a non tpm church is consecrated cos he is given his heart mind body soul to the work of Christ

    • I’m not covering anything. I also put myself in that place and showed what I would have done. You didn’t have patient to read, but jumping to conclusion which ftpm is inducing. It’s a weired spirit. If God has indeed called and kept me there, and I see any minister behaving abnormal, I would say no and report it and in right platform and right time expose too.

      Joseph could have exposed Mary as adulter, but he held his peace and God spoke and things went well.

      In this place, if Teju was really called by God and he came in with full enthusiasm, he would have stopped the incorrect data filling in first place itself. If the ministers throwed him out at first place itself, he can share the testimony here. Like manner, the masseur encounter. Be Joseph like and coward. Reformation need boldness. When I encounter evil in front of my eyes, I tell it upfront, pray for it, and keep moving, loving God.

  28. @Gloria
    //In this place, if Teju was really called by God and he came in with full enthusiasm, he would have stopped the incorrect data filling in first place itself.

    Who filled incorrect data first ? It is TPM servant not Teju. Even if Teju reacted do you think that tpm servant would have agreed ? You still support your clergy only and put the blame on teju. This shows your tpm worship of your so called saints. If you can bring to the correct platform try that. Go argue with your St. Gunaseelan. You cannot stop evil having fellowship with evil.

    There is nothing called some special calling for ministry as told by TPM. As New testament beliver everyone has the responsibility of great commission as mentioned in Mathew 28:19,20. God’s holy spirit dwells within us and makes us holy. Then how can you say we need to adjust unholiness?. Persons like gunaseelan have evil spirit. A good tree will not give bad fruit.

    • Again a half reading broods. Pity you guys.
      Read my comments and observation correctly. I said, if any minister makes you to err, stay away from such. It could be life threatening, by God is good and gracious to preserve is what I commented. FPTM is tuning you guys to cook good recipes of story telling and how to dominate and subject the voice.
      Accepting your ‘no such calling’ to be true in this context alone, Teju has a conscious to prove his stand, but he gave to his inner fear like Peter did when he denied Christ. Reformation is a bold step. Read Hezekiah’s stand or Nehemiah’s stand as to how bold they were. We can be either active or passive, but boldness is must for reformation.

      • You condone a pervert like Gunaseelan and promote a paedophile like Sunny and you call yourself. a defender of the faith.

        You follow the false teachings of a proven rapist Alwin, and your current Chief Parasite MT the Heretic is shamelessly promoting the same. What more you need to realise that you are in a sinking ship?

        Looks like you need TPM more than Christ.

        • Please do not gnash teeth. You are a FTPM believer and I hope they teach you these. I never spoke of the four person you mentioned above. We are talking about Teju and his decision. I never said either I need TPM. Oh ye vipers, come out and serve God Almighty. He is a God of peace and not of confusion.

          From your texts, it looks like your FPTM church teaches you about all the ones you mentioned above. I already mentioned what I learnt this Sunday – it was all about Christ and his protection and you couldn’t dare to say what you learn from Church.

        • Gloria, if you are not from TPM, why are you here wasting everyone’s time with your silly arguments.

          If you are from TPM then you should be concerned about the four Parasites I mentioned in my comment.

          So please enlighten me, where do you stand – in Christ or in TPM.

          If it is in Christ I have no issues with you. From your comments it is obvious you are from TPM, so please be prepared to defend your cult because it is from Satan which in turn means that you are following him.

  29. I have heard a belated Pastor claim that Old Testament Joseph had to suffer a lot because of many flaws in his nature

    He gossiped about his brothers. Likewise we should not spread hatred by exposing the minor faults of the saints. As the youngest he should have been circumspect.

    He ran away from Potiphars house.
    Likewise we should remain in the place where we are planted and not magnify the sinner. He lost an opportunity to bring his master’s household to the God of Abraham.
    As a slave, he could have endured suffering instead of justifying himself. His suffering would have been less and he could have avoided prison sentence.
    (Those who leave TPM ministry because of seeing others mistakes will themselves be tempted and tried severely to their regret)

    He asked for recommendations to be released from prison
    When we are punished with fasting or isolation, we should remember that the throne is getting prepared. Don’t escape from the harsh treatment or cruel words by seeking out sympathisers.
    When we endure not qualifying things based on our own perception, we will receive the promotion that comes from the north which is the count of 144k

    • May be you were part of that message and God speaks to a person (one who is hearing) in different way. A text can be viewed in different angle based on your relationship with God. God can be seen as a lion and lion can be seen as roaring lion, the devil. Its all contextual. Hope you understood from where I am coming.

      If the punishments were insane, then reason out by asking question and be bold.
      I heard about a wrestler or even an actress who has not ate golgappa for 18 years though they love it. Why? If they felt that it was punishment, they would have said, but today they confess, how strict their father was to upbring them in diet, and today both are shining in this world.

      Similarly, if you feel the punishment in military camp is insane or TPM is insane, reason out, else, abide.

      I said my statement, that if I was in Teju place, and noticed that my info are wrongly updated or spoken of, I would rather stand against and speak mockingly as to why, and will be reasoned out. If I was in any minister’s place to help a person in need, and if that person demands any malice, show your zeal. This is what we all learnt in this worldly school too, and it’s a pure conscience decision and also Holy Spirit guidance.

      • Gloria,
        It is absurd to compare what brother Teju endured in TPM with that of a military training or a wrestler training to excel in his field. A senior officer in a military unit will not sexually abuse a trainee soldier and call it punishment or part of training. If the military command comes to know of any such abusive act, the officer concerned will be court-martialed and punished. We are talking about a center pastor forcing Teju to hold his private part, which is clearly sexual abuse, and you dare to call it punishment!

        In the case of a wrestler, he/she willingly shuns delicacies (such as golgappa) and follows a disciplined diet, as part of his/her training, to win a medal. Please don’t call this as punishment. We see Apostle Paul writing about this in 1 Corinthians 9:25 as “Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath… … (ESV)”. What Teju went through is a forced 7-day fasting, which is not biblical (a Christian fast is a voluntary act) – an unjust punishment in violation of the scriptures.

        It is easy to preach from a safe place. Our severe indoctrination may not allow us to empathize with brother Teju, but at the least, let us not wound him further.

      • @Gloria,
        //God can be seen as a lion and lion can be seen as roaring lion, the devil. Its all contextual. Hope you understood from where I am coming.//

        You mean Since God is a lions and roaring lion is devil, so in between God becomes devil. what sort of devilish arguments is this?

        //If the punishments were insane, then reason out by asking question and be bold.
        I heard about a wrestler or even an actress who has not ate golgappa for 18 years though they love it. Why? If they felt that it was punishment, they would have said, but today they confess, how strict their father was to upbring them in diet, and today both are shining in this world.//

        So you are more concerned about carnal achievements. Which bible verse supports your arguments. You mean since these so called saints are human, there is nothing wrong in unfulfilling their after sexual desires by hook or crook.

        • //So you are more concerned about carnal achievements. Which bible verse supports your arguments. You mean since these so called saints are human, there is nothing wrong in unfulfilling their after sexual desires by hook or crook.//

          I am not concerned about carnal achievement. The bottomline is, to achieve something one needs to undergo the pain/ suffering. Jesus too underwent true and acute hardship to be seen where he is today. If he wouldn’t and lived like you or FPTM believers a carefree live like beasts, I don’t think you can attain a goal. No Pain No Gain. It’s true statement both in material world and also in spiritual world.

        • @ gloria
          The way bible defines persecution is to be put in jail, beaten and getting killed for preaching name of Jesus. But the way you (Gloria) define persecution is to get tortured for going against man made rules of a man made institution. It is definitely not for Gospel sake. Why do you mix two things and keep deluding yourself and other TPM devotees?

  30. @gloria
    I don’t think anyone here wants to brainwash another bro/sis take there lands , manipulate innocent retirement guy to give 10 percent of what he earned for his life,abusing him after receiving money,all flesh pleasing,garbage talking,rotten tomatoes , trying to diminish sacrifice of God by work based standards(not former,but should be result of salvation) using God’s name and using fake prophesies to lure innocent young in to the cult whom God had created them as free beings but you people can’t follow what’s given in Bible and yet create something else to make people fall and do you think God will spare your denomination and those who willingly deceive in there me hypocrite on the last day God will put you on fire for all the weeds will be casted in to fire….repent stop deceiving don’t use God’s name in vain….you dangerous people never received salvation by grace that is mentioned in Bible, salvation by brainwash and salvation by stealing other church sheep’s which they earned hard…how come God will spare you deception making wolves…

  31. Abbas
    //Why would anyone want Elina to stop commenting on this site when she is such a comic relief to the rest of us?//

    Comic is pass time, and so do this site. A pure pass time for those who are free and want to share their thoughts and their revelations and also a platform to communicate, which is all right and good.

    Every spiritual person will understand, commenting on this site is a shear waste of time and doesn’t get you anywhere. But reading articles here is good for those who are not aware to be all the more burdened and carefully and uphold in prayers and live cautiously with such people.

    • Gloria..If you are commenting here for a past time(spamming). Please stop. I have been noting that your comments are more of spamming. If your comments are not carrying any real worth, I would be routing it to trash.
      Best Regards

  32. I pity this guy whoever is called as NMSTF. As he was not able to stand in pitch properly, nor able to hold the bat and ball properly and just here because he is pushed from FPTM people to confront.

    Brethren, you are erring. If you are showcasing any misinterpretation of truth in this site, please go ahead and do it. Its an information for all of us to cud and think about. And, when revealing the hidden atrocities, it’s also good and no harm in it. These things brings a more cautious life and makes one to cling on to God all the more.

    • @Gloria – ///I pity this guy whoever is called as NMSTF. As he was not able to stand in pitch properly, nor able to hold the bat and ball properly and just here because he is pushed from FPTM people to confront.///

      I’m very good at holding my bat but not as good as you are in holding TPM’s bat. I used to do that but now by the mercy of God I have been set free.

      I can understand your anger @ Teju Robin and for exposing your evil schemes but dont agree with it as I feel you are as evil as your chief parasites who are liars and leading thousands to hell with their false teachings. If you continue like this, you will also end up in the dung heap with all your past Chief Parasites who were also false teachers. does not have to push me to defend their pitch as they have a greater defender and His Name is Jesus.

      I’m just appalled by your ignorance and your blind faith in TPM and its doctrines and it celibate ministry. It is from hell, authored by a known pervert and heretic named Alwin and it has nothing to do with the Bible.

      I thank God for setting me free from TPM and it is my duty as a christian to tell all christians within TPM/NTC/NCPC to run for their lives.

      As you are a slave of TPM, I pray that you are set free. Your current state is pathetic because you are a TPM puppet without any discernment. If you justify what your pervert parasites are doing to young men and women, you need help. Please get this into your head, Christians don’t lie and deceive people and TPM does that day in and day out.

      Please keep commenting as it keeps buzzing and your comments shows the world how ignorant and foolish, TPM believers are. You are the true face of TPM and your understanding of the scriptures and basic humane ethics is so abysmal that I feel sorry for you and your followers.

  33. Hi Teju

    Your article in this website is totally foolish, this explains how immature you’re in your life. Let me explain how.
    1. Your complaining about hard training schedules in TPM, do you know how hard it is to become a priest in catholic.
    2. Do you know how hard it is get to trained in Army or any of the defense service.

    This is common brother, thank God you had a cumulative sleeping patterns of 3.5 hours a day, saints before you did not even get that.

    I pity on you very much, your graduation is MBBS ( I doubt it) but your unable to take a single call on your own, as per your statement you were compelled to join the ministry, where did your brains go when people where trying to force you to join ministry, your a adult by the way. You had rights to discern things and not be compelled.

    My God, I am serious , tomorrow when you finish your degree and asked to perform a surgery or prescribe a medicine, looks like you will be still grumbling and lack in confidence to identify a sickness and write a medicine. I wish and pray God to build your confidence first.

    Can you please answer my question.

    1. When you’re not sure about the calling ( not even a single verse you heard from God) then why did you Join the ministry ?
    2. You know Bro. Job was looking at Porn video from your laptop, why weren’t a complain raised or where is your zeal for God to stand for the truth during that time.
    3. You Played Keyboard/Guitar/Translated for so many years, then not even once God spoke to you ? all your ministry were a show off in front of large crowd ?

    Come one brother, its simple and straight . You lacked wisdom to discern things , you forced yourself in the ministry hearing to others, to me its looks like your article is just to de-moral others who are truly called to serve the Lord. Please brother try to change the way you look at things , there is a saying , since you failed doesn’t mean other should also fail.

    God Bless

    • @calvin sam
      Dear brother, Christianity is not worked based religion,and this brother who shared his testimony is a victim of the poorly changed system.
      1. Why in servant meeting they blame servants for many people didn’t come to ministry?
      2.In Sunday class annual meeting they blame teachers for not brain washing them in to the cult.

      Dear brother if the ministry is of God you pray to God to get ministers…but don’t lure innocent youths in to it..

      I have 1 question what will you do when that day suddenly comes and God asks did deceptive things in my name ..shall you notice get worser punishment for blinding salvation…how much great punishment would you get…??
      I can go on and on and on..what’s the point if you know already and just trying to billitle people who try explaining the cult..when will you change?

      • Reply to Unmaimattumae nilaikum

        Dear Brother,

        The concept of staying in the ministry, is not only because you like it, It purely the grace of God. Let me explain to you, since the brother who wrote the article introduced himself as MBBS student, to get a MBBS & MS degree how much training he should undergo. Just holding your MBBS degree doesn’t guarantee your a qualified doctor, together with your degree any institution will ask for your years of experience.

        Brother all the hardship mentioned in the article on the training is for 2 years, to be even precise it is bit harder only for the 1st year. Your talking about failures, your talking about few who left the ministry, your talking about porns in the ministry, your talking about mis- -management of funds, your talking about mis morality in the ministry. Brother take the positives, let’s talk about good in the ministry, let talk about many who are serving the Lord faithfully, lets talk about the true sacrifices in the ministry. Let talk about the God’s blessing in the ministry

        I could encourage you at first to fully understand the purpose of the training, do you ever have any idea about hardships in other ministries? Leave everything brother, Do you know how hard it is for a new engineer to perform the first project.. ?

        I wish and pray for God to open your eyes of understanding.

        stay blessed

        • @Calvin sam
          //glory for hardship & suffering//

          Isn’t there in difference in suffering for preaching Gospel and suffering for indiscipline life in military organisation?

          Will those who suffer in military be given rewards by Jesus? If not the why do you proclaim that all those who suffer in TPM will get reward by Jesus? Rules of man made institution have nothing to do with Jesus and his gospel.

        • Dear brother ,I know how to work a project on my own but I have a consciousness of not to lure innocent people into the cult..and Tpm is a cult..if you don’t understand cult..that’s your ignorance .even 2 years back a girl was lured by whom you calling saints but by grace of God she was going to marry someone…now tell me how it is good to lure innocent young people into it…

        • @Calvin Sam
          //Do you know how hard it is for a new engineer to perform the first project.. ?//

          What a stupid comparison! You always compare apples and oranges – not fair!

          I distinctly remember my first project as an engineer after graduating from NIT Warangal (REC back then) in 1981. Though it was very challenging, I cherish those moments even today, mainly for the fact that my senior engineers were so helpful in guiding me and making me learn the ropes. Never was an unfair demand from any of them to train me. On the contrary, they used to take me out for lunches to restaurants on Brigade Road in Bangalore, to make me feel at ease with them. Contrast this with TPM training where a trainee had to massage a semi-nude pastor and had to endure a forced 7-day fasting besides other hardships. Are the worldly trainers more righteous than the TPM trainers? Something to ponder upon. Reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:20 “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven” (NIV).

          During my long 38 year engineering career, I trained a lot of fresh and junior engineers in India, Canada and the USA. The engineers who trained me had such a great influence on me, I in turn showed the same character, patience and compassion to my juniors when it was my turn. I wonder if pastor Gunaseelan was abused as a trainee to return the same treatment to others! Is TPM training doing anything good to its ministers? Then, why do you brag about that and say “I could encourage you at first to fully understand the purpose of the training”. Time to ponder (… a bad tree cannot bear good fruit – Matthew 7:18).

    • Hi Calvin sam,

      //Do you know how hard it is get to trained in Army or any of the defense service.

      From your statement it is understood you accept TPM is organization like army ! But is that what Jesus commanded. He asked us to share gospel with love. He did not condemn even an adulterous woman but forgave and asked her not to sin. Zaccheus also gave all his defrauded money once he met Jesus. So how can you tell a person serving Jesus will rule others and be evil ? First understand TPM preaches a false god which has rules and regulations, punishments like Indian army ! They don’t preach Jesus.

      // This is common brother, thank God you had a cumulative sleeping patterns of 3.5 hours a day, saints before you did not even get that.
      Jesus is not performance oriented. He tells you and leads you by love. He is not a task master. The statement of you gives the exact picture of tpm god Not JESUS.
      2 John 7-11
      7 I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8 Watch out that you do not lose what we[a] have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully. 9 Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them. 11 Anyone who welcomes them shares in their wicked work.

      As per above verse it is our duty to prevent youth from joining a cult which lies people they are preaching Jesus. That is the intent of this testimony.
      // My God, I am serious , tomorrow when you finish your degree and asked to perform a surgery or prescribe a medicine, looks like you will be still grumbling and lack in confidence to identify a sickness and write a medicine.
      That is not your business. Jesus will never leave those who follow Him. Can’t you understand he was able to resume his studies even after going through such pains and cheatings ! He will be a successful doctor who will share gospel with his patients.

      • Reply to Surya

        Dear Brother.
        “”From your statement it is understood you accept TPM is organization like army ! But is that what Jesus commanded. He asked us to share gospel with love. He did not condemn even an adulterous woman but forgave and asked her not to sin”

        You’re right, if Jesus Himself did not condemn adulterous, who are we to condemn the faults in the ministry. Brother, faults of TPM is visible through various post, your faults and my faults are not visible brother.

        “”Jesus is not performance oriented. He tells you and leads you by love. He is not a task master. The statement of you gives the exact picture of tpm god Not JESUS. 2 John 7-11″”

        I encourage you to read the scripture clear brother, Jesus himself made his disciples to work hard, HE encouraged them to pray more, HE encouragde them to preach the gospel more, HE encouraged them to increase the faith more. Be wise in your replies.

        “That is not your business. Jesus will never leave those who follow Him. Can’t you understand he was able to resume his studies even after going through such pains and cheatings ! He will be a successful doctor who will share gospel with his patients””

        I presume your a educated believer, the facts posted in my earlier statement are the realities of life. If you go the main article once more, there lot of gaps in the statements. I can do nothing but to pray God to open your eyes of understanding. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL YOUR HEAR AND READ.

        Stay Blessed.

        • @Calvin Sam
          Jesus judged the clergy. Please go through the below verses. He forgave the sinners not the hypocrites. He gave harsh treatment and got angry at the temple when they it made a trade center. I have quoted it for your reference. In John 7:24 also he asks to make judge justly. But TPM judges holiness by removing beard, moustache. Is it not judging on outward appearance ? Answer me Calvin Sam !!!
          John 7: 24 Stop judging by outward appearances, and start judging justly.”
          Matthew 3:7
          But when John saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his place of baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?
          Matthew 21:12-13
          Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.
          Matthew 21:12-13
          Woe to you experts in the law! For you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”
          Matthew 21:12-13
          12 Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. 13 “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’[a] but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’[b]”
          1 Corinthians 5:11,12,13
          11 But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister[c] but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.
          12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”
          Also it is our duty to judge people inside congregation. Read the verses by Paul !! (1 Corinthians 5:11,12,13)
          Mathew 26:40
          Then Jesus returned to the disciples and found them sleeping. “Were you not able to keep watch with Me for one hour?” He asked Peter. 41“Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”…

          He encouraged his disciples to pray . But was he compelling them or punishing them to fast 7 days without food or water ? Answer me ! Our prayer and fasting must come out of us unconditionally out of the love for our saviour Jesus Christ. Not out of compulsion or punishment as it is done in wicked organization called TPM.

          //I presume your a educated believer, the facts posted in my earlier statement are the realities of life.
          Mathew 5: 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
          Christ is my life and he works through people who follow him directly. This is the reality of true disciples of Jesus. Teju (disciple of Jesus not TPM ) will shine light to others as he has left cult and started to follow Jesus. He will glorify Christ to others in his life. You are a wordly person as your TPM has taught you, I am not moved by circumstances but by Jesus. So I don’t look like you do. I have complete faith in Jesus that though Teju might seem to suffer victory will be his. I don’t doubt like you having a wordly view. By the way I am also well educated doing PhD in a prestigious institution.
          Acts 4:13
          Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

          Jesus bless you calvin.
          Sis Surya

        • Brother Calvin do you want my all identity??? May i show you all…?? I don’t know how you people support the TPM by compromising the sins…, like a traditional cult you are doing…,I thought them as a protector, but they became killer…Still lot of things to expose.., but you like psychologically affected, although your idols committed sins , you will say it’s the weakness of saints

        • I asked the bro.job who watched videos…he himself told, “we’re saints of god, whatever we did, will ask forgiveness from God.. so you people should not interfere in that”…

        • @Calvin Sam
          //You’re right, if Jesus Himself did not condemn adulterous, who are we to condemn the faults in the ministry.//

          This is a skewed and malicious interpretation of the scriptures. Goes to show the ignorant state of the tpm believers.

          How can you compare the adulterous woman (mentioned in John 8:1-11) to pastor Gunaseelan and his likes (other sexual predators inside TPM)? Are they the same? The adulterous woman was a sinner and Jesus forgives her with a loving advise “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more”. Likewise, Jesus forgave the sins of me, you and Gunaseelan when we confessed our sins to Him and admonished us through His Word to sin no more. If a believer or pastor persistently continues in their sin (especially sexual immorality), we should look at what Apostle Paul did in such a situation. In 1 Corinthians 5:1-2, Paul sternly instructs the Corinthian church to remove such a man from their fellowship (“It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate… … Shouldn’t you rather have gone into mourning and have put out of your fellowship the man who has been doing this?” NIV).

          Gunaseelan and his likes are not thrown out of TPM when their sexual misadventures come to light, and this casts a big doubt on the genuineness of this church and their so called consecrated ministry!

          Brother, please don’t quote scriptures out of context to serve the convenience of your church. In Matthew 22:29 and Mark 12:24, Jesus says “Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?”

    • @ Calvin Sam
      Without having a scent of all that Teju Robin went through you have the audacity to call him immature and his act of testifying foolish. I may be proved wrong if you also happen to be a TPM white clad who might have also subjected yourself to the wishes and whims of perverts like Gunaseelan thinking that you are entering to Zion through the drain i.e performing dirty things for the superior clergy.
      //1. Your complaining about hard training schedules in TPM, do you know how hard it is to become a priest in catholic.//
      Why do you always have to take a leaf out of your mother church RC for justifying your acts every time? If you are so much obsessed with RC system just like Jose Karackal preached that TPM Celibacy ministry is similar to RC. Then I think you should also be excited to read this link:
      Read the links below and it is there for everyone to see that the RC training schedules are not hard as you falsely claim.

      You are a liar. John: 8: 44 When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
      //2. Do you know how hard it is get to trained in Army or any of the defense service.//
      If you are still making tall claims without facts then read this
      Why are you comparing apples to oranges? Is the one called to serve Jesus to follow the vain rules and regulations of the world?
      Please read this portion from the Bible if you still haven’t thrown your Bible outside the gates of Irumbiliyur?
      1 Tim: 4: 8 For BODILY EXERCISE PROFITETH LITTLE: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.
      Also read the following verse which is so much “apple to apple” comparison for TPM.
      1 Timothy 4: 1-3:
      Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to SEDUCING SPIRITS, AND DOCTRINES OF DEVILS;
      2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
      3 FORBIDDING TO MARRY, and COMMANDING TO ABSTAIN FROM MEATS, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
      Doctrines of TPM are doctrines of devils and the the devils spirits rules TPM. And you have proved to all that you speak lies in hypocricy by your false claims.

      //This is common brother, thank God you had a cumulative sleeping patterns of 3.5 hours a day, saints before you did not even get that.//

      What is common here… massaging seminude seniors at night? Which saints are you talking about? If they (your so called saints) like slaves without reading the Bible went through sleepless nights what’s the big deal? Only while dealing within your workers one has to suffer but when the interaction is between worker and believer then it’s the believer who always suffers.
      Did Jesus anywhere in the Gospel give training like TPM clergy superiors? Jesus told that His yoke is light and easy. Gospel is our bench mark. In the Book of Acts did Peter and the other Apostles give training to Paul, Barnabas, etc. But from where did you TPM guys get this rigorous training concept? Not from the Bible.
      Paul suffered because of his preaching. He did tent making job to sustain himself at times but you people sustain yourself on the hard earned money of believers and simulate sufferings for new comers. TPM Clergy superiors are big frauds trying to hoodwink God.

      //I pity on you very much, your graduation is MBBS ( I doubt it) but your unable to take a single call on your own, as per your statement you were compelled to join the ministry, where did your brains go when people where trying to force you to join ministry, your a adult by the way. You had rights to discern things and not be compelled. My God, I am serious , tomorrow when you finish your degree and asked to perform a surgery or prescribe a medicine, looks like you will be still grumbling and lack in confidence to identify a sickness and write a medicine. I wish and pray God to build your confidence first.//

      Mr. Calvin you have stooped down to your dirty tricks of demeaning and defaming on a personal level. Couldn’t you decipher that he was brainwashed by the clergy? You people trick people for your own benefits and then blame the people who get tricked. You bastards! (Reference: your clergy claims that you don’t have ancestry) you are deceivers. You deceive people in the name of “Obedience to the chamberlain as in Esther”, “Don’t speak against the Lord’s anointed”, “You will be cursed”, “Only If you go to the ministry your family will be blessed” and all your false prophesies, songs and preaching.
      For all the brainwashed clergy and laity of TPM the following verse suits you best:
      2 Thes: 2:11-12 :And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
      When a person reads the Bible and God opens their eyes can they know your deceitful traps. Yes Teju Robin was in a delusion but thank God he was saved. Its better late than never!
      Don’t bother about Teju Robin, he has submitted himself to God and his eyes are opened. He is a good student and will perform his professional duties with ease. Just ask the brother from Nepal for whom Teju Robin did a wound dressing if he is ok or not? If not, send him to Teju R, we can have a test of his professional caliber.
      But you liars are filled with confidence and speak lies like pure truths from your pulpits. God will give the required confidence to Teju Robin. How about his testimony in this site? Isn’t this a sign of his confidence? His testimony has made you TPM frauds piss in your pants…. Sorry… lungi. You think that you are wise and all others as fools. Pity you.

      //Can you please answer my question.//

      You can ask any question here but be confident to even answer our questions. Don’t shoot and scoot like all TPM emissaries?
      I though I’ll answer a few for Teju Robin.
      //1. When you’re not sure about the calling ( not even a single verse you heard from God) then why did you Join the ministry ?//
      Ans: Because he could not differentiate between what is actual and fake… He believed the white clad frauds like Teju Kurien. He was already in the trap when he realized that the white clads were wolves in sheep’s clothes. Moreover, who cares for the Word of God in TPM, the words of their saints are final.

      //2. You know Bro. Job was looking at Porn video from your laptop, why weren’t a complain raised or where is your zeal for God to stand for the truth during that time.//
      Ans: Because he thought that Job was practicing holiness in the midst of temptations just like Alwin (TPM Zion doctrine proponent). He didn’t peep into the bedroom of Job to see if he has loathing in his lust. Mr. Calvin—You double standard stooge- You don’t have a word for the evil works of the culprits but you are trying to put the blame on the victim. Shameless!!!
      //3. You Played Keyboard/Guitar/Translated for so many years, then not even once God spoke to you? All your ministry were a show off in front of large crowd ?//
      Ans: You are blaming God for not speaking to him? You traitors will go to any extent to save the skin of your white clad frauds. So you mean to say that if someone plays music and translates, it’s all part of show off? All you TPM ministers do everything for public show off. What do you want to prove here? You want to prove that Teju R was a show off guy who came into the ministry without calling from God, so he is complaining? You will not succeed in your attempt. You can fool people but not God.

      //Come one brother, its simple and straight . You lacked wisdom to discern things , you forced yourself in the ministry hearing to others, to me its looks like your article is just to de-moral others who are truly called to serve the Lord. Please brother try to change the way you look at things , there is a saying , since you failed doesn’t mean other should also fail.//
      Let me ask you ….Why couldn’t your chief pastors and center pastors and a bunch of other pastors unable to discern that he is going to be a misfit for the ministry? Now you don’t dare give me the example of Judas Iscariot. We don’t read that the 120 on whom the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost went astray. How come your zion anointer chief pastor pour the “zion anointing” on an unworthy candidate.
      Mr Calvin….Don’t ever try to shift the blame on the victim.
      You are not the judge to decide if Teju R failed or not… He has now understood the truth and the truth has set him free.
      /////your article is just to de-moral////
      Well this is what has sent shivers in the spine of TPM managers. When the beans are spilled openly your business is getting affected. Thanks for letting us know your fears. Very soon others will also know the truth and understand that your curses don’t work and flee the cult.

    • @ Calvin Sam
      You know Bro. Job was looking at Porn video from your laptop, why weren’t a complain raised or where is your zeal for God to stand for the truth during that time.

      In Coimbatore, at a local FH called Tharapuram, 20 familes were excommunicated by the Center Pastor Johnson (He is now Adyar CP) for complaining about an incident they witnessed. They witnessed that the Brother incharge was having illicit relationship with a teenage girl from a poor background. But their complain fell on deaf ears of the CP Johnson and Chief Pas Stephen. All the 20 families were hounded by police at the behest of the TPM clergy. It was done to hide the crime of the Incharge brother who happened to be the nephew of the center pastor Johnson
      If you are so concerned please make an attempt to meet those 20 families who were even driven out from the gates of Irumbiliyur when they wanted and explain their part of the story to the then TPM Chief Pastor Stephen.
      Come on Calvin you sound like a self righteous pharisee…lets see if you can do something for that 20 family who are still finding ways to return back to TPM.
      In TPM you have to toe the line of the clergy or they will ensure that you are demeaned and belittled. Just like what you are trying to do to Teju Robin.

      • //Come on Calvin you sound like a self righteous pharisee…lets see if you can do something for that 20 family who are still finding ways to return back to TPM.

        Very surprising. The Brainwash is so deep that they want to return to the cult. Are they indeed humans?

      • What did these people expect from these hirelings?
        These people are truly out of their mind to go back to TPM.
        They don’t know that these hirelings are there just for their own belly.
        Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. Phil 3:19

        Check out this video where the believers are put in the forefront when the heat comes. These white-clads take a back seat throwing the believers ahead. Shows clearly that they are not in this forsaking their lives as they fool people. You should be really stupid to trust them.
        Video of Vijaywada convention procession.

        Attachment  Hireling.mp4

        • @believers put in forefront to face heat and white clad hiding his face in backyards.

          Reminds me of words of Christ.

          John 10:12
          But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

        • Whenever a incident sounding trouble strikes, centre pastor will instantaneously make a call to few believers asking them to meet authorities and matter resolved. Poor believers go and handle the matter while he will sits in his room behind closed doors. I have seen this too often.

          K k george once said, what if my neck gets caught in trouble. He didn’t want to bury a dead who was died being ill. When asked to do last rites he hid himself in his room. When relatives questioned him he said she desnt have medical certificate. I can’t bury her. What if my neck gets caught in trouble. Finally after much confrontation he sent one brother to bury the dead.

          On another ocassion one pastor got caught in accident case. He was taken to Police station. Center pastor heard the news and made a call to few believers and asked them to go Police station, give some money to Police and rescue pastor. He himself stayed inside his room.

        • Cowards of the highest grade. No wonder they pee in their lungis when they have to face They send emissaries like Calvin Sam who disappear once they get a taste of truth.

        • Their argument is that they are the holy place and surrounded by the outer court/ believers

          But they forget that it’s the priests with the ark that enter Jordan first

        • A possible outcome of this incident will be the center pastor giving them a dressing down for poor prayer, sanctification and fasting which lead to this embarrassing retreating situation and they whole heartedly accepting it as their fault.

    • We should extend the same appreciation to Teju Robin too for being bold to express his hurts on Why criticize him? After all, is also a public forum, in fact, a more effective public platform to reach and warn the gullible. Praise God for and the relentless work done by the Admin.

  34. Which is the greater evil?

    Perverts like Alwyn, Sunny, Gunasheelan


    Apologetics in online forums and within conventions who defend their golden calves brazenly and lure Hundreds of innocents to lose their youth, future, common sense etc, well knowing that they are trapping souls
    I call them kidnappers or soul nappers

    Youths like Teju Robin became idiots only because of the constant brainwashing and deception.
    I liken such victims to kids given candies

    He has been brave enough to turn his back on the perverse system and to pursue a secular life within his own domain.

    You Ill wishers, why are you upset that a soul has escaped the snare?
    When a soul is saved and appreciates the salvation, he will have a song in his heart.

    Teju can boldly say I was blind but now I see.

    What about the two groups – the perverts and their apologists?
    I see no hope and frankly don’t care for those who willingly mislead others from sanity to hell.

    Remember Abraham’s reply to the rich man in Luke’s

  35. @Gloria,
    What did Jesus achieve through torture and suffering? Don’t you feel any shame in dragging the name of my saviour for your carnal and preposterous arguments?

  36. Tragedy in the Church—was beautifully expounded by A.W.Tozer in his small booklet. But here we see Tragedy in the CULT was equally exposed by a brave youth called Teju Robin through his excellent narration of training days in this CULT. He has very carefully removed the skin, veins, arteries, flesh, and now what remained now is the skeleton only. This was hardly digested to the whole CULT group as their skeletons were exposed !
    So in this realm of religoius activity being practiced by this CULT, talent runs this CULT.The gifts of the Spirit are not at all recognized and used as God intended.
    Also much of the CULT activity and its so called fellowship falls back upon the practice of psychology. Many leaders in this TPM group are skilled and masterful psychologists.They know how to handle people and how to hoodwink the poor ,uneducated youth of Tamil & Telugu regions. They were well exploited by them over decades and decades and decades.
    We can quote Scriptural references here about their unhappy debacle happened over the years , having got trapped by this ‘BEAST’ . Three references come to my mind.
    1)Hosea 4:6 which was spoken by the Lord to His people
    6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,
    2) Isaiah 5:13
    13 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.
    3) 2 Kings 24:14-16
    ( In the beginning of the chapter we read…. In his days Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came up, and Jehoiakim became his servant three years: then he turned and rebelled against him.)
    14 And he ( Nebuchadnezar) carried away all Jerusalem, and all the princes, and all the mighty men of valour, even ten thousand captives, and all the craftsmen and smiths: none remained, save the poorest sort of the people of the land.

    15 And he carried away Jehoiachin to Babylon, and the king’s mother, and the king’s wives, and his officers, and the mighty of the land, those carried he into captivity from Jerusalem to Babylon.

    16 And all the men of might, even seven thousand, and craftsmen and smiths a thousand, all that were strong and apt for war, even them the king of Babylon brought captive to Babylon.”
    What I wish to impress upon here is:we were all once upon a time belonged to Him from various groups/ sects of this society, but unfortunately fell under the trap of this CULT, but thanks for this site ,we were redeemed by the grace of God.
    In the similar way , a few fortunate youth like Teju Robin could escape from the clutches of this CULT and he was rejoicing in the Lord by sharing his lively testimony, and when we share his joy,these elements who are unable to digest it are fighting hard tooth and nail.
    We wish these elements( GLORIA-ELENAS,MANJUWARRIORS ) all the very best.

  37. @calvin Sam
    Dear brother ,
    When I was attending my first year in college I encountered a staff …he made a statement..that completely changed my view.
    “Sometimes I can’t trust my self”
    I wondered then I have someone whom I could trust more than my own self…until then I thought I could bring mountains down I could be perfect because of this clergy planted wrong seed in me…
    One question to you
    Rain comes heavily and you are in a remote place unfortunately there was an old hut and it was already occupied by a stranger of opposite sex and was already wet now…
    U have 2 options
    1.stay outside in rain.
    2.Iam afraid your self holiness couldn’t help cause your made of human and you have instincts..and your not (spirit of God)Jesus.
    It’s good to protect your self by staying outside rather than saying some fell but I won’t…then you will fail.
    Law doesn’t guarantee protection.
    Grace does.
    Don’t put law to test .
    Bible tells refrain from doing evil.
    If some clergy deceived you by saying I can overcome all things and they themselves were struggling (lying to you)in that deception it is good to reveal those deception ist and warn the innocent (truthful chosen by God)
    Whoever believes the truth will not deceive and God will keep him..

  38. @ADMN..”.They don’t know that these hirelings are there just for their own belly”
    Yes brother.True to the saying ,,these hirelings are there just for their own belly.
    See, when the intruder was openly challenging and asking the group whether they took police permission for making this procession,these white clads should have come forward and give proper reply.But they won’t.
    We can clearly watch in the video that the white clad simply shivers and goes helter skelter into the crowd and hides his head into them . Such a timid fellows are these white clads.
    Was this way the kind of TRAINING they impart in IBR H.Qs?
    Do the Clergy read the precious WORD of God what it teaches on such occasions?No ..they want to hide the crowd.
    (2 Timothy 1:7 …… For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.)
    Further the intruder was heard asking the man who who was their head of the group. One believer fellow comes forward to answer the intruder as if he was the head of the group.
    Here I object.
    Why should these believers come forward to shield these white clads?
    Actually no Clergy cares any believer in any of the administrative issues of the cult.
    That was why in my previous mail I cited THREE Scripture quotes about these
    believers. They have got absolutely no knowledge, no sense at all.
    Why should they volunteer to come in defence of these white clads?
    Actually the fault lies with these laity.I blame them squarely. Time and again I blame the laity only.They keep these white clads closest to their hearts.
    These Clergy go scot free. When problems come ,they will push these innocent sheep to front.Such is the kind of INTEGRITY they carry towards their sheep.
    That was the reason why they were christened as ‘HIRELINGS’.
    When the wolf comes to steal the sheep, these hirelings run away to save their lives.Shame to be called as shepherds!pastors and CENTRE PASTORS,and so on….

  39. Between Gloria’s “golgappa” story and NMSTF’s cricket references, I prefer Elina’s gibberish.

    At least they are more entertaining.

    It’s like watching a comedy sketch show.

    • I personally prefer Vik’s articulate, very intelligent comments which shows his state of denial even after three years of visiting this blessed forum.

      I take it as a compliment.

    • I’m so glad that spending three years on this forum, you still find it entertaining. The Bible speaks of gentlemen like you….

      Matthew 11:16-18 King James Version (KJV)
      16 But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows,

      17 And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.

      Catching on to your celibate brother’s black coat tail or white lungi will not only leave you hanging onto thin air but also leave your poor brother exposed.

      I feel sorry for you. The Sri Lankan cricket team is at least honest but CPM is from the pits of hell.

  40. Supplementing to dear brother NMSTF’S ‘man ki baath’ (heart speaks),my heart reverberates .We may recall, when Spurgeon and G. Campbell Morgan passed away, their work and outreach went right on.Both of these well known preachers had built their life time ministries on the pure Word of God and power of Spirit. Power and Authority were the clear manifestations in their preaching.
    Authority goes with the Name of Jesus, and power goes with the Holy Spirit
    Can we confidently say or attribute the Power and Authority as exercised by these two spiritual giants to these Clergy that has been beating the drums over these 94 years of existence? I doubt it.There are some semblances I am not denying. But over all it amounts to utter flop.
    Perhaps this news shall serve as a food for thought to our dear brother VK even as we ‘ve entered into the dawn of the new year that ushered with the horrible scenes of terrible air accidents in the Middle East coupled with full of uncertainties. So horrible days we are going to face in the coming days too as Matthew 24 chapter hints us.
    We need to preserve to our faith,hope and charity as the Word of God exhorts us. I praise and thank God for this blessed site which we had been cautioning, alerting about the wolves in shepherd’s garb and thus keeping us together under these trying and testing times.Our daily prayers go for it.

  41. Today in my mail( if you happened to read it) I put forward a very interesting phenomena before the READERS.
    Thats’ all about Power & Authority or visa versa.
    Could Gloria/a.ka. James/ Elina/Manju Warrior/Calvin Sam/ some flickering lights//etc etc………throw some light on the phenomena ? i.e from where these TPM/CPM/NTC/NCTC/UPC and all their sister denominations derive their Power & authority?
    Simple quiz indeed. There is no rocket science is involved in this simple quiz.

  42. Dear Admin & All,
    thanks for all the comments and stories you posted above,
    by the way you tell me who is perfect in this world, TPM has its own rules and regulations as per the word of GOD and the revelations they receive , of course you find many faults with them, but none of you are perfect enough to judge them other than GOD… let them receive the as per their deeds/good works… you better work hard for your own salvation and perfection..

    Now in Kerala, there is big fight going on between Pastor MA Varghese and Shameer Kollam & team…. i think nasty politicians and are better-than them… so whom do you think is better ???

    its GOD in HIS mercy only can perfect a Man in Christ, none of the TPM pastors or any other pastors can do that, they all can show you some ways , its you… must discern the good and evil and go in the right path..

    I’m born and brought in the TPM faith, initially i did attend meetings in my hometown Nilambur, Kerala, then moved to Bangalore, now in Middle east, so far 42 years, i had met many servants of GOD and believers , i didn’t had any bad experience personally with this ministry so far, yes i heard many ill doings and other issues, there are reasons behind each and every incidents occurred, and i don’t care because I’m not looking into the negative aspects, be optimistic and look for positive aspects …
    I listen to good messages from other pastors and scholars as well , all those helps me to go forward in spiritual life and lead a peaceful life…and the “end reward, that’s not with me its GOD who decides that, none of us or any man can help us to attain that eternal reward… that’s my belief .

    So, even if you come up with lot of cooked up or real stories none of the true TPM believer is going to change … why are you wasting your time with this portal ?? do you get anything out of it, other than some evil satisfaction


    • @Binu
      //TPM has its own rules and regulations as per the word of GOD and the revelations they receive.

      Admin and Team is questioning this. They are proving that the TPM Teachings are NOT as per the Word of God. Will you be able to satisfactorily answer and defend TPM Doctrines?

        • That is quite surprising. There are 350+ articles and out of that 300+ are dealing with TPM doctrines. Why don’t you pick one and start your rebuttal?

    • Mone Bineshe, Sunnychayan ningade pillare thotille? Thottiringil, nerum mariyine allo? If sunny had touched your kids, you would be singing a different tune.

      Nilamburlr Namade MT alle Chief Pastor ippum, you must be very proud.

      Open your eyes and read the articles instead of making sweeping statements. The joke is on you because if you believe the TPM lie, you are in for a great surprise when you hit eternity. The rewards will be quite different from what you are expecting.

      • @No more a slave to fear
        please come up with your identity … not as disguising yourself with some generic identity …

        Pastor Sunny’s story i know… and i know how it was manipulated … so just leave that…
        first step on you must understand , don’t be a slave to any one, you might be a salve before…that’s how you choose the name “No more a slave to fear”

        • Don’t worry about me, my friend, please try to answer Nath’s queries he has posted below in response to your request for debatable points. He posted it on January 27, 2020 At 5:09 PM. Nath has done you a great favour by picking up the key elements, so happy reading.

          BTW just like you, I’m also very close to MT and AC and MG and Nilambur and Malabar. My identity was similar to yours, a former slave in TPM now completely free in Christ. Hope one day you can also say the same thing before it is too late. Remember Kobe Bryant…life is too unpredictable so chose wisely what you want to do with the little time you have left in this life.

        • Dear Binu,
          If you think that Sunny was manipulated, then you fell for the smear campaign of TPM against Sunny’s accusers. Do you know that the then chief rejected the happenings only on grounds of technicality when surrounded by the believers after that year’s convention? I knew all what happened there. Even the present inmates agree without outward acceptance on all that was put forth against Sunny as it would impact their climb in the organisation. When asked now, they said “It could have happened.. He was end of story.. We don’t need to talk about someone else’s sin/fall especially if it is the saints” I was appalled at that callous reply brushing the sin away!!

    • @Binu Varghese
      //So, even if you come up with lot of cooked up or real stories none of the true TPM believer is going to change…///

      I CHANGED. I used to consider myself as a true TPM believer. Members of my family are still in TPM Clergy… I was a hardcore TPM. But when the light of God shined on me, my eyes were openee. AND I QUIT TPM !!!
      I know many who have quit TPM based on doctrinal reasons in the past one year. We need to come out of the delusional World of TPM to realise the truth.

      • But the COWARDLY, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Rev 21:8

        People who stick on to TPM after knowing that they are frauds are COWARDS. Binu chooses to be a COWARD.

    • Binuchayan…I completely agree with this statement of yours…

      ///So, even if you come up with lot of cooked up or real stories none of the true TPM believer is going to change …/// is for christians within the TPM church, and the admin and his team are using this website to shine the light of the true Gospel of Christ into TPM’s darkness so that the lost sheep in TPM can be set free from TPM’s slavery.

      It is obvious that none of the true TPM believers are christians and hence will continue to worship TPM’s god and his servants. You can chose Christ or TPM. You just cannot have both.

  43. @binu vargheese
    That’s a poor attitude from you who are you to tell here what they should do ..blood is blood regardless of who gets pierced off if you don’t speak of that innocent blood.your not like good Samaritan as Jesus described.if you can give back the lives of n number of my deceived relatives,and thousands of innocent ignorant peoples livelihood life back I would stop ..and the deception they did in the name of God is intolerable ….it’s good to expose false preacher s there teachings supress the supremacy of the sacrifice of the lord careful for satin himself had transformed into angel of light and he was able to pull one third of angels to fall for his deception..what chance do you think you have unless you are redeemed by his blood alone..

    • @Unmaimattumae nilaikum
      Dear Brother,
      i don’t have any issues the way they continue this portal and the showering comments on it, i just expressed my views and experience. TPM has started almost a century back and it keep growing beyond the expectations of other nominal Pentecostal denominations, the way they conduct conventions and the strict doctrines they follow is always admirable by other churches.

      and about the deceived relatives or other people you mentioned, in TPM i have seen some believers becomes so close to the servants of GOD and consider them as GOD itself, follow whatever they says, rather they must discern and search in the word of GOD then sit in prayers for the council to receive from the GOD, instead if they blindly follow pastors , later they might feel that , they got deceived ..
      no one is prefect except our Christ Jesus..

  44. @ Binu
    How much of the website articles did you go through? If you are assuming we had bad experience in TPM and therefore we have launched a attack to take revenge then you are wrong. Better first browse contents in patience before commenting in hurry. Ample of times we have made it clear that the flawed nature of so called saints is not our major issue. We are striving to tell blind people like you about the train in which you are travelling is heading for hell. We are trying to bring erring doctrines and teachings of TPM into your notice. Not even basic Gospel is rightly preached in TPM. You may think them to be right, but so did we until we all encountered truth. I request you to patiently go through each and every article. I am not saying each and every article will convince you, but just honestly for sake your own soul and for sake of your family at least go through the doctrinal articles. And then tell me who is deceived.

  45. Brither Binu,
    I am fully convinced that there are many articles published in this site that talk about doctrinal differences from what the Bible says,for example Sunday Syllabus books that talk about highly unbiblicaL–‘DISPENSATION OF AGES’ .This site has time and again carried many EPISODES on this. that O.T Saints like ABRAHAM has got one type of heaven reserved for them, and N,T. Saints like you and me has got another type of heaven stored for us.
    Have you ever read this revelation being propagated by this TPM church?
    The whole Sunday School staff and Youth & S.S children were totally misguided by spreading this erroneous doctrines all these years.I was also blindly carried away by these false doctrines all along till God opened my spiritual eyes of understanding.This is what this TPM church which is of century hoodwinking its blind believers.
    May I have your valuable opinion on this revelation.
    This is the only one simple doctrinal issue I selected.
    Infact this site talks about many other doctrinal issues.
    You take up those issues and come for debate.We are all ready.
    Why do’nt you go through such articles presented by this site,and answer them?

  46. @ Binu, you plainly said that there was a nasty fight between Shemeer Kollam and MA Varughese(MAV)I am not sure to extent you understood the gravity of the issue. Shemeer was merely unmasking the twisted doctrine of MAV when hundreds of other servants of God merely opted to look the other way. The church needs such servants of God today to boldly stand up and unmask the lies for the sake of the remanant. Have you seen how MAV has improved the population of his club through his curse breaking doctrine. They just recently brought a plot worth 100 Crore.
    So if you think TPM is OK as long as you strike a clever balance between taking some and ignoring some of the TPM DDT, then dear brother you are deceived as it’s clear that you have been deceived, as the SPIRIT OF THE ALMIGHTY will not allow one to remain silent one moment against perverted doctrines. Unmasking is the Only way Brother. Don’t know what your burden is today?

  47. @Binu Varughes,
    അഡ്മിന്റെ ബൈബിൾ അടിസ്ഥാനത്തിലുള്ള ചോദ്യത്തിന് എന്തുകൊണ്ട് മറുപടി കൊടുക്കുന്നില്ല?

    I was listening to the empty speech delivered by M T Thomas in the Thiruvalla Convention on Sunday. I could not imagine the pathetic condition of the preached as well as audience.

    Job 2:10, “…….. In all this Job did not sin with his lips.” It accounts for the sins committed by lips. Throughout the speech this M T (empty) was committing sins with his lips. When a man commits sin, he alone will perish WHEREAS when someone commits sin with his lips, the entire audience will perish. This is the condition of TPM (തല്ലി പൊളി മിഷൻ or തെറ്റി പോയ മാർഗ്ഗം). So think about your future in eternity.

  48. Brother Binu, could you please throw some light on the term used by you “beyond the expectations of other nominal Pentecostal denominations”. Who exactly are nominal Pentecostals and secondly what were there expectations?

  49. @ binu vargheese.
    Dear person,it’s no wonder you or someone got helped in that community might be true..that is ok it’s not people that helps you .It’s God that helps people,God reveals himself to those who seek him or to those he chooses to.If I got helped by a murderer,or by some people with bad intentions… initially out of ignorance it is ok to support them but once when you got conceived by True wisdom it is impossible to go along with there ignorance and hypocrisy after all it is the truth that sets you free ,not the deception..

  50. Dear All,
    as I’m getting reply from many, time doesn’t permits me to reply to one and all,
    surely, i will come up with suitable replies…. busy at office right now..
    its not for fighting or just for the sake of debate…. as we read in John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”
    let’s debate to reveal the truth to all men
    I’m not slave to any human being , just obey to the word of GOD and submit myself to the almighty GOD, not to any Man, being in TPM i never felt like slave to TPM, don’t know why some people feels like that.. none of the TPM believers are slave to any pastors or sisters rather they follow the truth revealed from the word of GOD.
    how can we say that, all other doctrines except TPM teaching are correct (i quote only Pentecostal denominations here ) if so, how come many Pentecostal churches around ?? IPC has got different churches in same area under different pastors, same is the case for other churches, and they argue and debate like worldly people in channels and social medias,, you guys don’t have any issues for that.
    i know most of fromtpm bloggers are ex-tpm believers or workers and they wanted to degrade TPM ministry..

    your real fight must be to win the perishing souls in the world… just go thru the below you tube channels and check how Atheist groups are speaking against bible and question the very existence of GOD itself, can you argue with them and reveal the truth to them ?? instead trying to educate TPM believers

    • Dear Binu,
      Clearly you have no clue about the contents of TPM Doctrines. When Bro Nath requested you to read certain sample articles, I expected you to have that courtesy.
      You somehow are under an illusion that TPM Believers are Saved. We are here to burst that Illusion and telling you plainly that the Jesus of TPM is NOT the Jesus we see in the Bible. TPM Preaches ANOTHER JESUS and hence are UNDER A CURSE.

      But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse! Gal 1:8-9

      For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough. 2 Cor 11:4

      Let us test that with some very simple questions. Would you please reply?
      1. Are All Human Beings Equal in Value?
      2. Can you SAVE yourself by your Works?
      3. How many people have got the capacity to SAVE Mankind from their Sins?

      I also expect you to substantiate your responses with appropriate biblical references(Preferably NT).

      • hi Brother,
        May be I’m under TPM illusion, however i relay on the word of God and the values adopted from some good examples of life that was set-forth/lived by the forefathers… anyhow so far God lead me , if at all a sharp change required in my life, surly God will open the ways and will lead me…
        and also i mentioned that, i will go thru the articles posted above and shall try to come up with my understanding in view of TPM doctrines and teachings.

        on your questions
        1. Are All Human Beings Equal in Value?
        God’s word is very clear in telling us that all men are created equal and every single person can be a child of God, receiving the full inheritance of heaven, no matter what their age, color, or ethnicity, gender or nationality
        As it mentioned in “Gel 3:28, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”
        But “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Rom 3:23

        2. Can you SAVE yourself by your Works?
        Eph. 2:8-9 – “For BY GRACE are ye SAVED THROUGH FAITH; and that NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT of God:
        3. How many people have got the capacity to SAVE Mankind from their Sins?

        What does you mean by this????

        No Man can save other man from their sins, only they intercede and pray for them to save from their dead works.
        John 3:16 says,
        “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life”

        • Dear Binu
          Thank you for the response and I am glad that you have answered it correctly. Maybe you did not understand the question no. 3
          Now coming to the point, do you know that TPM’s doctrine is conflicting with your understanding?

          1. TPM doctrine says that Humans have different values based on the time of their birth/death (Dispensation theory). For eg, Abraham has a different source/parameter for salvation than what you have.Click here to know more. TPM Doctrine goes on to say that GOD gave Abraham a vision of Zion and tricked him to New Heaven.

          2.TPM believes in Salvation by Works and Not Faith Alone. We have to make instalment payment for our salvation, in the form of works. Remember the 7 steps of Salvation?

          “We have to pass through seven steps to ATTAIN the perfect salvation, i.e., conversion, water baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit, separation, divine healing, entire sanctification, and perfection. Every step brings us to a particular experience.” (Voice of Pentecost, October 1991)
          Note the word ATTAIN(Based on your effort and work).

          TO quote another sample from TPM Publication.
          “By receiving the fullness of righteousness of God alone, we can meet the Lord in the most holy place. For example, let us suppose that one goes to a shop and purchases a car worth Rs. 4 lakhs. When he pays an advance of Rs. 1 lakh, he receives the car on certain terms and conditions. By paying Rs. 1 lakh, he gets a vehicle costing Rs. 4 lakhs. But it is not his own. Still, he has full right to use it. On the one hand, he says, the vehicle is his own. It is not wrong either. However, by the terms of the agreement he made with that shop, the vehicle becomes his own only if he pays monthly installments of Rs. 10,0000 for 30 months. If he fails to pay but one installment, the vehicle will be forfeited even though he may have paid Rs. 4 lakhs. Just because he fails to pay one installment, he not only loses Rs. 4 lakhs, but the vehicle too is taken away. If one has to be so careful to fulfill such conditions when buying a car, how much more careful we should be to receive the measure of the righteousness of God and make it our own!” (God’s Eternal Purpose For Man, Page 144)

          3. Now coming to the last point where you did not understand the question. As per the Bible, there is ONLY ONE SAVIOUR and that SAVIOUR is JESUS CHRIST.
          Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12
          However, TPM doctrine believes that their Clergy are saviours who save people by bearing the iniquities of men. Please turn to English Hymn No. 385 or still easy, click here

          Now, please tell me if these are serious errors in their doctrine for you to correct them?

          All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, REBUKING, CORRECTING and training in righteousness, 2 Tim 3:16

    • Dear Binu,
      Your answers are very evasive!! You have either understood the hollowness of the TPM doctrine but want to continue in it or have shut your heart and mind to not think anything about the evil you see in it and soothe your conscience that you are in the “best church” in the planet.

      When asked to study, you are turning the focus to atheism or some other matters!! This site aims to evangelize TPMites to the REAL CHRIST. You can talk to Atheists in the blog reserved for it. But in order to refute them also, you need to know the truth in the Scripture. If not, you will be mowed down in their arguments.


    • @ dearest brother binu
      // @ as I’m getting reply from many, time doesn’t permits me to reply to one and all, //

      Do not worry brother. I am standing with you. If you need my help in beating these people down, call me. We can stand together against fromtpm. We need each other’s help. Our Chief pastors won’t help us. They won’t answer these people’s questions. They are busy. Very very busy. But they have prepared us to face fromtpm. They have also prepared us to face aethiests. They have taught us Bible hermeneutics. They have taught us Greek Hebrews and other unknown languages. They have imparted us with knowledge of history of tpm from year 1923 onwards. Each believer of tpm is prepared by our saints on Wednesday because they themselves are bible scholars. They have studied Bible for years taking pain to read and understand it from many commentaries, books, and gods guidance, just in order to help us the believers prepare with study of scriptures.

      We grow in Bible knowledge every Wednesday and in every convention we attend.

      We have a very big library in tpm irimbuliyur where all the great and famous Bible literature is collected for us to study. It is prepared by money from our tithes, for our benefits, by our saints. They are sitting in library to teach us which book to read and how to analyze good and bad part in them. They will allow us to ask question to them and tell us reasons why some things in those books are not to be taken. This library in irimbuliyur has all books from first century to 20th century. Great work done work by our saints to equip us the believers of tpm with Bible knowledge. Our saints take so much suffering for our spiritual growth. In these modern digital times they are also preparing digital e library for believers in every language so that we can study on our Android phones. So much our saints labour and therefore our Chief pastors are busy. These stupid fromtpm people will never be able to understand the trouble our saints take to equip us with Bible knowledge. These stupid fromtpm people falsely accuse saints to be busy bodies and gossipers. See how much saints labour for us in word and knowledge!

      Teju brother is starting special Bible studies. In each Bible study he will give response to one fromtpm article. This Bible study will be big hit. Finally we will regain our trust in our most talented saint (Teju), that he is not hidding in his den when Goliath of fromtpm is challenging us.


      • Good on you Elina, at least you are the lone voice in the TPM desert trying to fight this giant with a paper machette(TPM’s doctrines). Not sure how long Binu Varghese will last, may be he is another Manju Warrior? Time will tell.

        Sometimes I wonder whose side you are on because your sarcasm suggests that you detest everything about TPM, maybe I’m wrong.

        Don’t you think TPM should have their own translation of the Bible just like the Jehovah witnesses. Shall we call it the TPMV or should it be MTV (Empty Version)? This way at least you can interpret the Bible the way you want it. Now they are fighting a losing battle with the KJV.

        • //Don’t you think TPM should have their own translation of the Bible just like the Jehovah witnesses. Shall we call it the TPMV or should it be MTV (Empty Version)? This way at least you can interpret the Bible the way you want it. Now they are fighting a losing battle with the KJV.

          Almost 16 years back, MT Thomas said he had plans to write the bible correctly(With TPM Doctrines) and publish it. Even that time, I felt weird about the idea. I would not be surprised if he takes that step now.

        • @admin

          ////Almost 16 years back, MT Thomas said he had plans to write the bible correctly(With TPM Doctrines) and publish it. ///

          Wow! That’s scary. This MT is surely a messenger from Hell. 16 years ago he had plans to rewrite the Bible, no wonder Satan is promoting and using him so well to fool the TPM believers.

          Only God can help these hapless Binus and Elinas when our beloved Malabar boy MT becomes the Chief Pastor of TPM. I think heresies in TPM will be at its peak during his regime.

        • @NMSTF @Admin
          @Do you think tpm should have their own translation of Bible ?

          Off course yes! Blue print is ready. But we don’t write names of author on our publications. We cannot name it MTV or TUV. We will name it either CPLV (Contemporary pentecostal language version) or ZSV (Zion standard version).

          It will be written in original Malayalam Language and copies will be made from Malayalam version.

          Some changes needed.
          1) Acts of Apostles will be appended with two three chapters. Few miracles of our apostolic pastors will be mentioned.
          2) Some words will be in Red ink with bold. Like in old testament when God says do not come to your wives.
          3) Laws of Moses will have some additions about commandments given to Israelites to not to take Egyptian medicines.
          4) Discription of heaven and hell will be added by pastor Shyam Sunder who went to third heaven.
          5) Last book of Bible will be book of deeper Revelations.

        • @Elina,

          Why Malayalam? shouldn’t it be in Sinhala as most of TPM’s Revelations came to Alwin from Angel Gibril? Or has this Gibril spirit now caught MT’s throat and delivering more deeper truths to him in Malayalam?

          Who will write anyway in Malayalam since MT now speaks Tamil only, while Abraham speaks unknown tongues (I feel sorry for this guy, if he is not careful he will burst a vein when he goes on one of his constipated riff of tongue screaming, the spirit in hime must be a heavy metal fan). And Jayem the humble cannot write Malayalam unless he has a gift of writing in unknown tongues.

          It is going to be tough finding a malayalam writer, even the schools in Kerala these days are in English medium. Maybe we should ask Binu Varghese or yourself to help as he seems to be very articulate.

        • @NMSTF
          New Testament in Malayalam and Old in Sinhalese. Our saints will give final approval which books to include and which not at council of Irimbuliyur.

          Since 7 is number of perfection it will have 77 books total.

        • @Elina
          //Since 7 is number of perfection it will have 77 books total.//
          Wow!! never did it occur to me that bible has 66 books and the number 6 refers to man and hence the book is imperfect. Your revelations are truly amazing Elina!

        • @ABAS
          @never did it occur to me that bible has 66 books and the number 6 refers to man and hence the book is imperfect..

          Do you know bible we have is canonized by Catholic Pope in council of Carthage?

          Should we Pentecostal people listen what Catholics tell us ? Should we let nominal Protestants like Martin Luther and contemporary Bible college graduated pastors, [who never speak in tongues], decide what books anointed Pentecostals believers should read as Bible? If we are going to judge angels (1 Corin 6;3) then are we so fool to let Catholics and nominal Protestants define Bible books for us?

          Nah.. never

          A council will be soon called at Irimbuliyur! Scholar of all scholars – beloved pastor MT will preside over it.

      • @Elina
        //Teju brother is starting special Bible studies. In each Bible study he will give response to one fromtpm article. This Bible study will be big hit.//
        Please post his (Teju) responses to fromtpm articles here. Just curious to see his defense.

        //Finally we will regain our trust in our most talented saint (Teju)//
        Have you and others lost your trust in your most talented saint now? Hope your most talented saint puts up a good show to restore his status among his fans!

        By the way, is Teju still a brother? He should be a pastor by now!


  52. @Admin & all,
    So sorry to read the comments and articles in the fromtpm portal above.. i would like to come up with some points..
    as I’m new to this Blog, don’t know whether admin will approve my comments…
    i have lot to tell and defend on the said subjects


      • //You need not keep changing name. We are fine with Binu.//
        That’s a good one. If it is true that Binu wants to reincarnate as Jefrin to defend tpm, I am really intrigued at the dishonest means people adopt to shield tpm by hook or crook. Hope Jefrin picks up one of the articles from this site and presents his rebuttal with supporting scriptures.

        • The reason for my comment was that both the IP address were matching to “A particular institution” in the UAE. Therefore, It is highly likely that it is the same individual.

    • Dear Jerin, Binu
      @ i have lot to tell and defend on the said subjects

      We are waiting for your response/ defence of tpm ways.
      I did ask you few questions. I hope you are preparing your response.

  53. Two days ago Bro.Nath painstakingly kept 44 articles with the relevant site address details for the benefit of Binu Vargheses alias Jefrins, Elinas.Curiously they would not acknowledge having gone through them at all but they would like to visit this site with the binami names llike Jefrin.They have got nothing to defend. Whom do they want to fool? These well written articles on doctrinal issues mean nothing to them. Its like playing the flute before a deaf adder.

  54. OK.. thats interesting. So Bro. Binu since I assume you must be attending either Dubai or Sharjah fellowship, how come you accept all the filth from T/Durai and Charles and yet say all is well.
    Like some of my TPM friends dont say that you dont believe all that comes from pulpit.
    //if at all a sharp change required in my life, surly God will open the ways and will lead me…//
    The narrow ways are already there opened ahead of us brother. It is what we choose that matters.
    He who hath eyes let him see before its too late.

  55. Dear brother Teju Robin am also from Coimbatore only, ur testimony is worse than a horror movie. My heart really sank reading it. They made me to clean vessels too and brain washed me that I will be blessed in return, that was before marriage it Thoothukudi. By God’s grace I got married to a person outside the TPM church and came out. U must be really courageous to post a testimony like this. I really wanna meet u in person, if possible

  56. 1 மேலும், சகோதரரே, நான் உங்களை ஆவிக்குரியவர்களென்று எண்ணி உங்களுடனே பேசக்கூடாமல், மாம்சத்துக்குரியவர்களென்றும், கிறிஸ்துவுக்குள் குழந்தைகளென்றும் எண்ணிப் பேசவேண்டியதாயிற்று
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:1

    2 நீங்கள் பெலனில்லாதவர்களானதால், உங்களுக்குப் போஐனங்கொடாமல், பாலைக் குடிக்கக்கொடுத்தேன். இன்னமும் நீங்கள் மாம்சத்துக்குரியவர்களாயிருக்கிறபடியால், இப்பொழுதும் உங்களுக்குப் பெலனில்லை.
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:2

    3 பொறாமையும் வாக்குவாதமும் பேதகங்களும் உங்களுக்குள் இருக்கிறபடியால், நீங்கள் மாம்சத்துக்குரியவர்களாயிருந்து மனுஷமார்க்கமாய் நடக்கிறீர்களல்லவா?
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:3

    4 ஒருவன் நான் பவுலைச் சேர்ந்தவனென்றும், வேறொருவன் நான் அப்பொல்லோவைச் சேர்ந்தவனென்றும் சொல்லுகிறபடியால் நீங்கள் மாம்சத்துக்குரியவர்களல்லவா?
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:4

    5 பவுல் யார்? அப்பொல்லோ யார்? கர்த்தர் அவனவனுக்கு அருள் அளித்தபடியே நீங்கள் விசுவாசிக்கிறதற்கு ஏதுவாயிருந்த ஊழியக்காரர்தானே.
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:5

    6 நான் நட்டேன், அப்பொல்லோ நீர்ப்பாய்ச்சினான், தேவனே விளையச்செய்தார்.
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:6

    7 அப்படியிருக்க, நடுகிறவனாலும் ஒன்றுமில்லை, நீர்ப்பாய்சுகிறவனாலும் ஒன்றுமில்லை, விளையச்செய்கிற தேவனாலே எல்லாமாகும்.
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:7

    8 மேலும் நடுகிறவனும் நீர்ப்பாய்ச்சுகிறவனும் ஒன்றாயிருக்கிறார்கள். அவனவன் தன்தன் வேலைக்குத் தக்கதாய்க் கூலியைப்பெறுவான்.
    1 கொரிந்தியர் 3:8

  57. The foundation of TPM is shaken at the bold testimony of Teju Robin. The deceitful way in which he was conned into joining their ministry and once trapped the atrocities he had to endure.
    Just now came to know that instructions were given from TPM Headquarters to Trichy Center Pastor Asirwatham to threaten Teju Robin through some of his family members who are still attending TPM fellowship. One of his close relatives was called by Trichy Center Pastor and in very strong words he was rebuked for Teju’s testimony in especially his exposure of Pr. Gunaseelan’s dirty deeds.
    Dear Abraham Matthew/MT Thomas/John Anna/Kumari…
    Keep your threats to yourself. If you try to fiddle with a young brother whose future you had almost ruined, we are not going to remain silent spectators. Appropriate actions will be taken to ensure the safety of Teju Robin by dragging all of you to Human Rights and other government agencies in Delhi.

  58. These scumbags are a insult to humanity. The moment their existence is threatened, their true identity is revealed. Their most holy faith goes for a toss and instead of showing the other cheek, they take up the sword, what a gang of hoodlums, these parasites are. Prime spots in Hell awaits these sons of satan and it is only a matter of time when each one of these most holy chief shepherds of this harlot church will have to stand in front of God Almighty to give account of their crimes.

    Looks like the intake of new workers has been affected by Brave Teju’s testimony. The altar of Molech is empty and the chief priests of Molech are unhappy because without the annual sacrifice of these innocent children, their beggar god will not bless them in the year.

  59. TPM has become worse than the Catholic Church.

    As the admin correctly said these people should be booked. Their faith homes must be raided and all the skeletons should be brought to light. Not for the good of the blind believers, they will say that RSS planted these in their churches as this is one of the markers of a cult. At least, new people will refrain from even going near the vicinity of this building they call faith home.

    Message to Brother Teju Robin. God will strengthen you brother. We will surely pray for you. It is God who called you and God will give you the strength.

  60. @admin & all
    MT Thomas said this year too that a believer from Thenkasi has been writing Bible correctly (without translation fault). The version is name as Blessing Bible.

  61. Its quite horrendous to learn the news about this”” Blessing Bible”” through brother Kumar.

    What does MT want to achieve ulltimately?Crowning himself with the spirit of AA

    He looks now fully possessed with the spirit of Alwyn de Alwys who was being eulogised by him at every available platforms.(Be it in India,be it in Singapore,or be it in Sri Lanka.)
    Now no internnational flights are there,this man is becoming crazy that he was not being used by this CULT in the way he liked.
    Added to his woes,the COVID 19 has completely got him chained to indoors nowadays,and there is hardly any movement for him to attend the local conventions as Abraham Matthew has been managing well the North India conventions like DHARIWAL,& JAMMU -KASHMIR with Sam Sundar & Rajan Babu.
    Sam Sundar’s english speaking is no better than Elina’s. Infact Elina’s english is hundred times better than Sam Sundar’s .But still A Matthew prefers him and wants to use S Sundar because its anyway North India where people hardly understand english.
    My humble appeal to IBR HEAD QUARTERS and to the white clad managers like A Matthew and his present team.
    Close all your VOP monthly and other language song book publications and instead start utillising your IBR computer printing facilities to printing KJV Bibles in huge quantity in all Indian local dialects and send them free to all over the world.BSI and GIDEONS INTERNATIONAL are now unable to meet the present demand of Bibles,probably you can help their cause.
    Otherwise you will have to face the music of MT who is possessed now and that he will use Thenkasi believer to his advantage!

  62. Thank you for writing for this, My heart bleeds as my some members of my family would have gone through this training torture… They are still in the ministry, I hope God opens their heart and gives them the strength to reality and real love of Christ.

  63. Center Pastor Gunaseelan who (mentioned in this article with his photo) is passed away on 05/06/2021 at 05:50 PM at Nagercoil Center (he is desingnated as Nagercoil center pastor for last three years)

  64. Heard that Gunaseelan passed away at Nagercoil. Hope he repented himself sincerely of all his iniquities and have asked for forgiveness to those who he had exploited!!

    • This is the last photo before he passed away. I Wish and Hope he went with a clean conscience.


      • Is this photo of our Pastor Gunasselan ?
        Appears to me he has no fear of death. He know he going to glory because he lived such overcoming life.


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