We have been receiving emails from TPM Clergy regarding their predicament after getting stuck in the cult. The ones that have left the cult have to cope up with issues like Finance, Careers, Acceptability within the family etc.  Therefore, many of them are not able to gather the courage to come out of the Cult Setup and be free. To understand the kind of confusion and pain, let us read one of the mails that I received yesterday. If you are planning to get out of TPM, you should not leave without reading this article. If you want to help somebody to get out of TPM, please give them the article by digital or print.

Dear Admin,

I have few beloveds of mine, caught inside tpm ministry. They joined the tpm ministry in their youth days, without completing proper academic education. Now they are poised with the question, ” What will we do after we leave tpm ministry? Who will give us food or employment? You might be aware that employment is a big issue for even highly educated engineers, graduates and MBA’s in India. If that be the case, then it is not hard to imagine the state of man or woman who is in his 40s and have no experience, no education.
The problem is how to survive outside tpm ministry, after having spent half of your PRIME LIFE in service to an institution like tpm. People come out of tpm and realize this institution as stripped them of everything, including the prime time of their precious life. I suggested them to exit tpm and join Bible college. They have agreed on the need and necessity of formal theological bible education, but the problem is that if they join a Bible college, who will pay their Bible college fees, and expenses for four years?
The only option before them is either to continue in this ministry with a heavy heart or come out with some money so that they can do something with it. But they feel guilty of coming out of tpm with cash. Can you explain whether it is wrong to get out of tpm with some cash?  Is it a robbery? Kindly help with strong biblical support.

This article will deal with the last paragraph which is highlighted for you. We know that Most of TPM ministers join the cult at an age when they really do not know what Life is. They are incubated and targeted to join the group. Once the target is identified, these white-clads ensure that they are under their nose. They apply great marketing techniques and finally trap them in.  The system works like a NON-RETRUN Valve. Once you are in, you cannot get out. They also condition the family to reject anybody who comes out by the SHUNNING mechanism. Check out the picture of the valve, where airflow can be only one-sided and a reverse flow will shut the door.
Planning to get out from TPM?

The Money Factor

When it comes to Spirituality, Money itself is a very less important factor. However, your attitude towards Money is quite important to your spirituality. Many times the greed for money has caused shipwreck in many peopleé lives. At the same time, we need to acknowledge that money is required for your sustenance in the modern world. In short, WE NEED MONEY, BUT CANNOT BE MONEY MINDED.
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Tim 6:10

How to conduct the Exit

The Bible is replete with instances of how God helped his people with exiting out of evil systems.  For this particular instance let us focus on THE GREATEST EXIT of all time. The Exodus of Israelites from Egypt. Egypt bears testimony of the hard work done by the Israelites under the cruel pharaohs. Let us check a few verses on how they were made to do the labour.

They made their lives bitter with harsh labour in brick and mortar and with all kinds of work in the fields; in all their harsh labour the Egyptians worked them ruthlessly. Exodus 1:14

6 That same day Pharaoh gave this order to the slave drivers and overseers in charge of the people: “You are no longer to supply the people with straw for making bricks; let them go and gather their own straw. But require them to make the same number of bricks as before; don’t reduce the quota. They are lazy; that is why they are crying out, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to our God.’ Make the work harder for the people so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.Exodus 5:6-9

Do you know the amount of money the Israelites earned from this labour?

Planning to get out from TPM?
Now if you read the story of Exodus, you will see that God did not bring out the people of Israel Empty-handed. God made the Egyptians pay up for the labour they extracted out of the Israelites. Let us look at how God ensured that their labour is paid.

The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. The LORD had made the Egyptians favourably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians. Exodus 12:36


Note the above verse and the highlighted portions.  The Instruction is from GOD himself through Moses. They took very valuables from the Egyptians. Notice the use of the word “PLUNDERED”.

One thing that God is very displeased is when the wages are withheld.

“‘Do not defraud or rob your neighbour. “‘ Do not hold back the wages of a hired worker overnight. Lev 19:13

14 Do not take advantage of a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether that worker is a fellow Israelite or a foreigner residing in one of your towns. 15 Pay them their wages each day before sunset, because they are poor and are counting on it. Otherwise, they may cry to the Lord against you, and you will be guilty of sin. Deut 24:14-15
Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. James 5:4


If you are planning for an exit, you need to strategise your exit. Do not be like the others who came out with nothing with them


  1. Dear AYP (Mail composer),

    I agree with admin that taking money for your survival and then coming out of TPM is wise decision. I don’t think it is stealing. Jesus said, be ye wise like serpent and harmless like dove. Bible also says “The prudent sees danger and hides himself f but the simple go on and suffer for it (Proverbs 22:3).”

    If TPM has sucked from your best days and left you with nothing, it is injustice. If you labored for an organization and you must not be left empty handed. Did not Jesus say that a laborer is worthy of his wages (Matt 10:16). Even the worldly organization gives pension, provident fund, gratuity, etc to its retired employees. Why should you not get it, when you have spent best days in service of this wicked monstrous organization of TPM? Above all we have ample proof in bible supporting it.

    For example, Jacob served Laban and he used trickery means to get wealth for serving Laban. It was his reward as he had made Laban wealthy by serving him.

    Not only Israelite, but God made people who exiled from slavery of Babylon and Medo-Persian slavery, also get gold and silver during Nehemiah and Ezra times.

    Also when Egyptian pharaoh enslaved Sarah, God made sure he repays Abraham for reproach Sarah suffered because of Egyptian bondage.

    So there is nothing wrong if you plan and come out, instead of coming out empty handed and facing severe trials life pose.

  2. I think people who plan to exit should do what a certain George Kutty did in the 70s when there was the name change issue – CPM to TPM.

    He just took charge of one of the buildings and said it was his own and none of the bigwigs could vacate him. This guy got married and is now living happily with his own version of a perverted ministry.

    TPM IS A DEN OF THIEVES. Whose money is it anyway- the stupid public’s. So please go ahead and plunder the whore before you exit. You deserve your share of the booty.

    One can also go to the labour courts and file a case. Just ensure that you have enough local political support as this beast can be very nasty when provoked.

  3. Looks bull shit.
    It’s like a software engineer saying, I have spent my prime life in coding. I want to became a chemistry teacher. Isn’t it sounding insane? Even if one wants to become, they can, by spending more money and time, else, they retire in their profession.

    Similarly, the ministers in ministry is to minister. Even if they come out, there are plenty to harvest for the labourers are few. But if they seek to become a software engineer or a pilot, they need to invest their time and money.

    • @Babu
      It is like software engineer, who was given accomodation and food and water. S/w engineer spent his life making codes worth 100 crore dollars. Then one day, he decided to quit, but he decided to switch, to another firm. But that firm requires globally acknowledged certification. He has no money to do certification. Who fill feed him for 4 years required for certification , who will pay his fees. He didn’t receive salary, pension, pf and other benefits. He is just as beggar having nothing, solely dependent on monstrous cultic organization that controls him.

  4. This EPISODE no 342 assumes TOP MOST importance and draws the timely attention of the FENCE SITTERS as to how plan their activities .This blessed site is offering certain valid tips them to flee away from the clutches of this BEAST. The great BABYLON has fallen because of the sheer power of God,
    The high walls of Jericho crumbled down with the same power of God.
    Dear AYP, use the technique as suggested in this EPISODE. ……. So they PLUNDERED the Egyptians. Exodus 12:36. So how to plunder?
    I am giving you a timely tip reading a real LIFE STORY happened with a elder worker by name JOHNSON who came out of this ministry finally after serving this BEAST for 23 years!Read it carefully. This is not fake story. A real incident happened.Many workers and CENTRE PASTORS who secretly watch this site will have to update their information now.They will do certainly.
    Here it is……
    Because of some of his work culture that was not palatable to his CENTRE PASTOR CHRISTOPHER(the late Secunderabad centre),he was transferred to MUMBAI centre after having served in two TELUGU CENTRES—-VIJAYAWADA& SECUNDERABAD for quite many years.
    By then he sufficiently understood the work culture of this BEAST and well versed with the secret things happening around the FOUR WALLS of the F.H s, he must have devised his FUTURE plans from then onwards!
    Look at his swiftness of mind how it worked!
    All Fence sitters! please DO NOT BELIEVE your worker brothers especially when they are in ELDERS stage.You do not know the HEART of a man how it works except our Lord.
    At that stage itself their minds will be working swiftly how commit some great things to ESCAPE away from the clutches of this BEAST!
    So from MUMBAI centre he started secretly his FURURE plans of ditching this ministry.
    By reaching that stage of serving in VIJAYAWADA & SECUNDERABAD centres for more than 22 years, he finally decided to leave the ministry keeping it as a top secret.But he had to pocket some more TITHE money that he was earning from his fake job. ( His pet name was GOPI,before he joined the ministry.) in this site comments section of old episodes, one could find some anonymous name of that name. GOPI.
    He joined the ministry right at an teenager stage at VIJAYAWADA centre.Late Pr ARULDAS who was working as VIJAYAWADA centre pastor knew him well.He understood well all the ills that were rampant in this ministry.He witnessed many homosexual/lesbian acts that were happenning in this CULT. He decided to quit this TPM. What he did ….. he started monthly saving plans on his own.
    Every month he used to save few lakhs /thousands from his collected TITHE money. I presume monthly he might have set apart some amount that he got as ‘TITHE’ that amounted to a huge money which was clandestinely transferred to his parents hands when ever they come to attend VIJAYAWADA/SECUNDERABAD conventions. So the so called convention grounds became the breeding grounds for money laundering business places of this BEAST. So finally what the parents did was …..,they bought a huge 24/27 acre land on some benami names (obviously).
    Place: somewhere in TELANGAANA state.
    So what do you call the act of JOHNSON ? Did he deceive his principals? In a way ‘YES’
    Was it amounted to” AKELDAMA” money that the BIBLE was talking about ?I am not competent to answer that question. You thoroughly read the above EPISODE . You will get the answer.
    Did he feel guilty conscious while setting apart a portion of his TITHE amount monthly during his serving in the ministry?I leave it to his consciousness.
    He must have acted with precision care and that too after informing his chief WESLEY PETER the then CP of this mission.He took his permission to leave the ministry.
    So FENCE SITTERS be watchful !( In this list of FENCE SITTERS list -many –ELINAS & MANJU WARRIORS are there surely ).
    just look at the way how minute planning that JOHNSON had in his mind.
    Dear AYP ,advise your few dear ones who are presently serving this BEAST with utmost precision and CARE .

    • Dear brother eagle eye,

      Are you talking about gopi’s comment in sunny George article, where it is said that sunny had sexual relationship with Wesely Peter the then Chief pastor ? Who is the magician freind of sunny?

      Are you in touch with brother Gopi?
      Can you ask brother Johnson to provide us his audio testimony , spelling out all the rottenness of this horrible organization. It would be great blow to wickedness if you can do this.

      Even if you can’t, still I thank to you for that information.

  5. Why We Need to confront False Doctrines and the False Teachers Publicly. Listen to this video. It is a Malayalam video. This is not about TPM, however, this clearly says why we should confront Organizations like TPM.

  6. Best thing they can do is stay there and warn others so others might not trapped in it Again it’s not my opinion.. After all it’s ones own God given life… But people less than 30 could have more advantage than others…. And God made an eve for every Adam you just want to listen to God and eventually you will be there

  7. @Nath….”,Are you talking about gopi’s comment in sunny George article, where it is said that sunny had sexual relationship with Wesely Peter the then Chief pastor ? Who is the magician freind of sunny?”

    Dear brother Nath. See , so many skeletons are being unearthed (atleast for my knowledge sake) this single piece of my writing helped to get to know the depth of the issue.Thank you very much brother. I was quite unware of it. Sunny George issue is read in detail through this site only.Other wise I did not know the matter.
    In the past life because I was closely linked with this horrible BEAST for more than 25 years, I could relate those historical events with close precision.Then finally it was the will of God that I should be delivered me from this horrible clutches of this wily BEAST.All glory be God.
    Now when I read the piece of information from you, actually this is the ‘news’ to me about hearing JOHNSON was also involved in the whole affair. Could you send me the link where GOPI’s comments appeared in this site..I was searching —-but was unable to trace ‘GOPI’s comments. What did he say there?If I go through the Sunny George’s EPISODE where ‘GOPI’a comments were seen I can understand further about this ‘GOPI’ that he is the same JOHNSON.Now the truth was revealed ,he can not escape from those audio clipping that are mentioning.Horrible,,,,,this is again quite news to me.But now I can understand why CP –WPeter provided JOHNSON a safe exit from this ORGN.
    That means now I can ascertain that this GOPI and JOHNSON are the same for sure.
    Second issue is that, till now I was unable to digest why CP W. Peter could grant permission to a ordinary elder brother Johnson.Now after reading your mail, there was something ‘FISHY’ occured and I am now able to connect the threads.Any way to have a close understanding of the whole issue, I need to go through the EPISODE. Please send me the link.

  8. @ADMN,
    @ Nath “The church had good and dedicated servants of God, during the start of mission. But when we realized the hidden secrets in this church.( In fact the time Pastor Wesley became Deputy Chief Pastor, the church started falling ), we realized to flee away. And we left the fellowship .
    I am glad finally the truth is out.
    ( I have referred to Sunny as Mr Sunny throughout, since he does not have worthiness to be called Pastor ) ”

    Dear brothers ADMN & NATH
    KUDOS to you.
    Oh the link is right in front of me with the MAXIMUM COUNT of 352 comments.
    Now the figure is going to be further enhanced.
    With this fresh debate on this MOST FAMOUS EPISODE of this site since it was started in 2016, initiating with GOPI’s comments,we can fairly say that the last nail on the coffin box of this BEAST has been nailed. Not only so the JERICHO walls of this IBR -H.Q. that I had telling all along will come crashing and will be crest fallen with the shame facedness.
    Now where can we find ELINA and her friend MANJU WARRIOR from now on especially after this reappearance of this 352 strong comments EPISODE on this site.That means this is a last chance given to all the FENCE SITTERS to flee away fast from this” BEAST”

    If these two beloved Sisters ELINA & MANJU WARRIOR are no where to be seen now ,we need to give a police complaint about the whereabouts of our beloved Sisters.Necessary search warrants will be on the way for tracing them soon.

  9. Brothers and Sisters who want to leave TPM, if you have concernson how you will survive, earn, etc, please do not leave. If you leave, then you will be leaving for the ‘wrong’ reasons.

    TPM is just like any other denomination is that has its roots to not only from the 1st Century Christianity, but right from the Garden of Eden, existing as ‘Deception’. Deception is to hide the Truth with lies, or promote lies as ‘Truth’. Now, if you truly realized that you are being ‘deceived’, who cares if you have money, house, friends, families or spouse? You would return to GOD !!!!!!!! Stop following TPM, and follow Christ.

    Consider Jesus…speaking these words: Luke 14:25-33

    “Now great multitudes went with Him. And He turned and said to them, “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish’? Or what king, going to make war against another king, does not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? Or else, while the other is still a great way off, he sends a delegation and asks conditions of peace. So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.”

    The multitude is the world which ‘tries’ to follow Jesus Christ. In your case, it is the ‘glorious TPM’. Here is my paraphrase: Jesus answers the multitude, I understand you are following me, but let me give you the ‘higher meaning’ of following Me. You need to forsake everyone and everything when it comes to ‘following Me’, then and only then, can you be, My Follower. I see, that you are wise when it comes to ‘wordly things’, similarly, be wise when you want to follow Me. I am the King set by GOD, and you are ‘still considering’ whether to leave or not leave TPM (Your entire world), to greet the Greatest of the Kings?

    Wisen up Brothers and Sisters, stretch out your spiritual charts, don’t go to sleep, the King says, to wisen up, consider your positives and negatives, for if you leave ‘this’ world of yours for ‘Christ’, then you will gain Eternal Life!

    Jesus says in Matthew 19:29-30

    “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

    And you are still concerned about how you will eat and earn on this ‘temporal life’

    You don’t need to go and attend another ‘religious’ teaching body to understand Scriptures, The Holy Spirit of GOD will teach you the Scriptures. My ‘personal’ advise do not seek after going to another church, rather allow yourselves a ‘time period’ of staying away from ‘religious’ bodies. When sunday (or any other day) comes, gather all your children, if no children, your spouse, if no spouse, gather your ‘self’, go to your room, spend some time in the Scriptures, the Lord will guide you from then on. The Lord’s table/supper was not a piece of bread and a sip of wine that organizations give on Sundays with fake ‘piety’. It was and is a meal Christians partake together, remembering Christ’s suffering for us, the ‘New Covenant’ we have in Him. You can have this at your own homes, provided you seek guidance in the Lord. Though let this be a word of caution to you, you won’t be admired, recognized and perhaps be even despised among the nations, but you will have Eternal Life. You can exercise your freedom as a slave to GOD, in Christ. This is what matters. And don’t rob your fellow tpmites, that in truth shows your ‘unbelief’ in GOD. When Israelites left Egypt, GOD made them ‘favorable’ in the eyes of Egyptians, and that’s how they were able to ‘take’ as they wanted. Thus they were able to despoil the Egyptians. GOD’s way of ‘plundering’ their injustice to HIS people, was HIS command to Moses, which he conveyed to the Israelites, go and ‘request’ them ‘spoils’, and GOD who is faithful to HIS people, made them favorable.

    You can ‘request’ TPM Authorities and if GOD makes you ‘favorable’ in the ‘eyes’ of TPM, then you can take. This is how you can ‘plunder’ them. Do not ‘rob’ them their money with ‘trickery’, for I have recognized that trickery always comes back, but causing more loss than that which you would have gained by your own.

    Jacob’s trickery is not to be taken as ‘example’, if we were to take that example, then so many other things can be taken as ‘prescriptive’, like his ‘polygamous’ life, his own attempts to fulfil GOD’s plan by deceiving Esau. Jacob was a deceiver, he changed his ways as his relationship with GOD grew. While he intended harm with his deceptive ways, GOD who is, what HE is, fulfills HIS Sovereign plan, through the ‘free will’ of Jacob’s. This is GOD’s strategy with all men, while we are intending harm, HE sets HIS Plan through those harmful ways itself. We are called to an ‘higher standard’, the Law of Christ. The way GOD dealt ‘theocratically’ is for us to learn from those things and be wise. Not all things are ‘prescriptive’. The historical narration is mostly ‘describing’ to us the character of an individual, nation. And above all, GOD’s way of dealing with the ‘stiff-necked’ people.

    Now, that we have been introduced to the Man, Jesus Christ, who was sent by GOD, we serve HIM, through the Law of Christ. The standards are too extreme and has a higher meaning to it. My opinion, do not take any money from TPM. It is your failure, for not being better stewards, for waiting so long for someone to come and tell you, while the Scriptures was all along your side, never bothered to look at it, spiritually. So, stay away from that money, don’t take part in any of their activities or benefits, GOD will lead you Brother and Sister, do you have faith in GOD? Or do you betray the Christ whom HE sent, for mere matters of questionable comfort living? After all, hath He not promised trials and tribulations for those who follow Him ?

    At this moment, forget about ‘harvesting for GOD’, it is time to examine whether ‘You and your family’ has been harvested by GOD or not. This is way too important, and then when you are confident about your own lives, you can begin to serve others, for no man can lay his life for another, like Christ did, until and unless that man himself is set free.

    What Johnson did is even shameful and unrighteous than the TPM satanists. Just when you see the worst of people, someone sets it even lower, every time. Johnson carried ‘robbed’ money, to purport his ‘evil’ plans. You don’t need money to follow Christ or to carry out Christ’s work. You need the ‘Love, Joy and Peace’ that comes through the Freedom in Christ, and through it, GOD who will provide.

    Also do not stay in TPM. There is a ‘Training period’, once you come out of TPM, or world, or any deception. That ‘Training’ is the Training of the Christian Faith’. You will have lots of TPM Faith to ‘unlearn’ and lots of Christian Faith to ‘learn’. You can’t do this unless you are stable. Most people I have encountered are unstable in their minds, they leave for the wrong reasons, only to end up in a greater problem. Out of the fire and into the pan. Please, don’t do it because people are saying to leave, rather study the Scriptures, and if it says leave, which it will ‘obviously’ say, then leave TPM, do not turn back lest you want to become a pillar of salt, a far worse thing than leaving.

    Tpmites, follow Christ, even if it makes your life painful, it will all be worth it. You can’t do this, as long as you have the title ‘TPM’ attached to Christ.

    If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable.
    1 Corinthians 15:19

    • @ Tochristians
      Brother I agree with Spirit of your words in your response, but here are my concerns.

      1) Doesn’t one needs to discern between robbing and taking what is your own by right? I am not asking those exodus-ing tpm to take four five crores of rupees, as insurance for rest of their lives. What I suggest is take money which may be needed for rehabilitation. That money was given to them for survival by God appointed means (which is wrongfully practised and preached in tpm.). They have right over it, not the Chief leaders of deceptive organization.

      2) Jesus said, be ye wise like serpent and harmless like dove. Can you explain how can one be wise like serpent and at the same time be harmless like dove, unless you balance both behavior properly?
      Kindly explain how to follow the advice of Spirit of God in Proverbs where we are told, “The prudent sees danger and hides himself but the simple go on and suffer for it (Proverbs 22:3).”

      3) Why did Apostle Paul appeal to ceased when he tried? He could have said, I came to die for Christ, let me appeal to my God alone, I will not ask help (appeal) from Roman king Ceaser.

      Kindly answer my concerns. I think we need wisdom to learn to draw lines between
      a) being evil (plundering),
      b) being excessing good
      c) and being balanced (good but not excessive)

      { eg. To trust in divine healing is example of being excessive good , because you try to show excessive trust in God which turns out as testing God}

      { eg. Taking crores and crores of money out of tpm, may be being evil}

      • @Tochristians
        Have you heard of phrase “rabbit starvation.” It means eating only rabbit daily, which is lean protein and dying as a result of excessive protein (without consumption of fat and carbohydrates in diet).

        Anything in excess becomes toxic. Excessive goodness is poison. Being a simpleton is good, but excessive simplicity will become hazardous. Jesus was meek, but he took harsh steps and spoke hard words when it was needed. Trying to be devout is good but excessive devotion is religiousity. When you try too hard to be holy it becomes legalism. When you try to have excessive faith it turns out to be stupidity.

        Jesus said that those who believe on him, if they drink deadly things it will not hurt them (mark 16:18). So do you suggest people to drink deadly things? I don’t think you’ll answer it in yes. The reason is we need to interpret scriptures rightly.

        When Jesus asked people to follow him, he didn’t actually mean people to leave house family wives literally. We have discussed this verse too often in this website. Therefore don’t make people turn to same old wrong interpretation which tpm has injected in minds of them whom they were able to decieve by false interpretation. There is difference in becoming martyr for Christ (by not forsaking Christ when life of your wife/children is threatened), and becoming irresponsible by letting them alone in hands of fate, when it is your responsibility to feed them.

        I hope you’ll learn to draw lines instead of letting yourself flow sling the tides of religious emotions.

        • Proverbs 25;16
          Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.

        • Nath. I have heard Rabbit starvation. I am not being excessive, I only stated what was right by context, according to the Exodus example to follow in this article. Now, if you all want to ignore that, I have nothing to respond. You can make a dig at my faith, but I don’t test GOD to prove my faith. I don’t drink poison to prove you my faith, that’s testing GOD. If you bring a serpent and put it on my lap, I will leave that situation to GOD.

          The Special Protection that Scriptures speak of in Mark 19 was GOD’s evidence in the Disciples who were sent as ‘Apostles’ to carry the Gospel. If one claimed He was sent by Jesus, then it was Jesus way of showing that false Apostles cannot bring this evidence in the followers. It is not that every believer, need to show this evidence, rather it is the Apostolic succession that needs to make themselves evident that they were indeed ‘Apostles’ sent by Jesus. It made them who they claimed to be. You may want to read who is an Apostle. There is difference between Disciples and Apostles. The passage does not apply to you per-se. Nobody was sent as an ‘Apostle’ to you, nor do you go as an Apostle, because if you are, you ‘must’ bring this signs in the one who believes Jesus through you. The Great Commission was fulfilled by the Apostles, we only have the moral ‘general’ obligation of sharing GOD’s word, that these events took place and Bible has been given to us to live by faith, not by sight. So, please stop thinking that you need to show this, it’s lack of understanding Scriptures that cause this kind of misunderstanding your faith in Jesus Christ. The manifestations of the Spirit given for the Edification of the Church is a different subject.

          Yes, when I meant to leave everything, I do not tell anyone to abandon your duties to the family, rather make sure that your relationship with GOD that should be more important, is not being lessened or endangered, because of your relationship with others. I hope you are able to understand that if I am able to respond this much, then I know the meaning of leaving everything. When it comes to being loyal to GOD, I make sure I give importance at all times to GOD as a Christian, than be embroiled with matters of the world or with people of the world. There is a balancing of being a Christian by restricting yourself from certain things even though they are your loved ones, because of the violation that can sever your faith in GOD. Do I abandon my wife when she wants to commit a crime? Certainly not! I shall plead, persuade with Scriptures to stay as one. But if she wants to leave after hearing me out, and is determined to leave, then I cannot commit the crime, but leave her to exercise her freewill. My loyalty is towards GOD well drawn, against my emotions towards my wife.

          I can say one thing that is evident in most of you, here and everywhere. Just Bible thumpers. Because you are all using verses unjustly to justify to prove your notions conveyed in this article. It maybe that you are all eating sugar extract thinking that it is honey. Sometimes that can happen.

    • @tochristians,

      My family has helped many young/old workers to make up their minds, to leave or not to leave is theirs to choose.

      One was a sister who served in Bangalore. Little did we know that her telephone calls to us was monitored. We had then received a call from the elder, who with much subtlety was trying to investigate.

      But we got news from an errand boy from the faithhome, telling us that all is not well with the sister.
      She had apparently approached the pastor for permission to leave, but was denied access to telephone and a one way ticket. She was actually told she could leave right away if she wanted to.

      Our family was more than willing to help the poor sister to come away without fear. But these liars, her bosses played dirty games. We had informed her mother to come to Bangalore to receive her, before such a date and we could co-ordinate to ensure she is both accepted and safe.

      They answered the mother’s call and said that this sister has eloped with someone from my family.
      The truth is she was hurriedly transferred to Andamans via Irumbuliyur.
      This caused much anger within our own family and grieved the mother’s heart as well.

      We do not know where she is, she is presumed dead in the 2004 tsunami.

      I refrain from giving more details, to keep myself anonymous, although a few smart dudes might have already guessed.

      What about Pas. Joel Dass? Our family knows him very well and all he needed was 10 bucks to escape, when he was in training. Instead, he used to be slapped and given more work.
      These things are forgotten as he was fast-tracked into the luxury phase because of his talents. Had it not been for his talents, he might have also become a nobody, a man without a name, a walking casket.

      I do not oppose your views but I feel that you are not very familiar with the emotional and psychological state of the to be run-aways. The need of the hour is to wipe off the stigma of leaving the ministry and the respective families must be willing to forgive them and help them rebuild.

      The family should have the same heart as did the father of the prodigal, in Luke 15.

      If someone has stolen money from the church in order to runaway for a better future, we can neither pat them on the back nor condemn them.
      If possible, they should pay it forward, by helping others come out without fear.
      After all, the system enslaves the workers with the same fear that a drug cartel sways fear over its employees.

      However, I do not agree with the examples given in the article, but I strongly encourage run-ways to use every possible resource to escape. It’s neither a case of licence/rights nor moral horse riding. It’s a call to flee. RUN RUN RUN. If you need money to flee, take it. Don’t take money to become a copy of TPM in a different universe. If your ethics (harmless doves) won’t help, use street smarts (canny reptiles) to escape. The money you stole is not your trophy, but the fact that you are out, is the ultimate hurray.

      So, if I were to choose between deontological and teleological ethics, I’d side with the latter.

      • //It’s a call to flee. RUN RUN RUN. If you need money to flee, take it.

        @ DJ,
        I know that you have escaped out of the cult just like many others who realized that they have been duped and somehow got out of it. Now comparing between “Remaining in the cult” and “Getting out of the cult“, surely GETTING OUT IS BETTER. However, if you see the statistics of the many people(clergy people) who got out of this cult, they all went away with their ways of getting on with their lives. As far as I know, none of them went back to TPM to deliver those people who are trapped. That is the reason why this cult is still thriving. I would classify this as a VERY SELFISH attitude by the ones that have escaped. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WHEN YOU GET OUT, YOU ENSURE THAT YOU CAUSE MUCH COLLATERAL DAMAGE TO A SYSTEM WHICH ENSLAVES PEOPLE. If you do not cause any collateral damage, you are just like a rat which jumped the wall. They will just consider that as “Good Riddance”. Selfish people within the escaping clergy are a bad precedent.

        I think there is, therefore, no point to say about deontological and teleological ethics when people like you are just thinking about saving your own skin. Why don’t you guys get together and fight back the system and deliver many souls from slavery? As far as I know, the admin was never the clergy and hence might be limited to fight back in a way you could do.

        Please stop thinking on the RUNNING AWAY angle and start thinking on FIGHTING BACK.

        • I have carefully read your comments and hence my reply.

          I appreciate your opinion about me or those like minded, as being selfish or cowardly. I cannot disagree.

          I really do not understand what collateral damage can one cause especially when it takes years to recover from PTSD and other symptoms. You should also note that only my mother was of any real moral support to me. I had to fight loneliness, anger and for the first month I even regretted my decision.
          So sir, I hope you will take kindly to the very disturbing, disoriented minds of selfish rats like myself.
          If I could, I would do much more than type comments here. I know that I am doing my best to dissuade a few others, especially from within family to come out from TPM.
          Staying anonymous is a need I surely require to keep the fight alive.

          Moreover, not all arguments are won on the basis of the weight of evidence, the victims themselves should feel the need for a saviour and must admit that there’s a hope beyond TPM

        • @DJ
          Johnson’s comment has won my heart. He is right that people need not only run run and run from tpm, but come back fight selflessly with this evil system. My heart goes with you. I can understand emotional state of person who gets out of cult. But since now you are stable by mercies of God, I hope you would seek opportunities to fight back by writing articles, revealing inner rottenness to outsiders, and utilizing your talents or think intuitively on ways to rescue people out if this system, rather than being spectator. Site needs activists not spectators who do commentary here. Hope you understand the situation we are in.

        • TPM will not end, it ends when Jesus returns. TPM is another religious body of the deception. We can only save a few who will heed to GOD’s calling to separate from the harlotry, because our call to flee is to everyone, but only few make it to GOD. I would not endorse fighting back at this moment. There are so many things that these ‘runaways’ are not aware of how Christianity adapted paganism making it another religion. They need to come out and start living their lives with the hope and determination to help others in whatever way that is possible when someone reaches us. We all should stop our religious practices and familial pursuits in the world and labor more to make ourselves financially strong to help them to safety. Else we are asking them to take extreme measures which would not be required, if in the first place we were able to help.

          And like Denzel said, we need to give them their privacy and recovering period in the Lord and hope they grow their faith. Our hope is Christ. Not any club. I referred to the helpless conditions of the Ministers who are leaving for the right reasons, as Woman in my story, to make us understand we are not dealing with fighters, we are dealing with victims like an abuse victim who themselves were abusers. That cycle becoming the victim to prey can only be cut by recovering first and then decide to help. Any confrontation at this moment should only be done as the Spirit urges you, not by emotional or false interpretations of the Scriptures.

      • I understand the trauma that a person goes through, especially those who served TPM and wants to leave, whether their reasons are right or wrong. But we should make all attempts if one reaches us. If someone is reaching to us, why are we not gathering money for them, at the least the rich folks must do their obligation as the Scriptures say and the poor likewise give as they can spare. I see none of us have offered financial help, the thought never comes, how many of us have emailed admin saying, we will give some amount, this is what we can raise, and admin can give it to them. Giving for the Lord is not giving on Sundays at the church, it is precisely at these moments we are to give.

        Pas Joel Dass was one of my favorites. I worked under him. One of those sincere, honest ones in TPM, but is also a victim to TPM whether anyone agrees or not. Talents are the only reasons religious bodies keep you, to proselytize and make him more evil. I am more than forgiving about this. if anyone wants to run out for the right reasons, make a personal decision, just not using Scriptures unjustly. I did not tell anyone die or kill themselves with sorrow, I told them what is more ‘accurate’ if one were to go by the exodus example expressed. Moreover, I am not anyone to forgive, the crime is not towards me, the crime is to themselves, they have to forgive their own ‘self’, and move on, not any of us. We may be committing crime for not trying enough. If you go through my counter responses, you will understand I am all for it. They have my opinion ‘either confront them, it may cost your life’ or ‘take what is required and start living the Christian life’.
        Make a personal decision.

        Yes, they need to run. Don’t wait for another night of fear, confusion. Don’t wait to get more money, whatever you can and is needed or go confront them politely, your faith in GOD will escape you from all.

        “I have seen everything in my days of vanity:
        There is a just man who perishes in his righteousness,
        And there is a wicked man who prolongs life in his wickedness.
        Do not be overly righteous,
        Nor be overly wise:
        Why should you destroy yourself?
        Do not be overly wicked,
        Nor be foolish:
        Why should you die before your time?
        It is good that you grasp this,
        And also not remove your hand from the other;
        For he who fears God will escape them all. ”

        For your exodus to be effective, you need to flee evil and pursue Godly things, simultaneously. Else, you are out only into the fire.

        • @ tochristians,

          It’s usually very covertly done, be it stealing or fleeing.

          I shall not presume that a majority make a big killing, although there are rumours of scams, the figures are just suppositions and it could be more or less.

          As far as my understanding leads me, I can say with certainty that no one does a five year planning for financial reasons, that’s merely a takeaway. Some leave with absolutely nothing and a few have even returned back (in a week’s time) after realising that the future is non existent. Yes, it will go unheralded, based on who benefits from diplomacy.

          My simple point here, as has been on this site-
          Victim shaming, hamster wheel, Fauxpology, smear campaign, gaslighting.

          For a minute let’s forget about whether it’s okay to take money to escape or take money to build a future.

          For every ten workers from educated Christian households, there are about twenty five workers whose knowledge of the Bible and Christianity is absolutely zero. All they know is the TPM version. They are the ones who suffer most, they end up becoming pawns, or they walk away into an uncertain future.
          What they lack is a general assurance that they ought to be forgiven for both stepping in and stepping out.
          The STIGMA should be removed.
          Many workers leave their homes secretly and join the ministry and when they leave the ministry, they have no one.
          TPM mission and its network of believers will do everything they can to shame the ‘runaway’
          Again, it may not be true for everyone, but atleast in the earlier days, it was shame, fear, ‘Biblical verses like Jude 6′ used against them.

          When I wrote about the parents being forgiving to their children, I had a reason to.
          It’s because on several occasions, youths enter the ministry against their parents’ consent or desire.
          What will such youth do, especially the ones who have not had an encounter with true Christian fellowship? They are going to get tossed about in a world where no one cares for the poor.
          Do you ever see a TPM’ite wishing godspeed to an ex-tpm? Much more the alienation when it comes to ex-clergy.
          Honestly, some of the recruits are so foolish, they are like sheep… they are gullible. They simply assumed that God will financially bless their family, if they stepped in. Stepping out becomes an ethical dilemma.
          Many of them stay back because they know that once the first 5-10 years are over, life becomes easy, and after 20 years, it’s way too charming to pass up. For the ladies though, the equation stays the same. Many of them just wait for death.

          People will deride more often than congratulate.
          They (relatives, ex-tpm, folk, current tpm friends) ask me what about all that jumping and prophesy? Was it all fake?
          I’m studying psychology and eschatology to understand what the reasons were, because honestly, I was not being a fake, but eventually time told.
          The brain can be very deceptive as also mentioned in Jer 17 (heart) Maturity and emotional intelligence in the light of the Scriptures can help us find peace, closure and conciliation.

          If I have said anything amiss, please forgive me…. I just kept typing what I felt is the reply.

        • Dear Denzel,
          I am curious about a few things. Taking you as a sample runaway, can you please answer me the following?
          1. Did you sound your family and relatives that things are not rosy as you had expected? If Yes, what was their general response?
          2. When you had mentally decided to quit, did you inform your near and dear ones? If Yes, what was the response?
          3. What was the point where you felt that your Seniors suspected you to be mentally disenfranchised with the doctrine of TPM? Did they take some actions on you after that?

          Don’t answer if you feel uncomfortable.

    • @ tochristian
      @ Do not ‘rob’ them their money.
      Nice reply super warrior! I m impressed . .We both think same to same.

      All my readers, please don’t take tpm money with you when u leave tpm
      If you are worried how will you spend your life after age 40, take women (sisters) with you , but not money. Sisters are in plenty. For every one brother during workers entry gate in Chennai convention our Chief pastor puts hand on two sisters. Then he puts his hand on head of one brother. Then again his hand touch two sisters. One brother, two sister, one brother, two sister..zigzag like that he go on selecting plenty of sisters in tpm. I don’t like sisters. They are dangerous for husband of believers. They think dirty about husband of believer sister. They talk on phone with many husbands secretly. Chief pastor asked sister not to talk with brother side, but they talk to them anyhow. Pease take them if you want but not money of tpm.


      • @Elina,

        Welcome back my friend.

        Your every comment is a piece of art. It should be painted and framed and hung on the white walls of your Chief Pastors bed rooms. It will surely encourage them in their business of deceiving naive gullible people like you and me.

        If there were no intelligent folks like you, TPM would have died a long time ago. Keep up the great work you are doing in keeping Satan’s flag flying high in TPM.

      • Elina, you are a disgrace to Women folks. We don’t think alike. You are a heckler, who thinks Women can be taken. You are building a mocking spirit within you, without spiritual edification. Either speak for TPM or be Anti-TPM, don’t play the pimp.

        I would request Admin to ‘consider’ banning her permanently off this site, if she does not comply to:

        Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

        By speaking your response you have put yourself as a woman to be sold in market. How you value of yourself is the reflection of your words. Let the above verse come to your mind every time you want to look at your pretty face. You have spoken disgracefully.

        • @Tochristian
          Hello Mr. Bad Hat,

          Did you just dared to lecture the wisest woman on earth?
          Is your top floor empty? Did you got hit by baseball on your head when you were little kid? I think one screw of your brain is got loosened.

          I mistook you earlier because you were saying the same thing which we used to say. We always say that “God will take care” so that no issues are created when somebody thinks there is an injustice.

          Do you think you can hide the noise of dancing skeletons in your own closet by screaming self righteous judgments at others? You teach me “let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth…? Are you sure….? How about you calling me pimp? Is that non-corrupt edifying word which ministers grace unto hearers ?

          Repent. Repent now and here. Or face my anger.

          Zero Regards

        • Elina,

          The wisest woman on the earth I know is the harlot who deceives the church. But you are not wise enough to be the wisest! You have a childish cricket attitude. Maybe, you can take my email ID [email protected], and dare come in person. We can meet. Let’s see if that Jezebel spirit in you can mumble any more foolish gibbers.

          Yes, you are a pimp for being one, in thinking that women can be taken. It’s not a corrupt word, it is a factual word used to refer a woman who deals other women as objects to be taken. You can become an ex-pimp if you want to ask GOD forgiveness for your foolish talks.

          I understand why you are being allowed. False publicity is good publicity for people like fromtpm.

          You can sit on the stove, that will calm some manners and bring some discipline to your anger. I don’t need to repent for speaking the Truth about you. You are a disgrace as long as you keep this attitude, serving none but your filthy heart.

      • @Tochristians
        @ We can meet.

        No sooner these backsliders see woman, their eyes become big, their heart beat faster and they are ready on one foot to meet me. They will give the phone number, email and whatnot. Their holiness will come down like speed rocket….like zoom……. and down with boom…

        Do you want to know what size my sandal is?
        If you get one beating, you will become straight alright.

        Learn from fromtpm boys like nmstf, eagle eye. They talk to me but never ask me to meet. Even after leaving tpm they know holiness. But I don’t even know you. How dare you ask me to meet you? I give my phone number to tpm saint only for prayer purpose during afternoon or night 10 pm prayer afterwards.

        By the way, I am a simple girl. I wear simple clothes. Live a simple life. Eat also simple only. I will marry a simple boy who is strong faith home believer, who work in Dubai or America, has an anointing of new Jerusalem., has good testimony, and obedient to servants of god every alphabet. He should ask the servant of god everything before even opening his mouth. My perfect husband will be like that only.

        @ all readers. Take lessons from dirty behaviour of tochristian who use the opportunity to ask a girl to meet personally. Love marriage is sin. People should marry in saints arranged marriage and then live like brother sisters preparing for secret rapture. Married believer sister should wear full-sleeved clothes, and not show any body part to the husband. The chief pastor should design a dress for believer sister married at home, fully covered, not showing body part to the husband. They should live under complete control saints rules designed for holiness to participate in secret rapture.

        @ tochristian, don’t try to engage me in talk with you. I will not respond to a dirty mind like you.

  10. @Tochristians
    //You can ‘request’ TPM Authorities and if GOD makes you ‘favorable’ in the ‘eyes’ of TPM, then you can take. This is how you can ‘plunder’ them. Do not ‘rob’ them their money with ‘trickery’, for I have recognized that trickery always comes back, but causing more loss than that which you would have gained by your own.

    You could say this way because you do not know the context. Think of the horrifying mental situation of an Egyptian who underwent 9 terrible plagues and then in the next one, his firstborn was executed. At this point when the Israelites go and ask for wealth, they had to give because they know that if they oppose, they will be the next in line. With that situation in the background, you should not assume that it was a plain request as you make it out to be. It was a very strong demand.
    Please read this to know more.

    Do you think TPM Clergy will give you a penny if you go and make a request for your wages, just in the way you mentioned?

    • Yes there were several court cases filed by X-TPMers requesting for their dues… salary or property or reparation.

      By the way, late Pas. John Thomas was the representative for TPM in several cases pertaining to B’lore/ M’lore jurisdiction.

      It’s unlikely that these victims can find justice because the law does not recognise TPM as shady businessmen.

      • Mr. Denzel Joy
        If we are to side with teleological ethics (based on purpose and consequences) then we should try to cause damage to tpm. We should not worry whether taking legal action or physical action against tpm is ethical or not (not worry about telelogical ethics). Only then can we save people from clutches of this demonic bitch. Isn’t it?

        I’m just curious to know whether you have taken teleologically ethical stand and filed case against tpm? Are you one of the writers of fromtpm? Do you contribute to redeeming people from this sinister institution? Do we have your testimony in this website?

        • No Dominic,

          My reference to ethical classes purely revolves around the issue of stealing money before fleeing a cult.

          I have never referred to teleology as an argument for a post-mortem investigative action
          Journalism is a matter of free will and based on timing and circumstance.

          I am just an ordinary reader who could really relate to every word this website speaks of.

          In my capacity, I draw attention to the issues of guilt tripping and gas lighting and help persuade known victims to find a career

          Given that I am quite a misunderstood person I prefer to stay anonymous until my relatives are taken out of this assembly.

          If you are still unable to understand what I meant, let me know and I will be happy to clarify

          I am not related to the admin or this website in any way

          In fact my very first comments came against the admin urging him to reply to critics with kindness. To his credit he has gracefully complied

          Soon after I have been participating in discussions in the comments column partly for my own healing and using the benefits to gain strength.

          I would urge the readers not to undermine another’s weakness for its by Him alone we stand or fall.

          I am not sure if I am overreacting here, but I somehow feel as if my integrity is under question.

          I do not wish to be visiting this site if I feel unwelcome

        • Dear Denzel,
          There are days when you get uncharitable remarks and that should be seen as an opportunity to sharpen your points and correct the approaches. If I would have taken that approach, this site should have been shut down 3 years back. There are times when you should not respond if you feel the comments are harsh at you. The reason for those comments could be some frustration which you happened to trigger. You may not be the Cause. Just take it with a pinch of salt and move forward.

          BTW, I hope that your PSTD problem is healed. If you did not see an expert, please do so as these kinds of issues can create a deeper scar as healing is delayed. Do visit this site and your comments are always welcome.

        • @DJ
          @ I do not wish to be visiting this site if I feel unwelcome

          Brother who am I to unwelcome you ? Your comments are loved by people here and you are always welcome (I am not admin).

          My point is that people expect from you, since you have shown enough potential from your previous comments. My point is that you should actively participate and seek out means to save as many as you can, using this portal or any other means. No body is forcing you to reveal yourself. If you feel it is not appropriate, do not expose yourself. But anonymously you can still send your thoughts articles and contribute.

          Let me give you example of how you or any other ex tpm Minister can contribute..
          You perhaps can tell people anonymously hardship of survival outside tpm after spending your prime youth energy. How difficult is financial situation, personal life and what mistakes you’ve committed that you don’t want others to commit. You can request admin to keep your identity secret and I believe he will respect your choice. This is just example. If I were ex tpm Minister and in your position, I would have used this opportunity given by article to inform others how difficult is life outside tpm if you don’t have money and have to rely on parents who are still in tpm. This is again example based on my assumptions.

          I hope you understand people expect a lot from people of great calibre like you. I pray to God to use mightily. Forgive me if my high expectations from you hurt you in anyways.

        • Dear Denzel,

          You have not written a testimony but you have contributed immensely through your detailed comments since the inception of this site. I have found them very informative and highly edifying.

          You are an encouragement to readers like me and I can very well empathize with you about the effects of leaving a cult like TPM. People don’t realise the effect one’s quitting has on the other family members who are still in the TPM web of deceit. I understand your need to stay anonymous.

          As admin said, there are certain comments which we need to ignore as the individual does not understand your situation.

          Please continue to contribute as you have more knowledge about this satanic system than any DOM, DICK or DAISY.

          Chin up my friend and keep talking because for every one critic of yours, there are more well wishers.

          It is not your responsibility to save anyone from TPM. The individual joined the cult on their own volition and if they realise that they have been duped, it is for them to find a way to get out of it. If they are genuinely saved, they will walk out like you trusting the Lord who saved you to provide for you. So, my dear friend, you are a hero and it takes great courage to walk out of this satanic system especially in India where the degree of opposition you have to face is much greater than in the western world.

          Our Lord in His time drew you out of TPM’s cess pool and I know that our Great Shepherd will call out the rest of His flock who are lost in TPM.

          God Bless you, my friend.

    • Trickery is taking money to build another TPM/Ministry. Sorry, I don’t follow BIble Hub or any other for Scriptural commentaries, nor should you follow mine. There are too many presuppositions with commentaries, I only read it to understand different interpretations. That said, don’t undermine, that they ‘requested’ and they found ‘GOD’s Favor’ with the Egyptians in those verses. This is extremely important. Moses asked them do so, they followed his command. It was from GOD, and GOD’s Favor was with His People. Their fear of what GOD or Israelites could do, was secondary and is challenged again and again, even today.

      I already mentioned that if they had GOD’s Favor, then they will get it. Aren’t you taking this exodus example to plunder? Why are you ignoring one thing for the other? Instead forget about plundering them. Do a personal call, take the money and bear the consequences is my suggestion. We are not the ones whom people will talk, the brother or the sister will be the gossip. Just don’t use this Scripture to justify whatever ‘taking money’ is for, is my opinion. The wages for being a swindler in TPM is death. That money is accursed for practicing OT law incompletely. Christ has died in vain if one practices percentage tithe. I won’t look at these ‘runaways for the right reasons’ as ‘ministers’ labored for the Word and Doctrine, but as victims to religious deception. I only suggest ‘asking’ if one is going to follow this exodus example. Hope everyone understands.

      • @tochristians
        You seem to be predisposed to any opinion contrary to what you think to be true. Where do you find any statement in which I asked to take money to make a little TPMs? Is not that you making your own presuppositions on what I said(or never said).
        It’s funny that you are blaming the commentators of bible hub of presuppositions when you are exhibiting it yourself.
        Brother, what you are doing is Eisegesis. You are being blind to the huge trauma of the Egyptians and making it out as a simple REQUEST. IT IS NOT SO. Read the earlier chapters. Moses had made requests to Pharaoh, He would deny them and then when faced with a plague, he will accept it to recant it later. This cycle went on for 9 times. Therefore, in the final push, the firstborns were executed and that caused them to give away. That is what we call as ”Favourably disposed”. IT WAS UNDER DURESS(YOU CANNOT DENY IT). Why do you ignore the context?

        Most of the TPM Clergy are duped by the seniors to join the system. They come to realize the truth of the beast, sooner or later. So when you jump out within the initial few years, you have lost little. More than the MONEY, the TIME and HEALTH is the collateral for these people. When you realize that you are trapped in a system and jumping out will put you in hostile territory, you better be prepared for the journey. It’s foolish to jump out without any preparation. Denzel was lucky to have his mother receive him. However, that is NOT TRUE for over 90% of the others.
        To come out from TPM without any preparation is to continue to be in the same stupidity in which you entered the cult.
        Dear TPM Clergy,
        If you have planned to exit, Do not listen to people like “tochristians” and get yourselves into trouble. I have personally seen people who got out of TPM and literally begging for money as they had nowhere to go. I also know of a TPM PASTOR who left TPM because of doctrinal differences with his bosses and died in a railway platform begging. He was buried by the RPF.

        Though I would not categorize you as an Unjust Steward, at least learn from the parable of the unjust steward whom Jesus commended for his wisdom.

        • I have never mentioned that you said “to make mini tpms’. Please, read it again. I was giving a statement along with my response. Sorry, if you read it in a hurry, I cannot be blamed. Some things are said generally.

          Yes, I do have a concern with Bible hub commentaries, because they interpret their presupposed doctrinal beliefs, not that I do not have any respect for them. I will show how this article has ‘read’ the ‘tpm lower ministers’ as ‘Israelites’, an eisegesis to victimize their situation.
          I realized the mistake I made for trying to follow this biased article. But you all want to ignore the ‘request’. Just so that these TPM ministers can ‘take’ what’s theirs and run away. I am not against it. Below are my observations, if that is, you are all willing to look at a different angle and don’t consider yourselves (fromtpm and their supporters) as beyond ‘teachable’.

          If these are paid Israelites for their labor, then they should take the pay and go away. Nothing wrong in it. But the problem was evident, when I realized the TPM Believers are the ones who are paying them! Confusion happens when one twists according to his need.
          If TPM Ministers (lower) in this article are Israelites and TPM Higher Ministers are Egyptians, then to whom will the Believers be symbolized to? Aren’t lower ministers and higher ministers both belong to the Egyptian Slavery Office?

          It’s like saying, in the Egyptian Slavery Office, Lower Egyptian officials are the slave Israelites signified for the lower TPM Minsters and Higher Egyptian officials are Higher TPM Ministers. That’s the Eisegesis by admin I am against. Both are Egyptians officials, but to sympathize with the people who contacted admin, he decided I will make the ‘lower egyptians officials’ as ‘slave Israelites’. Do not be haste, calm yourself and study my observations again before anyone wants to term me as ‘contrary’. I wanted to go by admin’s preaching, as I am against TPM forever, so went with the flow of the article, and then I committed two mistakes.

          Mistake 1) I thought these were slave Israelites who are to be paid, that these were TPM Ministers who have ‘access’ to money, and are asking us whether they can take that money or not.
          Hence, I called it theft. Don’t rob the money, go ask for it, like the Israelites did in the Exodus example.
          But later I realized that they are asking us what to do with the money they ‘have’, the money they have been paid as ‘lower egyptian officials’, for working for the ‘higher egyptian officials’.

          Mistake 2) I went by admin’s interpretation of showing these ‘lower TPM Ministers’ as ‘slave Israelites’ to sympathize with their condition.

          Then as I intensely studied in the Presence of the Lord, asking HIM to straighten out my confused mind, He clearly showed me the mistake, these lower TPM Ministers are not ‘Slave Israelites’, they are the ‘Lower egyptian officials’ themselves. One can’t sympathize with the lower egyptian officials saying, ‘they are victims’. GOD rained plagues on both the lower and the higher egyptian officials, and later would drown a large part of them in the Red Sea. They deserve God’s wrath for afflicting the Israelites. They are Egyptians! They followed their superiors and belong to the same system, who loot the Israelites (the TPM Believers).

          The article twists the story around and sympathizes these lower egyptian officials as slave Israelites. A dual identity.

          TPM Clergy system is Egyptian Slavery system, then ‘lower and higher egyptian officials’ belong to the same Egyptian Slavery Office, and the Israelites are the TPM ‘Believers’ who are to be paid back their earnings.

          Then, the actual application changes:

          These TPM Ministers (lower) are not ‘Slave Israelites who have been paid’ as the article tries to show us. These are Egyptian lower officials who deserve ‘GOD’s judgement’. But thanks to Jesus Christ, even the lower as well as higher officials of the Egyptian Slavery Office, have forgiveness. We will go to this point at the later end of my final interpertation as the Lord has lead me to.
          This Exodus article cannot be applied to them since they are ‘lower’ Egyptian officials. Because if we applied it, and they(lower tpm minster/lower egyptian officials) ask for godly advice from us, then we are obligated to say go pay the Israelites their due(The TPM Believers) to whom this money should rightly be given by exodus call. The TPM Believers (Slave Israelites) are the ones that should plunder these Egyptian officials both the lower and the higher ones who dupe their money with deception.

          Good that you address that Jesus commended the steward’s wisdom and not his conduct. Yes, dear Egyptian Slavery System (TPM Clergy) should not listen to me, because I would give unbiased Godly advise from the Lord, even though I was caused confused by the biased commentators.

          I wonder how many identities will these lower egyptian officials be given, ‘servants of the lord who deserve money’, ‘slave israelites who deserve payment’ and what more just to sympathize with their situation. It is good to show kindness but not at the expense of twisting doctrines.

  11. @DJ….”I do not wish to be visiting this site if I feel unwelcome”
    This is not the type of comment I wish to read from you dear brother DJ.
    Do you know how souls you have saved even while you came out of this CULT?
    Right from the beginning days you have been actively associating with this site by giving your valuable advises/comments that gave the needed succor to the needy ones.
    There are times that brickbats were thrown at us, but mainly at ADMN brother and his TEAM faced those brickbats on behalf of us.They did not leave any stone unturned in coming to our defence when brickbats were thrown at us.Somehow ADMN & his TEAM sustained all those humiliating words by the forces of opposing elements ,I am not denying you & I were not spared along with ADMN& his TEAM.But then we are here for a specific cause. This is a God ordained ministry appointed us to fulfill His divine will by our active participation into these EPISODES to share and supplement our invaluable experience.
    If we refer Proverbs 24:11…”.If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;”
    and also let me quote JAMES 5:19,20 for which cause we are specially assigned by God along with ADMN brothe & his TEAM.
    You have weathered many storms, and you need to continue our daily battles till the call comes from our SAVIOUR.
    with best wishes, EE

  12. @No more slave to fear

    Isaiah 19:2
    And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother.

    Today this prophesy fulfilled in front of my own eyes. My eyes see and not believe. My left eye said to my right eye, is this true? And my right eye replied, very true sister, very true!!! Fromtpm boys Dominic and Johnson fight with fromtpm boy Denzel Joy. And they killing each other.

    This is my happy birthday. This is most important day of my life. Enemies fight against each other.

    This victory is all because of my arrows. Jyoti akka put cocunut powder on top of mashed banana and put little camphor in it. Then we burned the mixture and did RPD. I put my arrow in this powerful magic potion and straight hit at Denzel joy centre of heart. He broken down in tears and said I will never come back to fromtpm church. He will now always keep weeping and be never able to rise up. No doctor, will help him with weeping disease. We make him ashamed in front of everyone.

    Thank you Jyothi akka for powerful potion.

    Now I will make eagle eye fight with Surya and NMSTF with Anthony Parker. Beware you ppl on my target. Jyothi akka is preparing more powerful mixture for your end.

    • I am typing this in a hurry as I get to read a list of messages.

      @ admin @dominic @ eagleseye @no more a slave to fear @ Johnson

      Thank you for helping me see clearly. I have over reacted and I ask your forgiveness. It’s true that I’m upset when comments become ad-hominem, but to use this platform to react gracelessly is a sign of my own lacking. Thanks for helping me feel at ease.

      @ Johnson,

      I still agree with my historical position that the system of TPM must be exposed.
      I perhaps might have done nothing to change it, but the fire in my belly is still aflame.

      @ Elina,

      I admire your wit and sarcasm. Don’t worry about Denzel. He is fine and much more united for the cause of the body of Christ.

      • @Denzel
        How did you come out? I am startled!!! I put you in detention camp. Your documents were missing. My Jyothi aka had burnt it with her glorious power..

    • @Elina,

      TPM has made you 😡 crazy and it is no surprise that you keep making stupid statements just like your pastors do every weekend.

      You are TPM’s trophy and your comments are as ridiculous as TPM’s theology. I hope and pray that God will have mercy on you and save you from TPM’s bondage.

      The good thing about this forum is that people can express their views without fear unlike TPM where slaves like you are under the control of your white clad pharaohs. It is normal for sensible people to agree to disagree and that is what you see here.

      But how can I explain this to a TPM puppet like you. Either you are profiting from TPM or you are a clergy. Anyway as long as you are in this cult , you are a loser not only on earth but also in eternity.

      I feel sorry for you, my friend. When I read your comments, I thank God for delivering me from TPM’s bondage because I would have ended up like you if I was still in TPM.

      BTW, which chief pastors photos are in your Bible and on your walls?

      • @ NmStF
        Go to your office.. don’t waste your time. Your boss is waiting for you with stick in hand because you do not do office work and waste time in fromtpm church.

        @BTW, which chief pastors photos are in your Bible and on your walls?

        In book of Genesis I keep pastor Paul photo. He created TPM church in the beginning. In book of song of Solomon I keep pastor Alwyn photo, because he is lover boy. In the book of psalm I keep pastor MT photo because he does RPD like David seven times a day.

        • @Elina, it is christmas time, holidays, so I’m free all day to chat with you.

          Raman Kutty’s photo in Genesis – good choice
          Pervert Alwin – S of S – even better
          Heretic MT – in Psalms – very apt

          You are so intelligent and I wonder why you are stuck in TPM like a sucker fish.

          The above three idiots will rot in hell as they are false teachers, do you love them so much that you want to join them there?

  13. Fellows, I went by context, when one takes verses to ‘highlight’ plundering. I made a clarification call, that Scriptures can be used differently by the ‘intention’ that the person ‘reads’ into it. Why ignore that the people ‘requested’? Why ignore that they had received the ‘grace of GOD’ if you would take the Exodus example to plunder?

    1) What do you mean taking what is your own by right? Which right are we talking about? Pastoral privileges? The rights of a false pastor, defrauded the congregation with a false doctrine and gained the money wrongly?

    “Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine. For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.”.

    One’s labor in TPM is bringing Egypt into Canaan and if one thinks that as a ‘worthy’ labor, let alone “In the Word and Doctrine’, then it is better and rightful to continue laboring there, for he is worthy of that wage. One can make a ‘personal decision’, one that is between the Person and GOD, but not use Scriptures to unjustly justify an act.

    Usually one takes money, not to start a life, but to start a mini-TPM. Money will run out, but if one trusts in the Lord and does fairly (taking what is for survival) according to the situation, perhaps GOD will not count it as unrighteousness, but have mercy at the changed life. When you use a passage to justify an immoral act, running away with money that rightly belongs to the congregation, you are robbing from the robbers. Elders should make a personal call to take or not, accepting that he is just another ‘believer’ starting from scratch bearing the consequences.

    2) What is the characteristic of Nahash? It is known for being crafty, cunning, prudent in persuading it’s arguments, like TPM for example, are very convincing in spreading their Gospel. The characteristic of the Dove? Artless, one without any kind of self-defense. The best it can is fly away without harming anyone in the process. He sent the Disciples as ‘Apostles’ to spread the Gospel, but they were ‘Sheep’ among the wolves. So, He advises them to be wise as the Serpent, to persuade men to the Truth with sound confidence, for the wolves have good counter arguments against the Truth. At the same time, He is not asking us to hiss venom at anyone, to not to take up arms to persuade someone to Truth.
    A Christian is defenseless when he is hurt, for he willfully becomes the harmless dove, as he does not hit back, but responds to the situation wisely, by demanding justice.

    Proverbs 22:3 Is the same thing as I mentioned above, as a wise man, he looks at the evil ahead and refrains from going that path any further, but the simple who do not have the vision, goes ahead not seeing the evil ahead and suffers for it.
    The prudent in Proverbs, is seeing evil for what it is, not going ahead ‘any further’. He stops. Only the simple goes ahead, not seeing evil ahead and therefore suffer the consequences of evil. Leaving TPM is not evil, no danger. It’s freedom from religious torture.

    If one sees evil in going out of TPM, then don’t leave. Stop! as Proverbs 22:3. This verse cannot be used as ‘I am seeing evil ahead, but I will go ahead with some safety’. The simple man does that, not the prudent. The prudent decides to conceal himself.

    3) Apostle Paul is being wise, he is not afraid of death, he is speaking against the injustice being done to him. Porcius Festus was on the side of the Jews who wanted to kill him secretly, all for a false accusation of Paul bringing a gentile into the Temple. Paul understands Festus’ offer to be tried at Jerusalem as a favor to the Jews, who want to kill him. He would have never reached Jerusalem, if he had accepted the Trial at Jerusalem. Instead he says the following:

    So Paul said, “I stand at Caesar’s judgment seat, where I ought to be judged. To the Jews I have done no wrong, as you very well know. For if I am an offender, or have committed anything deserving of death, I do not object to dying; but if there is nothing in these things of which these men accuse me, no one can deliver me to them. I appeal to Caesar.”

    Paul is requesting Festus to be honest, indirectly telling him that he is not afraid of their plot, but make the trial fair by giving it to Caesar. Study the whole events right from Paul’s return from the journey. Paul is not appealing to Caesar to escape death, he knows he is being set up falsely, so he shows us his ‘wise as the serpent’, in demanding a fair trial and if that brings death, let it be, is his firm decision. So he appeals to Caesar.

    What can we understand from the above 3 points. Make a personal call. Don’t use Scriptures wrongly, Sit and evaluate what you want to do, forget about ministry and such things. Now, it is your ‘survival’, make plans correctly, take the appropriate amount and leave. Or if you want to go by Exodus call, go and make a ‘request’. We all know how that will go. I am definitely all for taking the money but speaking against using Scriptures wrongly. Just like trusting in GOD is an example of prior, continuous ‘healing’ in one’s personal life, one is making a personal call here as well. I don’t rely in GOD until I have evidences of his healing in smaller matters. If I am suddenly diagnosed with cancer, then I opt divine healing, having healing experiences from GOD before, regardless of the end. It’s a personal call. And so taking money is a personal call, GOD surely understands the dilemma of being a victim to slavery, but at the same time, we ought to be careful in using Scriptures. The verse then becomes a licence to plunder for any person to take money and leave, the money that in the first place belongs to TPM congregation.

    Scriptures don’t apply for TPM Elders, it’s like Tirupathi Priests using Bible. You can’t serve mammon and GOD simultaneously. Here is my ‘personal’ understanding of the situation explained in a story. Please do not re-write this story or make twisted changes.

    Once, there was a Bad Woman, She came across a Book and saw a Good Man’s Love for her. It spoke to her to be like Him. She decided to be like Him, so she put herself to advertisement to help people. Along came a group, they looked nice like the Good Man, so she gave up everything as they asked of her, and joined the group, there she was trained in their doctrines. She became one of the swindlers not knowing the Truth, albeit a small one compared to the Chiefs of her. Years later, she heard a commotion outside her group’s camp. She did not want to find out what it was about, she’d rather be happy being a swindler. Several months passed as she ignored the voice outside crying day and night.
    One night, she went for a stroll to speak to the people gathered outside. She spoke to several men, and each gave her, their reasons, that they were raising their voice against the injustice ‘the’ group had done to them. She noticed that they had books with them to support their claims, a book similar to the one she herself had read for years. As daylight approached she sneaked to her camp. She studied the book again, this time it showed her, she had abused the privileges of her people, to whom she had stepped to help, and she understood the group she belonged to was against the Good Man’s Love for her.

    Secret Nights of conversations followed, she revealed to them that she was one the swindlers that they were raising their voice against. The men repeatedly pleaded with her to run away, but she would return back to her camp as daylight approached. She realized she was in great danger, no one to help her inside the camp, nor outside the camp. She had some money that she received for her labor of swindling her people. She decided to help herself with it by taking as much as she wanted. She expressed her plan to the men outside her camp and they all gave their opinions and suggestions, one said , ‘swindling from the swindlers by being a swindler was okay’, another one said ‘be wise like the serpent and harmless as the dove’, another one said, ‘look at the evil ahead, but take some money with you as you go in that path’, yet, another one said ‘nothing wrong in taking some amount to start your life elsewhere’, and yet, another said, ‘don’t steal from the money, that you stole from the men whom you wanted to help. Be a Good Woman, trusting in the Good Man who showed her what is Love, and request her higher-up money-mongers for help, that she wanted to leave now and make her fair to give what is needed to start her life elsewhere, and not to demand as wages she deserved for working as a swindler and if that cause death, so be it’. There was disagreements among the men outside the camp, because each made his opinions and suggestions valid by the Book they all had. As she waited for an answer, daylight approached, she returned to her camp, she now was confused even more. She decided to take a personal decision, either to go ask her higher-ups, or take what is needed, only as much she needed for her, to start life elsewhere.

    Would she find God’s favor if she demanded justice at the higher-ups, would they empathize with her deprived condition? Can she expect them to be nice as she was against their ideologies? With these thoughts in her mind, she knowing them better than anyone, understood that they would probably make her life more dangerous. She now feared of being assaulted, raped or even death. She made her choice, I will take what is needed for me, having understood that she was not doing right by the Book, but bore the responsibility of the action.

    Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working with his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need.

    She decided to stop stealing, and labor instead and with that resolution she took some of the money that was needed for her safety, to rehabilitate with what was required and to return it the first thing when she could. She did not inform her plans to anyone, not to her faithful inside her camp, nor to the people outside her camp. She planned her night very carefully, and left the camp one dark night.

    On that fateful night, she feared harm from wicked men, beasts who were hungry to eat her. She had become a sheep from being a wolf. As daylight approached she had reached to a place of shelter and there she began her life in labor. She was free. Months passed by, she did not swindle again, she labored with her sweat and made every penny right. She gained more money now, she returned the money that she had to take for her safety, it did not matter to her who spoke ill of her, she had done what was to be done. She made her goal to labor more, hoping on any another women who wanted to be like her, could be helped.

    She lived to her resolutions, she had changed from being a thief to a Steward. She had become like the Good Man she first encountered in the Book. His Love was seen in her…

    Could she have approached the higher-ups and found favor in their eyes, as she trusted in the Lord, come what may? Or Was she right in taking the money? Was it stealing? If it was sin, should she be waged death? That is something between her and GOD.

    The Good Man will judge her ‘latter life’ against her ‘former life’.

    Make a personal call. You are not favored among thieves unless GOD says you to. Sometimes, you got to do what needs to be done, when no one offers help. I wish I was a rich man to help the Woman in the above story, but I am one of those victims her compatriots duped money from with deception. Now, I labor for every penny, and when I have enough to look not only for myself, but for others, I shall offer my help.

    • @tochristians
      //Fellows, I went by context, when one takes verses to ‘highlight’ plundering. I made a clarification call, that Scriptures can be used differently by the ‘intention’ that the person ‘reads’ into it. Why ignore that the people ‘requested’? Why ignore that they had received the ‘grace of GOD’ if you would take the Exodus example to plunder?

      Did they receive the GRACE OF GOD for taking back the money? Had the Egyptians refused to part with the money, would you say that the Grace of God was not there with them? Sounds very much like TPM Doctrines of applying Grace for all things which should not be used for.

      Brother unless you want to expand all things like that, the text does not say so(Exo 12:36). My bible says that the Egyptians were “Favourably Disposed”. Please have your definitions cleared about both these terminologies. They are NOT THE SAME. If you read the previous chapters you will know that they were *FAVOURING a parting of their wealth* because of the LOOMING THREAT of more losses if the Israelites stayed.

      //Usually one takes money, not to start a life, but to start a mini-TPM. Money will run out, but if one trusts in the Lord and does fairly (taking what is for survival) according to the situation, perhaps GOD will not count it as unrighteousness, but have mercy at the changed life. When you use a passage to justify an immoral act, running away with money that rightly belongs to the congregation, you are robbing from the robbers. Elders should make a personal call to take or not, accepting that he is just another ‘believer’ starting from scratch bearing the consequences.

      Hmm. Very interesting conclusions.
      If God does it for a reason, It’s Valid. If you do it for the same reasons, it’s IMMORAL. Where do you get this?
      Dear tochristains,
      It’s your responsibility to take the wages owned by your so-called leaders(If they have not paid you). God intervenes in situations when you are too weak to take any action. However, when you have been given the ability and the wisdom, God expects you to take actions in the affirmative. Contrast the Escape from Egypt where they did not have to do any battle with the situations in Canaan where the same Israelites had to do battle to take the Land.
      Do you see the Israelites going and “REQUESTING ” the Canaanites to vacate the land because God had given to them?. Think over. Had the Israelites refused to fight their battles, they would still be in the wilderness.

      The FAKE HUMILITY that is being espoused by many Christians including YOU is nothing but being “IRRESPONSIBLE”. One of the doctrines in TPM which is the byproduct of this fake humility is called “DIVINE HEALING”.

      I still feel that you have the indoctrination technique of TPM within you even though you have come out of the system.

      • As I mentioned all of your responses are invalid, they are not ‘Israelites’ as you all seem to portray and think, they are Egyptian officials who have been paid for being partners in crime with the TPM higher officials. It’s only that they realize now that they are criminals who deserve Red sea, just like all of us, while we were sinners ourselves. But the Grace of God extends to not only Israelites but to the Egyptians if they would change their minds, repent.

        I understand that fromtpm has a god now and that some of your commentators are from the writers section and hence responses are biased. The very thing that I feared would happen, is happening. I do not follow as TPM does ‘applying Grace for everything’, but I wanted to point out that this passage exclusively has the Grace given by GOD.
        Here is an unbiased translation:

        “And Yahweh, He gave the people grace in the eyes of the Egyptians, when they asked of them; thus they despoiled the Egyptians.”

        Maybe you are reading a bias translation that fits your ideology. Nice effort, but vain. Stop comparing them to Israelites, they are ‘lower egyptian officials’ if you go by this article.

        There are sins that do not transcend human forgiveness in the Old Testament, which only deserves death. That’s where I get it, since you want to use Old Testament examples.
        I have shown how you all have followed a bias interpretation to justify an immoral act. That is why it is immoral. I also used ‘perhaps’, because I was confused several times as I tried to follow the article’s interpretation and the biased commentators, just like TPM does, but I thank GOD, if we are faithful to HIM, he brings clarification. And since I left it as a personal decision, I left it to maybe or maybe not. Something as between GOD and them.
        By your admission, you are saying if it’s immoral for me, then it should be immoral for GOD. Then you are admitting that it is stealing which I pointed out when I made two mistakes, please read the response to johnson, I have made clarification on my mistakes, that happened because I followed the biased article.

        I was unsure whether they are asking us ‘can we take money from the place where we know it is’ or ‘can we take the money that we have in our possession’. Hence used a word ‘perhaps’ to try to relate to the article, but I know it’s biased and twisted. I understand clearly that you are all biased towards getting anything done as long as it exposes TPM. If someone tries to straighten out some things, then shut him up with Truth suppression, thinking that you are beyond learning.

      • Would you say the same to the Chiefs of TPM, IF one of the chiefs says I am not getting paid, I deserve more for working harder than these ‘lower ministers’? Would you say to the chief, it is your responsibility to take the wages that you deserve? Double talk!

        Now, you will pull GOD for TPM Ministers. I thought you all were against TPM. You all expose them that they are deceivers and then speak favorably to sympathize with the article. Liars, you too will have your part for all these fake interpretations. They are not ‘Slave Israelites’, they are not GOD’s Ministers. Jump from one interpretation to another. The Canaanites were spewed off the Land for their sin had reached it’s full. GOD’s Judgement on Canaanites comes through Israelites, similarly he does on Israelites when their sin reaches it’s full. HE brings judgement on the Israelites dwelling in Canaan, through Babylon and Persia. So, please stop all these nonsensical leaps. I do not follow tpm nor do I follow fromtpm when they make mistakes. But you would lap anything as long as it serves your purpose. I know TPM interpretations. I now understand a lot of fromtpm members carry ‘TPM baggage’ with them and point out ‘hypocrisy’ when it exposes them.

        Your feelings does not matter. I have spoken the Truth from the Lord. You can spew all your feelings. This article actually condones the TPM lower ministers to pay the Israelites (TPM Believers) who are the true laborers contributing to the Egyptian slavery system known as the TPM Clergy.

  14. @Tochristian
    Brother this was your very first response
    //My opinion, DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FROM TPM. It is your failure, for not being better stewards,

    Then you jumped to opposite side and slightly altered your statement,
    // Now, it is your ‘survival’, make plans correctly, TAKE APPROPIRATE AMOUNT AND LEAVE. Or if you want to go by Exodus call, go and make a ‘request’. We all know how that will go. I am definitely all for taking the money but speaking against using Scriptures wrongly.

    You seem to hopping from one end to another. Now, i am not saying jumping is bad, (if you correct your stance in your jump). But my say is that you could have chosen your words rightly in your first response and saved us from going through your lengthy discourses.

    @being bible thumpers and using scriptures unjustly
    By giving exodus example, all that article wanted to say is that it is not God’s plan that you should come out empty handed. What sincere simpletons do is that they think taking money with them is wrong. So we gave example from exodus to show them that according to God of scriptures, exiting bondage with some amount was God’s plan for people in ancinet days (see Gen 15:14, Ex 3:21). It wasnt wrong then, it is isnt wrong now. Why should people come out empty handed and put their lives in jeopardy and TEST God? We never meant that you should be money minded and make miniTPM. Didn’t the article say “In short, WE NEED MONEY, BUT CANNOT BE MONEY MINDED.”

    Also, we didnt give exodus example so that people ought always take justice in their hands and take eye of man who had taken your eye. You probably misread this and therefore you went on say that christians is like dove who is harmless. And BTW if a person tries to damage a cultic system like TPM (not as revenge) but with intention to cause it to stop from bullying other simpeltons the I would let him plunder TPM of all its money. I would let him make the evil system fall down so that others may be saved from getting trapped, as this monstor continues to expand with constant supply of huge cash.

    @I only suggest ‘asking’ if one is going to follow this exodus example.
    Just because israelites asked, it doesnt mean you are also to ask, unless like egyptians, your leaders have been plagued by ten plagues and made to realize they did wrong to you. If God would not have killed the firstborn of Pharaoh and plagued egyptians with ten plagues, i dont think by simply asking they would have let Israelites (their slaves) take their godl and silver.

    So kindly dont use scriptures unjustly and be a bible thumper. And any confrontation you would like to make, should only be done as the Spirit urges you, not by emotional or false interpretations of the Scriptures.

    • Yes, I did not make myself clear. My responses that I have replied today will shed you all more light. At first, I followed admin, then I saw that these were not slave israelites, they are lower egyptian officials who deserve the impending red sea. I changed my stances, because i do not see them as ‘lower egyptian officials’ as the article ‘actually’ portrays, against the writer’s interpretation. Rather, I see them as ‘priests of jeroboam’ now.

      Yes, exiting bondage with money according to Exodus call is right. However, I have shown that these lower tpm ministers are not slave israelites who deserve money, rather they are lower egyptian officials who deserve GOD’s Judgement. Yes, the article is not ‘money-minded’, but bias minded to interpret anything as long as it sympathizes or exposes TPM.

      Yes, you all would like to do anything now. You people do not realize that you are becoming the cult you are after.

    • So, why don’t you all cry to GOD, so that your cry reaches the heavens and GOD will pour out plagues and destroy Egypt? You won’t do that, just write nonsense and confuse people as if they have not had enough in TPM. Let’s all plunder. Good for you as long as it fulfills your agenda.

      It’s you all who will lap anything, I have shown what these lower ministers are according to the article. My response if one wants to go by the ‘exodus call’, as the Lord has clarified to me after my own confusion brought up by this article’s bias interpretation, is that, these ministers should not run anywhere. They are lower egyptian officials who afflicted the Israelites (tpm believers), and therefore they ‘must’ pay the money back to TPM Believers, before they flee anywhere, taking what is required for their exodus to the wilderness. Else, GOD will have HIS way whichever ends of the earth they flee to.
      Now, I hope I have not used emotionally or biased as the article is, or out of sympathy for tpm. I have righteously interpreted the article as it should be.
      All said, I still do not ‘believe’ these Lower TPM Ministers should follow the exodus article here, because they are not truly egyptians, they are ‘Priests of Jeroboam’ in the Land of Canaan.

      Exodus from Egypt is an event that has already passed in their lives. I only gave the True interpretation as from the Lord IF one were to go by the actual interpretation of this article. I shall lay down my Scriptural support for what these ‘Priests of Jeroboam’ must do, as my final response, what you all do with it, is up to you.

  15. @ admin

    1. Did you sound your family and relatives that things are not rosy as you had expected? If Yes, what was their general response?

    I did not completely understand your question. I assume you ask ‘ Did your kith/kin get a first-hand of the ground realities?’
    I stepped into the ministry as a runaway and my family was indirectly informed. Stepping out was a very quick decision. It was basically a sharp argument and a false accusation against me that made me quit. I reacted very sharply and those above me never expected me to walk away.
    So, in a sense, my family never knew that I was actually unhappy, they never knew when (exact date) I quit. I did not return home immediately. I had a believer friend help me escape and provide me initial logistics.
    It’s not that no one knew that I am quitting, but no one thought I might end up quitting asap.

    How was their response?
    When I made initial contact, they sounded concerned and very rude, but not in a way that I would care, because I needed my own home badly. A place, a network, something to call as own.
    Initial days, I refused to answer questions, but as time went on, I felt they did not seem to empathise. They cared, but they did not cry for me, other than mother.
    It does not matter now brother, as grown ups, we don’t need comforting, but as humans we certainly need.
    My relatives kept probing as if I had committed a crime. They suggested that I meet the center pastor offline/ unofficially, as I had runaway. The fact is my timing was a runaway and not the suspicion that I could leave. At this point in time, I was made to ask the Lord for forgiveness and strength.
    Their attitude was that of negating/ downplaying my situation although they acknowledge that TPM was not meant for me. I had decided to return back if things really went well, if the Lord spoke to me…. but that was during that first few weeks of mental vulnerability and the feeling that you have no one to embrace you.

    2. When you had mentally decided to quit, did you inform your near and dear ones? If Yes, what was the response?

    I informed them only after I was out of the mission and staying in a friend’s house. I assumed they would eventually accept me, but the level of acceptance was not at all helpful.
    I felt interrogated and asked questions, as if they did not believe my version. The official version of TPM was that I had a sexual dalliance and so ran away. I walked away only because I would not accept this accusation.

    3. What was the point where you felt that your Seniors suspected you to be mentally disenfranchised with the doctrine of TPM? Did they take some actions on you after that?

    As an educated fool, I was always going to be suspected. Even before joining, I used to skeptical about the ‘young earth theory’ among others, but I enjoyed intelligent conversations.
    What they never realised is that frustration could spill over into action. They never troubled me greatly, all of a sudden, but it was gradual and marked. I have argued with them on TPM doctrines, but very subtly and even their responses was never alarming.
    But what I could see is, they used shame, accusations etc to build a narrative against me. I used to prophesy and I was told that I should stop prophesying until further notice.
    I felt I was being marked/ observed- but I did not notice any violent reprisal.
    Its only on one occasion that there was a big war of words with my senior, who collared me, and I threatened to leave.
    They could not say anything because they thought I would be silenced, but I felt its the best time to walk away. I had a few days of planning and a fellow worker’s family friend helped me escape without much noise. Those who were there spoke on my behalf saying that I have been upset and have runaway, but might return if there’s an intervention.
    Honestly, I did not realise what I was doing, I took the chance and gathered few documents I had with me and quit.
    Little did I realise that I have quit forever.
    All’s well.

    The senior pastors were generally nicer to me than the immediate workers and I have no reason not to admit that. Especially Pas. Luke was very understanding (not sure if it was fake) but I did not reconsider eventually.

    • Dear Denzel Joy,
      I am a big fan of your comments and observations. Please don’t get disillusioned by behavior and attitude of TPM frauds. They are destined for and to destruction. I always tell my many friends who have come of their TPM lungi that it is the pure grace of GOD that you could discern the gravity of situation inside fake homes. Hope that one day the entire world will read your emancipation from TPM through this site.

  16. @All
    What are your views on following.

    It is known that many gullible sell their property and hand over crores worth of cash to greedy tpm pastors. I have seen entire families entering this cult by selling all their land and house. We have here in this site a testimony of one such pastor thomaskutty (if I remember correctly).

    My question is that, should someone who is planning to exit tpm, PLUNDER tpm for sake of people like Thomas kutty and return them what is theirs, or for sake of those unlucky extpm workers who are now struggling financially, should someone PLUNDER tpm and help such ppl who are struggling? When Abraham plundered the kings, who took Lot in captivity, he plundered them and have back to king of Sodom what was his. ! Bible calls this act as justice. When weak and feeble cannot fight back, those in power must stand for them. Job says, And I brake the jaws of the wicked, and plucked the spoil out of his teeth. (Job 29;17). Should someone do this?

    What are your views ?

    • Taking back what is rightfully yours is your own responsibility. We can learn about that from David’s experience in Ziklag.

      Leveticus 6 deals with issues of restoration of properties taken by cheating and stealing. It says that an additional fifth of the property should be restored back.

      That same restoration principle is seen working in the life of Zaccheus when he repented.

      Therefore I would say that if You Have the POWER to make any restitution, do that to the one who has been defrauded. Of course, Leech Institutions like TPM will oppose it, but that should not be your problem.

      ‘Thus says the LORD, “Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor Also do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow; and do not shed innocent blood in this place. Jeremiah 22:3

      God expects us to make that judgement and correct such cases of greviance. When We do not do that, the matters land up in Gentile courts.

      If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 1 Cor 6:1-2

      When it comes to an issue between a powerful organization like TPM against a hapless victim, we ought to be more proactive. If we take a nonchalant approach with an oppressor, we will be held responsible for that. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE JUDGEMENT if you have not done enough to restore the case. There are no roles for Onlookers or Passive members in the kingdom of God.

  17. Here is my final interpretation as received from the Lord, you all make fun, rant, mock, spit fire. You would be incurring that to yourselves.

    This will surely help the TPM Ministers who have contacted admin.

    When I first responded I suggested ‘not to have any of their things’ because I thought these ‘ministers’ were going to sneak in and get access to the money and ‘steal it’ from their superiors. But now i understand that they have money in their hands already for laboring as priests to their idols.
    The ministers are not ‘slaves’. This is where the article is wrong.

    A Christian Church if symbolized to Canaan, then the TPM clergical system is, ‘bringing Egypt Slavery System’ on the Israelites who dwell in Canaan. It’s the sin that Jeroboam did, bringing Pagan Gods into Canaan. A great sin that led to God’s Judgement on Israel.

    Church – Canaan – The Divided Israel
    Chiefs – Pharoah – Jeroboam who made the golden calves.
    TPM Clergy – Jeroboam’s Idolatory System – The taskmasters/priests who keep the idolatry running.
    TPM Doctrine – The two Golden Calves – A false Zion and Jerusalem.
    Believers – Israelites who dwell in Canaan – the willful and ignorant worshipers of Jeroboam’s idols.

    They are not in Egypt, they are in Canaan, and have brought Egypt (Pagan worship) to Canaan. These TPM Ministers are priests who served these pagan gods built by Jeroboam, causing Israel to sin, and deserve God’s Judgement. They are ‘Lower and higher TPM Minsters’ = Idol Priests of Jeroboam.

    They having now realized of leading their people to sin, they have written to us, if they can take some money that they gained by idolatry services, so as to flee Jeroboam and the worshipers of Idols. These priests, can neither give it to idol worshiping Israelites (TPM Believers), nor to their fellow priests (TPM Ministers), nor to Jeroboam (Chiefs). The money does not belong to themselves, as well. They can change the ‘use’ of the money in their hands, to return to Jerusalem to serve the True GOD. Therefore, as Good Stewards, that they want to be, the money in their hands can be ‘completely’ used for godly purposes and as long as it means that they shall follow the True GOD, then the Sins of Jeroboam will not come upon them.

    If they keep the money in TPM, it will continue to contribute to the idols or the idol worshiping idols. Instead take it all and use it for the rejected in TPM and outside TPM.

    The exodus plunder does not sympathize the ministers as bonded Israelites but rather proves them that they are the taskmasters who deserve the plagues and curses from GOD for obeying Pharoah and afflicting Israelites to bondage. I apologize for not understanding completely because I allowed myself to interpret based on the article’s perspective. Now, I see that the article does not relate to the situation of these ministers.

    They are not laborers for the Word and Doctrine. But followed Jeroboam’s idol in running the idol worship among the Israelites in Canaan. It is not an exodus from Egypt to Canaan, but a group who are rejecting Jeroboam and the idol worshiping Israelites. An Exodus to the True Jerusalem from the Egypt that they brought into Canaan.

    TPM Ministers who are reading this, do not take ‘some’ of the money. This is GOD’s message for you, if you are willing to accept it. Take ‘all’ of the money that is in your possession, flee TPM, start your Christian Life, and use it for the glory of GOD by helping those who want to flee. This is acceptable in GOD’s sight. The Master will return and will ask for the accounts, don’t take and hide it under the ground (for selfish reasons). But if you want to listen to the Exodus call, it will condemn you as Egyptian officials who need to pay the Israelites (TPM Believers).

    • dear tochristians
      You lost it just in the first sentence.
      “Here is my final interpretation as received from the Lord, “.

      The basic difference between a genuine person and an imposter is this.

      – A genuine person will say “I think it is this” or “This is how it is“,…,…etc
      – An Imposter tries to push the name of the Lord for his interpretation so that he can have a dominating stand.He wants to impose a seal of approval from none other than GOD. As far as my understanding goes, one of the initial guys(post-Apostolic age) to do this is none other than Muhammad, the Islamic prophet. The breed grew tremendously and is a teeming crowd nowadays,

      All Modern day preachers who are dishonest says this way. Things like “The Lord Said to me“, “I have a Word from the Lord“, “Thus saith the Lord“, “I received from the Lord” etc to force their own ideas upon others..Go deep into their lives and doctrines, you will see the stink and their attitude is quite contrary to the Lord. Sorry to see that the same spirit has gripped you.

      So, brother, you lost it. Get a little bit humble and stop acting by copy-pasting the words of Paul for yourself (1 Cor 11:23).

      What you are doing is TAKING THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN. If you think you should repent, do it.

      Seems that even after you left TPM, TPM has not left you. Do you now realise why TPM Pastors declare themselves as Apostles? The spirit that leads them all is the same. Step down that stair you are trying to climb. It is very dangerous.

      • Listen to this prophecy by Teju Kurien where he proclaims his so-called prophecy ending with “Thus saith the Lord“.
        Taking random verses from the scripture and sandwiching between TPM semantics becomes a prophecy in TPM.
        AS per my information, this is the New Year Prophecy for 2020.

        Attachment  Teju.mp4

        • I liked the threat part where tejus’s lord threatens that if you run away from me, the spirits will grab you??
          Immediately the believers roar and moan….

        • If you haven’t heard a cricket match commentary in a packed stadium since long. This should give you a bit of nostalgia from Kokkavila international stadium.

          Attachment  cricket-match.mp3

        • It is all a drama.

          I always wonder why does his highness TPM chief pastor Abraham sound like he is suffering from constipation? Is it is a sign of holiness?

    • @tochristian

      LOL..After many failed interpretations, A FINAL INTERPRETATION and that too BY THE LORD.
      You sound like a bowler trying to bowl and hit at the stumps. No point in trying to help you. You are already on the way to start a mini TPM. Anyway Merry Christmas to you.

  18. Dear Admin
    This article is well written and needs to be given to gullible TPM WORKERS who have got trapped by this monster cult TPM. This article will help them to get rid of the guilty conscience if ever they quit TPM with their “full and final self cheque”.
    But plundering money from the laity and treasuring it in their safe custody is not new for any TPM worker.
    I will share some details of the cash retrieved from In-Charge TPM workers when they “ENTERED GLORY”.
    Pas Johnny Chacko…….Rs. 53lakhs
    Pas Gulam Masih………..Rs. 23 lakhs
    Bro. Simon………………..Rs. 12lakhs
    Bro. Chinnadurai…………Rs.13lakhs
    All four died while in Bangalore Center. This money was no were mentioned in any accounts and was not known to the then Center Pastor Luke (Now in Malaysia). But after their death when their suitcases were searched this amount was retrieved. Pastor Luke thanked God for providing him with this huge amount as he was in need of money for building construction.
    IRONY: One week before the death of Bro. Chinnadurai (who had 13 lakhs with him) he was begging Pas Luke for 500rs for conveyance telling that he was not getting proper income from his local faith home.
    No TPM worker should think that he is serving God. No…they are serving a money making, real estate developer group called TPM. If they give more money to their task masters (Center Pastors and Chief Pastors) they will be called as faithful worker and posted in Fake homes where income and facilities are more.
    Therefore those workers who are planning to quit should plan and sign their own pay cheque without feeling guilty and live a decent life.

    After a worker comes out he can do a secular job and support himself or get a real calling and serve the real God of the Bible.

  19. Dear Everyone,

    I am following this thread since few days. Thank you Admin for your biblical advice. Thank you Dominic, Johnson, Denzel Joy, Nmstf, Nath, Eagle eye, liberated, tochristian for your comments.

    After reading all your suggestions, I draw following inference. It is not sin to take money along as one plans to escape. Money does not belong to tpm. Christ said, ‘Whose imprint is on coin. Give it to him.” Currency with governments imprint belongs to government and not to chief pastors of tpm. It is given by believers for ministers of word of God for their survival. Money taken while escaping is needed for survival and rehabilitation.Therefore in my opinion, God would not consider it as money heist as long one is sincerely desiring to keep serving God, instead of using it lavishly to fullfil his fleshly desires.

    Agreed that we should not reward evil with evil, but it is our responsibility (and not somebody else) to save ourselves from injustice done to us. Why should we become burden to people outside tpm for injustice done to us by tpm? When one goes out, tpm will tarnish his/her image anyways. Then why not take what has been handed to you for your survival instead of keeping it for the arrogant thugs to grow more fatter and grow more in arrogance in persecuting those who escape their clutches?

    As few pointed out, I will also suggest insiders that they can consider plundering this monster for sake of few struggling outside of tpm. I will ask him to make trust or keep it in bank and ask wisdom from God to assist them who are desiring to escape, after having spent prominent days of their life in service to this beast. They also are in need of justice who were once decieved by this abominable woman. If they can be helped, let them get all help.This harlot had enough of purple and scarlet clothing for so many years.

    ” Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double [ John 18:6-7 ]. ”

    I will take printout of this page and handover it to my close friend in ministry. I will suggest him to accumulate amount needed for proper seminary training. The money paid as fees will be utilized by bible seminary management, for ministry purpose, & for equipping other students to get sound theological knowledge. It in turn will possibly reap more fruits for kingdom of God.This way we can turn evil into good. Past wrong doings can be possibly corrected if one equips himself with sound bible knowledge.

    If you people can help me find a suitable bible college in India, for my freind, then I will be able to suggest those names to him. But if there is no better college in India, I will suggest him to get ready for a colleges outside India.

    Thank you all once again.


  20. Came to know that a worker brother decamped from Kolkata centre faith home taking money from the Centre Pastor’s room which was unlocked. It’s estimated that the amount is 3 Lakhs


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