Previously, we had seen the life of Abraham and Isaac. Therefore, the next story to follow Abraham and Isaac has to be about Jacob. Jacob was the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham. We read his story from Genesis 25 to Gen 38 and from Gen 47 to 50. In this article, we will consider three things mentioned in Genesis 25, related to Jacob.

  • Rebecca, his mother was a barren woman
  • He was preferred over Esau before his birth
  • Esau became a cunning hunter

The Crushing of Self-Glorification

Story:    “When Isaac was 40 years old, he took Rebecca as his wife. And Isaac entreated the LORD for his wife because she was barren. And Lord heard his prayer and she conceived. But the children struggled in her womb. And she enquired Lord saying why are children fighting? And Lord said two nations are in thy womb. And the elder shall serve the younger (Gen 25:20-25).  

Here we find a few things which have been repeated in the life of Abraham. First is the barrenness of godly women, and second is the election of younger son over the elder. In this section, we will consider Rebecca’s bareness and God-loving Jacob over Esau together.

1. Barrenness:

Rebecca was barren. Sarah her mother-in-law was also barren. Rachel, (Rebecca’s daughter in law), was also barren. All these beloved wives of God’s chosen men (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) were barren until God supernaturally opened their wombs (Gen 25:21, Gen 11:30, Gen 29:31).

Barren woman home Venom Removal Series- Gospel in Genesis-9

There are other barren women also seen in scriptures. Few of them are  Samson’s mother, Hannah the mother of Samuel, and Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. These women also had their wombs opened by God in a supernatural way. With all these women, God chose their sons (Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist) and used them for his special purpose. See table below;

OT brides Spiritual significance
Brides of chosen men Abraham, Isaac, Jacob were barren. Israel was barren without fruit.

We are barren in our old nature and cannot produce godly fruits.

God intervened and turned barrenness into fruitfulness God through Jesus makes church fruitful, turns her old heart into a new heart, to make her yield fruits unto God.


2. Election of the younger over the Elder:

Venom Removal Series- Gospel in Genesis-9We also read in the story above, that God foretells Rebecca, “the older shall serve the younger (Gen 25:23).” This pattern of God choosing the younger son over the elder son is repeated too often in the bible. For example, Abel the younger son was chosen over Cain, Isaac the younger son was preferred over Ishmael, Jacob the younger over Esau, Joseph the younger over his 10 brothers, Moses the younger over Aaron, David the younger son over Jesse’s elder sons, Solomon the younger over David’s other sons, and so on.

Both these pattern (barrenness and the election of younger) reveals that God chose people who were a reproach in eyes of men, over them who were respected. Let me explain. Childbearing was considered a blessing of God (Psalms 127:3, Gen 1:28). Barrenness, on the other hand, was reproach (Gen 30:23, I Sam 5:6, Luke 1:25, Deut 7:14). But God chose sons of the barren woman to accomplish his purpose. Then the elder son was more honourable in the sight of Jews compared to younger ones (Ex 13:2, Num 3:13). The firstborn had more importance. But contrary to general perceptions, God often chooses the younger sons over the firstborns (Abel, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon).

Throughout the scriptures, we find God intentionally choosing those who were despised, rejected, unworthy. For example, he chose gentiles over children by the flesh (Luke 13:28-30). We all know gentiles were treated as unclean. But God chose gentiles for salvation. Then God chose sinners and harlots above scribes and Pharisees. Jesus again said, “Verily I say unto you, that the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you (Matt 21:31).”

This pattern of God in choosing sons of barren reproached women, the younger sons who were not the firstborns, the gentiles and not the Jews, the harlots and not the religious, the publicans over the whitewashed Pharisees, is explained by Apostle Paul in following words, But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world………..the weak things of the world………base things of the world, and things which are despised, that no flesh should glory in his presence (I Cor 1:27-29).

The point highlighted is that God often chooses despicable ones, so that – NO FLESH SHOULD GLORY IN HIS PRESENCE.

 This is evident from the life and ministry of Jesus also. Jesus fought with Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes and religious men, who had room for self-glorification. On the contrary, he ate with sinners who had no room for glorification in God’s presence. He made publicans as his disciples instead of people who obeyed ‘The Ten Commandments’ from their childhood days. He called the king as a fox and chose poor fishermen like Peter as leaders of his sheep.  He told the parable of ‘prayers of publican and Pharisee’ to drive to point that those who don’t tithe, and those who don’t fast twice a week, will be declared just and righteous, as they will have no room to glorify in God’s presence. He ensured the thief on the cross was in paradise because the thief had no room for self-glorification while the chief priests remained doing their daily religious activity during crucifixion hours, assuming God will honour their righteousness.

Therefore all throughout bible, whether it be barrenness of godly woman, or younger preferred over firstborn, or poor fishermen, or harlots and publicans, or gentiles, – the pattern of God choosing base things to accomplish his chosen purpose, was so that there should be no room for chosen men to boast in his presence. Salvation, therefore, is not according to our works, because works provide reasons to boast and glorify, and God doesn’t permit it. If therefore, there is any reason for boastings with you – be it your unmarried state or be it your divine healing, – be rest assured you will miss out God’s presence. God will rather choose those men over you, – to be in his presence, – who will have no reason to boast in eternity.

John Newton once said, “When I go to heaven, I shall see three wonders there. The first wonder will be to see people – I did not expect to see; the second wonder will be to miss many persons whom – I did expect to see; and the third and greatest wonder of all will be to find myself there.”

Esau as a type of antichrist

Story: When Rebecca’s days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. And the first came out red, all over like a hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel, and his name was called Jacob: And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. 

Esau is a prototype of antichrist. We read that Esau was a hunter. Hunter as we have seen in previous part 5, of the gospel in genesis, is used to foreshadow the antichrist. Nimrod in Genesis 10, was a mighty hunter before Lord (Gen 10:9). We have seen in series 5 that he was a prototype of antichrist. The psalmist calls the devil as a hunter and a fowler who has cast his nets to catch our souls (Psalms 124:7). Esau had hairy skin like that of a goat or a beast. This resembles the beast of Revelation 13. Nebuchadnezzar also became a beast who is also a type of antichrist. Esau tried to kill Jacob (Gen 27:42). Like Cain, Esau appears again as the murderer of his brethren. We know that the antichrist persecutes the church and kills many.

Esau Antichrist / Devil
Was a hunter (like Nimrod)  Devil is one who as a hunter or fowler puts snares (I Ti 3:7, 2 Ti 2:26, Psa. 124:7, 91:3, Pro. 6:5, 7:23).
Had hairy skin like that of goat or a beast (like Nebuchadnezzar) Antichrist is compared to a beast (Rev 13)
Tried to kill Jacob (like Cain) Persecutes church and kills saints (Rev 13:7)
Sold his birthright, Did not keep his first estate; backslid Jude 1:6 says the disobedient angels who kept not their first estate. Devil is a fallen angel


To be continued…


  1. @pattern of barren women
    @pattern of younger kid ruling elder kid.

    I see another pattern.

    There are two woman always sent by god to help old testament saints.

    1) Abraham had two women. Hagar & Sarah.
    2) Jacob had two women. Rachel & Leah.
    3) Samuel’s father had two women. Hanna and Penninah.
    4) Moses also had two women. Zipporah and Cush woman.
    5) King Ahaseurus had two woman. Vashti and Esther.

    So also our saints have two sisters. Elder Ammachi and younger akka. That is why tpm is number one church. Thank you Chief pastors for making tpm number one.

    All other independent church have one pastor and one wife of pastor. Therefore they get number 2 rank.

    Two woman makes number one church. (Tpm).
    One woman makes number two church. (Other church).

  2. @elina
    A woman was encountered a mountain snake but the snake was hurt.. So the woman had compassion on that being took it and started raising it.. By providing milk and rats to it.. As the days advanced snake lived in her house started growing big.. And after some days the neighbors complained to the women that there hens are missing…. Women found that it was her snake.. But responded to neighbors that she has no idea… Then years gone by, for a season the snake didn’t eat any thing but would sleep in her bed circling her legs and arms some times… She was worried about her pet not eating anything so she went to a snake doctor.. And showed them her snake…. The doctor analysed the snake and her report and he was quiet and said while leaving. It’s nothing everything is normal.. Oh good replied the woman. Dr replied it’s just measuring you every day to eat you as it didn’t get satisfied with the rat and hens…
    Moral: I can’t say anything you have to realise yourself…

    • @ Unmaimattumae nilaikum

      After I read your story, I know one thing.

      The woman did very wrong thing. She went to the doctor and made even the snake take medicine. Oh horrible woman she is!! Poor snake will miss the secret rapture, because of her. This is happen when you not read your Bible.


      • @ elina your so imaginary as you follow the useless wolves that control you so your mind and just for the record there is no medicine mentionedin the previous commentin the story.. It’s the hallucination of your mind… Like you people blame the devil and afraid of him.. As your leaders truly believed Christ his peace would have protected them.. As they don’t they get afraid… And make 10:00 to 3 am prayers…. Emergency prayers…. It’s not in devils hand or in God said hand… But God has set an open door.. The good seed that works in you matters at the end… Jesus said a parable… And he mentions certain things that why his followers didn’t made it at the end. I was hungry and you didn’t feed me I was without clothes and you didn’t provide me.. I was without a shelter you didn’t invite me… He never said that you didn’t pray to me so you don’t deserve me…

        • @ UN
          @ just for the record there is no medicine mentionedin the previous comment in the story

          So the woman & snake gave money to doctor without taking medicine from him?
          They should have given money to our saints instead!

          Saints would have piled up the money to buy few acres of land and made a beautiful church in it for them to live.

          So helpful the woman and snake could have been. – but she chose to give it to Doctor who saves no man’s lives , instead of our saints, who save so many lives by their doctrine of divine healing.

        • @Elina – Your beloved TPM saints saves no one but shaves slaves like you off your hard earned money.

          The sad thing is that TPM slaves like you love your TPM donkey so much that you don’t mind it. Says so much about your discernment.

      • @elina
        There was a river in a certain place where 71 recorded miracles that took place… And they don’t follow any divine healing strategies there God simply helps those who seek to near Jesus… Only you people sell God’s miracles in your faith camps… .. Kill innocent people in the process Is it God intended…

  3. I think now Mr& Mrs Elina are being excellently dealt by dear brother Unmaimattumae nilaikum .
    Theres’ no doubt in it. Elina/s found a great road block now through Unmaimattumae nilaikum .Let us see how her next reply would be.
    She has hit a great mountain.Nobody can save her except our beloved Saviour Jesus.


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