Once there was a kingdom in a faraway land. It was necessary for all citizens of the land to tie a heavy iron shackle around their necks. Shackle around the neck was evidence of their citizenship. The people of this land was subjugated by scoundrels who projected themselves as the leaders of the people. They use the Shackle – The Seal of Subjugation.

The Shackle – The Seal of Subjugation

Anyone without the shackle would be stoned to death. The shackle was supposed to be made up of cast iron and weighed about 50 pounds. The weight made it impossible for people to carry it all times. Hence the king had made some relaxations. It was decided that

  1. if a man kept the shackle away for one second (unable to bear the burden), he would have to pay 1 sparrow to the king’s treasury.
  2. If a man kept the shackle away for one minute, he was supposed to pay 1 goat to the king’s treasury.
  3. If a man kept the shackle away for one hour he was supposed to pay 100 bullocks to the king’s treasury.

The penalty was too heavy for even the richest man to pay. There was no man in that kingdom who could redeem his own self or his brother and pay to the king, the ransom required to redeem of his own soul. Except for the King’s house, everybody had to bear the burden of the Shackle.

There was ONLY ONE WAY out of this trouble. Someone from the royal seed must be ready to bind this heavy iron shackle around his own neck. He must then be killed by the people of the land. Only then could people become free. Death of the royal seed was the price of every man’s redemption.

One day, the king’s son decided that he would redeem his people. So he wore the ragged clothes and tied the heavy iron shackle around his own neck and made himself identical to one of the people. Then he went out of his palace and walked in the land as a common man. He tabernacled among his people. He bore their grief and carried their sorrows.

He used his powers to heal people who were mutilated by the shackles around their neck. He applied balms to the lame and made them walk. He would wipe the tears from the eyes of them that sat in the valley of tears and shadows of death. People loved his good works. They followed him and heard his sermons. But the leaders of the shackle land disliked him. They would often send lawyers to enquire him. He would often reply to them saying, “If the Son sets someone free, he is free indeed.

The son…? Are you the Son of the king then?” saying so they would question him. He would always nod, but they would not believe him.

One day they were so annoyed, that they killed the only son of the king. With his death, the shackles broke off magically from every man’s neck. Citizens became free. The good news soon spread that the Kings only begotten son has made us free and has given us life.

The Shackle – The Seal of SubjugationBut the evil leaders were full of mischief and gall of bitterness. They knew that the removal of the Shackle will make these people come out of their bondage. They spun a new story around these ignorant people and told them a new deception. They remodelled themselves as the custodians of the new regime by putting on a White uniform. They said that indeed it is true that king’s son has made us free, from the burden of the old shackle, but a new shackle is also prepared the by the king in place of the old shackle. This new shackle, they said, was made up from far superior stainless steel, pure and white in colour, and unlike the old ugly iron shackle. These lazy people wanted to live off the money of the new unshackled ones. Therefore, they presented this new tax burden upon the neck of people of the land and priced it at a tenth of each man’s income(Monetary Tithe). The leader of the group took upon him the title of the Chief Shepherd(Chief Pastor) so that the people think that these leaders indeed represent the King’s Son.

I hope the story is clear to my readers. King’s son has freed us from the burden of keeping rules to attain eternal life. He has freed us from shackles of law. We inherit blessings promised to Abraham by faith. We are no longer under the shackle. But the children of the wicked men have invented another set of rules and regulations. They bring people back under the yoke of old laws in new ways. They are minting silver and gold by entangling new shackles around the neck of the naïve crowd. DO NOT BE RE-ENTANGLED.

Now, therefore, why tempt ye, God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear (Act 15:10)?

 Scripture to read and meditate:  Acts of Apostles chapter 15

Reference article: https://fromtpm.com/blog/2018/10/17/tpm-and-the-tyranny-of-asceticism/

NB: The red texts are linked to appropriate biblical verses. Click them to take you to the scriptures.



  1. Thats spot on admin…although there is no shackle or fetters anymore courtesy my Redeemer, but people are made to believe they still have shackles of fear, sin, sickness, curse, debt etc. Every week this is broken by the SOG after the fifth song with loud howling and shouting and then again it appears in time before the next weekly worship.
    TPM believers pls., take a step back and think how this is possible.
    How come after being in TPM for your lifetime this shackles are not broken. Something is terribly wrong, isnt’t it?
    The true profitable servant will promptly bring this to your notice that you are free indeed and ensure you live with this realization for rest of your life.
    But a wolf in white will always go out of his way to ensure all under him forever live under the belief that they are shackled by satan and that it re-appears every week. So unless you are holy or under fire this will not break.
    Net result is TPM believer will continue in their unbelief of being in shackles for rest of his/her life.
    Jesus himself said in John 16:8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment : of sin, because they believe not on me….. ;
    TPM believers if you still shout, yell, howl, jump and roll about speaking in gibberish trying to break the shackles at the command of the wolf standing in the pulpit, as you are actually believing the Wolf and not our Redeemer.
    So all your shouting, vibration and tongues are in wain as, if it was the true Holy Spirit, you would have been convicted of the Sin of unbelief in the first place.

      • Very funny, Guna, but unfortunately the joke is on you.

        I wish and pray that you search the scriptures and determine for yourself if you are in Christ or in TPM.

        Thank God for Redeemed and Admin for setting them free from TPM’s bondage. I praise God that they no more speak TPM’s unknown tongues but edify the true body of Christ with the wisdom God has given them through a language we all understand-English.

        Unfortunately TPM believers cannot understand English as they are indoctrinated in TPM’s unknown tongues by their false Shepherds. Enjoy it while it lasts because when you are set free, you will hate it just like any true child of God. Hope it will be soon.

  2. It is very hard for pig to forsake its pig sty even if it is given the keys to heaven for free.

    Hope our friend Guna will one day see the Truth and will be set free from TPM’s shackles which he now loves so much.

    I was also a TPM pig but the mercy of God set me free and now I’m no more a slave to fear but a child of God. Praise the Lord!

  3. @admin, very good article,

    God bless you for your perseverance and I wish and pray that our God keeps you in good health to keep shining The Light into TPM’s ever increasing darkness.


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