In TPM, we are made to believe that the ones which are dying because of their refusal to take medicines are Martyrs.  But is that so? Can suicide be considered as martyrdom for Christianity? All that we can see is

  • Buildings are constructed/Demolished/Reconstructed
  • Large and small plots of land are purchased
  • Conventions are conducted with Food Preparation and Personalised Money Collection as the main activity
  • Lazy life is lived, without any responsibility
  • And the cherry on the icing is that they are on the way to Zion.

Why do you need to believe their story? Let us see how Wikipedia defines a Martyr before we remember the life of one that impacted me in a great way.

martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) is someone who suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce or refusing to advocate a religious belief or cause as demanded by an external party. In the martyrdom narrative of the remembering community, this refusal to comply with the presented demands results in the punishment or execution of an actor by an alleged oppressor.  – Wikipedia

Introducing Graham Staines in this Salt and Light Series

It was in the year 1941, William and Elizabeth’s second child, Graham Stuart Stains was born. He obeyed God to be a missionary in a far-flung jungle of Odisha. Riding a rickety bicycle in a ‘backward’ district, he went about looking after the underprivileged ones, caring neither for success nor reward. Finally, he and his sons were martyred for Jesus Christ in the land which he so loved.

Graham Staines – The Martyr of OdishaPalmwood, Graham’s hometown in Queensland, Australia had a lot of fond memories for him, but the dearest of all was the crusade he had attended when he was 10. Allan Cunningham was the preacher. As Graham stood there listening, suddenly, in a flash, everything his mother told him about Jesus Christ came alive. He just knew it was true! That day, in the Nambour Presbyterian Church, in the silence of his heart, he surrendered his life to Jesus. Little did he know at that time that the Lord would give him a heart for India and call him to serve the poor and the lepers in Mayurbhanj, Odisha.

Shortly thereafter, Graham’s family moved to Caboolture and then to Beauderest. It was here at Beauderest Baptist Church that he was baptized. He grew steadily in the faith and took an active interest in the Sunday School work as well as Scripture Union Beach Missions. It was also here that he first felt called to be a missionary, but he decided to wait for a confirmation. He met Vera Stevens who spent her life in the service of lepers and what she had to share powerfully challenged him.

God placed a burden in Graham’s heart. There was no doubt as this was confirmed yet again during his morning devotion one Friday while he was reading the Gospel according to Mark. Though he intended to read more than just the first chapter, he soon found himself blinking through tears.

As he read through verses 35-42, And Simon and they that were with him followed after him. And when they had found him, they said unto him, All men seek for thee. And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth. And he preached in their synagogues throughout all Galilee, and cast out devils. And there came a leper to him, beseeching him, and kneeling down to him, and saying unto him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean. And as soon as he had spoken, immediately leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed. In the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. (Mark 1:36-42), The Holy Spirit brought back to mind the lepers – The ones destined to pass into eternity not knowing that it was not their karma to die like animals – without the medical attention that could restore their ravaged bodies. The very same ones his Saviour loved so much that He died on a cross for them 2000 years ago. That lepers and others would not die never knowing so great a love was thought too unbearable to Graham.

Graham realized that this was a life-defining decision and one that would exact a heavy price. For six years, he worked as a clerk before enrolling in Queensland Bible Institute. Once again he heard in detail about what the Lord was accomplishing through Vera and others at Mayurbhanj Mission in India.

Graham applied to the Evangelical Missionary Society in Mayurbhanj. One of his uncles owned Brandon Timbers in Brisbane and here was for Graham a plum job with a secure future. But, while Graham did love his uncle, it was just that he happened to love Jesus Christ even more. He turned down this and another excellent offer saying, “The child of the King will do the King’s work.” He leaving for India was sad for some.

Graham Staines – The Martyr of Odisha

God had something else in store for Graham in India- Gladys Weatherhead. Gladys had become a nurse and her work took her to various parts of Australia. She had completed general nursing, midwifery, maternal and child health courses. She continued in the work of various Brethren Assemblies, wherever her profession took her- in Sunday Schools and youth work, Scripture Union Beach Missions and Nurses’ Christian Fellowship. At the age of 18, she felt God calling her into full-time missionary service. In 1981, having joined Operation Mobilization, she served them in Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and India. While she was with a team in Odisha, their work took them to Mayurbhanj and that’s where she met Graham.

The two of them got married at Ipswich Gospel Chapel, Queensland on 6 August 1983. On their return to Baripada, Odisha, Gladys joined Graham in his work at Mayurbhanj Leprosy Home. The asylum became their labour of love. God blessed them with three children- Esther, Philip and Timothy. In 1997, the Stains took leave to visit Australia. But somehow, it no longer felt like home. They were glad to get back to the only home they knew- Baripada, Odisha.

On the night of the 22 January 1999, Graham Staines and his two sons had attended a jungle camp in Manoharpur, which was an annual gathering for Christians in the area to congregate for a conference and discuss their beliefs in a social setting.

Graham was aware that some tension regarding conversion had found it’s way to Manoharpur. This, however, did not worry him. It was a long time ago that he had decided to follow Jesus Christ no matter what the personal cost would be. Having read the Acts of Apostles a great many times, he knew that nothing significant was ever achieved without opposition.

That night after the conference, Graham had much to thank God for- a beautiful wife, three loving kids and a mission through which he could help many live a life of dignity. With that joy in his heart, as he tucked in both Philip and Timothy, and drew a straw-pad over the roof of the station wagon to shelter them from the icy winds, a mob approached Manoharpur at around 12:20 a.m. They came in running from the fields, armed with lathis and Trishul(tridents). As they approached the station wagon, they began screaming. They struck first wielding an axe at the tyres, deflating them. Then they broke windows and prevented the Stains from escaping. Graham and his boys were beaten mercilessly. All three were pierced with Trishul. Then they put straw under the vehicle and torched it. In seconds, the vehicle was on fire. Graham held his two boys close to him. Anyone who knew him would say that the one name on his lips would be- Christ Jesus. The killers stood there and watched the three roast alive as the fire consumed the vehicle.
Someone brought water and tried to put out the fire but they caught him and beating hard, chased him away.

“It is the sovereign will of God that my husband should die,” proclaimed Gladys, the widow of Graham Stains after hearing that her husband and two sons were burnt alive to death. She consoled the inmates of the Home and said, “I’m thankful that God allowed them to suffer for Jesus’ sake. I truly pray- Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”It was difficult for the 13-year- old Esther but she too trusted the God her father believed in. At the funeral, she spoke- “I praise the Lord that He found my father worthy to die for Him.” It’s no wonder that Gladys and Esther could sing at the funeral to the risen Lord, with confidence and joy: “Because He lives I can face tomorrow ”

Dr Binod Das, a physician, skin specialist and co-worker with Graham of over thirty years recollects: “…Graham would come to my house and we would come to the Leprosy Home together… He had a deep concern for each and every patient…”

Kutlumaji, a Santhal Adivasi had lost most of his toes to leprosy. And while no one had cared for him, Graham did. He had brought Kutlumaji into the Mayurbhanj home and nursed him to recovery. There, once cured, he married Sarida, who was also healed at the Home. She sums up their feelings: “Our world was darkness. We always faced death. None of the religious leaders bothered to give us even one meal. When we begged for alms, they would throw stones at us and chase us away. We were untouchables. These religious leaders used to tell us that we deserved leprosy because of our sins in our previous birth- because of our ‘Karma’. And we were left to die in the jungles all alone, like worms… But then came Stains Dada and his friends… they stretched forth their hands in mercy and took us to the Leprosy Home…There we saw the Love of God.”

Graham Staines – The Martyr of OdishaIn his column Nation-State, Abhay Mokashi wrote- “I do not know if Graham Stuart Stains, the Australian missionary who was burnt alive with his two sons Philip and Timothy, was involved in religious conversions. One thing he definitely did- he converted leprosy patients into human beings, for the treatment meted out to them even by their near and dear ones were worse than that given to animals. Stains, his wife and his children, helped the leprosy patients live like human beings.”

Dr Subhankar Ghosh, an Odia friend of Graham of many years, remembers very clearly that “Graham never induced anyone by money or materials to become Christian, rather he took money even from the poor patients towards the cost of medicine because that was his discipline and way. There was hardly any contradiction in his being and doing. His life was transparent as glass… an open book and I am grieved that he was killed with the blame of ‘conversion’, a word that has been wrongly used and which has today taken on many erroneous interpretations. Jesus Himself also died with false charges of being a blasphemer, law-breaker and traitor.”

Graham’s purpose in serving the lepers was not to convert. The lepers he nursed also were fully aware that there was no connection between the medical attention received and their acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Actually, no man, neither Graham nor anybody can convert another.

In her affidavit before the Commission on the death of her husband and two sons, Gladys Staines stated:
“The Lord God is always with me to guide me and to help me try to accomplish the work of Graham, But I sometimes wonder why Graham was killed, and what also made his assassins behave in such a brutal manner on the night of the 22nd/23rd of January 1999.”
“It is far from my mind to punish the persons who were responsible for the death of my husband Graham and my two children. But it is my desire and hopes that they would repent and be reformed.”

Gladys Staines decided to stay in India where she and her husband had served lepers for 15 years, keeping her daughter Esther, with her, stating: “I cannot just leave those people who love and trust us. I have high regard for the people of India and their tolerance…My husband and our children have sacrificed their lives for this nation; India is my home. I hope to be here and continue to serve the needy.”

Graham Staines – The Martyr of OdishaIn 2004, Christianity Today described this woman as “the best-known Christian in India after Mother Teresa.” In 2005, she was awarded the Padma Shri, a civilian award from the Government of India. As a result of the contributions earned from receiving that award, Staines transformed the leper house she served at into a full hospital. In November 2015, Staines was awarded the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice and after receiving the award, she stated: “I thank God for his help in enabling me to carry out the work in caring for people with leprosy, even after my husband was killed.”

Burnt Alive, GLS Publishing


  1. At these times, when we get annoyed by a slightest discomfort in life such as a temporary power cut, traffic jam, missed meals…such ultimate sacrifices by few Real Men of God are truly inspiring and once again highlights how poor and wanting we ( Me first) are in doing anything for the Kingdom of God.
    Thank you Admin for this post.
    At TPM, due to the well structured doctrine of devils they follow, no one will ever face such a tribulation in their life as the income source is well secured under the bonds of tithe, threats and offerings.
    In this earthly life and in the Zion life, they have the privilege of blind believers serving them.
    In the last post I was stunned to read under consecrated ministry that they are also called Gifts of Christ 🙂 and are directly upon the corner stone. Gone are all the Gospels, epistles and letters by Apostles.

  2. A truly heart rendering episode to be read by every saved and unsaved people of India as some one like GRAHAM STAINS from AUSTRALIA had to put down his own life for the salvation of this country.India
    In his martyrdom GRAHAM STAINS set an example of Apostle Paul who says—
    20 According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.—-Philippianns 1 st chapter.
    In the next succeeding verse we see -“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”Even mother GLADYS STAINS words are heart touching that reflect the SAVIOUR’S words spoken on the cross of CALVARY. —Just as our SAVIOUR did,she simply forgave the brute killers.—-“I can forgive their deeds. Only Jesus can forgive their sins”Who on earth could say like she did?
    What a display of the spirit of forgiveness by her in the hour of calamity!
    Though GRAHAM SRAINS perished in the flames, he could say like Apostle Paul ——20 According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.—-Phil 1:20.
    In the very next verse we see –“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”
    GRAHAM STAINS truly depicted the above Scripture verse .He along with his two sons PHILIP& TIMOTHY could gain the heaven with this single act oi sacrifice.
    Let God raise many more GRAHAM STAINS in India as a result of his true sacrifice.

  3. This man was good, but unfortunately he cannot ascend to hill of God.
    Hill of God’s dwelling place is in North direction. According to revelation 14, he was not virgin. He had wife and children which are proof of his defilement l. And they who have not defiled themselves with woman are the one who has ability to stand with Jesus on mount Zion. Truth is truth, no matter what you people think..

    There are many old saints in tpm who suffered more than this missionary but we don’t advertise.

    One question comes to my mind, did he preach right doctrines? Think brothers and sisters! No matter how much persecution you suffer, what matters is how true doctrines you preach. Some study in 10th some clear 12, but those who are mbbs knows the deeper truths.

      • From the look of your response it appears that you are one of the opportunist attempting to engage us in futile conversations and having some good laugh at our expense.

      • Yes Elina, you are absolutely correct, this evangelist is no match for your beloved TPM’s consecrated undefiled celibate righteous servants of TPM’s god.

        There will be a chasm between them. Your beloved pastor Alwyn and his successors will be in TPM’s zion with his god – Satan while our Brother Graham Staines will be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

        They surely cannot be in the same place. I commend you for getting that revelation absolutely right. You are indeed a well educated TPM believer.

      • Bro Joe, I am not offended in any way about what you think of me. I have seen the same response when interacting with other TPMites and Clergy..and I am sure I’ll hear more as long I am involved in correcting misconceptions.
        God bless.

    • @Elina

      Do you think God created Eve for defiling Adam ?
      //According to revelation 14, he was not virgin.
      As per your saying what is the scripture basis for defilement of women ?
      Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Even Jesus did his first miracle in marriage in Cana (John 2:11).
      //There are many old saints in tpm who suffered more than this missionary but we don’t advertise.
      You can have a look at this to understand the what type of organization is TPM from the inital stages .

      Surya K

      • @Do you think God created Eve for defiling Adam ?

        It is old testament Surya. You appear to be failure in 10th. Not even pass 10th. Baby in Christianity! Learn the truth now. Ministry of New testament has higher order. New Testament requires higher degree of Holiness. Your body soul spirit should be holy in action and thoughts. Like that of our Saints.

        Yes Jesus did miracle in marriage at Cana. But did he himself marry ? No. Similarly, our saints also go and bless marriage of our believers, but they don’t marry. They live holy life inside faith home. Both a male and female live victorious overcoming life under same roof. They eat pray work and live together without any love in between them. Love between apachen and amachi is not possible in tpm. Most of the time people tell false tales of saints intermingling.

        Organization may be bad, but look to Jesus and run this race.

        • @Elina
          //Both a male and female live victorious overcoming life under the same roof.

          How can you be so sure? Do you sleep in their bedrooms to check if they are not copulating?

        • Dear Elina,
          How many verses your white clad promiscuous frauds quote from New testament to interpret your special holiness Zion. Entire verses are from Old Testament. When they quote these verses, they are special revelation. When Sister Surya showed you something very relevant from OT, which probably your never thought, it is from old testament.
          Shameless lady God hates double standards.

        • @Elina,

          what was your dear pastor St. Sunny doing with a young lad? was he baptizing him? or was he filling him in TPM’s holy spirit?

          Why was your chief pastor Alwyn walking around naked in the faithhome? Was he enacting the garden of Eden or was he covered by the glory of tpm’s god?

          Points to ponder, your saints are truly above reproach and are of a special class? They will be surely be found separate from other born again Christians in Eternity.

        • @ Elina

          Sorry for late reply.
          //It is old testament Surya
          Then why does TPM use Numbers 23:9 in many of their meetings and claim they are a separated ministry and that is the reason they don’t mix with other christians ? Why does TPM collect tithe which is a old testament covenant ?

          //New Testament requires higher degree of Holiness
          Give me reference from NT that restraining from marriage is holiness !
          //Like that of our Saints.
          So you mean that like your saints means that homosexuality among men and women is holiness and marriage is sin . Is that your view ?

          //But did he himself marry ?
          Jesus was circumcissed on 8th day ! Why are your saints not doing that ? Jesus fed lot of people just by looking above and blessing the food . Why do your saints have kitchen to cook food ? Disciples ate what Jesus gave . Why are your saints eating high quality and feeding poor quality food to those who come to TPM ? Jesus did healing throughout the gospel. But there is a sick room maintained in all fake homes and why there is no healing among them ? Jesus has told to feed the poor and cloth them . But TPM does no charity !
          Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; Does any of the TPM beliver cast out demons. But disciple of Jesus did so ! So whose disciples are TPM making ?
          How can you claim that they are the only people who preach perfection ?

          //Organization may be bad, but look to Jesus and run this race.

          Why should I join an organization called TPM to run my race ? What is the need ? 1 John 2:27 , John 14:23, Acts 7:48 , Acts 17:24, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 corinthians 6:19, 2 corinthians 6:16 .

    • @Elina, thank you so much for giving the reasons why our dear brother Graham Staines will not be on the hill of TPM’s god.

      Can you please confirm what will be TPM’s founder – Raman Kutty Paul’s position in TPM’s heaven since he was married and had children.

      Maybe Pastor Paul was also undefiled and would have treated his wife as his sister and they might have adopted Freddy Paul as their son.

      It is a difficult situation being a TPM beliver, isn’t it? The founder’s own rules seems to disqualify him.

      • Pastor Paul started church but later he got deeper revelation and he was faithful once he got Revelation. Like Peter who knew not truth revealed to apostle Paul, only learned them from apostle Paul, at later half of his life, similarly our first Chief pastor learnt truth of holy life once he started church. That is why he raised up his children teaching them not to marry. Did pastor Freddy marry ? Why he told my father married so I can marry ? No!! Because when church was started with doctrine of faith life, God further revealed more deeper standards of Holiness, step by step.

        • @El Nina,
          Why didn’t you reply to genuine query. Like all the white clad frauds you are also conveniently avoiding the relevant topics.

          Do you know that Freddie wanted to change all the so called deeper revelations of CPM. Because of then all the grey haired audacious white clads of CPM he couldn’t do it.

          Do you know Ramankutty fathered two more children – Don and Harry – inside the fake homes? Like Brother Johnson wrote, do you think they are born without defiling woman?

          People like you are beyond repairs, bottom of the bottomless pit is waiting for you. My sincere request, if you want to go to heaven repent and get out of this cult and follow Jesus in Spirit and Truth, study Bible without TPM lens. Since is God is very compassionate He will shower His grace upon you please.

        • @ Frank
          //Do you know that Freddie wanted to change all the so called deeper revelations of CPM. Because of then all the grey haired audacious white clads of CPM he couldn’t do it.

          Anyone can say anything. Prove it. Do you have any saint of those days who told you? Or are you saint of those years of CPM glory? Your imagination we give no value.

    • @Elina
      Oh my God I dont know whether you have written this as a praise of TPM faints or as a criticism but the thing is, no where will this white clad people stand before the real martyrs who kept their lives for God as they love him more but not for a imaginary high position in heaven.

      • It’s not imaginary position. Zion is for real. Read Revelation 14. Many Saints have seen in vision. I have seen it. Pastor Paul, Pastor Wilson , Pastor Don, Pastor Lazarus, everyone sitting on thrones on mountain of holiness. All sisters are seated before them, standing on their knees, and doing praising. One sister singing song. One sister playing tambrine. One sister is beating drum. One sister prophesying.

        What we see on Earth is only shadow of things in heaven.

        • @Elina
          //One sister singing song. One sister playing tambrine. One sister is beating drum. One sister prophesying.
          Very true
          And then many sisters for washing their undies, many sisters washing the vessels, many sisters flirting with pastors and believers , many sisters cooking for different levels of food based on the category of. Clergy etc

        • Yes Elina, TPM’s zion is for real…the last time I saw a vision, I saw Michael Jackson and George Michael sitting on thrones with your beloved TPM chiefs like Allwyn, Paul, AC and the rest. There was one big throne reserved for MT as well. What a wonderful imaginary world we, TPM believers live in, don’t we?

        • This is complete crap! there is no second Zion. there is one and only one zion. the Zion of David.
          Many people are blinded by this delusion that they will inherit an imaginary zion where they will stand next to the Father and Yeshua. This is false… the 144,000 are NOT TPM clergy. They are someone else… You can search this for your own(i know the answer and you should search it for your own).
          And as far as your ‘delusions’ are considered which you claim to be legitimate ‘visions’ about tsion (zion), well they are not in accordance to the Bible at all.

          Here is a thought experiment for ya… we all know that before the Judgement of יהוה on the day of the Lord i.e. on Yom Kippur (the day of Atonement), no person will be raised from the dead… all are waiting for that great day! so how on earth is it possible that you clearly see dead people already in heaven (zion you say)?

          Its a complete crap! I do agree that there are still a lot of faithful clergy in TPM surviving today but they cant leave it because they have nowhere to go: their family wouldnt accept them for deserting TPM, they might not have enough education to get a job etc. but that doesnt mean that they are better than the above mentioned Australian family.

          It only takes a vicious hypocrite to not show any remorse and try to belittle a family who were murdered for their faith and belittle them before an organization that is Anti-Biblical now… I dont remember you giving your life in a public and a brutal way that you feel eligible to soften the sacrifice of the Staines family and justify your delusions while you cozy up in your comfort zone surrounded by false doctrines.

          As for people like you, the only verdict is vengeance(from the Father), a vendetta held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

        • I closed my eyes and imagined the scene in your “Zion”. Then I thought what is that sister in Zion prophesying about? Would be nice if you could elaborate since you have seen it. I am really curious and by any chance was pastor Sunny around ? Was there any mat ? The white and blue one. Then was there the banner saying ” We preach……”

          Please tell us more.

  4. @Surya
    “You can have a look at this to understand the what type of organization is TPM from the inital stages .””
    rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>
    Dear Sister,you ‘ve done a great job,not an ordinary job but a COMMENDABLE job indeed.
    What I mean is — you ‘ve given a plain ‘GOSPEL NEWS ‘ to that soul called Elina,irrespective of its paying heed to your GOSPEL NEWS. You ‘ve rightly shared the link.This is the GOSPEL NEWS.
    Let that soul know that the New Testament believer couple – Aquila and Prescilla were also a beautiful husband and wife team did this wonnderful ministry like us what we are doing now a days -saving the valuable souls from getting destruction.
    We are not worried about this saint who has visited this with the anonymous name –Elina—We been seeing so many souls like Elina. Thank God ,we are blessed with the discerning eyes that what kind of spirit this Elina is being led by.
    Unlike the these fake home saints who indulge in spending their spare time in watching videos with their costly CELL PHONE s ( INTERET VIEWING is their regular feature of their daily diet), we the redeemed souls by the very blood of Jesus, can bodly call ourselves as the real TENK MAKERS like AQUILLA and PRESCILLA.
    It’s in Act 20 that we find reference to Paul being an actual tentmaker. He takes up with Aquilla and his wife Priscilla in Corinth and joins them as a fellow tentmaker and missionary. We don’t know as much about Aquilla and Priscilla’s work as we do Paul’s, but scholars say they were significant figures in the early Church (some experts even believe they may have written the Book of Hebrews).
    And so we have three legends of the nascent church, all making a living for themselves sewing tents.
    In all likelihood, Paul was a tentmaker in much the same way Jesus was a carpenter. It was a skill handed down to them by their fathers, the same way most Jewish boys were expected to have some sort of trade. Paul was from Cilicia, which was famous for its goat hair cloth, which was primarily used for tents. This was, to put it plainly, a very natural thing for Paul to be doing. He’d probably been making tents since he was a boy.
    In the similar tone now we praise and thank God for raising this blessed site being manned by ADMN brother,and his valient TEAM MEMBERS. Should we not call them as also the real TENT MAKERS of the kind of TENT MAKERS that I ‘ve referred as above?
    KUDOS to ADMN and the whole TEAM once again.

  5. Well my inference is this Ms Elina is being sarcastic and making fun of TPM saints.

    She is not being serious. Don’t take her seriously please.

  6. @Elina
    “Yes Jesus did miracle in marriage at Cana. But did he himself marry ? No. Similarly, our saints also go and bless marriage of our believers, but they don’t marry”
    What a statement full of blasphemy you made.
    Can you escape now ?
    Where will you go when you leave this world?
    Ask the Saviour immediatly for repentance and for a total surrender.
    Do you suspect the Soverignity of God?We are nothing but worm and dust.
    Nowhere in the New Testament do we read that bunch of men and women ministers (workers) who were unmarried, were made to live under the same roof and carry on their ministry. Thus, the current style of faith-Home/fake home life is absolutely man-made, sometime in the beginning of the 20th century,we do not find such a life-style not only in the Bible but also anywhere in the church history.
    It should be noted here that Pastor Paul the founder of this church continued to live a good family life of his own for two children were born to him after he founded the CPM church.
    Pastor Paul lived a good family life but continuously walked with God to the very end of his life. His life was just like that of Enoch of whom the Bible says,” Enoch walked with God ——-begat sons and daughters—— and he was not: for God took him.”(He was raptured) (Gen. 5: 22-25).
    It was only when Pastor Alwin de Alvis joined Pastor Paul’s ministry that he started regularizing this system of unmarried men and women ministers (workers) living together in the same house called ‘Faith Home’.
    This is the blatant historical background of CPM/TPM that no one can deny.

    The twelve apostles who were chosen by our Lord lived with their respective families, though they worked with our Lord all out. The undeclared leader of the twelve Apostles chosen by our Lord himself was Apostle Peter and he was a married man. Also, the other eleven who were chosen by Him were married persons. Not only were they married, the Bible says, they travelled with their wives wherever they went (I.Corin.9:5).
    Though the twelve disciples ministered with our Lord, they all lived separately.

  7. This is a beautiful piece of writing about a beautiful Christian who died during our lifetime in our own country. The fact that his wife and daughter continue to serve in India shows their love for God in their hearts. This is very inspiring and should move any christian’s heart.

    After reading our friend Elina’s comments it makes one realise how callous the hearts of TPM believers becomes with time. Their conscience is seared with a hot iron and they are insensitive to anything except their self confessed saints. It is so sad but at the same time my heart is filled with gratitude to God for saving me from TPM’s darkness into His marvelous light. Praise God for saving me.

    Hope and Pray that Elina and Joe Daniel will also one day see the Light.

  8. If Elina is being serious.

    Elina how pathetic can you be… Wasn’t Abraham married, wasn’t Moses married? Wasn’t Peter married? You people are so so wretched that you consider your saints to be greater than them.. look at your statement… I am from Odisha and I know what he has done here… And none of your so called saints have done anything close to what Graham’s has done.. like really do you read Bible or are you just interested in in being spoon fed.. have you ever tried to question if what you are hearing is actually Biblical or made up just for the heck of making it 1hr 45 mins speech… Feels really sorry for people like you…

    • @ I am from Odisha and I know what he has done here…

      Really? Did he finish the work of perfecting church? Or did he just preached gospel and left people like sheep without shepherd?

      Our saints start and finish the work of perfecting church (Read Heb 12:2). They stay with people and continuously guide them in every aspect of life, like what to wear, how to live, what to see, what books to read. Every time their voice in our ears, guiding us, leading us – do not do this – do not do that. Its complete package for perfection. They continuously monitoring us from 4 am morning to 10 pm night, praising for our protection. No where we can run from them. If they not available, we will start christian journey but do not finish our journey. Read I Corinthians 6:19, – know ye not – ye are not yours? Therefore do not resist and grieve saints. Surrender in their hands all your will, family, children, everything and see how they make your to go from perfection to perfection.

      From henceforth i will not talk anymore. Bye

      • El Nino came and El Nino went just like all the blind followers of TPM do.

        The light of The Truth flashing through is so glaring that it hurts the weak eyes of the TPM faithful and they scurry back to the comfort of TPM’s darkness.

        It is sad but the unfortunate reality of every TPM believer’s state. Their masters have enslaved them and they have become so weak that they can barely stand any truth.

        I hope and pray that their flash visit to will spark a desire in them to seek the Truth and The Truth will one day set them free from TPM’s bondage.

      • Am amazed at how these clergy has successful over the years managed to replace themselves as God in these blind people.
        El nino does not realize that she is exposed between 10 pm to 4am as there is no one monitoring her….
        They invite them in their cult showing Perfection To Christ banner and then once inside the banner is flipped with Perfection to TPM.
        During this morning devotion I happened to run into this short sermon clip which inspired me to press on further with exposing every opportunity.

    • Hi Richie….
      Glad to know that ur from Odisha…
      Happy to know that the sheep’s clothing is getting exposed to the people in Odisha. Is there a way I can get in touch with you? I have (had) very close bonds with TPM Odisha.
      You can get my mail id from the admin…

  9. Thanks Redeemed bro for sharing DAVID WILKERSON’s beautiful exhortation. That single mail from Elina’s /El Nino ‘s has been diffused successfully by the vally of FUSION effect of all our powerful ammunition that finally resulted in this form of clipping.
    Let them hear whoever have the ears.

  10. @ Richie
    //Then I thought what is that sister in Zion prophesying about?

    If you want hear prophecy please start attending tpm meetings. Your life will get hope in trouble times. Just FYI sister prophesied that, “I have chosen you. Don’t cry thinking no one hears your trouble. You are the apple of my eye. I am going very soon on Earth to reap my harvest. My sickle is in my hand and the field is ripe with fruits of Earth. My chosen servants have labored hard. It’s time to reward them. Soon my beloved servant ( I think prophecy was about pastor MT) will fill the vacant throne and rule nations….” And all Chief pastors began smiling. Pastor TU was happily smiling hearing prophecy.

    Sorry, I could not hear much , but I request you dear brother, please please start attending tpm tarrying meeting. A lot of hope giving prophecies take place in our church. You will be surely comforted,is my promise to you. Everyone gets words of comfort of what their heart wishing for. Everyone think prophecy is for me. In God’s presence there is joy for all. Come are invited.

    • //If you want hear prophecy please start attending tpm meetings. //

      This is what the Lord GOD says: Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, yet have seen nothing.
      O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in the deserts.

      The prophet’s role is that of a watchman on the wall…. He will not sing ballads but report facts.
      TPM Tarrying meetings have devolved from curse-a-mania to ‘lullabies’

      Much of the prophesies are actually ‘soothsaying’

    • Dear Sister,

      Maybe that’s your dream of the previous convention… Read Revelation 19:10. It says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.. Here, there is testimony of the humans only which is the hallmark of false prophecy.
      2 Peter ch2 details about false prophecies. Read it carefully.. You will find each and every one of it in TPM prophesies… (Read it in ESV/CSB if you are not able to comprehend in KJV and derive a wrong interpretation!!) Also read 2 Peter 1:20 regarding the private interpretation of prophecy.

    • Ms Elina

      Thanks for your advice and for your information I am not new to TPM tarty meetings. I know what happens.

      You mean emtee Oops MT will soon sit on that throne. Are you sure you heard that right.

      Emtee oops MT sir by any chance are you reading this.

    • @Elina,

      I respect your honesty and your devotion to TPM. It would be great if you could study the Bible to check if it supports the doctrines of TPM. If you find any such evidence, please share with the audience here because some of us may be on the wrong path and would like to go back



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