The Pentecostal Mission is built on the premise of injustice and one-up-manship. We know of the 4 Tiers in their Heaven of which the Most premium slot goes to their white-clad clergy. However, this disease does not even stop with Zion. Within their zion, there are various classes and sub-classes too. Most atrocities in TPM happen when a senior within the organization feel it’s their right to have Lion’s share and special choices at the expense of the Junior. Even when atrocities are committed and exposed, they treat the culprit based on his/her leverage with higher-ups. If the culprit maintains good offices with the Chief pastors, the incident is covered up and his sins are forgiven. Double standards are a NORM in TPM.

The Insult during the Holy Communion

Now all the above atrocities may not be visible in the plain sight of a believer. They are masters in covering-up. However, one thing which you would have noticed is what I would like to bring to your attention. I have noted umpteen times how certain people are removed from the holy communion in TPM. I no longer consider it as Holy Communion, but for want of a better word, let’s call it so. Most of the reasons to remove these people out of the Holy Communion is that they were baptised in another church and hence does not qualify for TPM’s Bread and wine.

The Goose and Gander Story of TPMI consider that it is a grave insult to remove a person from the Holy Communion after he is seated. The Scripture does not give any authority to anybody to remove such a person. This is because according to TPM, the Church of God is not a global body but an organization called TPM or NTC or whatever. They feel they have the right to insult a member of the body of Christ. It is each one of our responsibility to examine ourselves before we partake of the Bread and Wine.

28 But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. 29 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. 1 Cor 11:28-29

Do you know what is the official reason for such an insult? They say that the minister who baptised the person is not a Spirit-Filled person. Hence his baptism is not a Valid Baptism. Therefore, this person needs to be re-baptised into TPM by the TPM White Clad Clergy. Then only he will be eligible to take the TPM Bread and Wine.

By the term “Spirit-Filled”, it does not mean the Fruits of the Spirit. TPM interprets the word “Spirit-Filled” as someone who could shout and scream in the so-called unknown tongues and has entered their employment. According to them, if you are baptised by a person who is not “Spirit-Filled”, then you will NOT be caught up in the second coming.

Test the Founder

With these kinds of Rules forced upon others, should not we test if it is universally applicable for ALL in TPM?

Let us check if the Founder of The Pentecostal Mission (then Ceylon Pentecostal Mission) qualify for their holy communion? TPM has published the Biography of their Founder and the First Chief Pastor Paul Ramankutty. Click here to access the biography.

In page 4 towards the closing of chapter 1, we read that he was baptised by a CMS Person by name Asarappa.

Dr Asarappa and his wife were filled with joy. The eagerness to learn more of Christ increased in Ramankuttys heart. Therefore, without delay, he was baptized by the person of the CMS church and was given the Christian name Paul.

We know that CMS was the South Asian Branch of the British Anglican Church. They also practised Sprinkling Baptism. Therefore, it is reasonable for us to think that He was baptised Not by an unknown tongue speaker and also he was not baptised by immersion.

Later in Page 7, we read the following passage.

Rev. Abraham, an English preacher argued: `I have been baptized once. I am not prepared to be baptized again’. So, Paul, the catechist was perplexed, not knowing what to do. Hence, he prayed as follows: Lord, if You reveal to me that I need to be baptized again, I am prepared to take baptism again. I will not refuse.

We see that he was willing to be re-baptised by a “spirit-filled” person if the Lord Revealed to him.

In the next paragraph, we see that the revelation which he was waiting for, did not come.

Along with those who had no mind to receive immersion baptism, Paul, the catechist also took part in those meetings with the determination that he would take baptism if the Lord so revealed. The tarrying meetings which turned out to be of great blessing continued for ten days. They spent their time in fasting and in prayer.

As we continue reading the book, we could not find any place where we see that he was RE-BAPTISED. He went on to baptise many others. If TPM had gone to such great detail about him waiting for a revelation about getting re-baptised, they would have mentioned if he indeed has been re-baptised. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to assume that he was NOT RE-BAPTISED.

As most of the stories in the book are biased and agenda-driven, we should not be surprised if they add a re-baptism section in future editions to avoid the embarrassment.


With this piece of evidence that Pastor Paul was not Baptised by a “Spirit-Filled” person according to TPM Definition, how come you are insisting a different standard on others?

As per TPM teaching, do you think Pastor Paul would be caught up in the second coming of Christ as his baptism was not a Valid One?
I would like to ask the TPM Chief and his cohorts that insist on a doctrine which they claim to be ONCE GIVEN TO SAINTS, the following question.
Should not What’s good for the Goose be good also for the Gander?


  1. Dear Admin You have hit where it hurts.
    These so called TPM flock are the most disillusioned group I have ever seen. Sorry to say I was also a part of this group.
    Whom are they cheating ? God or themselves? But the problem is they have a group of gullible followers who are ready to go to hell following their teachings. For them TPM is greater than the scriptures.
    The Rich man requested Abraham to send Lazarus to his 5 brothers on the earth. But Abraham denied saying that they had the scriptures.
    What was TPMs Paul waiting for ? A phone call from God asking him to be baptized …. Didn’t TPMs Paul not have scriptures? Didn’t the Holy Spirit lead him in the right way ? It’s a big time cover up. From what I understand…TPMs Paul would have gone about doing his ministry in whatever way he was led but his followers are making him a demi god… As someone great who had direct access to God on a real time basis.
    TPM is nothing but a corporate setup… Posting their best white clads in the Faith homes where the collection is more. The worker who gives the maximum money to his Centre Pastor is considered as the most faithful. Similarly the believer who pays the most is the most spiritual darling of the white clads. For TPM money is their god.
    Given a choice the most wicked person will choose God when the choice is God or satan. But satan used his proxy MONEY. Given a choice God or money….many will tell they need both. But Jesus said one cannot serve both God and Mamon. Just peep into TPM you will find how important money is. My father used to meet TPM chief pastors every time they come for convention. But this year my father didn’t meet him because he didn’t have money to give to the chief pastor (I used to give every year but now that I left TPM I decided that none of my money should go into the cash rich TPM coffers). This is the case every where. Be it a small brother or sister. You meet them only when u have money to give them. Else one sulks. MONEY RULES IN TPM in other words only SATAN RULES IN TPM.

  2. TPM has a weird concept. Many will not know but its very subtle. TPM insists that you have to give tithe to the FH where you are taking Holy communion. Why so ? Because Abraham gave tithe to Melchizedek who gave him bread and wine. When I got job I moved from my hometown to another city. I used to attend meetings in the FH at my workplace city and I used to give tithe to local FH where I grew up. But soon I was advised to give tithe to the FH where i was taking communion.
    Now tell me why r they so much worried for your tithes ? Because money is ultimate for them. Each Worker Brother bribes his way to good FHs by giving more money to the centre pastor. When they feel that they need more money they will preach weird doctrines like 20 percent. people who cannot shell out enough money are motivated to compensate the so called saints with physical labour. Can anyone deny this ?
    But still TPM people will never try to know the truth. God save them.

  3. I have seen an incident in IBR during TPM communion service. A guy was wearing lungi and t-shirt and minister asked him get out of the line. But another guy had french beard and he was wearing colored t-shirt with jeans. But since he was appearing educated and rich he was not removed. Also at the start of the meeting pastor will tell in mike ” YOU MUST ACCEPT OUR DOCTRINES..” Once I started realising TPM was cult , I still attended new year service of 2018 in IBR,Chennai since my family members are still struck. I was prompted by the holyspirit not to take part. So I took my daughter and told my family members she needs to go to rest room. I came only after it got over an lied them I took part in another row. After that I never took part in any of their communion service.

    Another wierd and irritating doctrine from late chief Wesley Peter while I attended a communion service was to separate from spouse for three days by referencing the below scripture :
    14 And Moses went down from the mount unto the people, and sanctified the people, and they washed their clothes. 15 And he said unto the people, Be ready against the third day: come not at your wives. Exodus 10:14-15
    4 And the priest answered David, and said, There is no common bread under mine hand, but there is hallowed bread; if the young men have kept themselves at least from women. 1 Samuel 21:4

    TPM people who are reading these please think, and read the bible by yourself. Run away from this cult.

  4. Good article Brother, just reinforces the fact that TPM/NTC/NCPC is a cult with its own exclusive doctrines.

    The unfortunate thing for TPM is that the authors of these false truths never thought through them and hence the following leaders have to continue lying to keep the original lie going.

    I feel sorry for the educated believers in TPM who in spite of knowing that these TPM doctrines are lies, continue to spend their time and money propping up this beast for the fear of losing the favour of their god – mammon.

    Keep it coming, Admin, heaven knows the impact these articles are having on the lost sheep within TPM and when they hear the true Chief Pastor’s voice, they will come out one by one in God’s appointed time.

    From Paul the Cathecist to Thomas the Empty, one thing is obvious, they are liars with one goal – keep the Devil’s TPM flag flying.

    It takes men to make a stand for Christ and the Bible, but expecting the current chief shepherds of TPM to repent would be almost impossible as they are all eunuchs and everyone knows that eunuchs cannot become men overnight unless a miracle happens.

    Hope and pray that God will have mercy and regenerate these dead eunuchs into born again Christians who will then truly humble themselves and forsake the heresies of their past leaders and turn to the True God of the Bible. Till then, they are servants of Satan leading their gullible believers to hellfire.

  5. To take part in the “holy communion” of TPM, you have to either be re-baptised by a “spirit filled” person. True – BUT….

    If you don’t want all that headache, you just have to have money. I know a man who is a drunkard, smoker, womaniser from an orthodox church in India who married a TPM girl and he’s not saved and not even baptised in his home church (I personally confirmed this with him). Because they’re millionaires and pump in tens and thousands of dollars every year (from South Pacific), he can sit in every “holy commuion” and take part in it, no questions asked. And the ministers including the chieftan Robin Joshua knows that this person is a first class drunkard. But they dare not even warn or hint anything that it is wrong for a presumptous sinful man to partake, leave alone forbiddding or removing them BECAUSE these crooks know they will lose thousands of dollars.

  6. I think TPM leadership is busy with canvassing the innocent youths in these months to join their cult in time for 26th Nov event.
    The below clip is one such example where they are doing this shamelessly and you see how the poor youths are totally brain washed.
    I am not sure who the elder is leading all this, but he is one big wolf out there to watch out for..
    Hope Molly Anand will come out with a counter clip proving the deceit with evidences and what is the right ministry. At least some youths will STOP and THINK.

    • True bro.. These guys are intense and deceiving even now he’s preaching hypocrisy… Rather than preaching Jesus he’s gathering innocent young…. Asks parents to surrender there children.. Only God has to help..

  7. The elder is Immanuel ( Translator in Kerala ) . I felt he is in a situation “caught between the devil and the deep blue sea”.. Sounds like he is unwillingly continuing and have no choice.. In between few times he says “i will never say you all come for ministry (1:01:40) ……When some one comes he will make them understand the realities ( 29:35 ) ” .. so on… I wish the children hearing him could “read between” what he says ..

    The youths in TPM blindly believes in what they hear / what they are taught by “appachans” . Most of the TPM youth doesnt know Bible. Off late i understood this . No one mediate the Word of God . Infact meditation of Word of God is not encouraged in TPM. Only what we hear is read the bible once twice …thrice …number of times in a year as if they want to enter into Guinness book.. None are encouraged to be Bereans. Whatever spoken from pulpit is “Gods word” for them.. Even if the content of preaching is non-biblical.
    In these discussions also it’s very clear. None knows what is Zion from the Bible. Only these children believe the twisted interpretation of Rev 14. Most of them don’t know who is a disciple . They only know the twisted teaching of Luke 14:26.

    If you have ever carefully observed the biblical discussions in any FB groups , when youths from other churches discuss & try to prove points with the basis of biblical verses , the TPM youths just “beat around the bush” .. If they cannot stand in discussion to answer some questions they start abusing other churches in all possible ways.
    Recently came across a video in youtube in which the speaker points out the state of some of the TPM and its followers.
    ( Hear from the 26:20 minute ; Sorry its in Malayalam .. )


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