Praise the Lord!


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Loving greetings in Jesus name.

Matthew 24: 3-4…..and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you

We may have different ideas about deception but we can never imagine a deception like The Pentecostal Mission (TPM).

I grew up seeing the following lines painted on the wall of our TPM Faith Home meeting hall.

From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1

If we read from Col 1: 21-29 we can understand the context of this verse, but I grew up learning the meaning of the words inscribed on the faith home meeting hall as follows:

“We (The TPM Clergy) preach Christ….that we (only TPM Clergy) may (can) present everyman (no…not all, ONLY TPM believers) perfect (Two sets of perfect group: (a)100% perfect- undefiled – Zion bound (144,000)- TPM Celibate Clergy and (b) Perfect -but defiled due to marriage – TPM believers- bound for New Jerusalem) in Christ Jesus”….in simple words if you are not in the TPM apostolic doctrine you will not be raptured in Christ’s “SECRET” coming.

According to TPM, you may be a good believer of Christ but if you are not a believer of TPM then you have only three options:

  1. If you die before the coming of Christ; you can at least go to New Earth.
  2. If you are alive and Christ appears; you will be left behind- you don’t take the mark of the beast- you die as a tribulation martyr- you will go to New heaven (in the company of Abraham and other OT saints)
  3. You are alive and Christ appears; you will be left behind- you accept the mark of the beast- you end up in hellfire.

The bottom line:   If you are not a member of TPM, you are doomed.

With these teachings of TPM entrenched in my mind, one can imagine my spiritual standards and my pride of being Zion/New Jerusalem bound, looking disdainfully at fellow Christian (non TPM) brothers and sisters.   I take this opportunity to share my testimony about my exodus out of TPM- A cult beyond doubt.

The members of my family are die-hard TPM fanatics and a couple of my siblings are members of the TPM Clergy. I pray that the Lord should lead them out of this cult and not because of they being ostracized by TPM for my testimony in If a boy/girl marries outside TPM, parents are punished and sidelined. You can very well imagine the fate of my family members if I were to publish my identity. I don’t want my family members to emotionally blackmail me. Hence pardon me for not sharing my full identity.

I am a 37-year-old male believer of Christ. I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for leading me out of an Organization (not Church) named “The Pentecostal Mission”.

Growing up in a TPM Family

My name is Harry(last name withheld). I was born to TPM parents and they brought me up in the fear of the Lord and also in the fear of the servants of God (read TPM workers/clergy). Through time, I completed my studies at TPM Sunday School and became a TPM Sunday School Teacher. I was an active member of TPM Youth group and attended many youth camps including the youth camps and conventions at Irumbiliyur, Chennai.

I was a 24X7 service boy for any need/work at my local TPM faith home in North India, which made me the blue-eyed boy of our Faith home. My usual chores in the Faith home (from the age of 12) included sweeping, spreading the mats for meetings, PA system handling, washing the car, accompanying the Worker in Charge for house visiting, shopping, massaging (one thing that I hated the most) the Pastor/Brother, and many more works. My mother used to encourage me to do the works of the “House of God” (read Faith Home) as it would be a blessing for me in the future. True to that I could complete my studies and be blessed with a good job. In short, I was a typical TPM person, down to the molecular level. For any good that happened to me, I thanked God and the saints (read TPM workers) equally. My example was cited to other youths and Children of our Faith home as to how God exalts those who do all the things commanded by TPM workers.

TPM Clergy vs TPM Believer(Laity)

I learnt through Sunday school and various sermons from the pulpit of TPM that Esther obtained favour in the sight of King Ahasuerus because she did only that which was appointed by Hegai the king’s chamberlain. Similarly, TPM workers are eunuchs (Matthew: 19:12) and if we follow whatever they say then ONLY we can be the bride of Christ. I was taught that TPM workers had made themselves eunuchs (by forfeiting marriage) for the sake of the kingdom of God and this sacrifice made them be part of the elite 144,000 with the Lamb on Mount Zion.

TPM Clergy is the spiritual Levites and we the believers are spiritual Israelites. According to their twist, a Levite was worth 10 times more than a common Israelite. Hope you read between the lines to understand the difference between a TPM Worker and a TPM Believer. Accordingly, a newly recruited Clergy could call an old senior believer by name whereas the vice versa will result in the old believer being admonished openly during the Sunday preaching by the clergy. I have witnessed old believers massaging the legs of TPM clergyman half their age.

Joshua 3:3-4And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it. Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure: come not near unto it,.. Well, believers needed to maintain a distance from the Clergy. You ignore it at your own peril. No believers are allowed to stay with the workers on a regular basis.

My Days as a TPM Believer

Whatever was preached by the white-clad TPM preachers was gospel for me. By TPM standards I was a very spiritual person as I obeyed TPM workers religiously. I used to attend all the meetings. I followed TPM Bible reading Calendar and read the Bible 5 times by the time I was in my early 20s. Remember that while in TPM, I never heard the preaching of any other church pastor(s) except a few preachers like Rev. Dhinakaran and Rev. Richard Wurmbrand.  Singing and hearing songs of other churches was a strict “NO”. No tucking in of the shirt for meetings, to show that I am very humble (Actually this was advocated by successive TPM Clergy who came to our Faith Home).

Being an unadulterated product of TPM, my opinion for the Pastors of other churches was manipulated by TPM through preaching and oral discussion over time. I was told that:

  • Independent Church Pastors were wandering stars (Jude 13) for whom the blackness of darkness is reserved for ever. These Pastors don’t like to be under the yoke of leadership, while in TPM our workers were being obedient. A 40-year-old brother who joins the ministry at a later date than a 20-year-old brother is always obedient to the latter. They also belittle Bible College studies as coming from Man Made Institution contrasting their Training center to some divine institution.
From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1
The above excerpt from a TPM publication depicts how TPM frowns upon independent church Pastors and Bible Colleges (Source: New Testament Ministry-Part-1 Pg:14, 2009 Edition)
  • Evangelists who preached Gospel to huge gatherings: The ones used by God to have His gospel preached so that no one can complain to God during their final judgment. But the condition of this group will be as mentioned in Matt 7: 22-23 (Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity)
From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1
Source: New Testament Ministry-Part-2 Pg:121, 2005 Edition, 2008 Reprint
From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1
Excerpts from a TPM publication clearly depict what TPM thinks about other evangelists Source: New Testament Ministry-Part-2 Pg:120, 2005 Edition, 2008 Reprint
  • Other Pentecostal Denominations: Their Pastors don’t have faith life as they get a monthly salary and they collect offerings during their meetings. They have the doctrine of salvation but no deeper truths to take you to Zion and New Jerusalem simply because they are not eunuchs as per Matt 19:12; hence not qualified to be apostles.

    From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1
    Excerpts from a TPM publication that belittles Church Pastors for drawing a salary for their services. Source: New Testament Ministry-Part-2 Pg:41, 2005 Edition, 2008 Reprint

From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1

From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1
Excerpts from a TPM publication that belittles churches that collect offerings in a transparent manner and calling them beggars. Source: New Testament Ministry-Part-2 Pg:41- 42, 2005 Edition, 2008 Reprint


The Supremacy of TPM Clergy

From the Darkness of TPM to the Light of Christ-1I was taught that the second coming of Christ revolved around TPM Clergy. Have you noticed a verse written in the meeting hall of many TPM buildings?

What the verse says: When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory (Ps: 102:16)

What I was taught as a TPM believer: Zion = 144000 (Rev: 14) = TPM Celibate  clergy. The coming of Jesus is centred on TPM clergy. Once enough unmarried TPM believers enter the ministry, the count will be fulfilled. TPM subtly says in the 1st century some were added to this 144000 group and in the end days, it’s them- the unmarried clergy.

I was taught that all goes smoothly for a TPM believer because of the early morning and night praising (continuously chanting of “Praise the Lord”) by the workers. One TPM Pastor preached from John 10: 3…the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name and leadeth them out” and explained that in the 4 am praising they call out all the believers by name and bring them out and at 10 pm praising they call out the names in praising and lock them in safely for the night. “

Within TPM circles usually, the topic of discussions would be about TPM clergy. The more the number of Clergy names (esp. those in the higher echelons) you quote the more you are revered.

Whenever I met non-TPM Christian brothers I always bragged about our unmarried clergy. In North India, our TPM church was very minuscule so I used to tell them about our mammoth churches in South India and never to miss Irumbiliyur convention arena with its gallery and other facilities. I always believed that if a non-TPM Christian comes to Irumbiliyur Convention, he will instantly become a TPM believer seeing the crowd and the buildings. It never occurred to me that I should speak to him about Christ. But then why should I? Jesus had accomplished his work on the cross and now it was the TPM workers who were filling up that which was behind of the afflictions of Christ in their flesh (Col: 1:24). I was taught in the Sunday school that the TPM workers went outside the camp to suffer for the sake of the church along with Christ.

I take this opportunity to say that the TPM Clergy in North India especially where the gathering is very less is comparatively more considerate, friendly and caring. I remember one Baptist Christian family becoming TPM believers because their eldest son who was a new convert to TPM was nursed well by the TPM Clergy in the Faith Home. If you are sick they come, stay around and do chain prayers. But don’t draw conclusions so soon…remember Jael, Haber’s wife, gave milk to Sisera when he asked for water. And once he was asleep, she nailed him to the ground through his temples (Judges 4: 19-21). Mind it! You will be nailed to the doctrines and white clads of TPM!

To be continued….


  1. Good one Brother Harry, God bless you for your testimony. You have very vividly revealed what every sincere TPM believer goes through under the yoke of this monster slave master.

    Praise God for delivering you from this madness and thank God for for providing a platform from which the liberated ones can not only witness but also fellowship and share and encourage one another as they slowly recover from the trauma of coming out of TPM’s bondage.

    It is truly a miracle when our Lord saves one of his many lost ones from the quicksand of TPM. All glory to God.

    Thank you once again for sharing your story and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it.

  2. All TPM(CPM) underground works and false doctrines exposed.

    Please go through below video patiently till end. This is last days..

    • Brother,
      It is a 266-minute video. It’s impractical to expect someone to listen to this long video. We are living in a world with very small attention span. If you intend to focus the viewer to a particular portion, please mention the Starting and Ending Minutes. That will help you direct the point of focus. Otherwise, people may just click on the timelines and skip the entire video. If you could mark some bullet points for the video, it may interest some.

      • I didnt hear complete video.. But i understood the overall topic is ” all Sunday church ( building ) goers are cursed” . (The video starts with this statement on screen and mentions names of almost all present day churches .. RC, TPM, AG, CSI, ……etc…) .

        Few places where TPM is mentioned ( which i heard ) :-

        2:45:40 ( few minutes _— Stay away from spouse 3 days before Communion
        2:47:10 — ( few mins ) TPM does not mention “Jesus” in their sermons.
        2:54:43 ( less than 1 minute )
        3:03:25 ( 10 minutes ) — “TPM claims they do not defile themselves with women”

        May be there are more mentions.. need to hear complete…

        • Speaker is Uma shankar who is currently IAS officer in Chennai . He is not a preacher in any building church. The below is a short clipping in english.

          i have just posted this clipping since people outside Tamil Nadu may not know who he is.

  3. Dear Harry
    Very much excited after reading your wonderful testimony. I Thank God for His mercy that has brought you out of this CULT. Looking forward to hear more from you. Hope your testimony will encourage many more to understand the reality of this fraud organisation and come out of it. Let’s do the duty our God has entrusted to us to expose the reality of this CULT & warn the people about the coming consequences. If they ignore and continue to remain in it, then we shall not be held guilty for the destruction that would come upon them. (EZEKIEL 33:1-7)

    • Thank you @ Anthony Parker
      Yes….gone are the days when God winked at our ignorance. I am thankful to God for the platform, we are able to tell the truth to a larger audience. I came across many people who left TPM for the same reason as me (doctrinal) but could not tell anyone why they did so. For the people inside TPM the deserters were just backsliders.


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