This article is in response to a brother who was highlighting an audio clip of Teju in which he was mentioning that the Church of Satan was fighting against TPM. The moment I heard it, I knew that somewhere someone is lying.  So I decided to do some investigation about some events that have been happening in TPM. Every day I get photos of TPM Clergy who die quite suddenly and that too without reaching their 60s or 70s. This is enough of indication that there is something going wrong.  You like it or not, I SUSPECT MURDERS ARE HAPPENING WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION WITH THE CONSENT OF HIGHER UPS.

The men of the city said to Elisha, “Look, please, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is bad, and the land miscarries. (2 King 2:19 )

Don’t you think that the problem mentioned in the above scripture fit exactly in The Pentecostal Mission (TPM)? During the time of Elisha, the prophet, there was a serious problem somewhere in Jericho. The people approached the prophet with a complaint and hoped for a permanent solution. What was the problem there? According to the inhabitants of that place, the land was situated in a pleasant place but the water had death in it and therefore the land too was barren. Looking at the state of TPM, I find it in the same condition. Like the land in Jericho, most of the TPM church buildings are situated in a pleasant location. During a convention, the place is filled with white-clads and they try to show their own glory (not God’s glory) and mesmerise gullible people to be easily carried away to join this band. No doubt, the outlook is glamorous.

Despite the glamour, the land it was facing a severe problem. What was that problem? The seeds that were planted, sprouted but couldn’t survive long enough. This is called a MISCARRIAGE. This is the same problem inside TPM. We are witnessing so many immature deaths of young men and women in the TPM clergy group. As the waters there, had some death particles which caused MISCARRIAGE in the land; similarly, there are death particles in TPM system which is causing the premature death in it. Without any controversy, this is a curse on the organization and not a blessing of God.  What is the death particle causing miscarriage or premature death?

  • Inhuman treatment to the juniors by the seniors: This is very common among the women clergy folks. Some consider this a part of training to discipline the juniors, but this is not a divine practice according to the teachings of Christ. In Irumbuliyur (TPM headquarters cum training centre), junior sisters are not allowed to go to answer nature’s call till the morning Prayer-Bible study is over. This prayer starts at 6:00 AM and goes on at least till 9:00 AM. If a junior sister, due to any emergency got up in the middle of this prayer time then, as a punishment she would be made to stand on her single leg for hours. To avoid such kind of inhuman treatment and shame, junior sisters would prefer to control the God-given biosystem and this eventually leads to serious diseases.
Venus File photo Church Of Satan vs the Cursed Organization
Katta Venus(File Photo)

Though there have been so many premature deaths since the beginning of TPM, I would like to highlight the reason for the recent death of NANCY (Baroda Centre).  I am taking the case because our Brother Eagle’s Eye highlighted it. After the completion of Irumbuliyur training, NANCY was transferred to Baroda Centre. From the Centre fake home within months she was transferred to a local fake home, where KATTA VENUS was the mother (sister-in-charge).  In fact, the majority of the sister-in-charge should be called monsters rather than mothers because they have no natural affection at all and divine affection is a far cry.

As per sources within TPM, this KATTA VENUS is a terrible LESBIAN. Anybody with a little common sense can understand that being a lesbian what could be the demand of this VENUS from the juniors. She is not an exception. There are many others who are lesbians and have raped sisters. Few other Lesbians which you may know are Sweetlin Brinda, Shobhana who was transferred to Coimbatore from Bangalore, Leena Mathew the Translator in Bangalore and many more(we have a long list).  NANCY was well educated and doing a good job with good package before joining this horrible cult. I don’t think that she came with any kind of chronic disease to have such an early death. This is nothing but the mental torture received from the cruel hand of the monster VENUS. During her stay with this monster, she underwent some cruel treatments and she had narrated the ordeal to her close confidants.


  1. Beaten for cooking: Most of these white clads are Gluttons to the core. They have not crucified their lust of food, but they boast about the consecration. This VENUS was very particular about the tasty food. Nancy’s cooking was not appealing to VENUS’s taste buds and therefore was BEATEN UP BLACK AND BLUE.
  2. Catching Practice: Poor Nancy would never have thought that she will do catch practice after coming to this (DREAM-GLORIOUS-MINISTRY). You may be wondering what this Nancy was forced to play some cricket with Venus? No! not a real cricket with bat and ball but still a type of cricket. As the lust of food is not crucified, so also many haven’t crucified the lust of wearing stiff-ironed clothes. Venus was very particular of proper shinning and the wrinkle-free ironing. This poor Nancy would wash all the clothes standing in the cold water, dry, iron and finally take them to Queen Venus. If few wrinkles here and there even on her innerwear she would mercilessly throw the clothes. Nancy would be dancing around to catch the clothes before they fell on the ground.
  3. Sexual favour: Lust of flesh is the other weakness that many of TPM white-clads are slaves to. Romans 1: 27 says, “…..For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature”. In the recent past, we heard about a sodomy case of Elder BIJOY from Kerala. Like this, there are so many natural and unnatural sex scandals that are pushed under the carpet. This KATTA VENUS is a lesbian and even some insiders had witnessed certain scenes related to this. According to the sources-inside, this VENUS is fond of junior sisters who are good looking with good physical features. I heard that she would force the juniors to lie nude with her. What I assume is that for VENUS, Nancy was not so attractive to fulfil her obnoxious desires and as a result, she had to undergo the physical and mental torture from the monster.

It is true that VENUS was not with NANCY at the time of her death. But, we cannot deny that the premature death of Nancy is the aftereffect of the wicked behaviour of VENUS. All the evil treatment meted to Nancy in the initial stage of her life, first of all, created fear in her tender heart and then the sickness started. Due to the lack of care and the right kind of treatment at the right time, the situation went from bad to worse and at last, she died. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?

I heard from one of Nancy’s batchmate that once when she met Venus in IRUMBULIYUR, she asked her, “Akka, why do you torture Nancy so much?”  This wicked woman replied saying, “such kind of treatment or torture is imperative to subdue her.”

I am sure that a question might be springing up in the mind of a sensible reader, “WHY THE SUPERIORS DON’T TAKE ACTION AGAINST SUCH OPPRESSORS?” Here is a fact that even you will be amazed at. There are some Centre Pastors who like Pharaoh use such oppressors to torture who they dislike. I don’t understand why, when such oppressions and oppressors are exposed to the white-clad insiders and their followers (TPM believers), they remain tight-lipped as though everything is OK. First of all, the God of the Bible doesn’t allow anyone to oppress others. “You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether he be of your brothers, or of your foreigners who are in your land within your gates” (Deuteronomy 24:14). Does the Bible teach us to remain silent spectators of the atrocities & oppressions inside?

Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.  If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; But if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword, For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. Isaiah 1:17.19.20

According to these verses, if you close your eyes from seeing, close your ears from hearing the cry and close your mouth from speaking on behalf of the oppressed, you shall not escape the severe judgment of God, whether you are an insider or outsider.

Is premature death the will of God?  See, I am not trying to establish my opinions as a doctrine here but still want to prove from a few biblical incidents that premature death is not the will of God.

  • Genesis 15:15Now as for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried at a good old age.
  • Genesis 25:8Then Abraham gave up the ghost and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years.

This proves that good old age is a blessing of God and He doesn’t want a premature death.

  • Luke 7:14Then He came and touched the open coffin, and those who carried him stood still. And He said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.”
  • Mark 5: 41 Then He took the child by the hand and said to her, “Talitha, cumi” which is translated, “little girl I say to you, arise.”

Jesus brought back this girl to life who was 12 years of age

If the TPM’s clergies or believers were there in the place of Jesus, they would have buried both the young man & the little girl saying, “One more precious stone added to Zion or Jerusalem”). Jesus knew that the premature death is not the will of God and that’s why he raised them up.

Church Of Satan vs the Cursed Organization
White Precious Stones getting added in TPM’s Zion(TPM Imaginary Stones)

We know that most of the TPM followers are swept away by the wrong interpretation of Divine Healing. For the TPM white-clads, it’s a law that they should not take medicine to remain a bonafide worker. So even if someone has a desire to take some treatment, he/she can’t. What bondage of the law? But TPM ministers have become lenient towards the believers nowadays. If believers want to take the treatment, they can and only during the time of sanctification meetings prior to Holy Communion they need to make a superficial sorry. Suppose any believer doesn’t take the treatment and dies, people will say, “He/She died standing on the truth of Divine Healing”. Nancy too at her funeral may have got this testimony from various white-clads and their followers that, she fought a good fight and died for the truth of Divine Healing.

Is it the real meaning of Divine Healing? I don’t think that it’s not divine healing, that after the prayer for healing you remain sick for days together and finally die. Suppose a man is suffering from fever, diabetes, cancer, etc., and is instantly healed after the prayer, that is Divine Healing. I want to place two examples from the Scripture.

  1. Luke 8: 47Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was immediately healed.

(After touching Jesus, she did not remain sick for months and died later.

  1. Mark 1: 30,31 But Simon’s wife’s mother lay sick with a fever, and they told Him about her at once. So He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up, and immediately the fever left her. And she served them.

This is called the Divine Healing. But TPM, in the name of Divine Healing, is making a mockery of the Divine Power of God. When the Divine Intervention takes place something supernatural happens. But TPM’s wrong interpretation of Divine Healing has been killing many and thus they are presenting our Great God as a powerless God.


If you are a TPM follower, you will blindly agree with all its systems and customs, even when they are wrong from Biblical perspective. But, if you are a follower of Christ, you will strictly follow His true teachings and resist all the wrong practices of TPM. Remember, that every sincere Christian is called to be the bride of Christ but not a stupid follower of any organization. Therefore, don’t remain a mute spectator of all the evil happenings inside TPM. Quit like men and weed out all the death particles from TPM i.e. the oppressors and the erroneous teaching of the Divine Healing. If you are a sincere Christian, I am sure, you will stand up to cure the water to stop the immature death in TPM.


  1. In one of the Trichy fake homes, a translator was called for homosexual act by one of the servants of devil (I cant say servant of God for this fellow) and the translator stopped going to TPM and has come out of it. Since the ministers of TPM despise the God-ordained institution of marriage and claim that they are holy by being eunuchs, they have gone totally against Bible and hence they are falling into all unnatural sexual acts (Romans first chapter).

    There was a young guy who wanted to become a TPM minister (because of pressure of his parents). He was placed in some position in TPM printing press and a worker brother called him for homosexual act and this boy was
    shocked and ran away.

    There are numerous incidents like this which have not come out in public domain because people are scared or ashamed to talk about them, but as Luke 8:17 says “All secrets will eventually be brought into the open.”

    The worst thing than these despicable acts is that this TPM institution does not punish the perpetrators of these crimes. They are just TRANSFERRED to another place if the issue becomes big.

    Let us all keep praying that this TPM monster is brought down soon.

    • If the Pentecostal mission is killing it’s members what’s your RSS and Indian police going? Dr gopala Krishnan of Kerala is ranting against the Pentecostal mission like a dog. What is he doing then? Send him your informations, you false accusers

      • @Cylus,

        Please do not get frustrated that your beloved CEYLON Pentecostal Mission is being exposed to its believers. No one can bring this satanic organisation down without God allowing it to happen. It has thrived for 100 years and the glorious legacy of your dearest pastor St. Alwyn the pervert will continue as long as there are blind believers like you.

        I understand your anger because these days, many of us don’t have much to boast about except for CEYLON Pentecostal Mission. Hope the SriLankan cricket team will start winning again so that we can keep ourselves occupied with something better than CEYLON Penetecostal Mission.

    • Why are your eyes on only TPM and not others?
      Because you the bad always abuse the good, without seeing that you have already ruined

      • The answer is obvious, Sir Ravikumar, it is because we are also from TPM. Because of the mercy of God…

        We were once in TPM’s darkness and now we are in the Light.

        We were once enslaved in TPM but now we are free in Christ.

        We were once deceived by TPM, now we see and enjoy the Truth.

        And unlike your self centred hidden ministry of TPM clergy, the folks want to share the good news with our beloved friends like you in TPM, so that you can also be set free and be no more a slave to fear but be a true child of God.

        The question for you is, Do you want to be free or do you love TPM’s bondage so much that you say No to the True Gospel of Jesus?

      • Tell me one thing. Which other Christian Pentecostal Denomination has wicked things going on as TPM?
        In TPM We have
        1. Homosexuality,
        2. Rape,
        3. Murder,
        4. Witchcraft,
        5. Slavery,
        6. Adultery,
        7. Fornication,
        8. Forced Divorce,
        9. Cover-ups,
        10. Blackmails,
        11. Paedophilia
        12.. Torture
        13. Many More..

        Let me know who is the closest competitor.

      • The real reason is other churches don’t proclaim they are the best church or only church in the world. True believers always fought against the churches not following the biblical doctrine. Best example is protestant reformation again roman catholic church. TPM church follows much non biblical doctrines but declares it as the only one true church. How can we accept that? It is very difficult to distinguish the non-biblical doctrines of TPM when you think TPM is the best church in the world. Come out of that thinking and read the bible then automatically you can see and accept the erroneous teachings of TPM. You can easily identify and criticize any wrong teachings of other protestant and Pentecostal churches. But it would be difficult in TPM because we are forced to believe that their doctrines come from God.

      • Dear Ravikumar
        According to your statement, even Lord Jesus is bad. Had Jesus remained silent on the bad practices of Pharisees & Scribes we would still have remained in the slavery of laws. Do you know how JESUS CHRIST very often opposed & publicly rebuked them for their wrong practices. Do you think Jesus was bad because he opposed the Pharisees? Dear Ravikumar, please don’t be blind supporter of TPM(CULT) rather read the Bible and see whether TPM’s life style go in tandem with the scriptures. Alas! Because of people like you this rotten TPM is flourishing.

  2. In my opinion, you send these messages to Abraham Mathew and M T Thomas and Josephkutty etc and let them understand members are being aware of satanic actions inside TPM.

    • They are very much aware of these things. A private letter is in possession of Abraham Mathew(regarding Sweetlin Brinda) and he chooses to ignore it.

  3. Not only murder because of offering money distributed to church raoudis Bro.mickel who is a murderer and several threatening cases still pending in criminal court Tirupattur.Vellore district.chief pastor.Durai from Vellore KONAVATTAM knows every thing and not taking any action because he himself looted many CRORES in church offering built a beautiful HOTEL in Thoothukudi.even chief pastors from irumpuliyur knows very well and not taking any action!.

    • Bro.selvam Tirupattur TPM.vellore dist is close associate with RAOUDI MICKEL Who is member of TPM.This RAOUDI is threatening the bro.selvam and collecting the offering money for his court case because this Mickel involved in many murder cases and kidnapping cases still pending in criminal court at Tirupattur.He is leader for 18 churches (controlled by Pas.Durai Vellore)if any body makes problem will be severely beaten up by his RAOUDI gangs and some believers died which is kept very secrecy and bribe given to POLICE department to hide this murderer!!!!!

  4. In TPM, there is utter hypocrisy when it comes to the practice of their devilish divine healing doctrine.

    There is an influential rich believer, who had an ailment and is on continuous medications. He got permission from the Chief Wolf itself to take medicines – the reason is “As per Matthew 15:11 it is written What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” Wonderful understanding indeed!!!! Mind you, this man regularly takes part in communion.

    But there is a poor believer in the same FAKE HOME who has an eye defect, which needs surgery. Without surgery, he cannot work and earn for his living. He is married and has two kids. This poor believer asked permission from the local wolf (local fake home pastor) but denied permission. Instead, he was asked to find an alternate employment and the family underwent indescribable anguish and torment because of loss of income and not able to perform surgery,
    but they still are BLINDED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING about these devilish doctrine and the wolves propagating it. Alas, sad indeed Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of me.”

    We shall keep praying that TPM youth muster enough courage and knowledge by the power of Holy Spirit and be released from this spiritual witchcraft system.

  5. Mr. ADMIN
    Have gone through many articles. But who gave you authority to talk about others good or bad.
    GOD is there to judge everybody, why u r bothered.
    At the due time wheat will be separated from the chaff.

    I think it is better u leave things to GOD’s judgement.
    Nobody is perfect and Jesus himself had Judas as one of his disciples.
    I do accept there are some black sheep, just ignore them.
    I have seen the good and bad of TPM, but GOD is the judge.
    Forget about TPM and start living a life pleasing GOD. U gain nothing by all these articles.

      • Mr ADMIN

        U r no doubt very intelligent. And also the assistant of St. Paul by quoting all his verses. Your rantings are not going to change anything. Pray if possible for all souls.
        Jesus gave you authority on a platter to talk ill of others.
        Do your business, don’t poke your nose into others affairs be it good or bad.
        No point in talking to people who will not understand

        May GOD bless you

        • //Do your business, don’t poke your nose into others affairs be it good or bad.
          What makes you think I am not doing my business? My business is “EXPOSING TPM”.
          Will, you go before a WARNING SIGN BOARD and ask it to Do its own business?

    • @hell…
      Ur question reminds me of Pharisees who asked similar question to our Master and Lord Jesus

      Matthew 21:23
      And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority?

    • Many people are affected by the community and the name of christ is offended…you should mind your self…by not commenting here

      • Wat a gr8 logic @ Unmaimatumae nilaikum
        Are you not concerned about what is right and wrong in sight of God, compared to name and fame in society? Isnt bible filled with wrong doings of it’s top brass characters like David, Moses, etc? Did Bible hide their wrong doings just because God’s name would be blasphemied, when David murdered his Uriah the hittie. Isn’t standing for truth more important than sitting comfortably in bosom of falsehood?

        You show peculiar signs of Pharisees. Your action once again reminds me of how even Pharisees were offended when Jesus criticized doctrine of Pharisees (Mat 15:12). Just because someone is offended, should we keep silent and let the injustice and falsehood prevail ?

    • Do you even know the meaning of Slander? Now you prove its a Slander.
      Here we are proving a fact with 2 or 3 witnesses with us. (Deuteronomy 19:15). We never say a thing without any evidence with us. These testimonies are from within the TPM Clergy and not somebody outside. What they have experienced are what they shared with us.

  6. Mr ADMIN

    I think something must have happened in your life that u are so bitter against TPM

    If u think ur business is to expose TPM, keep doing it till u r bitterness goes away

    Mr Williams S
    U also seem to be a TPM hater.
    I only said we as human beings have no rights to talk about the faults of others
    Judge not lest you be judged
    THanks and bye

  7. Quite appalled to read the comments from this particular reader cum masked man — helloof2019 .
    Does he possess any heart of flesh that shows any human sentiment?
    Looks like he has a stony heart that represents the spirit of ISIS .

    Does he express any least concern towards human rights?
    O.K. we are un concerned about human rights because we do not belong to this world.But God is watching each one of us even while the victims are beheaded by this beast.
    When we see our fellow human beings are suffering before our own eyes,he quotes LEVITICUS 19: 16 which totally un-relates to the present context.Let him better quote Ephesians 4:13

    Ephesians 4:13, Apostle Paul says that we are to grow up “to a mature man, to the fullness of the stature of Christ”. 
    Our aim must be to grow ourselves and to help others to grow to this fullness. We must not remain babies “tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming” (Ephesians 4:14).”

    Grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ.
    In the present context God must be allowing the righteous to be exposed to the evil designs of Satan that He did to Job. He has got a specific purpose.
    “God allows us to be exposed to the deception and false teaching so that we can grow in discernment. Our sense of discernment will not be developed otherwise.
    That’s why He allows so many deceivers and false prophets to move around in Christendom. Thus, we will be able to discern the one whose spirit is not right from the one whose spirit is right. We don’t have to judge others. But we must discern. Then our spiritual senses will be exercised.

    Oh.helloof2019 , you do n’t have any business to visit this sight . Better be watchful your words.

  8. Yes in my report to this site , I did write about the parents as unrelentIing …. Exactly it happened. so
    The parents held a memorial service for their eldest daughter Nancy on SUNDAY ,the 22 nd SEPT’19, evening at the local TPM church The clergy quietly conducted it by closing the eyes of the believers and especially the parents bore all the expenses for the dinner for a 300 people.
    And could any one of you imagine who is the present pastor there? He is none other than Sam Sunder ( (Secunderavbad) whom this site has known very well.
    He sent pas Joshua ,his centre asst to quietly go and conduct it the memorial service.
    Conducting memorial service for worker is totally against the norms of this CULT. It spells as A NON CONFORMANCE to the very rules and regulations of this CULT. That means it can make and brake its own rules for the sake of wiping out tears of the totally SUBMISSIVE parents.The less we talk about this beast ,the less the better.

  9. My goodness…this revelation is so shocking!
    I know Sis Venus personally when she was a junior sister in Kolkata Center. She was such a nice Sister then. I personally knew that she was tortured by her superiors those days. She used to share her sufferings with my mother. If i am not wrong, She had a twin sister in the ministry who passed away in Delhi Center sometime after 1997 or so.
    One thing is very clear…this cult is so contagious that even good people over a period of time will be affected by its filth. A word of advice from the Bible to the TPM Clergy and Laity who feel that they are still clean…FLEE FORNICATION before you get entangled in it.
    About Sodom, The Bible says,
    Ezekiel 16:49-50
    Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
    And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me:….
    The above verse fits so well for TPM

    My heart goes out for all the junior sisters who got trapped in this web of TPM ministry. They should read the scriptures and understand that by cooking, washing, ironing, massaging and by doing other household chores for the superiors they cannot enter into the so called TPM Zion.
    Personally I will be the happiest if I am given the smallest place in heaven by the grace of God… rather than demanding the “highest” place in heaven by ones own works.
    Wake up TPM junior clergy dont get fooled, read the scriptures and enjoy the light yoke of Christ !

  10. The above article raised aspersions as to why many TPM clergy die young. But many within TPM will not take these deaths seriously coz the devil has set things in TPM way. Any worker dying early is never a bad omen for them. Infact they preach that seconds after ordination by Chief Clergy if anyone dies he/she will directly go to Zion.

    I remember when Pastor PM Thomas was the Chief Clergy and one young worker sister passed away within 3 years of joining TPM ministry. TPM came up with an explanation that the deceased sister in her diary had mentioned that God spoke to her that though she did 3 years ministry in TPM but in God’s sight it was equivalent to 86 years. I believed those words then, but now only I realise that it was a super way to dupe the people and shut them from asking uncomfortable questions.

    • I have read similar story in a book “morning manna” published by TPM. It had a similar story.
      Once in Q/A sessions in 2016 youth camp, I was volunteer. One pastor answered for a question.
      He was working in St. Thomas Mount fake home in Chennai . And a beliver girl died in a road accident. This pastor was shocked an went to center pastor and asked the reason for her early death. Center pastor told heaven sees her age 80+ since she was good and so she died.

  11. Here is the very peculiar CATCH 22 situation that caught the TPM clergy and as well as the laity.
    The latest OCT issue of VOP magazine is recd a couple days ago and as s usual , this CULT plays the same OLD record of publishing its DOCTRINES OF CHRIST AND THE APOSTLES. Under the item RAPTURE : It plays the same old record of the DARBY’S theory.: THE SUDDEN TRANSPORTATION OF THE PERFECTED SAINTS,OF THOSE WHO HAVE SLEPT IN CHRIST AND THOSE WHO ARE ALIVE IN CHRISTTO HEAVEN IS KNOWN AS THE “RAPTURE”.THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE “SECRET” COMING OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ( 1 THESS 4: 16,17). That means If a lie is repeatedly told again and again , the poor unrelenting and submissive laity will surely believe it as a truth no matter how many debates of this site has painfully conducted
    How about knowing the unrelented and submissive parents who are caught in this web of CATCH 22 situation.
    The parents of late sis Nancy is the live example. Let us understand their predicament as their second daughter Persy is presently serving this beast at MELBOURNE — NCTC centre.. They can neither report to police about the death case of Nancy,their eldest daughter nor do they call back their second daughter Persy from the ministry. , a typical CATCH 22 situation that this site quite often brings it surface is highly laudable .

    • I remember the story of a Catholic Priest(Fr Mathew T) who was thrown out of the Catholic Church because he told the truth.
      When he was taking a session in Kochi he wrote on the Blackboard in Bold “GOD“. He made the participants read it. They loudly proclaimed GOD because that is what they could see on the board.
      Then He came and Stood before the Writing on the Board and asked the Audience to Read it. They said that they could not read it.
      He took that as an example and announced that it was the Clergy which was an obstruction between people and God. He Proved that the Clergies like him who are the REAL OBSTRUCTION.
      Later he was excommunicated for this.

      The same is the problem with Nancy’s Parents.

      • Couldn’t agree more on this. I remember just after the school re-opening, as usual I prayed for my Daughter and sent her to school. I stopped getting prayed many years now knowing the spirit that they have.
        The next week the clergy Thomas called me as asked why I did not go to him to have her prayed.
        It dawned on me on how they systematically take the place of mediator Christ and exalt them selves and get offerings in the process.
        Recently a mother passed away in Bahrain. Every one was going gaga over how she treated the centre and chief clergy with utmost devotion preparing the choicest food etc. What stood out that she had a diary with a list of people without jobs, debts, unmarried,…..and so on with materialistic deficiencies and she was praying for these regularly.
        Most in TPM need these kind of clergy who supposedly stand in the gap for their materialistic needs and then become their demi-gods.
        There was not one word on what they achieved for HIS Kingdom. This is their revelation of ” VELA or SUSHRUSHA “.

  12. When wretched men like us read these reports our blood boils, just imagine how much anger will our Holy God would feel against the perpetrators of these crimes. It is just a matter of days or years before the celibate consecrated Trinity of TPM will meet their Maker and give account of what they did or did not do in the Name of God.

    As for the so called educated members of this cult, they all realise that they have a serious spiritual disease as they can see and feel the symptoms, but they are too scared to go to a qualified doctor for the test to confirm the cancer in their souls. They fear the cost and the sacrifices they have to make once they realise that the holy leaders of TPM are nothing but spiritual quacks and that they have been spending their hard earned money and time for the building of TPM’s Satanic kingdom. This will break their hearts and they continue to bury their heads in the sand hoping and praying that all that is reporting is just gossip and lies from some disgruntled ex worker of TPM.

    Ignorance is bliss in worldly matters as they are temporal however this is not a good policy when it comes to your eternal destiny.

    Wake up, my dear friend it is not too late, please become a Berean and check the facts and do the right thing for yourself and your children’s sake. To do the testing, this site is a useful starting point, if you think it is biased, please go to the source(The Bible) and there many websites which can help you in finding the Truth. The question is are you seeking The Truth or are you looking for temporal comfort in the lies of TPM.

    This TPM tree is corrupt and all you are seeing on this website are its fruits, and unfortunately it is not going to change unless the the unholy trinity of TPM realize their folly and repent and forsake their wickedness and start serving God instead of their beloved organisation and its dead leaders.

  13. To the Holy Trinity of TPM and any celibate servants of TPM’s god who are following this site, I will leave you with St Paul advise to Timothy as to what makes a true servant of God…

    1 Timothy 4 :1-6 New Living Translation (NLT)

    1.Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. 2 These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.[a]

    3 They will say it is wrong to be married and wrong to eat certain foods. But God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth. 4 Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks. 5 For we know it is made acceptable[b] by the word of God and prayer.

    6 If you explain these things to the brothers and sisters,[c] Timothy, you will be a worthy servant of Christ Jesus, one who is nourished by the message of faith and the good teaching you have followed.

    Oh mighty Empty, Oh eloquent Abraham and Oh humble Jayem , are you a worthy servant of Christ Jesus or are you hypocrites and liars with dead consciences leading poor gullible folks with your false teachings on the highway to hell. It is not too late to repent and reform your organisation.

  14. @Sony–“Nancy from secunderabad? West marredpally faith home. Shyam sunder.?
    Yeah,she hailed from a local that falls under this centre.Thats’ the reason why God brings many hidden ‘truths’ being unraveled through this blessed site. But for this site, many youths would have been still under the yoke of bondage of satanic cult. Thanks many Telugu and Tamil youth are being delivered from the clutches of this beast in these days. They say all the doctrinal books that this CULT display in the convention grounds are nothing but trash after having come to know the TRUTH.Praise God for their strong testimonies. All glory belongs to God. KUDOS to ADMN brother and his relentless team.
    All those youth say they are praying for this blessed site.

    • HELLO EAGLE EYE. I go to Tpm in West marredpally . My parents and grandmother family are fans to tpm but not GOD . I took Baptism in other other. To take communion here in TPM again I should take baptism itseems my family took again. But I’m not I don’t feel correct. And I wanna know about shyam sundar . For kessara construction work 3 crores paid. Still one crore needed itseems. There are so many poor people in church. Now a days for Christians getting a rent home is difficult. But this people have good luxury.

  15. //Oh.helloof2019 , you do n’t have any business to visit this sight . Better be watchful your words.//
    Oh Eagle Eye
    Are my words pricking you

    May GOD have mercy on all of you who pour out their venom here

    I am not going to comment any further. BYE

    • //May GOD have mercy on all of you who pour out their venom here

      Nancy is a woman closely known to Eagle’s eye. He is appalled by her torturous death. And you have added to his pain by supporting the group responsible for her death.
      Only Inhuman devils can support her killer organization, What Eagle’s Eye replied was quite normal as you are the one in support of the villain. So who is the one pouring Venom, you or me?

  16. So obviously this CULT group has set apart under the watchful eyes of the none other than ‘TEJU ‘ OR there could be ‘another subcontracted agency with the ficticious names that we see on this site. This villain group consist of the TPM Clergy & Laity has got no other duty except to closely watch over this site how the real truths are being COMING OUT through this blessed site though they wish to conceal it with all their might but are unsuccessful .They are simply weary about it.
    No worry ,this site had already predicted a la ‘DAVID–GOLIATH’ fight had already begun.

  17. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor from 161AD to 180 AD and although in his time there were persecutions against the Christians he made it a point to make it public that he never knowingly harmed anyone knowingly for the sake of their religion and that most of these persecutions were by the governors of his provinces.

    He used to write letters to his governors saying “You harass these men [the Christians], and harden them in their conviction, to which they hold fast, by accusing them of being atheists. For indeed they would rather be thought to be accused and die for their own God than live. Consequently they even come off victorious, giving up their lives rather than comply with your demands. … And on behalf of such persons many Governors also of provinces have before now both written to our deified father, whose answer in fact was not to molest such persons unless they were shewn to be making some attempt in respect to the Roman Government, and to me also many have given information about such men, to whom indeed I also replied in accordance with my father’s view. And if any one persist in bringing any such person into trouble for being what he is, let him, against whom the charge is brought, be acquitted even if the charge be made out, but let him who brings the charge be called to account.”

    The reason why I brought this topic in this thread is his letter below in which he talks about first century Christians.

    “For the Christians are distinguished from other men neither by country, nor language, nor the customs which they observe. For they neither inhabit cities of their own, nor employ a peculiar form of speech, nor lead a life which is marked out by any singularity. The course of conduct which they follow has not been devised by any speculation or deliberation of inquisitive men; nor do they, like some, proclaim themselves the advocates of any merely human doctrines.
    But, inhabiting Greek as well as barbarian cities, according as the lot of each of them has determined, and following the customs of the natives in respect to clothing, food, and the rest of their ordinary conduct, they display to us their wonderful and confessedly striking method of life. They dwell in their own countries, but simply as sojourners.
    As citizens, they share in all things with others, and yet endure all things as if foreigners. Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and every land of their birth as a land of strangers. They marry, as do all [others]; they beget children; but they do not destroy their offspring.* They have a common table, but not a common bed.

    They are in the flesh, but they do not live after the flesh. They pass their days on earth, but they are citizens of heaven. They obey the prescribed laws, and at the same time surpass the laws by their lives. They love all men, and are persecuted by all. They are unknown and condemned; they are put to death, and restored to life. They are poor, yet make many rich; they are in lack of all things, and yet abound in all; they are dishonoured, and yet in their very dishonour are glorified.
    They are evil spoken of, and yet are justified; they are reviled, and bless; they are insulted, and repay the insult with honour; they do good, yet are punished as evil-doers. When punished, they rejoice as if quickened into life; they are assailed by the Jews as foreigners, and are persecuted by the Greeks; yet those who hate them are unable to assign any reason for their hatred.”

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the current Christians had this testimonial?

  18. The first century Christians closely followed the lives of the Apostles who taught them about following Christ and lived a holy self-less life. There was no BUILDING CHURCH, no PRIESTS (so-called fraudulent fathers and pastors now) and no TITHE or OFFERING was paid to anyone like how it is now. Rich helped the poor and all sought to live a holy life in accordance with their calling.

    That emperor would have written like this now seeing the current day Christians – “Christians go to church every Sunday, only listen to their fraudulent pastors – never to Jesus, and try to attend all the meetings arranged by those fraudsters and give whatever money those jobless folks ask.”

    Now, Christians DO NOT READ Gospels (either Old testament or Pauline epistles and twist it according to their convenience), so do not follows Jesus
    Jesus says give to poor – They say we will give to pastors only
    Jesus says love one another – They say we will love our church and pastors only

    Paul Washer made an interesting statement “These pastors are judgment on the people because people do not seek to live holy life, rather they want money”

    They have sidelined Jesus – Luke 14:25 – But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.


    Matthew 25:41 – “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you WHO ARE CURSED, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

  19. @Suchi :”For kessara construction work 3 crores paid. Still one crore needed itseems. There are so many poor people in church.”

    First of all I praise and thank God for raising new souls like you.

    Glad to know you through this blessed site and I thank and praise God that God raised you there in that centre church to know more about the real FACE of this TPM clergy presently manned by Sam Sundar. Like you I too did not know about Sam Sundar but I am so indebted to this site because it was a real sensation to me what kind of man he was while he was serving at NAGPUR centre. When he was implicated in a court case there in NAGPUR centre , he produced a fake doctor certificate and got himself extricated somehow out of this court case..God knows how many lakhs of rupees that this TPM beast might have supposedly spent for him towards those lawers fees/ charges as bribes.If you go through the various EPISODES ,his real FACE will be revealed to you. Now that he was brought to take care of the kingdom at SEC’BAD, KEESARA convention ground and for its development further,he is now making it as a big issue of 3 CRORES expenditure towards of women shed at that convention ground.. Make no mistake dear brother/sister Suchi ,that this TPM beast will extract 1 more crore money from the blind submissive believers because they are sold to the delusion, the spirit of delusion.That is why God raised this blessed site , under the able guidance of ADMN brother who is fortunate enough to have armed with himself a totally dedicated , God fearing contributing authors to support this site. Infact God is only protecting this site all these 3/4 years. Closely follow this site to get to know more updates about this TPM beast that totally bent upon deceiving the SUNDAY SCHOOL children , youth, and old people . Mind you it will not leave anybody so long as their spiritual eyes are blinded . Presently elder bro.John now at West Marredpally is the kingmaker for this SEC’BAD centre. He looks after the internal transfers and also actively maintaining his own group of his own.. This is not any something new management for this beast. Throught out the world this beast maintains the same techniques. But differs from land to land. across the world
    Wishing you all the best.Hope you will be in continuous touch with this blessed site to know more about this beast.

    • From Last two years I’m going through this site . I can’t make understand my parents but I can say to my sister to beware.

  20. @Suchi —“From Last two years I’m going through this site . I can’t make understand my parents but I can say to my sister to beware.”

    Dear brother Suchi…Thanks to hear back your comments .
    Now the need of the hour is — with the aid of this site -first to strengthen yourself to come of the influence of this beast, and basing on your experience tell your sister not to fall prey to this beast. About your parents… we will only pray because their response will be different, that is why prioritize the things , and leave it into the hand of the Lord.
    I already wrote in these columns that many Telugu & Tamil youth are getting delivered from the clutches of this beast. May be you and your sister could be added into this list too. Rest is good.
    Be bold in the Lord. Do not get perturbed by this roaring lion .
    It will only roar . It manipulates. It controls the minds. Nothing else
    All the best brother Suchi.

  21. Dear ADM N brother, in this fast changing digital world, is there any way or any process that I can get to know how many court cases have been registered since ages against this cultish organisation spanned around the world under the names of TPM/NTC/NCTC/CPM around the world?
    In INDIA there is a RTI . In the similar way how to approach in various other countries where this beast has spread its wings in supposedly 44 different countries?May be through the believers stationed in the respective countries could throw some light on this aspect.
    Parallelly,I think we can work out for bringing a directory of total pending court cases /resolved court cases in different countries.
    Though it seems as a head ache process . but eventually it helps the younger generation to know the status quo of CULT orgn. vis a vis the court cases.
    With the active involvement of our redeemed brothers/sisters who spread through out the world could help us too in this head-ache exercise
    This will ultimately help us to get to know the QUALITATIVE character of this BEAST in the long run.

    • @Ee
      This is @ India. There are some 900 plus heads of tpm dragon in India. It’s quite difficult (atleast for me) to find something from this website. You should probably know court case number and district where it is registered to search something. I’m afraid a mere name search by ” tpm” won’t yeild much. I tried few months back but couldn’t get success. I hope you’ll discover something.

      Regarding outside India, there must online portal also.

  22. Nath dear,Thank you we too are on the same page just as NMSTF brother has been relentlessly waging war on this beast God is wonderfully using him as warrior.

    I greet you both in the precious name of our most beloved Saviour .

    Of late I get a lot of phone calls from many youth who have been keenly watching this blessed site and are getting slowly convinced about the real colours of this beast after they got the answers from me.
    As elders we got a bounden duty to lead this younger lot. Forget about those who refuse to pay heed to hear us,but this younger lot are so precious for us . They are–” LIKE ARROWS IN THE HAND OF THE A WARRIOR,SO ARE THE CHILDREN OF ONE’S YOUTH”–Ps 127:4
    This beast has been using them with this same technique quite successfully over these 100 year of its mission around INDIA & SRILANKA,That was reason why if you go West & Europe, many Sri Lankan youth have submitted to this beast because of various other socio economic problems they faced in their families.This is the history of this CPM that laid the foundation for this CULT. Thers’ no denying of this fact.If you go London( Brixton),Paris, Rome, and other places of Europe, you get these Sri Lankan origin youth that have totally submitted to this beast because of their parental upbringing.
    Yesterday when I kept that mail to ADMN brother about those pending court cases, curiously I came across a couple of websites that threw some light on this subject. But now I am bit careful that nothing unwanted things should happen to this blessed ministry while we unravel many hidden things .
    God should grant us His grace to plough and plunder this beast in a most intelligent way. For this only our prayerful mind and heart helps. Thank you .

    • Dear Eagle’s eye, I am very delighted to see your zeal to destroy this dragon (TPM). Seeing your fervent zeal, I am reminded of Jehu’s zeal to destroy Ahab’s household. May the Lord strengthen you with His anointing to carry out the good work you have intended to do. Our sincere prayers are with you.

  23. Thank you bro.Anthony Parker dear, You are the great source of inspiration for this site.There ‘s no iota of doubt in it.
    Glad to know we are of the same page, and when we are  together  this dragon simply shivers and has to face you , another  MIGHTY  WARRIOR Jehu  –that is  none other than  Anthony Parker. Actually  a kind of FUSION  nuclear action is taking place  here  when we are together.The other day I was mentioning about FUSION nuclear reaction to one of the young readers..
    Now let me say because you seem to be highly technical in nature, so you can easily understand this fission and fusion  nuclear reactions. The number two EMPTY , in his last year convention messages ,he mentions about Indian parliament ,Loksabha MPs, PM, and CABINET MINISTERS,Then he goes on to mention — corona. Sun, and earth atmosphere–that has a series of layers, each with its own specific traits. Moving upward from ground level, these layers are named the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere. The exosphere gradually fades away into the realm of interplanetary space. And then finally ionosphere.. His convention message at Tirupathi, he repeats it in Singapore convention too.  Look at the way how the beast /dragon hoodwinks the people whether they understand its message or not ( mostly Tirupati masses consist of rural in nature, as against the educated masses of Singapore). He hardly bothers whether the people understand his message content. He goes on taking . Because he wants to do something sensational. Atleast he wants to give some impression.
    So when he uses his genre , we too can challenge the beast with FISSION, and FUSION reactions. We will talk it over in these columns in future if the owner of this site grants us his permission .
    God bless you brother.

    • Dear EE
      You do not need any permission to use or reuse the materials on the site. Just be careful that when you use the articles, it’s just used in the fuller context. Some mischief mongers use few sentences only to get their twists proved.

    • I just came across this Video clip of empty thomas explaining the magic formula to get rich like King David and the well known believer which passed away.
      “a+b+c=Blessings of David & problems in life solved”
      a=Read word of god and meditate
      b=Always praise god
      c=Yield to clergy and fully submit
      One can guess how these white clad frauds subtly misleads the masses and the heathens towards the pit whilst keeping their coffers full.
      With so much heathen gathered, it was a very good opportunity to share the unadulterated WORD OF GOD and sow wheat.
      But this man sowed seed of tares instead at the leading of his master.
      Wish there was a bolt of lighting to strike him down…..but again believers get what they expect and hope for.

      Note: I mean no disrespect for this brother who passed away who was well known for his many philanthropic activities which touched hundreds of people from all walks of life.

      • If Empty preaches the True Gospel, he will offend the rich and without the rich man’s money, this mission will be Empty as their chief is. Sons of Mammon preaching the prosperity gospel to keep their mission going is not surprising.

        I feel sorry for this dead man and his family as they continue to believe that TPM is a christian church and give their money and time to this satanic system and its leaders as they get fat and prosperous.

        On a side note wonder why Empty is preaching in Tamil in a Mallu setting. Maybe he is showcasing his gift of tongues…TPM should start a TV/Youtube channel as Empty looks good speaking into the camera. And these hypocrites used to ban videos and TV.

        For money they will do anything. Must have got paid a great funeral commission for this service.

        • //For money they will do anything. Must have got paid a great funeral commission for this service.

          Of Course. There are so many people dying in Kerala but you would not see the EMPTY coming for the funeral. There is a Malayalam Saying which says that “Even the Eagles will not Fly over Money”

        • Preachings in TPM now a days has become a joke everywhere and very much interesting just to laugh at.. Full of Formulas , Science, Space , Psychology … Everything to impress and confuse the poor laity sitting in front.
          Like the master, so will be the followers .. Recently i heard one audio where pastor Jose from Bangalore centre preaching ( in a convention in Kerala) Science , Sun , rocket and all .. He was kind of launching rocket .. Count down 10…9…8 ..7..6……When count reaches ZERO every one should Jump and speak in tounges..& fill in Spirit… At 0 people starts screaming and jumping .I seriously wonder they dont see anything else useful in the Bible to preach!!!!
          Another place he proclaims God has 5 fingers and God wrote MENĒ, MENĒ, TEKĒL, UPHARSIN on the walls of King Belshazzar’s palace with his MIDDLE FINGER 🙂 ..
          Hearing this i felt very much sorry for the Bangalore Center pastor ( one of the famous convention preacher ) sitting behind and nodding at all these non-sense..

      What astonishes me from your writing is your knowledge about TPM fakehomes is marvellous and I always like to read your analysis, yes the rural masses are more in Tiruppathi!👍👌

  24. @“a+b+c=Blessings of David & problems in life solved”
    a=Read word of god and meditate
    b=Always praise god
    c=Yield to clergy and fully submit.
    What a woeful explanation of ‘Blessing of David & problems in life solved’
    coupled with an mathematical formula!
    He could have better utilized the opportunity given for a possible gospel news.
    But rather he chose to display his showmanship that he too is a mathematical genius unlike others.

    This is an ABJECT demo of person who can deceive his own consciousness. searing with iron rod, because I repeat he is in a CATCH 22 situation that whatever he talks it back fires.
    I pray for the poor family’s redemption from the clutches of these white frauds.
    There is no let up my fellow warrior brothers and sisters,
    We will keep continue to wage these daily battles. Wishing you all the best.

      • Desire to do miracle and see it has made charismatic Christianity one of the worst religion in the world. There all sort of non sense in charismatic circle. From holy laughing to snake handling, and vomiting filth out while filling in so called spirit, and mass suicide and now this. All the such self acclaimed prophets and apostles have become a big nuisance in contemporary times, especially in Africa and India.

      • Dear Admin
        This African Pastor has made his followers as Nebuchadnezzar who because of God’s judgement on him ate grass like an oxen. I think even TPM followers would eat grass if their chief clergy issued the command.

  25. @”Church people eating grass”.
    Oh, this is the one of the rarest of the rare clipping that I ‘ve ever seen.

    Church people LITERALLY are eating grass in an African church.

    In DANIEL 4:33,we see,…. that very hour the word was fulfilled concerning NEBUCHADNEZZAR:he was driven from men and ate grass like oxen.: his body was wet with the dew of heaven till his hair had grown like eagles’ feathers and his nails like birds’ claws . So as per DANIELS’ prediction( Dan 4:25) ,king Nebuchadnezzar was made to eat grass. We do not read any connection between the biblical context and African church. No …. not at all.
    But here we see the whole laity was commanded by the African clergy to eat the grass, a really shameful act indeed , to lower the very name of the Lord, ( the Lord ever says to His sheep -He is so compassionate to His subjects. He feeds with heavenly manna daily.
    And coming to this present context, the African laity simply obeyed the command. Now here in India and whole of the world where ever this beast rules the roost by this new mathematical formula a+b+c where’ c ‘ must be evidently obeyed by the laity shows hardly any difference . That is what ADMN brother wants to emphasise here. Great comparison.The spirit part to be obeyed as per EMPTY ‘s emphasis.
    The only difference is letter( there in Africa) and spirit ( rest of the world).
    Where as the Africans took it by the letter, this beast is applying (a+b+c )’spirit’ to the rest of the world. What a great unanimity between the two.
    Amazing clipping indeed..

  26. For almost a century TPM cheap pastors have been feeding spiritual grass to its believers week after week, meeting after meeting. Unfortunately a typical TPM believer closes his eyes and receives the holy grass without questioning, thinking it is holy manna.

    These con men are masters at this trade. Many of the TPM believers are highly educated but they lack spiritual discernment and they blindly eat the TPM grass without questioning. Most of the liberated ones here were like that, thank God for opening our eyes and liberating us from this spiritual bondage.

    There was a sermon by TU Thomas about his visit to heaven in a vision, where he saw a large cross and there was a procession and TU asked TPM jesus that he wanted to be in the first row but TPM jesus told him that position was already taken. Sounds like Kenneth Copeland or Jesse Duplantis or our friend Benny Sin.

    When you have leaders like Alwyn, what can one expect from charlatans like TU and Empty. If it were not for the foolishness of TPM believers these empty vessels wouldn’t be making so much noise.

    TPM Folks, Please continue to fund this beast and your beloved false shepherds 🐺will continue to feed you grass and you like nice TPM sheep will eat it till you die.

    I hope and pray that God will have mercy on our TPM believers and deliver them from this bondage and enable them to follow the only true Shepherd.

  27. I want admin to create another site like ,most people choose the community because they wanna conduct marriage or get a good burial…

    • Exactly!
      The first question my mother asked when I left TPM was “which church will you go in India? When your daughter is old enough to be married, where will you conduct her marriage? What about funeral? …”
      She said that we should tolerate the nonsense of TPM so that we benefit from these. I told her that I shudder to think of one of them laying their hands on my head and praying for me. As for marriage and funeral, the God who led me out of TPM and opened my eyes to the truth will show me the right Church when I decide to go back to India

      • Are the other church people not buried or not getting married? This is just the worst kind of blackmail. I am interested in knowing who buried the Lazarus in Luke 16 and who officiated in the wedding of Cana.

        I know of a pastor who used to consume medicine and strictly asked his helper brother (another junior white-clad) to destroy the medicines before he informs others about his death.
        He is more worried about what people will think of him in this cult rather than what God would think of him.

      • As per discussion with admin, this the possible plan we have come up with. Suggestions are invited.

        All we have to do is that all our readers must start talking to pastors from their place of residence, and tell them the plight of feeble tpmites, who are caught in two minds to exit tpm, and get word from such pastors, and their names n numbers, who are ready to help people in need of marriage n funeral, then admin can create a page in which he will publish names of cities of such helping pastors. We may not publish their names or numbers in public, but those in need can contact admin and he will help the person in need with contact details of helping pastors. I think this is doeable solution, if our readers start communicating with local independent pastors.. It all depends on how all readers respond.

  28. This is the need of the hour as many are reluctantly staying in this fellowship.
    Citing the above two issues (marriage & burial),many are unable to take the call to come out.
    My full support is always there for the needy .

    • You can send me mail with the details. I cannot guarantee any information, but we can try. We know that torture has happened in Kerala centres. Last month One sister from Munnar (Jini) has been taken home after severe torture and was admitted in Kottayam medical college by her brother. She is fitted with 9 screws to straighten her backbone. She was given minimum food and locked up in the washroom. The Information that I have is that the Mother in charge who was the main torturer is ANCY and the pastor is Samuelkutty.

      If you are really concerned about your sister. don’t wait for my investigation..Go and bring her back home.

      • Dear admin (being helpless),
        Parents wanted to bring out another sister from Munnar centre due to her precautions health condition. Unfortunately few days before the program one more TPM white stone is added in Zion. The above sister was treated so treacherously by this ANCY and others that she was locked from outside the room. When her relatives reached the place, this lady started using all unparliamentary words

      • Dear Admin
        I don’t know this Ancy, but this Samuel Kutty is a flirt. I heard that he had some affairs with Siji, when she was a singer sister at Ernakulam centre. The affair was so serious and that’s why the leaders of this cult transferred Siji to Kozhikode centre. What else you can expect from this kind of wolf (Samuel Kutty)?

    • Sir/Madam,

      I find your request a bit strange. Please google TPM Calicut and you will get their phone number. Please give them a call and they should be able to give some information about her welfare. Also If you truly love your sister, you should go to Calicut and meet her.

      My apologies if I have misunderstood your situation. Knowing TPM I’m always wary of such requests.

      How do you expect the admin to check on your own sister…sounds a bit fishy, maybe I’m wrong.

    • @Being helpless, if you indeed suspect that your sister is being harmed in anyway pls go ahead and rescue her. We are all ready to assist in any way we possibly can. Just make your request known through admin.
      Just be aware that there are no legal repercussions if you rescue her.
      Knowing and not acting on it will not do you any good.
      Now is the time.

  29. @being helpless,
    You better read the life sketch of PANDITHA RAMABAI and take a leaf out of the
    4 brave CHARACTERS that this site has brought forth yesterday.. What are those 4 CHARACTERS. Just read for yourself.
    Revelation 21 & 22 Chapters speak very clearly about this beast called TPM/CPM and with the other CHAMELEON names that this beast uses in 44 countries.Beware of it.

  30. @Abraham Issac
    Thank you dear brother for sending me your valuable accolades for which I am not at all worthy enough .Actually we all owe our due countless thanks and high regard of gratitude to our beloved Saviour only for granting us the needed talents to share with the church that you ,I ,ADMN brother, and all his team , and all the 1% contributing authors that contributing tirelessly daily are the true members .There is nobody can throw us out of our church and our fellowship. Kudos to ADMN brother for running and managing this site 24X7 tirelessly. Much of the credit should go to him , not for us.We pray for him daily.
    Today as I read the Scripture portion for the daily meditation, I came across the Psalmist David who says “I will early destroy all the wicked of the land : that I may cut off all the wicked doers from the city of the Lord.”( 101:8).
    Is n’t it wonderful that God is using us that we too join him (ADMN bro) in fighting these daily battles .ALL GLORY BELONGS TO OUR LORD.

  31. @Johnson
    Dear brither your list of numbering the wicked things 1,2,3 ….13 being committed by this TPM CULT has got a far reaching effect on the minds of the new souls, the fence siiters first, and then the hard core laity ( believers)
    Even then, they would not listen to this site which has been trumpeting those characters listed by you of this CLERGY & LAITY ( I reiterate LAITY— because they are larlgly responsible for feeding this CLERGY both in SRI LANKA & INDIA for the close 95 years.).They have to take blame and in which YOU & I were the part and parcel. Really we are so much privileged to have come out of CULT .

    Had the laity( the believer group) opened their eyes in the beginnig itself like the BEREANS , this kingdom of this CULT would not have been made possible to spread its wings to 44 differennt counntris of this globe.It does not matter now ,we will have different strategies.

    But then God raised this site under able guidance of ADMN bto ,purely for the benefit of many hundreds and thousands of believers to come out of the miry clay since Nov’2016 , and many got delivered from this beast like us .But the likes of Ravikumar should closely observe the TPM beast character before making those comments.
    I will be listing out one particular strategy in the coming mails.
    All glory belongs to the Lord.

    • What makes you think we are barking? Are we disturbing your sleep? The closest to bark is what you heard today in your Faith Home where the neighbours were bothered by the uncivilized sounds made by the Faith Home People including you.
      “If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?” 1 Cor 14:23
      Oh Sorry, in Riyadh you guys coverup with soundproof materials and do the shouting and that too on Fridays because you are scared of the Muttawas. Nevertheless, I hope you understood my point.

      Our Aim for running this site is NOT to pull brainwashed dudes out of the cult. Even though there are many who are coming out and are contacting us(we are thankful for that too), we are focussing more on people who are outside and could be trapped in this cult. These are the days where people check out on the web to verify many things. We are just a signboard to people who could be potential victims. We are not planning to get people like you, OUT. We are happy that you enjoy ignorance.

  32. The exposure made in this article and the following comments have made TPM to search for “FIG LEAVES” to cover their nakedness.
    A TPM worker informed me that at a recent meeting of workers in Irumbiliyur Pr. MT Thomas (The second in command of TPM) has given strict instructions to workers sisters that no two sisters should sleep on one mat. 🤪

    Although this rule existed for training sisters but the reiteration by the Deputy Chief is to be noted to understand the rottenness of the TPM whited Sepulchres.
    “Their Zion’s anointing by laying of hands by chief clergy ” is not helping the “virgins” to abstain from sodomy…so falling back on “LAWS” AND RULES to save their flock.

    • @Exposing wolves.
      @ no two sisters should sleep on one mat

      It is for holiness dumb head. You will not understand. You need mind for holiness to understand what happens when two young unmarried sisters touch each other accidentally. There is current generated when two sister touch each other. We must stop that current.

      If I were Chief pastor I would have also made rule that no two brothers can sleep together on one mat. I would have even commanded no two young brother can shake hand and touch each other in excuse of saying praise the Lord. I also would have removed the practice of sister kissing sister and brother kissing brother during communion.

      But you people let it be. You cannot understand holiness mind of our leaders.

      • @Elina

        Your comments are simply superb. Keep commenting daily. Your revelations are awesome.
        I wonder if you are supporting TPM or mocking at them ? Anyhow your comments provide humour to all who are reading , both TPM fence sitters and also those who resist evil practices of TPM.

      • This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

        I wonder what the amperage of the current is…

        Thank goodness Elina is not the chief pastor.

  33. Dear Exposing the wolves
    MT THOMAS had given strict instructions to sisters that two sisters should not sleep on one mat. But what about TPM’s white-clad gays?
    I heard some months back that one JAMES who is in Vadodara centre is a horrible gay. When Paul Chandran was the centre Pastor of Vadodara this JAMES was kept on punishment for few months in Centre Fake Home. This James has a history of stealing money also. His brother is Thangadurai (White wolf) died in Mumbai Centre. Who all this Abraham Mathew, MT Thomas will control? This entire TPM is a 😈 devilish & corrupt system.

    • Dear Anthony Parker,
      “Defiled with women” can have two possibilities: Men with Women and Women with Women.
      So on technical grounds MEN WITH MEN is not amounting to defilement as per TPM rules and regulations!
      Yes I agree with you that entire TPM is a 😈 devilish & corrupt system.

  34. Why can’t you post the whole list if you had it? And all the evidence? Are you creating a perception you know more??

    • What makes you think that we would not publish?
      One TPM Lawyer came and threatened to sue us and we send her few mails which were pertaining to one of the people named.
      Click here to see that and the subsequent comments between her and others.
      We understood that an action was taken on that particular clergywoman in the transcript. Moreover, the Lawyer believer woman of TPM, said that she is quitting the cult, after seeing the mail transcript. Now, What shall we do? Shall we bring all those witnesses (including ex sisters of TPM) to Singapore so that YOUR HIGHNESS can be satisfied?

      However, you do not have to be concerned about this issue. You better concentrate on your own clergy who is caught naked. If you are too eager for more pieces of evidence, We will have that published before the lockdown is over..I promise to keep you guys entertained.

    • @Imposter

      Buddy, where is it hurting you? I feel so sorry for you. Are you worried about your future because of the loss in revenue or are you showing your TPM pharaohs, your zeal to defend this demonic cult.

      I would suggest that you go take a shower, grab a cup of kaapi and go through the 400+ articles on, maybe that will wake you up from your deep slumber. Time is short, open your eyes and chose wisely lest you end up on the wrong side in eternity.

      Also please thank the admin for his relentless efforts in helping many blind TPM believers like you to see The Light. Maybe God will have mercy on you as well and one day you will also see.

    • @ imposter
      May God give more wisdom to Admin to be smart to not to fall for the traps, provokings and cunning devices of serpents in tpm ….

      On the other hand I am super excited….I hear there are more bombs to explode in tpm! It will rip tpm chalratans of their deceptive cloaks …..fingers crossed..

    • What an irony Mr. IMPOSTER that you ask if the admin is scared by masking your identity. I think this entire website is a wonderful work. People here work hard. But if they talk about unmasking by being anonymous they are still under the clutches of the cult that specialises in subterfuge.

      You need to check out the man who is exposing Dr. Ravi Zacharias. He is open and upfront.

  35. @Imposter

    What is the use of making such baseless comments which hold no we are alive here to acknowledge the things and every detail as expressed in this episode.
    Let there be no iota of doubt in it.
    If you wish to have the business of FENCE SITTING inspite of the glaring truths were brought into light, so be it, but you can not suppress the voices that cry the foul play.

  36. Personally I think its important to discuss these things. I would say that TPM functionaries have taken up a challenging task of committing themselves to some service.. lets for a minute assume its a divine service. And they have, in the enthusiastic fervour and weak moment, committed working together without getting married. All that we see and hear happening maybe immoral but its also a clear indication that they have messed up on their vision and are moving away from God. It happens in our very own personal life too isn’t it? The minute we slack on prayer immorality makes an entry.

    • When TPM Pastors set themselves on a pedestal and claim to be the ones sitting the closest to God and the others are not called for the elevated ministry, we expect that they be tested and found true.
      Are you aware of the meaning they give to Col 1:28?


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