Eschatology is a very interesting subject. But at the same time, it is one subject we need to tread very carefully and ensure that we do not step out of scriptures to follow popular preachers. We need to question like the Berean Jews. This is one branch of study where deception is rampant. We cannot assume that we are undeceived while others are deceived. Let us be soberly reminded the warning of Apostle Paul.

Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falls. 1 Cor 10:12

Let us come to a state of poverty when it comes to spiritual matters and also be ready to correct our positions when we get light on a subject. One primary reason for TPMs condition is that they are not willing to change the doctrines of Alwin and A.C Thomas even after they realized that they are grossly wrong. They continue in their error, to this day. When you build upon a crooked foundation, the building continues to increase in crookedness, in geometric progression.

I would like to focus a few articles which will give us an idea of how deception works in this world.  Though these articles have less to do with the exact Rapture event, it has high eschatological significance.

How to study Eschatology?

Eschatology is a branch of theology focusing on End time events, The destiny of the human race, Death, Resurrection, Judgement and Afterlife. Most Eschatological passages are symbolic in nature. However, there are plain texts as well. It is a Blessed experience to understand the passages which talk about these future events.

Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near. Rev 1:3

When you get your Eschatology right, you get the feeling of perfectly fitting a glove to your hand with all the Five Fingers in the right slot. Most of today’s preachers are in a hurry and they shout and proclaim when they have just two or three fingers in the slot. They do not really care whether the rest of the fingers are in place. Therefore, they end up fooling themselves and others too when later we find out that they put their fingers in the wrong slot.

  • Two fingers of the glove point to  Future events
  • Two Fingers of the glove point to History
  • One finger of the glove indicates the Present.

If your eschatology does not fit right with the History or with the Present, you have most probably put the rest of the Two fingers in the wrong slot.

The Nation of Israel

Most Evangelical Christian Preachers will point to the present country in the Middle East by name Israel as a fulfilment of some prophecies regarding the return of the diaspora. They think the country that is formed in 1948 represents ancient Israel and they build their eschatology on that event. What they are doing here is putting two fingers in the wrong places of the glove. People like John Hagee and Jonathan Cahn has made their millions by spinning stories about this nation. They regularly bring up stories to transfer money from your pocket to theirs. Do not be duped. Present Israel is a Scam towards the AntiChrist regime. I may not be able to finish in one article but will correct many wrong notions we have been fed with by preachers and also various media houses.

Rapture Series – Eschatology – 1
Flag of Modern State of Israel

We all have a soft corner for the Country of Israel. That is because we identify them with Biblical Israel that was driven out in A D 70 by the Romans. The events preceding this exile was discussed in our last article. But before we look at “Present Israel”, we need to ensure that the two fingers of Gloves regarding  History fits right.

Just before the entry of the ancient Israelites into the land of Canaan, there was a covenant which was signed by God and the Nation of Israel. We need to study the covenant very closely. In this agreement, the Nation of Israel agreed to keep ALL the commandments of God in return of Blessings. Violating even ONE of those commandments will bring a curse on them.

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do ALL his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: Deut 28:1

These are the words of the covenant, which the Lord commanded Moses to make with the children of Israel in the land of Moab, beside the covenant which he made with them in Horeb. Deut 29:1

The entire chapter 28 and 29 of Deuteronomy is a list of Blessings and Curses which the Israelites will inherit for following or disobeying them. Carefully open your bibles and read both of the chapters.

Now if we proceed to Chapter 30 of  Deuteronomy, we can see the promise of Restoration for a repentant Israel.

History of Israel till Captivity

Israel became a Kingdom from the days of Saul (The First King of Israel). Before those days they were guided by Judges. If you read the book of Judges, you will realise that Israel was never serious about their commitment to the Covenant they made with God. Most of the time the people were wayward and followed their own ideas. Then God would send their enemies to chastise them and even subjugate them.  After prolonged periods, God would send them a deliverer to deliver them from the yoke of their enemies. This pattern continued until the days of Samuel.

As a punishment to their disobedience, God said that he will not clear the land from other inhabitants.

Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them out from before you, but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you. Judges 2:3

When you study history, you will realise that there was never a time in Israel when it was a 100%  Israeli population. They always had to contend with the local inhabitants. Even during the days of David and Solomon, there were pockets of these people around them. As a Kingdom, Israel existed only for 120 Years. These were the days when King Saul, David and Solomon ruled the Nation of Israel. After the days of Solomon, the nation split into two. Since then, there has never been a Nation Called Israel to this Day. After that, at no point has the 13 tribes (12+1) ever coexisted as ONE SINGLE NATION.

God himself Tore/Rend the Nation of Israel as they had violated the commandment. REMEMBER THAT DAVID AND SOLOMON BELONG TO THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.

divided kingdom of israel and judah1 Rapture Series – Eschatology of Israel - 1 Wherefore the Lord said unto Solomon, Forasmuch as this is done of thee, and thou hast not kept my covenant and my statutes, which I have commanded thee, I will surely rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant.12 Notwithstanding in thy days, I will not do it for David thy father’s sake: but I will rend it out of the hand of thy son.13 Howbeit I will not rend away all the kingdom but will give one tribe to thy son for David my servant’s sake, and for Jerusalem’s sake which I have chosen.   1 Kings 11:11-13

After the death of Solomon very soon, the kingdom was rent into two . Ten Tribes followed Jeroboam (The Servant of Solomon) and Two tribes was only ruled by Rehoboam(The Son of Solomon). The Ten tribes were later called Israel, while the 2 Tribes (Judah and Benjamin) were called Judah. The Priestly tribe of Levi was dispersed among both the countries.

People who belonged to the country of Judah are the ones we call as JEWS. There is a wrong notion that Jews Belong to all the 13 tribes of Israel. That is not true. So every time in History there is a mention of the term Jews, it Means the descendant of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and half of the tribe of Levi.

The Kingdom of Israel (10 tribes) left God of Israel and went after pagan deities and followed them. They were led to their destruction right from the first king Jeroboam. Their kingdom did not last even 200 years after Solomon’s time. They were crushed by the Assyrians and was taken to exile in 721 BC. These ten tribes are commonly called as the LOST TRIBES of ISRAEL. The land of Israel was then repopulated by gentiles which later on intermingled with Jews and leftover Israelites to become Samaritans.

23 Until the Lord removed Israel out of his sight, as he had said by all his servants the prophets. So was Israel carried away out of their own land to Assyria unto this day. 2 Kings 17:23

23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword. Eze 39:23

Rapture Series – Eschatology of Israel – 1

These people who were taken to their exile NEVER EVER returned to Israel, unto this day. They mixed themselves with foreign cultures and migrated to faraway lands to live their own lives. Therefore, Humanly speaking, it is NOT POSSIBLE to get them back to the land of their ancestors. They could include Me and You. Who knows?

Rapture Series – Eschatology of Israel – 1

While Israel Never returned to the land of their ancestors, the Kingdom of Judah also went into exile for similar reasons. The Kings of Judah were more Godly and hence their punishment was not so severe. Moreover, the Plan of God regarding The Messiah needs to be fulfilled. The Jewish captivity is called the Babylonian Captivity. They were taken to captivity by Nebuchadnezzar around 605 BC and around 586 BC the Temple of Solomon was destroyed in Jerusalem. The Captivity of Judah was restored in waves ONLY to a limited extent. They never ruled their Land of Judah even after the restoration. They were ruled by puppet kings of Hasmonean dynasty under foreign influence. Even during the time of Jesus, it was the Romans who were ruling them. Therefore we can safely say that the Restoration was just partial for the purpose of Incarnation of Christ. After 40 years of Christ’s Resurrection, they were scattered again but this time for a different reason.

Rapture Series – Eschatology of Israel - 1
The Destruction of the temple


God knows his people. Imposters can fool people for some more time. He has put his genetic code on them and they will be gathered back to the land of their ancestors just as he says in Deuteronomy 30. He is faithful and will make his move when the fulness of Gentiles has come in.

25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in.26 And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:   Rom 11:25-26

To be continued….


  1. Welcome to the new RAPTURE series with the eschatology tag explaining the facts about the ISRAEL history in eschatology times.Superbly covered.So many truths are revealed in a nut shell about the 10 tribes of Israel (so called lost tribes of Israel ) and the 2 tribes that are termed under Jews. This EPISODE also dealt well and explained about the SAMARITAN people too. Now after reading all these historical facts,I am sure many of the Jewish reader community will surely confront with this EPISODE’S revelations.For example,I recall one Jewish brother by his anonymous name ‘אבן-העץר ‘ was beating around the bush instead of giving correct answers to ADMN brother’s queries.He gave a long , elaborate replies which did not connect to the specific query raised by ADMN. This we observed his reply in the previous Rapture series with PRE-TRIB & POST TRIB -7.
    Kudos to ADMN brother for keeping this EPISODE that brought many facts into light that will ultimately show the real face of ISRAEL.After September elections in ISRAEL, Pres. Trump is going to announce an important news on TWO nation theory which I believe ADMN brother intends to cover in the subsequent EPISODES.

  2. @ADMN
    “Therefore, Humanly speaking, it is NOT POSSIBLE to get them back to the land of their ancestors. They could include Me and You. Who knows?”
    Beautiful explanation brother. You did take me straight into my memory lane.
    Personally for me ,this looks quite a pertinent observation, since God allowed me to land in TEL AVIV air port in 2002 as a transit passenger on my way to USA.Again I purposely chose ‘EL AL’,the Isareli airliner being operated from MUMBAI to NEWARK.I had a very unforgettable scenery- flying low on the beautiful ‘NEGEV’ desert area as the flight was about to land at Ben Gurien airport– still green in my memory. I returned from Newark to Mumbai by the same EL AL. So,though we are not Jewish, in all probability,by the grace of God,we could fly around the land
    and stepped in my fore fathers ancestral land. Who knows?


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