After Noah, we see acts of his descendants, mentioned in chapter 10 and 11 of Genesis. These chapters tell us about a man named Nimrod. The Spirit of God has taken special care to make mention of him, in the early pages of human history. According to Bible scholars, he is the first prototype of the coming Antichrist. Other prototypes of antichrist in the bible are Pharaoh, Ahab, Goliath, Absalom, Adonijah, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Haman and Judas Iscariot. We will see all of these antichrist prototypes later. Right now, it is time for events mentioned in Genesis 10 and 11.

Nimrod the first prototype of Antichrist

Genesis 10 gives us very little details about Nimrod. Not much is known about him. I am sure you might have heard much more about him, than what is given in holy pages. TPM pastors, especially during Christmas days, must have given you detailed knowledge on Nimrod. You might have probably heard that December 25 is the birth date of Nimrod, and not of Jesus. Your pastors might have told you about Semiramis, Tammuz, Christmas tree, sun worship, cakes and so on. But all this information you heard in TPM is fabricated lies of Alexander Hislop – who wrote the book – The two Babylon, in the 1850s. The information in the book, about Nimrod, is assumed by scholars, to be a concoction of Alexander Hislop. He provided no references for his so-called historical claims. There is no mention of these stories, in any historian’s record, prior to 1850s. Therefore my suggestion to readers is, “let us stay confined to scriptures and history well validated.” The only information we have about Nimrod is in the bible. Bible says, he was mighty, a hunter, and founder of few cities like Babel, Nineveh and so on. That’s all! Bible then goes silent on Nimrod. Yet this small information of scriptures is much powerful and breathtaking than the fabricated history you have heard about Nimrod in TPM. Below is a table describing Nimrod as a prototype of Antichrist, from details given in scriptures.

DetailsNimrodAnti Christ
Hebrew Name Hebrew word Nimrod “נמרד” means rebel.

(‘Brow-Driver-Brigs’ Hebrew Definition)

Satan rebelled against God (Isa 14:13). We read he is called as lawless one, who opposes/rebels above all that is called God (2 Thess 2:4). So nimrod rebel points to opposition of God, by devil.
Cursed Nimrod was son of Cush who was son of Ham, whose generations was cursed by Noah (Gen 9:22,25; 10:6,8)Called as the son of perdition/damnation (2 Thess 2:3)
Hunter, Fowler, Snare He was a mighty hunter (Gen 10:9). The phrase mighty hunter is indicative of his ability to trick to snare and catch his targets in his net.The Devil is the one who as a hunter or fowler puts snares (I Tim 3:7, 2 Tim 2:26, Psa. 124:7, 91:3, Pro. 6:5, 7:23). He can do miracles and deceive people. The devil works with power (might) and lying miracles to deceive people in his snares (2 Thess 2:9-12, Dan 8:24, Rev 19:20, Acts 8:10-11, 2 Co 11:14)
King over many nationsNimrod formed many nation starting from Babel (Gen 10:10-11).  He was king over many nations.Devil is prince over nations (Matt 4:8,9, Isa 14:6,10, John 14:30, 12:31).

Rev 13:7 à Power was given him over all kindred, and nations, and tongues…

King of BabelBeginning of his kingdom was Babel (Gen 10:10)King of Babylon Isa 14:4, (see also Rev 17:5)
Tower for his nameNimrod as king of Babel, who probably influenced people to make a tower for their name (Gen 11:4)*Beast asks people to make his statue/his towering image, for people to worship his name (Rev 13:14)

*Absalom type of antichrist sought to make a tower for his name (2 Sam 18:18).

*Nebuchadnezzar made a statute for the honour of his majesty (Dan 4:30)

Top reach heavens Nimrod made people make tower whose top reaches unto heaven. This is indicative of devils desire to be above gods and heavens.* Devil said, I will ascend above the height of clouds (Isa 14:14). I will be like the highest.

* Antichrist exalts himself above every god (2 Th 2:4).


His destructionGod came down and demolished their plan to reach heavens*God said, Yet thou shall be brought to hell (Isa 14:15); See also Ezekiel 28:8-9

* Christ shall descend and consume Antichrist with the brightness of his coming and Spirit of his mouth (2 Th. 2:8)


Therefore, I believe that Nimrod was a prototype to the antichrist. The Antichrist as a hunter, will catch people in his net, by false miracles, and deceive them, and will rule them. He will speak proud words and blaspheme God in heaven and exalt himself much high. Paul says he will sit in the temple of God declaring himself as God. He will make a towering statue (image) for himself like nimrod influenced people of Babylon to build the tower of their name. Finally, God will descend from heaven and consume the wicked Nimrod by the spirit of his mouth.

Tower of Babel (Genesis 11)

Venom Removal Series – Gospel in Genesis 5Next, we see the story of the tower of Babel. In Genesis 9, we read that God had asked the descendants of Noah to fill the earth (Gen 9:1).” They were supposed to spread on all earth and populate it. But the subsequent generations rebelled. They said, let us make a city “lest we are scattered upon the face of the whole earth (Gen 11:4).” Where God asked them to fill and populate the earth, there they made a rebellious plan, to not to get dispersed. This is backsliding or turning away from God. The name Babel reminds of a mysterious woman in Revelation, whose forehead had inscription “Babylon.” This name is no coincidence. Symbolic representation of woman in the bible points to the church. Bride of Christ is a chaste virgin. And fallen Church and the rebelling group is a harlot. We read about the apostate false church in Proverbs 5 (5:3-10) and 7 (7:9-23). Then we see her as Jezebel in 2 Kings 9:22. Then we see her as apostate Israel in Isaiah 1:21, 50:1, Ezekiel 16, 23, Hosea 2:2, 3:1. Final manifestation about her is given in Revelation 2:20-23, Rev 17, 18. So the rebellious children of Noah, who made the tower of Babel as staircase or gateway to heaven, (whose top may reach heaven), is a false church and its false teachings. Here is a small tabular comparison of how the rebel group in Genesis 11 is a type of false church.


Apostate Group at BabelFalse church

Transgressing God’s Commandments


God asked them to fill the earth. However, they gathered together refusing to get scattered.

God asked the disciples to spread the gospel on all earth. However, disciples, who joined later, made followers of Jesus stay in a closed building, instead of spreading the word of God independently. See point 1 [in orange letters] from article Déjà vu/; Modern Friars. There are many transgressions to commandments of God by TPM like false churches. Few examples by TPM itself are

1)      Calling leaders “Appachen” (Matt 23:9)

2)      Vain repetitions of PTL’s (Matt 6:7)

3)      Branding self-name (I Corinthians 3:3-6)

4)      Tarrying meetings (I Corinthians 14

Based on works 

They started building with bricks instead of stones (Gen 11:3).

So building church/tower by using bricks means, establishing a church on works of human righteousness, instead of righteousness (stone) of Jesus (Phil 3:9).

Bricks are made by human hands (Gen 11:3).

Stones, on the other hand, are Natural and God’s creation. See Daniel 2:45, Isa 28:16, Psalms 118:2, Acts 4:11 that stone points to Jesus. We are also called as lively stones (I Pet 2:5, Rev 21:19).

Solomon built God’s Temple using stones (I Kings 5:18). But evil people in the bible made cities/buildings using bricks, Ex: Nimrod followers (Gen 11:3), Pharaoh (Ex 1:14, 5:7).

False churches, therefore, preach salvation based on works – like TPM, Catholic churches etc.

For your further study, you can do research and verify whether there were 70 gentiles nations mentioned in Genesis 10 or not. Is there some connection between 70 nations mentioned in Genesis 10, and the sending of seventy disciples by Jesus into the world, to preach the gospel? I leave it for your study to finding out.


For me, it is amazing, to notice how God has both revealed and hidden all this information in sacred pages. We have prototypes of Jesus, antichrist, and stories which are a glimpse of what will happen during the end days, in biblical stories. This is why I believe, the bible is not merely a historical record book. It is a time machine, which takes you in past and shows you things about the future. It is God’s blueprint about the salvation of mankind through Jesus, and destruction of the enemy. May God bless you through its reading!


  1. TPM church leader pastor.Durai from Thoothukudi now in Vellore KONAVATTAM TPM pastor for the last two years control over 19 churches!
    This pastor made lot of corruption in offering money( nearly 3 CRORES) sent to his native place Thoothukudi for hotel project with bar attached.This news spread all the branches and believers started asking accounts
    To control this trouble he appointed one person Mickel from tirupattur TPM who is notorious RAOUDI having murder cases kidnaping cases in judicial magistrate court tirupattur.Thro this Mickel many believers attacked severely kidnapped.and threatening not to open their mouth.To safe guard pastor.Durai is paying many lacks to Mickel and his RAOUDI groups.

      • really feel sorry for these believers. My family and I were believers from TPM once upon a time. Glad we left after 4 years there.

    • Hey you louis
      Any proof or are you mudsliding based on heard rumour ?
      Do you have any police complaint, any letters from any believer written to Chief pastor ?
      Baseless accusation.

      • I do not think that this is a baseless allegation. I too have heard that Durai has taken lots of Money and has used it for his private gain. I have also heard that he is having gundas to assist him.

        • I have heard Durai’s testimony in YouTube. He was stealing idols made of rare metals , that was their family income. He told he had been delivered but now I feel he is still the same 🙁

  2. Yes Surya, the Clergy in TPM are non-repentant. They just follow their desires in a new method. Seems such fraudulent life was part of his genes. The god of TPM does not deliver you, he just adds more sophistication to your skills of tricking people. Religious garb is a very great deception. (THE FORM OF GODLINESS as in 2 Tim 3:5)
    If they pull down his testimony from youtube, you can listen to this as well.

    Attachment  duraitestimony.mp3

  3. Once again an eye opener!
    The reason I enjoy reading articles in this site is that the articles take into account the false teachings of TPM, the mindset of TPM believers and provides a perfect antidote.
    Yes I was in awe when TPM preachers explained about Nimrod, Babel and why we should not celebrate Christmas (Irony: preached in meeting called as Christmas meeting on 25 Dec). But now it’s so clear that the elephant in the room was never addressed. TPM and its followers are in the pursuit of becoming the biggest denomination, building huge infrastructures, no mingling with fellow baptised Christian brothers, trapping other church believers with their whited covering and self certified monastic life. In the process of building a religious tower they demolish families and torture the ones trapped in the four walls of their faith homes. Nimrod made his followers to make bricks for building a tower which would in future save them from any floods. Similarly TPM torturers it’s gullible workers and believers that they will have to obey their unbiblical rules to escape the anti Christ and enter into Zion and New Jerusalem.
    I thank Jesus for delivering me out of TPM.

  4. Today morning as I was meditating on the Scripture portion –ROMANS 15:31, that Paul talks about deliverence “that I may be delivered from them that do not believe in JUDEA. which gives a spiritual meaning of our own people…..That means we were delivered from such kind people too.
    Glad to find a comment from’Liberated’ soul and that his/her pleasing remarks made me more determined to fight these relentless battles with the forces of darkness that completely masked me from learning the truth all these years!Even now I get the regular phone calls from the laity & clergy whom I abandoned long time ago.
    It becomes a tough time for me to give appropriate ‘REASONS ‘ to the members of clergy & laity. Believe me,the Spirit of Christ in me is aptly answering them and they ‘ve got no answers to reply me back! Thanks be to God.

  5. Admin,
    Thanks for these articles. I learnt lot of new information from the Bible.
    But one thing which is hard to believe is you are telling all the cultish movements including TPM will accept antichrist when he comes. How could that possible? Do you have any idea how could this happen?
    I’m sure RC church will accept antichrist because Catholics believe Pope is having ultimate authority and once he announces antichrist as messiah, most of the Catholics will believe it. But the denominations like Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, TPM are against Pope. Their pastors & church members are nowadays taught who is the antichrist, false prophet (Pope), 666 etc. For example I believe all TPM members knows how antichrist will appear and how he will force people to accept 666 in the forehead. If TPM chief Pastor announces antichrist is the messiah or prophet, only 5% of the TPMites will accept and others will surely rebel against him.

    • I am not sure where exactly I did say that the RC will accept AntiChrist(The Final Beast). Such teaching is what comes out of many protestant circles which assume the Pope to the False Prophet of the end times and a European conglomeration would rule the end times. I do not think that is what will happen. Even though elements from all groups will join the Son of Perdition, I also believe that a good number of people will come out of that deception. The RC Doctrine in its current form will not be acceptable for the AntiChrist Regime. In the core, the Roman Catholic Doctrines are Christian and we should understand how to remove the chaffs from it. Irrespective of the scams and certain unholy stuff that come out of it, we cannot ignore the Christian base in it. God willing I may add my understanding of the AntiChrist in the present scenario. It surely is NOT a catholic lead one.
      In the article, if I say certain aspects of TPM or RC are antichrist in nature, I do not push them as a whole into the AntiChrist group. These are basically Hyperboles to showcase a scenario.

      My understanding of the End times AntiChrist resembles the ones that are being preached by Joel Richardson. You may check those out in his youtube channel.

    • Most of our misunderstandings regarding Catholic Churches are seeded in by uneducated protestant clergy. I have studied much of the doctrines of Catholics and Orthodox churches and have realized that their theologies have a very solid foundation and the corruption within them is not really so great as many people make it out to be. Needless to say, many of the understanding we have is based on flawed reflections which we get from the uneducated laity and ministers who are in the business of sheep stealing. For a start, you may watch this basic questioning of a catholic priest by a protestant interviewer. You may ask me questions regarding the catholic or orthodox churches so that I can pitch in where we have a negative outlook regarding their doctrines and practices. Many times, our clouded mind of negativity against them, is the culprit. Its time we(all protestant groups) stopped the vilification of these churches.

      Remember that the New Testament that we glorify was canonised by the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Therefore, it is also important that we understand their view of how they look at the scriptures we call as New Testament. Many TPM People has no clue about the History of the Church as their History lessons start in 1923. Many modern churches have no liturgies and creeds. Therefore, their doctrines can be twisted and turned as per the fellow on the top. However, the doctrines of Catholic and Orthodox churches are embedded in their liturgies which cannot be changed and hence is reliable for historical purposes.


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