I could have posted this as part of any comment. However, I thought it very important that TPM Ministers and Believers listen to this. This is audio in which Late TPM Deputy Chief Pastor Don is condemning the Pharisee-like attitude and practices by TPM. After many long years of association with TPM, Pastor Don realized that he has been duped by the white clads from India. As per my understanding, this sermon was delivered in the workers meeting a few months before his death. It is very refreshing that at least one of the TPM Sr pastor is acknowledging a part of what this site has been saying since the last few years. Truth Realization from TPM Sr Pastor.

Sad to say that TPM has not changed a bit, but have progressed more into the extremism of their Pharisee life. We hope that they understand how their own pastor is condemning their own ways.

Truth Realization from TPM Sr PastorFor every time, Pastor Don says “Jesus Loves You”, TPM Pharisees paints a picture of a very harsh and legalistic Jesus to the unlearned TPM Believer. I do not want to explain it, he says it all.  Moreover, He compares TPM with Islam. We had already published an article which compared TPM with Islam. Click here to read that article.



As per request by many readers who have issues with Pastor Don’s Accent, we are presenting below, the transcript. The places where he taunts typical TPM thinking is where the colour of the text is purple.

Now you can read on and on, I will stop with that.
Read all that, just says that, if you pardon me, we have entirely too much of that in our church.
This Desire to rule over people. Tell them what they can do and what they can’t do.
And alright we tell the brother that you cannot take communion if your hairs cover your ears so then when he comes to the church he combs it down so it won’t flap over ears. Then when he gets up, he brushes so that it flaps over his ear. What have we accomplished?
We say we take off the jewellery, we put it back when we go home. What have we accomplished? We tell young people not to have a boyfriend, not to have a girlfriend but their heart and mind is full of lust. They may be reading pornographic literature, watching pornographic videos. What have we accomplished?
I want to read this letter to you. It came from another country, and the sister pleaded with me “please don’t share this and her name with anyone”. She is a good solid believer with one of our churches. She tells something of the struggle she has now. You say we don’t have those problems in our churches. I know we do.
I know a lot of believers sweating under our code(Cult rules). Now we do not call and tell them that. Now we do not call the Islamic code(Cult rules). We make our New Testament church code(Cult rules). You can’t come to Jesus if you are not holy. Do you know what the bible says? I know there was the Syrophoenician woman you know. She was a prostitute and she can’t bow down before him.
I mean Jesus should have kicked her in her face saying get out of here. You are not clean. You know she kisses his feet. Something wrong? The story should not be in the Bible. You cannot eat the flesh of Jesus and drink his blood unless you lead a holy life for six months. So you get yourself cleaned up stop all your sinning then you can have Jesus.
I plead with you, plead with you. What is our Gospel? Do we have any good news at all? Yes if you are Holy you go to heaven. That is exactly what the Muslims preach Exactly. Holy People go to heaven. Every bad people go to hell. Is that what we are preaching?
Now, don’t you dare take communion if your hair is too long? And don’t you come for healing if you are going for movies? I won’t pray for you. And you sisters if you have any earrings on, don’t come for prayer. Won’t go to your house to pray for you. Jesus doesn’t love bad people, you know that? On the Cross of Calvary, he died for good people, right?
Only good people can come to Jesus. So you get good, stop all you sinning and get yourself holy then you come to Jesus and he will say you are a nice man. Be my follower. What kind of Gospel are we preaching?  THIS IS A FORM OF ISLAM. We may call it Christianity. We may call it Christianity but is Judaism.
And that is Natural, we want to RULE OVER people. We want to CONTROL PEOPLE that’s what Islam is. It wants to CONTROL PEOPLE. We have the same tendency. On Sunday we want to see everybody dressed just the same. Hair length just right and. We have one believer, One Faith Home Child who trimmed his beard like you know a trimmer. So we put him off the music in the church.
You know we have to check that out? There are some men who trim their beard because this part here doesn’t grow properly. But Jesus had a beard. The Bible does say that. If Jesus had a beard, shouldn’t we have beards? Does the Bible say we can shave the beards off? You say What does the Bible say. You can’t have jewellery? Or where does the Bible say You can shave your beard?
Look at Bro Carl, He had brown shoes on. Most of us have black ones. You are trying to show off actually. I like coloured pants. Come on brother.Have dark colours on.
We insist that thou shalt not commit adultery. If you have committed adultery, we will throw you out of the church. But Jesus said, if you even look to a woman to lust after her, you already committed adultery. So we should tell all the men folks who come here to “GET OUT”. We could go into the old testament where it has all kinds of things. One thing it says An Illegitimate Child can never enter into the house of God. And I know somebody who is …right here born out of wedlock of their parents. You cannot come to the house of God. We are in the Ministry. Get out of here. And any man that is castrated or has a Nocturnal emission cannot be in the house of God. This is all in the Old Testament. Out you go.
And we can go on and on and note that one verse about being married and not being in charge of warfare. We can go on and on. Frankly, there are scriptures in here that just condemn me to death. I have no hope at all but I thank God for Jesus Christ. I thank God for the love of God. (unclear)I want to write to the sister and tell her I do not care about all this stuff you are up to. I want you to know that Jesus Loves you.
I want to tell God Loves you.

This big brother who came and forced his way(unclear)…Computers on Saturday. I want him to know that Jesus Loves you. I am going to put you on discipline for six months. No communion for six months. What does that poor man need? He needs Jesus. Unless you eat my flesh, you have no life in you. Oh no, you are not worthy to eat his flesh. Get yourself holy and come eat bread.
He says without eating my flesh, ye have no life in you. You can do nothing without me. You need to eat me and drink me. I need to be living inside of you. That’s your hope. No No No..don’t do this and don’t do that. I think we need to print up a list like they do in a newspaper.
You do all this and all that and then you can come and worship Jesus and eat and drink of Jesus? If a person is struggling, and having problems but sincerely wants to get right with God, I would say what you need is just eat and drink of Jesus. And I don’t know, I had one of our pastors tell me, Oh the only purpose of the communion is for Strict discipline. To make you eat as a Special type.
True we have to eat of Jesus and drink of his blood more than just once a month. Paul says whenever you come together or whatever it is, I need Jesus. I don’t know about you. But I tell I have no hope for me at all.

Maybe you got a problem. People come and confess their problems. I don’t think I’ve ever received a confession. Which I had not to say within myself. Except for the grace of God there go I, because as far as I’m concerned, I am the worst sinner in the world today. I know that because God has shown me, yes, she’s used those scriptures and many more than the Bible to show me who I am and what I am. The one thing I know for certain that there is no good thing in me. I know that and without him, there’s no hope for me whatsoever. I’m a lost dead sinner condemned to hell.

And if Christ were to come right now and leave me behind, I couldn’t complain one bit. (unclear) before judgment. He looked at me as soon as you to go to hell. I couldn’t argue with that. I couldn’t, I couldn’t say, oh, that’s not right. In fact, it would be right. I agree with him. If on the other it takes me to Heaven, I would say, Oh God, How great thou art. How Wonderful, How Loving, How Kind, How good and merciful and forever and ever I will be praising him.

If I see you there. Bro Patrick, how did you get here? The same way you got here. So the grace of Jesus Christ, I am what I am by the rules of “That New Testament Church” and I hope it’d be better if you give me some more rules. I’ll keep them too. I am. I am. I am what? (Unclear). So when you witnessing to the Muslims and they tell you that their religion is not strict enough, Islam here in America is not like it is over some of the other countries. You can tell them, don’t worry about that. You come to our church, we got more rules in Islam has, we’ll make you holy God, forgive us, God, forgive us.

Some words are not clear, hence the above transcript could have errors


  1. Praise God….in these last days skeletons are tumbling out of the TPM cupboard…..Kudos to Admin.
    Hope the blind TPM followers understand and read the scriptures before it is too late.

  2. This sounds like Don the sinner saved by Grace not the Chief Shepherd of NTC. Really surprised that this clip has survived and thank god, now it is in the public domain.

    A honest confession of the true state of this satanic cult from the pits of hell. It is sad that Don realised it too late, I’m not sure how long he lived after this. The only question I have for him is what he did to change the course of this ship…nothing. If he had done something, we would have had his successors like Michael implementing his desires. It never happened, Michael lived in denial…oh NTC is not like that, it happens only in India. We preach the Gospel.

    Hope the current leaders of this false religion will have their spiritual eyes opened and preach the sweet Gospel of Jesus not the false teachings of Alwyn the pervert.

    What more evidence do the blind believers of TPM need to understand that TPM is just another works based false religion like Islam. You have heard it from your beloved Don, the Chief shepherd of NTC. Hope God will have mercy and wake them up from this deception.

  3. Very good post at the right time. But I know for sure that, some TPM fanatics after hearing the audio clip of brother Don, would say, “Don Spiers was a fallen man”. In fact he was a man who lived a practical Christian life. His sermons always revolved on the axis of Christ’s love. As the saying goes “Better be late than never”, Don Spiers at last made it public that TPM is no different from Islam.

  4. Welcome to 292 nd episode which is so special to me personally as it is churning out
    my nostalgic memories that I spent some days with CPM/TPM/NTC/NCTC/ Sr Pastor” !

    Those were the days of my life surrendered to this Cult to such an extent that I used to tour around the world and used to attend only for the CULT conventions .I never realized that I was sailing with this CULT orgn till God opened my eyes of understanding through this blessed site in 2017.
    Till that time I was totally mad with this ORGN in participating in its conventions.
    Stationed in India,I was doing my mundane job.All my accumulated holidays were mostly apportioned for touring around the world with this CULT and hardly cared about my family and children. On one such occasion, I was in New Jersey F.H and met pr Don in his chamber in 3rd floor(later I proceeded to OHIO convention in that particular year).
    When I knelt down for praying,he too knelt down and prayed.He passed away exactly in a couple of years after my meeting with him and I strongly believe that this clipping belonged to those couple of years. But whatever may be the reason, pr Don spoke the truth finally through this clipping .This is the gospel news!
    God did accomplish His “Truth Realization from TPM Sr Pastor” in these end days.
    I stand as a true” TESTIMONY” for all the dear ones who go through this site, to please rethink about their position too that God should help them to come out of this CULT at an appropriate time if not now but in near future. But the early is the better.
    The Lord who helped me to come out of this CULT is the same today,yesterday and for ever
    No change for Him.Only change is required for us.
    Wishing you all the best .

  5. Though TPM operates by rules/regulations, they are hypocrites of the first degree when twisting the same rules for their convenience.

    For example, TPM says we cannot take part in communion if we take medicine because we LACK FAITH, but they take an old testament rule of TITHE and make sure they get regular monthly income but call their dwelling place FAITH HOME

    One glaring hypocrisy is – They allow people who take loans to take part in communion but not the people who take medicine. When you take a loan, it is mostly for vehicles, house, education, etc., but when you take medicine it is to save your LIFE………

    Matthew 15:8 8 “‘These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.
    9 They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.
    10 Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand.
    11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

  6. Ministers of TPM

    They have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven as per Matthew 19:12.

    They have forsaken father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children, house, land for the sake of Jesus’s name as per Matthew 19:29.

    They hate their father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children and their own life to become the disciples of Jesus as per Luke 14:26

    As per the sayings of Jesus in Luke 20:34-36, ministers of TPM do not marry so that they can be counted worthy to obtain that world and the resurrection of the dead.

    As per the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 13:44 the ministers of TPM have sold all that they had to purchase the land containing hidden treasures which is the kingdom of heaven.

    It is true ministers of TPM sacrifice all the above and enter the ministry but many forget all the sacrifices they made to enter the ministry and give room to the deceiver and indulge in politics instead of always revealing the characters of Christ. Such displease God (2 Samuel 11:27). Such give great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme (2 Samuel 12:14). Such will receive curse from God (2 Samuel 12:10-12).

    • Dear Kolimani Stephen
      You have narrated the verse regarding the TPM ministers, but without understanding the mind of God. The fact is this that, you too have understood all the mentioned scriptures from the same perspective of TPM frauds. God did not want the literal fulfillment of these verses as TPM does. You believe that TPM ministers have sacrificed everything and fulfilled the verses you mentioned. Let’s for a moment assume (not true) that TPM ministers sacrificed everything but you know that more than all these outward sacrifice God desires LOVE, MERCY & JUSTICE (Hosea 6:6, Micah 6:8). And without any controversy TPM does not have all these. Most of them are the cruel monsters.

    • Dear Stephen Daniel,
      Your responses are exactly as any other tpm fanatic usually responds. Do you think we are unaware of tpm lovers typical responses? You err because you do not understand the scriptures. You read them literally without meditating on them. Do you think Jesus would contradict himself when he critisized Pharisees for forsaking their parents in name of Corban and at the same time ask his own disciples to forsake their parents?

      Read articles suggested by admin and also below articles. Tpm is not according to word of God but according to word of roman catholic church. Read the following articles in this site and you will understand tpm is Roman Catholicism presented among protestants in masked form.

      Getting job money and narcissistic prophecies in tpm does not mean this church is from God. Get your brains into working mode or else you will perish like all else tpm members.

    • @Koilmani Stephen Daniel,

      I commend you for trying to defend this satanic cult but at the same time I feel sorry for you because you are deceived. I can empathize with you because I was in your shoes a few years ago.

      I hope and pray that God will have mercy on you and help you realise the deception you are in and become free in Christ.

      These articles are a good starting point if you are truly seeking The Truth. All it will take is some humility to accept that you are deceived.

      Remember the Bible was not written by a TPM saint.

    • Mr. Daniel , since the TPM ministers have forsaken everything made themselves eunuchs and dedicated themselves they have the right to rule over others , spiritually abuse others and do whatever they want and don’t answer to anyone , is that the point you are trying to make , please explain

      I have another point to make THERE IS ONLY ONE SUPERSTAR IN CHRISTIANITY , it is not any ministers, not any church or any doctrines, HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST, Philiipians 2:10-11
      it is CHRIST who created this whole world
      it is CHRIST who really forsake everything
      it is CHRIST who died on the cross for my sins
      it is CHRIST who rose again

      so i don’t really care who is sitting where and wearing what crown , when I get to heaven I am only bowing down and worshiping one person JESUS CHRIST (GOD) , only 1 person who truly deserve worship that is GOD, don’t care about the 144000, or people with big mansion , i will definitely will be in the last row but only one person I am going to praise and bow down worship no one else matters in this world or in the world to come only GOD

  7. what i feel is not just Pr don , there are so many servants and believers seen the light but its too late for them to do anything ..

    • The success of the cult is that they were smart enough to foster enmity/distance between the new recruit and their families. Over a period of time, the relationship is destroyed. After many years when the parents of the recruit are no more and the siblings well settled in their lives, there is very less scope for the new recruit to join back with the family and catch up. A sample case is that of Jacob Williams.

  8. They forsake father, mother family etc are only till there is unfavourable situations like during training and when they are monitored by their seniors. Once they get out of those situations they are connected with their families.
    I know of a Worker sister from a rich family stayed at home with her parents for 2 days and did shopping at a famous mall in chennai when she was transferred.
    I also know another sister who is 20+ years into TPM, speaks with her mother daily over phone. She also talks with her aunties and get to know all thats happening with in the family. Whenever possible aunties are meeting the sister and filling her pockets with money and other things. (FAITH LIFE)

  9. @Hannibal says: June 5, 2019 at 6:02 pm
    which year you were in new jersey .??
    Yes Hannibal dear, ‘am happy to answer your query- it was in the year —-2002

  10. I wanted to know what is the Admin’s stand on divine healing. If there are doctor’s all around you and access to health care is not all difficult then abstaining from taking medical help and relying on God’s help alone surely would be nothing short of suicide. A thread or article on this would be an eye opener for the TPM sheep. If you have already done something like that then a link to the same would be appreciated.

  11. The majority of the ‘believers’ are duped into believing the illusion that the workers have ‘forsaken everything ‘. If a person has forsaken everything, that person has got nothing to lose, however, a vast number of workers are in fear of voicing out the erroneous teachings which they are prepared to admit privately. Why? What are they scared of losing? That’s right! They are scared of losing the guaranteed shelter, food, clothing, respect and position if they are evicted., thereby proving that they haven’t forsaken much. If a person has forsaken all for Christ, the same person won’t live in fear to speak the truth; but won’t care if it offends the ‘senior authorities ‘

    • John

      The vast majority who choose not to speak out on any matter, are not afraid of losing shelter and food.

      They are more afraid of losing face after being ostracized by the only community and society they know.
      Their families will also face ridicule and psychological persecution.

      The vast majority of “believers” keep their mouths shut just most people drive by a road accident.
      “Why stick my neck out for matters that don’t affect my daily life?”

      Only a few people who give little or no value to petty opinions and have real moral values will speak out.

      This is true in all matters.

      I suggest you name one person in all of TPM who has openly spoken out against any issue and is still standing there.

      If anyone feels strongly about any issue then he or she should stand up and speak.

      Don’t hide and snipe in the darkness.

      • Dear Vik,
        There are very few organisation (Christian denominations) which exists today where they are so liberal to accept any one who could stand and speak up against the basic fundamentals on which it stands. Thats unfortunately the truth in any man made organisation.
        Some denominations where the Gospel is preached & practised AS IS have nothing to fear and do encourage Q&A and challenge sessions where any one could stand and talk.
        But TPM leadership will come no where near it with its cultish practices.
        But campaigns such as this post does yield results and I can see few youngsters from my society take right decisions after reading through some corrective doctrines.
        So calling it hiding and sniper in darkness is not appropriate. A small candle in darkness is what I would say this is….

      • For my brother’s career sake, I will continue to bury my head in the sand and live in la la land. I will however continue to take pot shots at fromtpm.com because I have to show my zeal for this demonic organisation.

        I continue to feel sorry for you Vikramaditya.

      • John is right, because VAST majority (not every worker) of tpm workers are illeterate and not from well to do familes. Not everyone in tpm ministry enjoys strong family background. Indeed one fear in them is being ostracized from society, but other fear of losing, food, shelter, comfort, and respect hinders them from taking stand. Pygmalion effect or self fulfilling prophecy as it is called, encourages the self in these workers to meet the expectation of their society, to remain in line with societal teachings rather than challenging the echelons. If you have someone in your family who is in ministry and he is unable to take stand, Mr. Vikramaditya, then it may be true for him that he has backup of shelter food and clothing, but his fear from being ostracized from society is no excuse at all. Bible says he who does not forsake his society (father mother family) for my name’s sake is not worthy of me. . John is right.

  12. Dear all,

    Through many articles in this site, I am blessed to understand the doctrinal issues of TPM. One thing I don’t understand, can anyone please clarify. I’m not sure if this has been covered in any other articles.

    TPM often quote the below verse from John 14:2 for their doctrine of four levels in the eternity.
    “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

    They say that many mansions means Zion, New Jerusalem, New heaven and new earth.
    Can you please explain the exact meaning of the above verse? I have read many commentary in the internet but I am not satisfied with the explanation.
    Also, I know that all the believers (bride of Christ) will reside in the City of New Jerusalem in the new earth. Then who will reside in the new earth outside of the New Jerusalem city?

    • Brother Johnson,
      TPM Doctrine about their eternal Habitation is just baloney. Now one basic thing we all should know is “what is a Mansion?”. If you do a google search we will find that a Mansion means a large, impressive house. Now Do you think New Jerusalem is a Mansion or a City?
      The bible says New Jerusalem is a City
      I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God,…. Rev 21:2
      This is enough to prove that the TPM baloney of Mansions is a busted balloon.

      Moreover, According to TPM, there are just 4 Mansions (Zion, New Jerusalem, New Heaven, and New Earth). If we go back to John 14:2, Jesus says in his father’s house there are MANY Mansions. Do you think it makes sense to say MANY when the count is just 4? Why would not Jesus say 4 Mansions or at the least say “FEW MANSIONS”? What I am telling here is simple Grammar application.

      The Bible itself gives us clues as to what are these Mansions. Paul Compares our present Bodies to Tabernacle (Meaning Temporary Residences) and gives us hope for Eternal Houses in Heaven.
      For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. 1 Cor 5:1
      So we all will receive a glorified body which will be our permanent residence (a.k.a Mansion). Paul categorizes our eternal body as “Building from God” as we see in the above verse. This also fits Jesus’s reference to “MANY MANSIONS” as each of us will have our own eternal glorified bodies.
      I hope this clarifies your doubt.

      • Thanks admin for the explanation. I understood the meaning but why Jesus didn’t tell these things in an easy way in John 14:2? That’s what I am thinking now.

        • @Johnson
          If you read the context, we can be sure that Jesus was preparing his disciples for his departure. Please read the later portions of Chapter 13 too. Especially vs 33 and 36, he is mentioning about his departure and also a later joining by his disciples in a different place. Later on, when Jesus was resurrected with a glorified body and the Holy Spirit revealing them different aspects makes it clear to them.

  13. I got a chance to show this voice clip to some TPMs, I was thinking they would say its not Pastor Don’s voice and they did not surprise me. When they are getting confused if it is god’s voice or not then how could they discern any man’s. They would believe their ego more than anything.



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