Today is a special Day(30th May 2019). The day that reminds us of the Ascension of our Lord. The day when the Son Jesus Christ (John 17:5, Eph 1:20-21) sat on the Throne of God along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. As Jesus was also a Human Being representing all of us, we can celebrate the day when the “Man” Christ Jesus is Raised above all the heavens and rules over the world, everything that is seen and unseen. What a Glorious day to remember where it is established that God Shared his Divinity with Humanity and Man reached Heaven. This is the reason for Paul saying “seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. “(Eph 2:6)

Genesis is a book about ‘Genesis of everything’ or ‘beginning of creation.’ That’s what the name Genesis means – ‘the beginnings.’ We can call it as an Old Testament book which points to new beginnings or New Genesis in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Let us see how Genesis chapter 1 to 3 preaches the gospel.

Creation and the fall

The book starts by telling us how God made the world. Everything God made was good. Notice the word good. The first chapter repeats “and God saw that it was good” six times. Finally, it sums up the entire creation as very good. Genesis 1:31 says, “behold it was very good.” Thus the simple message in creation prose is that God made everything beautiful and perfect. There was joy everywhere. Just like it says in the book of revelation, – “there will no more be pain and tears (Revelation 21:4),” so we can say it was in the genesis of creation when God had made the world ‘good.’ Te was no pain, no death, no sickness, nor death. Creation was as heavenly as heaven is. Garden of Eden allegorically was a pointer to life and happiness of heaven (see Ezekiel 28:13, Rev 22:2, 2:7 and Luke 23:43).

Then the book of Genesis tells us about the fall of man. With fall came the curse upon the earth. God said, ‘cursed is ground for thy sakes.’ Paul says, “…whole creation was subjected to vanity because of sins, and it now groans for redemption (Romans 8:20-21).”

This fall points us to seek redemption from sin death and pain. We feel the need for messiah the saviour. The whole creation longs for redemption. Unless we realize our fall, we will not feel the need of being Healed or Restored. The sick needs the physician, not they who are whole! Therefore the fall of man ushers in a need of The Saviour. Thus begins the laying up of foundation for the gospel.

The Lamb slain

Having laid the need for the gospel, genesis then preaches the gospel to its readers. It informs us that a lamb was killed because of Adam’s sin. We read, “Unto Adam and his wife, did the Lord God make coats of skin and clothed them (Gen 3:21).” Here is the first reference made to Jesus the sacrificial Lamb of God. We can see this phrase in revelation ‘lamb slain before the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8).’ Because Adam sinned, God had to sacrifice an animal, in place of Adam, after the world was Created. We see God covering the nakedness of Adam with the skin of animal sacrificed. Paul says, “for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. (Gal 3:27).” We are clothed with the skin of the lamb of God just as Adam and Eve were clothed after they committed the sin. The Lamb Jesus Christ died and clothed us with his righteousness so that we are no more naked.

Figleaves vs The Skin of the Lamb

Venom Removal Series – Gospel in Genesis – part G1We also see a glimpse of the human tendency to believe in the wrong gospel in the first few pages of the scriptures. Adam and Eve tried to cover their sins with the works of their own hands. It is written they sewed fig leaves together and made aprons for themselves (Genesis 3:7). God, however, clothed them with clothes of skin. One keeps wondering, why should God cover them with coats of skin if they had already made arrangement for themselves by sewing fig leaves? Adam and Eve covering their nakedness spoke allegorically of the righteousness of man’s own good works. It speaks of the tendency of the fallen human mind to seek salvation from his self strength. Man always seeks defence in righteous works of his own doing. No wonder we see so many followers of TPM, trusting in self consecration, self celibacy, self holiness as a means to gain Zion the heavenly city. They allure the masses into believing that only celibates who have not married can go close to God near his throne in Zion. However, God says “….all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf;.. (Isaiah 64:6).” Yes! Adam and Eve tried leaves to cover their sins, – leaves which fade away – or temporary righteousness of human doings. In Isaiah God says, “their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works (Isaiah 59:6).” Therefore Apostle Paul who was blameless according to the law, who was once a Pharisee trusting in his self purity, preaches the gospel saying, “And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith (Philippians. 3:9).

Therefore Adam and Eve sewing apron of fig leaves to hide their nakedness speaks of man’s tendency to seek refuge from the wrath of God, by his own righteousness. However, God clothing Adam and Eve with coats of skin shows God’s remedial arrangement for man, through the sacrifice of his own son.

Marriage and Gospel of reconciliation

And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man (Genesis 2:21-22).”

We read God first created Adam and then he created Eve from the rib of Adam. Eve was formed from Adam. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.(Gen 2:23).”  This was a prophecy that Church the bride of Christ will be formed out of Christ. Apostle Paul explains and calls the followers of Jesus as the body of Christ. As Eve was the body or bone of Adam, so is church the body of Christ or “flesh and blood” of Jesus. Jesus, therefore, said, “Take eat, this is my body given for you.” Then he said, “this cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.” Thus we the church become “the flesh and blood” of Jesus or “bone of bone” of Jesus. In baptism, the old man within us dies, and the new man is born or resurrected along with the resurrection of Jesus (Romans 6:4-5). Thus the born-again church is a creation taken out from Jesus himself.

Therefore Genesis 2:21-22 was speaking about our baptism and communion. It spoke about our born again experience. It spoke about our reconciliation with God. We who were sinners and alienated from God are reconciled to Godhead through Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Detailed explanation to this theme is explained in Ephesians 5:22-33 (mystery of unity of husband and wife – marriage), I Corinthians 11:23-34 (communion), I Corinthians 12 (body of Jesus and gifts of spirit for edification of entire body), John 17 (Unity with God) and other passages of New Testament like Colossians 1:21.

Curse of the serpent and Identification of the Saviour

Then we all know the ubiquitously known direct promise of Messiah as the seed of woman defeating Satan. God said,

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel (Genesis 3:15).

The Narrow and the Wide Gate

We see two trees in Genesis 2:9. One was a tree of life. Is there any doubt in our minds that the tree of life was allegorically pointing to the bread of life, or Jesus himself? We also see another tree the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Thus there were two gates before Adam. One led to death. God said, “ye shall not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The day you eat, you will die surely.” Another tree as the name says was the gate to life. It was called the tree of life. Jesus said I am the bread of life. Jesus is the door to eternal life. Unfortunately, Adam chose the wide gate and the broadway. It appears as if Christ had warned him – the day ye eat ye shall surely be destroyed. God was as if saying to Adam and Eve, “Enter ye in the narrow gate, for broad, is the way and wide is the gate that leads to destruction (Matt 7:13, Genesis 2:17).”

Flaming swords blocking the way to life

We also observe that cherubs with a flaming sword were kept in the garden to guard the man against eating the fruit of the tree of life and live eternally. We read, “So he drove out the man, and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life (Gen 3:22-24).”

We see the door to eternal life gets blocked (Gen 3:22). This laid foundation for the gospel that unless someone dies, the way to the tree of life remains closed. In Zechariah 13:7, we see that this sword rose against Jesus. Zechariah 13:7 reads,

Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the LORD of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered:

This same sword is also referred in Luke 2:35 (And a sword will pierce your very soul.)  which impacts the life of the Woman who bore the seed(Genesis 3:15).

When Christ was arrested to be crucified, we see Peter taking out a sword. This probably was the Sovereignty of God to remind readers of another sword prophesied in scriptures. Jesus reminded this scripture to disciples saying “All ye shall be offended of me; for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and sheep of the flock will be scattered (Matthew 26:31).” When the sword smote Christ he opened the door of life for us. The writer of Hebrews says, “By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh (Heb 10:20);”


To God be the glory, great things He hath done,
So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,
Who yielded His life an atonement to sin,

Fanny Crosby

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  1. @”Who yielded His life an atonement to sin,

    This episode brings a beautiful hymn written by Fanny Crosby and in conclusion brought out the very character of ‘CROSS’ which spoke about love and forgiveness to the humanity.

    This is the most adorable statement said about our Saviour and I cherish it most for all the time.
    As a lover of poetry, I caught hold of ‘ ABIDE lyric’ which I would like to produce here for the benefit of
    poetry lovers as we have plenty in our reader community.
    Abide Lyric

    The cross ever before me, the things of earth dissolve
    Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me
    With every passing hour, Your presence all I need
    Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me

    Oh my strongest desire, my passion, my fire
    Holy Spirit alive in me
    Oh this soul that You made sings forever Your praise
    Holy Spirit abide in me

    Even when my faith is weary and darker clouds roll in
    Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me
    In the face of fears, be closer and my Father’s voice be near
    Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me

    I will stay surrendered in Your presence
    Steadfast in your love
    With my heart abandoned one with Heaven
    Abide in me, oh Lord

    Writers: Jimmy James, Eby Corydon, Luke & Anna Hellebronth
    If anybody wishes to hear it in the form of audio,this following link could be clicked and
    rejoice in the Lord.

  2. Beautiful exposition of the Gospel in Genesis.

    Keep up the good work you are doing Brother. This is the need of the hour. For years TPM has made every effort to complicate the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our God, through these articles, will surely open the eyes of His lost sheep within this cult.

    Praise God!

  3. That you pastor Don’s sermon. I knew him as a very new worker in England.
    We did minister together. He was a very sincere man. He was brainwashed washed by A c. Thomas

    I hope many read
    And listen to this sermon. He is right when he says that we have more rules than Islam.

    Keep up the good work

    Thanks. Glad bless. .

  4. I am very very happy to read Bro Sam alangarmoney’s comment that I could see myself in the same page with him regarding pastor Don Spiers. Let me put it in the record straight since the contemporary brother Sam Alangarmoney is very much with us and is a avid contributor of this site especially for the matters of old time issues.Pastor Don Spiers arranged an exclusive faith home car for me with one worker bro Samuel at the wheels (Now he is no more serving the NTC ministry,he left NTC long time ago) to visit all the NEW YORK based faith homes— BROOKLYN, STATEN ISLAND,YONKERS, AMIT VILLE all the way from NEW JERSEY faith home. Who could understand the magnanimity of pastor Don,except me and the ones who tasted his love of God, like the beloved bro. Sam alangarmoney. Finally the will of God was fulfilled in the life of pastor Don even though he was brainwashed by the contemporary workers as mentioned by bro. Sam Alangarmoney. I fully believe that God has finally taken care of him Theres’ hardly any doubt about that.
    Hope we too will be taken are by the Lord in the similar lines( as we are already out of this CULT), if only our spiritual eyes are discerned to the facts and truths as enunciated in the Bible. I can put it as a joint TESTIMONY of mine and Brother Sam Alan if he permits me Atleast Bro. Sam Alangarmoney shall vouch it for many of those who are still acting as fence sitters .

    • @Eagle’s Eye
      Pastor Don spent a lot of time in a balancing act trying to bridge the gap between Christianity and TPM Phariseeism. There was a Sr Sister by name Joyce who was the bully. She forced some of her TPM Retrograde thinking on Pastor Don and hence the Church Split with a huge majority moving out of NTC. He still stuck on to the Organization. I guess it was too late for him to make any changes. Now the church is basically a South Indian Church trying to imitate the white man’s culture. They wear Formal western Outfits, Sing only English and Spanish hymns and discourage all things which are Linked to TPM Holiness in India (viz white dresses, Sarees, South Indian Languages, etc). And what is more hilarious is that most of these people are trying to imitate the American accent but end up with something funny which is neither Indian nor American. I wonder why can’t they be ORIGINAL? I feel pity for those confused folks trying to again do these acrobatics. Let there be Light.

  5. ADMN bro.
    I believe Sis. Joyce was a doctor by profession hailing from B’ore-India before she entered into the TPM ministry as a worker. She was subsequently transferred to NTC-USA to strengthen this CULT base there in early 2000.But at that time there was huge gap doctrinal issues being followed in TPM-India and NTC- USA. For example pas Don used to encourage couples coming to NTC ministry and staying in the same as husband and wife in the west, and where as that totally prohibited in the TPM culture. Yet the pastor Don be invited to IBR,KOTTARAKARA, VIJAYAWADA conventions in INDIA. This was a total duality of core principles of CPM/TPM.
    Well coming to the point of Sis Joyce,she became Elder to this NTC. I very much spoke to her in my first visit to NJ f.m in New Jersey.She subsequently passed away in her ministry itself after she returned from attending an AFRICA CONVENTION.
    Was she the same Sis. Joyce you are mentioning about?
    Then when was the time that CHURCH Split in NTC?
    May be I was quite unaware of those facts you were bringing to.
    Perhaps Sam Alangarmoney could also throw some light on this important factual information.
    Very innteresting indeed.

    • If my memory serves right, the Split happened during the late 80s. So not sure if you are mentioning the same Joyce. She was supported by T U Thomas in the process of the split(Hardline Pull). From what I understand, Pastor Don Regretted that action greatly and could not reconcile the dichotomy.

    • Yes, I confirm that Sister Joyce was a Doctor and the Split happened in 1988. I am trying to get a photo of hers..Will post it as soon as I get it.

  6. What all you depicted about NTC practices were very much in vogue during my visit in early 2000. Sr Sr Joyce was the incharge Sr there.At that time TU was the Chief of this CULT mission.He came to OHIO convention.Pr Don stuck to his own no 3 position as ever.Pr Stephen Natarajan was serving with NTC.-USA.Another interesting thing happened there.Pr Joseph Vijayan serving in AUS came to OHIO CON-2002 from NCTC /OZ-NZ. Later after the convention he got the marching orders to MUMBAI. TU removed him from AUS ministry and tried to bring him INDIA . But Joseph Vijayan defied TU’s orders,and left the ministry.By that time pr Stephen Natarajan was transferred from US ministry and was brought to India . Now Australia needed one incharge, pr. Stephen was transferred to Melbourne and rest was the history.
    In the NTC NJ ,what you described the same South Church trying to imitate the white man’s culture was maintained.Hardly any white used to come to this church. Many black and spanish speaking poeple used to attend the church. (The present incharge white Sr. Lisa Billow is an exception..)
    After Stephen’s transfer -pr Michael Thomas was brought in there by pr. Don.But strange it is to see that this CULT embraces with duality of doctrines with EAST ans WEST and still thrives on. Looking forward to hear from brother Sam Alangarmoney.

    • You seem to have some information. Could you please let us know why Pr. Joseph Vijayan left the ministry. Is it simply because he did not want to be transferred to India? Some say he was asked to leave. Also, there is one Jenson Thomas who was in New Jersey. Have you met him?

  7. Dear bro.SFJ.
    About pr Joseph Vijayan (Theophylus) you made some queries,.
    Somehow God provided him an exit from the clutches of this CULT in early 2000.So after almost 17 years of his exit we are discussing about him. Whatever we talk now ,it amounts as a pure speculation. Because the real truth was never revealed by this CULT . For example, look at the case of pr Joseph Williams.The facts never come out.Only our speculations.You may call it by hook or (by) crook ,I call it as a blessing in disguise especially when Joseph Vijayan got the marching orders from Australia to India(Mumbai),there was no signs of his reporting to his new area.Then speculations start.Now thanks that internet provided us information that he is still safe and is doing some ministry. When you click his name(Theophylus that also added to his name—I did not know it till internet revealed it),you will to get to know he is actively doing his ministry and we are happy about it and shall we
    not praise God for that ?
    Yeah in those years, I did meet Jenson Thomas too .He used to look after Pr. Don Spiers

    • Dear Bro. Eagle’s Eye,

      Thank you for your reply. From the day Pr. Joseph Vijayan moved out people have always wanted to know why he left the ministry. He is a nice man and I believe he is with UECF church. I have seen some of his videos on youtube. I wish TPM had pastors preaching the same thing all the time or give room for revelation to accommodate what was originally intended by the authors of the Bible.

      Jenson was my next-door neighbor in India. They are a very good family. I asked about him just to find out if anyone knew him or how he was doing.

      Thanks again!

  8. Dear bro Alex ( SFJ)
    @ “I wish TPM had pastors preaching the same thing all the time or give room for revelation to accommodate what was originally intended by the authors of the Bible.”
    This is a profoundly liking statement made by you in the context of pr.Joseph Vijayan that confirms me that we both are on the same page.Good ,it also reaffirms the age old saying that birds of the same feather flock together. In that case ADMN brother ,and the likes of NMSF brother belong to the same boat we are sailing that we are fortunate to find them as our beloved brothers in Christ.Well when we are at cross roads ,we look to the cross .Solutions will easily come by .There may some situations where the issues are not easily palatable ,but then we can always agree to disagree and thus keep our conscience pure without keeping any prejudice at all. For example when I shared my testimonial issues of pr.Don Spiers as you ‘ve read in those commentaries,all those who commented on my testimony ,succinctly put their line of argument that Pr. Don had finally played a dual role in the whole of gamut of his ministry till the very end! (I too agree with them.).It looked as if he woke up late and realized his mistake. Anyway we leave it to hand of the Lord who knows all the drawbacks and weaknesses of His children .He is the SUPER JUDGE and the AWARDER of the crowns we deserve
    By the by I believe you are in possession of the book written by pr DAVID PAUL who brought out the original doctrines of CPM

    • Dear Bro Eagle’s Eye

      I have to completely agree with you. I simply don’t know where to start but you seem to be a nice person and make sense when you say something.

      That last rip off message from Pr Don’s message reminds me of only one person in TPM. I have heard the late Pr. Manasseh tell sometimes that there are better preachers outside TPM and missionaries who have left all they had for the sake of their ministry.

      Pro 25:11 – A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Very true, God is the ultimate Judge.

      I do not have the book by Pr David Paul but I have read it online. Some serious questions he has raised and probably put a stone in many of the readers shoes.

  9. Dear brother sfj ,
    I was completely overwhelmed by your kind words written I humble myself,I do not deserve them at all.
    But let us keep continue the beautiful fellowship that God brought us through this blessed site space provided by our beloved ADMN brother whose magnanimity really helped us to come together along with the exceptional authors of comments section. I must say I was strengthened and edified spiritually by their comments .Let me profusely thank those brothers and sisters through these columns .Brothers NMSTF,REDEEMED,FRANKLIN,NATH,RICHARD,DENZEL JOY, Sis SURYA, Sis Joice were exceptional in their comments that their testimonial lives.
    Talking about pr David Paul’s book we were referring, it was so much revealing that how the original doctrines were slowly diluted and changed .When we read the verse written in PROVERBS 22:28,,it is as if God is reprimanding /indicting this whole CPM/TPM/NTC/NCTC CULT mission. They are hardly realizing it.



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