Today’s Christianity has deviated much from the original early Christianity. We should know the paths through which we deviated. This quiz should help us understand how we drifted away from the original. When you are part of a cult as TPM, you are brainwashed to an extent where you do not even know what was the original piece. They present themselves to be the original ones. No wonder many TPM Fanatics find our posts to be unbearable and also unanswerable. Take some time, chill out and answer the below quiz.

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1. Which of the following organizations are closer to Arianism?


2. Name the Apostle who built a home for himself after the resurrection of Christ?


3. The Nature of the Church of God is


4. There was a famous debate between Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli. What was it related to?


5. As far as Traditions are concerned, a True Christian should


6. Name the Christian who is believed to have taken a very extreme step to follow Matthew 19:12


7. One Church used to make lots of noise thereby blaming the Holy Spirit for their behaviour and brought disgrace to Christianity (Just like TPM). Apostle Paul rebuked this church. Which Church was it?


8. Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. This translation was done by Jewish Scholars proficient in both the languages. How Many scholars were involved in it?


9. How many Tarrying meetings were conducted by the early apostles in the book of Acts, after the Holy Ghost came on the day of Pentecost?


10. In early Christianity, when a Rich Man became a Christian, what would be his initial actions?


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  1. Kudos to ADMN brother whose relentless battles entered into 291 st EPISODE that deals with the church history A very educative QUIZ enclosed indeed . A very appropriate theme for all those who eagerly wait for this site items. As we go on presenting these facts on CHRISTIANITY/CHURCH HISTORY the innocent masses can dig into the past ‘CHURCH HISTORY’ and the real face of the culprits who developed this TPM cult stand exposed.
    Wow!that means all these 90 and odd years this CULT has been thriving well and could able to fool the people by the SATURDAY tarry meetings concepts, WEDNESSDAY/THURSDAY Bible Studies and by holding other conventions round the year in the name of CHARITY work. Thus CULT went on thrusting its un-scriptural activities/ things on the innocent masses all through these years and still bent upon continuing its senseless activities to deceive the Christianity to further higher scale. I encourage ADMN brother to spend more time on these CHURCH history points that empty the falsehood of this CULT.
    Thank you once again for all the your efforts that help ultimately open the eyes of the understanding of those who are interested!

  2. Good one Admin, it takes some humility to take this quiz and I hope this will prompt more and more true believers to research what they believe in and not be taken for a ride by the false teachers and liars of TPM.

    No sane person takes a pill without knowing its composition or if it is not prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, then why do we swallow the spiritual poison which is being fed by these false Teachers? Is our mortal body more precious than our immortal soul?

    Please save your money and your souls, don’t be deceived by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are very sincere and faithful to their TPM/NTC/NCPC organisation but not to the Word of God.

  3. @ Quiz Time – Open Book Examination
    December 8, 2016 – by admin – 33 Comments.
    Another EPISODE of ‘GOLD MINE’ for the new comers!
    As I continue digging the ‘GOLD MINES’ of this blessed site, I came across yet another ‘GOLD MINE’ —- —the 43 rd EPISODE—-“Quiz Time – Open Book Examination” as a part of the huge series of EPISODES. When one can goes through these series of EPISODES,a doubt may arise how to get the CHECK list of a CULT. I am sure one can get an answer to that query by going through this QUIZ TIME episode. More there , a list of 33 invaluable comments reveal the inner core of certain personalities like bro Vik Gant. I do appreciate the painstaking replies given by bros. ADMN,RICHARD and Sam Alangaramony gave to bro Vik Gant . I am yet to find out ant response from Vik Gant in this site. but neverthless, my digging continues unhindered.


    Latest incident happened in TIRUPATI (ANDHRA PRADESH) centre.

    ‘A FLEEING AWAY’ case has come to limelight that a SOD/SOM (sister -name withheld with a purpose) who came to the ministry in 2000 has fled away . Details awaited.
    I think a time has come for the TPM clergy to open its eyes to allow their clergy to choose its own life partners who want to part with them.Nothing wrong in it. I think sometime ago this same view was expressed in this very site so that the TPM top clergy would take cognizance of it .But now the inevitable things are happening . No body can help them now.

  5. Came across this very disturbing Video of how a SOG was treated. This Pastor Victor had a stroke few months back. When they have millions of rupees, they cannot even think of providing a adjustable medical cot as these patients feel better when propped up. See how a poor brother is sitting with his back with a pillow to support him. Now this a true reflection of the love as seen by TPM.
    On top of this, it is understood that he was transferred in this pathetic condition to another branch with strict instruction of just one believer to accompany him. He will need at least four people to assist him in his journey. The centre pastor knows that the poor believers will do any thing at his beck and call.

    • Very sad to see this and it is a norm in TPM.

      If you are a worker and if you become ill, you are as good as trash. They will label this as sufferings for christ, I wonder which christ they are referring to. I also wonder how these leaders sleep at night with all this blood on their hands.

      No wonder they need to speak in their tongues to energise themselves to do their evil master’s bidding.

      What a pathetic mess this TPM is.

  6. We need to post some basic information about the CHURCH history and thus help educate the old and new souls that invariably come to peep through this site
    As this site is imparting yeoman service by bringing many basic facts into light I thank ADMN brother and his TEAM for their relentless efforts,especially
    unraveling the many truths about the founder of this CULT and how he master minded many of the RCM practices with a slight twists and by bringing them into CPM.(TPM/NTC/NCTC and all other names that go in various other countries.)
    Why I did I say the old souls ? Because they had been conveniently duped by this CULT all along their lives.
    By reading this enclosed clipping,————— they would at least open their eyes of understanding and get refreshed their knowledge whatever they have heard or learnt .Let us watch this clipping.

  7. Please take a look at the contents in this site dedicated to another so called christian cult (2X@ ministry) which has very some striking similarities with the TPM/NCPC/NTC cult.

    This began way back in the 1800s and has branches all over the world and is hidden just like our friends. Also they have workers who are celibate, have a dedicated hymn book as you read it will leave you wondering if Paul/Alwin had picked some ideas from this demonic organisation.

  8. @ADMN bro,
    yes sure , we are on the target when you release those QUIZ s pin pointing the CHURCH HISTORY. Meanwhile NMSTF bro released the most horrifying clipping on ‘the truth” CHURCH.He is also o the same page that we are targeting.



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