Which Church should I go to – Part 2 is a continuation of the previous article in the series. The success of any Business in this world is all about how you market your products or services. Similarly, politicians and religious gurus have their loyal followers.  A religious organization like The Pentecostal Mission also needs the branding to be successful. So when you ask the question “Which Church Should I go to?“, you are in fact asking, which brand should I follow.

Genuine Brands

For better understanding, let me cite an example of the PC market. I have never seen an ad of Intel Chipsets in a very long time. However, major brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc make it a point to display the “Intel Inside” Logo on their products that use Intel Chipsets. especially processors. You will never see a PC which displays “Seagate Inside” even though the Hard Disk is of Seagate. Most of the parts inside the computer are sourced from different manufacturers but those names do not have the power of the “Intel Inside” logo. One main reason for this logo on the computer is associated with its reliability and performance. There could be a lot of good processors manufactured locally, but none of them commands the respect and the genuinity of intel. In the spiritual world, If somebody has the best reputation of reliability and dependability, it is none other than Jesus Christ. Therefore, it should not surprise us that many Religious brands want to piggyback on Jesus. Hence even TPM put on them the logo of “Jesus Inside”.

jesus inside


If you do not know how to check the Intel processors within your computer and believe in the sticker and the seller’s sweet words, you will be duped. It’s much easier to check out the genuinity of the computer processor than to check out the genuinity of “Jesus Inside” within a Church. In fact, in many of the modern churches, Jesus is Outside. but they have a label of “Jesus Inside”.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. Rev 3:20

“To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Rev 3:1

Check of Genuinity (Jesus is Lord)

Religions like Islam and Baha’ism have the “Jesus Inside” Logo and so does numerous religious organizations and well-known cults which have been using the Jesus Brand to market their Religion. Many people get enamoured by their loud sermons and crafty actings to be deceived into thinking that Jesus is Inside the Church. It’s akin to fooling infants by adults.

so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. Eph 4: 14.

These are some basic checks to know if the “Jesus Inside” Logo is true.

Jesus cannot be inside the Church and not be the LORD. If he is not the Lord, he is in fact Outside the Church. So if Jesus is Lord, his Lordship will be visible throughout the Church.

Ask these questions when evaluating the church/fellowship. These questions are focussed on things which TPM violates blatantly.

1. Do they love other Christians or do they try to run down other Churches?

Consider this audio before you read the verses that follow. Teju (TPM’s NextGen Leader), admitting inadvertently that his core mission is to attack other churches/denominations and exalt themselves.

  • Do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty pride, but in humility consider others more important than yourselves. Phil 2:3
  • A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34
  • But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8
  • If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 1 Cor 13:1
  • We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. 2 Cor 10:12


If you think that Teju was having a slip of the tongue, Just listen to these audios before you confirm your notions.


When you are in the business of Religion, you do not Love Jesus or other people. You are more concerned about building your own brand so that you have a brand following. You use the name of Jesus for your brand reputation. These kinds of marketing do not cut any ice with Jesus.

“Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? Luke 6:46

On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’ Matt 7:22-23




  1. TPM ministers are adept and skilled when it comes to branding their self name. They employ three basic techniques.
    1) Exalt self name,
    2) despise other competitions
    3) Crub all opposition

    This is like war. Expand yourself, attack others and defend yourself.

    Self praise
    Everytime you hear them, they will keep telling, we don’t take medicine, we have forsaken our homes..and so on…

    Despise & attack other churches
    Tpm ministers use pulpit to despise other churches. They keep harping we don’t take salary like others, we are unmarried and therefore better than other competitors.. we will go to zion others to new earth etc etc

    defend self and crub opposition
    When any of their immoral activities is brought to light, they will say….shhhh shhhh.. don’t say in public… keep it in between workers… let believers do not hear it…. Don’t speak against servants of gods… They will also try to bribe government and hide their evil works.

    One can see how on youTube channel by name Molly Anand, believers of tpm plead Molly to remove the videos that shame tpm. They are not worried about other brands.

    This cult is one of the greatest self name loving organization in the world.

  2. The more you listen to these wolves, the more you realise that TPM is not a christian denomination but a demon-i -nation. The preachers here are lying and they are so arrogant and after listening to the second clip, I wonder if he is addressing fellow christians or a herd of animals. He has no clue what “Elect” means and he is trying to run down his sister cult – IPC, stating that they are messing up doctrines.

    Coming to the third clip, our friend Emptee – he is very consistent with his lying, no wonder he is the Chief Liar of TPM. This idiot still does not understand the order of Melchizedek and compares his celibacy to this order. What a sick heretic this man is, God alone can help this mad man and his followers.

    I feel sorry and sad for all the followers of TPM and that includes many members of my own family.

  3. In 3rd Audio clip, at 8:00 to 8 :10, the preacher corrects the English translator “its not we must hate three things” but it is “you must hate three things”. The grand self perfection frame in which they put their selfies is baffling. Want themselves separated high from the congregation, Any humility in here? . How can such a self-esteemed pride be always correct ? When God resists the proud ! Absolute confidence in themselves, Instead put it on Word of god, and His spirit.

  4. Dear Admin, could you please explain about Melchizedek the Priest.? How TPM ministers says they are doing ministry in this manner. Also please explain Hebrews 7:3.

    • @ Sam
      There are three ministries in the Kingdom of God.
      1. Priest
      2. Prophet
      3. King
      The Ministry of the Priest is to make supplications to God on behalf of the People
      The Ministry of the prophet is to give the counsel of God to the People
      The Ministry of the King is to lead the people in a Godly way.
      Nowhere do we see the Ministries of King and Priest being merged except for the case of Melchizedek. He is the Priest of the Highest God and also the King of Salem. In the same way, Jesus is also the King and the Priest at the same time. That is why he is under the order of Melchizedek, unlike Aaron who was Just a Priest.
      Now listen to this video for the genealogical issue as mentioned in Heb 7:3

      But at the same time, the TPM case is just baloney.
      Are the TPM pastors without Father or Mother?
      Melchizedek is supposed not to have descendants, how come these people are claiming to be the descendants?
      Their entire Doctrine is based on setting themselves special above the rest.

      In reality, we all are the descendants of Jesus the real Melchizedek as we are Kings and Priests unto God.
      And hath made us Kings and Priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. Rev 1:6

  5. Admin, Excellent explanation and the supporting videos dumps another exclusive TPM doctrine to the dung hill.

    I wonder what Vik has to say about this. His brother has been conned by the TPM melchisedeks and he was hoping that he would sit on the edge of Zion holding on to his brother’s white lungi…oops sorry, his brother’s black coat tail as Vik’s brother is marching to TPM’s Zion West.

    What a bunch of jokers these followers of Alwin the pervert are. How much more evidence do they need to realise that they are being conned?

    • Dear NMSTF,
      I do not expect an honest introspection by people who are totally sold to an ideology.


      • Yes, Brother, this demonic addiction to the TPM drug can only be cured by God.

        All these articles provide comfort and assurance to those who have have been liberated by the grace of God. The TPM addicts will find these offensive and will continue to throw verbal stones or ignore to their own peril.

  6. Dear all, it seems most of you are attacking many church denominations including Pentecostal denominations. Which Pentecostal denominations do you think not abiding to the biblical doctrines?

    • Have you tried to answer the following question?


  7. “Teju (TPM’s NextGen Leader), admitting inadvertently that his core mission is to attack other churches/denominations and exalt themselves.”

    Wrong transcription. Not nice.

    • Another dyslexic individual.

      THESE DAYS we are not going to attack other churches“.
      The above statement is a clear acceptance that he is pausing his attack on other churches for this small period of time.

      Feeling ashamed? eh? Don’t worry..This guy will say much more. Keep watching.

      • Eww.. the only thing I find disgusting here is the way u responded 😅
        First of all I’m not a tpm believer or in any ways related to that church.. so don’t assume I’m ashamed as if these are people very dear to my heart 🤣🤣 These names teju and all are no more than some story book characters to me 🤣😅
        I’m just a normal Christian who loves Jesus and trying my best to love His body on this earth.. and I don’t think u know me as a person to call me dyslexic 😁
        I thought u people were doing this whole ‘exposing tpm’ thing to win people over to Christ.. a bit less harshness and a bit more grace will help u achive that better I assure u😐
        That’s it.. have a nice day 🙂

        • Stop denying your cult.. this is the typical way a TPM fanatic responds.. first trying to be neutral.. this is an exclusive site for TPM guys and non-TPM will never comment like your comment…
          Keep browsing other articles and you will realise your folly

    • That’s why I tell you that you are Dyslexic . You are too much filled with the devotion to the cult that you cannot see what normal person will see

      • Haha.. u must be really uniformed to assume that this page is visited exclusively by Tpm folks.. this is on the internet sir/ ma’am! Anyone can read it!!
        I wonder how Ure so sure I’m part of tpm.. u don’t know my beliefs but u dare to label me a heretic and cultist.. that’s very unkind and un-Christ like 😤
        I’ve been looking up on the internet trying to find what they teach in tpm and many other churches as well.. Just like I’d look up elevation or Bethel Church when a friend sends a forward.. I found this site and I came across a good number of reasons why I shld be careful of tpm.. yes most of my knowledge about tpm doctrines comes only thru this site.. I do this cuz I have to watch out for some people in my life.
        My suggestion to u is don’t be too quick to call names at a stranger.. do u even care if I know Christ or if I’m on my way to hell? All u care about is that I questioned something u misrepresented.. u call me an enemy of God while the reality is only u see me as Ure enemy.. I don’t understand why u resent criticism that much..
        I’m starting to feel Ure not the kind of person to have a meaningful conversation with.. and if u think only tpm people shld read Ure content u shld think of some other ways to present it.. where u know who’ll be reading.. otherwise stop assuming u know everyone and everything. Bye.

        • You know what?
          A cashier in the bank handles so many currency notes that not even one of the fake note fails to be detected. That is the same case as with you. You are not the first nor the last of those TPM Fanatic Species trying to play neutral. So son, try your tricks somewhere else. You are just one of those specimen who happened to be here.

      • I see that u haven’t posted my previous comment. I hope now u realise expertise in cashiering doesn’t qualify u to judge people as if u knew them. When people make a wrong judgement unknowingly it’s normal for them to apologize.. and when people think they’re infallible they will never accept they were wrong no matter how obvious it is.. I hope Ure not of the second category.. still on this conversation only becuz u say u know Christ but choose to hold tightly on claims u don’t even have any idea about a total stranger.

        • Did I not tell you that I know when a TPM guy comes here and tries his NEUTRAL stunt. The words and the acting are matching yours. You may please show some proof that you are NOT. It’s up to you.

          In case you are truly NON-TPM, you should not be commenting on a subject which you are ignorant of. We being in TPM, know how much they love to attack other churches as is confirmed by Teju. We have been with this cult organization for decades to know it. So if you are ignorant of what TPM is, you need to just keep shut. But you keep coming back, again and again, justifying the cult, is additional proof of your love for this cult confirming who you are. PERIOD.

  8. I was commenting on the way u presented a content. U were using an audio clip to project Ure own ideas on what u think he was meaning.. that’s all I was pointing out.. I didn’t support tpm in any one occasion.. I don’t know those people that way to take sides on them.. but you what u did is outrageous.. u started calling me names for just making a straight comment on the way u presented something.. not on the entirety of what Ure doing on this platform.. and the way u lashed out just wouldn’t stop bugging me cuz it’s outright false.. after seeing how u hold on to Ure own claims about things that you got wrong about me as a person only then I’m starting to doubt the authenticity of Ure works here.
    Even I don’t think Christians should be biting at each other for tiny differences in doctrine.. and think they’re better than others.. And to me practical living in this world as a Christian is far more valuable than simply having the doctrines right.. living is the most difficult part cuz no one can do it without having God’s grace on them continuously.. and God gives His grace only to the humble.
    I keep coming back cuz u made false claims about me.. Not out of devotion for people I don’t know.. I didn’t want u to believe a lie thinking Ure always right🤭
    Stop calling me a tpm believer cuz u’ll get into trouble from them as well cuz I don’t meet their standards to be a believer..
    I identify myself as a reformed Christian a Calvinist to be precise.. I stick to historical interpretation of scripture.. and I have theoretical idea of what a cult is.
    And for Ure satisfaction I’ll also add I do take medicines when I fall sick, I don’t wear white clothes, and I never speak in tongues in front of anyone
    I’m NOT a tpm believer. Dot.
    If Ure still going to stick to Ure claims go ahead.. I’ll decide to myself that trying to make u understand is a waste of time and effort.. anyways I did my part of warning u of Ure presumptuous attitude.

    • //I was commenting on the way u presented a content. U were using an audio clip to project Ure own ideas on what u think he was meaning..
      So you know what Teju is meaning, more than what I know, who has been in this cult for so long?…Good Going…
      How long will you try to play this game? Be truthful…

      Wow thats nice
      //I identify myself as a reformed Christian a Calvinist to be precise

      If I recollect many of TPM Pastors also say they are the same… The only problem is that they add some more layers making them this.

  9. /If I recollect many of TPM Pastors also say they are the same… The only problem is that they add some more layers making them this./

    I didn’t know that so far 😱
    As far as I know reformed guys held marriage as a sacred thing.. it represents the intimacy between Christ and His church as we read in the letters.. Ephesians I think.. I don’t think they’d say marrying makes anyone a second class Christian 😅
    Maybe u can tell me what scripture tpm uses to make this claim 😁

    /So you know what Teju is meaning, more than what I know, who has been in this cult for so long?…Good Going…/

    I’m telling I can listen to the audio as well.. That’s not what he told in that clip.. if u wanna prove that’s his standing about other churches use some other clip or don’t use a clip at all..
    Don’t assume people coming here r deaf.

    I don’t have any issues in discussing further on these doctrines.. just accept that u were wrong..Don’t embarrass urself further by sticking on to Ure claims.

    • //I’m telling I can listen to the audio as well.. That’s not what he told in that clip..
      Oh really..
      what do you understand by the following sentence?
      “THESE DAYS we are not going to attack other churches“.

      • I don’t know what he’s done before that.. But in that clip he was kinda inviting the other denomination Christians.. kinda comforting them.. don’t worry we won’t be taking this time to attack anyone nor will we exalt ourselves..
        I don’t know what he continued to do after that.. But what u presented is the exact opposite of what Ure attacking him for

        U shld ve asked these questions before calling names and judging 🥱

        • //I don’t know what he’s done before that.

          So if you DO NOT KNOW, what made you comment here?. You spend a lot of time commenting and challenging me with this kind of IGNORANCE about Teju and the cult?
          It’s better to shut your mouth when you do not know. I feel sorry for people like you. Use some common sense and do not be an IDIOT. Teju is not comforting anybody, he is telling that he will pause the attack for that meeting as many of the listeners are from other churches. The entire organization has been build upon the foundation of telling their folks that they are better than the other churches and the other pastors. TPM are the masters in Sheep stealing.

          Stop living in denial. You are a member of the cult and could not even understand a simple sentence which is obvious to anybody. Go home and take rest. Don’t even come here with your silly statements.

  10. @ Anonymous

    I have been observing you arguing back n forth with Admin. Do you even have little understanding of TPM and it’s doctrines?

    Are you even aware of this cult’s customised life of separation teaching, or the various disciplinary regulations that they impose, if members happen to establish any relationship with any other church members, in course of events like communion, baptism, marriage, birthday party, celebrations etc? Do you have any idea of tpm’s teaching on layers of eternity (tpm customised eternal habitation doctrines) ?

    Aren’t all these doctrines of tpm, self exaltations and attack on others? Aren’t these and these alone the incessant harpings of tpm 24*7 ? Aren’t these in their songs, messages, Sunday school books and taught as training to new recruits ?

    Do you even know ABC of tpm’s customised evangelisation ? Have you seen how tpm ministers introduce themselves to new person (during their sheep stealing visiting activity) ? Have you not heard them introduce by saying “we are not like independent pastor’s taking salary, we don’t get married, we do not take medicines etc. ” Aren’t all these attack on others and self exaltations?

    And isn’t all this summarissed in Teju’s audio clip, -“These days we are not going to attack other churches”

    Half knowledge is dangerous. Better get acquainted about the cult of tpm (which you are trying to defend). And stop your nonsense argumentations.

    Please trash this man from henceforth. You have discussed with him more than needed.



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