Jesus said to his disciples “Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy (Luke 12:1-3).” There was a wide gap between the public persona of Pharisees and their private life. They publicly taught people one thing but privately practised it not. Same is the case with TPM Pharisees. They have a propaganda machine to make a show of their FFL. FFL  stands for Fake Faith Life. They do propaganda saying we don’t have any bank account and we live faith life. A church or independent minister who has a bank account is despised by TPM and its teachings. For example in question number 27, in TPM publication book, they have written, “Most churches all over the world ask for collections and take collections. Why does your church (TPM) not do that?” Answering this TPM chief pastor says, “Those who have properties and bank deposits in their name can never live a faith life, and they cannot be called apostles or true servants of God.”

According to TPM, people who have a bank account and who use interest earned from bank deposits, cannot be called as apostles or true servants of God. Read it below.

The Leaven of the TPM Pharisees

Now let us see us test their secret dealings in accordance with their propaganda machine. We are in receipt of UPC( TPM, UK)  financial statements which reveal their secret life. See the highlighted texts in below snapshot(The complete report is at the bottom of this article).

The Leaven of the TPM Pharisees


This financial statement submitted by UPC (TPM UK) to British government has the clause “Reserve Policy of TPM” which is never shown to the general public (This financial statement is a 23-page document). The “reserve policy clause” states that TPM church keeps money received through tithes and donations (about 2.5 million pounds which is about 23 crore Indian rupees) in banks and earns interests from them. This 2.5 million £ kept in the bank in the UK, is left over money after their expenditures and fake charity works. They say they keep it for maintenance of church ministers and day to day operations for a period of six months. Is this faith life they talk so much? As per their own teachings, they do not live faith life and therefore they CAN NEVER BE CALLED APOSTLES or TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD.


Jesus said, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops (Luke 12:1-3).” Their FFL (fake faith life) is made bare for all to see. The more interesting fact is that they brand it all as CHARITY.

Click here for the PDF File

UPC Accounts


  1. Every time you give money to these people, remember Prov 22:16

    He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.

    • Yes. According to TPM, God Blesses his servants with Mammon.
      People like Thambi Durai will now come with a new Classification to their already diversified list of Faith.

      Great Faith
      Most Holy Faith
      Mustard Seed Faith
      6 Months Faith

  2. As this Harlot is being stripped naked one layer after another, the filth and the stench of her prostitution makes you sick thinking how you and your forefathers have been duped so long to part with our hard earned money to fund her fornication.

    For money, this whore will go to bed with any one and this expose just demonstrates the wily nature of this beast. It is a false charity which is ripping the UK government in the Name of Christ and this has been going on for years now. This strategy is followed by this cult wherever it exists and you will never see them part with even one penny to a poor beggar let alone to a believer.

    Mammon is their god and they will do anything to gain more. The sad thing is that they pretend to live like beggars and force their followers also to do the same. The sad thing is that their New Jerusalem bound followers turn a blind eye to this open evil and continue to fund the Beast.

    God bless the Admin and his team who are exposing this false church and its harlotry, layer by layer, here a little there a little. Hope the TPM faithful read this and realize how they are sinning by being a party to this crime.

  3. During pr.TU time, himself serving as Elder brother for UPC ,it looks this property in BRIXTON -UK was
    acquired from CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR group, a news paper, Radio & TV group.As the CSM was supposedly running under loss of its entire business, it put up its partial property in BRIXTON for sale, and rest was the history for this mission. Pl pray how many more skeletons are there in the pipe line,we do not know at this stage,but we will come to know surely as the HOLY SPIRIT GOD reveals it to His beloved ones.

  4. If not for this revealing statement no one would be aware of the true life of faith as practiced by these so called saints. God bless those individuals behind this TPM-Leaks and bringing to light act of darkness.
    It is interesting to note that 2.25 million pounds is in deposit, with little over 57K in current account and 8 grands at hand. So interest over deposits, income tax rebates etc are the prime revenue streams as one can see it.
    One statement that really caught my attention is “this deposit was supposed to be used if there was a significant drop in funds”. So the direct command of Jesus in Mat 6:31-34 is of NO EFFECT TO THESE saints.
    I really admire the audacity of these board of trustees who after hoarding this cash, will preach about faith life.
    With no believers on the board of trustees, this is truly a shining example of faith life and blessings of zion (AS OFTEN PREACHED BY TAMBI DURAI). Rachel ammachi must be smiling all the way to bank every month……

  5. The real VISAGE of this BEAST is thus revealed. Echoing the comments of ‘Redeemed’ brother,the so called CHARITY ORGANIZATION’S business schedule is now revealed, When this site revealed that this beast was not registered as CHURCH but as a CHARITY ORGN,nobody believed it. Now it is for them to know clearly what is anatomy of this BEAST is. This BEAST has got ministers, & volunteers, By the by who are these volunteers ? Do the believers come under the group of volunteers? It is a million dollar question. Do not ask me. Ask the BEAST it has got the proper answer. But who has got guts to ask this question when they are NOT treated as members of this CHARITY ORGN. ? Believers of this CULT orgn!!!! Are you aware that you NOT competent enough to ask it ? That was why the whole show of GENERAL BODY MEET was a big farce, ADMIN brother clearly detected it long time ago. If one reads the RESERVE POLICY word by word so much of TRUTH will come out . In UK. that secretary name is there to see. In US? who else it is except LISA BILLOW. and in IBR ? It is anybody’s guess!!!!!!!!

    • Are you a Fox News host?

      Sounds exactly like what one would hear on that piece of garbage news channel (except with better spelling and grammar)

      In all other respects you sound like one of the expert analysts on Fox News – ill informed, ragingly angry and incoherent.

      And thanks to the person who compared me to Shashi Tharoor – that is QUITE a compliment although I could never hold a candle next to Mr. Tharoor when it comes to the quality of my English.

  6. This explains how they afford to ride in their Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, wearing expensive suits and flying around in private jets eating gourmet food and the most lavish trappings that money can buy.

    The chief pastor should be ashamed of this!

    Oh wait! Wrong “church”!

    Shiploads of rubbish written by faceless, nameless, ill-informed, immature cowards who hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

    If the writers and cacophony of sycophantic commenter of this waste of internet space had any understanding of how organizations have to operate they would think twice before spewing this trash.

    I’m always in favor of objective criticism but this site has turned into a Breitbart style right wing tabloid.

    • Vik, I think you missed the point of this article. It is not about saving money to run an organization. Any one with half a brain knows planning finances is essential.
      This is about hypocrisy. Over the last 2 months I have heard TPM pastors preach twice that they are not like other “pastors” and that they don’t have a single paise to their name or in a bank. One of the sermons happened to be in my relative’s wedding (the whole sermon was about how they were better than other ministers. Talk about “time and place”. And yes I have a recording of it). Nobody would bat an eye if TPM was transparent in their workings (as are so many faithful ministries).
      TPM’s charade would have us believe their workings are not like the others, they are more special and that they have more faith just because “they left all”. In reality what they have left is their poor homes and their parents alone, to live in an organization that has plenty all in the name of a supposed “ministry”.

      • Ironically, almost all smart politicians also do not have any money in their own name. The government is unable to nail Robert Vadra because he does not have much money in his own name. Whom are they fooling?

        If a person does not have money in his own name but have unbridled access to that money, what more proof do you need to know that he is a master crook?

      • I think you are missing the point, by focusing purely on the money.

        I cannot vouch for what any pastor stands up and preaches and I don’t sit in sermons looking to find fault.

        I prefer to listen, learn, read, search and ensure that what is spoken is reflective of what is written in the word of God.

        I give when I have, to whoever I can and whenever I can.

        If the person I give to is unfaithful with what he/she receives, that is for them to answer for.
        My intentions are plain for God to see.

        Both giver and receiver reap the rewards for their thoughts, intentions and actions.

    • False equivalence. You cannot compare with some exceptionally rich pastors/churches and try to make it out as if everything is hunky dory in TPM.

      The problem is that they preach from the pulpit that they live by faith and they have no need of anyone’s money. They use it as a point to highlight their exceptionalism from other churches. At the same time they say that people have seen visions of believers going to hell because of not paying tithe. See the manipulation?

      Importantly, they are registered as a charitable institution. If so, the main purpose is to do charitable work & not to keep funds accumulated to run an ‘organisation’. There are no salaries to be paid. Even if there are liabilities, those are to be achieved by faith & not by storing treasures on earth (just giving back what I hear from the pulpit!).

      If as you claim it is an’ organisation’ that needs money to operate, in the sense that we usually use that word in the world, then we as investors in the organisation have the right to see accounts, have a say in spending etc. Do you agree?

      The underlying problem is not that the church has assets or millions in the bank, it is the hypocrisy of saying that everything is by faith & then keeping funds accumulated that stinks. It is the hypocrisy of calling itself a charitable institution & having huge cash reserves but not helping the thousands of poor and needy in the church that stinks. It is the ‘Do as I say not as I do’ attitude that stinks.

      P.S. Liberals may not like the fact that the Brietbart presents things as it is without any sugar coating, but that doesn’t change reality!!

      • Oh, no brother, Till they are not able to buy few Rolls Royces and Bentleys and travel around in private jets you should not say like that 🙂

        This same Vik was mad at Donald Trump and compared us with him a few years back, before he became the president. Now he has started comparing us with Breitbart. Seems happy days ahead for Breitbart.

      • Almost all “churches” and religious organizations in India are registered as societies.

        A bit of history in brief: there used to be an Indian Church Act 1927 enacted by the British parliament.

        After independence, this act was repealed and all such organizations had to be registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

        These organizations were categorized under the headings: (i) relief of poverty, (ii) education, (iii) advancement of religion and (iv) other purposes beneficial to the community not coming under any of the preceding heads.

        In addition, most states enacted their own local acts pertaining to such “societies”.

        So, as far as I know, most “religious organizations” are incorporated either under SRA 1860 or any of the state acts.

        For example, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is incorporated under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

        What they do with the income they receive is their problem, not mine and not yours.

        If you don’t like what they do, don’t give any.

        Quite simple.

        • Dear Vik,
          Thanks for agreeing
          //For example, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is incorporated under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.
          What they do with the income they receive is their problem, not mine and not yours.

          True.If you are Running a Business you need all that..And of course, the Church of Jesus is not that. Good Point. Now I understand why TPM Business needs it.

          Do you also know that there are so many assemblies being conducted without any registration? Do you know why? Because they are not hung up with Building their empire. They have the spirit of John the Baptist. When you start building an institution or an empire, you will need all those things.

          Let’s see if such a thing happened anytime in the early New Testament Church. They would not do it. They do not need any recognition from the governments of the world. Their meetings were just like close friends meeting up. As simple as that. Anything more than that is not from God.

    • @Vik G,

      Do you think unless they ride in their Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, wearing expensive suits and flying around in private jets eating gourmet food and the most lavish trappings that money can buy, they are holy.

      I can’t understand what filth is filled in your brain? Where were you when the whole story of Jacob Williams was the talk of entire Themmadi Pokri Mission (TPM). Where were you when your chief pastor shamelessly and without any fear of God and without any respect to men declare at the irumbuliyoor Haj 2019 that around 20-25 of so called white clad audacious frauds died since last Haj 2018. How long you will evade the truth?

      1 Cori. 4:4, My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.

      • Franklin

        Your anger is quite painful to witness.

        I never claimed anybody is holy.

        You and most of your friends on this site seem to be quite interested in the money that is received by TPM.

        With regards to the Jacob William matter, it is of no concern to me.

        I do not know what the truth is because I have no way of verifying it.

        Have I met him? No.
        Have I heard him preach? No.

        So, why in the name of all that is holy, should I sit and worry about what happens to him or what he does?

        For someone who is pointing fingers at TPM and it’s workers, your choice of words is quite unfortunate.

        The only thing I liked about your comment was the verse you quoted at the end.

        “It is the Lord that judges me” – works for you, me, Jacob William, chief pastor and every person who has lived, is alive and will be born.

        When did our heavenly Father, judge of all creation give you the title of Prosecutor to hurl accusations at anybody?

        • @ Vik G
          //When did our heavenly Father, judge of all creation give you the title of Prosecutor to hurl accusations at anybody?//
          I don’t know which Bible you are using? Please tell me the reactions of Jesus towards Pharisee? Did He appreciate the work o Pharisee or rebuke him? Who was pharisee? They were the people very well versed with the Law.

          Then how much you will be at the receiving end?

    • @ Vik Bhayya,

      I feel sorry for you and the rest of TPM faithful who continue to give their hard earned money to these slime balls for a ticket to New Jerusalem and a comfortable life while waiting here on Earth.

      I used to do it and also vehemently defend this harlot just like you do, but fortunately for me, the God of the Bible in His mercy saved me and in turn freed me from the clutches of this demonic sect. Today by the Grace of God,I can clearly discern between a spiritual whore and The Bride of Christ. I hope and pray that smart folks like you are also delivered from this bondage.

      Till then, my friend, please continue to fund, justify and enjoy the teachings of your Chief Pervert Alwyn and his chief monks. Everyone knows where he ended up, you still have time to change to avoid joining him in his zion. I still don’t understand how an educated man like you can believe the lies of a pervert. You know what is right wing but you still believe that the teachings of Alwyn and TPM are inspired by God, how can it be unless you are blind or deaf or simply deluded.

      • Not sure what language “Bhayya” is and what it means, but I’ll presume that it is a term of affection.

        I feel sorry for you and the rest of TPM faithful who continue to give their hard earned money to these slime balls for a ticket to New Jerusalem and a comfortable life while waiting here on Earth.

        I can only speak for myself.
        Don’t worry about my hard earned money.
        Last time I checked, it is my choice what I do with it.

        I used to do it and also vehemently defend this harlot just like you do, but fortunately for me, the God of the Bible in His mercy saved me and in turn freed me from the clutches of this demonic sect. Today by the Grace of God,I can clearly discern between a spiritual whore and The Bride of Christ. I hope and pray that smart folks like you are also delivered from this bondage.

        I am grateful that you are able to discern between right and wrong.
        My only question is: if everything with TPM is wrong, then why are you still so hung up on it?

        Till then, my friend, please continue to fund, justify and enjoy the teachings of your Chief Pervert Alwyn and his chief monks. Everyone knows where he ended up, you still have time to change to avoid joining him in his zion. I still don’t understand how an educated man like you can believe the lies of a pervert. You know what is right wing but you still believe that the teachings of Alwyn and TPM are inspired by God, how can it be unless you are blind or deaf or simply deluded.

        I never met pastor Alwyn – only heard about him from his fellow workers at the time as well as those who personally witnessed his work.
        From what I know, he was responsible for some unholy and unacceptable behaviour.
        I also know that despite being the chief pastor, his position did not stop the brave and courageous men around him who got rid of him.
        I do not know what his end was like and it doesn’t really matter.

        I do not plan on joining him in “his zion”.

        I also do not follow the teachings of any man, but by what is written down in the Bible.
        Not sure if there is a simpler way to emphasise that.

        • Mr Vik…I still wonder how an educated “Bhayya” (Bro) like you who says that he only follows what is written in the Bible is annoyed when someone in their own website is exposing the false teachings of TPM/NCPC/NTC. Why Bhayya does it irritate you? Are you too proud to accept that you have been deceived?

          why are you still so hung up on it?
          I’m not hung up on TPM anymore. By God’s mercy, I’m got out of this cult about 4 years ago. I have left TPM/NTC/NCPC because I found that it is a false religion deceiving gullible folks like me and you in the Name of God. As a christian, it is my duty to shout from the rooftops and warn whoever is willing to listen that they are being deceived. I found this website extremely helpful in confirming what I found to be false in TPM’s exclusive doctrines and I believe that has come into existence with the sole purpose of exposing everything that is wrong in TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC. It is a very inspiring forum for liberated ex TPM/NTC/NCPC folks like me to know that there are many more who share my beliefs and that I’m not alone in this. It is also a great place for TPM people who are seeking the Truth about TPM. The question for you is, why are you here? Are you a seeker?

          I agree that the brave and courageous men of TPM/NTC/NCPC got rid of Alwyn but they retained his teachings as they found it very useful to con gullible men like you and me. By God’s mercy, I’m got out of this cult. why do you linger in TPM when you know that they are lying.

          You have emphasized very clearly that you love TPM and you follow what is written in the Bible. I find it very contradicting, maybe I read another Bible.

          I will leave you with this verse from your Bible – Matthew 11:17 (NLT)

          ‘We played wedding songs,
          and you didn’t dance,
          so we played funeral songs,
          and you didn’t mourn.’

          Have a great day, Vik Bhayya!

        • …and Vik, I forgot to add, about your money, please do as you wish. What I don’t understand is how can educated people like me and you give our hard earned money to this Demonic sect thinking that we are doing the right thing.

          Some waste it on women, while some spend it on wine, while we waste it on TPM. It surely is an addiction, isn’t it? I must have been bewitched to practice this evil throughout my life.

  7. “If the writers and cacophony of sycophantic commenter of this waste of internet space had any understanding of how organizations have to operate they would think twice before spewing this trash.”

    Who is this incompetent that peeps through this site,by sacrificing his valuable time and indulging in wasting of internet space that belongs to some one else.Definitely this space does n’t belong to him.

  8. “The chief pastor should be ashamed of this!”
    These are the COMMENTS from the beloved brother that need to be addressed ,so that the matter could be very well settled then and there itself.
    Yes really AM should be ashamed of this COMMENT. Why ?
    The BEAST does n’t want to keep quiet On one hand it wants to usurp him on par with the ‘CHIEF SHEPHERD’ — JESUS- Obviously AM understood this well laid ‘TRAP’. He wants to claim himself as an ordinary Pr while sending the circulars on behalf of name. Never he writes CP prefixing his name. At least at the outset hes’ humbling himself as such.
    But Its’ really A BIG LEAP for this site.
    But theres’ still a lot of battle ground is there to conquer.
    This particular EPISODE would very well count my ‘ COMMENT’ as the 16 in the serial.. Out of which ADMIN brother gets 15 + ve COMMENTS . Only 1 COMMENTS goes in a -ve mode.
    But we are not going to take it easy of that beloved brother ,cuz he was had been the active CONTRIBUTOR for this site since beginning .Some times + ly he reacts and most of the times he fills with-ve comments.Some times he comes with a benami name VIK GANT .Obviously with a FEAR COMPLEXITY he wants to maintain his anonymity. But when we keep praying to our REDEEMER LORD, He would not let us go down. Bro. VIK G would finally relent.
    Hopefully this EPISODE would touch 50 PLUS COMMENTS .

    • EAGLE’S EYE – the only thing I really understood in that comment.

      It’s ironic that EAGLE’S EYE says that I use a “benami name” (had to Google that word to try and understand what it meant).

      Almost every single person on this site is using a pseudonym – EAGLE’S EYE, No More A Slave To Fear, Redeemed, etc…

      My name is Vikram – what’s yours?

      (Don’t bother searching social media profiles for me as I don’t use them)

      • Oh so you do not want to provide any evidence, but just show that you are “Holier Than Thou” with a “Vikram” Name.
        How does that make any difference to anybody?
        I am Vikramaditya. Don’t bother to check social profiles as i do not maintain any of those.

  9. A New Whatsapp message has been going around in which the TPM Deputy Fraud is warning people against opposing them by quoting some stories. The essence of the story is that if you play with us, God will deal with you. Sadly TPM folks do not realize the spirit within this Fraud is far from the Spirit of Christ.

    The Bible explains how the Christians behaved in such a circumstance in the early days.

    You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. Hebrews 10:34


    • This MT will go down in history of TPM for promoting very non-scriptural uses of Holy spirit / Tongues….in one instance he said a fable about a pastor who was way laid by muggers and he loudly chanted the gibberish and the Robbers fell, rolled and ran as fast as they could…Far from the very holy and sacred purpose of the Holy Spirit this SOD assumes one can chant gibberish like a mantra and get things done….WHAT A DECEPTION??

    • I feel sorry for the TPM believers who are fed this crap as divine teaching. This Empty is a con man of the first order, he has mastered this art of spinning yarns and combined with his political savvy has reached the pinnacle of TPM. If Sunny had not got caught in his sodomy, Empty would have been still conniving and waiting.

      These idiots have no education, no experience and above all no Holy Spirit, but still the blind mice of TPM follow these Pied Pipers because they play the tune they want to hear.

      A true christian will never lie nor teach lies but every TPM/NTC/NCPC/UPC leader does this week after week without any fear of man or of God. The Bible refers to these false teachers as sons of satan, the father of all lies and our friend Empty is one of his favourite sons, and is making his father really proud with his heresies.

      If it were not for the mercy of God, I would have also taken this as holy manna and said three hallelujahs. Now whenever I hear these clippings, it reminds me to thank God for saving me from this wretched cult.

      • Not so dear Vik..You need to understand the context.
        The Pharisees were so numerous in number that Jesus met them in almost all the places he went. They sent out their spies to test out Jesus in the same way you come here. In fact, they had to pay to get a betrayer to identify him among the crowd.
        He met them in the Temple which the Pharisees used to rule, He was called by Pharisees to dinner. Most of his encounter happened in religious places.

        Godly people are always in Minority. They are not in a race of recruitment.

  10. After reading the comments from TPM believers, all I can conclude is that none of them are saved. Just like a pagan who falls down before his idol, the TPM believer closes his eyes and numbs his intelligence and falls face down in front of their false christ.

    No human can save them from this delusion but the saving grace of God Almighty. It is obvious that the teachings are wrong, the clergy are corrupt, the system is evil, and the evidence is for all to see but the TPM faithful closes his eyes and thinks that he is on the right path. How can this be? We are talking about educated, intelligent people living in this 21st century blindly believing in a lie.

  11. Few years back i was planning to donate a property of mine to this mafia , thought they ll build a branch of one” true church “..thank God my mind has changed … was so naive and emotional those days .

    Tables ve turned , goin ahead with an orphanage and a free bible college in that property . . Tpm u get zero , Christ gets everything..

    #Freely recieved Freely give .

  12. @ Hannibal
    “Tables ve turned , goin ahead with an orphanage and a free bible college in that property . . Tpm u get zero , Christ gets everything..#Freely recieved Freely give .”

    Wishing you all the best dear.This is the need of the hour .Our SAVIOUR loves this kind of ‘CHARITY’
    On this theme, I was too inspired to open up a CHARITY orgn, and thanks God helped me so ,and in an opportune time God will bring it up to help the poor and needy.Will remember it my prayers. Go ahead. May God bless you.

    • Thanks .

      If you get a clear guidance from him , then please go ahead . If not please check what is your gift ..? mine may be “giving ” i believe. . Because he tells me whom to give ? whom not to ! whom to stop .

      A biggest lie believers tells themselves is
      ” i m saving this for my future or my child’s future ” once you met the basic needs ,
      Giving education is the best thing to do for your kids .. when you have a penthouse and negotiating for a farm house or riding a toyota and tempting for a tesla is a clear No for a bornagain believer..

      #Freely recived Freely give ..

  13. As I am a lover of poetry,and did find some traces of it in these columns, I thought it is wise to promote it to my fellow brethren who long to read them.. I knew for sure this site is adorned with highly rated intellectual minds that surely appreciate this kind of poems. If we are seen confronting with any given issue , the BEST thing is to immediately approach the CROSS that gives us a big relief. Sending + ve vibes to the mind will further regenerate + ve attitude so that man can come out the clutches of the adversary who always indulges in promoting the spirit of complaining nature.
    All Is Well
    by Jack Hayford

    Raised by hate upon a hill,
    Stark there stands a cross of wood.
    Look, the Man they take and kill
    Is the Lamb, the Son of God.

    See the blood now freely flow;
    “It is finished,” hear Him cry!
    Who can understand or know:
    Death has won; yet death will die.

    All is well, all is well,
    Through Christ, our Conq’rer,
    All is well. (repeat)
    Slashing wounds now scar the Lamb,
    Blemish free until He’s slain,
    Hammer blows into His hand
    Thunder forth again, again.
    See His Body raised in scorn,
    See the spear now split His side!
    Yet the vict’ry shall be
    Won by this Man thus crucified.

    Look! The Cross now raised on high —
    Symbol of Christ’s reign above.
    Cow’ring demons fear and fly,
    Driv’n before the flame of love.
    All of hell is mystified;
    Satan thought this hour his gain.
    See God’s wisdom glorified:
    Death destroyed in Jesus’ name.

    Here is hope in hopelessness,
    Here is joy where all is pain.
    Here a fount of righteousness
    Flows to all who make their claim.
    Come and drink here, come and live.
    Come and feast on life and peace.
    In the Cross God’s all He gives,
    In the Cross is full release.

    Tow’ring o’er all history
    Stands the Cross of Christ the King.
    Crossroad of all destiny,
    At the Cross is ev’rything.
    See here death hung on a Cross,
    See self slain upon a tree,
    See disease and ev’ry loss
    Overthrown through Calvary!

  14. Regarding the FAITH (fake) life of TPM priests (??), I want to highlight two things.

    First is though they do not preach much about tithe/offering from the pulpit, once you are a member of the church it is an unwritten rule that you have to give tithes every month and offerings whenever they come home which means that the income is assured without any coaxing or crowing (which they do if they want more money). So, where is the FAITH LIFE here once you have made sure there is a steady sure source of income by bringing in OT laws??

    Second is the worst part, which is BLASPHEMY. They tell that when we given 10% of their income to them the remaining 90% becomes holy, because they have taken the curse on them from the 10% and hence the remaining 90% is blessing for us. They quote Exodus 28:37-38 – And it shall be upon Aaron’s forehead, and Aaron shall bear the INIQUITY committed in the holy things, which the children of Israel shall hallow, even in all their HOLY GIFTS; and it shall be always upon his forehead, that they may be accepted before the LORD.

    Here they replace Jesus as our High Priest by bearing of our iniquities

    In my opinion, even the so-called money-minded independent pastors are better in one way that they do not indulge in this BLASPHEMY of taking the CURSE on them though they swindle money right, left and centre.

    Matthew 23:27-28 : Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of HYPOCRISY and WICKEDNESS.

    • One Purpose of these Sepulchres given a whitewash is to let people know from far only that “Beware the place will make you unclean“. This is because according to the Old Testament Law, graves are considered unclean.

      “Anyone out in the open who touches someone who has been killed with a sword or someone who has died a natural death, or anyone who touches a human bone or a grave, will be unclean for seven days. Numbers 19:16

      I believe that its God’s signal and providence for us to understand that these TPM Whited Sepulchres will make you unclean in your spiritual life. We need to be double cautious getting close to them. Even at night, you can recognize whitewashed sepulchres in Jerusalem. Likewise, even in times of spiritual darkness, you should not miss spotting these hypocrites.

      • The Whited Sepulchres of a Jewish Cemetery on the mount Olive. This cemetery will be visible even in no-moon nights because of the lights from the stars.


  15. Glad to know bro Vik appreciated the poem I kept in this site, I also felt happy to know that he revealed his name as Vikram and asked mine.But before I joined this site as a contributor for the larger benefit of the READERS, I wrote to ADMIN bro that I would be maintaining my anonymity so that at an appropriate time my veil would be removed by which time this site would have achieved its end OBJECTIVE/S. So for some more time brother Vikram, you need to be patient to know my real name.At present we indulge in speaking with our spirits only in a most friendly way but not with any animosity and definitely not with any traces of ENMITY. But at one point of time, I knew I hurt your feelings when I wrote ‘incompetent’ about you.May I seek an unconditional apology from you so that I would be made free of burden of pointing a finger towards my beloved brother in Christ .But when once I knew him well , I would not feel shy to ask him for pardoning me.
    “Would to God ye could bear with me a little in my folly and indeed bear with me ” (2 Cor 11:1) is my reply to you when you ask my identity. I remain with brotherly love in Christ.

  16. @Self —kept 3 days ago
    (Hopefully this EPISODE would touch 50 PLUS COMMENTS )
    My cup runneth over( Ps 23: 5). “Yeah,indeed my Lord prepares a table me”
    With the active contribution of my beloved brethren –. No More Slave To Fear, Denzil Joy,,Hannibal,
    Redeemed, and with the sparing and sharp rejoinders from the seniors like Vik brother we are soon cross the border. And of course without the main the SATELLITE’s (ADMIN bro) active dissemination of the information to the relevant people,through his skillful manoeuvring ability ,this EPISODE’s herculean target would not be possible.
    “Rejoicing in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice” Phil 4:4

  17. What ever Jesus said in Luke 12:1-3, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. ” is exactly happening with this CHARITY orgn.
    Thus their FFL (fake faith life) is once again revealed to the outside world .
    The very meaning of CHARITY has been distorted by this beast. How ?
    Let me substantiate it further. The whole of 23 page report is now put under scanning by our reader community . Let the beast’s HEAD QUARTERS at IBR take note of it. On the page 5/23 under the sub clause : Old peoples Home visits,
    (the following draft points were observed)
    The above two points are selected now for a thorough scrutiny by our beloved brethren of this blog:
    As far as my knowledge goes, it is a blatant LIE with regards to point no:1
    Where on earth that these ministers were found visiting the NURSING HOMES and HOSPITALS leaving their F.Hs ?
    Is there evidence ? On the other hand, on the guise of teaching Divine Healing doctrine, the ministers discourage any HOSPITAL and NURSING HOMES.
    At least in the INDIAN context ,its a full scale travesty of truth .

    Point No: 2. When the truth is nailed down what is left to see ,nothing.Its only their wishful thinking .
    What a dare devil deception by this beast is there for all of us to see.

    • Now it all makes sense…

      There is a practice in Australia where the Sunday School Children and their teachers are required to attend some aged care centre once or twice in a year. They sing a couple of songs and say a prayer and then return to their normal fake homes.

      Since it is in their Annual report as a charity activity, they make the children go through this ritual.

      This is a sick rotten perverted and evil organisation in word and in deed.

      • In North America they run schools, perhaps to show this as a charity activity. These schools are poorly run with only a handful of students, nowhere near the standard of public or catholic or other privately run schools.

        I was under lot of pressure from the local Grace New Covenant Pentecostal Church pastor (TPM in Canada) to enroll my daughter in their school (they needed numbers to show to the government). When I checked with other well-to-do believers to understand more about the GNCPC school system, I was dismayed to find out that none of their children attended this school, but were enrolled in public or other private christian schools. What a reference from their own members!

        In India where this organization is so much bigger and well funded, they don’t provide any education to the poor. Whereas, in North America where they clearly lack the infrastructure and the resources to run a school system, where their schools are not really needed or missed by the public (or even by their own members), they are still in it for the sole purpose of benefiting from the charity status. Clear double standards…

        For TPM believers in India, the financial revenue/spending details of this organization may be a mystery, but not so for the people in the West. It is a legal requirement in the West for all charities to declare their annual audited financial statements for public scrutiny. The people cannot be fooled here, and this is the reason for the poor growth of this mission in the West – you will hardly find other nationalities (especially whites) in the NTC/GNCPC churches. This mission’s growth in the West is sustained only by immigrants of Indian (mostly Malayalis) and Sri Lankan origin (the already brainwashed members of this cult) and their children born here. The non-denominational church that I attend here has members from more than 50 nationalities – such diversity in the body of Christ!

        For those interested in the annual financial report of the GNCPC Canada (TPM in Canada), please visit this link: Or, you may Google to obtain this. Click the various tabs (Assets, Liabilities, Revenue, …) on this report to understand this statement in detail.

        • One of the reasons why such cultic denominations do not work in the US is that the people are not fearful to ask questions. Even Christians ask questions which these pastors do not have the training nor the intellect to answer.

  18. Coming to the practice of giving money to these religious frauds still baffles me.

    When we go to the market to buy some fruits, say a kilo of apples, we pick each one, turn it around, smell it, sometimes scratch the surface and then haggle with the poor vendor on the price before we finally pay a few hundred rupees. We are not horticulturists, but we take every care to ensure that the apples we buy are of the best quality and in turn consuming it will not affect our temporary physical body.

    Now picture this against slipping an envelope full of money (10-20% of your salary) into the slimy hands of these evil merchants of Satan.

    We don’t check if their teachings align with the Bible.
    We don’t verify if the teachers are spiritually or morally or academically qualified to do so.
    We just blindly accept the lies because our parents said it was right or because it is better than the previous false church you were in.

    Unfortunately, what we don’t realize is that we are consuming lies from the Devil just like our Mother Eve did in the garden of Eden. The only difference is that we are hearing these lies not from the serpent but from the hissing mouths of the white robed frauds of TPM/NTC/NCPC.

    Even when or any other redeemed voice warns us that these teachings are from hell, we ignore it and continue to pay for a contaminated product, the consumption of which is corrupting our soul’s day by day and in turn, will impact our eternal destination.

    Are we any better than the heathen who give to the idols thinking that it is for God?
    Aren’t our souls more precious than this corruptible body?

    It is never too late to be a Berean.
    Stop funding the Beast, Save your money, Save your souls

      • Seems like all I can see was the struggle
        Haunted by ghosts that lived in my past
        Bound up in shackles of all my failures
        Wondering how long is this gonna last
        Then You look at this prisoner and say to me “son
        Stop fighting a fight that’s already been won”
        I am redeemed, You set me free
        So I’ll shake off theses heavy chains
        And wipe away every stain now I’m not who I used to be
        I am redeemed
        I’m redeemed
        All my life I have been called unworthy
        Named by the voice of my shame and regret
        But when I hear You whisper, “Child lift up your head”
        I remember oh God, You’re not done with me yet
        I am redeemed, You set me free
        So I’ll shake off theses heavy chains
        And wipe away every stain now I’m not who I used to be
        Because I don’t have to be the old man inside of me
        ‘Cause his day is long dead and gone
        Because I’ve got a new name, a new life I’m not the same
        And a hope that will carry me home
        I am redeemed, You set me free
        So I’ll shake off theses heavy chains
        And wipe away every stain now I’m not who I used to be
        I am redeemed, You set me free
        So I’ll shake off these heavy chains
        And wipe away every stain now I’m not who I used to be
        Oh God I’m not who I used to be
        Jesus I’m not who I used to be
        ‘Cause I am redeemed
        Thank God, I’m redeemed
        Songwriters: Benji Cowart / Michael Weaver / Michael David Weaver
        Redeemed lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

        • //I am redeemed, You set me free
          So I’ll shake off these heavy chains// …and that’s my testimony. Praise God.

          “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them” – Matthew 23:4 NIV

          “So why do you test God by putting on the disciples’ neck a yoke that neither our ancestors nor we could carry?” – Acts 15:10 ISV

          “For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome” – 1 John 5:3 NKJV

  19. A very clear PICTURE drawn by bro NMaSTF.for the sake of those who would to come out of this miry clay. That PICTURE conjures up with the timely word spoken in SECOND THESSALONIANS 2:3, & 4 that warns us –3.”Let no man deceive you by any means:for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed ,the son of perdition.4. Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,or that is worshipped so that he as God siitteth in the temple of God,shewing himself that he is God.”
    Earlier this was a simple LOGOS to me. But now became a RHEMA to me.
    This is a simple DOWN TO EARTH illustration that any common man understand.
    So a call is hereby given today to the staunch TPMites to decide their destiny.It is they who would venture to take the call or do they reject it for their dooms day?
    Only time will tell. After all this blog,and the beloved ones responsible for running this blog may be a temporal one, but a decision is to be taken anyway , now or never.Think about it .

  20. ABAS brother thanks for giving us a timely detailed story of this CHARITY business being floating around in the West.But look at the ‘VOLUNTEERS’ activity being explained in the 23 page report. sub clause VOLUNTEERS :

    All the charitable activities of the UPC-are carried out by Ministers and members of the church who volunteer their services.They assist with the day to day operation of the CHURCH conventions,Revival meetings,Camps and various other spiritual activities and events taking place.The total number of ministers :31 .
    Sister Rachel George
    Dated 22 August 2018

    What baffles me is that in INDIA every burdensome Church activity is borne by the poor believer brothers and sisters being used as an oxen whether it is the renovation,construction,weekly Kitchen schedules,and the big CONVENTIONs too ,they are the prime movers, but in the GENERAL BODY MEET, neither their names nor their reference was nowhere acknowledged for whatever donkey work they did for this beast.They are never treated as members of this Charity, unlike in the West.They use only one dictum to the believers—Do n’t oppose the Saints lest they will be cursed.–is the dictum employed.The poor sheep simply believe it and pour out their hard earned money ,energy and the precious time. The reasons are well known because of social system we have.Simply they yield to the beasts pressure tactics. Corruption plays a major role in INDIAN system. Added to this our socio -political background aid to this Beast to get along smoothly.

  21. @NMSTF ,beautiful lyrical ballads quoted by you brother, Oh what a sense of relief
    has come to them who needs the redemption!!!!!
    “‘Cause I am redeemed
    Thank God, I’m redeemed”
    (Songwriters: Benji Cowart / Michael Weaver / Michael David Weaver)

  22. NEWS FLASH!!
    This news flash is indeed a GREAT VICTORY for ADMIN brother and his TEAM. for His relentless day & night efforts for publishing every EPISODE have finally paid off. His hard earned battles have got the results now.The BEAST has finally opened its EYES in adding Church to its society’s name.

    IBR HEAD QUARTERS has sent in urgent circulars to all its 995 F.Hs’ or so in INDIA ( as EMPTY declared the total number of branches that this MONSTER is having at preset in VIJAYAWADA -2019 convention). That there is NAME CHANGE effected to its TPM with immediate effect. TPM shall hence be called as THE PENTECOSTAL MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH (TPMSC) and shall no more bear the name of TPM in INDIA.Hope the regular READERS and secret PEEPERS would understand now how the Beast is moving its pawns in the game of CHESS.
    In Sri Lanka the Beast has got no issues ,the name would remain as CPM only.We will further wait for some more value addition to this news flash.

    • Changing the name does not change the character,
      TPM will remain a spiritual whore unless she repents and stops her spiritual prostitution and the TPMSC chief shepherds will continue to be spiritual pimps unless they repent and discard their false teachings .

    • Ok Thats interesting development. Now it is a mission, society, church all rolled into one. …making things even more MURKIER!! Looks like have a new legal expert on board.

  23. This two statements finds it place in all financial statements of UPC ( saw statements from 2013 till 2018 ) .. As I am not a finance expert couldn’t understand what this “set off against the” phrase means..

    The Church gave donations towards missionary work totalling £ xxxxxx (yyyyyyy), principally to our sister Churches in Europe and Africa / India.
    Donations received from our sister Church in Switzerland have been set off against the contributions given towards missionary work in the year of receipt.

    “The Charity invests funds in short term deposits with the Bank which earns interest. ” ..This line started appearing in reports from FY 2014-15 onwards.

    In the report of FY2013-14 we see this under heading “Financial Review”
    “The bank balance position of Universal Pentecostal Church remains strong. ” 🙂 🙂

    • Statements like “The bank balance position of Universal Pentecostal Church remains strong. ” are typical of any business house. The wolf can say to everybody that it is a sheep because it has sheep’s clothing, But “howls” like these Financial Statements is clear as the day.

  24. 1. Jesus talked about taking no care for what tomorrow will bring, to trust in what he will provide.
    The church’s liquid assets, in the form of cash and debtors, is 2.6 Million GBP. To put that number into context, their annual donations received this year, was 1.4 million. In other words, forget about tomorrow, they have amassed a bank balance equivalent to donations of 2 years, i.e., they will be fine even if they don’t get a single pound in any sort of donation for the next 2 years.

    2. Actual charitable expenditure – Even more than this, what shocked me was the donation given by the church for charitable purposes. If you go through the notes to the financial statements, they received a donation of 1.4 million GBP this year. Out of this, they spent 0.82 million on – Faith home household expenses, Rent, Travelling, motor vehicle running expenses, Insurance, Telephone, Postage, Repairs etc. The amount actually spent for missionary work, and sent abroad (most likely India) was a measly 65k GBP.

    3. Okay, if they received 1.4 million, spent 0.82 million on faith home and other expenses, spent 65k on missionary work, where did the rest of the donation money go then? Well, they spent 0.75 million on purchasing land and buildings, furniture and cars. This is more than 10 times the amount they spent on missionary/charitable work this year.



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