Episode -13. The Funeral

Recap: In the last episode we saw how Daisy’s mom had developed Cancer and spent the rest of her life standing for TPM’s Version of Divine healing. Unfortunately, like the rest of the TPM fanatics, she also had to die. Jesus would not be manipulated by these dogmatic stiffnecked people and their doctrines.

Scene and events

Daisy’s folks are busy informing their near and dear ones about the demise of Dorothy. Some are shocked(Non-TPM) and some are not(TPM ones). Daisy, Joseph and Dad are weeping. Their eyes are swollen and are red. The Pastor is also informed. He comes and says a prayer making people praise for the life of Daisy’s mom. Dorothy’s brother said he will be coming from the United States in 3 days for the funeral. Therefore, they will have to move the body to the morgue. The Neighbours and friends get an ambulance to take the body to the nearby morgue. The pastor prays again to keep the body safe from accidents and issues with medical contamination in the hospital premises.

The Mourning family is back from the morgue and silence has descended on the house. Many people are whispering about the death and discussions are happening among strangers in the neighbourhood. Within a few hours relatives have started pouring in. Daisy’s dad gets to know that the ones from distant lands are on their way. Daisy, Joseph and their Dad are busy attending phone calls and explaining about the death. Often they burst out in tears while speaking about their mom. The neighbours and relatives are around and they are always ready with the preparations of the funeral. Apart from 2 or 3 TPM believer boys, they don’t see any sign of TPM.  The next door neighbour belonging to a different denomination has informed them that he will take care of all the meals of the family till the funeral date. These neighbours have also made arrangements for the stay of the relatives who are coming from distant places.

Daisy’s dad gets a phone call from the pastor asking him to keep the funeral on Friday as he has to attend the Pastors’ meeting. So the funeral date gets extended by another 2 days.  The relatives are made to wait for the 2 extra days because the pastor has a Pastors’ meeting.  The Pastor also informs Daisy’s dad that he will send a brother and sisters to conduct evening meeting daily, for the comfort of the family(like a vigil).  Every evening the Worker brother and 4 sisters come for the evening meeting. Along with them many believers also drop in. Daisy and Dad are busy caring for these Servants of God with good tea and snacks. Joseph is busy attending phone calls.

At night while sleeping, Daisy wakes up constantly thinking her mother’s demise is a nightmare, desiring to see a different reality. Joseph and dad are flipping pages of their old photo albums, remembering the life of Dorothy. They could not sleep.

The next day a pandal is put on the house premises. The Pandal is decorated with black frills over the side.  Daisy’s dad gets a phone call at noon from the Pastor.

Daisy’s dad (picking up the phone): Praise the Lord, Appachen. (The Pastor is actually younger than Daisy’s dad, but still, he is Appachen).

Appachen(in a crackling voice): Praise the Lord. How are you doing brother?

Daisy’s dad: We are busy with the preparations and thankfully our neighbours and relatives are helping us a lot. (He wants to convey the message that in this hour of grief, the help and comfort from TPM, whose doctrine killed Dorothy, is negligible)

Appachen: Oh Ok. How are the Children doing?

Daisy’s dad: We are very sorrowful. Daisy is giving updates to all relatives and friends. Joseph has gone with his cousin to the newspaper agency, to pay for the obituary ad. He will also be ordering for some flex boards and black flags so that people can be guided to our home.

Appachen: Oh so will you be putting flex boards with sister Dorothy’s photo? I think the centre pastor would not allow that. Moreover, I heard that you have put black frills on the pandal. Could you please remove that and replace that with white?

Daisy’s dad: Appachen, these are put up by our CSI relatives. Will they not make it an issue? I do not want to be a cause for conflict now.

Appachen: Our protocol does not allow for that. You talk to them and get that removed. Have to rush now. Bye, Praise the Lord.


Molly has taken permission from her college to be with Daisy in the hour of her grief. She is helping out Daisy and family in whatever little way she can. She also notes that helping hands are from relatives and neighbours. Few of those neighbours are Hindus. All of them have extended their helping hands. However, you cannot spot any TPM Believers or SOG around other than for the evening meetings.  None of them has the empathy to even ask if they need any help. The main topic of the evening meeting sermon is that “We should not cry for the departed souls like the Gentiles“. They have really no other agenda than training the family not to cry.

In the process, the brother was mocking at people who would cry for their departed ones and even said that they are crying because their departed ones have landed in hell.

At the end of the meeting, the worker brother wants to discuss something with Daisy’s dad.

Worker Brother Titus: Brother, Pastor called me to inform you that as sister Dorothy died in divine healing, we should conduct the funeral in the Faith Home, unlike others for whom we do not take to the Faith Home.

Daisy’s Dad: I did not understand brother. Can you elaborate?

Worker Brother Titus: We would like to honour sister Dorothy.  We would also arrange for the cleaning of the funeral ground, hymn sheets, supply of water and snacks for the people and meals only for your close family.

Daisy’s Dad: Oh ok. Thank you, brother.


As Brother Titus leaves, another believer brother James comes and starts a conversation with Daisy’s dad. James is a jack of all trades who can be spotted in the faith home very often. He has good connections with the local vendors.

Bro. James: Brother, I had asked the Pastor to help with arranging the funeral ground and snacks, meals,  provisions etc. I know it will be a tough job for you to run after those.

Daisy’s dad: Oh Thank you, brother, so much.

Bro. James: Because Pastor is getting this done for you, please pay him handsomely.

Daisy’s dad: Oh ok. How much do you think this will cost?

Bro. James: I think, it should be around ₹35,000. So when you pay, just add ₹10,000 to it and give it for the sacrifice he is doing for your family.

Daisy’s dad: Ok Brother.

Daisy’s dad (talking to himself): Hmm…Sounds like these people have their heart trained in greed ( 2 Pet 2:14)


Reflections of Life in TPM – 13The Family is having dinner, brought in by the neighbour. While having dinner, Daisy’s dad gets a phone call from the Centre Pastor. The Centre Appachen called to convey his condolences and also to let him know that he will not attend the funeral as he is not keeping too well. Daisy’s dad knows that this is the usual excuse of the centre pastor who just goes for the weddings/functions/funeral of people who are wealthy. He excuses for them who are mediocre or poor. He probably got to know the financial status of the Daisy Family after discussing with the local pastor. He is more concerned about optimizing his travel efforts. He knows that his trip to the funeral is not going to earn any extra dividends.


The night before the burial service. We see the full moon in the sky. There is a sound of mourning from Daisy’s house. Dorothy’s body is laid in the front hall, in a mobile mortuary. Daisy is sitting next to the body and weeping for her mom. Her father is standing outside talking with relatives on phone. Neighbours and relatives have arrived. Vanessa and her family have arrived. We see sisters enter in to conduct funeral vigil all night. Daisy sees them and puts herself on the shoulder of Alice Akka and begins to weep louder. Joseph has covered his face under the bed sheet trying to hide the pain. Sometimes later, sisters start singing songs. The elder sister, the elder brother, Ammachi will not come today. They will stay in the faith home. When in the morning, the body will be taken to the faith home.


The day of the funeral. People are moving in and around Daisy’s house. The street is filled with cars and there is also one ambulance and a hearse. The white empty coffin box is put in a stand in the Shamiana. There were strict instructions that there should be no floral decorations for the funeral. Stickers are placed on both sides of the coffin.  One one side we see the following verse is stuck

They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. Rev 22:4

and on another side, the following verse is stuck

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Tim 4:7

The Family is expecting the Pastor to come over and pray before they can transfer the dead body to the coffin and then take it to the Faith Home. As usual, the Pastor arrives 15 minutes late and inspects the surroundings. He sees the coffin and is not at all happy with the verse chosen to be stuck. He complains that only the people who go to Zion will see the father’s face and as Sister Dorothy had married, she will never be able to see the Father’s face. He wants the verse to be replaced. Molly is watching this clergy drama. She is getting very upset but controls herself as she knows that this is a sombre moment in the life of Daisy and family. They finally replace the verse with a new verse.

…..”Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” ….Rev 14:13

The body is placed into the coffin and is loaded on the hearse to transport to the Faith Home.  The Pastor wants to talk to Daisy’s dad in private.

Appachen: Brother we have got a piece of information that medicine was injected into sister’s body while scanning. So Centre Appachen had asked us to not take the body to the Faith Home for the funeral. But I convinced him that this news is not true and some people with malice are spreading it.

Daisy’s Dad (Sounding very upset): Is this how we are expected to be treated after all this? This is an abuse and an insult to my departed wife.


The Pastor understood the gravity of the situation and suspected that this can turn nasty. He is seen comforting Daisy’s dad and is asking people to proceed to the faith home. Finally, the hearse starts moving and is accompanied by musical speakers playing the usual funeral band. A lot of cars are also following the hearse, like a procession. Other people on the road give way for the procession and respectfully looks at the hearse.

Reflections of Life in TPM - 13

Now that the service has started in a specially put up shamiana in the faith home to address the Centre Pastor’s dictate and also cool down the tempers in the funeral camp. Its time for Eulogy and few people have already said good things about sister Dorothy. Its time for sister Lydia, the one who used to have a tussle with Dorothy to sit in the first row. Click here to read that episode.

Lydia:…..she was like my own sister. She would be concerned about me even if I missed one Sunday service.  Because of the great love between us, we would always make a point to sit together in the first row. We were like twins who cohabited one womb of the same mother. I will always cherish her love and affection……..


After a few more eulogies, the Pastor gave his sermon and as usual, it is taking quite a lot of time. This is because he needs to explain the ministry of Apostles and who goes where after death. He explains how the TPM Clergy will inherit Zion and the TPM Believers( who were rarely seen in the time of grief) would reach New Jerusalem. The Other Church believers (relatives) who helped out Daisy’s family, got to understand that they would be relegated to a lower stratum of New Earth because they do not belong to TPM. Their Hindu Neighbours also came to know that they would be harshly thrust out to Hell for not being in the TPM Church. They got a message that Jesus is a partial God showing favouritism based on sects and religious affiliation.

After the Sermon, people were given the opportunity to have a last look at Dorothy’s body and the photographers were busy clicking the photos. The pastor is not very happy with the photographers but remains silent. The Pastor now announces that the body will be covered now. Hearing this Daisy and Joseph burst out in tears along with their dad and the rest of the near and dear ones. Finally, the parting kisses are given and the hearse takes the body to the cemetery for the burial.


The Family is back home and many of their relatives have left the town. Few of them including Molly is there to help them out. Different thoughts cross their minds and they are realising the fact that their loving Mom will not be there with them any more. They are yet to get out of the shock. Molly is trying to engage Daisy in general discussions, but she is too shocked to participate in it.




  1. Sorry to say this , when it comes to divine healing .. the families also culprits here ..
    All becos of idolising the Tpm clergies .. fear / listen to them all thr life.

    Thr is no job for the Holy spirit and his guidance for the tpmites and they are missing that beautifulllll experience in life .

  2. I remember one center pastor refused to burry the dead believer aunt of mine. People were waiting and pastor locked himself in room saying I want certificate from doctor others I will have to go to prison. Finally some believers went in and gave left and right to pastor and finally pastor has to give full dignity to burrial.

    At another instance another centre pastor refused to burry husband of poor woman. She became widow and had two little kids. She had married from gentile and left all her family and became tpm believer. Their was lot of drama and finally pastor sent elder brother to conduct funeral but himself behaved as touch me not thou sinner.

    At another instance one believers mom died in local faithome. He tried calling centre pastor, but centre pastor switched off his phone and locked himself in his room. Finally after becoming tired of being unable to contact pastor, he called us and asked us to make him connect with pastor. When we told pastor a believer is calling from local and he wants to talk as him mom is dead pastor signaled to tell the believers that pastor is not present. When we rebuked pastor he took the phone and said I was praying to God and was busy… I will send someone.

    These people are horrible. Instead of comforting the greived souls they add trouble to people in pain by their extra Holiness rules..

      • @MB
        Graveyard committee needs cause of death. If it is old age they don’t have problem, however if person is young they need cause of death mentioned. If you say she was sick then you need proof otherwise people suspect, whether someone killed for property or bitterness etc etc.

        TPM produces fake medical certificates when young workers die.

  3. Again an awesome representation of the earthly end of a person deceived with an non-scriptural doctrine.
    For them it is more of self glory i.e. enduring physical self inflicted affliction and assuming that they would get brownie points in heaven or testing God’s abilities to perform a miracle for earthly gains.
    Assuming they received a minor relief from a ailment, they would very boldly state in the next testimony that they received divine healing because of the prayer of saints and church. Such is their ignorance of the Christ and dependence on these clergies.
    Pls., see this below Video testimony of a young woman who went to be with Christ at 23 years after battling cancer. Was amazed at her faith and how she felt blessed to have physical cancer and battle spiritual cancer (mins 14:20 onward) . With such faith in Christ & in the knowledge that she was a terrible sinner she has earned for herself a place in eternity.

  4. Sevam dear,what a profound statement is yours—————-
    -@”TPM produces fake medical certificates when young workers die.”—-
    How long they are going to deceive the masses?
    God has already sent a’ STRONG DELUTION’. and seducing spirits. into them. They are now actively working.Even before we witness the fake demonstrations of the healing service on the Sunday evening service at ‘IRUMBELIYUR’, watch out for more news of this kind in these columns.

    This is highly dangerous trend.The ALMIGHTY GOD has been watching every move of this CULT orgn. Let all the viewers make an opinion survey , and the secret readers of this site —watch for those ‘D days’ happening every day.The Lord is counting the days just as Jericho walls fell down . Oh the days are numbered now.

    In one of the recent Sunday Worship services, ( south India),the worker incharge of a particular fake home in one of the TELUGU states, obliged to a parent’s request to cut the ‘birth hair’ of their child brought right in front of the assembly . They brought their child to the pulpit,after Sunday service was over. After a small prayer,the worker incharge coolly cut the hair of the child ( as a sample cut) before the gathering was dispersed. This is worse than the gentile practices being observed by the particular community.
    .So now a days TPM Clergy is hell bent on earning money by hook or crook,by openly conducting the gentile practices and start demonstrating the traditions of the world right in front of the church gathering as the sole aim is covetousness,– love of money. So horrible these places of worship became.Those places of worship are nomore called ‘FAITH HOMES’—but …..’FAKE HOMES’.
    All along I was trying to willfully withholding this comment putting into this site that God has granted us . But after seeing Selvam brother’s comment, the most inevitable fact has come out finally.
    Do you need any more witnesses like this ?
    Perhaps readers can react. The forum is wide open.

    • Ok….. now this appears to be the namesake christian version of Tirupathi or Thirumala Venkateshwara where they get their hair shorn.

  5. When the believers take medicine the situation is even worst. It was the time of floods in Chennai Nov 2015. So there was heavy downpour throughout that month. A believer in our fake home died on Nov 1 (Sunday), 2015 . That was a small fake home with 25 believers . That believer was a auto driver and he used to take all SOG to house visits. And there was space in front of his house where the fake home hall was temporarily maintained for 4 years approximately(SOG from IBR will come and conduct sunday meetings alone ). Some months before his death the fake home was shifted to another location. So that family was totally serving SOG. Right from cooking in sunday morning they served SOG sincerely. I remember on April 2015 , myself along some belivers went his auto to attend send off to the new SOG who completed their training . I was not saved during that time and totally obeyed whatever SOG said. They served ice cream specially for SOG and Pas Manasseh told that believers should not come to main meeting hall and see SOG eating. I really did not understand the logic why Manasseh said so. And the condition of the SOG was pathetic , they were standing in line and it was like begging for biryani. The beliver who died had a vomit after eating this food, because he had some praoblem in stomach right from the beginning of 2015. But he did not take medicine. All of a sudden his kids forced him and he got admitted in a hospital. The doctor suggested operation and they did not. But he did not continue the medicines properly and he shifted to ayurvedic thinking that it is not a medicine. Finally he lost his life on Nov 1, 2015 leaving his two daughters and son . They were very young.
    During his funeral there was rains from the morning. His house was very small. And they have put a panthal(CLOTH TENT) infront of the house. And they kept him in a freezer box , the entire family was crying but sisters who were singing were laughing. They had no sympathy on that family. They were forcing belivers to leave the funeral place and go to fake home for sunday service. I was shocked , they did not bring his body inside the fake home nor allowed belivers to stay with that family. TPM people were hurriedly taking the flowers and garland brought by unbelivers and other denominations and throwing them at a corner. This was the only thing done by TPM belivers. And many of them went to sunday service after a rule that belivers should go there . After the meeting even sunday school was conducted. And the message in that service was ” death can happen at any time , so we need to be holy”. Then immediately in the evening around 6:00 PM the body was burried. That family asked SOG to wait since some of their close relatives had to come from Mumbai. But they did not listen and told that because of rain they need to burry. For his funeral service center pastor(Manasseh) did not come. I think he sent some elder brother only. Later Bro. Megavel (Incharge of fake home) came to my house and told their family is worst. They are fighting with me that the funeral was not conducted properly. He told us that the family must look at the unseen angels in the funeral . Bro Megavel came and told to us particularly since he did not want us to escape TPM’s clutches. This incident raised so much questions in my mind and finally I left TPM before a year.

  6. Really heart rendering piece of lines from dear Sr. Surya. I think more skeletons will be unearthed and be rolled down shortly…Shssssss…….So much horrific real life anecdotes. ….Hats off to Sr…. Thank you …..Thank you -……Thank you………..
    Fear not….We will only pour out our supplications unto Him, till He reveals His plans to us as to how to go about further from here……….

  7. Not only pastors of TPM. even “there belivers ” not GOD . have selfish mind sets. to build kesar church(telangana ) they are in need of 10 to 15 crores. to extend church also they want to buy place with 5 crores. but people who are poor dying to pay rent for the houses. in people don’t marry a rich person will not marry a poor p people. pastor won’t preach that. they won’t say we all are brothers and sisters so we should help each others .

  8. Just look at the way . Some more skeletons are being rolled out. We are in the days of fast moving world. that things will be become VIRAL in seconds . God only will see to it. Now the current business activity of this CULT orgn is VERY VERY clear. G o on raising the buildings the likes of the 3 storeyed, 4 storeyed structures akin to IRUMBELIYUR structure. for the CONVENTION ground that was referred by God is love. Another hats off to this comment.

    ADMIN, brother all your efforts are not getting wasted. Please do get dismayed
    nor discouraged by some of the -ve comments being aired .But one thing is sure
    we should not under estimate the new comments being added to this site. They are truly God inspired ones.Let ‘s watch for more and more which are on the way.
    This is how CRORES and CRORES of finances ( being the sweat & blood of believers) are being used for the CONSTRUCTION activities!If Pas. Paul, (Ramankutty) or the likes of Pas. Don Spiers were to be here, and see the activities this CULT orgn, they would surely
    put their heads down in shame……..

    • @Eagle Eye

      Mr Ram Kutty and Mr Don are also false shepherds and spineless cowards just like all their peers and fellow leaders. If they were true christians, they would eradicated all the false teachings in this cult and steered it in the right direction. They did not and it shows that they were either deceived or feared men more than God.

      If Ram Kutty was a genuine Christian he would have never endured Alwin the pervert but he was allowed to build this satanic system’s exclusive doctrines and lead it for a long time thereby ensuring there was no turning back.

      If Don had any fear of God, he would have used his influence to stop the wrong teachings but unfortunately he was as deluded as his leaders. Or were they all so comfortable in their positions that they thought this was God’s work.

      I have no respect or sympathy for these false shepherds because they all had an opportunity to change this system but they never displayed any true leadership. They are all cowards, liars and false shepherds and if the Bible is true they are right now awaiting the father of all lies wherever they are.

      The current TPM Trinity will have no excuse as they have access to too much knowledge that they can continue to live in denial. Hope at least one of them is man enough to own up to the errors of their teachings and change the course of this runaway TPM train with its load of blind believers.

      It is not too late for them to repent and turn to the Bible instead of continuing to espouse the vain personal revelations of a heretic, pervert Alwin. Will they?

    • . //for the CONVENTION ground //
      I got this news recently that a new land was bought at Chengalpattu for convetion probably this could be the last meeting at Irumbiliyur .
      I dont know whether this is true or not .
      If any body knows this kindly comment.

  9. I remember when Shaji Bro was in AbuDhabi, he had asked everyone to try and give one month salary towards church building. Some gave. He made a big show by asking those who gave 1 month salary to raise hands. It was like taunting us to say “See…so many gave”. Till now no church for NTC in AbuDhabi. Wonder where all that money went!
    My parents have given so much money to TVM fake home. Last time my mom went to pray with a bottle of coconut oil and the new pastor shouted at her. Also, my father has been sick for sometime, whenever my mother needs to pray and keep prayer she has to call other pastors. TPM pastors are very busy…even sisters.
    I hate these white clad sepulchres now
    Mom just won’t accept that they can be bad in any way. Thank God, my eyes are opened.

  10. Even I fell for this coconut oil gimmick few years back. I was forced to buy a bottle of coconut oil (for one of my family member) and get it blessed by local clergy as he supposedly had gift of healing and apply it on the affected area. Few months later I realised the deception of healing and regretted having done it.
    Then I realised that I was not the only one and he regularly patronized such blessing of oil business.

  11. I was at a TPM funeral a few months back and experienced everything which is mentioned in this article. It’s so eerily identical that it was déjà vu.

    One thing I noticed was the absence of envelopes being handed over to the workers after the funeral. I thought that TPM has reformed and have stopped the evil practice of collecting money from a bereaved family. Alas what a fool I was, I was later informed that money was paid to these spiritual mercenaries at the fake home. In fact, I had a few months ago mentioned this in this forum, but the Admin had told me that they would have taken it privately, how true he was.

    These animals are insensitive ravenous wolves just waiting to devour the poor hapless gullible TPM believers even in their worst circumstances. How can a Christian ever exploit the family who have suffered such great loss is beyond my imagination?

    Jesus teaches us about love in the parable of the good Samaritan, who stopped to help a man who was robbed and beaten, how he dressed his wounds by pouring oil and wine and then carried the stranger to an inn and paid for his stay till his return. Contrary to our Lord’s teachings, these modern-day priests and Levites after the order of an alleged Melchisedek of their imagination, instead of being a solace to their members are just waiting for an opportunity to exploit them, even in death.

    You don’t have to be a theologian to understand where these false shepherds are heading for.

    Brilliant narration once again, Admin. God Bless you!

    • Envelopes are given only at marriages. They won’t collect money at funerals or on the funeral day as there is some law regarding that in TPM rule book. However, they do it after the prayer meeting which is conducted at the home of the bereaved.

      I could say the above as it happened to me. Actually I failed to give the covers on the day of the prayer meeting because I didn’t want to / feel to give it. So the next day I was called to the FH by the elder sister / sister in charge and I was asked to give covers to all the sisters and brothers who visited my home during those days and came for funeral. When I asked the reason, she told its for the singing, transport(actually car from my home was used to transport them here and there during those days), food for FH during those days etc.

      The SOG portrayed in this episode are far better than the ones I’ve faced in my life. In the episode, they took steps to provide food for the bereaved family at least for money. However, In my case, they asked us to prepare food for the FH and SOGs as well for all those days and this was asked while I was standing before the funeral casket.

      When I took this matter to quite a lot of other SOGs, they empathised with me saying that it was wrong. But their next statement was quite startling. Everyone unanimously stated “Think of her as your mother and the other workers as your siblings. So it’s not wrong to give”.

      One good thing that came out of this is that it opened my eyes to see what TPM really is.

      • Henceforth we should start using the abbreviation of SOD for these people meaning Servant of Devil or as SOM meaning Servant of Mammon

        • The way the so called believers iodlize them is beyond comparison. I will give two examples which happened yesterday,
          One believer sister stood up to testify on a vision she saw when attending a bible study. In her vision she saw steps going upwards. The steps were covered in blood. Then she asked God what this blood is. God told her that the blood is the blood shed by the saints of god who are dying for the church. It is through this blood that we are being prepared for heaven. ….outrageous isn’t? Christ is become of nothing to her!!!!
          Then another bro stood up to testify on I G John’s eulogy. Appears that his faith home’s drain clogged….But despite him being the centre pastor he was humble enough to remove the clogged drainage with his hands…
          Charles topped it up saying that Exodus 13:21, 22 is a shadow of the leading of the church by saints of god…

        • This video makes me sick and to think of that once we were also queuing up like mindless sheep in front of these sons of the father of all liars and giving them our hard earned money thinking that we were promoting the Kingdom of God. In fact we were building this satanic extortion system.

          Everyone who is handing over their envelopes feel so justified or relieved, I’m not sure. And the Servant of Mammon appears to just go through the motion just like a ticket collector at an event. There is no emotion, it is just business.

          Praise God for opening our eyes to this madness.

    • In my own experience, these SOG’s were fleecing remorselessly. We had to give our car to a driver/believer to transport all the SOGs to/from our house. Also, we were asked to give some money to some sisters as they were the ones who cleaned my mom, sat in the night singing songs.
      But there are some “believer hyenas” as well who fleeced money on the pretext of arranging the coffin,ice-box, ice box, and food during the vigil and funeral. They pocketed the money giving only a token advance, and the caterers, coffin makers came the next week to collect the balance.
      To top it all, during the prayer meeting, the elder sister pitched a fit at my brother and my wife in the presence of my shell shocked relatives as the pastor’s cup was not white and didn’t have a coaster and a side-table was not kept for him!!

  12. Flash news!
    Another pastor (Jacob Williams) eloped from ministry. He was sick and from well to do family. Not sure if went out for treatment. He has pointed the flaws off ministers in a record and left.

    • Brother,
      Are you sure that he eloped? Last time I checked, TPM was frantically searching out for him.
      His 4 sisters have been killed in this ministry. 3 in the name of divine healing and 1 because of mental instability caused by this monstrous mission and its politics.

      • Is this Willy Brother’s son? Poor Jacob, hope he is safe. I feel sorry for him having known him since we were in school. If he has quit the mission, we should pray that God will protect him and keep him strong.

      • Yes. He was sick for few days and he was seen missing on Saturday and Sunday. Search was made and he came back on Monday and took all his things and went off the TPM mission. He also kept a letter for chief pastor pointing the the current centre pastor and few sisters deeds.

        Similar way bro Mano escaped from Adyar.

        Those who are given additional responsibilites with money are escaping.

        This pastor used to take money from rich and help poor, which was objected by centre. Likewise, bro Mano who was handling money, had multiple phones in secret and eloped from mission too.

        We should pray for our ministers to preserve them.

        • Instead of eloping just like that , they should stay inside and get some audio /video evidences .. thats the only way to wreck the tpm ship .

          Not all the belivers able to see what we see… but a scandal can be well recieved by the sheeps ..as usual “emotional people .”


        • Heard some rumours that he returned back to IBR today. The faithome he served didn’t had meeting as it was disturbed by believers and it was chaos.

  13. Prabhu
    @Flash news!
    “Another pastor (Jacob Williams) eloped from ministry. He was sick and from well to do family. Not sure if went out for treatment. He has pointed the flaws off ministers in a record and left.”
    As bro. NMSF has rightly concluded in one of his comments that appeared today,:
    @Hope at least one of them is man enough to own up to the errors of their teachings and change the course of this runaway TPM train with its load of blind believers. It is not too late for them to repent and turn to the Bible instead of continuing to espouse the vain personal revelations of a heretic, pervert Alwin. Will they?
    This is truly vindicated the above statement.
    So the IRUMBELIYUR Enquiry Counter Opening Batsman (ECOB) is finally out .
    So the oft- repeated JERICHO walls are crumbing down now.

  14. @His 4 sisters have been killed in this ministry. 3 in the name of divine healing and 1 because of mental instability caused by this monstrous mission and its politics.
    Looks like finally Jacob Williams has opened his EYES, He was well groomed by his
    interpreter father Williams who poured out his sweat and blood to this CULT orgn was the well known figure from the land of KARNATAKA .
    Bro. ADMIN,now ,could it be the U -turn for bro. GIDEON’s family? I think no. …. if not in immediate future… as his daughter is still in the ministry , serving somewhere in AUSTRALIA..South Pacific.

    • All his children are married. The one who was in ministry part time has also married a fellow foreigner with whom she was ministering. All his 3 children went into love marriage. If it was someone else, the ministers would have torn apart the family. Gideon escaped the wrath.

  15. Bro., three year ago in one of our local when a young brother ran away with a believers teen aged daughter, our bro-incharge has this to say…As per Ex 25:19 the cherub is on the edge of the mercy seat…so may fall any time..(balancing act???) so pls., pray that they remain still in the mercy seats and God may preserve them..
    So do you think they deserve to be prayed for practicing non-scriptural DDT’s.
    For now pls., realise that the Just God has preserved them all and have given them all a free hand to practice all spiritual wickedness and abominations we can imagine.
    We need to be very careful about where we are…

  16. Shocking and such an eye opening into real doctrinal issues as an outsider. Never knew about so many wrong doings!. Don’t these people read bible. Heard many times even other denomination pastors speaking highly of TPM style of dress code( white color), outward appearance out of ignorance of truth.
    It is very painful to watch youth swaying away from God due to this kind of man made rules not in line with scriptures. Admin, pls do continue to expose false doctrinal issues. All support and prayers.

  17. “Over 60 years of Investment gone Kaput”!!

    This happened couple of years of back which shook all my faith and trust in humanity itself! This incident took away whatever little respect I had for this Mission and its purpose! And, finally, it made me to THINK …
    One elderly person who had been a faithful member of this organisation for over 60 years passed away. He was a government servant who retired from a respectable position. On top of that he was Sunday School Headmaster of a local TPM church for a long time! He did not have a healthy relationship with the missionary people at the time of his death.
    When he passed away, none of the missionary people from the local TPM church (which he belonged to) came to bury him. On top of that none of the church members as well came for expressing their condolences (maybe they were strictly told to adhere so).
    When one dies, he/she loses all his/her earthly relevance and what is left is only the physical body. What is expected from his near and dear ones (this includes his religious congregation as well) to provide him a respectable passage. If even that is not provided, there is no use to continue in such a congregation!
    Finally, the near and dear ones started chasing local independent churches in their area and one church provided this ardent member of TPM a decent burial. See the irony; all his life, he was a steadfast believer of TPM who would have shooed away other denomination Pastors/ Missionaries; Finally, they came to save his final rites.
    Imagine the situation at their home when the very Church they had been part of for 60 years denounces them? If you don’t get a burial or people refuse to bury you, there is no other greater trauma than that! They would have felt cheated, brutalised, cried, howled, discarded, shamed and what not! How would have their neighbours reacted to this?
    To be noted here (from Bible) – 1. Good Samaritan did not check the background of the victim; 2. Jesus healed the ear of the soldier when he himself was in peril. Which BIBLE do these TPM ministers follow?
    One of my Hindu friends’ father passed away some time back due to old age (it’s been 5 years now). He was taken to Corporation graveyard for cremation. There were already 5 bodies before that to be cremated on that day. He told me (which still resonates in my ears), “there is no other greater pain than waiting with your father’s body to be cremated”. Now juxtapose this with the incident we are discussing in TPM.
    In all the armies around the world, trainings are conducted so that the lightest (by body frame) is able to lift the heaviest soldier in the unit; this is done to ensure that none of the wounded soldier/s are left behind in enemy fire during war. These TPM workers forsook all to be in Lord’s love! Is this what they interpreted from Bible? To ignore your own brethren while he is in danger? What is the difference between these so called SOGs and Cain (who killed Able, his brother)?
    On the monetary part, this TPM believer (who passed away) would have paid tithe for over 60 years. How much will that work out to? Roughly, it will come around 1 crore INR (if we add the compounding principle of interest); this is apart from the offerings, spendings during cottage meetings, personal visits, fund for church building, voluntary physical work for church building, preparing convention ground, volunteering during convention, tithe from Bonus and Retirement money etc. Finally, what was the outcome of all these investments? This TPM believer did not get even 6 feet of earth for his burial under TPM patronage!!
    All of us will agree that TPM practices are a ‘Bigot’ of all accepted social customs! Whether it be birth, marriage, mingling with other people and during death, these people will not allow us to be social. That puts their existence at Risk!
    What do we learn here? No matter what you have done for Christ, Christianity and the TPM Church; if you do not gel well with these Ministers, if you do not get a Certificate from these thankless and heartless people, you cannot enter Heaven (Oh Yes, burial as well)! LOL!
    When we take a hearse during final journey, all the people on the road give way to the procession. This is the final respect (by known and unknown people).
    Kannadasan (Tamil writer) writes about death like this, “Veedu varai Uravu, Veedi varai Manaivi, Kaadu varai Pillai, …” (After death during the final journey, till Home, its Relatives and friends; till the Street end, its Wife (as in Hindus ladies can not come to graveyard); and till the Graveyard, it’s your son/s …!! In the current issue being discussed, these SOGs broke the accepted norms of the society itself!
    Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad said, “If you suppress your conscience, that is the end of the individual”. If we go with the daily routine of TPM ministers, they kill their conscience regularly (if not every day)!
    TPM ministers show their true colours (arrogance, ego and narcissism) when you are overly dependent on them; this is during Marriage, House Warming ceremony, Baptism, Cottage Meeting, resolving issues between members, Disputes, Testimony, Communion, any other Special Occasion and Death etc. Even if you want to Prophesy (that’s another intriguing subject), and if you are not in good terms per TPM analogy, you will be shooed, or mike will be banged openly.
    If you have to be District Collector, you have to pass IAS exam; if you have to be a practising CA, you have to be a member of ICAI; if you want to drive a passenger aeroplane, you should have the licence from DGCA; if you own a business, you need a licence from Corporation and a VAT Registration; even if you are a daily labourer, you should have certain skills. All these involves studying, working hard, learning, garnering knowledge, evolving yourselves and then applying your resources and skills! What is the qualification of any TPM minister? THINK!
    The issue lies with the basic doctrine, preachings of TPM and the way Sunday School syllabus has been drafted. You pick any topic and it will explicitly or impliedly lead you to ‘Subjugation’. They ensure that in order to keep their business running and profitable, people are barred to ‘THINK’. And the best way to make people dumb is using Religion as a means of cutting their social skills, stopping them from viewing TV, watching internet, reading newspaper/ other books and mingling with others in the society. Even if a kid is good at studies, they will say, “this will not take you to Heaven”.
    This makes us overly dependent on TPM and the TPM church members during personal challenges, occasions; and they exploit us to the maximum during such occasions. (Watch ‘Hitman’ movie early scenes of how young kids can be moulded into deadly soldiers).
    Is there any Godly presence/ radiance in TPM ministers (as they proclaim themselves)? If you see any of the SOGs, they all look like henchmen. All look similar to hitmen from any of the south Indian movies. And if you see any of the believers, majority of them look like POWs (poor guys, they are ones who are financing this Mammon act).
    I thank ADMIN for doing a yeoman service to the Christian community and specially to the TPM people bound by TPM rules and currently reeling under eternal bondage. You have opened our eyes that Christianity is not what TPM professes; and there is another beautiful world outside this TPM mire.
    Internet has brought us closer and we are able to use this medium to educate all about the plethora of issues with TPM doctrines and the SOGs lifestyle (car, bike, 3rd class Assistant/s, masseur, driver, washer woman, full time cook and maid, variety of foods, snacks, juice, clothing, landline phone, smart phone, iPad, costly PA system, English Translator is the norm in any local church). How many of us can afford all these in current inflation?

    Warning for all the readers –
    1. “… If you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln
    2. “You are the only person who can save you! There are no outside saviours. And this realisation is your only hope”.
    3. “If familiarity were useful, water would not cook fish” – Fulani
    4. “Death is not the greater loss in life. The greater loss is what dies inside us while we live” – Norman Cousins

  18. Kudos to ADMIN brother by getting a letter of this kind from a READER.It gave a befitting reply for those elements that claimed ADMIN publishes only ONE WAY side letters. Absolutely astonishing letter indeed from this brother Joe Daniel. His letter deserves a space , a better treatment just as you have JW’s EPISODE In the event of acceding to my request to publish his letter, please do not worry about the editing his quotations he wrote at the end of his letter.Keep them as they are.After all Bro. Joe Daniel is a believer in Christ Jesus ,our SAVIOUR.

    I am sure Joe Daniel’s letter would invite more number of hits &COMMENTS from many as he touched many salient points that the TPM Clergy has to answer. I am sure TEJU, would read the contents of this letter and convey to his bosses no. 1 &2.

  19. A Gem from the pen of Joe Daniel @
    “TPM doctrines and the SOGs lifestyle (car, bike, 3rd class Assistant/s, masseur, driver, washer woman, full time cook and maid, variety of foods, snacks, juice, clothing, landline phone, smart phone, iPad, costly PA system, English Translator is the norm in any local church). How many of us can afford all these in current inflation?”
    His words reflected my thinking of comparing the monster to a kind of HIGH TECH ministry.
    A year round CALENDER will be printed in advance almost 9 months ahead of time.The 1,2,&3 s will be always seen travelling around the world by air,just like Arab Shaiks ,Princes,Presidents/PMs of Nations.Even in the Airports they will have special aids to carry their baggages,. ( I remember well one believer by name Gabriel,a black complexioned , will be always stationed at MEENAMBAKKAM air port to help clear the baggage clearances of 1,2&3 and for any other foreign dignitories.
    Oh, this is really a HIGH TECH ministry indeed, Not within reach of any common man. Sometimes this Gabriel will be financed by some other believers to send him to Sri Lanka, Malaysia,& S’pore conventions to accomplish their clandestine business links.High Tech Ministry indeed!

  20. Being hailed from Chennai ,this Gabriel believer brother does n’t understand English much , but can on get well with other South Indian Languages. He freely uses the names of 1,2& 3 and gets away his things done.So being close to TPM Clergy ,he feels as an AGENT to KUMARAKKA at IBR H.Qtrs and carries the luggage of the Clergy. He gets a treatment like any worker brother, and he expects new souls should treat him with due respect. Always wears in white garments, he acts as a secret agent to the top of the heirarchy. In 2017 year, he was seen in Malaysia &S’pore Conventions when CP Stephen was there.It was likely that he must have been in DUBAI convention too. Did you ever wonder why TPM Clergy use this hidden believers as AGENTS? Coz he would be confidentially used as a tale bearer and convey back some news what the outside world feels about the Clergy. He was frequently seen in SL conventions during CP Stephen Natarajan’s era. But the present management Number 1 &2, hardly care him because of the obvious ‘REASON’ What is that ‘REASON’?I am leaving it to the simple guess work of readers. So next time when ever you happen to be in IBR, look for this secret agent. So that is how CULT system thrives on maintaining these type of secret agents .


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