Episode 12 – Divine Healing?

Recap: In the Last episode, we saw Daisy’s cousin Vanessa got married in TPM.


After marriage, Daisy’s family returned to their home town. Experience at Vanessa’s wedding left Daisy’s family in a daze. Months pass by. Daisy’s mother has now started thinking about her children’s future. She thinks that TPM is no more like it was in old days. Having spent four-plus decades in TPM, she is aware of all hidden secrets of innumerable TPM saints. Many sisters have privately wept in front of her, sharing their grief; some have left the ministry, and some continue. She has seen both ups and downs in TPM. New generation workers are pure nuisance according to her. Pride is always on their nose. Young workers who haven’t even crossed their 30’s, have no shame in making old believers of the age of their parents, to serve them at their whim. Cruelty in TPM is like the cruelty of ostriches in the wilderness. Sexual Affairs and suspected murder news have become rampant. One sister recently tried to commit suicide in faith home. TPM has lost all its shine. At such evil times, Daisy’s mom is not sure of sending her daughter to ministry. She is worried about her future. Daisy will be graduating soon. If she joins ministry will she survive till the end or will she elope with one of the male workers? Oh my God. no no… It is better to get her married instead of sending her in a furnace to burn within herself. Has not Paul said, it is better to marry than to burn (I Corinthians 7:9)? But what will happen if she gets married? Will Vanessa’s pastor become their pastor? Oh my God! No! Let God bring any other saint but not him. What if another pastor also is like him? What if he will also throw Daisy’s wedding card? What if sisters curse Daisy also, saying her children will die or her marriage will never be successful? Will Joseph and Daisy get suitable mates? Her husband’s business is also not in good shape. Caring a lot about the future, her health is deteriorating fast. She has become thin. Today she fell unconscious while working in the kitchen. It is the third time in a month. She hid it twice. She didn’t want to trouble her husband and children for the small unconsciousness she gets at times. She knows this happens with age. But this time her family came to know about it. Joseph saw her fall. He immediately helped her and called the neighbours. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Daisy’s father invited Samson their neighbour to analyze Dorothy’s health condition. Samson is a medical practitioner. He suspects something is seriously wrong about Dorothy’s health.

Dr Samson: Madam you have to undergo a few medical tests. I fear there is no alternative.

Daisy’s mom: My body will not rapture if I take medicine.

Dr Samson: For sake of your children, madam…. listen, please!

Daisy’s mom: You know our church rules!

Dr Samson: You will not be given any medication. Will take a blood sample and put you through some scanning machines. That’s all.

Daisy’s father:  You leave that upon me, doctor. I will make her ready for it.

Dr Samson: Ok then! Do call me when she is ready.


Daisy’s father somehow makes his wife ready for medical tests. Ultimately they discovered that she is suffering from cancer. It is the second stage but there is still hope. However, she has to undergo chemotherapy. This is an extremely difficult phase for the family. There was a little fight between Daisy’s father and her mom over her medical treatment. Daisy’s father wanted his wife to undergo chemo. But Dorothy is ardent on divine healing. They informed faith home about Dorothy’s cancer. Pastor and Mother are leaving for the Chennai convention today. Unfortunately, they will not be able to come and see Dorothy. The pastor will send someone. Later saints arrive at Daisy’s home.

Brother Timothy(Elder worker): You know….. when I was in Nagaland……. one believer got a hole in his heart. We prayed and he is still alive.

Joseph: Praise the Lord! Was the believer very rich?

Brother Timothy (Elder worker): Yes! He was very faithful in tithes. He would never send any servant of God empty-handed from his home. He would always put some money in the hands of saints.


Joseph asked if the believer was rich or not because he suspected that believer must have got treated his hole in heart illness through doctors. Joseph knows that rich believers of TPM will always go to doctors. Though they will argue with others about TPM doctrines, when it comes to health, they will always consult doctors over TPM Pastors. Also, pastors will never publicly humiliate such rich believers for going to doctors. Rich ones will be always treated with uttermost respect, no matter what rule they flout. In Fact, Joseph himself saw Pastor Dhanaraj getting treated by a believer doctor from Coimbatore, for his sickness. They did this in secret, but Joseph saw this when he went to the Faith Home incidentally. On the other hand, if a believer is a mediocre person, then the pastor will disgrace him openly for taking medicine. Clearly double standards are the benchmark of TPM.

Reflections of Life in TPM - 12
This is what Joseph Saw.

Brother Timothy (Elder worker): Do you want your mother to be healed?

Daisy: Yes!!

Joseph: Yes and instantaneously; as Jesus healed. It is written, “..immediately he received sight … immediately his tongue was loosed… immediately leprosy departed….”

Brother Timothy (Elder worker): Miracle took place immediately because Jesus and his apostles had a gift of healing. TPM’s ministry is not to heal but to preach the gospel of perfection which no other church has. If you want your mother to heal do RPD from tomorrow!

Scene:  Before saints leave, Sister Chandra (worker sister) has something to say.

Sister Chandra (TPM worker): Is there some hidden sin in your life? God doesn’t send so terrible sickness unless you have done something very wrong and you are hiding it from us. I may not see, pastor will not see, your husband, your children will not know, but you cannot fool God. Our life should be transparent.


Daisy’s father isn’t happy for Sister Chandra’s remark. He has not called saints to lecture his wife on her shortcomings. They needed comfort and people to give them courage. Dorothy is going through immense pain both physically and mentally. The entire family is in distress. But Chandra has a stony heart. Her facial expression reveals that she does not have a tincture of sympathy. She has no idea of what cancer is! Her heart is not at all with the suffering family. She reminds him of the words of Romeo in the famous novel Romeo & Juliet. “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.” She is giving a lecture because she has no idea of what family love is. She left her own father to die alone, in his sickness, just because she wanted the prize of Zion. She is the epitome of an emotionless creature. However, Dorothy his wife, she is adorable. He trusts her. They have spent 25 years together. She has toiled day and night for her family and saints. From four in the morning, praying, preparing breakfast, packing tiffins, cleaning home, doing all household chores, up to 10 pm night, she has been working tirelessly all her life. She doesn’t go to bed without praying for her family. She had been foremost in every work in faith home and all conventions. She distributes gospel tracts and keeps discussing the gospel with neighbours and friends. Her price is far more than rubies. Why doesn’t Chandra peek at her own life? Does she think he doesn’t know about her affair with Thomas?

Daisy also didn’t like Sister Chandra’s words. She begins to think, let Sister Chandra first examine how transparent accounting she does. How she manipulates weekly expenditures. She would often ask Daisy “Write ₹ 2500 for snacks and tea..” then she would correct herself saying “..no…no ..no. ₹ 2500 is too much! Write 1500 for snacks and tea….and ₹ 1000 for auto (visiting).” Daisy knows that not a single snack is distributed in any Sunday meetings; all they give is tea diluted with water. But Chandra will write about snacks in the account book for every week. Chandra will always order believers who are autorickshaw drivers for visiting.  She does not pay them a single penny, not even the petrol cost. Just because the autorickshaw driver is a believer it doesn’t mean she will use him for her gain. Above that, she writes ₹ 1000 . as autorickshaw expense in account books every week. Has she ever confessed all such manipulation she does in accounting? No one among believers knows the trade secret of TPM accounting, but can they fool God? Is this the transparent life she is asking from her mom? When saints suffer, she says it is the trial of faith, and now as her mother is suffering, she thinks there are secret sins in the life of her mother. Nasty Woman!!

Daisy’s mom (to Chandra sister):  Sister! Do pray to God to reveal it to you. I don’t want to die; at least not until I see my children get settled in life. Then my work will be done. Then let God take me and I will happily die.

Sister Alice (TPM worker): No don’t talk like that sister… You will not die. God hears the prayer of saints. He always hears me. I will pray for you daily.


Saints of TPM depart after taking money which Daisy’s family gave to them. Daisy’s father had informed Brother Timothy that if they opted for chemotherapy radiation treatment, then it would cost them about Rs 5 lakh. Timothy is also aware that Daisy’s fathers business is not going well. But still, he didn’t refuse the money given to him. Ideally, in such conditions, he ought to have said, “Oh… no brother..not today.. it is I who should help you in such times..” But all saints cannot be Brother George. He was one of his kind (in TPM)! Had he been here, he would have taken the money he got from tithes and secretly handed to him saying, “Use it now, and return it when you have enough, but don’t tell anyone I helped you.”

Daisy started doing RPD. Joseph doesn’t believe in RPD, but even he has also surrendered to RPD; just for sake of his mother. This indicates the immense power “stress-of-sickness” has, on relationships. Should I call it the power of sickness, or power of love, that made Joseph bow to RPD? Or should I call love as a weakness, which makes giants succumb before maladies that hound their loved ones? I don’t know, but one thing is crystal clear – people will go to any extent for the sake of their loved ones. And Joseph is not a hero. He is a mere kid who loves his family, albeit sharp, unlike the blind followers of blind leaders.

Molly comes to know about Daisy’s mom and she hurries to Daisy’s residence. Molly spends some time with Daisy’s mother. Dorothy asks Molly to be with Daisy if she would leave this earth. Later the friends (Daisy and Molly) go to the rooftop to spending some time together. They always do this.

Molly: What medicine is your mom taking? Can you show me the doctor’s prescription?

Daisy: We don’t go to the doctor. Our church believes in divine healing.

Molly: Daisy it is cancer! Do you even realize what it is? It is not diabetes or blood pressure that can be controlled by changing eating habits.


Daisy knows how saints suffering from diabetes control their eating habits. They do a little exercise and other kinds of stuff to control it. Pastor goes for a morning walk. He always says “no sugar” when people serve him tea. Sisters get a lot of bitter gourd from the market, for the Pastor because it is said to cure people with diabetes.

Molly: Ok tell me. What do you do when an ant bites? Don’t you rub the place with your hand and kill the ant? So it is with medicine! You feel the pain and you rub the pain causing bacteria with medicine or instead of hand.

Daisy: You may be right Molly. I know its cancer and I am frightened. But we have these teachings injected in us by our TPM upbringing. Try to understand my mom’s mental state. It’s difficult for my mom to give up on things she has believed since her childhood. She is not like my Father. My Father believes taking medicine is not sin. He says Joseph had his own doctors, during genesis days (Gen 50:1-2); He also told to my mother that God asked Moses to prepare holy anointing oil to be used in the tabernacle, in a pattern of skills of druggist and pharmacists (Exodus 30:25). If Joseph could go to heaven after using services of his doctors if holy oil of anointing can be made in the pattern of skills which doctors use to make it, if Luke can be a physician, whom God chose to write one book in the bible, then why should my mother go to hell for taking medicine? My father tried hard to convince my mother but she refuses to take even a drop of medicine. It is all because of her TPM upbringing. And if she will die, I swear I don’t know what I might end up doing.  


Molly knows it is hard to convince Daisy’s mom. She is TPM partisan. The only way she would listen is when TPM ministers tell her that it is no harm to take medicine. For her, words of TPM workers are the final authority. Molly departs asking Daisy to help her father convince her mom. Three of them try much to take her to the hospital but to no avail. Months pass and Dorothy’s health gets acute. She has become thin like a skeleton. A year later she begins to vomit whatever she takes in. Sometimes blood comes out. This noon she was resting. Daisy’s father had been out for some work. Daisy went out for the college project work and Joseph went out for tuitions, leaving mom to be taken care of by the home nurse. When they all came back, she was breathing her last with loud gasps. Daisy tried much to help her but within a few minutes, she breathed her last. She will no more open her eyes. TPM has been successful one more time, in taking one more precious life, by entangling its prey in the net of salvation by works.


  1. Love the depiction here. From the supplements such as whey proteins, special fruits on the shelf, to first aid items on the table to the verse on the wall to two somber looking clergy staring with no empathy…
    These clergy are Ayurveda experts (vaidhyars) with a home remedy for every ailment…And still hypocritically proclaim medicines are not for zion.
    Woe unto these people who mislead the folks with promises of divine healing, lead them astray from Christ, coaxing them to believe that Jesus heals all stomach pains and allergies just like he did in his short earthly life.
    Even last week our center blasphemer T/Durai shamelessly stated that if we believe, Jesus will come down and immediately heal our sickness, rid of our poverty, improve our businesses etc. He added that Just like how he commanded Peter to cast the net for fishes, if we wait on him he will instruct us to cast net in the right direction to get the hidden money, profits, good health….Can it get any worse than that.
    The same evil spirit behind these counterfeit doctrines will ensure a back up prophecy and a success story of divine healing through the testimony…Little did the poor blind believers realise that all the while they were being taken slowly to the slaughterhouse discretely.
    We decided one thing last week that our days were very numbered here…..

  2. Tears roll down my cheeks when I read about the fate of Daisy’s mother. Like Daisy’s mother, my mother also passed away after a brief illness of 7 days without taking medicine. I rushed home when I came to know that she was not well. Like Joseph in this episode, I too was sceptical about the divine healing doctrine of TPM but my father and brothers were very much indoctrinated with TPM that I could not convince them; I being the youngest among them.

    Matthew 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

  3. @redeemed -dont call names please .dont call them shameless,blasphemer,evil spirit,vaidhyaretc.Dont judge them.Before giving me a lecture and showing yourself holy make sure you wont say bad things about others.Sadly mr.redeemed you are still hypocritical as you used to be in tpm.So save your lecture.I will be as honest and true when talking about these white pigs as I can

  4. Dear OB, Your point made is well taken. After being in this for four decades, I do accept that I am still hypocritical many times…but I am seriously trying to come out of it…Have faith in Him that I will be able to..a every opportunity it presents.
    Apologies for having offended you my friend.

  5. This true crime story captures your entire being like nothing else because you can relate with all the characters at some point of time in your life as a TPM believer.

    I can empathize with the emotional roller-coaster this family is going through. There was an instance when a young one in my extended family suffered pain in her leg. Initially the family held on to Divine healing and when the child used to scream out of unbearable pain, these TPM wolves said that the girl is possessed.

    After a few months, it was diagnosed that this little child had Bone cancer and it was the pain which was making her scream. By then, it was too late to do anything about it. These animals are blood thirsty and they are into human sacrifice in a very discrete way. They call it “The Most Holy faith”. Emotional blackmail is one of the main tools of these vipers.

    The Bible has mercy on Sinners and never calls them names however when it come to False teachers and false prophets, they are called Wolves, lazy gluttons, evil brutes, greedy, unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, blots and blemishes, eyes full of adultery, an accursed brood, Springs without water, slaves of depravity, brood of Vipers, white washed tombs, Liars, Harlots, dogs, hypocrites, blind fools, blind guides, sons of Satan, just to name a few.

    So if you think TPM is a false religion, then there is no other way you can label these false teachers, other than what the Bible calls them. So please get off your moral high horse and embrace the truth and start calling a spade a spade.

    Please don’t forget they have innocent blood on their hands and such people are called murderers. They have killed thousands in the name of a god of their imagination.

    Wake up folks, there are only two religions in this world – For Christ or Anti Christ and TPM is definitely anti.

    • Well said NMSF. I will add Luke 13:32 to your list where Jesus calls Herod a fox!

      In fact, apostle Paul was ruthless when dealing with believers who walked contrary to the gospel. He calls the Galatians “foolish” (Galatians 3:1). Because, the Galatians who started their faith journey in ‘spirit’ have now turned to ‘salvation by works’ – a very fine example for the rest of us who want to deal with people who are twisting ‘salvation by grace’ to ‘salvation by works’.

      Let there be no hesitation in calling a spade a spade – the scripture supports this.

    • ####[[[[[[[[when it come to False teachers and false prophets, they are called Wolves, lazy gluttons, evil brutes, greedy, unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, blots and blemishes, eyes full of adultery, an accursed brood, Springs without water, slaves of depravity, brood of Vipers, white washed tombs, Liars, Harlots, dogs, hypocrites, blind fools, blind guides, sons of Satan, just to name a few]]]]]]]]####

      This can be applied to the false believers causing trouble to the integrity of the
      Church where ever theyre right ..? or for clergy only..?

      Can someone shed some light on this..?

  6. So why these people working as nurses and
    Doctors.. ? Flock to get admission in healthcare studies..

    What kinda logic is that..?! Are we allowed to work As a bartender..? legalised weed shop..?

  7. @TPM way a nightmare— Sr. Lilyan’s TESTIMONY — looking at her concluding remarks of her testimony……
    “For so many years I was having absolutely no freedom and I was fearing them because I thought they are second to God. But I could know their real nature when I mixed with them. They don’t have any love, they are hypocrites, pretending to be holy outwardly but having all kinds of sins and it is all because of their false doctrines. Not only TPM but I should not allow any church to come in between me and God. I was a fool because I believed what my uncle said but God showed mercy and delivered me and my mother from the clutches of TPM. The only thing I can do for TPM is to pray for them and continue to give them articles no matter what they think and say.” —-all the doubts are set at rest.

    This is the most convincing testimony that I ‘ve ever read, I wish the readers to go thru it once again to put all the doubts about the intricacies of divine healing to rest. Her testimony was covered in 1 st JANUARY ‘2019 EPISODE,

  8. Many believer’s kids are preparing for Neet exams at HAL, Ramamurthy nagar and Frazer town faith homes this year. All the best to them, let them succeed and serve the needy people in Jesus name.

    • Also heard from my daughter that HAL has meetings all 7 days for everyone. All are forced to attend 4 AM praising, chain prayers at home, Bible reading in a month, doctrine exam, quiz for Sunday school children in Sunday service and those who do not answer, made to stand whole 60 minutes and shame the teacher.

      Hearing all these, looks concentration camp was better than these.

    • Brother, NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the All India Medical Entrance Examination in which the candidate passing the exam will go on to become a doctor. The Same doctor who is abhorred publicly by the TPM Ministers but secretly used and tithe taken for their purpose.

  9. Dear Admin,
    Recently one of my friends had severe diabetice. When I talked to his wife, she told me that we are ready for any repercussion. Come what may be, we have been following divine healing right from my birth. So we won’t take medicine. I had a sharp argument with her. Finally she said please pray for the healing of my husband. I told her I won’t pray for his healing, but I will pray for the opening of your blinded eyes. Where is it written in Bible that one should not take medicine.

    After few months I contacted him to know about his condition. He said I am fine. The I asked him how did you become alright. He told me one of the so called saints came to his house and told him get treated at a nearby hospital. See the double standard of TPM frauds. Of course he is a multi millionaire.

    • Ofcourse your friend must be a golden duck , there is a lesson in this incident
      wthr it is golden or clay duck both parties are swayed by the tpms fake love..

  10. I want to know the person who is doing all the illustrations.. It’s amazing.. Kudos. Just brings all the scene experienced in front of our eyes…

  11. I was attending convention prayer today in IBR and one of the point prayed was weird. They said that there is vast difference between divine healing service and miracle healing. The latter is for new souls and we do not give importance to that. Our focus is divine healing, understanding the root cause and sanctifying and thereby getting deliverance.

    • Now that they know that God is exposing their lies by not healing them, they are bringing a new twist for the terminology to cover up their failure.

    • The problem with a doctrine based on lies is that you have to keep lying to keep it going.

      TPM/NTC/NCPC’s version of healing is a doctrine from hell and unfortunate thing is that their shepherds continue to propogate this evil and in the process every year, hundreds are sacrificed to Molech.

      No wonder Satan is continuing to smile at TPM/NTC/NCPC et al.

  12. why r u confusing people, plz look yours beftotime ore critizise other, nowadays we have no time to look at us,how u find to critizise others,plz know one thing RC,CSC,CPM,ADVENT, and many more all church have good things and bad things, u take good thing and remove bad,plz tell one perfect church in this world, u cant, in revalation all church have some fault, so before judgement dont judge others,iam tpm believer i got truly healed by the strips of jesus ,iam following jesus,i got deliverence from witch craft and terrible sin which cant tell in this church,if there is no holyspirit how can i get delivered.iam converted from hindu,i respect all church,understand no church go heaven only saints goes to heaven…….i read go thru all things in this website,accusing is devils work…if u think TPM is wrong pray to GOD to change them, if u r writing likethis ,what is the use i think u have no faith in GOD…GOD can only change doctrine or people, u r not GOD….plz dont argue me….love everybody…..

  13. I was devouring all the parts till here. You have captured everything – from the trouble faced by believers in white clothes in rainy season to the wedding meddling. But this, this is my story! When I went through this, and then ran as fast as I could as far away as I could, I never thought of others. But now am so heartbroken that this kind of story is still happening in 2019.


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