Episode 10: Cottage Meeting

Recap: In the last episode we saw Molly and the lost girl catch a glimpse of eloping saints on the train.


Daisy’s family is going through some financial trouble. So as per Daisy’s mom the cloud of evil on them can be warded off by conducting a cottage meeting. Today we have a cottage prayer at Daisy’s house. Every member of her family is busy doing his/her part. Daisy’s mother is in the kitchen preparing delicious recipes for saints. Her father has gone to the market to buy snacks and other kinds of stuff. Daisy is cleaning the front hall. Joseph is busy playing a video game!

Daisy’s mom (shouting from the kitchen): Jose….…..

Joseph (from hall adjacent to kitchen): I am here only! Why are you shouting?

Daisy’s mom (from the kitchen): Is this time to play a video game? Go to faith home and bring hymn books, drum and tambourine!

Joseph: Ammachi is coming right?.. She will bring it along with her.

Daisy’s mom: Aiyyo Jose! She is an ammachi… She is so old. How can she carry a weight of 50 hymn books?

Joseph: Pastor can help her Right?

Daisy’s mom: Shuuu! Shame on you! Do you think pastor will lift 50 hymn books?

Daisy (laughingly): He doesn’t even carry his bible! There is an assistant brother for it! Are you new to TPM?

Joseph: I will call Hilda Akka and tell her, “My cycle is puncture so I cannot come. Kindly take two-three sisters with you to carry all the stuff.”


Daisy’s mom gets angry. She comes out of the kitchen with a frying spoon in her hand.

Daisy’s mom: Wait there I am coming…


Joseph turns back and sees his mom with a spoon in her hand. He knows she will beat him. He starts running and laughing..

Daisy’s mom: Are you going or not? Tell me!

Joseph (facing her standing far off): No……….!!

Daisy’s mom: No food for you today…! Get out of my house.. And don’t ever show me your face..


Joseph realizes mom is seriously angry. He hangs his face down as if he is depressed over losing an important battle.

Joseph: Ok Going.. going..!! Don’t get angry..


We see Joseph going out and his father coming in. His father has bags filled with snacks. It is for believers. Daisy’s family is going through a financial crisis. Hence they don’t want to waste money on serving chicken-mutton to all believers. So he buys snacks for them. However, there will be no limitations is spending on saints in white. Daisy’s mother is preparing special recipes. Daisy’s father had brought in broccoli from the market. Someone told Pastor that broccoli salad is very good for health. So Pastor asked Daisy’s father whether they have broccoli salad sold in the town. And therefore he had to search for every shop in the town to find broccoli. Daisy searched the internet to find how broccoli salad is made. Ammachi has also asked Daisy’s father for Amway protein powder. She would take it from them while returning back to faith home.

Daisy’s family is exhausting all their Energy, Time and Money to give the best possible treatment to saints. They are assuming that the blessings of the saints will remove the financial troubles. But the family is unaware that the same saints will not think even twice to say a direct “no” to respectfully bury their dead if the family happens to take medicine. Daisy’s family is unaware that the same saints for whom they are serving broccoli and Amway protein powder with chicken, mutton etc, will not serve them communion if they happen to marry Daisy off into a different Christian denomination other than TPM.

In the twinkling of an eye, saints will forget all the labour of love Daisy’s family is showing them if they deviate an inch from TPM’s rule book. Just like the law of Sabbath was the number one priority for Pharisees instead of healing a man, so likewise TPM rules are number priority for TPM saints.

Daisy (talking on the phone): Hello Molly! Today we have a prayer at our home. Will you please come with your family?

Molly ( talking on the phone, the speaker is on): Sorry Daisy! I can’t come today. I have another schedule.

Daisy (talking on the phone): Ok Bye! See you tomorrow.


Unlike blind believers of TPM, Molly is sharp to notice double standard behaviour of TPM workers. She saw a glimpse of it in their convention and at faith home during her one day stay. She wants to avoid TPM ministers. So she said NO to Daisy.

Daisy’s Mom: She won’t come. I told you. She is the number one Mallu! Had we been Malayalees, she would have joined our church on day one.


Daisy’s family is from Tamil Nadu and is not close to the Malayalam speaking community. In TPM, they developed a nature to discriminate between ethnicity. Don’t be mistaken. No one in TPM teaches ethnic discrimination. But people keep talking about what they see. It is in practice in TPM as blood is in veins of humans. Present Centre Pastor and Ammachi have made sure that all Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu speaking saints are transferred to local faith homes and only Tamil speaking saints be assigned as in-charge of all faith home duties. Tamil-Malayalee game of thrones is indistinct and inseparable part of TPM. You will always see the chief pastor’s chair keep swinging between the two powerhouses. A Telugu, Panjabi, Kannada, Marathi or foreigner saint cannot become the high command in TPM. God himself has not chosen one in 90 plus years of TPM history. Daisy, however, does not believe in ethnic discrimination. She knows it is not right in the sight of God.

Daisy: It is not like that Mom!

Daisy’s Mom: You will understand when you grow old. We know from experience how these Malayalees are!


Joseph returns back. He arrives, keeps the bag filled with books on the table. He has heard their conversation. And how can he be silent?

Joseph (loudly): Now there is no Jew or Greek, no male or female, no slave or master in Christ. There is no Malayalee or Tamil or Telugu or Kannada or Marathi or Punjabi or Chief pastor or believer in Christ. All are one and all are of Christ!!

Daisy’s Mom: O ho ho hoO…. The great preacher has a nice revelation. Shut up and help Daisy in spreading the mats.


All start laughing at the funny expression of “O ho hoO of Daisy’s Mom. They hear car honk sound. It seems Pastor’s van has arrived. They all run to the door to greet servants of God. We see Force Tempo Traveler in front of their door. Ammachi comes out and sisters follow her. A driver brother drove in a Tempo Traveler packed with sisters to their home. The pastor is yet to arrive. He will probably come in his White Scorpio. Praise the Lords gets exchanged. Daisy’s family starts welcoming saints. Few believers have arrived for a meeting.

Hilda (worker sister): What is this Daisy? All colourful mats…? Unhhh.? Put white bed sheet for workers over this mat. Bring in Fresh bedsheets.


Daisy brings a white bed sheet with pink flowers printed on it.

Hilda (worker sister): Don’t you have another bed sheet? This one has more red colour flowers. There should be no or minimal decoration.


Daisy brings another bed sheet and spreads it for the saints to sit on it.

Glory (worker sister to Daisy’s mom): Sister, please keep a cup of warm water for Pastor. It should have proper white coloured cover too.


Daisy’s mother makes the arrangement of hot water for the pastor to drink. Sister places it near to pastors seating arrangement. All get seated. Believers start coming one by one. Daisy’s father has arranged for some chairs outside. Sisters start singing songs. Singer sister, who always sings during Sunday, is suffering from fever. Therefore, she stayed at the faith home. Another sister is leading the song today. Her voice is terrible, but she is shouting with full confidence. She got this opportunity and she grabs it with both her hands.

The Pastor arrives late for the meeting and takes his special seat. The last song is being sung and he signals Joseph (who is sitting in the front row) to arrange a pillow for him to rest his back against the wall. Joseph brings a yellow coloured pillow and Pastor looks angrily at him. Daisy takes it from Joseph’s hand and changes the pillow cover. After the song, they fill in tongues for 10 minutes and then the pastor gave a sermon for blessings of the house. He asked Daisy’s family to be faithful in tithes and God will bless them. He reminds them that the family may delay in giving back debts of men, but they should not do any manipulation with the money that they owe to God (Meaning them).

After the meeting, people eat snacks and return to their homes. Pastor and workers have delicious dinner, and broccoli salad spiced with black pepper and cumin powder. Sister Hilda asks Daisy’s mother to pack food for 6 sisters in faith home. Daisy and Joseph keep the Tiffin for 6 sisters in the  Tempo Traveler. Daisy’s mother and father each give envelop to Ammachi and Appachen, before the final departure. “Faith-home family” returns to their white abode. Their (Faith-home family’s) net gain for today is broccoli salad, delicious chicken-mutton dishes and few thousand Rupees.

Daisy’s family’s net loss for today is 8000 Rs and time and energy hoping of getting a full-fledged return from God. They don’t calculate 8000 spent today. They believe God will bless them in return. Yes, they are going through a rough phase financially, but it was precisely for the same reason cottage meeting was kept. However, if God wills otherwise, i.e. to make her family go through a financial crisis for few more years (maybe for testing them or other unknown reason), then we are sure that TPM workers will stop purchasing lands and extend help to Daisy’s family! Will they?


Reflections of Life in TPM – 10There is a difference in the way God works than the way humans imagine he is going to work. People imagine God will at once pull Daisy out of the false church (TPM). They think the walls of TPM will blast out in air and captives bound inside will be liberated in one shot. However, God’s ways are past our findings. He promised children of Israel that he would drive Canaanites out little by little, instead of completely whitewashing them off the land. Before God delivered Israel out of the bondage of Egypt, they were made to dwell in Egypt for 430 years. They underwent afflictions in the furnace of slavery. God wounds and he heals. Before Paul could see the light of Gospel he was made a student of Law and became a Pharisee. In a similar way, God is working in the life of Daisy, ounce by the ounce! The curtain from before her eyes is starting to disappear slowly and slowly. It is not like phew and she is out from TPM. Man must pass through the way designed by God.


  1. Hi all,
    I remember the cottage meeting in our house where I started cooking from from morning 4 o clk without prayers. Since many sisters and elders were coming and I had to do both veg and non veg. Because they told me some sisters were vegetarian. And I was instructed to invite people from our flat who belonged to other denominations. And when the elder sister came she was standing near that pastor and kept serving food. She pushed me and made hot water in the kitchen and told that pastor drinks mildly hot water . She also told me that she will daily take plates to his room. But as a believer what I saw in irumbuliyur was a small brother who takes trays to the pastor. But she told me that she will meet him daily. It was a shock to me. And she was standing very close to the pastor and serving food. She did not allow me or my husband to serve. Then she and other sisters had food. The small sisters conditions were pitiable that they refused to take rice for a second time. They were afraid of big sister. I got so many doubts in my mind though I knew nothing about their errors. I was also able to notice the kind of feeling she had towards the pastor. It was very similar to wife serving a husband. I think at that time this site was not started. These were all happening in front of my eyes and finally I got delivered like Daisy 🙂 I have faced lot of harrassment from SOG . Thank you Jesus for delivering me from cult and also this site . Jesus bless admin and family, team members abundantly.

    • Sister, could u please give us a clue of that Pastor’s and Elder sister’s name?
      Btw, I was attending TPM in Ibr. May be I know them.

      • Dear Meha,

        Her name is Sis. Chithra. She is the assistant of Sis. Alice (Pastor Kitchen Incharge) . That pastor name is Jebaraj . He was transferred to Coimbatore center before a year . This meeting took in our house during 2016 July I guess. Exact Year i don’t remember .

        Surya K

        • As you’ve mentioned in the earlier comment, a small brother would take food tray only to Pastors. However for elder brothers like Bro.Jebaraj, there’s a Brother’s dining hall (or VIP’s dining hall) that has got chairs, tables and ceramic plates. There’s a window between Pastor’s kitchen and this dining hall, through which they make special orders like Omelette, etc. They serve delicious, healthy and diabetic diet. The same dining hall has another section in which training brothers eat ordinary Ibr sambar rice sitting on the floor. So much of inequality!

  2. “Tamil-Malayalam game of thrones is indistinct and inseparable part of TPM. You will always see the chief pastor’s chair keep swinging between the two powerhouses. A Telugu, Panjabi, Kannada, Marathi or foreigner saint cannot become the high command in TPM. God himself has not chosen one in 90 plus years of TPM history. Daisy, however, does not believe in ethnic discrimination. She knows it is not right in the sight of God.”
    How silently this site is speaking for the edification of the church!
    Now, the last nail is nailed on the coffin box .
    Chris(not only Chris, and millions others all over the globe who peep thru this site) Did you see writing on the wall?


    If you read the Bible,you will get to know it.If you are well versed with it ,you will immediately catch the context of it.I deliberately withdraw by quoting it to all of them who are curiously waiting for it . But I can give a clue. It is the chapter starts with 5, multiplied it by 5, one gets the verse.
    How clearly this great EPISODE is revealing the true colours of this CULT? Daisy is being picturised here as a person to whom I ‘ve been addressing in this site. Better late on earth than never!Time and tide wait for no man!

  3. Ethnicity differences in tpm is deep rooted in tpm. It is famous saying within tpm workers that chief pastor will always be either malyali or tamil !! Why didnt pastor jayam become chief ? Why doesnt a telgu or punjabi become chief in tpm? Why did they brought first Abraham Matthew from nowhere and then MTthomas? Some secret power game is unmistakably visible in top tier.

    Then, a senior malyali believer can get centre pastors or atleast workers transfered by calling chief pastor. Everyone knows this.. They fear and hate senior malyali group of believers in north india.. Workers sometimes curses indirectly malyali believers whom they fear can get them transfered. Even when such senior malyali believer has not done anything they will held him responsible for some transfer.

    Another thing is that I remember during kerela floods last year, some believers hated my WhatsApp message about kerela flood. They thought it as God’s curse instead of showing sympathy with people suffering. One Tamil brother from Delhi became angry about a video which cited Tamil Nadu government policies responsible for flood. I know some Marathi believers group who used to keep distant from South Indians and make fun of their language.

    Their is no Love of Christ in this church. They don’t believe colour race language doesn’t matter when we are brothers in Christ.

  4. Excellent writing Brother. It brings a smile to my face when I read these episodes. There is so much truth in it and every TPM member can relate with this family.

    Keep it up! God bless you with more insights and words to illustrate what a cesspool demonic organisation is.

  5. Thats so true.
    Most of TPM believers strongly believe that financial troubles, sickness, family discords, job issues etc are all as a result of Poratum….and such specialist deliverance meetings can rid them of all evils.
    They make them believe that a true, all meeting attending, ritual fulfilling believer should never experience any of such things.
    Thankfully such cottage meetings are not as prevalent as before as more people are shying away from hosting such meetings I feel.
    UAE had similar compulsory house meetings before which suddenly got stopped…Now Tambi Durai has started a new scheme of 24 x 7 Prayer Chain where every one is supposed to select one 30 min slot and pray on a topic assigned. So now it is down to a pure ritual where they will tell you what to pray for. No need for the Holy Spirit to guide us ……

      • Dear Admin and visitors of the site i’m sorry to place off-the-topic query here.
        I need small help regarding a book called “Pagan Christianity” by George Barna and frank viola. Is the mentioned book a reliable source for Historicity of Church and paganism in Christianity ? and it will of great help if anyone suggest me books on Historicity of Church, Bible and formation of denominations.

        By the way, these episodes are awesome. I’m waiting for the next episode 🙂
        Thank you,

  6. Sharing the latest healing crusade by TPM Kottarakara.
    Going through the clips can any one highlight where is Christ here?.
    It was show of strength, white and some dancing & beating of drums.
    It reminded of Ganesh chaturthi visarjan procession we see in Mumbai. Only difference was literal IDOL was replaced by their own IDOL..
    See how they only promote “Divine Healing Ministries” ….
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1RAShS7K6kVery surprising that they allow video shooting using mobiles unlike here in UAE where Charles makes a point to put up notices that “Any kind of Video shooting is Prohibited”.

    • These processions cause so much nuisance and inconvenience to the general public, just like their tarrying meetings! Mere show of strength…people of other religions hate Christians for such deeds.

    • Haha looking at the video is like a comedy show.Just looking at the video you can observe these goondas of tpm walking around for self advertisement.No spirituality.No basic manners.No respect for people.All frauds,most of them are fraud businessmen.

  7. Dasy’s God loving parents present a picture of Pas. Paul’s family here,if I take a leaf out of the life sketch of the founder kept in this site.I copy paste it for a thorough understanding of the readers.
    Chapter 16
    A brief testimony about Pastor Paul given by Pastor A.C. Thomas in the year 1975.

    On one occasion, during the days before the inception of this Church, the Lord said to Pastor Paul, My Church is My Body. The members of My Body should be wholly sound. But now they are lifeless. Immediately Pastor Paul asked the Lord, What am I to do in such a situation, O Lord? To this the Lord replied, You have to give up all that you have, empty yourself and come to Me. This came as a bewildering surprise to Pastor Paul. Until then he had heard nothing about gospel ministers who had no means for a livelihood. He had desired to become rich. His only thought was to somehow earn money. It was not possible for such a man to forsake his all. O Lord ! how can I live without anything? If people come to me, how can I provide them a livelihood? Is there a law that I should nourish and cherish those who come to me? I have never heard of that. Pastor Paul thus questioned the Lord on all the doubts that he had.
    Beloved, the Church is a group that comprises the believers and the servants of God. Believers must be nourished and cherished by the servants of God. The servants of God are not the ones to be cherished by the believers. The servants of God must have more than the believers. Only then can they provide for others. Pastor Paul received this wisdom from the Lord. Only a very few ask, Lord, how shall I nourish those who come to me? The Lord consoled Pastor Paul with words of comfort. The Lord said, I have a bountiful supply and I am looking for a person who can dispense that to others. Pastor Paul replied, Lord, if it be so, let it be as You say. According to Your commandment, I forsake all that I have. So saying, he consecrated all that he had. After this conversation, Pastor Paul said to his wife, I have resigned my job and I have consecrated all of you. What is your decision? His wife replied, You need not be anxious about us. Press on as the Lord has shown you. The children and I will follow you. You need not worry about us. Such is the sign of an obedient and faithful wife. “…. her price is far above rubies” (Prov. 31:10). The obedience of Pastor Paul’s wife reminds us of Sarah who followed Abraham calling him lord. In this manner, Pastor Paul and his family began a faith life.
    ADMIN’s oft-repeated point of Pas.Paul’s original biography was tampered by the TPM Clergy was very much vindicated here by virtue of hearing Pas.A.C.Thomas testimony that believers must be nourished and cherished by the servants of God. The servants of God are not the ones to be cherished by the believers.The servants of God must have more than the believers. Only then can they provide for others. Yeah, the nowadays the servants of God could afford more than the believers.
    Now the CULT has reversed the trend by asking the believers to feed them in whatever fashion they like Now its’ good thing to know those cottage meetings are dispensed in UAE. But the practice is still prevailing South Indian homes.Hope God will speak to these poor subjects of the Southern states of India.

  8. As i told u before..

    The tamilian believers are emotional idiots or casteists.. malayali believers are cunning snakes .. instead of ‘Holy spirit ‘ theyre full of Maveli spirit .. withsome exceptions of those who born and brought up outside kerala , still snakes but non venomous ..

    Its very funny to see the struggle among the believers to prove themselves to the clergy and rest of the believers..

    We never intrested in these games . i m using both tamil an malayali brothers for the mission works in india ..

  9. No, no,no, this is highly unbecoming on our part to tear them apart our own brethren.Atleast I do not subscribe to this theory . Let s’ follow our Saviour’s
    example.He never said any word to His own disciple Judas Iscariot inspite of knowing his hipocratic character. He knows that he sold Him away for a paltry 30 silver coins. But He addressed him, as’FRIEND’ Should we not His example?
    When some one was found accusing Billy Graham, this site tackled the issue in
    a most harmonious way recently. Who is our enemy now . Ephesians 6:12.The adversary is my enemy and none else. Please note ADMIN nor his TEAM members never wrote anything unparliamentary language against anyone in this site as far as I knew thus far.

    • “Please note ADMIN nor his TEAM members never wrote anything unparliamentary language against anyone in this site as far as I knew thus far.”

      Depends on which parliament’s language you are referring to.

      Most of the content on this site is written in a scornful and mocking tone – removing the need for any “unparliamentary language”.

      This discussion about Tamilians vs Malayalis vs North Indians vs westerners is in itself anti-Christian and aimed at stoking flames of enmity and discord.

      It is true that chief pastors have been predominantly Malayali and Tamilian – that is bound to happen in an organization where statistically the vast majority of people are either Malayali or Tamil.
      But we have had chief pastors who were Sri Lankan (Pastor Alwin de Alwis, Pastor Jacob Ratnasingham, Pastor Joy Fitch) and American (Pastor Don Spiers).
      Pastor Joy Fitch passed away before he could rise to a higher position.
      Pastor Don Spiers reluctantly accepted the position of associate chief and insisted on remaining in the position, paving the way for others to rise and lead.

      There was someone speculating as to why Pastor Jeyam was not elevated to the position of chief.
      When you know the real reason, you will admire him even more.
      It is better for the ignorant to stay silent than to spout conspiracy theories.

      It’s very easy to tell from the language and tone of the writers and commentators on this site that most of you have never directly witnessed TPM’s history and not met most of the people you badmouth.

      All you do is propagate hearsay, stories and rumor.

      There are a lot of things wrong in TPM today and lots of room for improvement – as is the case in most organizations.
      There are also a lot of unworthy people serving in the ministry – but that is between them and God.

      The biggest mistake that TPM “believers” make is elevating servants of God and placing them on pedestals.
      They are human just like everyone else and are prone to make mistakes.

      However, instead of edifying each other you mock people you have never met. Very mature and Christan indeed!

      • @Vik,
        Just hear this sermon and let me know what do you feel before you try to bring in your version of the mocking unparliamentary language.

        Why are you embarrassed at the fact of ethnic conflicts within TPM? What this site said is true. You should not be ashamed of the site saying a fact. You should be ashamed that the Fact exists and is active. Commentators of this site have also testified of that. Closing your eyes will not have the fact go away.
        If that was not a fact, we would not have had to mention it.

        • That’s cool! As per Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and WIFE, and CHILDREN, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.. This means the disciple has a wife and children….
          See how he confidently proclaims the blasphemy. Now and before such blasphemous thoughts will be reinforced by visions visioned by their sisters usually and prophecy instructing people to abide in this church and with saints. We had a similar prophecy last week too…to remain in the church and with his saints.
          What more a gulible believer needs…..but to fold both hands and stand in queue to receive blessings from the clergy sitting on a chair.

        • Does anyone else feel like vomiting when you listen to the lies propagated in this sermon? Or is it only me. I wonder how I was able to ingest these lies for so long.

          Praise God for setting me free from this madness.

      • @Vik

        You can live in denial at your own peril.

        All these gentlemen you have named including the gentle Alwin are honest, dedicated servants of TPM however they are all False Teachers. They are all humble and truthful and have all the qualities of Sadhus but they are propagating a lie and men like you(and me in the past) are gleefully accepting it as holy manna.

        The Bible is clear about Liars and their destination. You can rest assured, these above gentlemen are now languishing in zion awaiting their saviour, the Father of all Lies.

        You at least still have a chance, sober up from your TPM intoxication and read and check the Bible as a Berean and chose the Jesus of the Bible rather than the god of TPM.

        fromtpm.com is doing you a favour by highlighting the false doctrines of TPM for lazy men like you and me who find it hard to read the Bible and understand it in the way God wants us to.

        It is never too late to change. The current TPM Trinity have an opportunity never like before to make a stand for the Jesus of the Bible, will they? or will they continue to live in denial and continue to espouse the lies of Satan just like their predecessors did?

  10. Vik G
    @1.It’s very easy to tell from the language and tone of the writers and commentators on this site that most of you have never directly witnessed TPM’s history and not met most of the people you badmouth.
    2.”When you know the real reason, you will admire him even more.
    It is better for the ignorant to stay silent than to spout conspiracy theories”
    To answer 1.&2
    Anonymity is the condition that we all prefer to maintain. Hope you do maintain the same .That’s the reason why you & I we are expressing so boldly.
    Once I brought to the notice of CP Stephen Natarajan to get to include Sinhala Songs be included in IRUMBELIYUR international hymn book,just as KOKKAWILA international contains Tamil Songs in its hymn sheet.He told me that it had to be proposed in the GENERAL BODY MEETING. Over …. I got the hint… That it can never be proposed by anybody in both the countries.( by that ethic war was over).Actually it made him a little bit insecure to answer me. I immediately sensed it that I put him into a embarrassing situation that ethnicity was the problem. But finally God brought peace to the island and solved the problem.Here in IRUMBEIYUR you allot a whole lot of floor to that ethnic community from Lanka, and yet, you would deny them the honour that belongs to the land.( Simhala).Then how do you save the people of that Land? they attend in hundreds every year. Did any one from any other ethic community showed that kind of concern to wards the other ethnic community as both are INTERNATIONAL in nature? You ‘ve got only one thing in mind. Pool up of particular one ethic community from all countries and call it as internnational convention, honestly do you think that was the will of God? If you go KOTTARAKARA , same logic goes.
    You ‘ve brought the names of Pas Don Spiers, Pas. Jayam & Pas. Joy Fitch into picture. One of them prefers to sit on the floor in the INTRNL conventions.With all of them there are people in this site maintained a close fellowship.But when it was observed the contrasting styles of humility in each of them one gets to know the real problem which was beyond the problem of ethnicity. Jesus is the rewarder of our humilities not man.

  11. Vik [email protected]
    “There was someone speculating as to why Pastor Jeyam was not elevated to the position of chief. When you know the real reason, you will admire him even more.
    It is better for the ignorant to stay silent than to spout conspiracy theories.”
    “It’s very easy to tell from the language and tone of the writers and commentators on this site that most of you have never directly witnessed TPM’s history and not met most of the people you badmouth.
    Where s’ the need to utter this statement which is irrelevant unless you wished to usurp it onto others?
    Even if someone speculated it, did somebody approach you to keep this statement in this site?
    Were you present in the funeral procession of CP Lazarus that was taken from ADYAR f.h to cemetery, went thru the Chennai road traffic?I did participate in that funeral procession.Pas. P.M. Thomas conducted his burial service.
    Were you there when Pas. Don Spires was conducting Pas P.M.Thomas’s burial service, in the ADYAR cemetery, he slipped away and fell down on the pit ? With great difficulty, he was brought to surface and he resumed the service. I was very much there.
    Were you there at CP T.U.Thomas funeral service at IRUMBEIYUR? I was there ,though I could not go to the new burial place of TPM near IRUMBELIYUR.
    But thanks after going thru this site ,God delivered me now from this CULT.
    and again continuing your statements..
    “All you do is propagate hearsay, stories and rumor.”
    “Very mature and Christan indeed!”
    These are all the statements filled with full of satire, that I am so and so…….
    All I knew one thing here, ADMIN never encouraged any arguments openly without any Biblical support and has been requesting every one to come to him with any scriptural base and convince him that he was wrong in running this site. I think we can shun from these satirical statements that hold no water and that will never edify others.

    • In TPM cowardice is considered as Humility.

      True humility is to bow before the Word of God and throw away all man made doctrines and revelations. History has shown that none of the so called TPM Chiefs had any humility because they have continued to teach lies in the Name of God. It started with the founders and all their humble successors, since then have continued the trend without ever making an attempt to stop the lies.

      They can sit on the floor and wear white or forego worldly positions but as long as they continue with the false teachings, they are nothing but cowards who are scared to lose their livelihood. Hope the current humble trinity will prove us wrong!

  12. I want to write an article abt “The Maveli Spirit in Tpm” .. if you could publish?
    God revealed this few years back .. you ll be surprised .. when u see the similarities.

  13. @“It’s very easy to tell from the language and tone of the writers and commentators on this site that most of you have never directly witnessed TPM’s history and not met most of the people you badmouth.” is what making waves in this site sent by a satirical writer I feel whatever we say or write should edify our neibours.

  14. @“It’s very easy to tell from the language and tone of the writers and commentators on this site that most of you have never directly witnessed TPM’s history and not met most of the people you badmouth.”
    Vik Gant becomes Vik G,because anonymity is the forte, and no one can identify This is how spirits speak with full of accusation.The father of lies has been active since the beginning of days of his downfall.


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