The Special Revelation of Alwin

Listen to this audio clip and know the person who is behind all the teachings of TPM. MT Thomas (TPM’s Deputy Chief) seems to have understood that the people of TPM are addicted to Alvin’s teachings. We partly believe in what MT Thomas says. Indeed only the spiritually blind can continue in this perversion.

Many TPM Newcomers do not know that Alvin was a sexual maniac and wanted varieties. Therefore he would claim that he has some exclusive revelation and would like to try out that revelation on hapless sisters.

The Special Revelation of Alvin

Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

Now, do you want to know what was the source those revelations? We have a first-hand testimony by an 85-year-old Lady who had known it during her teens. She is no more with TPM, but would not like to divulge her name for privacy sake.

Due to remarkable healing in the family, at the age of 15, my family and I became aware of CPM and its Chief Pastor, Alvin R. de Alwis (AA).  We were attending the Church of England or Anglican Church in Sri Lanka.

Pastor Alvin was a very talented person from a well known and respected family in Galle.   During the time we joined CPM, he was used mightily by God.  CPM then started opening up missions in the West and Pastor Alvin would be travelling regularly to the UK.  A few British and Europeans joined CPM and came over to serve God in Sri Lanka, sad to say, they passed away early due to the harsh climatic conditions.

There is a Faith Home located in Mattakuliya (now referred to as Colombo 15).  Both young sisters and brothers selected for the ministry (mainly from India) were trained by pastors and senior sisters at this place. I was very friendly with one of the senior sisters and having a desire to join the ministry, I used to spend almost every weekend in this Faith Home.  Subsequently, the desire for the ministry left me and I got married but still continued to be a strong CPM believer.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Pastor Alvin would be constantly travelling to Europe especially to UK and France, that is when we believers heard that Alvin had a new revelation from God.   It was called Higher Sanctification.  The theory being a man and woman could lie all night in a room without being attracted to each other or indulge in sex.  This was the ultimate test of perfection.

The Special Revelation of Alwin

Having this in mind he requested the senior sister in charge of the Mattakuliya Faith Home to arrange for sisters to be brought there so that he could try out this theory with them. Prior to this, I believe he had tried out this experiment and he was reprimanded and asked to repent.  He was then reinstated. The senior sister recognized this as being evil and sent away junior sisters to far off faith homes.  When Alvin arrived he was livid because there were no young women around. The sister who had befriended me and was my mentor was now a senior sister, training the new recruits.  Alvin then called her into his room and expounded the theory of Higher Sanctification, saying “Father, meaning God, had revealed this to him”.   She rebuked him and told him that this was not from God but it was from Satan.  Being an influential person, she said she was going to report this to the authorities. He then started opening his sarong trying to show her his private parts, she ran out of the Faith Home at that night and housed by a believer.

I know this is true because Alvin wearing soiled clothes (he was always immaculately dressed in white when he went out) came at night to my house searching for the sister who had threatened to report him to the authorities.  When Alvin arrived at our house late night in 1962 searching for the senior sister, he told me that it was God the Father that had given him this revelation.  Since all believers were kept in the dark, none of us was aware that this was the new doctrine Alvin was advocating and practising with sisters.

I would like to add two more incidents regarding Alvin’s evil.

  • First,  on Sunday mornings we would go to the meeting hall through the Faith Home; I would encounter junior sisters lined up near the bathroom (I believe this was the only bathroom that had a tub), they told me they were getting ready to wash themselves in the bath water that Alvin had bathed in.  I assume that they thought it was sacred water.
  • Second, during the time that AA brought out the Sinhala-Tamil issue, Pastors Freddie and Harry Paul (sons of Pastor Paul) were thrust out of the Borella Faith Home and took shelter in the meeting hall. ( I have no idea from where they got their food during this period).   We had an anonymous call from the Faith Home to say that Alvin had beaten Pastor Harry and pushed him down because he opposed his new found revelation (Remember that the Celibate ministry is Alvin’s brainchild and not of the Paul Family).  A friend of mine (had connections with higher authorities), my husband and I  rushed to Borella Faith Home to meet with Pastor Harry.  Alvin was seated right in front of the Faith Home, greeted us as if nothing had happened. We met with Pastor Harry who did not want us to call the police. He and his brother were fasting and praying for Alvin. So we had to drop the matter.

It was indeed a sad state of affairs that none of the senior pastors or other elders did anything about the matter, they were, in fact, covering up.  Eventually, it was some believers who were lawyers who took up the matter and brought in some semblance of sanity.

After the whole sordid story came out, CPMs heydays were gone.  Alvin died a beggar, a drunkard and surrounded by goondas.

My story is authentic, this was a pastor that I highly respected and he is also the one who officiated at my wedding.

There is no hope for TPM unless they throw away the doctrines, practices and their Corrupt Faithhome life, lock stock and barrel

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31 Comments on “The Special Revelation of Alwin”

  1. Well there is a big anomaly here! As per empty(MT), this pervert stood on knees for 24 hrs trying to download all evil data from his god.
    So when did he have time to lie down for the Theory of Perfection experiments??
    Appreciate this Sister’s resolve to bring to light acts of darkness!!!

  2. Thank you sister for bringing few hidden facts. Who knows whether there are many more unopened filthy containers of Alvin. God should help everyone like this dear sister to open them. I don’t understand why this MT is canvassing so much for Alvin, who had brought such malignant teachings to lead many to eternal destruction? I suppose, MT is trying to be the next ALVIN.
    This MT, in the audio clip said that they are special people. No doubt about it! they are very special to satan because, these are the people who have sold much of his deception to the naive followers of TPM.
    He moreover said that the doctrines of TPM cannot be found anywhere or in any Bible Commentary. How can the satanic doctrines be found in the Bible commentary? Doctrines of satan can be found only in the satanic churches & no doubt TPM inside is all satanic. Dear MT, you please relish with your biblically blind followers the super doctrines of satan to its maximum.

  3. If celibacy was introduced by Pastor Alwin, then why were the books on New Testament Ministry which provide the doctrines of celibate ministry written by pastors other than Alwin? Was the doctrine so successful enough to lead others to convince and embrace it because of the truth in it? How was Alwin so successful in inspiring an entire generation without a single allegation of his behavior being made public? I’m confused.

    1. Dave,

      //How was Alwin so successful in inspiring an entire generation without a single allegation of his behavior being made public? I’m confused.//

      It appears you have joined TPM recently and seem to be very ignorant about the history/beginnings of this church. Old believers of this church (and past members like me) know the atrocities and sexual crimes committed by Alwin, and will never be surprised or confused when Alwin’s misdeeds surface every now and then. If you are unaware, Alwin was excommunicated from TPM for his sexual misadventures (adultery) with worker sisters in many faith homes. If a sitting chief pastor and one of the founding members of this organization was expelled forcefully, you can very well conclude that his misdeeds were no secret and were known to many others in TPM (CPM at that time).

      My family used to attend sister Sarah Navaroji’s fellowship (ZGPF) in Madras in the early seventies and I was a small boy then. Sister Navaroji left the CPM ministry in the sixties when there was a great turmoil in this organization caused by Alwin, and many young sisters in the ministry then were running for cover from this scary predator. I have listened to some of the stories sister Navaroji told my mother about Alwin in those days. I can recall from what I heard, this man was a glutton, power monger, arrogant, manipulative, and a sexual predator. No wonder, Pastor Paul’s (founder of CPM) biography published by this organization does not mention Alwin’s name in the list of “Saints After Pastor Paul”, even though Alwin was the Chief Pastor of this organization from 1945 to 1962 (the longest served Chief Pastor after Pastor Paul).

      If MT heaps so much praise on Alwin, I don’t understand why his name does not appear in TPM’s biography of Pastor Paul – now it’s me who is confused!

  4. I have heard my pastors saying that former chief pastors speaks to them in their visions , don’t know how
    Could be the same ?

    About 10 years back, then pastor of our church did agree that these so called doctrines of Zion were brought in by Alvin, on asking why didn’t the church negate all these devilish doctrines after Alvin’s downfall; he had no answer

    I ask the same question again, why didn’t TPM church nullify the wrong doctrines brought in by Alvin even after Pr.Freddy became CP

    By they way I belong to a FaithHome under Thiruvalla Centre

  5. Kudos to ADMIN.This is the historic day to remember in the annals of church history.A total new reformation stage is now on the anvil.Through opening this blessed site, Lord has been wonderfully using ADMIN and his TEAM in a most civilized manner even while an unprecedented abuses are being thrown by the staunch TPMites day in and day out during the last 3 years. Mind you David floored the Goliath by selecting those 5 smooth stones.Shall we call this heart rendering EPISODE on AA forms a part of over all battle for which the first missile is fired! It will set ablaze!This is an exclusive measure taken by the Lord to over throw this huge set up of evil CULT that spread its wings in the safest possible zones of this globe with different names. Now it is high time that TPM should de-link itself with the CPM of Sri Lanka .By doing this it will preserve its identity first with its pro -pas.Paul’s psyche.O IRUMBEIYUR, de link yourself with AA,and wake up now, this is the first wake up call for you today.,God will no more allow the chanting of AA as is being done by EMPTY.
    Theres’ no doubt that God will safeguard His church for which Jesus shed His precious blood.(ACTS 20:26).
    I already reported in this site that EMPTY did chant the name of AA in the Singapore CONVENTION-2018 message was itself a valid proof of my statement.

  6. When IRUMBELIYUR severs its links with CPM which is actively propagating the evil doctrines of AA,O KOTTARAKARA! it is your turn now, you too have to sever your links with CPM, O PENSYLVANIA (USA), you too have follow suit now.
    With this, the CULT’s major FOUR international convention grounds communication will be shattered.

    Rating: 5
  7. The ball is in the hands of Abraham and Thomas and Jayem. It is time to stand up and accept that you have been duped and in turn have been deceiving generations of naive gullible TPM workers and believers. If you fear God, repent and you and your group will be saved.

    Alwin is a heretic and MT has been trumpeting his teachings which makes MT a greater heretic. Thanks God we live in the New covenant, otherwise these false teachers would have been stoned to death in public.

    In the later stages of Alwyn’s minstry, he used to sit with his back to the audience in meetings as he did not want the church to be blinded by the glory on his face. He said that it was like Moses after his encounter with God on Mt Sinai. It was also said that this retard used to walk butt naked in the faith homes stating that he had attained edenic perfection.

    All the doctrines of this cult is written by this lunatic and for generations the blind leaders of TPM have been heralding this to all parts of the world without ever questioning it. No wonder this ministry is flourishing because it is blessed by Satan, the father of all lies.

    The Bible is very clear where these false teachers are headed for – the deepest part of hell and very close to their god – Satan. No wonder they say that they are headed for an exclusive zion, it must be so exclusive that it is not found in the heaven which the Bible speaks of. It has to be in hell with their lord and master, the father of all liars is destined for.

  8. Thank God for keeping this AMMACHY hale and hearty to reveal the treacherous attitude of sexual predator Alwin to the entire world which more than 90% of brainwashed TPM stooges don’t know and don’t want to know.

    Also I thank God for the vision and burden He has given to ADMIN and his team for exposing these century old lies and indoctrination of gullible folks.

    Kudus to all those behind the scene including this precious AMMACHY and her family. May GOD bless her and her family with fabulous health and mental strength. AMEN.

  9. Sincerely I wish that Greg Wilson(NTC-USA) has to seriously think about his flock in N America,USA& South America as well . How long these false teachings will be continued? This is the question even Sr. Lisa Billow has to ponder over. She has to run away quickly out of this CULT group just as Sr. Sarah Navaroji ran away from the clutches of this CULT group. Otherwise great danger lurks in from behind.
    Luke 12: 2 says thus:” for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed neither hid that shall not be known.”ADMIN also cited this on this site Lk 8:17.
    In a quite appropriate time those above names are revealed by No More a Slave to Fear, because they are the front RUNNERS in spreading these evil doctrines in every nook and corner of this globe.Gone are those days which were passed away.Let ‘s take care of the present and future.This is timely warning to all the well wishers.

  10. Galatians 6:7,8

    Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.
    The one who sows to please his flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; but the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

    I believe above verse is for christian people and not for non-Christians.

    There can be no repentance for these TPM wolf. Only destruction is kept for them. The Lord will harden their hearts to Destruction as he did for pharaoh.

    They have already sowed the bad seed and its time for them to reap. There is an option for believers to choose from now on or else they will also die in their sin.

    For all TPM believers, its time to dump the TPM doctrine and follow The Lord Jesus Christ.

    1 Corinthians 1:23:
    But we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,

    This verse is a stumbling block to TPM wolfs.

    John 14:15
    If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.

  11. Speaking on deeper revelations and separation I am sharing the below message by Chase which explains it as it is after 1:25 mins on wards. When did any one hear this from a TPM minister.

  12. A question to all of you
    If you all know and clear that this is a false doctrine, why you guys are still in tpm. Do u have the courage to come out. If you are still want to continue then better be quiet and submit to them, you can’t correct them at all.

  13. This is for Chris and Sony together.
    By now I could read your minds though not your hearts!
    Everybody in the world operates by the principle called ” belief system”—they do what they believe! But do they believe God? No.
    But whereas we are in God’s church because we believe, and because we believe in the right way, we obey God. In Hebrews 3, Paul equates “belief” and “obedience.” It makes for an interesting study. Despite being significantly different, the effect of one should be the product of the other.

    This is why one can find words like “belief” or “unbelief” in Scripture, and see in the margin that “obedience” or “disobedience” can be an alternate translation. The words can be taken either way.

    We do what we believe. The real problem is becoming apparent. The reason the Hebrews were apathetic—the reason they were neglecting their spiritual priorities—was because their belief system had undergone a serious change since the time that they had first heard.

    When Satan wants to divide or destroy a church, he often does so through inspiring changes in the doctrines. When the doctrines change, the belief system changes accordingly. And when the belief system changes, those who believe the same basic way will flock together, and those who believe a different way will coalesce into another group.There is no denying of this fact.

    When a belief changes, a change in conduct must follow. This is what happened to the Israelites in the wilderness.That is what exactly happening in TPM since ages. Usurping Jesus, and the kind of teachings their minds were totally occupied.If we take case of Israelites,they did not believe God, and they failed. They all died. That whole first generation died as a result of their disbelief.
    So what do you infer from this ?
    Hebrews 4: 1,2.” Let us therefore fear,lest a promise being left us of entering into His rest,any of you should seem to come short of it.2. For unto us the gospel preached as well as unto them,but the word preached did not profit them,not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.”

    Rating: 5
  14. Hey Eagleseye, nobody answered to my question still. Why are u still continuing in tpm if you are sure it’s a false doctrine. If I know a hospital that it’s doctors and system and totally corrupt, do u still go there for treatment. It’s ridiculous. Answer me on this. I challenge only few have the courage to come out.

    1. @Sony,
      When we know that
      the hospital is bad, it is our moral responsibility to advice others not to go there purely because of the concern of fellow citizens. Advising doesn’t mean that the advisor is a frequent visitor of that place.

      Hence he may be cautioning the affected and ditched fellows whose eyes are practically bludgeoned.

      Any way I am no way near these TPM frauds and their satanic doctrines.

      1. True Brother Franklin. Many have gotten out of TPM as a result of our work. But sad to say that most of them do not think it their responsibility to do anything to get the others out, who are still trapped in the cult. They think it is some Admin’s headache 🙂

    2. @Sony
      Since I left TPM, i have forgotten all the nefarious things I have witnessed in TPM. I find difficult to remember what to write. My advice to admin and his team is to stay inside. Only when you stay inside you can expose what happens inside. From outside it will be difficult. So please please stay inside and keep exposing white demons and their activities hiding inside white walls. Also please send someone in TPM ministry as you spy.

    3. @Sony,
      These are the days of product reviews and customers provide feedback on the products and services they use so that other potential and current users can make an informed decision to use it or not.

      Please consider as a “Product Review” portal and the articles and comments here are honest reviews of your now beloved and my once beloved “TPM”, the satanic cult.

      I only wish that this website was available 40 years ago but God has chosen the Admin at this point in time to develop this forum so that people like you and me can be set free from TPM’s bondage.

      The truth is available free here and it is up to you to chose to use the information provided and decide whether you want to be “fromTPM” or be” inTPM”

      By the way, I’m from TPM but not in TPM. What about you?”

    4. We left immediately after we read everything in this website, mainly coz it just confirmed whatever we suspected. My husband’s father was a pastor in TPM. You might know him and us too. We are in Abu Dhabi. By God’s grace we have a very good church here ‘Grace Church Abu Dhabi’.
      My only worry is what we’ll do when we go back to India. Googled and saw that there is ‘Cornerstone church’ in EKM, hope some similar church is there in TVM too.
      I have read your testimony.
      May God you and your family.

        1. The brother in colored shirt and jeans who was giving very good exhortation (straight from the Word) in one of the sermons will not be considered worthy to drive the cars of our clergy..such is TPM’s pride in its legalistic doctrines..

        2. @Redeemend
          One of the verses in that exhortation is Rom 12:16
          16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.[a] Do not be conceited.

  15. Alvin died a beggar, a drunkard and surrounded by goondas.

    Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Heb 13:7

    Consider the end of the man who gave the Revelation of TPM. and decide if you want to follow this man. I am OUT.

    Rating: 5
  16. ADMIN@
    “True Brother Franklin. Many have gotten out of TPM as a result of our work. But sad to say that most of them do not think it their responsibility to do anything to get the others out, who are still trapped in the cult. They think it is some Admin’s headache ?”
    I thought it is my bounden duty to put forth my comment on this aspect in this context Let me make it clear to all those who are secretly peeping through this site daily. You are not alone brother ADMIN in this huge task.We are all with you through your unflinching efforts so much of truth is being getting revealed on a daily count.So much of dust is being dusted out from these evil doctrines..Theres’ no iota of doubt in this . Keep continue these battles. Some fruits are already seen as a result of your bold disclosures.There s’ a HUGE change happened within the walls of IRUMBELIYUR. As per your continuous EPISODES being pouring in,yes brother, our Saviour, JESUS is our CHIEF SHEPHERD and none else.Theres’ a perceptible change has FINALLY dawned in the mind of Ahraham Matthew.He does n’t want to call himself as the Chief Pastor of this CULT organisation any more.Yesterday in the Sunday Services(TELANGANA and ANDHRA states, TAMILNADU but I am not sure in KERALA for its obvious reasons), the branch workers started reading his notices sent to all their believers in connection with the DOs’ and DON’Ts of the ensuing March 2019 Con. Those workers ended their announcements with the wording –pr. Abraham Matthew.No other slings were added before or after to his name except pr!
    I deem it as your ‘single most victory ‘that you ‘ve achieved in the very beginning of this year! I wish you attain many more victories in the years to come.
    Let me again re-quote the same verse from James 5:20 for you exclusively that I quoted in this site previously.Pr Jeyam is the humble person. He does n’t need any extra slings to his name.But this must be a timely reminder to EMPTY also that he is no more Dy. Chief and stop calling himself like that before his colleagues .Also he should stop chanting AA,,,,AA,,, any more from now on wards.All his messages will be specially monitored from now on.

    Rating: 5
  17. Very Good Message

    இன்றைய சபை விழுந்து கிடப்பது யெரொபெயாம் பாவத்தில். பொன் கன்றுக்குட்டிகளைக் கும்பிடுகிறார்கள்

  18. How Churches are in buffoon cloth. Very realistic message.

    TPM worker buffoons need to seriously look in to this message.


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