Episode 6 – The TPM Convention

Recap: After the first day of College,  TPM Ministers visit Daisy’s house. The conversation went different routes and we could see the life of a typical TPM Family. We also saw how the Pastor discourages fellowship with other Christians. Such a thought is primarily because of the teaching that TPM is superior to other churches.


Over the course of two weeks, Daisy is made friendship with Molly. They are lunch mates too. They often discuss church during their lunchtimes.  Molly gets to know that Daisy attends a church in which the ministers are unmarried like that of the Catholics, but they do not have a separate male and female quarters like that of the Catholics.

Molly: Daisy, do you think that it is right for unmarried men and women to live in the same house? Don’t you think it will give rise to temptations?

Daisy: In the normal, such lifestyle is wrong. However,  as our ministers are consecrated servants of God, they will overcome any such temptations. Moreover, they have to be unmarried because of the calling of Zion for them.

Molly: What is this Zion calling, Daisy?

Daisy: This is the highest calling anybody can get. Such people will have to hate their family and join the Church. They will have to live unmarried and will have to go to places where our leaders tell them to go. If they lose their virginity, they will go straight to hell. They will always have to wear white clothes and live in Faith Homes.

Molly(Thinking to herself): What is this girl saying?

Daisy(Pulling out the TPM Convention notice from her bag): We have a convention next month and I would like you to attend it. You can hear spirit-filled messages from our consecrated servants of God. There is also a Divine Healing Service where you can see people healed.

Molly(accepting the notice): Hmm. Let me see.


As per the invite, Daisy is taking Molly to the TPM Convention Ground. Its early evening and the meeting is not yet started. Daisy is dressed in white shalwar Kameez. Molly is seeing a sea of white uniform dressed beings all around. She feels quite out of place with her coloured clothes. Molly can see lots of stalls/installations around the place. Boards are put up to identify those installations.

The TPM official stalls are put up in prominent places closer to the Convention Hall and the other book stalls(non-TPM) are asked to put up on the other side of the car park, where people will think twice to go because of the distance.

Daisy is introducing Molly to her friends and TPM worker sisters. They are standing before one such installation which has a board displaying “Pastors’ Kitchen” and they are chatting with a sister who is working in that Unit.

You can see these sisters taking snacks and beverages to the dining hall from the kitchen portion. She also could get the smell of fish fry around. Suddenly she can see 5 large sized men coming towards the Pastor’s Dining hall. All of them wearing white. But wait… One of that is the local politician and rest are TPM Ministers. Seems the TPM Ministers are escorting this VIP to the dining hall.

Daisy (to the sister) wanting to show Molly favour: Victoria Akka, Can we have a cup of tea?

Victoria: I wish I could, but we are ordered not to give anything to any believer except the important believers. Let us go to the general kitchen and I will get you and your friend tea.

Daisy (embarrassed) : No issue Akka, We will go there and have it.


Daisy and Molly walk towards the general kitchen. The smile in Daisy’s face has vanished. Molly is wondering, what is happening? She is unable to understand why the sister refused a cup of tea to them. You can see a thick invisible wall of embarrassment around Daisy. She is praying to escape from the situation. On the way, Molly could overhear some sisters whispering to Daisy how could she get someone in coloured clothes to God’s presence.  The repulsion towards Molly is seen very clearly in their faces.  Molly is amused by this kind of undercurrent which is not at all a Christian experience.

Daisy took Molly through the other areas which showed categories of staying quarters based on grading.  From the more pompous Chief Pastor’s Bungalow to the Pastors Quarters, Elder’s accommodation and Brother’s area. Even the sister’s accommodations had these grades within.

They reach the general kitchen and see that Daisy’s dad is busy stirring the sambar among other men in the kitchen. On the right, they could see Daisy’s mom busy chopping cabbage along with 4 other ladies for the believers’ dinner. A small boy was distributing tea to everyone around that place and fortunately, Daisy and Molly could get some tea. Daisy introduced Molly to her parents and other friends around. Molly also understood that the category called “Believers” are the lowest group in the complete food chain.

As they were chatting around, they could hear an announcement in the PA system. The evening meeting is about to start and soon they can hear the song by the melody queens of TPM. Gradually Daisy and Molly make a move towards the main hall. They reach the place and  Daisy seats Molly in the chair. She then walks ahead and sits on the ground along with the other people dressed in white.


Few Hymns were sung after the prayers and those hymns were praising a group of people numbering 144,000. These hymns were not familiar to Molly. She understood that there are some problems with these songs.

After the songs, a sister of TPM came to give her testimony. The sister’s name was Jayanti from Bangalore.

Testimony Summary

The testimony was about how she was born and brought up in another denomination and she got a dream to come to TPM as TPM is the only true church of God. She could recognize that it was TPM because of the white dress worn by the people in TPM. God said in the vision that she will not be raptured if she wore coloured clothes. Earlier she would use Facebook and Whatsapp and God warned her to not use it as it is the tool of the devil to take Christians to hell.

She somehow sneaked into TPM meetings without the knowledge of her parents and knew that the NON-TPM church people will not go to heaven. That is because they were not prepared by the consecrated servants of God who have hated their families and have cut off all relations with them. After a few months of association with TPM, she too developed a hatred towards her parents and siblings and loved the faith home life.  She discarded her studies and considered the sacrifice of her studies will bring her more reward when she reaches Zion and stands with the 144,000.

She concluded the testimony saying that she is happy serving the saints and exhorted young sisters in the audience to follow her example of serving in the Faith Home. Indeed she feels that she is the joy of the whole earth, unlike many believers who just lead a normal family life. In order to reach Zion which is promised to all Worker sisters, they will have to lead a Holy Life (Molly later understood that Holy Life in TPM is actually a synonym for being a virgin in the body).


By the end of the testimony, Molly was getting restless and also worried about her friend Daisy. After the testimony, everybody was asked to stand up for the English song. Following that, an announcement was made to bring the sick closer to the pulpit as there will be a Divine Healing Service after the Sermon. Molly could notice a few sick people moving forward. Some are blind and need help. Some are being rolled in the wheelchairs etc.

The Sermon

The Sermon started and it seemed to be a continuation of the testimony. It was about Zion and how Abraham would be excluded from Zion and they would inherit Zion. It mentioned how the believers of TPM would be just below their Ministers whereas other Christians would be down under in a different place called New Earth.

The sermon sounded like this one. There was no Christ in the Sermon. It’s all about themselves


 The Divine Healing Scene

At the End of the Sermon, the TPM Ministers were asked by the Main Pastor to get down to the floor and lay hands on the sick and heal them. This was almost a 15 mins exercise with lots of noise. Molly went forward to see the miracles. But after the 15 mins of multiple prayers, those sick people came back in the same way as they went. Molly was thoroughly confused.

The Return Scene

Both Molly and Daisy are on their way back. Molly is quite silent, but her demeanour showed that she is worried about Daisy and whatever she had seen.

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  1. Thomas whose message is attached in the above message now doing ministry in Bangalore centre is one of the biggest frauds existing in TPM today….Any believer or worker in Bangalore centre can give pages of write ups regarding his double standard life..May God save the flock of poor believers from all his deceptive interpretation of the scriptures and his erroneous preaching…

    • I recently heard small portion of Thomas’ preaching ……which he says Jesus had a Nazarite wow . ( Jesus is ruddy due to his Nazarite wow )
      I couldnt find any supporting verses in my BIBLE for this point.
      Any thoughts ?
      For me this idea of “Jesus Nazarite wow ” does not go hand in hand with His miracles like
      Jesus raised up dead persons to life , Jesus turned water to wine , Jesus served wine in last supper.. etc..

      • Part of the confusion comes from a similar sounding word used in Matthew 2:23. When Jesus was young, His parents brought Him back from Egypt. His father “came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, ‘He shall be called a Nazarene.’”

        Jesus was from the town called Nazareth (Matthew 21:11; Mark 1:9, 24; Luke 2:39). That’s why He was called a Nazarene. It had nothing to do with the Nazirite vow.

        • My understanding also is this … Nazarene and Nazarite entirely different things. Nazarene nothing to do with the Nazirite vow.
          And as far as i know there is no evidence in Bible to show that Jesus Christ had Nazarite wow.
          To my surprise, in order to equate “ruddy” = Nazarite
          he uses Lamentations 4:7 …”Her Nazarites….were more ruddy in body than rubies”

        • “Nazareth” is derived from one of the Hebrew words for ‘branch’, namely ne. ṣer, נֵ֫צֶר, and alludes to the prophetic, messianic words in Book of Isaiah 11:1, ‘from (Jesse’s) roots a Branch (netzer) will bear fruit’.
          Nazareth – Wikipedia.

          I believe that the writer tries to play with the language while writing (which gets lost while translating to another language, and makes people like the preacher to twist it for his convenience to control the ignorant laity) to confirm the prophecy concerning Jesus in Zechariah 3:8,9 & Zechariah 6:12,13 so that people reading it will also wonder at the work of the Lord.
          “I may be wrong.. But do correct if so”

      • They can preach whatever they want….because most of the believers won’t read Bible evenif they read they won’t question them.

  2. I was also confused during divine healing service in Irumbuliyur. One person was taken from a ambulance and I thought that he would be healed in that service. But he was not healed. I was always taking a look at him to see the climax 🙂 .To my surprise he was not healed though many pastors prayed. Then in Sunday service after the convention I questioned the local brother “why many were not healed ? ”
    He told it is because of lack of sufficient prayer. At that time I had not read Bible specially Acts where many healings through Apostle Paul. So I accepted whatever my local bother said me. Actually SOG convince belivers whatever they do is correct and believers are wrong always. This superiority feeling is found among all brother and sisters in fake home. Also in the divine healing meeting at sunday evening in Irumbuliyur ,MT Thomas was the main speaker. In his sermon he literally convinced that people those were not healed is because their sins are not forgiven. MT Thomas told that this is divine healing and not miraculous healing . His sermon was brainwashing that even if miracles do not happen , it is because there is no God’s will for healing to take place. I still remember all the verses he quoted to defend TPM is always correct. That was the last convention I attended by having faith in TPM doctrines.

    • Yeah and as their clergy is not able to heal, they are using old TL Osborn videos and one of them even put up a video saying it is TPM in the former days. 🙂

    • If you already didn’t know it , MT Thomas is a charlatan…He is leading many astray from the Truth with his stupid made up doctrines ..

  3. When we hear the term “Needy ones”, we will all think about poor, old, sick, helpless, unsaved people. But when you go to a TPM convention, you will realise that ” Needy ones” mean the exact opposite. Apart from pastor kitchen, there is worker kitchen, Needy ones kitchen and general kitchen. The real Needy ones eat from the general kitchen which is the lowest tier. The Needy ones are for the VIPs, people with recommendations.

    • They have special coupons for entering in to needy kitchen. Serving will be done in banana leaf with difference in rice quality. No queue also. They have chairs to sit.

  4. Ex TPM @
    “If you already didn’t know it , …..
    Exactly……. many are veering around now.The fowler has spread the trap. At Madurai convention last week…… A clear cut manifestation.Some were still snared..Others escaped after routinely going through this blessed site.That was why I read those verses again today, and have been exhorting our dear ones every time when ever I get a chance to air.
    “our soul is escaped——-we are escaped”Ps. 124:7

    • @Eagle’s Eye

      In fact, the closing chorus which was sung in my last Sunday service in TPM was “The snare is broken, we are escaped”.

      It just confirmed my decision as we walked out.

      What a faithful God we swerve. Hope many more are set free.

  5. It makes me sick to listen to this sermon and I wonder how I managed to bear with this nonsense for most of my life. This man is deceived and all the listeners are equally deceived.

    Let us hope at least Daisy will be set free!

  6. No More a Slave to Fear
    @In fact, the closing chorus which was sung in my last Sunday service in TPM was “The snare is broken, we are escaped”.
    All glory to Jesus.What a faithful Lord we ‘ve.
    Yes dear No More a Slave to Fear – Very soon our veils are going to be removed and we will come out soon who we are—I remember some time back ADMIN admitted in some of his vast mail communications. Right now our both spirits are communicating with each other in a perfect harmonious way.I am being comforted by yours,and visa versa.I was really wonder-struck when I read your kind words to day midday.This is Lord’s abundant mercy. No words are there to describe how the same Lord was working in us at the same time.
    Today again I read my favourite Psalm 124:1-8, along with the other Bible reading portion.
    This exhortation I pen for those who regularly peep through this site,but are unable to come out of the snares they have.After all they are accountable individually to the Lord.It is better they wake up early to come out of this CULT.We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. (Matthew 6:34).


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