Episode 5 – The Visit

Recap:  In the last episode we saw their rendezvous in Professor Cherian’s class. Today we will see how Daisy shares her college experience with saints who come to her home for visiting.


It’s dusk. Sun is slowly going down in the waters. We see Daisy’s home. Wall next to front door entrance is a black stone engraved with following words “Praise the Lord, Alleluia Paradise.”  TPM workers are standing on the gate of Alleluia Paradise. They press the bell. The door opens and we see a big smile on the face of Daisy.  She welcomes them to her home. Few “Praise the Lords” are exchanged. They get seated on the couch in the front room.

The gang is led by the Pastor who is referred to as “Appachen”, meaning Father in Malayalam. Along with him are Ammachi (meaning Mother) and a sister. Both Appachen and Ammachi are obese in size. The sister has sunken eyes and is thin as a stick.

Reflections of Life in TPM-5

Appachen: Where is the brother?

Daisy’s mother(Mom): Brother hasn’t come from the office. He probably might get late today.

Appachen: Oh ok! And where is Jose..?   

Mom: He must be up in his room. Daisy, go and call your brother. I’ll prepare tea for the servants of God.

Ammachi: Don’t sister. We just had tea at Sister Lydia’s house. She has put a lot of sugar. I told her that the pastor is diabetic so use less sugar, but she put a lot of it. A glass of warm water is sufficient. We don’t want anything.

Daisy (thinking within herself): How did they know that the pastor has diabetes? Did he go and get himself checked?

Scene: Daisy’s mother knows that the pastor loves chicken tandoor leg pieces, from the nearby shop. Whenever he comes alone, she sends Joseph to fetch 1 kg of chicken tandoor for the pastor from Sheikh’s restaurant. But today, because of ammachi, he won’t demand anything in front of her. Otherwise, she will make a complaint about his gluttonous habit to the chief pastor. We see daisy’s mother serve a plate of nutritious biscuits, chicken cutlets and “Milk mixed with Ensure”. Joseph comes down and exchanges Praise the Lord with the visitors.

Appachen: Daisy how was your first day at college?

Daisy: I was late and there was this devilish professor. He said he is the god of college.

Ammachi: Aiyoo? Satanay.

Joseph: Why didn’t you say “yesuvintey namatil po sataney”

Daisy: He is an atheist. Not possessed!

Sister: He must be a Satanist. Nowadays Satanists are roaming everywhere! They do praising against our pastors and chief pastor!

Daisy: There was this girl from another independent church. Her name was Molly. She stood against the professor. She showed him his place. I made her my friend.

Appachen: Good! Did you invite her to our convention?

Joseph (mumbling to himself): Yes invite her, but don’t go to theirs! Sheep-stealers!

Daisy (ignoring Joseph): Appachen, I invited her. I will give her convention notice tomorrow.

Appachen: Good! God should bring the entire city to our convention.

Daisy: I haven’t heard of sister Beulah since long. Where is she now?

Appachen: Oh she is gone south (“going south” is TPM’s way of saying someone left the ministry)

Mom(switching to a different topic. she knows that Beulah eloped with Selvaraj): Appachen, please take some biscuits! You haven’t taken anything.

Appachen: No sister! Please! Sisters gave some snacks at 5 pm before we left faith home. We have been invited for food at Brother Matthew’s home. You know that family. Right?

Mom: I’ve heard about them that they are Tamilians! He is something like General Manager in BSNL. Is that right?

Appachen: Yes! He is Rumbah Vishwasi. I know him from the time I was in Guntoor. He had so much respect for the servants of God. When he was young, he used to stay in faith home Saturday night. Only after Sunday church, after picking up the mats, when all believers leave, he used to go home. Now God has exalted him to post of General Manager.

Joseph (mumbling to himself): What about his gentile boss! How much did he serve in faith home for God to elevate him as boss of rumbah vishwasi!

Mom: Do they have children?

Appachen: Eldest daughter is in the gulf. But sadly, she got divorced. Her husband was a demon. I told her to do RPD. Nothing is impossible with God.

Mom: Yes Pastor!

Mom: One more thing Pastor. Our Neighbour Georgekutty wanted to distribute the convention notice of their Church in our church. Achayan did not say anything. What do you think we should do?

Appachen(with a twisted smirk): We need not promote their convention. Just take their notices and keep it with you. When he asks, tell him that you had distributed in our church. Nobody should go to their convention other than to distribute our notices.

Mom: Ok, I will tell Daisy’s dad to do likewise.

Appachen: Ok Sister. We have to go! Tell brother to call me. Need to talk with him about the land we are purchasing.

Mom: Sure appachen (Daisy’s mom is older than the pastor)!


We see the pastor, mother and sister standing up. They all close their eyes. They have little prayer starting with unknown tongues and then they begin to leave. Suddenly Daisy’s mother came near pastor and handed some money. Happiness suddenly made its appearance on the face of Pastor. It appears as if joy unspeakable has filled in every part of his body. He does a drama sound “Aiyo.. sister!!” Then he closes his eyes, does a little prayer in which he raises the voice for the part where he blesses them with 100 fold blessings and then reduces the audio. Later on, he puts the money into his pocket and says a final “Praise the Lord!”.

Daisy’s mother then hands some money to ammachi and the “joy unspeakable emotion” makes the jump from the body of the pastor to the ammachi’s body. Daisy is giving some money in small sister’s hand. She hides it secretly from Ammachi’s sight. Everyone is filled with joy except Joseph. Joseph’s naughty mind is imagining about getting that money back from them. Last time his father gave the tithe to Pastor, he got rotten fish in his plate. He is worried is about what kind of fish he is gonna get today at dinner?

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  1. Painting is really nice.
    # diabetes
    Most of tpm workers suffer from this diabetes. Some die horrible death because once infected with this, any wound makes their body begin to rotten. I have seen some people die miserable death in faith home, with their bodies rotting before their eyes. And it is all because of gluttony.

  2. The illustration hand sketch is spot on….from the timing on the clock to the zionic verses on the walls ….a true TPM household.

    • And their clothes .. fully covering even their hands, so that none of their body parts are seen naked..(except face). If Muslims had not created burkha.. tpm would have indeed. I am wondering what made them stop covering sisters face with burkha.. i mean white burka ..

      • Speaking on exposing while being mindful towards the need to being respectfully dressed…I remember when Sunny was in Dubai, he had clearly instructed that those wearing chudidars must not have slits on sides for obvious reasons and wanted all closed.
        So many complied and had their garments modified to make it expose proof.
        Sadly they dont believe in prov 16:2 that the Lord weigheth the spirits……

    • and didn’t we all entertain such angels when we were blind….Praise God for delivering us from this unholy satanic system.


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