Episode 4: Daisy meets Molly

Recap:  In the last episode, we accompanied Daisy’s family to the Sunday worship meeting in TPM. We also heard Daisy’s testimony about how she got the admission into the engineering college. Today is her first day at the engineering college.


It’s 20 minutes past 11:00 AM and Daisy is late for her first day in engineering college. She is looking for her name on notice board at the Corridor on the ground floor.  Notice board says, Miss. Daisy John, Section D, Room No. 104. She manages to locate room no.104. Students are all seated. The teacher is standing in front of the classroom and writing something on the blackboard.

Daisy:  May I come in sir.


The class teacher stops writing. His face is stern. He is wearing a blue shirt tucked in black formals, and a well-polished leather oxford. He tilts his head towards Daisy and says,

Professor Cherian: And what is your excuse for being late on the very first day, Miss Daisy?


His voice is thunderous. Fear has gripped Daisy. She begins to think, How does he know my name? What should I say why I am late?

Daisy:  Sir, I went in to temple for pooja and got late.


Daisy is a Christian. She doesn’t go to the temple for pooja. She could have said that she had been to church to pray before attending her first day in the college, but that would have invited few questions. Questions like “Which Christian goes to Church on Monday?” She didn’t want to answer unnecessary questions. She didn’t want to tell everyone that her mother asked her to go to faith home before college and get prayed by saints. And pastor made her wait for 20 minutes. So to avoid telling all this story, she simply said I got late in the temple. This idea has dawned upon her because of her brother Joseph. Joseph always has irking style to say things. He always irks mother while going to church by saying, “Time to go to the temple.” Joseph thinks using word “temple” instead of church and “pooja” instead of “prayer” is just another way to say the same thing. When scolded,  he has often defended himself with his stupid logic, that people of God in the Old Testament always went to temple (temple of Solomon), and not to the church. So he thinks its not as wrong as his mother makes him feel guilty when he uses word temple instead of church.

Professor Cherian: Don’t try to hide behind God….. Miss Daisy!! Your gods aren’t going to save you if you fail my expectations.


Professor makes a sign at her to get inside. Daisy walks in and finds no place vacant in the first row benches. So she manages to find a vacant position on the last bench. No matter what happens, she would never sit in the last row in the faith home. However, it’s ok in the engineering classroom. If the devil creates a problem for back row people in the church, then he must be working in the first row in the worldly school. This is because the world is upside down to our church and church is upside down to the world. So she is happy that she got the last row in the worldly engineering class. Thank God, the devil will not be able to lure her into the worldly glories!

Professor Cherian: “I am Professor Cherian.” And my students must engrave this on the palms of their hands that professor Cherian does not believe in God. Did all the last benchers hear what I said?


The class is silent.

Professor Cherian: So keep your gods out of the classroom when you come to my class. Your assignments, your marks, your job, your future is dependent on me. I make your life and I can destroy it. I am your god.

Molly: And who made you, god sir?

Professor Cherian: What do you mean miss Molly?


Reflections of Life in TPM – 4Everybody is staring at Molly. She is standing beside Daisy. She is quite contrasted to Daisy. Daisy wears white, and she is wearing black. Daisy is all shame for being late and scolded. Molly, on the other hand, has risen to occasion to defend in God whom she believes. She has a spine man!!

Molly:  If the professor of the classroom is the god for the class, then who was your god? Who had the power to give you life and destroy you? Who made you what you are?

Professor Cherian:  What is your problem girl?

Molly:  My question is simple sir! If the college management stops giving you a salary, will you continue to be our “god”? If that is so, should not the college management be called as your god?


Professor began to stumble. For a moment he felt ashamed before class. but then he closed his eyes and grind his teeth on teeth. The colour of his face changed..and smoke went up from his nostrils.

Professor Cherian:  Don’t mess with me girl. He slammed the duster on the desk and went out of class in the cloud of chalk powder.


The wrath of the professor sent shivers down the spine of the class. Molly’s face, on the other hand, has no strand of fear. She looks at Daisy and winks. Daisy returns the smile.

    ——– XXXXXXXXXX——–


  1. As tpm youth, we are not trained to apolegitically answer doubts of them that ask reason of our faith. It’s sad that tpm youths attend so many meetings & conventions and waste their energy in doing laborious hard work for glutenous workers and are incompetent to face challenges in world. Daisy reminds us of tpm youths, who have no spine. This episode is dedicated to all tpm youths.

    • When they are trained never to ask questions to the pastors and in asking so will incite the wrath of God, how can they do it outside?
      TPM develops spineless people because ignorant people rule and are thought/taught to be God. It is the root to the culture of producing spineless people. The result? only snakes inside the cult.

  2. // Daisy wears white, and she is wearing black.

    TPM preachers always force the believers to wear white or light coloured dress to the workplace or college. I have heard even in the morning service of convention on sundays in Irumbuliyur. They compare it with purity of heart and humbleness which has no logic . Once a training sister(These sisters as a part of 2 nd year training come to small fake homes in Chennai ) told me ” A policeman stopped and asked us the reason for wearing white dress ” . She told me that she was not able to answer anything. She simply replied back telling that it represents purity and immediately walked fast. I was also in too this cult during that time and I thought in my mind ” offcourse the police man is correct because the uniform in jail is even white” .

    As per the above link “In most of states they wear white cotton shirts and trouser/pants”.

    This is what happens when we start following a man made cult like TPM 🙁 . We can never answer anything on scriptural basis or obey Jesus and His commands.

  3. The last bench portion reminded me of something that has always irked me. Why do these people preach their version of “divine healing” so much, even at times effectively excommunicating believers who take medicine, and yet don’t discourage people from studying medicine? I know of one fanatic in church who would roll his judgmental eyes at anyone taking medicines because of genuine illness, yet sent both his kids to pursue medical science.
    Do they not see the hypocrisy in their stance, punishing people for going to the doctors, while spreading that “sin” themselves?
    The only way out of this mess is for people to question everything. With the amount of “yes men” that are there in these churches, doesn’t look like that will be a realistic possibility.

    • You know the terrible thing, is that if you asked them to defend their decision to send their children to medical school they will reply by telling you that you don’t know the scripture. They will quote Luke 5:31 “And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.”

      And then they will tell you how until a person is saved they need doctors and so it’s good to give your children to be doctors for it’s basically missionary work. But once you get saved you walk in divine health. NO DOCTOR EVER.

      They always have an answer for everything. The brainwashing is so powerful and so fearful. TPM is such a horrible place to be stuck in. You feel like there is no way out. And for the people who want to get out, ADMIN……..you are continuously throwing them the most beautiful scarlet rope of truth, that has the power to hoist them out of that pit of darkness. The truth spoken here on this website also has the power to dismantal the hierarchy of wicked and false doctrines, if there are ears to hear.

      Thank you Admin, so very much, for continuing your pursuit to rescue those who are looking for a life line out of TPM.

      This series is truly a divine book in the making…..and the beautiful thing is that almost any cult can be substituted for TPM. I believe the exodus from the youth will be many after this series is complete. It should be published and circulated until Jesus comes back……..not just for TPM-ites………but for the other people from other religious cults, so that they too, will hear the message of truth from Jesus, and be set free also.

      God Bless you Admin. Thank you.

  4. TPM always boasts – Our senior Sunday school students are better than even independent pastors in the knowledge of scripture, interpretation and preaching. Yes of course, because who in the world reads TPM books like Zion, Separation Life, etc.

    Sunday school students are filled with pride and arrogance about their Bible knowledge and the result is no fruit in their lives.

    I chanced upon an independent review of this cult by an Elder from a church in England. This is from 2000. A believer from UPC (TPM’s name in England) asked this elder to give a second opinion on the practices of UPC. Then the elder read some of the TPM literature like Pastor Paul’s Biography and some Voice of Pentecost magazines from that year and wrote a review on UPC in Evangelical Times. It was part of a long-running articles on cults found at that time in England. He had written four articles on UPC/TPM, which I could access only three.

    Why I am talking about this is – All this time I have read negative things about TPM only from the sites which are run by ex-TPM people like David Paul, Rachel Chitra, fromtpm.com, etc., but Eryl Davies’ comments are purely an outsider view, a third person perspective and really interesting. Again, he had very little literature to review and from that he nailed in his last article that TPM/UPC IS A CULT without an iota of doubt.

    I have pasted a little excerpt from one of those articles.


    A further cultic characteristic must be mentioned, namely, their doctrine of separation. This involves ‘keeping the unbelieving friend, colleague, neighbour and relative on the other side … the line of partition should be drawn carefully’.

    Then, in an irresponsible re-interpretation of the terms ‘fatherless’ and ‘widows’, they add: ‘To visit the fatherless (those who are without God) and widows (those who once had God with them) is important, but to keep oneself unspotted from this world is as important’ (The Voice of Pentecost, June 2000, p.15).

    Bible does teach separation from sin and the world (Romans 12:2; Galatians 1:4; 1 John 2:15-17). Christians should live in obedience to the Word and with radically different priorities, standards and aims, from those of unbelievers. But such holy living requires our engagement in society, not withdrawal from it!


    The above highlighted “irresponsible re-interpretation” is the cause of most of the evil in that organization. Many times, it is not just irresponsible but also evil, malicious, misleading, and it finally leads to usurping God Himself.

    Coming back to the topic – With this kind of literature taught, it is natural for Sunday school students to be scripturally poor.

    This is really a decent independent review by an outsider and anyone who reads it can see the hollowness of TPM.

  5. Ronaldo@
    “As tpm youth, we are not trained to apolegitically answer doubts of them that ask reason of our faith. It’s sad that tpm youths attend so many meetings & conventions and waste their energy in doing laborious hard work for glutenous workers…….”
    Well,this is the statement quite apt for this EPISODE….”
    But it calls for an elaborate/analytical answer.
    If ADMIN allows me, I will again put forth the same facts that I ‘ve aired in these columns before.
    First of all why are our Youth unable to give an answer apolegitically?
    We need to ponder over deeply.
    1. TPM Clergy never try to train them in those lines because if the Youth come to know the truth, they will ditch them and leave away. Instead ,they are being used as labour force for convention works.Every one acknowledge this fact.Secondly,
    2.The ills of the society (poverty),and other socio economic ills and societal status play major part in this issue.Let us be honest in this aspect.Do not skip this matter. The present Christian youth are unable to stand for the truth as they get no moral support from their own parents. This is the sad part of the story.You know the reason why! Because of the danger of loosing the benefits that may accrue under SC/ST category . They hide themselves as secret Christians.But at the same time they prefer to be called as SC/ST as per their caste system.
    They remain as Christians spiritually. That was the reason why Dalith Christian concept has come into fore in our country.These Dalith Christians have been hankering/asking since ages for getting equal rights on par with that SC/ST community.But the politicians play the trick ,they promise but they never give. as they fear it affects the other classes of the society. That was why this matter was dealt previously in detail— left to individual conscience. -It was linked up to our class society.This socio economic issue is like another form of deep miry clay.
    You & I will never be able to solve this problem.Then where lies the solution?
    Who will solve the problem. The parents. yes to some extent.
    Bur the Bible gives complete solution to this problem.
    The oft repeated reply…… 1 PET 4:16 is its perfect answer.
    But do the fake Christians ready to take the call ?Will they be ready to suffer for Jesus as that verse exhorts each one to live like a liberated, real Christian in true sense?
    So long as the parents at home and the Workers at the church do not stand as their ROLE MODELS for the Youth children,how can we blame the poor Youth?
    Ravi Zachariah’s ministry center around on a key verse of the Bible.1 Pet 3:15
    ” and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear”—– is the another essential quality that is again interlinked with the above issue that is dealt now.
    Finally to sum up God loves the honest who keep His commandments irrespective of the adverse situations happening around. We remember the role models of Biblical characters,heroes of faith etc.etc. But it was confined to limited space only.
    A little bit of sacrificial heart is very much necessary to fulfill His commandments.
    Otherwise attainment of kingdom of God is in jeopardy..This is what I feel.

  6. I thank Br. Prabhu profusely and especially ADMIN for letting me know some more rare facts through those URL sites. It helps me to arm with the latest updates to do a relentless battle that you are doing daily. We have to die daily as many are preferring to throw stones on us than to know the truth. Indeed Br.Prabhu’s comments have come timely..Thank you dear ones, once again.

  7. There is this TPM Guy who has loaded a T L Osborne video and is claiming to be of TPM Ministers.
    It seems some miracles are reported in the convention in Madurai 1961.
    The unethical practice is that this person has removed the reference to TL Osborne from a different youtube video and has uploaded as a TPM convention former days video.
    This is the true TPM Spirit indeed. check out both both the videos.
    The Manipulated video is
    The Original Video is this



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