Episode 2: Off the way      

Recap: Daisy and Molly are two Christian girls. They are going to become friends. Daisy is a TPM believer and Molly is from Non-TPM background. This is their story. In the last chapter, you read that Daisy got admission to engineering college. Today her family is on the way to attend Sunday worship meeting.

Scene description

It’s Sunday morning here in this small town. However, the sky is dark. It appears it will rain heavy today.

Joseph (shouting): I will die today.

Mom: What nonsense Jose..?

Joseph: Mom is there anything to eat. I am feeling very hungry. If don’t give me anything to eat I will die…. won’t I?

Mom: How many times we need to tell you to have to fast on Sunday morning for blessings of the meeting.

Joseph: But saints are keeping fast Right? God will hear their prayer… give me something

Mom: Ask your father to buy something from the shop while we are on the way

Daisy: Mom! How am I looking?

Mom: Sweet my darling. You look so beautiful in white salwar.

Joseph: Mom can I wear my coloured clothes today?

Mom: If Jesus comes today you will be left behind. Remember what Teju Anna said back then? If you are ok with that, then wear as many coloured dresses you want.

Joseph: No I won’t be left behind!

Daisy: why?

Joseph: Because God knows my intention. It is a noble one.

Daisy: You are naughty Jose. Your intention can never be noble. God knows it!

Joseph: Hey! I was wanting to wear coloured clothes because of Mom. Today is a rainy day. The white dress will easily get dirty if somebody splashes water. Mom will have to wash them again. And then she will apply rose blue and starch to clean the dirt. It will save her time and energy. She can spend that time praying.

Daisy: How noble!! But you will have no time to give this excuse to God. He will come in the blink of an eye and we will be taken away. You won’t have time to explain all this to Jesus

Mom: Stop your chattering and get ready. We are already late.

Daisy: Mom, is it true that there is an angel standing at the gate of the faith home to mark our attendance? The Pastor told us in the Sunday school last week.

Mom: Daisy…I don’t know. I hope he does not see us reaching late.

Scene description

We hear a sweet song being played. Daisy’s father’s wagon-R is on the way to church. It has started to drizzle a bit. The car stops at the signal. A child in rags is standing by the window of their car and is knocking. He is talking by sign language. He wants something to eat. In the next lane, we see a fashionable woman scantily dressed in red sitting behind a man on a moped. She gives a coin to the child.

Daisy: Mom! Look at her. Pshaw! All her body is visible.

Joseph (in a soft voice to his sister): What pshaw? She is such a nice girl.

Daisy (laughing): Mom! Joseph likes her. Let’s get him married to her!

The family starts laughing.

Joseph:  Why should I marry her? I don’t like girls.

Daisy: Why then did you say she is pretty?

Joseph:  I said nice, not pretty!Reflections of Life in TPM -2

Daisy: Whatever!!  I know why you said nice! You like her worldliness..

Joseph:  No! She gave money to the poor child. That is why I said nice.

Daisy: Didn’t you look at her dress? They have no revelation of holiness. Thank God, for saving us from the world. If you keep getting attracted to worldly people, you will fall from grace.

Joseph:  Her generous heart attracted me not her dress.

Daisy: Oh!! So sweet! I know everything. You cannot hide from me.

Scene description

Joseph prefers to stay silent. It started raining heavily. Daisy’s father reduces the speed and halts the car by the roadside because of low visibility. All we can hear is the sound of heavy rain. After five minutes, the rain stops.  From the side window, we see poor people in their hut. We can see their huts dripping with water. They have kept some utensils to collect water dripping from their ceiling.

Reflections of Life in TPM -2

Dad: Jose… check whether I have kept the cheque in my bible.

Joseph: What? Are you thinking the same thing as me?

Daisy: What evil are you thinking now?

Joseph: Appa and I have decided to donate some money to the poor, to repair their dripping homes.

Dad: When did I say that? When you start earning, you can donate it to them. I have more important work to do with my money. The convention is approaching and we must give a small help from whatever we can do, to help servants of God conduct this convention. For me giving to God is more important than those poor people. If you give money to these lazy people they will spend it on buying liquor.

Daisy: Yes! And after getting drunk, he will beat his wife with the rod.

Scene description

Joseph seems irritated. There is an expression of discontent on his face. Serenity has suddenly dawned upon Daisy’s family. The car is approaching towards the Faith Home. A number of small huts become visible as the car approach the church. And behold, a big white building stands tall as a holy mountain. Saints who have forsaken all, make their abode here. A day spent here is more luxurious than thousand years in coloured huts dripping with rainwater. Daisy’s family hurriedly enter the meeting hall.

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  1. The following link aptly describes the gist of this article.


    If Jesus fully emptied himself for us, what is keeping us fully emptying ourselves for others.

    Mark 7:7 – But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

    Tithing and church attendance is given importance ignoring the acts of love which we have been chosen to display in our lives.



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