This is a series of 14 episodes. portraying the life of Two girls, Daisy and Molly.  Incidents that happened in the life of these girls are portrayed in a drama form. Daisy is a TPM believer and Molly is from a Non-TPM background. This is written in a drama form, for easy understanding. The names of the characters are fictitious.

Episode 1 – Dining Hours

Scene description

We see food served on a dark brown dining table. A mountain of salad, with carrots and cucumbers, nicely cut in oval shape is placed in the center. Silver colored plates are placed on east, west, north, and south sides of the table.  A casserole with snow white rice, decorated with green peas is steaming forth with an irresistible aroma.  We also see a spoon taking out fish pieces from the pond of red gravy to serve it in a plate.

Mother of the house (Mom): No! Wait for prayer! How many times you have to be reminded not to eat food without prayer? Close your eyes now and let your Appa thank God.

Scene description

We see Daisy and Joseph close their eyes and join their hands in prayer.

Father of the house (Dad): “Thank you God for this wonderful food. Bless it and give them that have not. Amen.”

Everyone: “Amen”.

Scene description

We see this beautiful Christian family enjoying their food.  The atmosphere outside the window appears to be dark. It seems as if it is the night. God has lit up candles in the sky and we can see them shining through the window of their dining room.

Joseph: Amma!

Mom: Yes!

Joseph: Why don’t you send with me the tithe of fishes to the faith home? Teju Anna told us a few weeks back to give ten percent of everything to the saints of God! He specifically mentioned that If we keep some part of what belongs to God then it will be cursed.

Mom: Your father has already given the tithe of his income. He takes his salary first to faith home and hands it to Pastor to pray over it. Then pastor takes ten per cent from it and returns us back 90%. It is with that 90% he has bought this fish. So there is no need to give it from this. God has already blessed it.

Joseph: If so, then why fish tastes a little rotten. Is part of this fish cursed, as it tastes decayed?

Mom: Throw that piece away. Take a new one from the curry. Your father doesn’t know how to buy fishes. He doesn’t know the difference between fresh fish and one that is stinky old.

Dad: Yeah! Your mother is an expert when it comes to fishes. Not only fishes! She knows everything better than me. I don’t know how to select a good fish from the bad ones. In fact, I could not make a distinction between a good woman and a bad one. If I was an expert, I would have not married your mother. I would have identified a better woman and married her.

Everyone starts laughing.

Mom:  So who is asking you to stay with me? Go and marry a better one! Let me see who is ready to marry a person like you. It’s me who is staying with you for so many years. Other girls would have fled the very first day of your marriage.

Dad: Relax sweetie!  I was just joking.

Joseph: Appa! Didn’t you say God showed you through a dream that you must marry Amma?

Dad: Yes! I saw the servant of God in a dream of wearing white dress appear in the dream and he said to me to marry your mother.

Joseph: Where is that servant of God now?

Dad: Devil caught hold of him. He ran away with one sister.

Mom: He was an anointed servant of God. He used to talk a lot with me before devil made him backslide. He had great revelations.

Dad: Oh! That’s surprising! I didn’t know that he used to talk a lot with you. I used to wonder why faith home telephone bills used to soar rocket high during his tenure!

Mom: Shut up! You have an evil mind. He was a saint! He was such a holy loving saint. Telephone bills were excessive because of sister Lydia. She was the gossip girl. She used to make stories about him and discuss with sisters in other faith homes every day in absence of a brother.

Joseph: If he was such a holy saint, why did he elope with that sister?

Daisy:  Jose.. shut up! Appa told you devil caught him. Haven’t you read in the book of Revelation that devil threw the third part of stars of heaven to fall on the earth?

Joseph (to Mom): How do you know what stories sister Lydia used to make on phone?

Mom: Brother heard her telephonic conversation one day, while she was complaining about his behaviour with girls of faith home!

Joseph:  How did he hear her telephonic conversation?

Dad: He had secretly placed a parallel telephone connection in his room so that he could listen to what sisters are gossiping on the telephone! It is the usual trick of most brothers in local faith homes. There was a big fight later that evening, in the faith home. Brother was transferred. Center pastor called him and punished him by transferring him to a small local faith home.

Joseph: I am up with dinner. My stomach is full. Can I go?

Mom:  No! Bad manners! Wait for everyone to finish. Your father has something to say to you before you both go to bed.

Daisy: About what?

Mom looking at Daisy:  About your admission to engineering college.

Dad: Tomorrow you have to stand in front and give testimony in Sunday service about how God made your impossible admission to engineering as possible.

Daisy: What will I say? You know I don’t want to do engineering. You people forced me to apply.

Mom:  Keep quiet! What will you do without studies? Will you sit idle at home?

Daisy:  I want to go to the ministry!

Dad: We also want our eldest daughter to serve God? But first, finish your studies. Complete your engineering and you can then join the ministry.

Daisy: What is the point in wasting money and time for worldly engineering if my ultimate goal is ministry?

Dad:  Poor, uneducated sisters are treated badly in faith home. You will not get respect if you have no education. Elder sisters will make your life hell. On the other hand, if you finish off your studies and then enter ministry then who knows you will get a chance to serve God in foreign lands?

Daisy: But….

Dad: No more discussion on this, Daisy! I know what I am asking you to do. Be thankful to God. You will testify tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations to ADMIN and his TEAM for attempting this 14 long episode serial which will have a long lasting positive impact on the minds of PARENTS and the YOUTH of our blessed nation.At the same, we do not have to sit and relax but continue fighting our relentless battles on FQA sessions being conducted by BLUE EYED BOY of IRUMBELIYUR cult.I too will have a constant watch on the INTRNL YOUTH activities and Sunday. School activities/convention songs etc etc being c… May be this new experiment started by you with a typical homely characters will ‘ve a definite yield for your efforts. Let us hope for the best.
    The latest brain washing techniques already started by TPM Clergy at VIJAYAWADA centre will soon come to your desk.By printing and circulating the salient points of life history late Pas PAUL on the last last page of the convention HYMNS BOOKLET,this is yet another crafty move of this TPM’s Clergy, they want to pollute the minds of crores of TELUGU believers. The title goes like this:
    THE PENTECOST MISSION( CHURCH)– A good 17 point collection from the life history of late Pas. Paul ( 1881-1945). As I determined to bring out the ENGLISH version of the TELUGU script,and post it to you shortly, please check the veracity of the claim of the those good points mentioned in it and if found any deviations, pl. bring it under the purview of this site. Quite often I read from many of your episodes that TPM Clergy has altered his auto biography also to suit to its ends. First of all we must investigate what prompted this CULT group to use the name of Pas PAUL to be brought into lime light of TELUGU land again, instead of bringing only the name of Jesus into lime light.

    • It will be interesting to see what those 17 points state. Pls., share a copy with admin.
      Cant believe the extent these blind people could go SO LOW to reinforce their cultish beliefs.

      • Saying others blind and blind and blind to others makes yourself blind. Come out of TPM style and pointing fingers only hits back on you showing your status as one among TPM. Even the Eagle Eye man does the same error.

        • So Bro Sam why according to you did they choose to add 17 points glorifying a long dead person on a hymn book and not 17 or more points glorifying the finished works of Christ??

  2. @Cant believe the extent these blind people could go SO LOW to reinforce their cultish beliefs.
    To what extent this CULT has gone so low?
    To this extent: can you believe.
    Heaven going has become so cheap to them.
    “PL RAISE YOUR HANDS WHO WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN and say halleluya 3 times.( find this comment in other episode–“Reflections of Life in TPM – 1”)

  3. Awesome skit that can be played in Sunday school too. Mentioning TPM and minister names devalues the narrator. It applies to all including everyone here and admin. Good presentation.

  4. The point is:They are not born again.
    Fearing this kind of satirical issues would come up to surface, the TPM Clergy
    did ban the kind of skit playing or drama playing long time ago,(almost 10 yrs in TELUGU states. but CULT supportive skits are freely allowed.) Now will they give freedom to local SS management/ SS HM to play this kind of eye opening skits? Never.If that happens, they will be piercing their own eyes.

  5. O Admin, admin, admin-

    You have become an eyesore and a headache to the TPM franchises all over the world… nothing can stop the employees of its mission from accessing this site and this must have ruffled the last feather in their cap.
    On the other hand, few employees would have found the moment of reckoning, to repent and decide.

    I am sure they will initiate an open RPD against this site.

  6. Is it the same old fearless Denzel Joy who was the most instrumental voice in putting forth his arguments in his power filled statements that I read in many previous episodes comments section? Especially I found you so strong in the theological genre of this site. Do not fear dear. ” the Lord shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies” Micah 4:10 is the comforting verse I chose for myself when I read your comment now, And when I go down the verse 12@” but they know not the thoughts of the Lord,neither understand they His counsel .”
    One more timely verse for my the comforting to ADMIN and his TEAM is: @ Psalms 91:10
    “Fear not ” is the one sentence that Bible pundits investigated that 365 Times uttered in the Scriptures. So for today in this year the WORD has comforted me . Tomorrow will look after itself.Now do you wish me to step back and become silent ? I ‘ve already told S C A is taking place. By the by what is the RPD?

    • @ Eagle’s eye.
      RPD is a powerful incantation tool known as ‘spiritual cloud seeding’
      Resist the Power of the Devil.

      It is about muttering 1000 sthothram in rapid fire style for all your carnal and spiritual needs and you will find it in the immediate future.

      Pastor M.T. Thomas is the brainchild.

  7. This is a great way of depicting “One day in the Life of a typical TPM family”.

    I can relate with this and I think any other sincere TPM believer can also relate with this episode and its characters.

    This is enlightening entertainment at its best. Maybe this will end up as a script for a movie in the future.

  8. I admit it happens.
    I will tell you another story later on my own experience.
    It doesn’t mean I’m a perfect girl. I did make lots and lots of blunders. Bcoz I didn’t know what to do in life.
    But now, everyone pushed me to marry a CPM fellow. Again they had lots of drama. I would love to share.
    But sometimes I feel they are innocent not knowing actually things.
    But sometimes I get irritated too.
    Right now…
    I am not close to God.
    I feel why God is so much full of rules
    Why he’s being partial
    Why.this world is like this ?
    And why my life has turned upside down…
    I haunt harmed anyone though..But people did harm me mentally.. I was going thru depression for years maybe I think…
    All I want is how to get rid of this TPM and find a true God.

    • We will wait for your story sister. It will be great pleasure to see another child of God on road to redemption. Please come out as soon as possible. It is difficult to break free from societal pressure around us, but God will give you courage. From personal experiences I can say that it does take time to unlearn all the false impressions we have about God (about our self centeredness understanding of God). What should matter to us most, is the free gift of eternal life given to us, in comparison to circumstances around us, which pressurize us to doubt goodness of God. May God give you his peace.

    • I can very well understand your situation sister.

      Many parents are deceived into this. From outside, TPM looks holy and they think they are marrying off their daughter in a family where strict religious laws are maintained. They consider TPM to be higher caste. They are lured into it.

      Then comes marriage. From that time the white clad will dictate what should be the RAL (colour code) of the saree she will wear. Slowly, the bride will be indoctrinated by the sisters and MIL. There will rules and clauses put up.

      Rule No:1 – Wear white on Sunday. Anything other than white is sin.
      Rule No:2- Get up at 4:00 Am morning praising, led by the FIL. Others can be half asleep.
      Rule No:3 – Compulsorily attend Tarry meeting.
      Rule No:4- missing Wednesday Bible study is a sin.
      Rule No:4 – You should be able to jump And talk in tongues according to the gold standards set by the people sitting in the front of the fake home. In other words you should have a TPM CERTIFIED (BIS, ISO ETC) form of anointing. If you don’t have that then you should meet the standards By following the above rules and get the anointing certified by the elder or pastor otherwise you will be left during the rapture. Then the antichrist will torture you for 3.5 years( this is the favourite topic of all TPM bible classes, they have the special ability to start with any topic in the bible and bring this 7 years and the women and child into it, this is the hallmark of all special bible classes)

      Don’t worry sister. God will guide you. Do not be indoctrinated by these people. Your family is good and you should love them because God gave them to you. The problem is they are infected from childhood. They have been taught that way.

    • Cheer up Sister,
      You are already demonstrating symptoms of repentance. So you are on the right track.
      The fact is once you realise the sins you are in and how helpless you are in dealing with it, our Saviour will start dealing with you through his Spirit. Just yield to His gentle voice.
      Then you will realise that
      – His yoke is easy and the burden light.
      – There are no rules to live by..but just that you need to Love God with all your being and your neighbor like your self
      – He is not partial but a just and righteous Lord
      – The world is like this for a reason
      This site is a great resource to make some life changing decisions and coming out of TPM is one of it. Keep reading it and the the Bible in parallel and the Holy spirit will deal with you for sure.
      A broken and contrite heart he will not despise.
      Trust that the Righteous Lord will meet the intent of your heart and help you with coming out of the mire soon.



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