Walk into a Nationalized Bank and you can see different counters with tellers transacting with customers. But the situation changes if you walk into a Private or a Foreign Bank. Here they deal with people, based on the “Worth” of the individual. By WORTH, I mean the money power of that individual.

They identify an account holder based on certain internal codes, which identify the type of customer that has walked in. Based on the Net Worth of that customer, he/she is treated. The Ultra Rich people are called High Net Worth Individuals. They usually do not go to the Bank, but the Bank goes to the place where they are. Everything is delivered to them at their desk. These banks are branded, graded, advertised and positioned in the Market that they are easily identified as the Bank of the Ultra Rich. They grade people based on the dress and the vehicle they arrive in.

The Above example is of a Bank. However, such a thing is not unique only to Banks. It is done by all commercial organizations. Therefore the so-called apostolic organization(TPM) also should not be found lacking in this commercial positioning.

This article will contrast the Outlook of Jesus vs Apostles vs TPM. In the course of preparation, we did a sample survey to gather information regarding TPM Outlook. Therefore, that information would for a basis for this article.

Attitude towards the Poor

Jesus and Apostles

The most important section of Jesus’s Kingdom is the Poor.

“Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.   Luke 6:20

Jesus’ Way vs TPM’s Way – 3These poor people are finding easier entry into the Kingdom. The Kingdom will compensate for their poverty in this world. Check out what Abraham Says to the Rich Man about the reason for the state reversal, in eternity.

“But Abraham replied, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony.  Luke 16:25

I know many preachers overlook this simple explanation given in the scripture and over-analyze the situation for this reversal. The Only way for the Rich man to have escaped this eventuality is mentioned in Matt 25:31-46.  Some may even be led to the Way of the Rich Young Man of Matthew 19: 21. Jesus says that the Only way our riches can be transferred to eternity is by giving to the poor. Many Christians will have no problem in regularly giving their Life Insurance Premiums, but they do not realize the Heavenly Plan of Eternal Life Insurance.

I have heard of TPM Fanatics saying that certain people are poor because “They Deserve to be Poor“. They somehow imply that the lives of the poor are because of some mistake that they have done and is a result of God’s disapproval of them. When they say that the poor “Deserve to be Poor”, they also imply that “they Deserve to be Rich”. How Mistaken are they? Seldom do they realize that their attitude and behaviour towards the poor is the only evidence which will stand for or against us. Moreover, Jesus and Moses have promised that the Poor will always be with us.

For the poor will never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt surely open thy hand unto thy brother, to thy needy, and to thy poor, in thy land. Deut 15:11

The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me. Mark 14:7

He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of others, but God knows your hearts. What people value highly is detestable in God’s sight. Luke 16:15

If you have a selfish attitude, each of the poor will become the reason for your eternal damnation. Because of this attitude toward one’s riches, Jesus said

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matt 19:24

13 But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, 14 and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” Luke 14:13-14

Jesus did not teach anything that he did not practice.

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake, he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich. 2 Cor 8:9

The TPM Minister’s Attitude

Jesus has been quite vocal about giving your worldly riches to the poor. But see how TPM Ministers who are members of a Multi-million dollar religious corporation, behaves with the poor. Read the highlighted text.

Jesus’ Way vs TPM’s Way – 3

The above is not a one-off instance. It is a daily occurance. By such actions, they are reproaching God.

He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, but he who honours him has mercy on the needy.”  Pro 14:31

We have reports of believers who have witnessed even more. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Beggars are shooed and threatened away from the Faith Home Gates.
  2. TPM Ministers do not accept food from lower class (according to their perception) people. But has no problems taking their Money.
  3. TPM Pastors serve in banquets prepared ONLY for the well-off. But they have no guilt in scolding the poor and treating them in inhuman ways.
  4. The Poor are avoided in the Holy Communion for going to the Hospitals. But in the same Communion table, the rich who went to be treated are permitted and also the ones who wear Jewellery.
  5. When a rich person is sick, the TPM Ministers go to the hospital in never-ending waves. But the poor are not even found worthy of a phone call.
  6. There is a kind of believer’s names and address book. If a poor believer does not attend the meetings because of sickness or any other issue, he will be dropped from the list in the newly published address book. But If a rich guy does not even come for years, his name continues in the list. This is because the Rich pays some money when they go for the collection. Unfortunately, the poor do not get that consideration. He is dropped like a hot potato.
  7. In Youth Camp, youths from Foreign Nations (Read Money Bags) are given special rooms in private restricted area. There are security guard workers on duty to stop access of Indian youths from visiting them. Their food is different. They are made to sit on the pulpit (stage). Indian youths are treated with second class treatment.
  8.  Note how they meet believers. They talk with Rich believers with respect. They will provide them with chair and seating arrangement if they visit pastors room. However poor believers will talk by standing. When the Rich one comes, they ask sisters to serve tea coffee or juice.
  9. During convention duties, the Rich believers are given respectable duties like meeting new people. However poor believers will be assigned the duty of being the guard at night, hall cleaning etc

All the above points are summarised by James. James says that TPM is making fun of the Lord.

My friends, if you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, you won’t treat some people better than others. Suppose a rich person wearing fancy clothes and a gold ring comes to one of your meetings. And suppose a poor person dressed in worn-out clothes also comes. You must not give the best seat to the one in fancy clothes and tell the one who is poor to stand at the side or sit on the floor. That is the same as saying that some people are better than others, and you would be acting like a crooked judge. My dear friends, pay attention. God has given a lot of faith to the poor people in this world. He has also promised them a share in his kingdom that he will give to everyone who loves him. You mistreat the poor. But isn’t it the rich who boss you around and drag you off to court? Aren’t they the ones who make fun of your Lord?  James 2:1-6

TPM’s Doctrinal Twist

As usual with many other scriptures, TPM Ministers do know this clear teaching of Jesus to give to the Poor. They also know that they have to make a twist of those references to override any oppositions. Therefore, they take upon themselves the Banner of being “POOR”.

To establish their doctrine of Perfection (read Perversion), one of their twists is from Matt 19:21

Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

They propagate that when they join ministry they sell their possessions and give it to TPM Organization for fulfilling the above verse. Only an idiot of the first class will believe that. It is no better than a woman bringing a dowry to her husband’s house when she gets married. Why do I fail to understand where is the POOR in the scenario? And why do they believe this lie?

These people continue to be under a delusion that God is a moron to not understand their manipulation. You ask them and they will say that they don’t have a penny in their name. We can wake up sleeping people, but we cannot wake up those who act to be sleeping.

TPM’s Commercial Positioning

Just as the banks which I referred to in the first section, TPM also had carved out their commercial position in Christendom. You can get their Unique Selling Propositions if you discuss them with a TPM Devotee. They will the following to get your sympathy.

  1. They have left their father, mother etc and joined the ministry. Isn’t that what an Indian bride does when she marries and leaves her house to join the husband’s house. Isn’t that what the Brahmakumaris also do?
  2. They always wear white Clergy dress and try to impress upon people that they are somehow Holy. This is quite contrary to Jesus’s way and in line with the Pharisees way (Matthew 23:5) where they have to bring in their dressing to impress upon people.
  3. They do not have a family to take care and hence they spend all the money on the ministry. Most surprisingly blind and deaf believers of TPM cannot see the land and buildings amassed by the organization and the size of those ministers who are definitely proven gluttons by their ever-widening bodies.
  4. They are consecrated and if you are only under their ministry you will be raptured. Anybody using a little bit of their grey matter will not miss out the hogwash these white clads are doing. But then that is what we call as “BRANDING”.
  5. They pray for each one of you every day, Unlike other ministers. Rarely do the hearer know that its just vain repetition of “Praise the Lords” against your family name in the address book.

By doing all these tricks they charge a religious service fee called Tithe and Offerings. You will also note that their frequency of visits is based on the amount you are able to dispense. It is just like how the Bank comes to your home. Remember that the premium customer gets services like that?

They may occasionally use misrepresentations of Luke 6:38  or Acts 5 to part with your money, just as how bankers lure you with Mutual funds and investment schemes.


The Commercial paradigm of TPM is unparalleled. It evokes a sense of sympathy towards these frauds. They make use of this kind of advertising to gain much leverage into the hearts and minds of gullible folks. But then, they are running a successful business by defrauding people of their money and more. The poor continue to be poor because the average TPM Believer thinks it is more blessed to give to the Clergy than to the poor. The clergy shamelessly accepts gifts and offerings from the poor because the poor believe that giving to the clergy is the key to his/her material prosperity.

Do you now know why the funds send by people all over the world for TPM Flood affected believers never reached them? Do you know why the Thiruvalla and Kottayam Centre Faith homes are modified while the flood victims are yet to get any relief other than the rice bags and masala powders they received?

Oppressing the poor to enrich oneself, and giving to the rich–both lead only to poverty. Pro 22:16


  1. On house visits I have an interesting observation.
    In my young child hood days, I remember some sisters visiting house, having a in depth conversation with us, knowing our day to day struggles and then spend some time praying on a mat before leaving. That was a good experience and we had a sense of brotherly love.
    Fast fwd. four decades later now, they come once/twice a year, sit coldly on the couch have no interaction at all, very indifferent, attempt to know nothing about us, then after 5 minutes stand up, mutter a short prayer for our materialistic blessing and walk away with the offering. In their car I have seen a register with believer names and a tick in the box of the formality being done.
    During my recent visit to my in-laws in Kerala, I noted that the other pentecostal pastors/elders come weekly to the house (not with financial expectations) and spend an hour or two in prayer which was very edifying.
    They knew the spiritual needs of their flock I felt.

    • There could be another column in the register for recording the collection done from that subscriber. If the minimum subscription amount is not received for few collection visits, that person gets dropped from the subscriber list.

  2. Well, if it is the story that goes in KERALA state, look at the state of affairs that goes around in TELANGANA state. Centre Incharge Shyam Sundar must be the architect of the design of a simple format of A5 size,that has 4 columns to be filled up by the members of that particular assembly.On one Sunday Service, the local worker in- —charge would specifically announce that church goers should fill in a format and leave it in the drop box kept for the purpose.It was meant for circulation for all the members residing different localities where the branch is located.The church goer has to write the 1.name/2.ph.no,/3. can the SOG visit the house/4.what is the convenient time.Those are the 4 columns to be filled in.What a crafty way this format was designed. Just look at the ingenuity of the class of this Clergy in designing this format.They want to have firm grip over the flock they have on hand. Also the worker in charge would announce that the member should write the AREA NAME in which his/her place of residence falls in. This is the shameless way of the clergy to collect the money from door to door campaign by visiting the innocent poor goers.Also the worker did announce in the Sunday Service —“when you fill up the format and hand it over to us, the F.H workers
    (he meant worker sisters) would uphold you, regularly in the prayers. If your names are not read in the prayers, YOU WILL NOT GO TO HEAVEN.” These were the actual wording he used in his announcement. Therefore, this is the real eye opener for all the readers both positive and negative who are regularly peeping through this site. Please get yourself educated how far this CULT movement has gone down in snaring the flock they lead.This is the clear cut evidence of total MIND CONTROL activity of this CULT organisation. The worker did utter the words like this:PL RAISE YOUR HANDS WHO WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN and say halleluya 3 times. The poor sheep did raise their hands and raised their voice 3 times as per the instructions given. This is the present INDIAN SCENARIO that exist in this part of this globe. At this stage I remembered Br.D. Anbu ‘s recent comment on the social evil (hypocritic way of life of the members and the workers of this CULT) that all TPM centre incharges must be taken to task. Now tell me where do we stand? You do not like to take any stand nor align with any body . Let the Word of God become our righteous Judge. Let Him deal with us as when where we are ! Whether we are a scheduled caste/ scheduled tribe/ or backward caste or forward caste or belonging to OBC, Jesus shed His precious blood for ALL.He is the Lord of ALL. But for hypocrites what does the Bible say in Job 36: 13&14,let us read :” But the hypocrites in heart heap up wrath.they cry not when He blindeth them. 14.They die in youth,and their life is among the unclean” Further pl read Matthew 6:5,22:18,23:13. These are the timely verses I prefer to refer the Scripture portion for the sake of both positive minded brethren and negative minded brethren. But for this site, God would not have brought these facts into light. Pl remember– do not curse anybody in this world,only bless them even if they are your enemies.

  3. The class system works hugely in the house visits, weddings and funerals apart from the conventions and youth camps.

    Chief Pastors visit believers who pay/have paid a lakh or more as offering during their house visits, whenever they happen to visit their city.
    Center pastors(except few exceptions) visit believers who are willing to part with ten thousands during the house visit.
    Local SOGs for thousands and so on.

    They call this as intuition of Holy spirit to visit these houses

    Same thing happens in weddings as well. It can be called a wedding package . You can get chief pastor for a package amounting to lakhs, >20k for center pastor, >10k for asst centre pastor and so on.

    Even funerals too follow this same package system.

    I’ve seen and experienced this in my life. When questioned, their response was either that I’m trying to peep in to the tabernacle and that Satan is trying to corrupt my heart or a “Silent nod”

  4. @Chief Pastors visit believers who pay/have paid a lakh or more as offering during their house visits, whenever they happen to visit their city.
    Center pastors(except few exceptions) visit believers who are willing to part with ten thousands during the house visit.
    Local SOGs for thousands and so on.”
    Oh, woe unto them.
    This is highly regrettable.God alone save them provided they come to repentance even at the 11 th hour.



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