My name is LILYAN and I am from CUTTACK, ODISHA.

My Childhood

My mother was a TPM believer and my father was a non-TPM person, so from the very beginning, I had to attend not only TPM church but various other Pentecostal and Baptist churches as well. My Sunday schooling was in TPM as well as in a Baptist church. Even though I was going to so many churches during my childhood days, I had a very false belief that TPM is the only true and the best church.

Whenever my mother’s brother met me, he always compared TPM with other churches and glorified TPM. He was saying, “There are so many churches exactly as there are so many gods. As Christ is the only true GOD, likewise The Pentecostal Mission is the only true church. TPM workers have got a high and glorious calling, God has revealed them deeper heavenly things. They are not married as other church pastors. They have left their parents and everything. They are wearing white and they have no love for ornaments. They are suffering for God, they are leading a holy life and their consecration will place them on the topmost place in heaven i.e., Zion. God has appointed them to prepare us as the bride of Christ. They are the only real servants of God and others those who are doing God’s work are not real since they are not called according to the bible and they have not consecrated anything. He was using bible verses while explaining all these things, so I was believing him. Whenever I read non-TPM books, he would criticize the book and the author.

My father also started to attend TPM meetings and got baptized there but within a very few years, he left TPM because TPM did not allow him to attend other churches or mix with other church people. They tried to control him, but he escaped and said that TPM believers fear their pastors more than God, they run after their pastors and for them, their pastor is their God. Though there were lots of disturbances between my parents because of TPM, still my mother went to TPM and she took me with her. TPM would say that first is GOD MEANS TPM, THEN COMES OTHER THINGS LIKE FAMILY.

But one day my father got irritated and asked my mother not to go to TPM anymore and we had to stop for few years and TPM sisters met my mother outside because they feared to enter our house. Meanwhile, I had born-again experience and got baptized in a Pentecostal church. I was happy with God, though not with any church. And there was a lot of Joy in my heart because of Jesus but very soon my life became a nightmare.

The Fanatic Uncle

Then my uncle met me and said, “You should be under the guidance of TPM servants of GOD, YOU need apostolic fellowship that only TPM can offer. My uncle is a total TPM Fanatic. He is married but has no relationship with his wife because he is aiming to go to Zion and wants to live like brother and sister because the coming of the Lord is near. He said to me “You need to grow and be perfect like Jesus.  You need TPM servants of God who will help you to get ready for the rapture of the church. Otherwise, you will be left behind or after your death, you will dwell on New Earth, you cannot come to New Jerusalem, you cannot be the bride of Christ. etc etc.” When I heard all these things, I decided to obey my uncle and come to TPM and grow in my spiritual life. So, I and my mother rejoined TPM but this time my father did not say anything. I also started to read TPM books and thought that it is a deeper revelation.

Harassment in the name of the Holy Spirit

As soon as I entered TPM for the second time, believers and workers asked me whether I have received Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues or not. When I told them ‘NO’, they told me, “you cannot enter heaven, you cannot be caught up at Christ’s Coming” When I heard this I got scared Of God and I felt inferior to TPM believers and workers and I thought God will like me and love me only if I speak in tongues.. So I started to pray and ask GOD TO fill me with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues. So many tarrying meetings were held for me to receive but nothing happened. Then workers, as well as believers, started to blame me. They compared me with other youths and told me… see how spiritual they are but you are sitting just behind the worker sisters but you are not getting filled with the spirit. See how they are jumping and rejoicing in spirit but you are sitting like a statue.  I was feeling so scared that in college also I was sitting alone and asking GOD to fill me with the Holy Spirit. When my friends and lecturers were asking me, what happened. I was telling them that if I don’t speak in tongues then my church people will laugh at me and they will scold me. wherever I went and whatever I did this thought never left me. Someone told me to fast… I fasted a lot and looked skinny, but nothing happened. I was having sleepless nights because I was afraid of TPM people and GOD because I thought he loves them but not me. So many years passed by but nothing happened… and during TPM meetings, especially during tarrying meetings I was always crying and praying. “God, if you love me then enable me to speak in tongues otherwise deliver me from these TPM people. because I am feeling scared’’

The Real Tongues, Mine or theirs?

Nothing happened but I was asked to teach Sunday school students. I told the center pastor that I don’t speak in tongues how can I be a Sunday School teacher. He said, “If you be a Sunday school teacher then you will receive Holy Spirit”. I was the only teacher who was not speaking in tongues so other teachers were telling me, “You should receive Holy Spirit otherwise what will you teach students. you need Anointing”. So I went and told the pastor that I cannot teach without anointing but he forced me to teach Sunday school students, to translate Sunday school notes, and during Sunday school exams I was asked to prepare questions and translate it. Why ? if they can insult me and scold me for not speaking in tongues then why they needed me to help them with the local language. Why they didn’t ask others those who could speak in tongues to help them? Isn’t the gift of unknown tongues supposed to be used to converse with the Local People? Why is it that I am the one that has to do the conversation/translation and not they who supposedly has the gift of tongues (Acts 2:7:8)? With all their shouting and jumping, why do they have to use my services? Was not their Holy Spirit helping them?

Sisters would say so many things because I never spoke in tongues but at the same time, they would ask me to do and buy so many things. Once a worker sister, sis. JYOTHI told me to copy the writings of a diary to another diary. After copying it fully when I gave her, she told me to type everything. Though it took so much of my time, I still had to type without complaining because my uncle told me that they are servants of God and I will have to obey them unquestioningly. Then after typing when I gave it to her, she gave me another diary to type. Then another sister REGINA also made me do the same thing. They could have photocopied but they didn’t. There was a pastor who used scold me but he would ask me to write his sermons. Why didn’t he ask someone who could speak in tongues to write his sermons? Should not their gift of unknown tongues help them?

They were comparing me with those youths, but they never asked them to work. Once Pastor ALWIN asked me to translate a book. After finishing it when I returned the book, he gave me another book. then he told me to finish it within a month. I asked him to give me more time because it was very difficult for me to translate. I also told him, “I am not able to read the bible or pray for anyone so I need some more time” He looked at a sister and told her, “ she is a proud girl” maybe he told this not seriously but for fun but I left that place and cried a lot because they don’t know how I was doing their works.. in the morning before going to college, in college during class hours and after coming back from college till late in the night. Sometimes I did not take a bath and lunch because I had to complete it. These People made me their Slave. I was at their beck and call.

Once all Sunday school students and teachers were having lunch. Centre pastor THAMBI DURAI was sitting on his chair. He called me and made me kneel before him and asked me whether I received the Holy Spirit and whether I spoke in tongues during the service or not. I replied ‘no’. then he said, “What is happening to you? This Thursday is a holiday. We will keep tarring meeting that day and you will have to receive Holy Spirit”. But that Thursday I had to go and attend my cousin’s engagement in another place, so I told him that I cannot come to Faith Home that day. He got angry and said, “So your cousin’s engagement is more important than the Holy Spirit. Go from here.” I was still kneeling and looking at his face. He again said rudely, “ GO”. I tried to control my tears and had my lunch that day but his words kept ringing in my ears throughout my cousin’s engagement.

I was wondering why he could not place his hands on me and have me receive the Holy Spirit like the Apostles of Jesus. Even TPM Ministers used to boast that they are apostles. But why they were only having a form of Godliness without any power?

 Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:17

When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues[b] and prophesied. Acts 19:6

Daughter of Satan

A few years back, I attended every meeting in Faith Home from January to November, but I could not attend meetings that were held in December because I was studying for my exams. One Sunday, after the service got over, Sister ANILA came and asked me the reason why I was not attending December meetings. When I told her the reason, she dragged me with her strong hands and took me where all Sunday school teachers and students were sitting and then she scolded me before them, “Who is important?? God or your studies?? Will your studies take you to Zion??” Then while I was hiding my face and crying, a worker brother came and told her, “Don’t scold her before everyone. take her inside”

Once I wore an embroidered dress. One sister named GLORY took me to a room and said, “CHHIII…Jesus will not love you if you will wear such dresses. Wear simple dresses.” I really don’t understand what’s wrong in embroidery. Whenever I wore a black or dark coloured dress(not on meeting days), sisters were getting irritated and were asking me to wear a light coloured dress. Once one sister named NANCY called me Shaitan Ki bachhi (daughter of Satan) in front of all other sisters because I was wearing a black salwar and they looked at me and made faces and for some days I felt like I was really Shaitan ki bachhi and that God hates me. So I started to wear white whenever I came to Faith Home even in non-meeting days. TPM ministers in the USA and Europe are wearing black so should I call them SHAITAN KE BACHE???

Illegal Actions of the Centre Mother Anbu

During demonetization, each worker gave their money to the centre pastor so that they can get new notes. But there is a sister named as Anbu who did not give money that she had, to the pastor. Instead called me to her room, closed the door and gave me a lot of money. She also told me not to say this to anybody. But at that time I had no other way but to obey them so I took that money and changed it. What I was thinking was that, why didn’t the sister give money to the pastor and why she asked me to close the door so that no one will know?  And why should an old lady keep so much money? Actually, I cannot judge her, but God knows better why she closed the door. Surely if it has to be hidden, it means it has to be private money. I also know that she did this same thing with many other believers. Aren’t these people deceiving others saying that they left all?

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matt 6:19-20

Perverted Divine Healing of TPM

In 2017, I was coughing badly but I was not taking medicines. Then after three months, I could not even stand straight because my rib bones were paining very badly so my father took me to a hospital and the doctor said that I was having bronchitis. That Sunday when I went to Faith Home, my uncle said before another believer, “Christian Girl. having bronchitis?” he meant that it was because of my sins. I was wondering when will he see inside the faith homes to see sicknesses and explain the cause of that.

Once a believer from Kolkata named JOBEY called me to come near him. He doesn’t know me but he told me, “When I will come here for the next time I don’t want to see you wearing specs. Trust Jesus”. He also asked me whether I was using Facebook and WhatsApp and told me not to use. I still don’t understand why he asked me not to use when his own wife and her brothers use Facebook and WhatsApp. When will TPM get rid of the doctrine of imposing their will upon others?

So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. Matt 23:3

The Prophetess’ Manipulation

There was one TPM girl named Samarpita who was prophesying in TPM. She always had readymade prophecies. Sometimes sisters asked me to see how smart she is, how strong she is in her spiritual life. I only thought to myself. had I been like her then everyone would have liked me too, but I was not smart, I was not strong too. One day that girl called me and asked me to agree to marry her brother. I told her, “NO”. She forced me to agree. She also said that God showed her in a vision. I still did not agree. Then she told me, “You rejected my brother, you rejected my prayerful family. You will go and fall into a place where there will be trash. I am a prophetess and if you will go and tell this to anyone, you will be cursed. Listen properly. I am a prophetess and if you disobey me then you will be cursed”. Then I remembered that’s how sisters were comparing me with this wicked prophetess.

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. 2 Cor 10: 12.

Whose servants are TPM Ministers?

When I was not able to attend meetings because I had to be with my grandmother who was bedridden, one staunch believer of TPM asked me the reason why I was not attending meetings. I told her the reason. Then she said, “Your Grandmother is a burden for you. You can only be free after her death”. Now I really don’t have any words to describe TPM believers.

Once before workers’ meeting, I was helping some sisters in putting up curtains. One sister told me to come and stay in Faith Home. I told her that I cannot leave my grandmother and come here. She is bedridden and I have to stay with her. That stupid sister advised me to leave my grandmother in GOD’s care. She also said that you come and stay in Faith Home, angels will take care of her. I told her that in the Bible it is written, “ but those who don’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers” then she said. no need to teach us from the bible. She did not agree but she said to me again to leave my grandmother all alone and come to the Faith Home because the Faith Home is more important than anything else. I was really thinking at that time whether these people are really GOD’S SERVANTS OR SATAN’S SERVANTS.

I have also seen sisters fighting with each other so shamelessly and they don’t even apologize. They try to compete with one another. And they do various sins but before everyone, they appear to be very holy because they wear white. Once PAS. CHRISTOPHER told me not to make male friends and I never talked with boys, but Sister MINI was always taking my phone and talking with Bro. BIJOY and SIS. JYOTHI was talking with BRO. KINGSLEY. What I really don’t understand is that they pretend to be spiritual before their believers, but they do such things. I have also heard them calling Pastor as “BUDHA, DIMAAG CHAT RAHA HAIN”. And these are the people who are preparing their believers for Rapture. HYPOCRITES!!! And there are some innocent workers those who are trapped in TPM.

Training to Lie

There was a sister Regina who was using my phone to talk with TPM as well as non-TPM people. She was telling them about God and praying for them. But she never taught those people to pray for themselves. Whenever I would be at home or somewhere else, those people will call me and order me to give my phone to that sister. And when I would tell them that now I am busy I will go later, they would complain to her about me and she would scold me. One day she also told me, “Whenever pastor will ask you the reason for coming to faith home.. don’t tell my name.. tell that accountant has called you“. So she was teaching me to tell lies and from that day I started to avoid her.

The Manipulation Continues

TPM workers and some believers wanted me to join the ministry. One brother told me that if I will agree to join the ministry then only God will give me the Holy Spirit. And they were waiting when I will speak in tongues so that they can pull me to TPM ministry. Some sisters were telling me stories like what will happen if I will not join the ministry.

Moreover, I really felt irritated during testimony times because the believers and workers gave TPM centric testimonies, during conventions the messages are TPM centred and the songs are TPM centred which a non-TPM person cannot understand. I brought three ladies to Faith Home meetings. They felt bored and they could not understand anything. If I will write whatever I have experienced in The Pentecostal Mission then it will not finish.

We rejoined TPM because we thought we will grow in our spiritual life instead it was destroying our lives and TPM was really a waste of time, a very bad experience and a nightmare for me. There was no happiness left in me.

I was totally confused about TPM’s teachings because I was having lots of doubts and whenever I asked them any question, they gave answers which did not make any sense. Then I thought I should not ask them any more questions, but I was still blindly believing what my uncle said. I started to read non-TPM books and I became more confused about the doctrines of TPM.

Encounter with the Truth

Then in 2017, I was praying to God to reveal the truth. Are TPM doctrines from God or not? I had so many questions in my mind and I had faith that God will surely answer all my questions. One day in January 2018, God led me to this website and started to answer all my questions. I felt sad when I got to know that TPM is a cult, but I felt very happy after so many years because finally, I can live without fearing these TPM workers and believers. Few Sundays I went to Faith Home and asked them questions about TPM doctrines, but they could not answer. I went to some believers’ house to ask them about TPM doctrines. they got upset because they had no answers.

The Pentecostal Mission: A Nightmare

I was worried as to how will I leave TPM. What will everyone say? especially my non-TPM family members. now what will happen? I thought I will leave Sunday school ministry, I will not take part in anything, but I will only go on Sundays because I feared what everyone will think about me. But in April 2018, one article got published here on this website. After reading two paragraphs of that article, I decided to leave TPM, but I did not force my mother to leave.

Those two paragraphs are. “Dear TPM believers, you shake your heads in disappointment when you see idols of Mary being paraded on the streets on St Mary’s feast and when you see Mary being elevated to a near god-like figure. Then why don’t you see the problem with TPM who have time and time again written songs that exalt them to God’s level?

They haven’t left any qualities unique to God. They receive “character perfection”, they are “sinless”, they are the “high priest”, they “bear your sins”, they are “equal to Jesus in love” and they take the place of the Holy Spirit in Eternity. When will you put your foot down and say “enough is enough” and shake the dust off of your sandals and walk out?”  (Heresies in TPM – Part 8 – The Unbelievable Idol Worship)

My Exit

When I went to TPM for the last time, to return Sunday school syllabus, that was the last Sunday service for me. The assistant centre pastor gave a sermon about an envious person who is jealous of them because they will stand on Mount Zion and that person cannot stand. He also said, “that person is envious of our white dress, of our consecration., that person could not get a call from God so he or she is becoming envious’ ’he also teasingly laughed and said.. “we are not like other church pastors, they are married, we are unmarried”. Then he said about a liar who is going to TPM believers’ house and telling lies about TPM. Then finally he said, “That person is Lustful that’s why standing against the Church of God”. Then he said, REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND RETURN BACK”. He explained from the bible that if that person will not repent, he or she will go to hell.

The Pentecostal Mission: A NightmareWho cares about their threatening anymore? I returned the Sunday school syllabus, and everyone looked at me as if I was an alien and I looked at everyone for the last time and left TPM. For so many years I was having absolutely no freedom and I was fearing them because I thought they are second to God. But I could know their real nature when I mixed with them. They don’t have any love, they are hypocrites, pretending to be holy outwardly but having all kinds of sins and it is all because of their false doctrines. Not only TPM but I should not allow any church to come in between me and God. I was a fool because I believed what my uncle said but God showed mercy and delivered me and my mother from the clutches of TPM. The only thing I can do for TPM is to pray for them and continue to give them articles no matter what they think and say.


  1. Kudos for doing the right thing. I also left TPM for similar reasons. Think I back I realize that it was so suffocating.
    There were so many times when I questioned myself ‘what this pastor is saying?’ but never had the guts to ask them. Now also I’m kind of a coward and don’t answer any calls from TPM workers or believers. Me, my husband and daughter, we ran as fast as we could. Now we attend Grace Church Abu Dhabi. I thank God for opening mine and my husband’s eyes at the right time.
    Before reading this website, a week before that I had read a novel where a young girl was trapped in a cult. So once I read this website I could understand and compare the qualities of cult which where previously not evident to me.
    I also Thank God that my husband who is the son of TPM pastor, stood with me and left TPM.
    Above everything I thank the admins of this website for doing this good deed so unselfishly and opening the eyes of blind TPM believers like me.
    May God bless you all!

  2. Read the article and understood details about the activities of TPM. I was also thinking these people may have spending a holy life and their doctrine is biblical. But after reading this article i understood that they are simply practicing CULT. Really this article will definitely a eye opener for many people those are now trapped by this cult group. By speaking in tounge is not the only proof that we have received holy spirit. john 14:17, i cor 12:30,. pray to receive the gift of discerning so that we can keep distance from all these cult groups. As we are in last days these type of cults will b increased so we have to b very very careful. Read the bible more and it will give u freedom (john 8:31-32)

  3. Praise God for liberating you from the clutches of this demonic system. God bless you sister for your detailed testimony, it is and will be a great source of encouragement for many who are at the crossroads, waiting for a confirmation so that they can escape this mental asylum.

    All glory be to God who has set you free. Your testimony is the best way for to ring in 2019. I hope and pray that many more will hear the true Chief Pastor’s voice and run from this this cult.

  4. A new section has been added to this testimony which was missed out earlier. It has been highlighted in Orange color. You will notice it when you scroll the page.

    • The new section added in orange is a clear testament of their faith life. Receiving all these cash in faith, Hoarding unexplained wealth in faith, Having a lavish lifestyle in faith.

    • From Tpm com is nothing but the agent of Satan promoting yogic Christianity. The hadith of Islam speaks about female circumcision for the purity. But the Pentecostal mission speaks about all or none theory of physiology. That is both the men and women are circumcised at heart and they are all the bride of Christ. So there is no sex in heaven. But for Islam there is 72 virgins in heaven and there will be sex for them. But those who left the Pentecostal mission wallow in the filth of sex and accuse the Ceylon Pentecostal mission. Do you have the guts to ask the government of India to allow the Pentecostal mission to have its original name of Ceylon Pentecostal mission, you yogic Christians called from tpm. Com?

  5. This Brother Bijoy (translator) is the new rising star of TPM. He is a big fraud but then, the bigger the fraud you are ,the sooner you will rise in ranks. He has a the real wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has a future in TPM.

  6. Dear Lilyan
    It’s really a daring testimony. Thank God for the courage He gave you to tear apart this cult system & the frauds inside. Now there is no doubt that these frauds will leave no stone unturned to defame you. They practice such dirty methods to defend themselves & fool the people. Don’t worry because God will turn for your good, all the evils that these frauds are gonna use against you.

  7. Today iam going to bring out an important false and deceiving approach of TPM and i request the ADMIN to circulate this information throughout the world as this information is very important where it brings how thousands of believers are deceived.In India Scheduled Caste Christians are treated under Backward classes and all the privillages that is being given for Scheduled Caste Hindus are not given to Scheduled Caste Christians and to get all the Privillages from the Government Scheduled Caste Hindus Converted to Christianity are furnishing the false or forgered documents proving that they are Hindus to the Government to Claim all the Privillages that is being given to Scheduled Caste Hindus. in TPM we are having more than thousands and thousands of believers cheating government and are working in Government offices and enjoying all Privillages and Many believers are given higher responsibilities in TPM Churches and these responsibilities are given by pastors and Many are Sunday class Teachers etc.These cheating people are not considered worthy in heaven and then how the pastors can appoint these cheating people in Higher positions in TPM Churches and it is very shame and sad to see such things happening in TPM.TPM Pastors are not cornering these cheating people and in turn encouraging these people to hold higher responsibilities in churches and these cheating people are deceived for Years and Years and because Money is an important factor for proper spiritual growth and if there is no money the familiy is destroyed.These Cheating People are under severe Judgement in Heaven but TPM is not taking care of such concerns and there are hundreds of sunday class teachers are coming under this category and their Ministry is totally zero and TPM Ministry and Pastors are Main Responsible for such brutal deceiving practices.

    • Do you know who Richard wurmbrand is? Go and study him through the website. He himself had said how to smuggle the Bible through the tyre tubes and even to do prostitution to save the suffering Christians. You don’t have the guts to ask the government to give back our Ceylon Pentecostal mission name, but now out to find fault with us in the reservation issues

      • Dear Cylus Benjamin
        You said that those who have left TPM(your filthy organisation) are wallowing in the filth of sex. What about your white-clad hypocrites who are still wallowing in the filth of sex within behind the mask of Holiness & consecration? Those who have left TPM are married & living a legal life accepted by God as well as society, but the hypocrite saints of your TPM are living a filthy life. If you have guys then go and clear the filth of your dirty organisation before blaming the sincere people.

        • This sister has seen only the minor sins of TPM people. Much more worst things are happening there even an unbeliever hesitates to do. I know many things but it will be a shame to reveal such things. I left TPM after 62 years.

        • Dear Paul sir,
          Please write to your experience and testimony like this sister to the admin so that it will be a blessing to many like me and for many others who are scared to leave TPM due to the fear of curses from these white dressed frauds.

  8. In one word ,we can say we are in deep miry clay from the moment we joined this CULT group called TPM . Added to this you brought in the Scheduled Caste Christians being kept under the Backward Class community. Presently,the Indian Christianity is in deep trouble and this has been continuing since ages in almost all the denominations . We must understand it in the light of socio economic issue of the Indian society. What does the Bible say on this issue?1 PETER 4:16 says–Yet if any man suffer as a Christian,let him not be ashamed :but let him glorify God on this behalf”. Now who is to be blamed now. This CULT system always escape and avoid from all the problematic issues. TPM Clergy is always very wise enough not to quote the Bible answers for the such issues.Thats’ their very system .You & I have no control over that.But seek the Biblical guidance rather than the CULTISH organisation. I am leaving this to this matter to the wise counsel of the individual. Jesus says in Matthew 11;29, ( Take my yoke upon you…..) if we say this it will be highly unpalatable under this socio economic society. But there is no escape. We have to follow what Jesus says.When brought this to his notice about this double minded believers, Thambi Durai told these words when he was serving in SECUNDERABAD, centre, ” Do not look at others problems , mind your business”, …a very convenient , evading and escaping attitude answer. TPM Clergy do not have any guts to condemn these double tongued SUNDAY SCHOOL staff because the reason is simple…TITHING ASPECT obviously the regular income will not come through if they condemn,secondly MIND CONTROL aspect.This CULT is more interested in QUANTITATIVE aspect of the FLOCK, rather than the QUALITATIVE aspect.Today’s EPISODE -Jesus way vs TPM way-2 gives a valid answers on this socio economic issue also if it is taken in proper perspective.We are not blaming any individuals here. Poverty…..It is the ill of the society that YOU & I have no control it. But Apostle Peter gives the right kind of answer in this context.

  9. Its a well known fact that many workers of TPM are provided with cell phones, and
    all the CENTRE incharges are armed with this electronic gadget. If you go and inspect the premises of VIJAYAWADA centre incharge at NAMBOOR, at its huge constructions , he uses the latest APPLE company’s I-phone, ( it must be costing anywhere around Rs.1.5 lakh).The whole world is at his command by using this gadget. Does he really require it?Poor thing is that he is not good at English nor Hindi and hence some of the readers comments published on this site ,he hardly understands leave alone offering any solution to this socio economic issue that this site is referring. For example D.Anbu ‘s relevant issue he will not be in a position to take up to his Seniors in IRUMBEIYUR.Surely the whole Christian community is closely watching for a better outcome of this issue.TEJU KURIEN who is authorised to peep through this site and get the timely updates let him offer a solution to this very important issue. May be he can plan it to keep it under his F Q A session in this years Bible studies that he conducts/ INTRNL YOUTH CAMP. By now the APPLE phone of VIJAYAWADA centre in charge might have been gone underground when a phone call arrived from IRUMBELIYUR!

  10. Recently, sisters of the in-law’s FH wanted to visit home. I thought they bring only fear of men and not fear of god. I felt very insecure in meeting them so decided to avoid the meeting no matter what, It was my in laws who arranged it. I was very disturbed to meet them, was not in my intention to insult or hurt them. But I said a strict no to my in laws, they were angry with me but I do not regret. God knows I was avoiding their doctrines and not the people in flesh, to whom i have due respect.

  11. No doubt, TPM had been good ministry before some decades, but these days, the whole system is getting corrupted. why?? Because I have experienced that at some point in my life. But I do not want to judge any churches. I admire every church as long as they are standing in faith, preaching the Gospel and following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Because I know that time will come where I have to give an account of myself to God. {{Why, then, do you judge your brother? Or why do you belittle your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. It is written: “As surely as I live, says the Lord, every knee will bow before Me. Every tongue will confess to God.
    So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.}}

    Love God:
    Those readers who are here, I will suggest you to always keep this thing in mind, Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” Love God and always keep in mind that Intentions of human beings are never pure : The Truth Is That People Will Always Want Something From You, knowing that also don’t forget to love them.

    I have traveled to many countries and have an experienced that if you are going to any church by following people or pastors then you will always get end up getting discouraged and hopeless (some might even get converted), It does not mean that you should stop going to church rather go to church to prove God the father and Lord Jesus Christ, that how much you love him and try to prove him over and over again. Doing so, you will obtain love for God, his strength to understand other people and to love them in godly manner.

    • @Thomas
      //No doubt, TPM had been good ministry before some decades, but these days, the whole system is getting corrupted.

      TPM was never a good ministry. They used to have the same doctrinal issues then also and now.
      Listen to this testimony to know what was in those days.
      Some minor additions and deletions might have happened. But largely, it has been the same. As far as the scams are concerned, they were the same wicked one even then. However, the intensity might have not been there. Now with the advent of new technologies and also an aware world around, it is brought to light.

  12. The degree of one’s perception of TPM’s goodness is directly proportional to one’s blindness to the true Word of God.

    We have all been there, thank God for His mercies in opening our eyes to the true Gospel of Christ.

  13. Horrible things were unraveled when we hear the two tapes of Thomas Kutty from ADMN brother’s value addition. If you take any page of the past history of this CULT,it was filled with this kind of rottenness and evil. and how was the degree of rottenness? Bro. NMSTF has nicely put it.

    It s by the sheer grace of God that we are kept alive to see the light of the day that exposed the atrocities of this CULT and by the good office’s of ADMN bro’s vision for bringing the cheats into light we must be thankful. How often did we thank ADMN bro and his TEAM for helping us to get out of this CULT and be vigilant as ever? I once again thank ADMN brother for his visionary skills in exposing one of the greatest frauds happened in the church history of 20 th century.

  14. Dear Cylus Benzamin
    //You don’t have the guts to ask the government to give back our Ceylon Pentecostal mission name, but now out to find fault with us in the reservation issues//
    What is that you want to do with the name?We must win the heart of our Saviour.
    Do you have any doctrinal knowledge? What an evil and wicked doctrine is being spread around the world under the guise of these names whether it is CPM or TPM?
    Did n’t you see how the devil is using these names in INDIA and SRI LANKA & NEPAL all these 93 odd years? I visited these countries .You see condition of the poverty in these countries.Still 65-70 % are poor in these countries.God is rich enough to bless these countries. But the CULT has been standing in midway.
    Keeping these names or removal of these is not in our hands. They are the registered bodies in the respective countries.It is in the hand of the Lord finally, do you know that?
    I continue my tirade against this CULT ministry whether one likes it or not as it spoiled the minds of the innocent and valuable YOUTH of these countries by infesting them with these wrong doctrines all these years and added to these ,it is has been playing CASTE factor in the church administration in almost all the branches of South .
    First of all you must have guts to face the WORD OF GOD .What does it say in 1 PETER 4:16?
    It says–”Yet if any man suffer as a Christian,let him not be ashamed :but let him glorify God on this behalf”. Now who is to be blamed now. Believers have to take the whole blame. The ministers of this CULT always escape and avoid from all these problematic issues. This Clergy is always wise you know. With a subtillty in knack like a fox ,this CULT avoids by not teaching to quoting these Bible answers to its total obedient subjects. and continue to trample them under its legs which are basically RCM background.

  15. Dear Cylus Benjamin,
    Do you think God is a fool? Who found that man is alone? Is it God or Adam?
    “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18.
    You mean God is a fool to create Eve for Adam? If God had not created the institution called marriage, still God would have been roaming with Adam in Eden Garden?
    Don’t try to make God preposterous? How long you will try to hide the reality behind these white clad frauds? If your parents would have thought marriage and sex is sin, we would not have read such shameless and irresponsible statement from you.

  16. DearCylus Benjamin
    May I repeat my earlier statement ——-
    “it spoiled the minds of the innocent and valuable YOUTH of these countries by infesting them with these wrong doctrines all these years and added to these ,it is has been playing CASTE factor in the church administration in almost all the branches of South .
    First of all you must have guts to face the WORD OF GOD .What does it say in 1 PETER 4:16?
    If this CULT ministry was of 93 /95 years old,at least it has passed 4 and half generations by now. I mean each generation is counted for 20 years gap ,in that count from this SUBCONTINENT itself(India -Sri Lanka-Nepal), how many youth in each generation were brain washed with this ALWYNISM filled wrong doctrines all these years?Now those Youth became Old and still infested with these doctrines. Who will redeem them?
    They only have to answer.
    Thank God , finally in the year 2016 God raised this owner of this site- ADMN bro and his blessed team for the glory of God and since then many invaluable TRUTHS are coming out from this site.

  17. I heard from A poor girl used to go and work in faithhome sisters room washing clothe and vessels ,what the incharge sister did was horrible as she claims she does every job at the end of the day all she gets was scolding and curse from her.incharge sister used to manipulate her by saying you have to come to the ministry or else your life will be weeping and sad at the wrong of the cruel thing i heard was …dont know how to say but the world need to know.she will made her stand out of her bathroom and while bathing gives the girl her undergarments to wash it clean.afterwards asks her to not to tell anyone or she will feel the wrath of God,then only i realised what kind of charecterless beings those people were turned into because of there unmarried life.

    • Such incharge sisters must be kicked and put to shame in public. Their prayers & curse have no effect at all. Therefore, people must take the courage to stand up in the congregation and speak out the reality of these demons.

      • Well the problem here is not the human nature but the system and surrounding which she grew unable to produce the nature of christs character towards there fellow members inspite of Their early morning and night prayers…they practice.

  18. @Unmaimatumae nilaikum
    Your glaring incident reporting is a true reflection of how the developing and under developed countries young poor girls become victims and are being sucked into the miry by this CULT.Poverty coupled with nil education could be cited as the reasons and vicious circle continues.This is how the power of Alwynism thrives in as long as the socio economic status of unfortunates remains as it!
    I am aware of scores and scores of similar cases of these poverty stricken young girls being threatened by the incharge Sisters of this CULT. God is faithful.I am sure He will somehow rescue them or create a system for freeing them.That was reason why He has been using this site that has been fighting a relentless battle We need your silent prayers both for the site management and for thwarting the evil forces. This is a fight to finish till the end.



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