Since ancient times human civilizations have believed in the strange idea of “humans fasting on earth, somehow pleases gods in heaven.” The tradition of fasting is as ancient as humans. People temporarily deprive their flesh of food, water, sometimes from their own saliva and sometimes from sex (Brahmacharya Vrat) as an observance to various type of fasting (Vrat). Christian scriptures also have counts of this ancient rite. Devout men in holy writings are also said to have observed fasting from time to time. We have Moses (Deut 9:9-18), David (2 Sam 12:1-23), Daniel (Dan 10:1-3), Elijah (I Kings 19:4-8), Ezra (Ezra 10:6-17), Esther (Esther 4:15-17), Paul (Acts 9:1-9), and elders of Antioch (Acts 13:1-3) as respected men from Christian faith who fasted in their times and seasons. Does the God of the bible propagate the same idea as pagan rite propagates – “fasting on earth please gods in heaven”?  And what about fasting in TPM? Aren’t they propagating the same idea? Come, let us dive in the vast ocean of this ancient human rite and try to find the scriptural rationale behind it.

God’s perspective on fasting

Fasting Feasts of TPMGod commanded Israelites to fast on the tenth day of the seventh month, for the atonement of their sins (Lev 23:27). This was community fasting, supposed to be observed annually for the atonement of sins. Then we see Jesus asking disciples to make sure that they do not fast like the Pharisees (Matt 6:16-18). However, the best insight on fasting is available in Isaiah chapter 58. This is a classic demonstration of how a fast ought to be and how it ought not to be. We see God pouring out his heart on the kind of fast his soul longs to see (Isa 58). Here is the crux of Isaiah 58,

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; ….Then shall thy light break forth as the morningThen shalt thou call and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am.     Isaiah 58:6-9

This explanation to fasting is the best one of what I have ever encountered in human literature. God in heaven does not get pleased when humans on earth deprive their flesh of its God-designed necessity of food, water, saliva, or sex. He is pleased when human learn to share their possessions with those who have it not. The idea of Holy Scriptures is not abstinence but sharing, loving and caring.

TPM version of Fasting

Pharisees of TPM have completely erased Isaiah 58 from their bibles. They rather point you to the exodus and teach you to not to touch your wives during three days of sanctification meetings (Ex 19:15). These bluff masters can’t see Isaiah 58 but are ready on their toes to twist the meaning of woman as a wife in Exodus 19:15.

I will not debate what Exodus 19:15 is about, and what it does not say. As far as my understanding of fasting goes, I think fasting in the sight of God is not afflicting your flesh by keeping your flesh from its hard-wired needs! God doesn’t care about you not even swallowing your saliva or walking down to temple on naked foot. He cares little whether you are on hunger strike of one day or 7 days! Fasting for him is all about loving others as we love ourselves. It is about making abstinences for sake of sharing with needy. It is depriving the sinful self-conscious “I” nature for the sake of loving others as we love ourselves. If you have a fist of rice, and a hungry person is begging for food, then abstinence from eating the rice, because you gave the rice to the hungry man, is what is fasting in the sight of God. It is only when we observe such abstinence coupled with care for others that our prayers become sweet-smelling aroma before God. This is the fast which God of the bible propagates and not the hunger strike of TPM.

Have you ever peeked in faith homes during their fasting seasons of 3 days or 7 days? Have you gone shopping with them to fruit markets during fasting feasts of TPM? Hundreds of kilos of watermelon, apples, bananas, sapodilla, grapes, mangoes and every kind of fruit on the face of the earth will be transported from a fruit market to the feast homes (you can call it fast homes, I prefer calling it feast homes). Sisters will ask the brother in-charge “Brother, what fruit would you like to have – would you prefer a glass full of oats or a glass full of sapodilla squashed in a mixer or “Bourn Vita” blended with holy white milk?” And the poor boys and girls working in faith homes will be forced to remain hungry. Not even a spoon of crumbs falling from rich saints table will be shared with these poor boys and girls labouring hard in feast homes. They will be made to wash the clothes of these servants of Satan as white as snow, or iron them or wash teacups, while the kings and queens of feast homes are taking a nap in their private rooms. Fasting in TPM is shifting to an alternate mode of food, which is from solid food to liquid fruits. They give up chicken, mutton, fish, and egg, but only to gulp all these in the latter part of the week, in quantity seven times more than they used to eat before. Sharing their fruits, chicken, mutton with poor people in the streets, is against their Consecration. Isaiah 58 is missing in the DDT publications.

People like Thambi Durai and Shyam Sunder make much ado of their starvation shows. If Pharisees fasted twice a week, then Thambi Durai will fast four times a week, to make his righteousness appear to exceed Pharisees by a mile and a half. As heaven is far from earth, so is TPM fasting far from the pattern required by the scriptures. There are hundreds of weird beliefs and practices concerning fasting in TPM. One worker once criticized me for fasting without having informed him. He said “Did you consult me before fasting? Make a note of this. Never fast before informing servants of God. Otherwise, the devil may attack you.”

Fasting Feasts of TPM Another wild feature of TPM fasting is involuntary fasting. Many worker sisters and small brothers are made to starve because it is centre pastor’s order. If the pastor wants to buy a land worth a few million, or if he wants to organize a convention, he will demand workers under him to go without food for three to seven days. This he believes will enable him to pull down treasure pots from heaven, for buying properties on earth. If you ask these workers whether they really want to take these fasts, they will say “What can we do, we have no choice. Food is not prepared in faith home?” So some brother run outside faith homes and enjoy the meal in restaurants and believers homes. In many places by ordering others to starve, the centre pastor will himself gulp food by giving an excuse that he is old and diabetic.

The Bible clearly says that, for God to hear our prayers we must first, learn to share our roof with poor people during the fasting. “Is fast not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house?.. It is then thy light shall break…the glory of God shall be thy reward.. (Isaiah 58:7-8).

However, the taskmasters of TPM will teach you that God supplied them with truckloads of money to construct buildings when they had fasted for it! While the poor people of their own community live in rented homes, they claim God gave them few millions to expand the holy roof above their heads. One often observed the phenomenon of TPM fasting is a fight among sisters after the fasting period is over. After the fasting is over, fighting will begin. The reason is irritation! They get soon irritation due to starvation, which was falsely proclaimed as fasting! If you can count stars in heaven, and sand particles on earth, then you can also count unbiblical fasting practices of TPM. There is no end to them.


Unless these people restore Isaiah 58 in their bibles and learn to sacrifice their food, water, clothing, and roof with unprivileged ones, their fasting will be nothing more than temporary starvation. As said earlier, let me repeat, God cares little about how rigorous abstinence are you making from your food, water, saliva or sex. He is more interested in seeing you share your part with those who have it not. Unless TPM learns this, there is no meaning in fasting in TPM. God might soon ask them, Speak unto all the people of the land, and to the priests, saying, When ye fasted and mourned in the fifth and seventh month, even those seventy years, did ye at all fast unto me, even to me? (Zechariah 7:5).


  1. Eagle’s Eye
    Well presented article indeed.
    Looking at this nicely scripted article , As an Eagles view ,I was tempted to take a total stock of the situation as far as total articles presented till date.( I was a lead auditor worked in my hay days, My old habits die hard).So the taste and outlook does n’t vanish easily. you know. That was why I did confess recently in the COMMENTS section that i did not yet go through all the previous articles.Now even then, I decided to take a OVERALL VIEW. When I took a survey,very curious results are revealed . With this latest article, the ADMIN has added 259 th article so far in its bag!
    A really stupendous job indeed! A mind boggling job indeed! What an amount of patience and with a huge intent of deeper perseverence indeed that the ADMIN has.!This should our hearts. KUDOS once again to him and his TEAM ( by now there was some faint view for me who are his TEAM MEMBERS. ( DO NOT PUT RETURN COMMENT ON ME — WHO ARE THEY).Herewith my unflinching KUDOS also go them. God bless them for giving proper REASON to all others who oppose this site. I commend ADMIN for lending this humanitarian service to believers and workers as well. JAMES 1; 27 exactly says so. More over ADMIN had been providing admirable support to the UNEMPLOYED, poor and needy. Wielding COMPASSION as an armor and with a single handed devotion, the ADMIN regularly spends his valuable time to feed the right kind of FOOD for THOUGHT for the seekers of the TRUTH in these couple of years. There is an appropriate GIFT in return, God is going to grant him. There’s no doubt about that. But I made a cross section of my survey results…………………..First ARTICLE was published on OCT’ 16,……………The FIRST brutal murder taken place was covered on NOV’16( 17 th article).Then the 19 th article threw some more light on it on NOV’ 16…………… A cover up story of the same murder was published on 10 th NOV’16( a 23 rd article in a row.). New developments taken place regarding the same murder was published on 16 th DEC’16( a 158 th article in a row) . Well, the other salient feature of this site is 259 total EPISODES were published so far.—- Year wise coverage of EXPOSING this CULT activity of TPM. is quite glaring !.In the year 2016, there were total 55 EPISODES published .In the year 2017, it was recorded 114 EPISODES were published.In this year alone ( till date ) ,90 EPISODES were published , making the grand total to 259!. We do not know how many more are there in store to be covered with in this year end. Let ‘s pray God’s will be done for many more new souls to come to understand the evil designs of this CULT movement. One glaring example of this so called ORPHANAGE Is this. TPM write its display boards in their vast CONVENTION grounds like this. THE PENTECOSTAL MISSION ( CHURCH), akin to any RAMA KRISHNA MISSION. I am still unable to understand why TPM CLERGY chose to the name boards like that. Can someone throw some light on this please! Preferably this challenge goes to the regular visitors of IRUMBELIYUR .

  2. EAGLE’S EYEIts’ just coincidental! Echoing my COMMENTS in this site, an article was published in CRICBUZZ.COM , figure 259 was also referred. I wish to copy paste it for the readers delight, QUOTE——As he sets foot on the Perth Stadium outfield at Kitchener Park on Friday for his 12th Test match in Australia, Ishant will look wistfully in the direction of the WACA, and recall how a one-wicket spell thrust him into the limelight. For a moment then, he will forgive his unfortunate and recurring dalliances with the popping crease, and a generally unfulfilled career that has still brought him 259 wickets in 88 Tests. After all, it’s not often that claiming a solitary scalp becomes folklore stuff. Not, of course, unless the bowler is Ishant Sharma, and the rabbit transfixed by the headlights —answers to the call of Ricky Ponting——UNQUOTE In TPM there are many C Pastors. who keep a regular follow up world cricket events.A notable mention is— Lallu Abraham.(This is written in the lighter vein. Take it light ….oh ye IRUMBELIYUR,. But know ye, your days are numbered ). This second COMMENT of mine it is very very hard to understand unless you are a cricket enthusiast. The latest news just now got is, AUSTRALIA recognizes WEST JERUSALEM as capital of ISRAEL. Mind you the God ALMIGHTY controls total the whole world events. When ISRAEL blossoms , the days of JESUS second coming is near.Lets all look up our heads up with a purity of heart and keep waiting for His soon coming!

      • There is no Peace without the Prince of Peace

        Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all. -2 Thessalonians 3:16

        There is a day coming very soon where they will Look at the one they pierced (Zechariah 12:10) and then shall the reconciliation happen and then shall Peace come.

  3. Eagle’s Eye,
    While going through the article one comes across the context of the FAITH on the FASTING. All their systems and procedures were purely based on the wisdom of man. I repeat again it was their FAITH on the wisdom of man. (on one man -ALWYN).There is hardly any doubt on that.For example,while reading the context on Thambi Durai, Shyam Sundar,the article makes an interesting reading ,….. further down…….. @As heaven is far from earth, so is TPM fasting far from the pattern required by the scriptures. There are hundreds of weird beliefs and practices concerning fasting in TPM. One worker once criticized me for fasting without having informed him. He said “Did you consult me before fasting? Make a note of this. Never fast before informing servants of God. Otherwise, the devil may attack you.”———-This is quite absurd and un scriptural . When will they learn? Is there nobody to advise them ?Apostle Paul clearly disagrees on this point. 1 COR.2:5 — To negate their practices flatly -why not I refer this verse now .@”.That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of man but in the power of God”. This is how they OVER RULE God also.Of late I remember this site has time and again exposed in a couple of audio clippings the utterances of TEJU,While he blindly parroting his senior mentor MT THOMAS who makes his own theory that JESUS will not SAVE ,but his DDT will ,it only amounts to challenging our beloved SAVIOUR JESUS . Dear ones we are surely in the end days of His soon coming! As world events are happening so fast that the Nations are getting alerted and obeying the prophesies told in the Scriptures,we need to quickly understand the false ways of TPM clergy. Immediately after AUSTRALIA, today CZECH REPUBLIC followed suit, BRAZIL and GUTEMALA already recognized JERUSALEM as the CAPITAL of Israel.

  4. Eagle’s Eye
    Regarding the peaceless ness in the land of Israel, a very relevant query indeed!
    Who can give an exact answer to this highly relevant query?
    We do n’t wish to seek man’s wisdom having come to the debating issue on the subject.God prepared me to answer this point well in advance.through His precious Word. I only quote the Bible verses. Not my word. Not my knowledge. Now keeping a healthy brotherly debating issue before us , let us open this FORUM to our all the enlightened members of this site, what they would ( only scriptural references). All former WORKERS too can join-, apart from regular ( secret)visitors of this site —i do not want to list them out-ADMIN knows fully well who watch this site secretly quite regularly and get EDUCATED themselves , including all hard core TPMites ,Some of them would not like to join
    bcz of fear complex. do ‘t ‘ve proper knowledge of world scriptural knowledge.They simply would not like to pay heed to this , but then whatever TPM Clergy says, its a VEDA to them. Inspite of huge cashe of information is made available in this site.No critisizing. any one
    All right let me begin this FORUM/ DEBATE with myself first.I only quote Biblical
    verses. HOSEA 4:1@ ”Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel,for the Lord hath controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is o truth,nor mercy,nor knowledge of God in the land.—— if we read go further down. 2 nd verse is very much thumpingly beat the drum to this query/debate.. Yet 3 rd & 4 th verses drive home the point and seal the issue..Join the Forum Would like to hear from forum members too.May be this is the WILL of God that we all should join together about the issue of the land of ISRAEL and get necessary clarifications. May I request ADMIN and seek the permission to open this debate if there any any sizable members . For the last couple of days I see no COMMENTS on this 259 EPISODE. Then I thought this number is a very interesting to note. There lies in it —-a number( 7) which the Bible calls it under the category of perfection. May be ADMIN reached a stage of perfection. We do not know.

  5. This is so true about fasting. All the times when the pastor proclaims the week as fasting week, I always used to find it funny. Thank God I’m out of this TPM. I feel so light and happy.

  6. Eagle’s Eye
    TPM clergy boast themsevles as spiritual Israelites. Many times they criticize Jewish people They set them aside just as any other Nation. But no, they are the children of God who has got His special purpose to redeem them even though they did n’t believe JESUS( YESHUA,,Jewish name of Jesus ) as the SAVIOUR. But wait what does Bible say on this.ROMANS 10;1.2,3. gives a painstaking answer.Apostle Paul being the Jew himself, says in 4 th verse —“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.” That means he is not sparing his own Jewish people, leave alone. Hindus,Muslim,Buddists, Zoarastrians, Shintoes,. Confusians,Parshians,, including many tribes of Africa .And for that matter the Bible did not leave any religious sect in this world Every sect and every religious subjects have to bow down before the Lord. (PHIL 2:10.11), bcze, ACTS 10:36 says JESUS : ( He is the LORD of all. Here again we see the Word is reiterated..
    We know the Jewish people do not follow our Bible ( N TESTAMENT). What can we do except waiting like Paul talks in Romans 10:1

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  8. @ Richie
    @ Attend minimum three meeting …

    Please don’t spread false news. Saints do not behave like that with everybody. I am a rich believer in faithhome. I give lot of dollar to saints. Therefore no minimum 3 meeting requirement applicable. I directly go to Sunday meeting and pastor telling, –” all those not able to attend 7 days sanctification meeting, this is last 5 minutes to sanctify.”

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    Verily verily I say unto you, if you have lot of dollar, saint can serve you special wine and bread, made by mixing one scoop of Amway protien powder in wine.


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