All the apostles of Christ were commanded to preach the gospel to Unsaved people. They were not commanded to preach their superior characteristics to saved members of other churches. Paul condemned such boasting of self-superiority (1 Corinth 4:6-7). Superiority boasting like “we are the only true church,” “we alone are apostles,” “we do not marry according to Luke 14” etc is done to steal sheep from other flocks by demeaning those shepherds. The trick is to convince people that WE ALONE ARE TRUE. This is the manner of the ministry of Numero Uno sheep stealing organization in the world – TPM. They will say “start attending our meetings and see God work in your life.” Sheep stealing thieves of TPM, don’t preach the gospel to unsaved people. It is their fundamental belief that preaching the gospel is the work of ordinary evangelists. It can be found everywhere. Our (TPM) ministry is to make saved people reach perfection (check this for proof). Therefore they believe in transferring already saved sheep from other fold into their own fold.

TPM’s Sheep Stealing in Action

TPM’s convention is actually a sheep-stealing activity. Their usual prayer during conventions is that God should bring people in this truth. By such a statement, they mean that other churches don’t preach the truth, and therefore God should help TPM steal sheep from other churches. On Sundays which is just before their annual conventions, they will ask their believers to go to all other churches in the city, to invite them to TPM. However, if volunteers from other churches come to TPM to distribute their convention invitations, then TPM people will rebuke them, and prohibit them from distributing other church worship invitations. When people attend TPM conventions assuming it to be bible study or spiritual worship meeting, then they will be made to hear why TPM ministry is an apostolic ministry and why joining TPM is joining the best church.

Sheep stealing activity by female ministers of TPM is a daily routine. It starts in the evening from 5 pm onwards. While visiting believers home to collect money, they try to visit a few other Church Christian homes. They don’t allow other church pastors to meet their own sheep (they say don’t take another church communion, don’t read other church literature, don’t attend other church meetings, don’t marry other church Christians) but they themselves go and meet other church sheep in absence of their pastors. They start by saying, “can we come in and pray for you?” When Christians allow them, they use the opportunity to advertise why other church pastors are not true disciples, and they themselves are true apostles (using the twisted interpretation of Luke 14:26,33). Thus they will try to lure sheep from other churches into TPM during their evening visiting activity.

Is this is why God calls them to TPM ministry, through dreams visions and prophecies, so that they can steal sheep of other churches instead of preaching the gospel to lost people? Do you think that God will call people to labor for the benefit of one organization like TPM sisters labor for expansion of TPM? Let us see from scriptures, what is God’s manner of work, when he raised his chosen ones to serve him.

God’s Pattern to raise Prophets and Apostles

Sheep Stealing – The Great Robbery of TPMGod’s way is always about raising messengers to correct and rebuke the lost ones. He never sends men to steal sheep from other folds and create a rift in the body of Christ, by starting a new tribe under a new name. In the book of Revelation, we see Ephesus church members lost their first love (Rev 2:4) and were fallen from their initial position in Christ (Rev 2:5). But God did not send Antipas to start “Antipas Pentecostal Mission” at Ephesus. Instead, he chose to send the message of rebuke and correction by hands of his messenger. Same was the case and pattern with every other church of Asia. Jesus is same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). For him, all churches are members of his body. There is no denominational tearing down of his body.

Jesus sends his messengers to unsaved people. People who get saved by the preaching of God’s messenger may be handed to local bishop/deacon, and the messenger may continue his ministry to other parts of unsaved people. If the fellowship of saved members errs, then he sends his message of rebuke and chastisement through his prophets. The Apostles penned letters inspired by the Holy Spirit to churches at Corinth, Rome, Colosse, etc to correct them. We don’t find Barnabas sending Mark to start a new church at Corinth, because Corinthians lived an unholy immoral life.

Every church in the first century had its own name. There was no “Galatians Pentecostal Mission” in the city of Corinth or Ephesus. Leaders of Church of Rome did not send a group of unmarried leaders to Philadelphia to open a new branch at Philadelphia because Philadelphia Christians lacked unmarried leaders who wore a simple white dress.  Churches were established by name of their location when apostles preached the gospel to the unsaved people in that particular geographical location. Then they raised a local leader there and if they heard of any erring, they wrote letters correcting them, from their erroneous ways. That is why we have so many letters in the New Testament. In none of these letters, we find Paul or Peter or James or John writing or sending some leader to start a new church just because they found old churches erring.

However, in the year 1923 something strange happened, which had never happened in the history of Christendom. So-called god of TPM raised a man called Paul Ramankutty to start a new church, instead of sending him with word of correction to the churches of Sri Lanka. Even in the Old Testament times, God kept sending prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea etc to correct his people. However, his style changed in 1923. Every cult starts in a similar way! A new leader arises who claims to be the messenger of God to start a new tribe. Cultic god seems to abandon old followers. However biblical God raises men to rebuke correct and make erring flock return to God.

You might say Jesus started a new tribe of Christians! But the epistle of Romans makes clear that both Jews and Gentiles are part of the same olive tree. God has not cast away Jews (Rom 11:1). They are blinded for some time, so that gentiles may be grafted in the same tree having the same roots (Rom 11:7). For God, it is the same olive tree.  There is never a division of Jews and Gentiles in sight of God (Gal 3:28, I Corinthians 12:13).

Litmus Test of Sheep Stealing

Blind fanatics of TPM, who love the organization more than God, may show stubbornness and argue that TPM people do not steal sheep but they do it the right way. If that be your argument then let us have a litmus test your arguments about sheep stealing.

  • If TPM people say to all those who are saved that they may worship God in any fellowship; just take care that you abstain from fornication, idols, and things strangled with blood (Acts 15:20), then I can consider your claim. But unfortunately, they can’t say this! How else will they get tithes and how will they earn more money, if they let these people free from TPM?
  • Consider an innocent person come and ask prayer of the TPM Clergy for some kind of relief from fever or a headache. Assume they continue to attend their parent church after TPM minister had prayed for him for few times. The pastor becomes upset and will never pray for them again. If they happen to come again to TPM, then the TPM workers will say, go to your pastor, why come to us if you want to attend your church meeting? They will talk between themselves, “these people come to TPM only for a solution to the problem.” By such statement they are actually saying, we expected them to become our members, but after they get healing from a headache, they failed our expectations! Let them now go to their church! What benefit they are to us if we pray for them?

The test is simple! To test whether they are stealing sheep or are honestly preaching the gospel without any ulterior motive of earning money, let them make disciplining policies to discourage sheep stealing. I know a pastor who said I will come at your place and conduct Bible studies if and only if, you promise to keep attending your church, and giving your tithes to the church where you have been giving in past. This is honesty. Can TPM make such policies? Aren’t they expert in making rules? But unfortunately, TPM ministers can’t pass this test. Most of their members, I mean 80% are stolen sheep (This includes the Admin team members).

Zacchaeus when he came to know about his stealing of tax and money, he decided to return fourfold of what he took from people. TPM asks believers to give four-fold in name of restitution (first few steps of conversion). It’s time for them to follow the same. Will TPM return fourfold of tithes they have eaten by robbing sheep from other churches?

Building Town with Blood and Cities with Iniquity

Almost 80% of pastors of independent churches (non-institutional churches) have no secular jobs. Their primary source of income is donations from their own flock. After earning bachelors degree in theology they start working hard. They manage to get one or two families saved. Thus begins their new congregation of poor people. Then TPM ministers steal these new converts by their marketing techniques, by their white clothes, and other love bombing prophecies.

This is an undeniable fact that TPM has swallowed thousands of sheep from small churches. They completely uprooted innumerable small congregations. Isn’t this a great wickedness of TPM? Ahab was the King and had enough land and gardens. But he took the only vineyard of Naboth by killing him( Courtesy the trick of Jezebel). Same goes with TPM. They have ample properties and land all around the earth. Yet the stolen sheep from poor congregations are used to increase their wealth. Therefore the word of God came to Elijah and he said to Jezebel “…Have you not murdered a man and seized his property?’ Then say to him, ‘This is what the LORD says: In the place where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, dogs will lick up your blood–yes, yours!’.” 1 Kings 21:19

Similarly, when David had many wives and he took the only wife of Uriah, God sent Nathan to David and he told him the parable of sheep “There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb…. it …was unto him as a daughter. And there came a traveler unto the rich man. The rich man instead of taking a lamb out of his own wealth took the poor man’s lamb, and gave it as food to the traveler (2 Sam 12:1-4).”

TPM has swallowed many ONLY SHEEP of poor congregations. They have built towns with blood and cities with iniquity (Habakkuk 2:12). May it not happen with TPM what happened with Jezebel! May they realize their sin and repent like David.  David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this must die! He must pay for that lamb four times over because he did such a thing and had no pity. (2 Sam 12:5).” Else a just God may pronounce fourfold judgment on TPM, of what they had done to poor pastors.


The time for TPM’s reckoning is near.

Behold, I will raise up evil against you out of your own house. And I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. For you did it secretly,  but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun (2 Sam 12:11-12).”


  1. I was also a stolen sheep. In the process of sheep stealing the SOGs came to our house regularly for two months approximately. Once we started to attend TPM meetings and started to tithe regularly they come once in two or three months. They come in the name of house visit mainly to steal some more sheep and check what is happening in our family, so that we don’t escape their clutches. Also they get extra money during house visits and travel allowance (Auto charge or OLA taxis) .

  2. Good cache. I also felt that most of the believers in TPM are from Roman Catholic background and I thought it should be Hindus or Muslims who has to be converted as believers instead of fellow Christians.

  3. After few more years tpm believers will be made of all third fourth generation believers, unaware that their great grandparents and grandparents were stolen sheep, from orthodox and non-institutional churches. Though tpms policy of sheep stealing will never change, the new generation will have no knowledge of tpm built upon blood of small churches. This article might be the only evidence of tpms stolen begining.

    To add to the comment made by Br, Danny shiva……today evening , I found a beautiful article —under the title—TPM Replacing Grace with Monastic Life
    November 20, 2017 – 40 comments . While reading this- eye opeing article– ,as per my normal practice , I keenly watch for those comments of the enlightened public.To day when I had a glimpse of this beautiful article. I came to know who is CHARLES also.May be I may have an eagles eye on him when I have secret visit to the walls of Jericho..( in the language of NATH @ Reminds me of few men who went to Jericho as spies secretly. (Joshua 2:18). Maybe time has come for Jericho of TPM to fall !!). I liked his comment..But over all as we are worried of future generations, yes, those generations too should aspire to know what is the TRUTH & what is the LIE.Additionally ,this article on the’ STOLEN SHEEP’ ,,,these young generations should read learn.If they do not read and learn ,no one can help them.

  5. True christian never points out others mistake. Then surely it is not from God. Who are we to criticize the saints of God. Please don’t be deceived. Brother please be saved.

    • Oh Really?
      How come you have no verses to prove your point? Which True Christian is your bench mark?
      How come you ignored the Lord Jesus who did the same ..Did you read Matt 23?
      Do you think Paul was joking when he penned Ephesians 5:11-13?
      Were the Ephesians wrong in exposing the False Apostles in Rev 2:2 ?
      Why is that the Apostle warned of wolves in Acts 20:29-30?
      Why does the Apostle specifically asks us to be careful of these dangerous people like TPM Clergy in Col 2:8 ,2 Corinthians 11:13-15,2 Timothy 4:3-4 , Gal 1:6-9,1 John 4:1
      Why Did Jesus specifically warn us about such wolves in Matt 7:15 ?

    • Well that’s right in that true christian will never focus on others mistakes (assuming you are pointing to personnel err’s) but will always and at every opportunity challenge any Word proclaimed against the Scriptures. This is what the Word requires us to do.
      First there is nothing as saints of god in the light of the Word. So any one who proclaims they are such will deserve to be criticized.
      I presume you need to be delivered from the great deception and fear that you seem to be in.

    • Then why don’t your saints of God preach gospels on the streets?, distribute tracts, go to hospitals and pray for non believers?.
      Why don’t your church have any organisation helping the poor, fatherless or widowed?.
      Why doesn’t your church have new believers who came from other religions? (Those converted by your saints).

      Your SOG actively avoid the people under most pain, they refuse to go to houses where the suffering take medicines, they entirely avoid medicines but are themselves vaccinated as kids.

      If you don’t make use of everything at your disposal to save this small life of yours or of others then depending on the situation, you’re either committing manslaughter or suicide.

      “Muh se munfalli toot nahi raha he, ab pichwaad se akrot thodne ka koshish kar raha he”.

      When praising your saints please step back and look at where they are compared to the teachings of Jesus.

      • Distributing tracts reminds me that tpm sheep stealers don’t themselves print tracts, but use tracts published by other christian organizations and stamp their own address on them.

    • Why don’t you ask the centre pastor Gunaseelan to trace her? Was she not in TPM’s care? If she has left by her own will, she should have written a note saying she is moving out.
      Why Don’t Bangalore and Goa believers put up a police case? Is this not the responsibility of the Believers who fund this wicked organization?
      Did anyone contact the parents of the sister yet?

      • Both the brother and sister have left the ministry and presume they are married too…Last heard that they are in Mumbai…It is widely rumoured that he had more than 50 lacs cash with him.. Building funds from his last faith home and some money from centre faith home too..Which was in his custody…

        • TPM Thrives of gossips and Rumors. If the 50L theft is true, why are the TPM Leaders sitting silent? Does Kumar know something which they fear?

        • Its not the first time. I think spreading rumor of 50 lakh is new trick of TPM, to make public angry towards a eloping brother. People care more when their personal wealth is played with. I have seen this trick being used against brothers who enjoy huge popularity. Maybe the reason is to entice mass against him. Else he may take huge crowd with him, owing to his popularity. That will result in great monetary loss for TPM in the area he is popular.

  6. This heist is a repeat successful model tried over the years and no lessons learned.
    Brings to mind the great heist by Ashish and Gracy from Vile Parle who siphoned off crores and vanished.
    I think its high time TPM leaders start thinking of introducing a rehabilitation centre, where workers who wish to start a new family within co-workers or the flocks they lead; are given an opportunity to do so under proper legal procedures (i.e. mass marriages) and release them into mainstream society.
    I am sure there will be gate crash if this is announced.

  7. Someone preached that the woman mentioned in Proverb 31 is like unto church. Church is compared to woman. So we as a church should be vigilant and hardworking.

    In the parable of 10 virgins, who are virgins? Only the unmarried children of God? I think no. Likewise when the ministers says that 144K are those chaste virgins, it should be church again.

    What you all think?

    • Brother
      There is nothing to think about it.. It was never about Physical Virgins, Its always about the purity of Christ, the Bride of Jesus. They are standing with Jesus. Alwin in his stupidity, made a hotch potch and TPM is parroting that. Most of the Revelation is metaphotical and so is Rev 14 too. The song they are singing is the song of salvation because they are redeemed out of this world (1 Peter 1:18-19). Any plain reading person will understand..But TPM people have decided to sell their brains..

    Br. DenzelJoy, a typical sysyem where a HUSBAND & WIFE team with their children coming in the ministry has been presently in vogue in NTC (USA CANADA), since the time of late Pas Don Spiers.Now South East Subcontinent have to align with that WESTERN example .But the society in the subcontinent should yet to come to the terms of the USA example. But………if they accept this system , it becomes a la -IPC activity (which is perfectly acceptable in the sight of God), this CULT activity roots will be shaken. How can they do that?
    But actually on this ground only,I heard , IPC founder late Pas.PM SAMUEL was banished from the CPM( then–TPM (now) CULT group. Otherwise IPC founder was originally belonged to this CPM only. Good thing it happened to IPC flock.
    which was already aligned with US model.( or rather visa versa).This is only a food for thought. Hope the JERICHO walls in IRUMBELIYUR must be keenly reading all these comments to take care of their fllock in future.

    Inspite of all the visible failures ,TPM Clergy failed to learn any lessons. MTTHOMAS still chants the name of ALWIN. In was quite evident in this years S’PORE Convention where MTTHOMAS joined there and in one of his messages he pays his due respects to ALWIN. ALL 3 top TPM clergy were very much present in the CONVENTION .(Any one could easily fetch the S’PORE CONVENTION CD-2018 )& hear his reference to ALWIN. It was surprising that none of the top 3 could able to reign in MTTHOMAS not to utter ALWIN. Thus all the articles of this site are clearly vindicated about the role played by ALWIN in this CULT movement,and the TPM Clergy still tow the line of ALWIN,

  10. I would like to publish a book with these articles , may be with a title ‘Fake Home ‘.
    Edition _1 , Lets deliver the future generation from this cult ..
    Is the site copy right free or need permission..? Pls let me know whom i should talk to ..? Thanks ..

    • Publishing these articles in any book needs explicit permission. This can be easily obtained by writing it to
      The book has to give proper credits to the website. This permission is basically required to check that the contents are not misused in any form by changes to the intent of the articles.

      • or the The Pentecostal Mafia …

        still wondering should i go for a hard cover or the kindle edition ..?

        english / malaylam / hindi / tamil . ..

        all the suggestions welkome ..

        free of cost or donation ??


        • Better discuss with the admin
          We don’t have Kindle readers in tpm. Must be very few. Better is to go for hard cover. Get that mailed to every fairhome if you can.

    I fully support HANNIBAL’s IDEA.
    I think its an excellent IDEA to publish these 200 and odd articles in a book form and this should be done with the ASSOCIATION of like minded ,well read believers /workers together because they only knew ISSUES involved and they only EDIT /REEDIT the things INVOLVED. I suggest ADMN to form a SCREENING COMMITTEE especially when it is coming in BOOK FORM. God willing this SCREENING committee will be held responsible for the future articles too if they are to be brought into the BOOK FORM.,We need to plan in a detailed way.Then it is possible to translate them into local dialects of regions of INDIA, ( Naagaland, Nepalese, Hindi believers are also very much trapped in this CULT movement.) The Spirit of God will raise the necessary TRANSLATORS also slowly,as this site was started was 2/3 years old. Yeah, we need to take care of future generations too. just as Bible translations were taken place in different languages.

  12. My humble suggestion is that rather than being 1 book it should be atleast 2 books. One focusing on the the wrong doctrines of TPM. And another on the wrong practices in TPM. Book 1 is important because there is an essential process that we ex-TPMites has to undergo and that is the process of unlearning what we have learnt from the TPM.

    KUDOS to ADMN and its TEAM for the relentless efforts put in .What a neat presentation with full of biblical refernces and a great writing of these articles involve a deep study of the problem/issue .In a way that they were exactly fit into minds of numerous TPMites /believers and friends! I think the demons are aslo closey following up these writings.Whatever strenous efforts mooted by ADMN with the active support of his TEAM members is simply laudable and quite noteworthy,too in openly inviting the comments for the better understanding of the many.( It is the comments section one gets more educated with hidden issues. A lot of historical evidences were shared for the larger benefit of vast majority of the believers. For the tireless efforts put in by the ADMN for the last 2 years or so, now finally bore fruits now.( to come in the form of BOOK. form.Well, 2 categories of books are also welcome!).All the 200 and ODD articles are filled with full of vital information.I think I ‘ve yet to scan through all the other articles. (I confess I ‘ve not yet gone through most of the other articles).But a sample survey done by me revealed,this is a pure CULT activity. with the mind CONTROL tactics managed by the so called ORPHANAGE situated in JERICHO like walls in IRUMBELIYUR. with a history of 80/90 years! To drive home their points, this CULT’S latest trick could be easily observed by hearing MTT preaching on SUN and its CORONA rings!. He played his new tune on the stratosphere /ionosphere in TIRUPATHI con. and repeated the same theme in S’PORE con too. How the common man can uderstand these DDT teachings? One never knows. Jesus never spoke these kind of parables.

  14. which one you like guys ..?

    1) TPM exposed …
    2) Secrets of TPM …
    3)White washed tombs ..
    4)The Pentecostal Mafia
    5) Cult called tpm
    6) Fake home ..
    7) The Pride Mission ..
    8) The hypocrites ..
    9) Inside tpm ..
    10) Answering TPM . ..

    feel free to suggest more title for the book this is going to be team effort , will contact the admin once i get the confirmation ..

    God bless the brethren ..

      • @we can have book unveiled by MT Thomas

        Deeper Revelation of Tpm 5:4-5
        And tpm wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the workers saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the wolf of tribe of white washed Pharisees of the Root of Alwyn hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven steps of salvation.

  15. Eagle’s eye
    Well, if through the TITLE itself one should reach out to every section ,I got one bright idea.–since there going to be 2 VARIETIES of books, I would like to christen them like this;
    1 CHRONICLES OF TPM…….BOOK 1—–covering wrong doctrines
    2 CHRONICLES OF TPM…….BOOK 2—–covering wrong practices
    I think all articles could be easily grouped in the above TWO varieties .
    But this is only an IDEA that should be debated in depth and must be put to wider acceptance of all.
    Only ADMIN is competent enough to take call on this.



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