One of the most unfortunate and widely-accepted ideas about historical thinking is that “history is written by the victors.”. This talking point asserts that the truth of the past is not shaped by reasoned interpretive historical scholarship or a factual understanding of the past, but by the might of political and cultural leaders on the “winning” side of history.  The “winners” have the power to shape historical narratives through school textbooks, public iconography, movies, and a range of other mediums. To be sure, these mediums are powerful venues for establishing political ideologies and shaping personal assumptions about the way the world works.

TPM has a history and many of the followers do not know of that. One tool to keep people blinded about the evil in the past is, rewriting history. TPM did this with the press they had at their disposal.  It’s time to undo some of those lies that people have come to believe. The Organization tries to discredit anybody who brings out the unsavoury topics of its chequered past.  Therefore we thought it expedient to conduct a quiz in memory of the Founding Fathers of TPM.

Happy Quizzing.

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Multiple Choice

Select the Founder(s) of Ceylon Pentecostal Mission


2. After selling his property Pastor Paul Raman kutty started faith life ministry of TPM. What did he do with the money he received by selling his gold and silver and all the property he had?


3. Paul Ramankutty had how many children born to him inside faith home, after he began TPM


4. When TPM began expanding the best church, they started first focusing on which geographic locations


5. The Biography of Pastor Paul published by TPM is a


6. According to TPM’s doctrine and interpretation of Rev 14, Pastor Paul


7. In beginning days of TPM, it was considered sin to buy properties for church. True or false?


8. Pastor Paul made it strict for the ministers of CPM to stay in


9. The Color of the Uniform of TPM Clergy during the times they started was


10. Who was the Pastor who was excommunicated from TPM, because he started living naked in faith homes and wanted other workers live naked with him?



Multiple Choice

If a Family joined TPM Ministry


12. During whose term as chief pastor, TPM bought its first car


13. Alwyn used to take one sister each night into his bedroom(when on visits to other countries) for what Officially stated reason?


14. Voting was sin in TPM in initial days. True or false?


15. In beginning days of TPM, celibacy was not mandatory for ministers who received high calling to serve in TPM. True or false?


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  1. Interesting quiz, and an eye-opener at the same time. Got 14 out of 15…thought their uniform color was white from the beginning. How wrong I was on this! Looking forward to a quiz on Pastor Alwin.

  2. I didn’t know that in the beginning Saffron was the uniform color! now where does the saffron colored uniform go? Jesus Christ I just can’t bear this! safe me! if it is really sin to wear white then why were God silent and didn’t warn Pas Paul when he began the ministry? when did the white came in? when did God changed his mind from saffron to white? Can anyone tell me who changed it please? Is that Alwyn the Saint who was holier than God did this work too?


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