TPM has lots of “do not’s” which changes with time. For example, when TPM was started they used to live in a rented house. Buying of properties was strictly forbidden by the founder of TPM. It was a sin in those days to buy properties. The logic presented was “We do not belong to this earth. We have forsaken all.” But as time went by they changed this rule. Now they keep buying and there is no end to the number of properties TPM keeps buying every month all over the earth.  That which was once a sin has suddenly become blessings of God. Click here to know some other of their flip-flops. This shows how professional they are in calling anything as sin and anything as blessings. They can swing both ways and blind people following them will swing together with them. There are many “do not” in TPM which are considered as sins in TPM. This article will demonstrate how “that which is defined as sin now” will not remain sin in forthcoming days. Before we begin to meditate on how technology will impact TPM, let us first understand

  • What is industrial revolution 4.0
  • Caveman kind of lifestyle TPM inmates

And then we will see what are the Ramifications of new technologies in corrupt ways of TPM.

What is Industrial Revolution 4.0

Before the eighteenth century, the world was predominantly agriculturally driven. This means almost everybody derived their income through agriculture. Then with the advent of the steam engine, people began utilizing mechanical power. Factories evolved to mass produce textiles. Europe was considered as the birthplace of this first Industrial revolution (IR 1.0). It was called a revolution because industries began impacting the lives of people. Next with the invention of electricity came the second industrial revolution (IR 2.0). Factories and machines started utilizing the power of electricity. After this, the semiconductors and electronics were invented and it ushered the world of computer science. This was the third industrial revolution (IR 3.0). This third industrial revolution was IT driven. We live in IT-driven world. However, IR 3.0 is dying, and IR4.0 is ready to take the throne by storm. New technologies have emerged that are termed as disruptive technologies like “Quantum Computing”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Big-data”, “Internet of things”, and “decentralized distributed systems” for digital currency and so on.

Ramifications of Industrial Revolution 4 on TPM

Cavemen and Cavewomen of TPM

Jesus told a parable (Matt 25:14-30) about a man travelling to a distant country. He called his servants and gave to one five (5) talents, to other two(2) talents, and to the third, he gave 1 Talent. The servant who received 5 talents utilized it to make more profits out of it. Likewise, the servant who received two talents; But the servant who received 1 talent, hid it in the ground. He was later called an unprofitable servant. He did not use God-given gifts and talents for expanding his kingdom. To whom much is given much will be required. We live in a world where much is given to us. It was not so in days of apostles and people of earlier centuries. We can use technologies and knowledge wisely to expand the kingdom of God. With the world advancing to unimaginable new terrains, people living in TPM are becoming more and more backwards. Many sisters have personally expressed sadness, about their ignorance of what is happening in the world outside. They are virtually handicapped and cut-off. They appear as people imprisoned in the jungle, unaware of what is happening in the world outside the four walls for faith home. They live like cavemen in cloistered caves known as “faith homes.” TPM appears more like people of the prehistoric era. They are forced to live in a secluded environment. This situation has dawned upon TPM owing to the following two prime reasons,

  • Education: Majority of workers in TPM are not even graduates. More than 80% of them leave their studies early. They spent their days in faith homes, as free labour for lazy gluttonous leaders. Since they stand nowhere in this age of unemployment, – the preferred option for them is becoming a TPM minister. Being lured by the great future promise of Zion, easy lifestyle of faith home, and love bombing prophecies, these people join TPM as ministries. Thus from an education point of view, a majority of TPM inmates are uneducated compared to general folks outside.
  • Lifestyle & control policies: In TPM, female workers don’t keep tithe money, cannot preach, cannot give communion, cannot give baptism, are not in charge and cannot take any decisions. They have no freedom whatsoever (check these A1, A2). Their primary purpose is to act as helping associates to male workers to prepare their food, wash their clothes utensils and do cleaning activities (check this). TPM policies make sure that ministers do not read Christian magazines and books, let alone newspaper or watching the news on TV. They don’t use mobiles laptops etc. There is a strict ban on the internet connection or listening even to the radio. Hence being ignorant of what is happening in the world outside, they are like people living in the jungle or in a prison, only learning what their leaders say.

Since they leave studying at a young age, their minds are not exposed to reading, writing and thinking. The moment you stop learning, the growth of your brain also stops. They become handicapped. This fulfils the first requirement to step into the jungles of TPM. And then with prison-like lifestyle and continuous hammering of brainwashing, they become perfect cavemen/cave-women. I agree that new technologies possess both pros and cons inherent with them. But to use it with God-given wisdom, (like the servant with 5 talents}, is a trait of a wise man (Matt 25:20). However, to not to use it at all, is foolishness. It makes people become unprofitable servants, who will be cast into outer darkness (Matt 25:30).

Smugglers in Caves of  TPM Jungle

There are few people in caves of the jungle of TPM, who possess the art of secretly escaping “in and out” of the jungle. By transgressing rules of the jungle, these people secretly visit the “internet world” of IR 3.0 and return to TPM jungle with the spicy story of RFID chip, 666, European Union, President of America as anti-Christ, Illuminati, rock pop songs, satanic churches and so on. Smuggling in of this kind of spicy news, make people of jungle look at these men with wonder.  Soon news spreads like fire in form “CD to CD” and “DVD to the MP3 player.” The fact is that everyone in jungle knows that the knowledge of RFID, robots etc is not a direct revelation from mount Zion; They very well know that it is brought in the premises of caves by secretly escaping to Internet world. But people care less about the source of the news. They are happy and excited about spicy news which these smugglers smuggle in. Smugglers become great insight of the backward world of TPM jungle and they rise to power. As they rise they make sure that people remain in caves so that their importance in society faces no threat or competition.

Ramifications on IR 4.0 on TPM

As said earlier world is rapidly transforming itself into new digital era at a much faster pace than we all can recognize. The new environment will suddenly dawn its light and power in jungles of TPM in future and will adversely affect the caves of TPM. I have compiled a list enlisting impacts that we may see in 5-10 years on TPM to show you how they will cunningly accept that which they now label as sinful.

  • Cashless society and its impact on caves of TPM: Cashless society means all physical currencies will be removed and all financial transactions will be done digitally, via apps or the internet. We may think the digital currency will not be successful in a poor country like India, but we saw a glimpse of impossible becoming possible during demonetization. We saw illiterate people like street vendors using PayTM and other digital modes for transactions. Economists around the world are predicting that debt bomb of US and China will explode anytime, bringing in recession and market crash. This will mark the return of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. I agree that it will become trouble for all Christians if it heads to the fulfilment of Revelation 13:17, but I assume it will not be immediate. First societies will become fully cashless and then latter Revelation 13:17 will take place. So for this intermediate period, we will reveal about TPM cunningness and double standards. Here is my guess of “How cashless society can impact religious cult of TPM.”
    1. TPM will have to burn all cash with them, as they did during demonetization.
    2. We have been telling you that tithing in the Old Testament was never of money. It was always in terms of grain and cattle and wine and oil (check this). But TPM greedy ones are turning a blind eye on scriptures that we are telling to correct them. With the advent of a cashless society, all their wealth will become visible to the income tax department and other government agencies. As a result, they will ask believers to give tithes in form of grain vegetables oil and other stuff to hide their love for mammon form eyes of regulators. Then they will teach you scriptures about how tithes in the Old Testament, was always in yield of the ground.
    3. TPM pastors claim that they have received revelation from Zion that workers cannot have bank accounts, because according to Revelation 14:3-4, saints are redeemed from earth (dual redemption), and his means no bank accounts. However, will see how this sin of opening bank account will also be purged as white as snow. They will then erase this revelation from TPM doctrines, in order to receive tithes digitally in bank accounts of TPM ministers.
    4. Sisters will be given swipe machines to collect tithes and donations while visiting.
    5. Fraud fake accounting of TPM will become difficult (Check this article). TPM’s tax evasion will become impossible.
  • Digitization of property records: Government is already making digital records of all the properties (check this). With AI, Blockchain, an increase in processing power of computers, it will become a matter of a click to know how much property, cults like TPM have in their name. Their sacrificial life will be exposed with the click of the mouse button (check this article). It will then be clear as to how much they have forsaken and how much they have amassed.
  • Pollution impact: What if pollution rise to such an extent that it will be a crime to use paper made up of cutting woods. We have seen in recent times how alarming pollution in the capital of India, might ban the use of four-wheelers. Planting trees instead of cutting them will become an absolute necessity. A Ban will be imposed on cutting trees. As a result, the use of paper will stop and the newspaper and printing industry will take the digital route. Right now you can see green counters initiatives in SBI Banks, where they discourage use of paper. Check this digitalization software of Indian Government to remove paper files with digital files (Check this). If this were to happen then TPM’s magazines, books and publication will have to switch to the Internet or via Apps. Then TPM’s excuse to not to make a website or use internet ministry will come to screeching halt. TPM will have its own website, to sell their doctrinal books, because hard copy publishing on paper might get banned. Now web ministry is a sin in TPM. But in coming days you will find them giving praise the Lords for expanding their web influence.
  • Cyber Security: World going fully digital TPM pastors will ask believers for antivirus software. With the rise in hacking attacks and internet malpractices, they will conduct 3-4 days fasting prayer to ask God to change the heart of hackers to not to attack TPM or for God to protect TPM accounts. Possibly there will be praising point at 4 am praising list for protecting believers and saints online accounts. We might see some testimonies how God protected from cyber threats.
  • Online shopping: We now see a steep rise, in the number of people opting for online shopping. Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance etc will start selling groceries and other daily items online in the coming days. The tech giants will make these items cheaper and give tough competition to local shop vendors, eventually eradicating local vendors. Shopping might become fully app based. How will this affect caves of TPM?
    1. They might use swipe machines to collect tithes but online shopping without mobile/ tablet will be impossible. That which they think is devils tool (mobile), will become their tool to do online shopping.
    2. TPM might place a giant touch panel LCD in Faith home for sisters to do online shopping,
    3. TPM leaders will have a hard time framing new rules for online shopping.
  • TV in faith homes: TV’s will be erased from the world in the coming days because people are slowly shifting to mobiles and tablets. They have now “web series” from Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube and other apps instead of regular TV serials. Famous film stars have started acting in web series along with traditional News channel and music industries have opened youtube accounts. New generation hardly watches TV these days. They are busy on their mobiles. Time is near when mobile and tablets will become new TV with the freedom to see channels and media as you wish. And with digital shopping, paperless world and cashless society TPM caves will have their own mobiles and tablets in faith homes. Thus TV watching which is a sin now will become part of cave home of TPM in the form of mobiles and tablets. There will be no other option.


It is not necessary (from a spiritual point of view) to advance with the world. This is so because what matters before God is a fruit yielding heart compared to knowledge and adaptability to technologies of the world. However using this as a reason to avoid the use of technology, to stop people from learning or communicating with other human beings, in the guise of holiness, will be like digging one’s own grave. We must be wise enough to know when and how to use knowledge and technology to expand talents given to us by the Lord. We must be wise to know when to put brakes and when to accelerate rather than not using vehicles just because it may cause an accident. If we keep ourselves in caves and jungles of TPM, then I fear time will soon come when we will be called unprofitable servants.

But he that knew not and committed things worthy of stripes shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. Luke 12:48

Play the audio to hear Tamil Translation summary of the above article:

இந்த படிப்பினையை தமிழில் கேட்க கீழே கிளிக் செய்யவும்


  1. Very nice article . I would like to share an incident. During 90’s in TPM wearing salwar was a sin . All the girls in TPM wore skirts and half-saree. Now the trend has changed . All are allowed to wear salwars. Now I don’t think many will not even know the meaning of half-saree. 🙂

  2. Dear Admin
    It’s a superb article. TEJU, Alwyn & Thomas are the great cave smugglers. Apart from these, there is one Inbasekharan(Frazer town, Bangalore) who plays a key role to teach the Cavemen & cavewomen during international youth camp orientation programme.

    • Even now we already have a number of sisters having mobile phones with them secretly..Just one year old ordained Pastors having three mobiles..Earlier days it was a sin to read newspapers..Today many faith homes are daily subscribers of newspapers..Secretly many are taking medication and using cosmetics…Workers in western countries never wear white clothing even on Sundays,,,but forcefully implemented on the believers, by few workers in India……( white washed sepulchre ). mentioned in the gospels…Few workers also teach that insert of shirts into the trousers, is a sign of arrogance..and are not spiritual people..

      So we have many such absurd rules and teaching, which keep changing as per the will and fancy of every worker….and a huge number of sick people blindly following all these absurd things…without even having the basic experience of salvation ..

  3. Hi,
    this article is remarkably superb. the actual scenario inside has been exposed. very great thing!!!
    but the saddest thing is that none knows about all these realities. these articles published here should be copied and pasted in whatsapp groups and individual whatsapp contacts of this dungeon. let there be some at least who would open their eyes and see the real life issues and get delivered. its great that at least a few is enabled by this website to quit this cult-group to enjoy real liberation, brought about by our loving Jesus.

  4. Superb article Dear Admin brother…. God bless you and strengthen you to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    For TPM…”Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip papers”.
    I remember when Aadhaar was introduced many TPM “smugglers” preached how it was a step towards the mark of the beast hence gird up for the coming of the Lord and if u register for Aadhar ur doomed. A couple of years down the line during the Annual International Convention at Irumbiliyur I could hear the PA system calling out to workers to have their photos clicked for Aadhar.

    Same goes with Computers…. I remember a TPM preacher conjuring up C+O+M+P+U+T+E+R = (some crazy formula)= 666. Nowadays u hardly see any center FHs without a computer.

    Why speak out something as revelation from God today to completely taking a new stand tomorrow? Why jump the gun? God never gives confusing revelation.

    Even though in this digital age it seems TPM is not using the online portals but the fact is they are making full use of the same through their faithful believers… be it ticket booking, sending mails, condolences, watching videos (mostly related to Christian end time facts) and many more.

    They don’t take medicine and don’t go to doctors for advice… But if a worker is not well he will call out to believers who are doctor/ nurse by profession for consultation. Many TPM workers take medicine in secret.

    But in one thing they have updated themselves with the latest technology. I remember the present Mumbai CP admonishing the tale bearers in the church and in a lighter vein said “TPM” means “Telegram per minute’. But as u know telegram is out dated and TPM has updated themselves with WATSAPP….. Any gossips travels throughout the length and breadth of TPM. Nowadays the top clergy takes notice of an incident only when it becomes viral through watsapp.

    • Yeah Brother..I remember the English Gematria formulated by some nut cases. Gematria works only for Hebrew because each alphabet is also a number in hebrew. Converting that to English is utter stupidity.
      Check out this sheet which is the base for such English Gematria to convert COMPUTER to 666


  5. Brother,
    I have a doubt. I’m sorry if this is a wrong place to ask this question. I want to understand about pastors calling out the names and prophesying … Not about TPM but other independent pastors. Recently I happened to attend a meeting, where a pastor called out my sister’s name, and prophesied over her. How to look at it?

    • Very few of them are genuine and 95% are frauds. Two commonly used techniques by these frauds are as follows.
      1. They have quite a few agents who go to the parking lot and take the car/bike registration number and go to the MVD website of that state registration to find the owner. Once they find it they SMS or Whatsapp the person’s detail to the so called prophet.
      2. Some of these agents are part of the crowd and they get talking with their neighbours in the meeting to know where are they from and what is bothering you along with the name and other info. These people again send it using SMS or Whatsapp to the so called prophet to customize the prophecy..

      Both these cases have been investigated and proved. Many videos to that effect has also come up in various Malayalam Youtube channels.

    • I have some experiences too. Based on scriptures and some similar experiences shared by other true servants of God like Captain AM Samuel such manifestations are truly by angel of light. They will be very accurate on our materialistic account such as our name, place of work, colour of clothes, type of house, some physical sickness etc. and may also also give a deliverance. How you can discern is very simple, It will have nothing about holiness, burden of sin, love for others, being Christlike. It will be only about self. You can be rest assured that it is not the work of Christ or Holy Spirit. Of all things unfortunately devil can never advocate loving brethren like ourselves and loving Lord with all our being. Here is the great differentiator.
      It is a pure work of devil to blindfold gullible materialistic loving people by cutting off our relationship with Christ and making them depend on his agents for materialistic deliverance. Many such devils agents wearing whites are in many parts of India actively in this lucrative business. I personally know of a believer turned deliverance agent from Kerala whom some TPM believers (in Dubai) invited to stay with then for a couple of days and get them deliverance on certain PORATAM’S in their life. I call this Home Delivery. Can you imagine his luck. FREE FOOD, LODGING, AND BONUS SHOULD THEIR DELIVERABLE S ARE MET.

    • I think below verse might also help. It is no surprise if demons can to act as prophet.

      Acts 16:16-17
      And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.

      Notice that sole purpose girl with gift of prophecy was being used was for gainsaying (for gathering money).

      Further the mention of magicians ability to turn rod into snake, and water into blood , during moses days, is enough proof that divination is small miracle for devil, compared to turning rod into snake.

      Saul himself visited woman with fimiliar spirit and she prophecied about his death.

      There were 400 prophets who prophecied lie during Ahab and Jehoshaphats day.

      2 Chronicles 18:21
      And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: go out, and do even so.

      There is whole article written by Jeremiah devoted to false prophets. Here is sample verse from that chapter.

      Jeremiah 27:15
      For I have not sent them, saith the Lord, yet they prophesy a lie in my name; …..


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