dnd 1 Deception QuizWhere you have ignorance in the church or indifference toward doctrine, you have consequent immaturity and consequent shallowness, which leads to a lack of discernment which opens the door wide to Satan’s deceptive seductions.

For Satan to succeed, all that is necessary is that people not understand the truth. And if they have not the truth, then they have no capability to discern the error. And if you couch the error in the right language, if you put it in terms that sound familiar and refer to God and Christ and the Bible, et cetera, the seduction is even more potent.

Are you sure that your Church TPM is the best church? Check out the quiz and see how the Bible exposes the False teachers and False Prophets. At the end of the quiz, we are giving you supporting scripture references too.

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1. If I am not able to understand the scriptural twists of my Pastor, but agree to all his words, I am


2. When TPM Pastors Keep saying that their ministry is the best one and others are inferior, what are they doing?




Multiple Choice

How do you recognize a False Apostle?


4. When TPM Pastors are saying that they are bearing the iniquities of others and they will replace Holy Spirit in Eternity, they are doing what?


5. If I am a false teacher, how do I get people to believe my theology?


6. Which of the following are NOT the Characteristics of a False Teacher?


7. When we see someone teaching False Doctrines Contrary to the doctrine of Christ, what should we do?


8. When your Clergy says that Jesus will come any time now, what is he doing?



  • I have materially prospered, got buildings and properties for myself/my mission after I joined the ministry.
  • I  have a great appetite to keep purchasing land and properties, build faith homes/mansions for my mission.

Who am I?


10. When your clergy is saying that He knows the eternal habitations and he knows how we can be allocated a place there, what is he doing?


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