An earlier quiz about your depth of TPM Understanding has given us good feedback and also recommendation for more quizzes. This particular quiz is taken from a quiz bank which we are expanding. So ideally you will be able to get an assortment of questions each time you attempt it. We also have made an effort to provide explanations to answers in the quiz after the test is given.

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2. Who is the Chief Pastor of Christians



Multiple Choice

The Elder of the Church should be



Multiple Choices

Which of the following can be accepted as Tithe


5. Can somebody deny you the privilege of Holy Communion because of his understanding about you?


6. TPM Pastors often say, “You do Half and God will do the Rest”. Which Book of the Bible says that?


7. Who is an Elder in the New Testament Church


8. Who are the saints?


9. If the Neighbours complain against you to the police for Praising God Loudly in the Area/Cottage Meeting.


10. The phrase, “God never gives you more than you can handle”, shows up where in Scripture?


11. What are the benefits of the Early Morning 4:00 AM Praising done by the Servants of God in TPM?


12. Why do most of the TPM Pastors die young?


13. Eating Medicine will defile our Body


14. Holy Communion has to be conducted by using


15. Why does TPM Pastors forbid marriages for the Clergy


16. TPM Pastors receive Tithe as they are



Multiple Choice

Jesus said “Love God with all you heart and love your neighbors like you love yourself.” He said obeying these two commandments (royal law) means obeying every law of God. From these two commandments all other commandments proceed. Which scenarios from below are examples of “faith–without–works–is–dead”?



Multiple Choice

Why do people in TPM Fear the cursing of their Clergy?


19. The Doctrine of Trinity was officially codified and accepted by the Christian church as a result of



Multiple Choice

Through the Blood of Jesus


21. How Did Paul Prove his Apostleship in the Corinthian Church?


22. Who was the Head of the Early Church


23. Are Christians who died, part of the Church of God?


24. Did the Apostles of Jesus Tithe in the New Testament?


25. Who Collated the 27 books of the New Testament?


26. Bible asks us do righteousness and justice. This means


27. Cain and Abel were born to Adam in image of


28. In the Old Testament, If you own 99 sheep, what should be your tithe?


29. How did early Christians teach their people the truth of Christianity when there were lack of canon books and persecution all around.


30. Why was the Gospel of Perfection given to Pastor Paul and Pastor Alwyn, Whereas the Early Apostles and the Church Fathers never received it?


31. How can we be raptured in the Second coming of the Lord?


32. Concerning celebrating Christmas, Good Friday, Birthdays . What is your understanding?


33. Why is that people do not get healed by the prayers of TPM Pastors even though they claim to be Apostles?


34. When we do not give ten percent tithe of our salary to the pastor then


35. Did Jesus leave/abandon his Mother and Apostles their families?



Multiple Choice

Attending TPM tarrying meeting conducted by the organization  is


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  1. Dear Admin,
    Thank you for this wonderful initiative. It is thought provoking and also urged me to know more about Historicity and Basic Christianity. Two days back I watched David Wood’s debate on ‘Trinity or Tawhid’ and with this Quiz I decided to equip myself to defend my faith and God I believe.

    Please help me in this process, suggest me some good books to start with.

    1 Peter 3:15
    But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;

    • Dear Bunny,
      I too am a keen student and also love Apologetics especially from the Islamic perspective, but I have purposely not initiated anything of that in this site because we have readers who are in the middle east and I do not want that they get into any trouble for viewing the site. But yes you will get lots of quizzes and I think these quizzes will be a great learning opportunity.

      • Sure Bro. Admin, I’m looking forward for upcoming quizzes.

        Keep going, may God help you in every work you do to glorify Him.
        Have a great day.

    • @ Bunny
      I am not a so much so passionate on Apologetics but here are few suggestions best to my knowledge

      1) C S Lewis – Reason for God (defends existence of God) – i have not read this one, but it ranks high
      2) Paul Copan – Is God Moral Monster (Defends Old Testament Laws) – highly recommended
      3) G K Chesterton – Everlasting Man (Defends Story of Jesus) – classic
      4) John Mac Arthur – Battle for beginning

      For controversial subjects within Christendom
      1) John Piper Spectacular sins (Subject Sovereignty of God) – must read
      2) A W Tozer – Sovereignty of God (subject Sovereignty of God) – must read
      3) Jonathan Edwards – freedom of Will (whether will is bound or free to freely choose savior before salvation)
      4) Martin Luther – bondage of Will (whether will is bound or free to freely choose savior before salvation)

      • Dear Brother, Thank you for suggesting me these books. It is a great help.

        Seeing short description mentioned to each suggested books, these will definitely help me to know more on topics which I struggled to answer myself.

        Glory be to God.



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