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Human behaviour is dictated by their beliefs. Beliefs are formed by their understanding of God and his ways. If you are part of a cult, your behaviour is aligned with the cult teachings. Similarly, people in TPM has their own altered conscience which is a product of TPM’s teachings. They behave differently than others. This behaviour can be identified under certain conditions. Their heart is sensitive in a very abnormal way. They do not think in a Godly way. Their god is the white-clad clergy of their church. If you are on this site, you have some connection with TPM. Check out how deep you are into the cultist doctrine of TPM.

The Gradings are rated as follows


Check your Cult-O-Score
Cult-O-Score Ranking Sheet

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Multiple Choice

When Saints die, we say that they “Entered Glory“, But when believers die we say they  get “Expired” . Why is that?


2. The Chief Pastor of TPM is Ordained by whom?


3. I Believe that the Saints in TPM Can lead us to perfection and being in their fellowship can help us get caught up in the Rapture


4. When Chief Pastors send out circulars and warnings to believers against using Whatsapp, Social Media and Websites, I take that as


5. You have a ₹ 500 currency note and you you are planning to get a book for your kid with that money. You do not have any other cash to use. At that time the Local Saint drops into your home.


6. The Prayers of the Saints at 4:00 AM,  are the reason for my Blessings



Multiple Choice

There is a convention in your local assembly and the Pastor keeps reminding you to pray earnestly for the upcoming convention.


8. On your way to Sunday service, you notice a person fallen on the road needing emergency help



Multiple Choice

Why do we have Pastor’s Kitchen and different grading of Kitchens based on some criteria?


10. If the Saint from my Church visits me during tea time, what should we offer the Saint?


11. I am entitled for more blessings in the convention if I


12. Why are TPM Pastors generally Fat and bulky when they grow older?


13. The Admin of is Lucifer.



Multiple Choice

If I have Jaundice and I happen to die because I would not take any treatment or medicine. I am also a faithful TPM Believer.


15. On a Sunday Morning, I hear that one of my parents have an emergency and is hospitalized and I am the closest child. They are staying at a 3 hour driving distance from me.


16. I have only ONE white shirt and I notice that the shirt has been damaged a day before the Sunday Worship service.


17. If the Saint in my Church asks all of us to contribute 20% of our income as Tithe


18. I believe that there are Four Habitations in Heaven as taught by TPM (Zion, New Jerusalem, New Earth, New Heaven).


19. You are sitting in a crowded bus and there is a pregant woman with bulged stomach standing beside you. Immediately you see that your local Faith Home Brother also boarded the bus. What would be your reaction?


20. When the Rapture Happens the following people will be raptured.


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7 Comments on “Check your Cult-O-Score”

  1. I got 56 out of 63.
    I am just 7 steps away from zion (63-56=7).

    People who score equal to or less than 4, are 59 steps away. OMG, you people are way way way backslidden from zion.

  2. Excellent initiative Brother. Just wondering if it would provide some insights if it would be possible to analyse the results after you have enough data.

  3. Dear Admin,
    This is a good one..
    I have scored 5 points out of 63 points total.
    Do I need to take this test once again?!

    Rating: 5
    1. Of Course, you can take it as much as you like. The purpose of the test is not really getting some grades but looking at life from different situations. The perspective of a hardliner is surely different than that of an exit door candidate.


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