One can find looping syndrome in TPM. What that means is that they keep repeating things again and again. Be it their tantrik-mantric RPD of “praise the Lord,” or be it “monotonous sermons copied from previous generation pastors”, or be it their “unknown tongues” or be it their “twisted vocabulary (like backslider, apostles, the house of God).” They keep repeating same lies repeatedly until the repeated lie starts flowing in the blood of their followers. This same technique is utilized during youth camps. “FAQ questions” in youth camps are nearly the same every year. They frame the same question with different words, as a new question every year. Their usual questions are like “Why no jewellery, why no internet, why no facebook, why no medicine, why no love marriage, why tithe, how to live a life of separation, how to join TPM ministry, is overcoming life possible, and so on. Apart from Teju (the internet guy), all other “FAQ-answering-team-of-TPM-pastors”, present the same kind of questions which keeps revolving around TPM doctrines.

Staging Questions to suit their agenda

People who go to the youth camp will be made to spend half of their time in

  • Entertainment of musical concert,
  • Making girls shout hallelujah louder than the boys, and
  • Violating I Corinthians 14:27-28

Youths get only 2 hours in four days to clear their supposed doubts.  And those two hours are pre-designed with readymade answers.  Youths are not given the chance to directly ask a question impromptu. TPM leaders themselves choose what questions they will ask and answer themselves. What a Fantastic FAQ. This reminds me of paid interviews with politicians. In such paid interviews, the politicians themselves decide which questions will be asked to them and what they will answer. This is done to project a good image of the politician in public. Click here to watch the video for example. It is a compilation of two-three Hindi videos taken from the internet.

In like manner TPM Q&A is staged; questions are decided beforehand, rather than taking live questions from youth and answering them on the go.  Listen  to Teju himself accepting that they themselves frame these questions

Audio –framing questions (2014)

Youths have no chance to ask impromptu questions face to face. Questions are pre-designed to suite TPM agenda of establishing TPM doctrines in minds of the future generation.

Comparison TPM with other Christian Ministries

There are innumerable websites and hundreds of books written down by other Christian ministers, to address issues of young people. See for example

A drama of TPM IYC

This site has half a million questions answered. The sheer volume of questions answered speaks about their labouring for Christ. Consider the amount of effort they sincerely put in answering people’s doubts, ranging from scriptures, religion, Christianity, denominations, belief systems and so on. There are many bright minds in Christendom, who travel all around the world. They visit universities and take students’ challenge to life, God and Christianity head-on. Just imagine the effort these people put in order to defend the faith. And compare all this with TPM’s endeavour in this department. And what excuse TPM FAQ answering team gives for their negligible effort in this department? Listen to Teju himself.

Audios (2017,2018)   

(This he says in every youth camp)

He says we don’t have time to answer 2000-3000 questions.

Why don’t you have time sir? What secular job are you doing? Are you having a family, children, aged parents etc to take care of them? Isn’t for sake of these reasons, you have not married — so that you can devote all your time to the ministry of God? Then why don’t you have time?

Compare your attitude with other Christian ministers. They also face thousands of youths with the possibility of 2000-3000 questions in one or two-hour session. But they don’t pre-decide on what questions they will be asked. They try to answer each question in 5-10 minutes, compared to TPM’s inefficient style of one-hour long boring lecture for the question which has been answered in past. They too have limited time allotted in every university they visit. And the limitation is placed on them by universities, but for you, there is no limitation. They have 1 hour and you have four days. Watch the below video and let me know who is better, Teju and his Rusting Clergy or Cliff? If These questions were asked to Teju, he would have run for his life even without a benediction.

The above video also answers lots of Teju’s erroneous doctrines.

Why can’t you design meetings so that you can handle hundreds of questions if not thousands? Another thing is that they have possibly inhospitable youths. Compare this with you people, who have youths from your society. Where there is a will there is a way but the problem is that you people have made yourselves rigid. Your camp arrangement is designed to make sure no opposition is given any opportunity. You don’t take these Q&A sessions in open meetings. Whatever you do is in a well-staged environment for protecting your image. You actually don’t have the heart to deal with questions and doubts of the young generation. All that you do is pure drama.

TPM’s Business compared with Jesus and Apostles

When we say TPM FAQ is drama then the top brass of TPM are hard-wired to pit the same nonsensical excuse like, “we don’t that kind of ministry. We have a ministry of perfection.”  Holy cow!!! I suggest you keep that excuse in your own pockets. What does the Bible say was the ministry of Jesus and apostles? Jesus, when he was a child, did FAQ with Sadducees, Pharisees and Scribes. Luke 2:46  And it came to pass, that AFTER THREE DAYS they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, BOTH HEARING THEM AND ASKING QUESTIONS.  As a child, he did this for three-four days and not a one hour FAQ. Jesus called this work (ministry) given by Father (my Father’s business –Luke 2:49). Read Luke 2:49 “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business ?” He kept encountering scribes Pharisees and Sadducees, who had questions and he kept answering them all. Some articles on the internet (check this) suggest that Jesus asked 307 Questions and he was faced with 61 Questions (These are the ones we have recorded in the four gospels). If answering & questioning people was business of Jesus (and his Father), and it is not TPM’s business(ministry) then what rocket science is it needed to understand, that TPM’s father is different than Father of Jesus?

Q&A drama of TPM IYCApostles of Jesus himself were involved in the same business in which Jesus was involved. About apostle Paul, we have witnessed of scriptures that it was Paul’s pattern of ministry to go to synagogue and do FAQ with people in the synagogue. Act 17:2  And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures... We see Peter saying,  I Pet 3:15Be ready ALWAYS to give an answer to EVERY MAN that asketh you…. ” This obviously means Peter himself was always ready to answer questions that people asked him concerning his faith in Jesus. Thus both Jesus and his apostles kept questioning and challenging people of their beliefs and answering their doubts, which they considered as their Fathers business. However, it is sad to see the new self-acclaimed apostles of The Pentecostal Mission, are preaching that Father has changed his business goals. He now wants to avoid any opposition, challenge and questions. His modern business is to force his renewed doctrines without allowing for any challenge.

FAQ Jesus faced vs FAQ TPM Frames

Let us now peek in our bibles and see what FAQ questions Jesus faced. We will compare them with FAQ questions which TPM frames. You will notice that whatever Jesus and his apostles “did” were on “(do not do)” list of Pharisees. The “do not list” of Pharisees being similar to do not list of TPM we find that Jesus and his apostles actually offended what TPM and Pharisees FAQ defended. Questions Jesus faced and ones he answered were ones TPM reverse and answer in a reverse manner. Let us see few examples

1. Pharisees asked Jesus “Why do you eat and drink with publicans and sinners (Luke 5:30)”

Obviously, this meant that they themselves might do FAQ with their followers in a reverse manner. They would pose “Why don’t we dine with sinners and publicans?” or “Why do we live a life of separation?” Likewise, TPM does FAQ asking and answering why do we live a life of separation from other Christians (FAQ 2017 Tambi Durai from time 1:11:15 to 1:16:11). Thus FAQ faced by Jesus was diametrically opposite in nature to FAQ framed and defended by apostles of TPM. Next time you see TPM IYC FAQ, make sure to search Gospel so that you don’t end up becoming an enemy of Christ.

2. Pharisees asked Jesus and his apostles, “By what authority do you do these things (Matt 21:23, Acts 4:7)?”

In other words, they were asking why don’t you remain under the obedience of us Pharisees – the servants of God (Pharisees during those days assumed themselves as Servants of God). They were questioning Jesus “Who gave you the authority to do according to your will? We alone are authorized, apostles. You should listen to authorized apostles and remain under their obedience. Hence Pharisees in times of Jesus would have done FAQ by asking and answering “Why are we the authority?” or “Why should you remain in our authority and obedience?” This is similar to TPM FAQ’s Why should you obey servants of God? or How do you know the will of God? or Who are true apostles?.”  By framing such questions TPM agents are trying to establish that they are the authority and authorized apostles. They try to prove that other ministers do not have the authority to lead the church.

3. Pharisees asked Jesus, “Why do you and your disciples do unlawful things?”

Pharisees had a set of “do” and “do not do” list. It included – do not do any work on Sabbath, do not eat food without washing hands and so on. Hence this question was asked to Jesus multiple times in different forms like Why do you do unlawful things on Sabbath? orWhy do you and your disciple do not fast or why do you and your disciples eat without washing their hands.” Similarly, TPM’s FAQ’s are Why should we wear white clothes on Sundays? & Why should we fast and go to Sabbath Sunday meeting?& Why should we not go to the office or tuition classes on Sundays?&Why should we not wear jewellery?” etc.

At the end, the Pharisees gets angry at Jesus for opposing their teachings. For eg. They believed like the TPM Pastors that anything that enters through the mouth can defile the person. But Jesus said the reverse. Read the following.

Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand.11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”12 Then the disciples came to him and asked, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?”  Matt 15:10-12

The same quote destroys TPM’s divine healing doctrine.

Here is the summary comparison of FAQ of Jesus compared with FAQ framed by TPM

A drama of TPM IYC

No Courage to name Christian Apologetic Authors

In answering one question (last year) about “why the bible is the word of God and not a book gathered by human writers,” Teju says that he has less time and therefore he hurriedly finished the topic. If for a moment, I accept his excuse of limited time, I am still bewildered as to why didn’t he name few good books from Christian literature, so that youths could have bought them from the market, and read the complete answer to the authenticity of word of God (as he did to prepare the answer to this question)? Truth is that he has no courage to name other denomination apologists, whom he himself reads. He wants to take credit of answering it. He didn’t want TPM youths to study and research by themselves but remain dependent on TPM ministers. He wants to maintain his throne in TPM. If he gives out the names his enigma will be lost.

The plight of TPM Pastors

Q&A drama of TPM IYCI know TPM proselytes might say that they do not name authors and Christian apologists because TPM does not want youths to refer to other denomination pastors and thereby get deviated by false teachings. However, we have shown you ample times that TPM pastors do not themselves understand scriptures. They err significantly and usher never heard blasphemies like “saints will bear believers sins” and that there are two gospels – one which world preaches and another given to TPM – the gospel of perfection and their seven steps of salvation. They also preach there will be no Holy Spirit in Eternity. Their respected pastors preach, “God sold Jesus in hands of Devil at the cross.” Some days back we heard their wisest man preach that he is not sure about the necessity of cross of Jesus for the salvation of gentiles. And still, they think they are the ones to protecting youths from heretical teachings. Ought nought Christ to say unto them, “Ye hypocrites, first remove the beam from thy eyes and then blame others for heretical teachings.” How true, if the blind leads blind both will fall into a ditch.

The plight of TPM Youths

The problem with TPM youths is even worse. They go to youth camps for a picnic. Youth camp for them is – a time away from parents – a time to laugh & giggle with TPM friends. It’s time for musical entertainment more than worship. Youth Camps are designed to make it lucrative according to the taste of youths. Some of them are forced by their local workers and parents against their wishes. Above all the majority of TPM, youths lack an interrogative mind. They only know to shake their heads like an ox. They don’t even ask questions. They actually have no questions. And if some of them dare to ask they are silenced by threatening that you should not question servants of God. Scribes Pharisees and Sadducees were at least better than TPM. They allowed child Jesus to question them three days in the temple.


When wolves are in charge, they shut your mouth. If you make noise, you will be terminated. These are very elementary rules in the TPM Kingdom. The wolves know one thing very clearly. That is “If you often repeat a lie, people will presume it to be the truth”. Every meeting the people of TPM are brainwashed by this lie. What do you think they will start believing after many such sessions? Therefore the Apostle tells us to Test ALL Things.

but test them ALL; hold on to what is good, 1 Thess 5:21

The Apostle asks us to test the Elders too. But does the TPM Believers test their white clads?

They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons. 1 Tim 3:10

You can decide to do how the Lord inspires you. If you want to keep hearing the same sermons and Q&A which exalts themselves, Welcome to the Brainwash Session IYC 2019.

14 “Now therefore fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness. Put away the gods that your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt(Like the TPM gods), and serve the Lord. 15 And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:14-15


  1. Day started with this post. God bless you admin for inspiring many to serve God fervently.

    I’ve been following this site since 2016 and never ceased learning about God from each new post. I even recommended this site to Chatholics (RCs) and other christians.

  2. This cult makes donkeys out of humans and all in the name of Jesus. The more one digs into it the more you realize how silly and stupid this entire system is. It also shows how easy it is for gullible people to be manipulated in the name of religion with fear as the main controlling factor. I feel sorry for the youth who are being mentally and spiritually abused by these servants of satan,

    One thing is for sure, Teju is a slave to this system and he will go to any extent for the furtherance of this demonic cult and his personal ambitions. He fears the bulls of TPM more than the Living God and His Holy Word. Hope one day he will realize his folly and repent and serve the God of the Bible.

    The more I read these posts, the more grateful I’m to God for opening my eyes and delivering me from the clutches of TPM (The Pentecostal Madness). Hope and pray that these articles will enable more and more from TPM to challenge the false teachings and the illegitimate authority of these modern Pharisees.

    I also appreciate the tenacity of the admin in exposing the hidden true lies of this perverted mission. God bless you with more grace, wisdom and courage to continue your ministry for the Glory of God.

  3. That system is the most ridiculous and retarded one. They are birthing and nurturing morons in that system and hoardes of them. I would rather have them procreate like regular humans – marry have kids. That would mean lesser damage to society and civilisation.

    Teju such a disappointment.

  4. There is a fundamental problem here and that is they dont know the fundamentals of the word of God as the word of God is not in them.
    If it did then we wouldn’t be discussing this.
    One side is the truth that we have to fight a daily battle with flesh and make serious /sincere attempt to be like Christ (in every thing we think and act every moment) and on the other hand is the option of feigning the same with an outward appearance of holiness following vain traditions. They know only the latter part which is what they preach and exhort these poor youths to follow.
    I am amazed to see some video’s of street preachers in US where they answer rapid fire questions (on issues pertaining to life and ) from college students using just the scriptures as the word of God is in them. They dont represent any organisations but simply do it as the love of Christ compels them.
    But here despite being in the comfort and security of HQ see how they play it safe and direct all youths towards the wide gate.
    Well cant blame them, it is the clueless parents who are responsible for sending their children to this centre of deception in the vain hope that their children will be better not knowing the fun time they have there.
    Admin thanks for addressing this key issue and hope some parents read this and stop sending their children here.

  5. U are a hippocrate man ,discern yourselves and ask forgiveness don’t get deceived.They are preaching what it is written in the holy scripture,why do you bother .if ur right answer me

    • @ Joshua
      no brother they are not preaching the word of God. their doctrines are not in bible. it is the revelations of Alwyn which Satan has given him. they are just twisting the word of God to support Alwyn’s stand. I think you are the one who is deceived by them. Let me ask something. if we have an open debate concerning their doctrines is TPM SOGs dare to come? most probably they will try to protect themselves and refuse to come to such debate. they will try to play safe because they have a fear that the lies of TPM doctrines will be exposed by their own mouth. TPM will loose it’s standard then. To deny this they will twist a bible verse and say debate is not necessary! now i give you a bible verse that debate is necessary

      Act 17:2 And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures..

      now will they come? think brother.


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