We have said umpteen times that another spirit works in TPM. Their biggest names have said weirdest things which we can never imagine. We could never imagine that men of such repute can speak such harrowing statements (Luke 16:15).  Alwyn, A.C. Thomas, T. U. Thomas, Abraham Matthew, M.T. Thomas all have had uttered blasphemies beyond wonder; Right from selling Jesus into the hands of the devil to bearing iniquities of men. The new kid to join this bandwagon is Mr Teju Kurien.

The Inclusivism of Teju

The Gospel is very clear – “THERE IS NO SALVATION APART FROM JESUS !” A Christian in whom the spirit of Christ dwells, cannot deviate an inch on this. He cannot deny salvation by Jesus name alone. However, Teju thinks salvation sans Jesus is possible. According to Teju, all those who live a good life can go to heaven, without having believed in Jesus name – provided they are unfamiliar with Jesus. He agrees that it will be in if someone rejects the gospel, but if the gospel is never heard by a person then there is a chance for such a one to go to heaven without Christ. This means that men could get away from hell even after having worshipped 36000 Hindu deities, or Allah or any other God! Listen this complete audio once again.

Exposing Teju’s hermeneutics

Teju has quoted a few verses and twisted it to support his false teaching. Let us check them

First, he quotes a passage in Mathew 25:31-46

Teju thinks that the phrase “Lord when we saw thee hungered or thirsty or stranger or sick” means that these people were unfamiliar with Jesus. This is a perfect example of twisting scriptures. This phrase simply means that people who did good works of feeding hungry and clothing naked, did these because they were moved with compassion; They were unaware that helping poor and weak brethren is helping Jesus himself. If you were to see a poor widow in church with financial needs, and you happened to help, then you would have done this out of compassion. So it is but natural that you will ask “Lord Jesus when did I help you, it was the poor lady whom I helped?” This does not mean you are unfamiliar with Jesus or the Gospel of Jesus. This passage in Matthew 25 is a simple message to followers of Jesus, – that faith (religion) without fruit is a dead religion (James 2:14-17).

However, Teju could not see this simple message! What he sees is a strange doctrine that people who are unfamiliar with Jesus will advance to heaven, if they do good works.

The phrase “least of my brethren” does not mean people from New Earth in TPM Terminology. It means people who are poor, afflicted economically weaker/underprivileged. He is reading scriptures with a TPM lens and that is why he is uttering blasphemy.

Second, Teju defends new blasphemy of TPM by misusing Revelation 20:11

Teju tells us that this scripture is proof that people will be judged according to works. What Teju is trying to say is that the dead who will be raised, will be weighted according to works and therefore he is seeking support to his previous error from this passage. I think Teju has not read Romans 1:18-23. Bible clearly speaks that these dead men who will arise in judgment will be without excuse on that day.

Romans 1:20,23 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made….. so that they are without excuse.  And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.

Here scriptures clearly tell those dead people who worship other gods or did not recognize God will be without excuse before God.

What is the Gospel and how does the bible explain it to us?

Get saved bypassing Jesus - a new doctrine of Teju

The real reason for blasphemies which TPM echelons utter again and again is because they have no value for the death of Jesus. They lay more value to celibacy, unmarried life, wearing white clothes, not taking medicine and so on.  They think God values these things more than the sacrifice of his dear son Jesus Christ. For the sake of these people, I will try to explain the Gospel one more time. This time we will consider the background context of the Gospel along with the Gospel so that people like Teju can get a better understanding of the Gospel.  See the picture below. It explains Gospel background. 1st God created man in his image. Next man fell. Then because of Adam, all mankind became sinners. And finally because of Jesus, all those who believe him will be restored back to the same glorious image which man lost.  After explaining this part we will see the purpose of the law, as to why the law was introduced before the first coming of Jesus. If the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world and it was fixed that mankind will be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus then why was the law introduced before Jesus.

  • Adams creation in the glorious image
  • Adams fall
  • Mankind’s birth in the sinful state
  • Change of the sinful Nature of Adamites by the Cross


  • Adam’s creation in the image of God: the Bible begins by saying God had created man in his image & likeness (Gen 1:27).
  • Adams fall: Man then committed a sin and lost the image & likeness of God.
  • Mankind inheriting Adams fallen nature: In the words of Paul, all men fell short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). The Psalmist explains this fallen state in the following words, “Behold I was shapened in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me (Psa 51:5)”. The Book of Job echoes a similar phrase “Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? not one (Job 14:4). Scriptures emphatically declare that Adam’s sin was inherited by his posterity. Every man born in this earth is a sinner by virtue of his natural birth. Without having done any good or bad, we are born spiritually as dead. Since Adam sinned and lost the glorious image of God, therefore sons born to Adam are born in the fallen image of Adam. Note that the Bible explicitly mentions the sons born of Adam were in the image of Adam and not in the image of God. In Genesis 5:1, the Bible says God created man in his own image and then in verse 3, the Bible says that sons born to Adam were in the image of Adam (Gen 5:3). In 1 Corinthians 15:49 Paul says, “And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.”
  • Change of sinful nature by the cross of Jesus: With this fallen nature, none of the sons born to Adam can go to heaven. Every human being needs a new birth. Scriptures say that we will be confirmed or restored to the image of God’s son, who himself is the express image of God (Rom 8:29, Heb 1:3). In other words, the cross of Jesus is THE DOOR to recover the lost image of God and be found in paradise again. Unless we are born again, our natures will be inclined and biased towards sin. And souls with such sinful fallen nature can never be given a ticket to heaven.

Hence if a man is a Jew or a Gentile or Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Buddhist or an Atheist or a Christian; he is a sinner by his natural birth (Gal 3:22, Rom 3:9). And there is but one door for all sinners! Jesus said without me no one can come to Father. There is only one name given in heaven – without which there is no saving from our sinful nature. Sin is not only our deeds but it is our state.  I repeat Sin is not only our deeds but it is our state. We all need redemption from this sinful nature. God wants this sinful nature to be removed from the human race. To remove this he sent his son. If this state could be removed without the sacrifice of Jesus, then why would God sent his only son to die for fallen abominable men like us. Without changing from a bad tree to a good tree, how can Teju imagine that bad trees can produce good trees? Was Jesus lying? Does not bible negate this possibility by saying Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil (Jeremiah 13:23).” But sadly this is not how TPM understands the gospel. And it is due to lack of understanding of the Gospel they are uttering horrible blasphemies.

What purpose does the law serve?

I should quit here. But I will lengthen my discourse a few more lines. Please bear with me. We need to understand the purpose of the law, as to why the law was introduced before the first coming of Jesus. If the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world and it was fixed that mankind will be saved by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, then why was the law introduced before Jesus.  Does not the introduction of law waste time, if it served not to save mankind?  Let us first see what law means. The law means knowledge of good and evil. Law is a reflection of God’s mind of how he defines which action is good and which action is evil.

Get saved bypassing Jesus - a new doctrine of Teju

Now the simple answer is that law or knowledge of good and evil is given to man so that this knowledge can act as a tutor, pointing us to the cross of Christ. Paul says that …I knew not sin until the law came (Rom 7:7). This means that the law functioned as a mirror. When I looked in that mirror of God’s law, it showed me that I am in the marred image. It told me my need for a saviour. It showed me how evil my heart is! This is the purpose of the law.

However, TPM and its likes of legalist Pharisees assume that the law can change a bad tree into a good tree. Apostle Paul says that the law is weak. It does not have the strength to change my fallen nature. Hence the gospel of Paul “by works of the law, man cannot be justified in the presence of God.”

In Short “Law is not given to justify us.” Knowledge of good and evil is a mirror for us to realize the marred fallen image we carry since Adam. Hence it is hazardous to trust in the knowledge of the law, or knowledge of deeper truths to think that by that deeper knowledge of “do’s and don’ts” we can make the leopard change his spots and Ethiopian his colour.


Dear Teju,

You are uttering nothing but blasphemy when you say a man can go to heaven or change his state by bypassing the cross. It is the nature which is in question and not the actions. Good works do not take us to heaven, but it is the change of our state; from sinful state inherited by us through Adam.  We can only change into the righteous nature only through the new birth we get THROUGH JESUS.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Play the audio to hear Tamil Translation summary of the above article:

இந்த படிப்பினையை தமிழில் கேட்க கீழே கிளிக் செய்யவும்


  1. OK now it is clear, it is not because what Jesus said, BUT because TU once stated that “One does not go to hell due to his sins but goes to hell by not accepting the alternative way”. All true preachers (past and present outside TPM) will never quote humans, but at TPM the dead and misleading past leaders are often quoted rather than the scriptures.

    • “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the Lord. Jer 17:5

      T U Thomas has been proved as a fraud and that T U Thomas is the source of Teju’s Revelation.

    • Again another made up point from you, you are the ones getting it wrong, it is not a doctrine but common sense! If someone goes through their entire life without hearing about Jesus or reading the bible, they they were unaware of Christ which is not their fault so common sense will tell you that god will have mercy of these people (how can you accept Christ as your saviour if you didn’t know he existed) you are so stupid with someone of your articles on here, make sure you approve this comment – I notice you don’t approve all comments that’s criticise you 🙂

      • Oh really?
        So should not we say Ignorance is a Bliss? Does the Bible support this view? According to your logic, we should not be preaching the Gospel as Ignorance will ensure heaven.
        Does the Bible say that if you are ignorant, the Way Gets you there? Have some common sense to read Romans 1 and see how God deals with people who are ignorant of Christ’s physical incarnation. Don’t just come and blabber with your logic.

        Where did you get the idea that we do not approve comments that criticise us?

      • @John Siva

        Common sense will not take you to heaven, only Jesus will. As long as you are fed by your TPM masters you will live in darkness.

        Read the Bible my friend and you will have more spiritual sense to discern the lies of TPM and also about your own ignorance. I wish and pray that you will see the Light and be saved.

  2. It is obvious that this man is not saved and he does not know the Gospel. It is more scary because he is in a position of authority and is teaching these lies to the simple who lap it up as manna. Only God can save this man and his followers. It is also clear that this man is literate but not educated.

    The young and ambitious ones are following the modus operandi of their TPM idols – MT, TU, AC and Alwyn. Teach heresies and you will be recognised and one day you will become the TPM’s trinity. It always works.

  3. Very good article Brother Admin !

    Cornelius, as we read in Acts Chapter 10, was a devout man and was giving much alms. But his act of giving alms did not qualify him to get a ticket to heaven. How come Teju never thought of this point?

    Teju is so blatantly spreading lies and working against the Kingdom of God. He is clandestinely preaching that there is no need to worry for the perishing souls as their good works will save them and no evangelism is required.

    TPM feels that God has different rule for different people same as TPM has different rules for Rupee, Dhiram and Dollar givers.

    Rev 2:2….”and thou ( Church at Ephesus) hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:…..”

    It’s time for TPM members to stand up for the truth… They have the Holy Bible on one side and the blasphemy of many TPM stalwarts on the other side to choose from.

    • Apart from Cornelius there was another incident in lifetime of Jesus. A rich man who obeyed Gods ten commandments perfectly came to Jesus and he asked what should I do to inherit heaven. Jesus answered you lack one thing. So even after doing good things of moses law completely , and even after being devout worshiper of true Jehovah (unlike gentiles whom teju says will go to heaven), Jesus said u lack one thing to go to heaven.

      Maybe teju missed all these passages. Its time for TPM to issue a public notice asking sorry to Christian believers for preaching heresy. They should call for all CDs of IYC 2018 n burn it.

      But TPM we know will never accept their mistake. A car company like Toyota on the other hand are better than TPM, who apologize for selling cars with faulty systems n call back all of them n get repaired.

  4. Why did God choose Apostle Paul to suffer following troubles if gentiles could be saved without Christ ?

    2 Corinthians 11:24-27
    Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

    In tpm’s style I would say, apostle Paul suffered 24 types of suffering in order to save gentiles, by preaching Christ unto them. Why did he do all this if gentiles could be saved without Jesus?

  5. I do not know what is right.. But I feel really bad when you /Bible says that, ” Even if people do not know who is Jesus, they would still go to hell though they are nice people..” I belive that though people worship in different names, one true God, the saviour hears them… And some times people get saved through different people.. But not everytime.. And just think about this, You put yourself in their shoe, would you have accepted Christ immediately..? What if you were a strong hindu believer..

    • // I belive that though people worship in different names, one true God, the saviour hears them

      I do not contradict you. There is only one true God (John 17:3). As far as the Name is concerned, I know the Almighty God can be referred in many names and that should be fine as we see the name Yeshu or Immanuel was not revealed till late. People did call him names like Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh and I do not doubt that they did refer to the Same God whom we call as Father. The meaning of Yeshua is Yahweh Saves. We now identify the same almighty God as Yeshua or Jesus as called in English. He will judge you on the light you received (Heb 1:1-2).

      But whatever is the case, you do not have any other DOOR or WAY for Salvation other that Calling upon him and believing in the atoning sacrifice, His death and Resurrection.

      // And just think about this, You put yourself in their shoe, would you have accepted Christ immediately..?

      Yes if the Right Christ is presented to me. Though I cannot really comment on whatabouteries, Its not about me its about Him who foreknew me before the foundation of the world. It is very important that we present the Right Christ and not the diluted version we see in the modern world. In today’s Christianity, people mostly do not preach gospel because they themselves are unsaved. They get into organizations like TPM and finish their lives in the unsaved state.

      Consider Paul. He understood the Gravity of the situation that all people are by default condemned.

      For when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, since I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel! 1 Cor 9:16

      Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. John 3:18

      • I am not convinced.. Well that may be your perception, i went through the following reply by two other people but I did not understand.. I’ll get back after reading few more things about it. Thank you for the reply

        • Sister,
          Did you think that I was trying to convince you? I was not. I was just saying what the Bible said and I can prove all point on the basis of the Bible only.
          Most of the people reject the Gospel because they are not convinced.
          Even Mahatma Gandhi was glad about all the teachings of Jesus but accepting him as the Saviour of his sins, was what he found as a bitter pill. He, therefore, said, “I cannot believe that the Son of a Carpenter can Save me“.

        • For your kind information brother, I never asked you to convince me. All I said was the answer was not convincing me… Thanks..

        • John 14:6
          Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

          No wonder Jesus Christ has become a stumbling block to all including some so called christians.

          1Peter 2:7-8

          To you who believe, then, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” and, “A stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” They stumble because they disobey the message— and to this they were appointed.

    • @Joice
      Sister it’s true that as human being, if we put ourselves in that shoes, we will feel sad, but u know, I would ask you to put yourself I shoes of God as righteous judge and ask that question .

      Let me ask why does a judge put a murderer in jail or prison ?
      I think the answer is pretty clear. Judge puts murderer in prison with motive to keep him bound in jail, so that he should not kill others. Judge realizes that this person can become a cause of more trouble if he is let to live freely. So most probably they will keep murderer in jail for 20-25 years, assuming that by so long time his rage will get reduced and he will change his attitude. Therefore people get realsed from prison because they say his character has become good. They realse him earlier than the decided years from jail.

      The question before judge is not only punishment but nature of criminal. Owing to the nature a criminal might be hanged when judge reasons that such criminal will become nuisance if he is allowed to roam freely.

      Likewise God has kept a judgment day. Before that day, God is calling everyone to get their natures changed by believing in Jesus name and by new birth. He has revealed all in bible about how men fell and ehat mistakes they did. He has purposefully made history of israel get written for ys to realize human natures capabity to sin. If people do not get their sinful nature changed by new birth, then God will be forced to make sure that souls with such sinful nature are not allowed to enter next phase of life. Otherwise next phase of life (eternity) will also have humans capable of doing same sins as we have on earth in present times. In that scenario coming eternity will become new hell just like we fallen humans have made this earth now. Hence, the soon we realize our depravity the better it is for us humans.

      In short it is nature or sinful state in question more than deeds. Deeds can be forgiven, which God does, but to allow the sinful nature to coexist with good is to allow for possiblity of future tragedy to exist. Heaven then will become same as earth. If God would allow it then his promise of no more tears in new eternity will become null n void.

      Now if you have understood how a judge makes his decision, let me come to your point of “Nice Person.”

      Jesus said no one is good except God. Bible is very clear on this. Read the article admin has put in. It has some nice verses on sinful nature of humans (man sinner by birth).

      The problem with us is that we judge or make decisions based on what we see from outside; but God sees heart. And let me assure you no human heart is good. Bible is very clear and you yourself start making that observation from henceforth.

      People do wrong things when they are put in wrong circumstances. In other words if you are not put in trying situation you might appear a nice person, but let some tragedy or something evil happen to you then you will see the beast in you unfold. That is why we see so many tpm workers suddenly eloping with sisters after having served in tpm for many years and after making so many tall claims of holiness. It is because when put in testing conditions their hearts nature became exhibiting its rotten smell. Some luckily come out and some stay inside repeating it because no one knows.

      People say he is not thief from birth but circumstances has made him so, but mater of fact is that circumstance has actually revealed the thief inside him. That thief in heart would have remained inside him (had not circumstances come upon him). And you would then conclude that person is nice person. We see from outside; but God knows human nature. No wonder God told Israelites umpteen times there is problem with your hearts. Haven’t you read Deuteronomy 5:29

      When God gave laws to Israelites he told them “O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always… ”

      God knew they have stony heart and no matter how many “dos n don’ts” he would give them, they would still make horrible crimes. Therefore he promises them heart of flesh in book of ezekiel at times when they ended up in slavery. And Israelites kept doing sins did for 2000 years until Christ came and showed the way to God is by new birth n new sprit n new man. This is why their history is given in scriptures, isn’t it?

      Therefore TPM is wrong when they become legalist n make list of dos n donts, because without focussing on conversion of heart, they think that giving a list of dos n donts is sufficient to let the person become acceptable in sight of God (if he keeps dos n donts of tpm). Christianity is not conversion of religion , it is conversion of heart.

      Job used to think God is unfair. He justifies himself many times in former part of book. But finally he realizes his mistake n says ” I was foolish. I repent in dust n ashes.”

      I hope you will soon begin to see that our human hearts is having incurable disease. The good that we want to do good we don’t do it, but that we dont want that we do (ROM 7).

      That is why Jesus said to Pharisees that it is the sick person who needs physician (saviour). Unless n until person keeps thinking he is nice he does not need physician of heart. He will think I am alright. I did some mistakes n God will forgive those deeds. God will forgive, but if we continue with unrepenred unconverted heart we will not be saved.

    • I agree.

      Those who have never heard the name of Jesus & also those who have ‘heard’ the name of Jesus but did not have the gospel explained and preached to them will be judged based on their conscience (Rom 2:15).

      It will be grossly unfair otherwise!!

      • Conscience works right if you are uninfluenced or it is calibrated right. For eg. Check out the conscience of an ISIS Soldier. His conscience says, it is correct to rape and kill people for Allah.
        Same is the case of conscience of TPM Believers. They will support their clergy even though a baby can say certain things are wrong. Otherwise how would you think that people will support the Clergy’s justification fpr Sunny’s adventures or Kanakaraj Murderers?

        You may check out this article. https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/dont-always-follow-your-conscience

        • I agree Admin but the instances you pointed out are exceptions. Most of the people on earth are not ISIS supporters or supporters of murder etc.

          Millions of people live their normal lives & go to the grave without hearing the truth. Depending on the region they are born they could be Hindus or Buddhists etc. No one has preached or expounded the truth to them even though they might have ‘heard’ the name of Jesus.

          I believe such people will be judged by their conscience rather than thrown into hell as outlined in Romans. To say they would go to hell is grossly unfair in my opinion. I know opinions and feelings don’t come into it but there you go…

        • Brother I quoted ISIS to show you an Hyperbole for an easy understanding.
          I also agree that we are born with an untampered conscience. But gradually layer upon layer of traditions, systems, religions etc corrupt us. Therefore it is no more an exception but a Rule.
          Now you pointed out Hindus and Buddhists..
          As per a Hindu Conscience Jesus can be accepted as one of their gods. Do you think this corrupts the conscience or is Fine for Salvation?
          As per the Buddhist theory there is NO GOD. But we are supposed to Attain Nirvana. Do you think this relieves them from Hell?

          Both these religion and also all other oriental religions uses KARMA for attaining Heaven. Even Islam uses a variant of Karma.What do you think will happen to them? Will they reach some form of Heaven as mentioned by Teju? Assume they never heard of Jesus.

          The Only way conscience can lead us if it is untampered is as follows. The others are suppressing the the Truth.

          18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Rom 1:18-20

          The Conscience is not an alternative to Jesus for Salvation but a tool that can help you identify the Saviour. If you have a Right Conscience and you chose to obey it and pursue it, you will reach Jesus.
          Seek and Ye Shall Find.

      • @ Faith Alone

        By works of law shall no flesh be justified (Rom 3:28). Not even gentiles.
        This is what Apostle paul is trying to prove in first three chapters of Romans.
        1st he proves gentiles are not without excuse because God has given them conscience, which is moral law of God written in our hearts. (Conscience is also type of Law).
        2nd he proves Jews are sinners alike.
        Then he concludes both Jews and gentiles are sinners. Rom 3;9

        Thus he proves everyone will judged as sinners. No one will escape if law comes into consideration. Law brings everyone under sin. Hence he says by works of law no flesh will be justified as righteous in presence of God.

        There is only one way of getting justified and that is by faith alone.

        Buy a commentary on romans n read it.

        So if u are saying gentiles will be judged by conscience, then yes ! They will be judged n condemned. Law (conscience rom 2:15) cannot justify.

        There is only one way for all children of Adam to get justified, and the only way is Jesus. Salvation sans Jesus impossible.

      • @ Faith Alone
        Judged does not mean will be sent to heaven. No one will be directly thrown to hell.There is judgment for all. &

        Same romans says – scripture concludes all under sin (sin by birth). Rom 3;9 both them.who are Jews and they who are not Jews ,(gentiles).

        If scripture has declared every human being as sinner , how r u expecting them to escape to heaven when final judicial statement is made on judgement day?

        Tell me one scripture which tells sinful nature inherited by men who have never heard gospel will be changed in righteous nature by doing good works. If nature can be changed by acts then why was it needed for Jesus to die? Can bad tree become good tree without dying to old nature ? Why does God promises new heart to Israelites in Ezekiel if they could follow Gods laws with old heart ? Why does psalmist say create in me a new heart when he accepts that he is born as sinner (shaped in iniquity and in sin his mother conceived him).

      • @ Faith alone
        Why do preach Christ then? Let us stop preaching Christ ? Why does bible ask us to preach of remission of sins through Jesus name if people can go to heaven without hearing about remission of sin by Jesus name? Why is remission of sin by belief in Jesus called as getting saved or salvation?

        Suppose you preach gospel to someone and he accepts Christianity. What will you will tell him after getting to Christianity – isnt this ,- live a good life pure life?

        He was supposed to live good life , pure life even before accepting Christianity. He knew this by his conscience. What difference has accepting Christ as personal savior done for him, if he is supposed to live good life after his conversion, which was also the requirement before his conversion?

    • Dear Sister Joice…

      //I do not know what is right.. But I feel really bad when you /Bible says that, ” Even if people do not know who is Jesus, they would still go to hell though they are nice people..”//

      I request your patience in reading the below illustration with open mind…

      You are standing in a railway station…There you observe different kinds of people..Good and bad, rich and poor,literate and illiterate,etc,..

      There is only one train to Delhi in that railway station …

      You have got a ticket for that…

      There you see a very decent,smart,kind ,humble,lovely and Good person …He is a person with huge helping tendency….He is WANTING to go to “DELHI”…But he has a ticket for Bombay and he boarded the BOMBAY TRAIN…

      Would you say because he is a Good and kind person …Who helped a lots of people … The Train would take him to DELHI???He boarded the wrong train…The train route will never lead him to Delhi…

      You will say though the person is Good, kind and humble He does not know the TRAIN WHICH WILL TAKE HIM TO DELHI…



      JESUS himself said no one knows THE WAY besides Him because He is THE only person CAME from HEAVEN..AND HE KNOWS THE WAY





      It is nothing to do with a person’s Goodness or badness…

      QUESTION is whether the person knows JESUS OR NOT…It is as simple as it is…



  6. Sis,
    // I belive that though people worship in different names, one true God, the saviour hears them// do you mean that any one can call a heathen god and be heared by which saviour? Not clear in your question.
    The problem with these people is, it would be considered extremely RARE that they would actually preach about the besetting sins for a person to turn to Christ. Yes the hindu person will turn to the so called prosperity giving/kind/loving/problem solving christ which Teju and team proclaim.
    He turned not because of his sins being washed away but believed in the so called problem solving/fixing god of TPM.

  7. Had teju wore a checks shirt and a Jeans pant, then TPM pastors would have punished him, but not after having spoken heretical teachings, For TPM, wearing colored clothes is sinful compared to teaching another way apart from Jesus.

  8. One does not need Bible to know that murder is wrong, rape is wrong, theft is wrong and so forth. These are built-in judging senses in us. Situational ethic based religion such as the Hindu, will justify murdering a person while being raped as ‘right’. But Bible is necessary to know the absolutes, it tells you that to kill someone under ‘self-defense’ is still murder. You could kill someone accidentally in the process, but if you intend to kill someone to defend yourself, it is still murder.

    The law has been written in our hearts and our conscience bears witness to it intrinsically. This is the reason whenever you try to lie or steal or kill or rape, your senses does tell you it is wrong. Psychologically, we can identify a person when he is trying to suppress the truth, because their non-verbal actions (emotions) give them up. But if you continue searing this conscience in unrighteousness, you become numb to this built-in mechanism.

    There are several ways God can reach man, it is not limited to a preacher’s message. Some have come to faith especially Christians who have come from islamic or hindu background who had never heard Jesus preached, yet God reached to them through other ways (can be through angels, visions, dreams, or any form of direct divine intervention), because their hearts genuinely desired for the absolute law-giver. Their conscience will point to the person – God, who gave them the conscience. Does not creation itself point to a Creator? Instead, people worship the creation than the Creator.

    After all, man is not born to live as he wants, but every child born, and is being born, has to find God, if not, he or she is doomed. When judged by God, there is no excuse for the heathen to say ‘I didn’t know Jesus was true’, just as a tpmite has no excuse to say ‘God, I didn’t know the tpm exclusive doctrines were wrong’. During my agnostic state, I put hundreds of hours scrutinizing each part of the bible, even read the bhagavad gita, mahabharat and parts of Quran to know what I am against. But I found only One God who was and is being consistent – YHWH. The law written in my heart led me to Christ, because I sought for Him.

    If you genuinely put your heart to God, the Truth will reveal himself. The problem is tpmites do not want to seek God as much as they should, just like the heathen who do not want to seek God but want to live as they want, busy with their things and so forth.

    So people who have not heard Christ are by default on their way to hell just like any sinner is. They can’t justify their acts, because their conscience is the law, and that law will make them guilty when they commit sin. And the atonement is ONLY through the final sacrifice on the Cross. Jesus Christ is the only THE WAY. Follow HIM.

  9. Does Pas. Teju, believe following words of Jesus..

    Jesus answered him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. {John 3:3}

    How clear ! UNLESS and UNTILL man is born again, he CANNOT see kingdom of God.

    • Well! According to TPM, kingdom of God /kingdom of heaven is different from just heaven. The kingdom of God / kingdom of heaven comprises of Zion and New Jerusalem. The remaining parts such as New heaven, New earth and New earth basement (:P) will make the heaven. I’ve heard this doctrine being preached predominantly by Pas. Thomas, who is currently in bangalore (earlier Bro. Thomas).

      So according to their doctrine, it is not needed for one to fulfill John 3:3 to enter heaven.

      • But that definition of Kingdom of Heaven is in violation to Matt 8:11 if we believe that the Old Testament saints will not Go in Zion or NJ (TPM’s Kingdom of Heaven).

        • Regarding Matt 8:11, Thinking from TPMs angle of interpretation and taking a point from Teju’s Book of Revelation Bible Study series, maybe they(Old testament saints) have come to visit NJ from the lower parts ( Rev – 21:24 – the verse quoted in that Bible study).

          Can attachment part be included in comments section as well?

        • This TPM does all senseless twists..How come the New Jerusalem had 12 gates with the names of the Twelve sons of Jacob?

          You can add attachments provided you are registered and logged in as a user.

  10. Dear sister Joice…

    //I do not know what is right.. But I feel really bad when you /Bible says that, ” Even if people do not know who is Jesus, they would still go to hell though they are nice people..”//

    Kindly read the below illustration with open mind…

    Let’s consider you are in an Airport waiting for the one and only flight which goes to Iceland and you have a ticket for the same…

    In the airport you happened to see a person who is very Good,kind,Humble,nice,etc…He boarded in a flight which takes him darkland…But he wants to go to Iceland..He does not know the only flight which takes to Iceland is your flight not every flight…

    What is the problem here??
    Whether a person is Good or Bad …Or Whether a person ia known or unknown of the fact about the only flight which goes to Iceland…

    As a person with concern or care …What will you do??
    Will you educate him about this only flight which takes him to Iceland??








  11. // “Behold I was shapened in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me (Psa 51:5)”

    As I was reading the above verse I remembered my baptism class in TPM. Before taking baptism they have class in convention ground. I attended that before baptism. The person (TPM Worker) who took that class told this verse and explained ” We were born as a result of sexual relationship(sin) between our parents. They violate the commandment that God has asked us to multiply and Hebrews 13:4 clearly tells marriage bed is holy. Only after reading this article I got actual meaning of this verse.


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