Perilous times are upon us and we are hurtling towards the finish line of this age. We are humans living in a Three Dimensional World.  In the normal, we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell what our body can connect with. However, we must be real idiots to think that this perception is all to our life. According to NASA what we can perceive and what we can feel is just 5% of our surroundings. Around 68% is Dark Energy and 27% is Dark matter. By Dark, it means UNKNOWN. Now consider how atheists like Richard Dawkins and friends are trying to convince us that there is no God. Sadly many people have bought into their lies and parrot those arguments which are quite a low level.  At times we ignore these people because they are speaking out of their ignorance.  Its quite like a child saying that a moving car is a living being and the stationary plant is a non-living thing just because of his motion perception. Now keeping that aside, let us look at some facts which the Bible declares.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12

By the above verse, Paul is telling us plainly that he is not living in the physical world that many humans live. Paul is a spiritual being living in the spiritual realm while in a physical body.

Understanding the Spiritual food chain

The Spiritual Realm is quite active and has lots and lots of entities. We are not perceiving them because we are living in a worldly way.  Most of today’s humanity is BLIND from the true Spiritual perspective. Therefore, almost all of today’s religious people are being taken for a ride by the evil forces in the spiritual realm. TPM is no exception to this phenomenon and hence we need to get people liberated from the grip of the evil forces.  The Clergy acts as handlers for these forces to keep people under their spell. One easy way to understand the presence of evil spiritual forces at work is when you see people in Bondage, Ignorance and Fear.  Once a person is under the grip of these forces of spiritual wickedness, they can only be liberated by a battle. These evil forces dull out the spirit of the victim, hence losing the ability to withstand.

Building Blocks of Satan's Kingdom

In the above diagram, you can see that God is at the top of the food chain. There is a great fight in the spiritual realm happening for the souls of men.  The methods of warfare of both the systems are diametrically opposite to each other. Every Godly person will feel the effects of this warfare in their personal lives. If you are not actively involved in this spiritual battle, you are already a lost cause. Only the Dead do not Fight in the Battle. The Satanic Army is a hierarchical one and is governed by a system run by Principalities, Powers and Rulers of Darkness. These powers unleash the demonic hosts at us. The Tactics used by these demonic forces are Deceiving(Showing Good of what is inherently Evil), Tempting(invoking the Sin Nature) and Intimidating(Threats of misfortunes). In this article, we will look at a few scenarios of how demonic forces use Deception to further their kingdom.

Satan’s Devices – Deception

Deception is used by satanic forces to get people to believe something different when it is not so.  Towards the end of this age, we will be engulfed with gross spiritual darkness and the numbers of people on God’s side would be very less as was in the days of Noah. The Numbers are always on the side of the Wicked one. Out of the entire world population, only Eight were saved in the Flood(1 Pet 3:20).  A huge majority of the world population is being manipulated to be under his control.  If you are closely watching the events of this world, you can see that more and more people are gravitating towards different extreme ideologies and aligning themselves with it. They are in effect building the future kingdom of the Antichrist.  In this section, we will try to show you how you can identify Satan’s device of control by deception.

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. (2 Cor 2:11) .

The Above verse says that Satan has some standard set of devices. The usage of these devices should alarm you and get you into spiritual action before you are contained. But before that Satan will try to dull your sensitivity so that you do not resist it. Satan and his followers (demonic and human) devise cultures and societies of rebellion that blind human minds. They seek to control those who turn themselves over to the rebellion, to keep sinners from converting, and to cause the saved to fall. All decisions that we take in our lives are influenced or at times controlled, by beings who are present in the Spiritual Realm. Jesus and the Apostles had this understanding when they were ministering on this earth.

Hierarchy Based Controlling System

Building Blocks of Satan's KingdomIf you look at the picture given by Paul in  Eph 6:12, you can see how he explains the setup of the Satanic Kingdom.  Do you know why Satan has to follow a Hierarchy based organization? The simple answer is that he is not Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient like our God. Therefore he needs a hierarchy of intermediary based power centres to manage his affairs. Are you any surprised that all worldly organizations work in the same way? This is quite opposite to the Church of God or the Body of Christ. In the Body of Christ, all members are of importance and they are all connected to the head and also connects to one another without any Higher or Lower status. Read the below verse to know how the relationships are maintained in the Body of Christ. Absolutely no Hierarchy.

Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. 16 From him, the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Eph 4:15-16

Satan uses his hierarchy of Principalities, Powers and Rulers to rule over this world (2 Cor 4:4). The same system is reflected in our Physical world where Political, Business and Religious organizations are mapped to his hierarchy. Do not be surprised when I say that the movement and the rearrangements within TPM have its control from the other dimension of hierarchical control. Do you now understand why different organizations are on the spree to get more people into them? Yes, Satan wants complete control. So when the Antichrist arrives, he will get a setup of people controlled by different organizations who would be spiritually controlled by his hierarchical system of Principalities, Powers and Rulers. Once all these organizations are brought under the ruler-ship of Antichrist he can easily control every individual by managing the heads of different organizations who will owe their allegiance to him.

Godly LifeEvil Life
Direct Connection with GodSupposed connection through a Hierarchy of Clergies
Earthly Mindedness

Satan needs to populate his kingdom by people who do not perceive the deception. If people are able to identify that they are deceived, they will make an effort to get out of his control. Therefore, he needs to drug the people into a numb state where their comatose spirit will not respond but just obey his dictates. The best thing that Satan can do to keep people under his control, is to let them not realize the Truth. The Truth that we are temporal in this world. The Truth that we all are sinners and need a reconciliation with God. The Truth that We are Spiritual Beings with a mortal body. The Truth that our life is just a vapour and eternity starts after our death. The truth that accumulating physical riches is worthless in the grand scheme of things.

but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.  Mark 4:19

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matt 19:24

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. 1 Cor 15:19

Spiritually Blind-folded Men with Earthly Mindedness are the Ones who are Controlled and cannot be of any use for the Kingdom of God. Therefore, Satan uses money, wealth, position etc to addict people into his kingdom. He tried to use this same mechanism on Jesus (Luke 4:6). He does not have anything new to offer even after 2000 years. He knows that his drug works well in carnal humans.

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Cor 4:4

The earlier you realize this Satanic Drug, the better for you to escape. Sadly people nowadays love to be addicted to this satanic drug. Of course, he will allow you to have an illusion of Christian life by allowing you to be aligned with organizations like TPM. Beware, these are all fake consolations to keep you under his control. God’s chosen people will get out of this deception.

You can be a Mover in the Spiritual Realm or the one that is being Controlled.

  • If you are a Mover for God’s Kingdom, you will boast of Jesus and his work. If you are the one being Controlled, you will boast in your Clergy, the Faith Homes and the Convention Grounds.
  • If you are a Mover for God’s Kingdom, you will look out ways and means to turn every conversation towards Jesus. If you are the one being Controlled, you will enjoy the conversation about different TPM Clergy and their organizational settings.
  • If you are a Mover for God’s Kingdom, you will make a point to Pray that His will be done in your life. If you are the one being Controlled, you will load your prayers with the mundane Shopping list of your wants.
  • If you are a Mover for God’s Kingdom, you will obey the commandments of Jesus over any Human’s words.  If you are the one being Controlled, you will obey the commandments of your Clergy over Jesus’ commandments.
  • If you are a Mover in God’s Kingdom, you will be offended at people who are bringing disrepute to Jesus’ Name and manipulating people in the name of Jesus. If you are the one being Controlled, you will have no issues with the Clergy twisting the scriptures and leading people into erroneous ways.
  • If you are a Mover in God’s Kingdom, you will rejoice at one sinner repenting even though you were in no way involved in the work. If you are the one being Controlled, you will rejoice in People joining your organization and look down upon people repenting in other places.
Godly LifeEvil Life
Heavenly MindedEarthly Minded
Conformity and Externalization

Now that Satan has put you in a comatose state of earthly mindedness, you need to be cohesively grouped to an organization which he controls. When he moves the lever at the Top, you need to respond accordingly. To bind these blind people to his kingdom he needs to get them Conformed to a few external bondage,

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Rom 12:2

Conformity is nothing but creating a herd mentality by decimating God-given individuality.

Building Blocks of Satan's Kingdom


This tool of Conformation is one of his most deceptive device used to control people. While God uses Transformation of the heart, Satan uses Conformation. I would like to say that the SLAVES are Conformed while the LIBERATED ONES are Transformed. One of his methods to subjugate people into submission is that of grouping people with some external wrapper/ behaviour. Such identifiers are brought in by rules. Some of such common display by ideological organizations are as follows.

  1. The Nazi Salute and the Swastika which is proudly displayed by the Nazis
  2. The Dressing by RSS cadres in Khakis and Baton
  3. The Namaz of the Muslims and their dressing where the legwear should end above the ankles.

In the long list of such conformity, you will also get TPM’s White Dressing and Clean shaving.  To make other people think that they are Super Holy, they have to bring in some show. One of that show is the White Dress. Now the white dress of the Clergy does not make a big statement. Therefore, it is important that the Laity also follow the Clergy in this show. A true Child of God will never be into such Conformation unless he/she works for the Defense/Police/Medical profession. We read in the Book of Revelation that Satan will use the Tool of Conformity to control the whole world. People who are already conformed to one of his existent systems are already conditioned to accept the final conformation of the MARK OF THE BEAST (Rev 13:16-17).

If you note the above examples, The entire Nazis can be controlled by ONE Hitler. The entire RSS Cadre can be controlled by manipulating one Mohan Bhagwat, The entire Islamic world can be controlled by a Caliph or some powerful Mullas. In the same way, the Entire TPM can be controlled by manipulating the Chief Pastor. This makes the job of Antichrist very easy as he has the controls of the CEO of all these organizations. Fanatic members of these organization will not realize that they are being controlled.

Christian Unity is always a Unity of Faith and not of any External Uniforms.

Godly LifeEvil Life
Compass of Consciousness pointing in the wrong direction

In the above sections we have seen how Satan’s kingdom works in a hierarchical fashion and people are being enrolled in the worldly system by dulling their spiritual sensitivity by earthly-mindedness. Later on, these people are bonded to fanatic political/religious organizations and made to conform to certain uniformity rules. The final step is to glue each of them to their worldly leader so that they do not disband because of some internal differences. For this purpose, their conscience has to be re-calibrated to align with the new Leader.

A compass always points to the North Pole by Default. But this compass can be manipulated to turn a different direction by bringing it under the influence of another magnetic field. Similarly, our conscience will always point to the right direction given by the Creator. However, when our conscience is tampered with, it gets corrupted and follows a different path.

When TPM Believers ignore calls for justice for a murdered pastor, they have their conscience tampered with. When they continue to cover up for homosexuals and sexual predators with excuses, they are corrupting their conscience. When they know that erroneous doctrines are being preached from the pulpit and they ignore it, they are themselves to blame for a corrupt conscience. Every time you hurl profanity at people who say right things and was against your clergy, you are re-calibrating your conscience. In this way, the TPM people’s conscience has been re-calibrated to follow the Chief Pastor rather than the Holy Spirit.

Godly LifeEvil Life
Clear ConscienceCorrupted Conscience


Religion is Satan’s tool to build his kingdom. These gates of hell build and propagated by the master of all deception is pulling many people to hell. All Religious hierarchical organizations including TPM are camouflages to divide and deceive people into their fiefdom. The Church of Christ was built upon the Solid Rock of Jesus. and the Gates of Hell(Religious Organizations) shall not prevail against it.

It is high time that people within TPM realize their comatose state and stop living like animals always thinking about the temporal life in this world.

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your[a] life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Col 3:1-4

Stop believing in TPM’s lies. They are deceived in their own deception. They are unknowingly preparing you for the kingdom of the Antichrist.



    • Think that case is solved, google gives you good links of the news. Suspects have been arrested. What should be done now is a expose of hidden network. Could be a difficult nut to crack as of now, but should break with time.

  1. The following sentences under the Earthly Mindedness section rings true after hearing the news of RG’s demise.

    The Truth that we are temporal in this world. The Truth that we all are sinners and need a reconciliation with God. The Truth that We are Spiritual Beings with a mortal body. The Truth that our life is just a vapour and eternity starts after our death. The truth that accumulating physical riches is worthless in the grand scheme of things.

  2. If it’s true that circular is being read out,
    then they are approving that TPM’s doctrines are erroneous & have no relevant scriptures to defend them. If they are confident about the authenticity of the doctrines, then instead of asking people to come of the site, they should be encouraged to visit it & prove the stand of the site wrong. I know for sure that they cannot.

    • Why now..?

      Reason must be the recent exodus of patrick and timothy from the NTC . both of them got delivered after reading the articles from this site .

      If any american believer could get a exit – interview from them that would be great .

    • Yes loud and clear it was announced to get out of this website visit. Things may be true what it’s published here but the transformation which God does in us in nor deniable. So I think the traffic will slow down here.

      • Traffic will slow down .?

        NO brother , actually they are doing a good job . . .. the site is getting a free PR , the only issue is this site cannot be reached by the underprivileged or the person is not a tech-savy .

        hope the admin don’t mind to share the site traffic at some stage ..? and let them burn a bit more
        lolzz : D .

  3. Dear Hannibal
    Though I don’t personally know Patrick or Timothy yet, I am happy that God has brought them out of the cult system. May God guide them to the right kind of fellowship. Just for an information, would you mind to tell, whether these two were clergies of NTC?

  4. That’s great! God is opening many eyes to understand the wrong doctrines of the CULT. I think, the leaders of this CULT are very much frightened of this site now. They must be spending sleepless nights.


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