You might have heard about the book by T. U. Thomas on “Daniel the undefiled.” It is celebrated as one of the finest sermons of TPM. Anyone reading or hearing him preach on the subject will get highly impressed by him. Even I was ……. once! Until the truth hit me!

In my deepest wound, I saw your glory and it dazzled me

Augustine of Hippo

The message of the Bible in a Nutshell

Bible begins with the failure of first man – Adam. In it we find Cain killed his brother. Then the entire generation that followed was so wicked, that God had to wipe them all in flood. Then we see that, as men began to grow on the face of the earth, nations became wicked again (Gen 13:13, 15:16). Then God chose Israel, to punish the wicked nations (Gen 15:16). But then we find that Israelites themselves committed sin and God used nations to punish Israel. Israel ended in the slavery of Assyrians and Babylonians subsequently. Thus biblical chronicles reveal that not only nations surrounding Israel were sinners, but even God’s own people were disobedient. Old Testament is thus a massive record of failure of mankind to achieve God’s set mark. All men have sinned; all have gone astray! There is none righteous – not one!

Another highlight of the Bible is the Messiah – the hope of perishing humanity. Right in the very beginning, he was promised prophetically (Gen 3:15). We later find him revealed prophetically, poetically, symbolically & typologically in the Old Testament. Jesus himself said, Search the scriptures; …. they testify of me (John 5:39).

Thus, the message of the Bible (in a nutshell) is like a coin having two sides. On one side we find “failure of humanity” and on the other side, we see “victory of Messiah” engraved in its pages.

Message through the Book of Daniel in the Bible

The message in the book of Daniel is not any different. The Book of Daniel is also embedded with the same message of “human failure” and “glory of the Messianic kingdom.” Let us first see the human failure embedded in Daniel. Chapter one begins by recording fulfilment of a prophecy, or the failure of Israel to keep God’s commandments (Deut 28:49-52, Dan 7:4, Deut 5:29). Not only people but even its rulers (from Saul to Jehoiakim) failed miserably in sight of God. Thus the message of Daniel begins with slavery of Israel, as a pointer to human inability to please God by their self-wrought righteousness. In later chapters (7,8,9,10) we are foretold how each successive kingdom which will be given another opportunity to rule the world, starting from Babylon., but how each one will fall until the everlasting Kingdom of Christ comes. Thus “failure of humanity” and supremacy of “Messiah and kingdom of God” is imprinted in pages of Daniel also. Now let us see in details how the book of Daniel is about Jesus and his glory.

Beholding Jesus in the book of Daniel

Go through the table below and see Jesus revealed in the book of Daniel. See how Daniel is about Jesus and not about motivating you and me to emulate Daniel.

Daniel Jesus
Beautiful without blemish (Dan 1:4) He had no sin (I Pet 2:22).
King’s seed brought in Babylon as Servant (Dan 1:6) Being in form of God, made himself of no reputation and took the form of a servant (Phil 2:6-7).
Finds favour in eyes of Ashpenaz (Dan 1:9) Jesus grew in favour of men (Luke 2:52).
Daniel had wisdom and knowledge (Dan 1:17) Spirit of wisdom, knowledge rested on Jesus (Isa 11:2)
Saved from being slain by the hands of kings men (Dan 2:12) Saved from being killed by men of Herod (Matt 2:16)
Comes out alive, out of the den of death (lions). Comes out alive out of the tomb (See Psalms 22:12-13 where lions are said to compass Jesus)
Made ruler above all provinces (Dan 2:48) On the right hand of Father as the king above all nations

Let us dig a little deeper. Let us behold God’s spirit pen “gospel of Messiah” through the life of Daniel. You will see how Daniel’s life portrays betrayal, death, the resurrection of Jesus and proclamation of Gospel to the ends of the earth. Check the table below.

Daniel Jesus
Presidents and rulers (princes) tried to find fault with Daniel (Dan 6:4) Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees sought to find fault with Jesus to kill him (Luke 19:47, 20:20, 22:2)
They could not find fault in him (Dan 6:5) They could not find fault in him (Luke 19:48, Mark 14:55).
Princes, rulers, governors, captains, gather together in one place and makes a plan to kill Daniel (Dan 6:7) Chief priests, scribes and elders of people assembled together to make a plan to kill Jesus (Matt 26:3, Psalms 2:2)
Before being delivered into the hands of rulers, Daniel prays according to his usual routine (Dan 6:10). Jesus also according to his routine prayed before being delivered in hands of Pharisees (Lk 22:39).
Daniel was accused of breaking the law of Medes and Persians (Dan 6:12) Jesus was accused of breaking the laws of Jews (John 19:7)
King Darius orders Daniel to be put in the lion’s den because of public pressure but was not willing himself to do so (Dan 6:14). Pilate ordered Jesus to be crucified because of public pressure, but he wanted to save Jesus (Matt 27:24, Lk. 23:20).
King could not sleep properly because of Daniel being delivered to death (Dan 6:18) Wife of Pilate could not sleep and suffered many things in a dream (Matt 27:19).
Daniel was finally put in the den of lions Jesus was crucified. In Psalm 22 spirit of Jesus prays “many lions have compassed me” (Psalm 22:13). Compare Psalm 22:1, & Matt 27:46
Stone was set at the mouth of the den and sealed (Dan 6:17) They rolled a great stone at the door of the tomb and set the seal on it (Matt 27:60,66)
Darius was sore displeased with himself that his wrong choice led Daniel to pit of death (Dan 6:14) Judas Iscariot was displeased saying I have betrayed innocent blood (Matt 27:4)
King says “Thy God whom thou serve to deliver thee (Dan 6:16)” The chief priest said “He trusted in God. Let him deliver him now (Matt 27:43).”
King arose very early in the morning and went in haste to den (Dan 6:19). Very early in morning Mary and other women came to the tomb of Jesus (Mark 16:2).
Daniel was alive and was brought out of the den of lions Jesus rose from the tomb and came out alive
It was preached to all people and nations and languages that dwell on the earth to worship God and his everlasting kingdom (Dan 6:25) Gospel of the kingdom is preached unto ends of the world (Matt 28:19)
Book of Daniel records “there is no other God that can deliver after this sort (Dan 3:29)” ..for there no other name is given under heaven whereby we may be saved (Acts 4:12)


T U Thomas’s Formula from the book of Daniel

Isn’t it amazing? Should we say Daniel is a story written as an example of holiness for us to follow? Or should we say “Daniel is written to show us Jesus prophesied in its pages?” Which interpretation is right? Which interpretation is the work of God and which is the work of man? Doesn’t Paul preach preeminence of Christ by saying by him all things were created and for him (Col 1:16, Rom 11:36). Doesn’t the bible say all things are created for the glory of God (Rev 4:11, Isa 43:7, Proverbs 16:4)? Then why should you and I seek ourselves in the bible? It is crystal clear that the author of Daniel has written the book to reveal the glory of Jesus in it. And therefore it will be a shame to use it, to glorify a group of men with those passages. And this is what T U Thomas does by his “Daniel the undefiled” sermon series. He fabricates new message from Daniel which the writer of the book never intended. He makes you read between the lines with the purpose of finding himself and the clergy inside it.

Message 1: Qualities to stand before the King

We have seen that the qualities mentioned in Daniel are pointers to Jesus (see tables above). But T.U. Thomas has dared to present Daniel as a prototype model for TPM saints, instead of Jesus. This is their usual habit to see themselves everywhere in the bible. Instead of preaching Jesus, they preach themselves from pages of scriptures.  Please listen to the audio.

Audio 1

T U Thomas is saying that the “king’s palace” means Zion. And then he says revelation 14 enlists the list of abilities required to stand on Mount Zion (one of which is to remain an unmarried virgin). Thus very subtly & without making noise, he is saying Daniel is a pointer to TPM clergy. Thus instead of revealing the glory of Jesus, these people are hardwired to proclaim their own glories.

Message 2: Walking in the Spirit

We saw that Daniel had wisdom and knowledge. We saw that this was a pointer to the spirit of wisdom and of knowledge resting upon Jesus (Isaiah 11:1,2); But instead of giving glory to Jesus for his wisdom and knowledge, T.U. Thomas has an agenda to give glory to his cultic group. He says “consecrated people are greatest people on earth” Listen to AUDIO 2. Then he says – “only one group can reveal secret mysteries. These people are like gods. They don’t dwell in flesh. They dwell in spirit.” Check AUDIO 3.

Audio 2

Audio 3

Is it any doubt that he is exalting TPM workers? Isn’t this treachery? If someone calls himself a servant of God and robs the glory of God for himself, what should we call him?

Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him. John 7:18

Message 3: Pure Overcoming Life

In chapter 2 of the book of Daniel, we see that the whole imagery of image of gold, silver, brass, iron etc, speaks of “kingdoms of the world” and their falling one by one, to result finally into the everlasting kingdom of Jesus. So the dream was revealed by God to Nebuchadnezzar, as a prophecy about the failure of human governments and the glory of the Messianic everlasting kingdom. However, the spirit in T U Thomas has revealed to the wisdom of T. U. that it is about the glory of TPM saints. T U says that the stone which was cut from the mountain, it not only stands for Jesus but also for saints. Then he says that the stone becoming great mountain is saint turning into a great saint in the eyes of God. Listen to this.

Audio 4

They have no love for Jesus and God’s glory. All they see is themselves, their holiness and how their holiness will result in their future glory.

Message 4: Standing for Truth

The Daniel Delusion of T U ThomasNext sermon by T U is from Daniel chapter 3, where we find Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace. This chapter in the bible is a prophetic typology of end times period when the Antichrist will rule. We see that it was the presence of 4th man – whose form was like the Son of God, that Shadrach Meshach and Abednego overcame death and persecution. The message is simple, that the presence of Jesus (Lo, I am with you till the end of the world) will be with us in times of the Great Tribulation.  But astonishingly as it is, T. U. Thomas completely ignores the presence of Jesus. It is written in crystal clear words that the form of the fourth man was like the Son of God. Which Christian can remain blind to these crystal clear words? But T.U. is more interested in injecting the evil doctrines of TPM. He says “if we stand for the truth of divine healing then the fire of sickness will have no power our bodies.” He says “servants of God are like fire and that fire hath no power over their bodies because their bodies were dedicated/consecrated bodies.”

Don’t you notice how the spirit in him makes Jesus negligible to the scene? They say with their mouth that they want God to be in the centre of their lives, but all they have is themselves as the focus of their vision.

Message 5: Glory of the Cross

His next sermon comes from Daniel chapter 4. Here one may think from reading the title “Glory of the cross,” T. U. Thomas must have preached a sermon to exalt Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross. But far from it, T U has his own unscriptural vocabulary. According to him cross = rejection, and glory = rejoice. He has fabricated new meaning to word cross. Thus the title actually means rejoice in rejection. T.U has nothing to do with rejoicing in what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. All he has to preach is for people (TPM ministers) to remain in TPM when echelons deal with third class treatment with them inside faith home.


I won’t go in details of every sermon T.U. preaches in this series. What has been discussed above is sufficient. Before ending I will play another clip from his Daniel series. Listen to it.

Audio 5

See the spirit of self-love (Narcissism) in T U Thomas! He wants demons to fall at his feet and recognize his value. Note this is not the same as overcoming Satan or bruising Satan under our feet, by the blood of Jesus (Rom 16:20, Rev 12:11). What T.U. is saying is that “listening to our deeper revelations, the devil will fall at our feet, as if saying you are great.” Nebuchadnezzar falling at the feet of Daniel is a picture of the devil falling at feet of Jesus. It is not to be taken as a sign of making devils recognizing our greatness. We must labour to make God great, not ourselves; but sadly TPMites labours to make themselves valuable in the sight of men. T.U. Thomas’s Daniel series is an example of it. And shameful as it is, they use God, bible and mask of holiness to uplift their group in sight of men.

Play the audio to hear Tamil Translation summary of the above article:

இந்த படிப்பினையை தமிழில் கேட்க கீழே கிளிக் செய்யவும்


    • The author reveals rather his failures are revealed from this article. He could not stand the doctrine of consecration holiness separation etc. And that’s how he is (thru current he) formed and devil taking advantage of his skills and abilities against TPM.
      Jesus is God how could someone compare Jesus with man no matter how saintly he is. Devil is subtle so is he.

      • @Jacob
        @//Jesus is God how could someone compare Jesus with man //

        For you kind information, these typologies doesn’t mean Daniel is equal to Jesus. Jesus is always 1000 times greater than Daniel.

        From where do you create logic to defend the age-old falsehood sir?

        If your logic is true then why does tpm compare Jesus with abstract lifeless Tabernacle? Has not your TU Thomas written book on tabernacle as shadow of Jesus. If he compares inanimate object with Jesus, then you have no objection; But as soon as someone expose tpms false teachings, then you people have nonsense logic created from thin air.

        Here is some comparison straight from Jesus mouth.

        Jesus said “As Jonah was in belly of fish for three days , LIKEWISE shall son of man be three days in belly of earth.”

        What about Jesus comparing himself with serpent ?

        John 3;14
        As Moses lifted up the serpent in wilderness so shall son of man be lifted up.

        Can you take that? If this verse had not been in scriptures, you people would have run mad saying fromtpm guys are comparing Jesus with serpent lifted in wilderness.

        What about Moses comparing himself with Jesus. Moses said “God shall raise a prophet LIKE UNTO ME, him shall ye listen.

        Is Moses under devil’s spell to compare himself with Jesus ??

      • Wake up Jacob before it is too late lest you end up with your leaders…Jacob means deceiver but it does not mean that you need to be deceived. It is never too late to open your eyes and ears to the Truth. Oh! How I wish to see you free from TPM’s bondage.

      • Here is another example again from Bible.

        Hebrews 3:2-3
        2: Who (Jesus) was faithful to him that appointed him, AS ALSO MOSES WAS faithful in all his house.

        3: For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house.

        Here Paul the supposed writer of epistle to Hebrews makes comparison of faithfulness of Moses with Jesus. Yet he mentions Jesus is 1000 times more worth (more glory) than Moses.

  1. For the unassuming, it appears so genuine and deep insight as it lightly touches upon pride, I & self etc.
    Only people anointed by another jesus and another spirit can deliver such twisted doctrines subtly undermining the precious gospel.
    They will speak in tongues, prophecy, give exhortations with great sense of power etc, exploit emotions all with the aim to proclaim themselves as mediators standing in for peoples carnal needs.
    Last week bro. felix at sharjah loudly proclaimed that “Jesus is standing and knocking at the door…People with business needs if you open the door your business will be a success, children if your studies are lacking open the door, if you have issues with family life, open the door and jesus will enter and make it success.
    Can it get more atrocious than this??

    • Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.
      Phil 3:19

  2. This man is mad or possessed to speak such lies. God alone can help these maniacs and their followers. Hope these articles help them understand how deluded they are.

  3. Most of these messages rely on twisting verses to corroborate their doctrines.

    They don’t seem to read the scriptures without filtering it through the lens of TPM doctrine


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